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Dependable vehicle with room to move.

Problems - sun visors have a design flaw that prevents them from staying attached. Both detach and fall out frequently - very dangerous, but Hyundai will not recall; seat coverings while durable and have held up all these years, appear of poor quality; paint on hood chips and rusts easily with normal use; I have seen numerous same vehicles with the same problem; fuel gauge system has design flaw - several components malfunctioned and according to my mechanic is a common problem with these vehicles; even though they were replaced, fuel gauge still does not work. Required to manually keep track of fuel level. . What works well: turning capacity is the best I have ever experienced and I have owned a Honda and Volvo; vehicle performs well and drives well in northern winters; rear door, spacious rear with folding seats are exceptional. So far no major repairs necessary.

- Cecilia V

Hyundai Santa Fe: The Long Lasting, Safety Vehicle.

I've had my Santa Fe for 12 years. Over the course of the time I had with the vehicle, overall, it's a very reliable car. I drive between two states for my job, so it's been great with gas mileage and wear and tear. However, some downfalls that I ran into were the tires. I guess working in the city, the tires could not withstand the awful driving conditions. I went through 6 tires in one year because I kept running over nails and metal pieces in the city streets. There were also a lot of potholes. I also have gone through 3-4 batteries over the 12 years I've had the car. Besides that, it's a very comfortable car and fits other passengers comfortably. I feel very safe in the car as I've been in a few minor accidents and walked away from them with minor/no injuries. The fact that this car lasted me 12 years makes it extremely valuable to me!

- Megan B

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe rides smoothly and reliably but is ready for adventure.

The 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe is a reliable vehicle with automatically adjustable and heated seats and plenty of legroom in both the front and the back. The back offers lots of storage, as well. Since owning the vehicle (I bought it used in early 2016), the only issues I have had with it are that the sun visor on the passenger side broke off and I replaced the spark plugs when they started having a bit of an issue last year. This was about a $500 repair. The Santa Fe rides smoothly and quietly for a midsize SUV, and its turn radius is quite tight for a vehicle of its size. It accelerates quickly and is responsive, too.

- Haley F

Versatile workhorse for the whole family.

My Hyundai Santa Fe is the second one I have owned and has been an outstanding family vehicle. I have lots of room to carry my grandkids and their friends and I cannot count how many time I have been able to put the back seats down and fill up the back with everything from groceries to pets to furniture. This midsize SUV has over 130, 000 miles and has never given us any major problems and has been very easy to maintain. We have taken countless road trips and this workhorse has gotten us there and back again in comfort and safety. I wouldn't hesitate to have a third Santa Fe in the future.

- Kris F

A great car with minimal issues.

The only slight problems I have had with my car was that the alignment was off when we first bought it. Also, one of the headlights goes out at least once a year. Other than that, it is had very few issues. It runs really well, and it is easily taken care of for the most part. It is a good size. I have moved cross-country in it twice, and it is really been useful to have the extra space in the back. I sometimes wish it has slightly more features, but I do love the XM it has and the added safety features. It is been a really comfortable car as well, and it has a really smooth ride.

- Sarah E

Very satisfied and would wholeheartedly recommended.

I bought the car brand new. The body style had just been changed. I looked at all the major brands and went with Hyundai because of the 100,000 mile warranty. Plus many of the ' bells & whistles' were part of the deluxe package and not extras like other brands. The car rides very smoothly and comfortably. The style still looks classic. Once the warrant expired I bought another extended warranty. I've had all maintenance done at the dealership. I highly recommend Hyundai. My very favorite vehicle over the years.

- Michael H

My Hyundai Santa Fe is the best automobile purchase I've made brand new.

I bought my Hyundai Santa Fe brand new in 2007. It came with the 10 year warranty or 100,000 miles. As soon as my Hyundai made 10 years old all my problems started, my automatic door locks don't lock properly and I couldn't afford to have them all fixed so I only had the driver door lock fixed for $579 and have to manually lock the other doors. There's a rattle under the car that my Hyundai dealer has not been able to find for 3 consecutive visits. But other then those problems it's been a reliable car and runs well.

- Serina T

Space for you and your cargo.

Generally speaking it has been a good vehicle. Fits my back well, quite responsive on the road. Annoyances are plastic parts breaking from almost the first day. Some being so obvious that they should have been stronger. The warranty has been good but at the same time annoying where a major expense was incurred not more than a month after the basic warranty expired. Hyundai was very good about reimbursing me for a paid repair that later was determined to be a recall item.

- Alex P

I love how spacious but not too big that my car is

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. I've been driving this car for about 2 to 3 years now and I love it! It's very spacey for all my belongings for grocery shopping or for activities or extra people in the car and I absolutely love that it doesn't require so much space in my driveway considering I have a small driveway at my apartment. I have recommended this car to several family and friends when they are having problems with their cars or looking for new ones.

- Elizabeth W

Great car but needs some improvements.

I love this car, it is beautiful inside and out. I do not like the clear plastic headlight covers, they oxidized and block a lot of the light from my headlights. I drive 200 miles a day and a lot of the paint has come off of the front of my hood which is a bummer but it is not rusting. I do not like that I cannot dim the interior lights - I drive on very dark rural roads and the light inside is so bright I have a hard time seeing out so I have to cover the dash.

- Diane B

My Santa Fe: the lemon. I hope other model years or similar Santa Fe are better.

