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White 2016 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

The Hyundai Genesis 3.8 is significantly small. Anyone over 5 ft 7" won't be able to sit in the back seat. The tires wear out extremely fast, it slides during rainy days. The antenna flies off the car, causing you to order one. That means leaving your car in the shop. Any minor bumps will destroy the car. MINOR bumps. It burns gas quickly. It won't last too long.

- Heidi G

Fantastic car, well worth the price!

Wonderful car. To replace a tire is about $200. , but the pressure stays in the tire long enough for you to get it fixed. Despite that the car drives beautifully. Even though gas is expensive, the Hyundai is rather fuel efficient. Also there is a lot of space, to make it rather comfortable to fit five people.

- Rachel W

My genesis is great and I look forward to getting a new one.

I have not had any problems with my genesis. I like the way it drives and the safety features are great. My only thing I would like to see change is that eco remain on and I not have to push a button each time I enter the car. I like the personal settings and the odometer readings on the front windshields.

- Elaine V

Highly recommend to own Hyundai Genesis.

Very comfortable adjustable driver seat, 365 horsepower, lathered seats advanced technology, striking design love it. Exhilarating driving dynamics that should satisfy smile on any drivers face. Brilliantly designed to feel secure driver. Has a secure child lock plants of space for the family and the dog.

- Olga B

Love the sleek lines of the car and how powerful the 5.0L v8 is.

Wonderful car. Fast and handles beautifully. My only complaint is the collision sensors. They can get annoyingly. You can manually turn some of them off but others are on permanently on. Everything else about the car is awesome. This car is every roomy and road noise is virtually eliminated.

- Barry C

Great car. This is my 3rd genesis and will get a new one for the year 2019.

No problems. Car is great on the road. Comfortable and good legroom for back seat, gas mileage is good, and nav system is right on target. This is my 3rd genesis. Have used the car for long distance trips and it has performed wonderfully. Ac is strong as well as in back seat.

- Arnold M

The combo of technology and comfort is unrivaled for other cars in the class.

Very comfortable and smooth ride. Love the technology package that has the auto hold when the brake is fully depressed. Decent gas mileage. Quiet interior. Good pickup. Love the car.

- Michael G

The car is easy to drive, and the safety features are outstanding..

I like the safety features. I like the ease of driving the Genesis. I like the sound system. I really like the cruise control system. There is nothing I dislike with this car

- Stanley S

It is fast, beyond comfortable, it glides and drives very well in the snow.

I love the car because of the looks and it is fast and great in the snow. I dislike that the seat doesn't go high enough(i'm 5"1') and the headrests do not fit me at all.

- Roseanne P

My vehicle is super cute and sporty.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is that the air conditioned compressor went out within the first year ow owning it. Other than that, I love my vehicle.

- Wendy E

this one gets me from here to there for less than $25,000.00

it's your standard generic car with 4 tires and a steering wheel. I blend in the crowd. nothing really that spectacular about it except it's reliable.

- Phil R

Great performance - very smooth ride. All functions are accurate and perfect.

The car performs very well - smooth ride and all the functions work well. Very spacious and comfortable. Exterior appearance is prestigious.

- Grace D

great, just for my personality type.

It is a very elegant vehicle, perfect for any occasion, it is the best investment I have made, with a great engine and a beautiful interior.

- Noah S

I am extremely protective of it.

I love that it's a muscle car and it's fun to drive and everyone admires it. I wish it had a moonroof, but that's my only negative

- Joyce F

Rides better than my friends E550.

The ride is great. Performance is better than most vehicles. Sometimes it seems to bog down, lethargic on acceleration from stop.

- Scott M

Driver friendly vehicle, but also provides luxury and comfort for passengers.

The car drives very smoothly; sound system is great, and lane assist and rear view cameras are extremely helpful.

- Jackie W

Luxurious interior, really great sound system, heated steering wheel

Love the interior. Dislike that it sits too low to the ground and doesn't have a backup beeper - just a camera

- Danette D

Helps you not speed and cools of extremely fast.

The seat cushions are extremely comfortable and adjustable. The trunk holds a lot. It has safety features.

- Lisa B

This car is a great value for the luxury you feel while driving!

Great responsiveness while driving. Fully loaded so I feel spoiled. Love my sun/moon roof

- Robin H

My Genesis 2016 is a very safe vehicle to drive anywhere.

Smooth ride. Luxurious. Very elegant. Great technology.

- Charlie M

It is a very reliable luxury car.

Its reliable, Its safe. It's an affordable luxury car.

- harold s

That it is really fast, good on gas, very smooth. A

It is gray and fast. Black tent. No dislikes. No. A

- Desmond V