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The best road trip car ever!

It is an impressive vehicle. It has fantastic mileage, and it saves me so much money. It is currently my primary vehicle and first choice for road trips. I also love how quiet it is. My husband is not a fan of hybrids, but the ionic is making him reconsider that mindset. The vehicle has a lot of trunk space, and the back seats do fold down, making it large enough to stuff a vintage desk in the back with no trouble. I'm in love with this car. Two years later, and it is still treating me well. I recommend it!

- Naomie P

The best hybrid with power when you need it!!

The best fuel economy car I know. Usually cars likes these can be slow but this one is not. It is self charging and has a sport mode feature to give you more power when you need it. You get over 600 miles for a full tank of gas and the most I have put in it is under $40 dollars. It is not the best comfortable back seat but it is doable.

- Cynthia R

It's very easy to keep your gas mileage high, as long as you don't ask too much of the engine. Meaning, don't push it to 80mph on a hill.

I love my car! The gas mileage is fantastic, between 575 and 600 mpg depending on how I drive (street vs freeway). I own a base model and I feel like she has all the luxury I need. The blindspot mirror is fantastic along with the ability to run Android Auto through the screen. I highly recommend this car!

- Amanda G

Very Nice car. Stable at all speeds.

There were two different recalls since I bought it and they were taken care of by the dealer free. The way I drive I am averaging 62 mpg. Have taken it on two trips out of state and no problems. The best mileage I have gotten is 72.3mpg and the worst was 48.5 when it was around zero outside.

- Michael G

Quiet car. Great for couples with no kids. Good mileage.

Gets about 50 miles/gallons. It is not a family car, it is very spacious in the front and in the trunk, but hardly fits anyone in the back sit. It comes with very good liquid proof sits, so it is easy to keep clean. It is very reliable in long trips and it is the quietest car I have been in.

- Maria Gabriela G

Great gas mileage, great car.

Great gas mileage, very comfortable riding, I did have some recalls but Hyundai replaced everything in a timely manner and no charge. The rear seats fold down and since it is a hatchback I can then carry quite a bit. Has a nice rear net to contain small items from rolling around in back.

- Barb H

The gas mileage is comparable to a Prius, but you will want to get one of the higher tier models or you won't get many features.

I like my vehicle, but it has a very low ground clearance which makes me worry it will get stuck in snow easily. I also miss turning a key to start, because the car is so quiet that it is hard to tell when the engine has started. It also has a narrow range of view out the back window.

- Craig P

Save gas with Hyundai hybrid vehicle.

Great vehicle! Gas mileage is phenomenal. Love the service I got at the dealership. This is my third Hyundai and I will buy from this company again. I would recommend anyone take a look at a Hyundai, particularly the hybrid model (non-electric). We need to save gas!

- Deb J

It is a good car. The gas mileage is pretty good.

It has heated seats, safety features and fun to drive. I feel safe in it. I like that it uses less gas and fairly inexpensive compared to other cars similar to it. I haven't had any issues with it yet. It drives well. It is a good car. I have it in off white.

- Amanda M

The control panel is easy to understand and has a very smooth ride.

I like the apple carplay and the mileage I get. I like the air conditioning, how it uses a temp not a low to high gauge... I dislike how it sometimes feels like the engine does not switch over fast enough and will rev the engine too much.

- Sarah L

Great car for a hybrid but first generation brings problems.

It's a nice car for a hybrid - different from the typical Prius. Getting a first generation car is problematic though because there's already been two recalls within one year. Other than that, it drives well and the features are great.

- June N

Great gas mileage.!!!!!! Varies between 62.5 mpg to 69 mpg!!!!!

#1 is the fantastic gas mileage, over 60 miles per gallon. Next is how quiet it is because it is a hybrid but I don't have to plug it it. Like the overall comfort, and rides nice and features.

- Daniel D

Amazing gas mileage with great features.

I really like the excellent gas mileage. It is easy to drive. I really love the power seat adjustments. The only thing I dislike is the acceleration power when driving up a hill.

- Molly H

The gas mileage is over 50 mpg.

I love the gas mileage. It's amazing and the primary reason I purchased it. It is smaller then I am use to but It's roomy enough that the backseat can be used.

- cindy S

Great mileage.. Great interior room especially with the seat down.

Drives very quite and smooth.. Great gas mileage over 600 miles a tankful.. Complaint - car has needed two recalls and it is not even a year old.

- Jacqueline G

The miles per gallon the car offers is amazing. The amount of money saved is incredible.

I like the miles per gallon I get on it. At 58 MPG it does not get much better. Only complaint is no Soundcloud app when using Apple Carplay.

- Sam P

That it has great gas mileage. you can drive a long ways without stopping for gas.

I like the gas mileage, the look and the comfort of driving. It doesn't seem to handle snow very well though. But overall it is good.

- eric m

The gas mileage is really amazing as I can get about 50 miles to the gallon

Breaks are not working well as they are hard to stop with, battery has been dying but its been 4 to 6 months since I changed it last

- Loko C

Great gas mileage will get you where you want to go.

Pros: Relatively comfortable, great gas mileage (average 55 mi/gal). Cons: Short people may have a hard time closing the hatchback.

- Penny R

It is a hybrid with a great 100,000 mile warranty.

I like the fact that it is a hybrid and uses less gas. The styling is modern. It has a good electronic system and is comfortable.

- Anna B

It has excellent gas mileage due to being a hybrid car.

I love the gas mileage. I like the Apple Carplay feature. I don't like that the gas mileage is not quite as good in the winter.

- Sarah C

It has everything you need and gets you around comfortably and stylishly

I like that it is small and easy to drive. I like all of It's features. I like the radio and the steering wheel buttons

- julia g

The gas mileage is fantastic! It can get 60 mpg sometimes

It gets amazing gas mileage, as it is a hybrid. I love the eco-friendly nature of the car. I do not have any dislikes!

- Hannah H

Great on gas mileage but with a fun look and a sport mode.

I love that it's a hybrid but looks like a sporty sedan. It drives very smooth and has some pep in it on sport mode

- Marie D

Great car overall and environmentally friendly.

The car drives really well, is made from all recycled materials, gets great gas mileage and is pretty snazzy.

- Amanda S

It saves money not spent on gas.

I love the gas mileage and lesser impact on the environment. Really like the built in safety features.

- Florence P

It gets great mileage . It is the perfect car for elderly drivers.

I like all of the safety features. Back up camera is fantastic. The lane assist is great.

- marilyn s

it is a hybrid. takes some getting used to.. the engine only comes on to charge the battery, so that can be alarming if you are not ready for it.

it is extremely efficient, easy to drive, and has Bluetooth technology. nice music too.

- mike C

The fuel economy is amazing and the car was built with recycled parts.

This car has great fuel economy and has surprisingly good handling for a sedan.

- mandy s

51 mpg! very good value - you get a lot for your money

love the fuel economy and the high tech features it has. It's very comfortable

- Sue F

That it is nice and cool and has a lot of speed and I like it

I like the color, style , and miles. There is nothing that I dislike

- Nene J

It is not a work vehicle and I ask that who ever is in it respects me and does not make a mess

I like the gas mileage along with sitting in the seat comfortably

- Joseph L

Great fuel economy and a smooth ride. All pieces are made from recycled materials.

It is a great car, good fuel economy and smooth handling.

- amanda s

Sometimes seems to respond slowly when accelerating. Maybe it is due to the Hybrid engine. Also back window is somewhat small, but the fact that it has a backup camera helps. Gets 50-60 mpg usually which is great.

Great mileage at a low price! Easy to use hybrid car

- Angelique K