My Santa Fe has terrible gas mileage in town. It only gets about 12-14 mpg; highway b/w 20-22 max. We bought the car used form Hyundai dealer. We've had many problems with the car. The catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, head gasket leak, two alternators, and check engine light keeps coming on. We have spent more money in repairs than the car is even worth. I also is very comfortable the one good thing about it is that it can seat up to seven passengers.

- Andrea C

My vehicle has a hatchback which makes it easy for me when I go grocery shopping.

My 2007 vehicle runs very well and I love it its gold in color windows are tinted it has a great air conditioner all my seatbelts work perfectly I also get great gas mileage about 20 mpg I get my oil changed every 2500 miles to be safe I've had my tuned up already for this winter coming up I just put brand new tires on front and rear going to get brakes done here in early November to be sure I am winter ready.

- Ronald L

Typical SUV that has some nice bells and whistles. It's a comfortable ride.

Gas tank lid sticks making opening it difficult. I have had reliability issues. Love dual climate control that will be included on the next car purchase. Windshield does not fog up when you stop defroster setting. Hyundai Tucson will fog up shortly after the defroster is turned off. Vehicle could be more responsive. I was let down the fuel mileage advertised didn't match what I actually get.

- Alan L

Hyundai Santa Fe 2007 limited edition.

I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe limited edition there are no problems with it the performance is good its reliable and comfy and the features are radio and CD player and 3 row seating is it also has a DVD player in front of the 2nd row seats so if you have young kids it would be a good ride for you it has enough space and it comes with seat warmers heat and air works really good.

- Morgan H

The vehicle has over 142500 miles with minor electrical issues

Seats are very uncomfortable. The suspension is very stiff and potholes you hit you are going to feel them. The car has some electrical problems such the radio sometimes stays on have you've shut off the car. Seems like I'm constantly changing a front light bulb or rear light bulb. The display on the radio sometimes goes blank and won't come back until you've turned off the car.

- George D

The ease of driving the car.

My car runs very smoothly as a whole. I have only ever had one major problem with it and that was when my air conditioner stopped working and I had to buy a new compressor which was very pricey. As a whole, I get very good gas mileage. I really only fill up my tank once every week and a half and I drive all the time. It is a very good car and it is not too big but not too small.

- Grace V

Our vehicle provides a smooth drive and is a cost effective.

Our car is great! Its has great mileage per gallon. It provides a safe drive for our newborn. Our only concern is the back doors that unfortunately need to be locked manually. Other than that it's a great vehicle. It's a perfect mix of mini van and small SUV. It has a smooth ride. The blind spots aren't as intense as other cars and all the gears and features are accessible.

- Cynthia R

Best Vehicle you could ask for

I love my vehicle, it is a sturdy car. We have gone off roading, camping plenty of room to move a dresser in. It has only had a few problems with the AC and the gas sensor. Almost to 200,000 miles and still going strong. It is amazing for road trips, it has enough room for 3 grown men to sit in the back. There is also plenty of room in the trunk to fit everyone's bags.

- Lisa G

now it works like a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe again.

The engine started to give problems at 148000 miles but I recently got a new engine and it works great again. Other than that ever since 2007 we just changed the oil every year and regular maintenance. The tires eat great my tires lasted 10 years recently bought new ones to last me maybe another 10 years. I would recommend this vehicle as I have had great experiences.

- Tilak H

Sturdy, long lasting medium size SUV. Will buy another one.

I have owned my car (2007) for 3 and a half years. I have only had one problem, the harmonic balancer, which the mechanic said should have been responded around 50, 000 miles, which was before I owned it. Other than that, I have not had anything other than routine, normal things. I have taken it on multiple trips (2000 plus miles each) and never had a single issue.

- Emily K

Perfect car for anyone of all ages!

I am absolutely head over heels for my car. I actually just bought it used a few months ago. It drives so smoothly, has amazing safety features, comfortable and roomy seating, the trunk is gigantic! There's literally nothing wrong with this car. I recommend it to anyone with a family of 4. Or even a single person. It's perfect and you won't regret buying it!

- Claire H

I think it is a great vehicle for those who have kids, dogs, or a lot of stuff.

Overall, the vehicle has been great! I do have an ongoing issue with the headlights going out, even after trying multiple bulbs, so it is possibly the wiring. The only other issue is with a tire and that has nothing to do with the car itself. I love the leather seats as it is easy to clean and the maneuverability of the vehicle makes it a great daily driver.

- Gabrielle R

Hyundai happy hauling the grandkids.

My Santa Fe is comfortable to drive and the back seats fold down to provide space for carrying large objects. It has a great sound system but I have a josh groban CD that is stuck in the CD player. Will not eject. The cloth covered seats need regular cleaning as I haul my grandkids around quite a bit. This vehicle has never left me on the side of the road.

- Kris F

A great family car for all.

It is been a very reliable car. The speakers have out. It fit all of my cargo. It was a great car in high school to drive my friends around in. The black paint looked great. It did require a lot of maintaining and still does though. The brakes gave out a lot and the gears started shifting too aggressively. Lots of problems with the battery.

- Sydney B

The interior is very roomy and spacious! If you have a big family, it'll likely suit your needs!

It's very roomy - has a third row of seating, so I can haul my entire family on a trip. It also allows me to transport bigger items, like furniture or lots of groceries. It's a comfortable ride - lots of room in the driver's side. It's a little short on modern conveniences (like bluetooth capabilities for the radio), but overall, I like it!

- Sean G

It�s beautiful, it�s compact, heavy duty.

I have had zero issues with my Santa-Fe'. It's the first and absolute best SUV I have driven. There are literally air bags all around the inside of the vehicle. There's a very spacious trunk. I can fit three car seats perfectly in the back seat. The only con is that the tires for this vehicle are quite expensive and hard to come by!

