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Best vehicles I have ever had.

The only problem we really have had with it is that the timing belt goes out fairly quick but it is not too expensive to fix but if you do not in time it can ruin the motor. The features that I particularly love is that it has a CD player, comfortable seats, a large hatchback that helps when transporting lots of items, ac/heater is amazing and it is an automatic so it is easy to drive. It handles very well and is very reliable. Overall it is probably my most favorite vehicle I have ever had.

- Brittany W

I would recommend this vehicle. Lots of room.

It is very comfortable and lots of legroom in the front and back seat. It has lots of room behind the back seat. It has separate wipers one on the back window and then the front windshield. It has a lot of power. Very reliable vehicle and does not cost very much to fill up the gas does not go to quickly. I really love all the features. It has cup holders in the front and the back even cup holders in the back doors.

- Amber M

It's very reliable, and good on gas.

I like all hyundai's they are very reliable just like a honda. I wrecked my past sonata blew the airbags and it still ran 5 years later when i sold it as is and i'm sure the one i have now will do the exact same. It is 4 wheel drive. And gets good gas mileage for what it is. The only thing i dislike about it is my windshield is cracked and major paint fade.

- Andria D

Maintaining a comfy-ish car.

It is short for a tall person but has plenty of storage. Handles and buckles have deteriorated. There's been transmission issues and wiper issues and air conditioning issues. Power steering needs to constantly be checked in order for deep grinding sounds to not be as constant when turning. It is super comfortable to drive in with the windows and sunroof.

- Julie C

My older but happy Hyundai.

Love my Santa Fe. I feel as though I am in a large car without the size. It is great in around town traffic and I have get to take it on the road. Although I would like a little more room inside. The one problem I have is not being able to get the back seats folded down. Read the books, and even asked at the dealership. Oh well, I will keep trying.

- Jennifer L

My car has been great it gets me where I need to go and it is really good on gas.

I have a small SUV it is big enough for me and my 3 kids it is roomy and I like that it has child safety locks on the doors it is pretty good on gas only problem is my power steering hose has a small leak. It has a lot of space in the truck and I travel a lot so it has been a very good car just have to get the power steering hose fixed.

- Mindy C

Good reliable car for anyone.

This is the only car that I have owned and I love it. I have had problems with my air conditioning on a few occasions but other than that this car has been very reliable. I like the leather seats and I find it very comfortable to sit in. He has power windows which is nice. It also has a v6 engine so he picks up speed pretty fast.

- Kim N

My Hyundai. Great economical transportation.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is economical, great on gas and drives very comfortable in other words there is no road noise when on long trips. I would say the Hyundai Santa Fe is not great for large families but to and from work college students or a family of 4 could ride very nice they are not luxury vehicles but I love my Hyundai.

- Diane M

People must check out this machine.

My vehicle runs very reliably when taken care of properly. The leather seats the lx trim comes with are comfortable. It performs decently on the road, but it is actually slept on in terms of backroad performance. On backroads, this vehicle becomes a cornering machine that can hold its own while going 50mph.

- John R

Santa Fe: pros and cons!:).

Car runs very smoothly however brakes are a problem! I have had them done 2 times in the last 4 months, recently my brake line just broke after already fixing rotors and pads. Not too fast and very reliable for the winter. Car warms up pretty quickly. Rusting happens by tires.

- Sabrina P

It has cold ac, and seat warmers! It also has electric windows!

Needs new shocks, just recently replaced the power steering hose, needs new gas cap (still has one on it). I need to keep up with routine oil changes. I need to replace fluids and filters as needed to keep my car in the best shape. My car drives great! I love it!

- Samantha S

A very reliable and safety vehicle. I plan on getting a new one soon

I have loved my vehicle since the day I drove off lot. Smooth driving. Great turning radius, mpg's, a great sturdy vehicle. Had no problems other than ware and tear. Ac finally failed at 170,000 miles along with power steering. Overall a great quality vehicle

- Diane R

My Hyundai is a very reliable car. Has great features.

No complaints. My vehicle is spacious. It is also reliable. I love the Hyundai models. Only complaint is it is not gas economy. Car must be maintained every six month in order to have great performance.

- Marie M

We have spent less than $2000 in repairs in over 17 years.

My vehicle is a trooper. It has been with us for 17 years and still going. It is small enough to zip around where you need to go, but big enough to carry the kids and groceries.

- Richard L

When is working, it's great! But, it doesn't last long.

I find myself having to take it to the mechanic every few months. A.C. Issues, transmission issues, now I'm getting the Catalysts done. I think that's how your spell it.

- Vickie H

That even though it looks like it couldn't go anywhere that it can still handle its own very well

I like that it is a great vehicle. I wish I hadn't bought it already a little wrecked but it has lasted a very long time. I like the size of it, it's perfect for me.

- Rebekah M

Very dependable and we are told to expect at least 250,000 miles from it.

I like the gas mileage I get in my vehicle. I also like the amount of space available in my vehicle. I do not have any "dislikes" or "complaints" about my vehicle.

- Ana H

My dependable, silver Santa Fe.

I just had a problem with my rear brakes. Other than that, it is been great. It is very comfortable and I will be replacing it in the near future.

- Nancy S

That It's versatile. I have hauled lots of furniture in it.

i love that it has lots of room.I like how it drives and so far has been a very reliable vehicle. Bought it used and very happy with it.

- debbie l

It's really good with mileage to gas ratio.

It's trustworthy. Last a long time. It's also great on gas. It's very roomy. Travels very well. Very happy with this vehicle.

- Kane A

Reliable, good on gas. Has a smaller tank though.

Handles well, drives great in snow. Does not have key fob which is disappointing. Starts and runs well, very reliable.

- Kristina W

It a great family car and drive really nice and is very safe to drive.

It drive really nice and it is a great family vehicle. It is a very great car. It is very spacey on the inside.

- Jennifer E

Reliable and inexpensive to fix. No serious problems in 150k miles.

Reliable car, inexpensive to fix and maintain. Not a good looking car. Ignition problems keep coming up.

- Rykey B

It's economical on gas sporty and fun to drive it's also great for back and forth to work but it's not roomy enough for a long trip

I like my hyundai because it's sporty and fun to drive. I dislike it because it can be small at times

- Diana M

My sante fe is a great little SUV. It gets good gas mileage. The back window opens separately.

Very easy ride. Like that the back window can be opened separately.

- Dawn G