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A family car with a side of luxury at convenience!

When I bought this car 2 years ago it was used and the only thing that had been done to it was oil changes. The car is very reliable and still to this day, the only thing I am needing to change out is the fuel injectors, but that is 5 years later! It a very good family car with a side of luxury at the same time with its heated seats, Bluetooth radio and wood grain trim. Everywhere I go someone is complimenting the car. I’d recommend this car because you really do not see these cars.

- April M

2013 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

I purchased my 2013 Genesis used it was well maintained besides a few minor scratches. I have had zero issues with this car, it performs and handles wonderfully. The extremely spacious interior with leather seats and soft suspension makes long drives seem effortless. It's been a great car from day one. With 333 horsepower it has plenty of get up and go and can still manage to get 30+ miles per gallon of gas. I'd highly recommend you don't overlook the Genesis!

- Dale C

It is dependable and the gas mileage is good for the type of car

It is a cute little sporty thing. It gets decent gas mileage and handles well. One thing I don't care for is that it unlocks when placed in park. I feel this is a safety concern, especially in parking lots. Secondly, it is a two door and the doors are a little longer because of this. They do not hang open until they are too far away from the car. This makes it easier to door another vehicle.

- Michelle K

2013 Hyundai genesis coupe 2.0t. 6 speed car with a turbo motor.

The car has very nice interior. Comfortable seats and spacious. Has leather accent trim pieces and steering wheel controls for your radios and cruise. The entertainment system has XM radio, Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary. Comes equipped with a fuel miles per gallon, turbo, and oil pressure gauges. Very clean car with amazing driveability and a very strong running 2.0l 4 cylinder turbo engine.

- Justin T

Reliable luxury at an affordable price!

The Genesis is fully loaded and reliably built with a comfortable ride. Hyundai has struggled with good gas mileage, but it seems to be improving. If I am really careful, I can average 22 mpg in the city. Mechanically, the car is sound without a bit of trouble. I am, however, not a fan of the direct fuel injection. The carbon build up on the bumper above the exhaust pipes is terrible!

- Renee G

It has turbo Chargers. Quick speed pick-up.

It is sporty. It has lots of power. It is pretty good on gas. It has a GPS system and a phone service built in. I have it in silver gray. It seems to always start on the first try. I have had no problems with it since I bought it new in 2013. I do regular maintenance so no problems with anything going wrong. The only thing I do not like is the tires seem to wear down too quickly.

- Sheila D

I love my genesis. It fits me.

I bought this second hand from a local dealer. The car has a few problems but I believe it is because it was not taken care of by the previous owner. I do believe if I had bought it new then I wouldn't have to spend money to keep up the maintenance. I have spent nearly $1000 and I haven't had it a year. Again that falls on the local dealer and not on the car itself.

- Virginia R

Driving in style and confidence.

My 2013 Genesis is excellent on performance, requires low maintenance if maintain properly, comfortable and there is legroom for passengers in the rear seats, it is features are easy to read and functionality is excellent as well. I have not experience any major problems nor do I expect to. It road performance is excellent and handles easily.

- James R

2013 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 r spec

I am completely in love with this car ! It has a sporty look, while it is safe and reliable. I have had almost no maintenance issues with it other than normal wear and tear. I have about 80k miles on it and the clutch is going, but I should reach 90k before that happens. Going to drive it until I can't.

- Samantha M

It is fast and comfortable.

I love my cars turbo, Its fast and very reliable, Its a bit small since Its a coupe but It's a very beautiful car. The engine sounds nice and so does the turbo. It has Bluetooth feature and AUX which I use everyday, the front seats are very comfortable, the back not so much since Its very small back there.

- Arturo D

Genesis; it has to be experienced more so than explained.

The performance of my genesis that I like the most is that it is a 5. 0 (v8) so it has a lot of power and speed. It also has a lot of added bells and whistles such navigation, a serious radio/DVD/cd system, plush leather interior, heated seating (both front and back), amongst too many more to mention.

- Hank J

Awesome car! I love it. Get one.