- Sabrina T

It is pretty straight forward.

Air condition is not strong even though there are vents for all 3 rows. There is not enough space for 3 rows. If you have child seats in the second row, the seats cannot be moved, or there is no room for passengers to get in the back seat with the third row. The only access at this point would be to go through the back hatch door.

- Michael M

Overall (any) family type vehicle.

I really enjoy the SUV style along with the compactness of the vehicle itself. Large trunk with extra storage space allows for me to store emergency items while still being able to fit a car seat, for dogs, myself, and another passenger. It handles all four elements well especially with the ever changing weather here in Colorado.

- Susan S

A great family friendly vehicle!

This vehicle drives smooth and is roomy enough for 2 car seats in the back seat. I love that it has 3rd row seating, but it's downfall is how difficult it is getting in and out of the back as well as the size of the 3rd row. It's sporty yet family friendly. We currently have 186000 miles on ours and it's still doing great!

- Shay M

Great storage and enjoyable to drive.

I enjoy driving the Hyundai Santa Fe. It has good acceleration for a large vehicle and still does well in the snow, even without all wheel drive. The cargo area is large and is able to store everything you would need for vacations or shopping. The seats are comfortable and are able to be adjusted to fit different body types.

- Kristin N

The warranties Hyundai has, and how quick they are about addressing recalls.

Hyundai has been on the ball with recalls. Main complaint is the gas mileage. With two gas tanks you'd think the range would be more than 320 miles to the gallon. We have been so impressed with Hyundai that we just purchased an Elantra for my husband, and I will get a Tuscon to replace the Santa Fe in then next year or two.

- Maia E

It's been in good condition & you can barely notice it's been with us this long

I like my car, it has lasted a long time and it still goes strong. It does have a few issues like it takes on a lot of gas and a few of the door's lock don't work automatically anymore. We also find ourselves changing the oil up to a month, if not more, before the oil change is required because we've reached the limit.

- kimberly H

2007 Hyundai's are great!

Love my car. It is a 2007 and other than basic maintenance of oil, tire and brake pad changes the only component I have had to replace is my alternator. With care & regular maintenance it has been a superb vehicle, highly reliable. I have the larger 3.2lt and have never had a problem getting more power when needed.

- Jamie P

Has held up very nicely over 12 years.

My vehicle is about 12 years old and have not had any major problems besides changing brakes, tires, some sensors. Although the car has held up well, I don't like corporate. Not respectful and when I wrote into corporate, they had an automated message that was sent to me about my issues and never heard anything else.

- Tanya T

Great ride, great price, lots of storage!

The only problem that I have had with my Santa Fe is head lights blow way to often. I am constantly having to change them. I have the third row seating and I absolutely love it! 7 passenger seating is great always room for more kids. I love that both the second and third row seats will fold down for tons of storage.

- Melanie Q

I would say a great highlight on this vehicle is the sun roof.

I have had this vehicle for two years and I have yet to encounter any issues. It's a very safe and reliable car. I love the heated seats in the winter. It is very roomy on the inside, seats 5 comfortably. It's also great for hauling small items, it's great that the seats let down to give you more space for hauling.

- J L

It has slap shift which I love.

Front end issues but plenty of power and luxuries, maintenance and parts are affordable and it gets great gas mileage. It is equipped with slap shift and all wheel drive which comes in handy in bad weather. I also just started having issues with my gas gauge which apparently is an issue with thus make and model.

- April F

Santa Fe is reliable and trustworthy vehicle, great for families

My Santa Fe is reliable and has all the room I need. It's not a very fancy model, but I don't need all the fancy options and gadgets. My car is 11 years old and only has 101,000 miles on it and I hope it lasts for several more years as I detest car shopping. I do wish it got better gas mileage, though.

- Meagan K

The most interesting about my car it is a very spacious car.

I love this vehicle it is very reliable, and I haven't had any problems with this vehicle yet. I would say this is a great used car. It is a very spacious, reliable, and gas saver SUV. I would say if you have the opportunity to buy this vehicle you should take the chance and purchase this great vehicle.

- Destiny H

good vehicle for everyday use

it runs good and has a good amount of space inside. There are no fancy interior features. It is a basic vehicle for basic use. It serves its purpose. Sun visors are pretty cheap. Both have fallen off and is a common issue per other owners. No major mechanical issues yet after having the car for 4 years

- olivia C

Reliable car, good for trips, minimal repairs.

The car has hardly need any repairs. It is always been very reliable. Small problem with visor falling off when I first bought the car. I did have to get the fuel sensor repaired as well. The large trunk is great for trips, good gas mileage. Took a long road trip 11 hours one way and had no trouble.

- Emily M

Great reliability just too small for teenagers!

I have had my car for 6 years and it has run great! Our boys are now 15 and 13 and they are getting too tall to fit in the back seat anymore, but for smaller children it would work great! I am planning on giving this car to my 15 year old for his first car! Reliability wise, it is a great car!

- Peggy J

How to maintain a good running vehicle.

Limited problems the AC must be maintained. Also the windows get stuck when you put them all the way down. Sometimes you cannot use the auxiliary power. The defrost also messes up in this humidity. It is important that you also monitor the breaks on this truck because they wear out frequently.

- Barbara M

Comfortable, reliable, spacious.

I really enjoy the extra storage in the trunk. I also enjoy the performance when driving. It drives smoothly. It is very comfortable and has great space for traveling and road trips. I like the XM radio feature. I enjoy the amount of miles I get. Overall, this car is very reliable and nice.

- Haley W

It's been reliable over many years

I've had very few issues with it since purchasing it new. Only complaint is the air system turns on by itself due to a loose part. It's a great size, plenty of foot room and trunk space. Seats are comfortable and have held up well. Sits at a comfortable level to allow for great visibility.

- Margaret L

It is a nice car, reliable.

I have had this car since 2007. It was bought new. It is been a nice car, not too many problems. Few things pop up once in a while, but it is mainly 'maintenance' stuff. Drives nicely. Love having an SUV- tons of room. Even has 3rd row that folds down into the trunk. I love that feature!

- Melissa B

Hyundai Santa Fe detailed car review.

A very nice car. A lot of room in the trunk and seats. Comfortable seats and drives very well. Great car to travel in. Bad thing about this car is that it is very tight to work on any engine related things. Pretty cheap to work on and repair parts. But overall is a nice and elegante car.

- Chris C

Thumbs up on a great van for your family.

I really enjoy this car. It has a smooth ride doesn't used a lot of gas. Good choice for a used car I think. I bought it from my daughter and so had a lot of trust in the cars performance. It also has great visibility which is sometimes a problem for me. Over all its worth looking at.

- Brenda K

My Reliable and Dependable Ride

I bought my car new from the dealer. I love the comfort as well as. I have never had any major problems. I have continued regular maintenance and I believe that has helped to prevent problems. I purchased a navy blue Santa Fe and my only regret is I wished I had chosen another color.

- Barbara G

Lots of room Handles well Very reliable.

Besides needing an alignment, everything has been great. Lots of room and the get up and go is fantastic. Lots of storage space enough to carry two boys and all their baseball equipment and coolers if needed. It is been very reliable and steady. Handles extremely well in all weather.

- Amie M

You cannot beat the quality and value you get from Hyundai cars.

I love my santa fe it is powerful, roomy, sporty and I have never had any major problems other than normal maintenance/wear and tear. I have just under 78k miles and could not be happier with it. My only complaint is after 10 years the paint started to fade and chip/flake away.

- Bundy C

Great car if you are looking for something reliable.

I love my Santa Fe. It has been a reliable car for many years. It is comfortable and roomy, great for long trips. The car has decent gas mileage, about 300 miles a tank. The car has aged very well and still looks great on the road, has never needed any huge repairs or paint jobs.

- Erin C

Reliable and very durable. Love my Hyundai and would buy another just like it.

It has been a very reliable car. It can become all-wheel drive with the press of a button and gets around well in the snow. It is comfortable to ride in with enough leg room in the back as well as front seats. I have not had any major expenses in replacing anything in the car.

- Kim D

Spacious when seats are down. Cruise control. Bluetooth

My odometer and speedometer went out. Seats don't heat up all the up the back. Only 2 cigarette lighters for charging phones. Not a lot of room in the 3rd row seat. Would rather have had the blue color. DVD player isn't currently working. Lots of room when the seats are down.

- Sunshine B

Smooth driving and spacious vehicle.

When it rains, the light fuse blows out However I have had this car for over a decade and it still runs smooth, and I have barely had any problems with it It is big enough to hold at least 5 people, and groceries in the back, but it does not feel big. So it is easy to drive.

- Cara O

Hyundai Santa Fe is ideal for its safety as well as space.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a very reliable and safe vehicle. It is spacious making it comfortable for long trips and gives you the option to fold the seats down if ample room is needed, enough to fit a full size bicycle. I highly recommend this car to anyone who travels often.

- Jacqueline J

Car that is great for small families that love to take trips.

It is a very reliable car. It's great for trips and small families. It's great on vas and drives very smooth. I would recommend my car to anyone. It's got tons of space for moving or outting bikes in the back. My car has never failed me. Make your next car a Hyundai.

- Courtney B

Love my Santa Fe, best SUV I have ever owned. I would recommend the Santa Fe.

I have had this car 12 years and it has been very reliable. It has 150, 000 miles and knock wood no problems. It is comfortable. This is the second Santa Fe I have owned and I would and most likely will buy another one. I would recommend this car in a heartbeat.

- Cindy G

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe review.

Very reliable, somewhat high on gas of you are driving everyday. Great for long distances, good highway miles, very comfortable. Lots of storage, nice stereo, lots of legroom. Maintenance is easy I am able to change the headlights on my own. Overall very happy.

- Wesley C

Love my Santa Fe and highly suggest it.

Great car! Only maintenance needs and still runs well. No major repairs and the service department is always very honest. I will probably buy another Santa Fe when I am looking for another car but this has been so reliable I plan to drive it for years to come.

- Christy M

Great car, worth every penny!

I've never had any major mechanical problems. Very comfortable seating, smooth ride. Great cargo space, I can get car seats in and out with no very little issue. I love having the heated seats and the sunroof is awesome. Still going strong with over 200k miles

- Rebecca B

Great, safe car with high safety ratings. This vehicle has airbags.

The transmission gave out in 2017. The car would not accelerate and it would jerk back and forth. As far as comfortability, this car has a single row in the back, plenty of room to sit comfortability. I picked this car due to its design and high safety rating.

- Tamara B

Disappointed with my Santa Fe!

We have had lots of issues with this car. Every time I turn around something is wrong with it. We spent over a thousand dollars fixing it last year and now the fuel gauge is broken and that is another $800! I would not buy another Santa Fe. Very disappointed.

- Lisa B

Interesting feature is it tells you if your tires are getting low.