Its an awesome car. I have 230k miles on my car and never had any issues. Great performance. I can't say anything bad about the car. My window motors just died on me but other than that. Awesome. I am in the car market because I really want a tesla, but I am still keeping the car that I have now.

- James M

It is low to the ground, I have bottomed out even entering gas station lots.

I like my vehicle because it has a smooth ride and has the features I was looking for in a luxury vehicle. a first I felt like the steering was real loose, but now I have gotten use to it. I love the look of it. I do wish it was a little higher off the ground but overall I have been pleased.

- Joey M

My 2013 Hyundai Genesis dream ride

The 2013 Hyundai genesis is a gem. It's a great luxury vehicle without the high price tag. The suspension makes you feel like you're riding on air. The premium package is awesome just wish the grille was nicer. This car makes road trips more enjoyable. The safety rating brings peace of mind.

- Marissa M

Hyundai Genesis, Great car

My 2013 Hyundai Genesis has been a great car ever since I've bought it. I've had no problems with anything , it's a great daily driver and great for vacations with lots of space and the Bluetooth/Aux/USB & charging ports all together come in handy. All together a great car.

- Br S

It's a very nice car to drive and picks up speed very quick.

I really like how it feels to drive the car. It really fits like a sporty car with bucket seats. The only complaint I have about the car is the bucket seats which makes it hard for me to see when i'm in the driver's seat because i'm already very short and sunken into the seat.

- Rebecca V

Great Car. Drives Nice. Comfortable

Great car. Drives nice. It gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive on the interstate. It holds 4 people and it has a sunroof which is nice. It costs a lot to maintain so if you want a nice car get a cheaply made one. It has nice features and it's comfortable.

- Me A

"Hyundai sports car value".

The 2013 2. 0 T Genesis coupe is a fun car to drive. It has a 6 speed manual transmission, and you cannot beat the price of a Hyundai for all the features you get. It comes with leather seats, 19 inch wheels, and the car looks a lot more expensive than it is.

- Chris S

The interior is just fantastic

Well to start off it is a luxury car, the interior is very nice and comforting, but one problem I've personally experienced recently is my back tire is always going low on pressure. I'm sure not all models have this problem, I could have just hit something.

- Chassan C

It's as reliable as it is stylish.

I like that it's been very reliable for the 5 2/3 years I've had it, has a lot of horsepower and is stylish. I don't like that it doesn't get great mileage and the braking system could be better. Generally, I have no great complaints.

- Todd S

It has a lot of room in the car as well as in the trunk.

I like that it has a lot of room. It's very roomy in the back seat with plenty of legroom. I like that it has leather seats and I like that it had a/c vents for the back seat. I dislike that the engine shifts hard sometimes.

- Christina L

A good buy! Would but the Hyundai genesis again.

The genesis is a smooth, quiet ride. Suspension is good, sound system is good, blind spot is minimal, good viewing on all sides comfortable seating with dual controlled ac. My genesis gets about 23 mpg around the city.

- Leslie M

Black and the best genesis in the game

Manual transmission seems to be a little notchy when shifting fast. Definitely needs to be either upgraded for smoother shifting or Hyundai needs to address the issue so new buyers don't have to deal with this

- Gabriel B

It's a car that will give you a good taste of luxury without the sticker shock or repair costs of other luxury car lines

i love that my car is really comfortable and has built in lumbar support. i love that it has great horsepower and good acceleration. The down side to this is that it doesn't do so well on the gas mileage.

- jason P

Reliable as well as sporty looking

I like that my car has been reliable for 5 2/3 years, has good horsepower and is stylish. I don't like the gas mileage it gets and the braking system. No great complaints, I've been happy with the car.

- Todd S

You get a great vehicle that is dependable but not break the bank.

I love my vehicle, it rides like a dream its sporty looking but rides like luxury while good on gas but has great horsepower. My Hyundai vehicle is very dependable at a great price point.

- Cindy C

It's a ten. The car is very well made and it shows.

I have not had any problems the reliability is great the. Comfort is great. The car has all the features you will need. I would recommend this vehicle as a ten.