My vehicle drives good, is reliable has all the great features like warns when tires are low, and unlocks and locks doors with the push of a button on your keys. It looks good except for one reflector light is broken out. The seats are comfort and looks good.

- Sandra K

Marked high for safety an excellent family car

I find the car to be very spacious and a good family car. It has plenty of room in the trunk area and the rack on top for storage on family trips. It also has three traditional seatbelts in back seat (no lap belt) so it is excellent for multiple car seats.

- Jeanette C

Very good with minors disadvantages.

The only criticism I have is that the car is a little delayed when speeding up due to the engine, other than that I love my car. The radio is very nice and the interior is as well, the model is very sleek and nice looking. And the car is not too bad on gas.

- Faith L

All wheel drive is great better control

I love my car it drives well in town and on the highway it has the right amount of power without burning up the gas. The only downfall is the blind spot between the four doors in the middle on each side but once you get your seat adjusted right it's better

- Shayla S

these are great cars. i would recommend to anyone

I love my santa fe. it has been a great car. i have been very lucky with all of the hyundai cars that i have own. they have all been very safe. have been in 3 different accidents and have walked away from them all because of how good a hyundai is made.

- Jennifer B

It is very reliable. This is the second one we've owned and they do not require a lot of maintenance or expensive repairs.

It's very reliable, has seating for 7 and plenty of room for cargo. It has ample towing and driving power with the V6 engine. The R18 tires make the handling harder and not as smooth of a ride. It is somewhat stylish, especially the interior dash area.

- Dawn V

The best vehicle I have ever owned. Very dependable and easy to maintain.

V6 250 hp front wheel drive 4 door. I've put over 100,000 miles on the SUV and besides standard oil changes and tune-ups have only changed the tires and brakes. It has been very dependable and trouble free. It is the best vehicle I have ever purchased !!

- Roger M

My vehicle is very basic it is wonderful for what I use it for, and no frills.

So far I have had no major problems, it is definitely reliable, it has air conditioning, radio, power windows, alarm system. The one thing I dislike the backseat does not fold down for extra storage space when needed. I am very pleased with my vehicle.

- Paulette M

Comfort and reliability in a economic budget.

Being a 12 year old vehicle, people say it drives very smooth. Have not had high price fixtures. Very reliable car and recommended it to a family. It has a third row seat. Does well in a long trip, in means in comfort and most important in gas.

- Bill M

Quick summary of a 2007 Hyundai Santa-Fe

The overall look of the car is pleasing. This car is easy to drive and navigate. However, the seats get very hot in the sun. There was a recall on the airbags just recently. The seats are not super comfortable, which a problem for my lower back pain.

- Crystal A

I don't feel as though the quality is as high as it should be.

I bought my Santa Fe new. It had several problems that were never solved by my original dealer or other Hyundai dealers. I owned a 2002 Santa Fe that was wonderful. I was loyal to the brand and model but I'll think twice before buying Hyundai again.

- Ellen G

This vehicle has a very smooth ride.

Very reliable. I drive it all the time. The gas mileage is good for a vehicle this large with a v6 engine. It travels well in all conditions and climates, and I highly recommend this vehicle. Have had very few mechanical problems with this vehicle.

- Tony C

This vehicle is comfortable, spacious, reliable, and I cannot recommend enough.

Personally, I could not recommend the Hyundai Santa Fe enough. It is very spacious, comfortable, and there is plenty of storage room. The only issue I have ever had was a small gas vapor leak which was affordably repaired by replacing the gas cap.

- Jessie J

That the and a car that satisfies my exigency.

I like my car because it takes me where I want. I like my car because its color is different. My car is potent, its plucked and phenomenal. I like car, because is my favorite brand, and always dreamed of having a car of this brand.

- J O

Car is comfortable, clean, and runs smooth. The paint is pearl white.

My vehicle is very comfortable on the inside the back seats recline! Ice cold ac and has wood grain details on the inside. Its white on the outside for easy cleaning. It drives very smooth and has an anti theft alarm for safety.

- Lindsay B

My Santa Fe is a perfect combination of comfortable, convenient, and functional.

My vehicle is spacious and durable. It has carried us through several cross-country moves and road trips comfortably, with plenty of room for passengers and luggage. It is easy to navigate and intuitive in its design.

- Emma K

Spacious jack of all cars.

My Santa Fe is a great full-size SUV. It has plenty of room for the dog carrier, groceries, etc. We moved 5 months ago, and besides the large pieces of furniture, we were able to move everything else ourselves.

- Susan L

It is very reliable, it always starts when I need it to and very few break down issues

My vehicle is very reliable, I have not had any major issues or problems, just regular maintenance. It is older now and I am starting to look for new affordable vehicles but I would like to stick with hyundai

- marianne s

It looks like many of the other white SUVs driving out there that are 2-5 years old, but it's 11 years old and probably has less miles on it than those other cars!

What I like, mainly, is that I bought it used, a year ago, with only 34,000 miles on it. For an 11 year old car, that's amazing. It rides very smoothly and has not had any major issues since I have owned it.

- Kyle W

That it has a third seat. and it's great to drive.

I like the fact that my vehicle sits up high and that you can control the air and heat individually. It also has a DVD player so that I can ride my grandkids and they can watch a movie without making noise.

- Doylas T

This vehicle is reliable.

No major problems, very reliable. Very comfortable for long trips. Heated seats and sunroof are a bonus. Lots of room & space for people and sporting equipment. All wheel drive is important in New England.

- Monica B

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has lasted over 10 years with minimal issues.

The thing that I like the most about my vehicle is the durability. It has over 200k miles and it still going strong. The thing I dislike is the fact that the seats are not leather, living room for stains.

- Matt V

It a good, reliable vehicle, with plenty of room. Ours is already 11 years old, and with the proper routine maintenance, I believe it will last many more years

I love my Santa Fe. It's great in the upstate NY winter snow, and the back fits my dog Holly's travel crate really well. On the downside, it's a 2007, and doesn't have all the cool 2018 gadgets & features

- Susan F

Storage, size and interesting to me

I love all of the storage that it has. That's the first thing that drew me to this car type. The smaller SUV really captures all I need a bigger vehicle for while being small enough to not feel huge.

- Nat F

Great for the value! It has no major problems!

It is a very good value for the money! It has not had any major problems. Minor complaint is that on the driver side there is nothing to assist me in the vehicle as there is on all the other sides!

- Pat V

Take care of it properly it is as great family care to drive longer distances.

Everything on it has been fine other than the fact that we had some issues with the alignment. Also even though it's a pretty big car it doesn't have all that much space compared to a smaller car.

- Tia L

How much gas it needs until it stops running.

I like the way it drives which is very smooth and easy to drive. I like the room inside which gives me the opportunity to transport several people. I particularly like the color of my vehicle....

- Sandra K

A dependable vehicle. Highly recommend

A very dependable vehicle. Low maintenance so far. My only complaint is that there is no auto locks when you enter and pull off. I would suspect that the newer models have that functionality.

- Karen E

Good vehicle for a family, safe and dependable.

07 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV with capability to seat up to 7 people. Automatic doors & windows with manual adjusting seats, air bags for both driver and front seat passenger, 5 disc CD & radio.

- Andrea C

Gas mileage is good. It feels safe to drive and ride in. It isn't four wheel drive compatible, though.

It is reliable and has decent gas mileage. It is pleasant to drive and ride in with plenty of space in the back. Ours has third row seating and all seats will fold flat for extra space.

- Mykayla D

Trunk cargo is awesome and the seats fold flat in the back

It handled really well, spacious, comfortable family car that is good on gas. However parts are a little more on the expensive side and it gets a little tippy on windy days.

- Kadijah W

This car has been very steady and reliable.

Its reliable but now its kinda beat up. I do not have many major problems with it but I suspect parts will start to go soon and they are all expensive on this model.

- Noelle C

It is trustworthy - it just keep going.

It has plenty of room in the back for me to pick up lumber, etc. It has AWD which allows me to explore the desert where I live. It is comfortable and drives easily.

- Margaret A

Ease and comfort of driving.

My car has a lot of perks and drives easy. I would like it better if it was awd. It is front wheel and i have never had any trouble driving under any conditions.

- Mary C



- Rychi A

Plenty of cargo space for having family fun.

My Hyundai Santa fe has been very reliable and just the right size for bringing the family to the beach with lots of room for all the beach paraphernalia.

- Sandra V

This car is very comfortable for road trips and gets pretty great gas mileage for its size.

Very reliable with no out of the ordinary maintenance. The only issue with this model is the sun visors are prone to breaking, but it's not a hard fix.

- Nikki C

On scale 1 - 5 will rated 4 due to problems.

Driver's mirrors are very high resulting incorrect viable problems. The child restraint sensors malfunctioning and Tire Pressure malfunctioning too.

- Willie W

Reliability and good gas mileage

This vehicle has issues with the alternator. Has had 3 replaced. Issues with interior design. Once issues resolved the vehicle has been reliable.

- Claudia C

How well it handles in any time of weather or whatever you want to use it for.

It's a wonderful vehicle in the winter it drives through snow very well. It's a great vehicle for traveling lots of room. It has served as well.

- Debra S

Gas mileage, can see from any angle.

I like the gas mileage and the fact that you can see clearly from all angles. I do not like the seat height sits to low won't adjust any higher.

- Terry B

It is so easy to drive and it is a great quality vehicle.

I love driving my vehicle! It has a lot of miles on it now and I would like a new one. I wish it had a little more leg room in the back seat.

- C R

Roomy, sturdy and reliable

The vehicle has a sturdy engine. Some ageing issues, but works fine. Had to change the tires recently. Low on gas mileage, but works for me.

- Prannay M

It is in great running condition.

I like the hatchback. Big baggage is fit into rear trunk. I like the automatic window open and close. Also automatic unlock and lock doors.

- Kathleen R

My car has never been in a motor vehicle accident.

I like the size of my vehicle. I like how easy it is to drive and park. I dislike that it has cloth interior and does not have power seats.

- Abi P

That it is a great size for a small family.

I like the size, an SUV but not huge. I like that it has rear vents for my kids. I do. Not like that I have had issues with the gas door.

- Sarah S

The safety is the most important thing. It does well in the snow, even on hills.

I like how it handles in the snow. The size works well for our family. It feels safe and secure. It doesn't require much maintenance.

- Jess L

Good on gas, reliability, dependable, inexpensive, and comfortable

No problems with vehicle. Has had 3 recalls for parts that. Dealership will fix for free. Very reliable vehicle and great gas mileage

- Heather G

It is good in the snow. It's not great on gas.

I love my Santa Fe, however sometimes it is expensive for repairs. Overall it drives nicely and I haven't had very many issues with it.

- Ashley S

This vehicle has been very reliable so far.

My 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe was purchased new and has been serviced by the dealer where it was purchased. So far it has served me well.

- Patricia K

its durable and can be used for transporting 5 passengers.