- Raymond M

It looks like it is very expensive but is quite affordable.

It looks great, very classy. The ride is very comfortable, the car rides are smooth. It has the best sound system of any car I have owned and it is fast.

- Patty R

It is very reliable. It has not given me any trouble or issues. This make is very dependable, and reasonably priced.

My vehicle is sporty, gets excellent mileage, and has given me no mechanical issues at all. I would highly recommend this make of vehicle to others.

- Fred T

A class Mercedes for thousands less.

Great performance, good styling, , luxury all for a very reasonable price. Extremely competitive with e-class Mercedes. Has sophisticate electronics.

- Marty S

Genesis coupe is reliable and no major mechanical issues.

No issues mechanically. Automatic transmission is 8 speed, however, it always seems to be searching for the next gear. Reliable and great looking.

- Jon V

Its an awesome and extremely reliable car. I would buy this car again in a heartbeat.

This car is AWESOME. I have about 230k miles on it and I have never had any issues...I keep the oil changed and the car runs like its brand new

- James W

It is a great car for the price.

I love the comfort. I love the navigation system. I love the body style and lights. I like the stereo system. The car drives very smoothly.

- Margaret C

The Genesis Coupe is a comfortable, fast car. I recommend it to anyone who likes that.

Turbo went out and transmission. Luckily the warranty covers it all which makes me happy. I have the Genesis Coupe which is a nice ride.

- Curtis S

It is not an American made car.

It is fast on the interstate and freeways. Has a lot of power when I need it. Seem to have more little things go wrong than other car.

- Sheila D

I have the 2.0 turbo and I love the way it sounds with a bov

I really do love this car , first off I want to say that the car looks amazing , it's a comfortable car to be in too and it runs great

- Cristian F

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0

I love this car. What I don't like is that the indoor door handles have clear coat peeling. It's also peeling around the cup holders.

- Tiffany H

The 3rd row seating is only suitable for children.

It's very smooth and never has any issues. Really nice exterior. I also like the interior with the light leather and nice features.

- Samuel C

Delayed acceleration from time to time.

Its awesome, this car has 230k miles on it, and it still rides brand new. I am in search for a new one, only because I need an SUV.

- James L

It's reliable and comfortable It's a safe vehicle and great looking. I enjoy my car.

It's a stylish and reliable car with wonderful safety items that are standard. It's my first car with a GPS and that is so helpful.

- Celeste G

The battery and tires did not last.

The car is fine, it is just not what I want anymore. The GPS system has not worked in a while, but it was not user friendly.

- Nancy S

Fast, nice, cheap but a little uncomfortable

It is a fast car. It looks and sounds nice too. It is a cheap price for what you get. The seats are a little uncomfortable.

- Tyler L

It is very comfortable and has a back up camera.

It is roomy. Every time someone gets in the car they compliment the luxury of it. It is also comfy. The seats are nice.

- Vanessa C

It is $60 to fill up the car. It is extremely durable. I have been in crashes.

It is not as fast as I want it. Gas mileage is alright. I do not like that it is red. I would like black or gray.

- Gabrielle C

its a two door sports car

I bought the car used an personally I love my car, I haven't had any real big issues with it, she's very fast

- Lorenzo C

My Hyundai Genesis has everything a car guy could want, from comfortable seats to the 348 horsepower engine, I love the technology inside the car for example the automated manual transmission.

It has a great sounding v6 engine when you put a aftermarket exhaust on it

- Blake H

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is the best budget sports car compared to other competitors.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is and all round great sports car on a budget.

- Gilberto E

I like the way my car wraps around me. The acceleration is good. It looks good.

It looks and drives like a very nice and comfortable car.

- Billy J

No complaints. love the color and the 350 hp leather interior

that it goes fast and i drive it that way, and i love it

- Babs B

Reliable vehicle. Very roomy. Minimal maintenance.

It is roomy and comfortable. Reliable. No complaints.

- Nancy K

Good on gas and mileage comfortable good space good driving

Love the color good I gas. Good steering and driving

- Fallynn W