I like that it is a compact suv. Sometimes i wish i had more room to transport bigger items. Other than that I cant really complain.

- Brian W

Comfortable smooth ride with lots of room for people, pets, or things.

Leather seats, smooth ride. This vehicle drives like a car. Lots of room to fit groceries, sports equipment Nd lots of other things

- Karen A

Great family vehicle. Very reliable summer and winter.

enjoyable to drive summer or winter. Good sight lines, no blocking by pillars. Comfortable seats. I would get the heated seats.

- Marcia P

It is been very reliable and easy to fix.

I wish it was leather. There have been some fuse issues. It is a very smooth driving vehicle. The driver seat is very adjustable.

- Katherine H

It is new, low mileage, & reliable.

I like it because it's a SUV with enough storage and cargo area. I also like the color. There is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Mary B

The most important thing would be that it still runs after 11 years.

I like that it has a big trunk. I dislike that I've had to replace the fuel pump a couple times. I like that it is decent on gas.

- Eden B

Dependability on every level.

This 2007 Hyundai Santa fe is a very dependable car. I get good gas mileage, even driving around town. It is a very easy drive.

- Sharon G

it is very safe to drive and very stable. it also has a lot of room in it.

the suv is durable, and very comfortable. I bought it new and love it. the brand is very reputable and has a high resale value.

- oliver r

For the most part, we haven't had to do much upkeep on it.

The seats aren't the comfiest, and it feels a bit crammed. I do like that it's a mini suv though. I also like the trunk space.

- Mckayla R

It is not four wheel drive.

It holds its value. The mpg is nice, and so is the handling. Value for it is good too. No issues yet, but that could change.

- Kayla D

The suv has a great deal of room inside which not only makes it comfortable but also very practical.

the suv runs great and is very safe the only issue was a bad paint job on the riders door that over time has dulled greatly

- vickie m

It is UNBELIEVABLY roomy. It holds 4-5 people, and there's room for all the groceries

I like that it is big and spacious. There is room for the dogs carrier, and lots of groceries. It handles nicely on the road

- Susan L

Great mileage, runs great

It runs great, i had a few problems with air conditioner a few weeks ago but it running find now, the gas mileage is great

- Ceda O

Lots of nooks and crannies!

Great cargo space, very versatile, good ride and adequate gas mileage. Has many small compartments to organize all my gear.

- Dov N

Drive this car and know it is reliable and dependable

I love my car. I like that I sit high and can see traffic ahead of me. My car is reliable, comfortable and meets my needs

- Shari L

Sante fe� is a big car, is comfortable, and economic

i love my car, is very nice, like color and i recommend with car. the car is god, and let me happy. This car is my dreamer

- josemil v

The acceleration is great. Easy to maneuver and it is not too large for a SUV.

I like everything about my vehicle except that is does not have a backup camera and rearview mirror dash cam LCD monitor.

- Phyllis H

It is a fast little SUV. It is also good for hauling.

I like how it is mechanically sound and has been very reliable. I wish it was a newer model. The newer models look nicer.

- Pamela W

how we enjoy the car and feel safe driving in it. Has good control and stops well.

It is high so you see more. Drives nice even when are in back seat. Gets good gas miles and is large back for shopping.

- Mark B

I love it! It still runs well, may feel a few bumps, but who wouldn't with so many miles already traveled.

It has been a great vehicle, I have over 217K miles on the vehicle. It still runs well and has had little major work.

- Kathe A

It gets poor gas mileage and the transmission broke at 65,000 miles

It has a roomy interior with leather seats and seat warmers. I don't like that the transmission broke at 65,000 miles

- Bob C

Easy maintain, good on gas and comfortable.

My car 200, 000 miles on it and quiet as a kitten, proper maintenance and she last a lifetime, she is my blue bunny.

- Jane D

That it is a very safe, dependable car.

The only thing that would make it perfect is if it had automatic door locks, and if it had a cassette tape player.

- Anne J

When you need to get a job done this is the perfect vehicle.

It is reliable and practical for my lifestyle. I plan to get the same model when I buy a new car in a year or two.

- Deborah J

plain and simple its just that dependable

i got mine used from a car lot with 144,000 miles on it had it for almost 2 years now and i have had no problems

- john n

It last forever. My last Hyundai had over 200K miles on it and it is still running today.

Love my vehicle and I haven't had any issues. Love the Hyundai brand and what it stands for. Very long lasting.

- Wendy B

cats and crates very easily. It also allows me to purchase multiple items and be able to carry back to my workshop. I love the fact I can pull down the back seat to even get a bigger space to carry things in. I also like the fact it is 4 door which allows me to access the SUV from different angles.

I love my vehicle as I do both animal rescue and buy and sell antiques. This SUV allows me the room to carry dogs

- Jo Ellen P

It comfort in steering and handling.

Very reliable. Easy to handle intown and on the highway. A car that will easy carry loads, groceries and people.

- Terry B

Best cargo space. As long as regular maintenance is done there are no repairs.

My vehicle is 10 years old and has had very few problems. The storage area is huge - holds 4 sets of golf club.

- Cis C

Very good car, plenty of space with long capacity.

Great vehicle that last long as long as you keep up on maintenance. Reliable and not bad depending on package.

- Daniel P

Dependable. What more do want in a vehicle

Very solid and dependable vehicle! Have over 125,000 miles and never a major issue. Runs great and looks good

- Tyrus B

My vehicle is very smooth when it is both on the freeway and in on in town roads. All the seats recline including the back seats. I enjoy all the space it has to load thing for both work and vacations. The speakers work good with different setting for bass. Cruise control does not work in my vehicle and it happens to be my favorite feature so that is disappointing. My Santa Dr also does not include Bluetooth so that sucks for road trips.

The gas mileage is amazing in my Santa fe giving me 18 miles per gallon in town and the freeway gives me 21.

- Victoria R

It is a reliable car no major issues in last 11 years.

Vehicle has overall been a good car, only major problem was when the gas gauge broke it was an annoying fix.

- Bernadette S

It is a very reliable car.

I never had a problem with it. it is very comfortable. It drives very well. I love the car. No complaints.

- Rosemarie C

It's a good quality vehicle. It's safe. It's reliable.

I like that it's comfortable I like that it is easy to drive. I dislike that it doesn't have power locks.

- Cheryl H

It has a great resale value.

I love the smooth ride. It is very comfortable to ride in and provides you with plenty of room (leg room).

- Linda Q

Great used car for your money.

None really. Its older so runs ok. No big mechanical issue yet. Comfortable drive with great visibility.

- Brenda K

Outdated exterior design & styling.

Only problem with my vehicle is its age - a 2007 model - not nearly as nice looking as 2018 models do.

- Brian E

Make sure to service it regularly, every 3 months.

All features, from the body to engine, are reliable. Mileage is ok (22 mpg). It feels & looks ageless.

- Dan H

Others should know the size of the vehicle is perfect to haul people as well as spacious enough for storage.

I love the size and color of my Santa-Fe. I dislike all of the car troubles I have had lately with it.

- Callie M

Do not buy any Hyundai vehicles , they are nothing but problems

It needs new brakes not even a month after purchasing, transmission went out a month after purchasing.

- Heather B

It's a good size and not cramped. I haven't had many problems with it.

It runs well and gets me where I need to go. I like the size, it's big enough for me and my daughter.

- Katelynn J

Roomy and dependable vehicle in which won't cost an arm and a leg in fuel.

Very fuel efficient, yet adequate power. Has proven dependable. Surprisingly roomy for a compact suv.

- TySon N

The gas mileage is not that great as it is a larger vehicle with a V6 engine.

It drives very well and has not required a lot of expensive repairs. I have no complaints about it.

- Jennifer S

it runs good ,is easy to handle and park.I wish it had the backup mirrors though

I really like the way it handles but it has a sunroof and that makes it hard to get in and out of.

- dixie W

Heated seats are the best. So are sunroofs. It's also pretty comfortable for riding in a long time.

I like the sunroof. I don't like how much it has cost me to keep getting it fixed. Price of parts

- Cassandra E

The car has run very well for the past five years that I have owned it. It gets decent gas mileage and overall is reliable. I have exhaust systems right now however that needs to be fixed and seems to be a common problem. I would recommend the car because it is reliable.

Reliable and comfortable. This car will last as long as you want if you keep it maintained.

- Andrew G

It's a great family car and very comfortable. I would buy it again.

I love the heated leather seats. I like the way it drives and the reliability of Hyundai.

- Stephanie D

The important part of my car is how much space there is to transport people and stuff.

I like the safety of driving my vehicle.The storage capacity is great.My Car is paid for.

- Patience N

That is very Reliable, I get a good mileage and maintenance s not very expensive

It is not a gas eater, smooth ride, no mechanical problems and just a set a new tires

- Felix M

What I dislike is the fact I can't use my iPod to listen to music. Have to use radio/cd or pay for satellite radio.

It's reliable & low maintenance. Long as I get the oil changed on time no problems.

- Nicole M

This family car will save you money, because of it fuel economy. .

Easy on gas, however hate that's it's very light. It doesn't drive well in snow.

- Megan S

Very powerful Engine. Can keep up with most other car in its class.

Very reliable, very few problems. only check engine light sensor for fuel evap.

- Angelo G

corrosion problem with the brake drum. Sensor tires are too expensive and not required. The battery for the sensor only has 4 years of life. Shorter than the tire. If one routinely check the tire pressure, then it is not necessary to have the senor.

like - air condition at the 3rd row of seat dislike - corrosion on brake drum

- mm c

kids sports stuff

It is a nice size SUV. Has a lot of room in the back for grocery shopping

- Amber B

a lot of little things keep needing repaired as well as the transmission had to be replaced. The back door don't always lock when I use my key to lock them

I like the cars look and features but now that it is over 10 years old

- Jennifer H

Great performance. It is a very dependable vehicle.

It runs great. Performance is what I expect in a SUV. Very dependable.

- Bob S

It is reliable and lots of room for passengers and belongings

It is dependable, sturdy, lots of room, big trunk, safe for family

- E F

Has lots of extras, such as DVD player, multi CD player, 3rd row seating, etc.

Great car! Mid-size SUV gets 20+ mpg, fun to drive and looks good

- Beth D

No special thing. It has no quirks---simply get in it and drive.

I wish it were a newer model but I like everything about it.

- Dee B

Very comfortable and drives very nice. It's very easy on gas also.

I really like it. It handles very nice and very comfortable

- David R

Hopefully how long it will last

I don't have any complaints . Still going with 167000 miles

- William c

It is very reliable and a responsible form of transportation.

Very dependable, very solid. A great bang for your buck.

- David L

It's a family vehicle. It's very functional for kids and groceries and trips.

It runs well. It has lots of space. I like the color.

- Shelley L

just not a great car. It runs good

There is not any problem it is a good car

- Erica A

except the air conditioner has failed twice since I purchased it. A few times the 'check engine' light came on

It has been very reliable

- Ruth S