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There are air vents in the back!! Yes! Definitely a plus!

Well, I have had my Santa Fe for about 2 years so far and most everything has been great. The seating is perfect, we have enough room in the back for my 15yr old who is 5’8 already and my middle son who is 11 along with the car seat for my 3 year old. I really like the hooks they have pre installed to help really anchor her car seat down. It is always very sturdy. There is a great amount of room in the back for storage and the seats also almost fold completely flat if more room is needed. All in all it is been a very good family vehicle for us. The only downside I have found is that for some reason the tires are hard to replace. They are about 150. 00 per tire! No one told me when I got the vehicle that there were tires apparently made of magic that went on it. They are 18 inch tires and when I got some standard 18’s given to me I was definitely disappointed that they did not fit. It is like the tires that come on it are almost like a low profile tire. This is not something that I think would be a deal breaker for purchasing the vehicle, just something I wish I had known.

- Crystal T

I LOVE my Hyundai Santa Fe!

I have had my Santa Fe for 11 years and other than periodic maintenance (oil change, cabin air filter, ) and tires, balancing, and front end alignment due to the mileage of over 150,000 miles, I have only had to replace the fuel sensor level in the gas tank. My Santa Fe has been reliable and fun to drive. It also seats 5 comfortably and the cargo area can hold an enormous amount of different gear, merchandise and purchases. With the seats down in the second row of seating, that increases the amount of 'stuff' that you can comfortably transport with the Santa Fe. I purchased a set of 71' tall bookcases and had no problems getting them home in the Santa Fe. I routinely purchase large canvases (I am an artist) and they fit in the back of my Santa Fe with room to spare. This is the first time I have purchased a Hyundai product, and will continue to purchase them in the future.

- Sherry A

Well built, great warranty and travels comfortably.

It is strip model of the Santa Fe with not many bells and whistles. Very comfortable and rides great as the day to day car. I have over 145, 000 miles and except with the normal visits to the dealership not much was needing replacement. The fuel tank monitoring floats that show the level of gas you have failed at about 143, 000 so that was replaced. The 100, 000 mile warranty for the power train is a great feature. While I was within warranty two items failed which was replaced at the dealership at no cost and a lender car. I am extremely happy with my Hyundai and my next car will also be a Santa Fe.

- Donald L

The car that was just right.

I really love my car. It is big enough so when I travel to see family or move back and forth between school and home, I never have to worry about having enough space for all of my things. It turns very sharply, which I also love for zipping around. It did not come with a trunk cover which was a large expense that I had to foot myself. Also, I have had some recent trouble with some misfiring in the engine and fan belts getting out of place. The gas mileage could improve just a little. Overall, my car has lasted a very long time and I am very happy with its performance!

- Sarah L

Mocha Santa Fe, a car that keeps going for years on end.

My Hyundai, Santa Fe has been an incredible vehicle for getting me to where I need to go. Although there has been frequent issues with coolant leakage and the air conditioner breaking, there hasn't been many other problems. The car is sturdy, has good pick-up speed, and a lot of space in the back for storage. I am very much a function over beauty kind of person, though, when it comes to my car. So, if you want a car that effectively gets you to where you need to go, the Hyundai, Santa Fe is an incredible car for that.

- April S

Santa Fe SE 2008-Comfortable, good mileage for the size, no problems up to 110k

My Santa Fe has been very reliable throughout my ownership. My only issue once it passed 110,000 miles was the front ball joints needed to be replaced, but this was after a used purchase and after several thousand miles of driving. Fuel economy is good for a car of the size with a decent sized tank. My only complaint is the gearbox sometimes shifts slowly, such as when trying to turn quickly at a light - the car very occasionally will roll slowly forward for a few seconds with the accelerator pedal fully pressed.

- Alex M

Hyundai Santa Fe: the jack-of-all-trades of vehicles.

As long as I keep up with general maintenance (fluids, tire rotation, etc...), there are never any problems. It is a great vehicle in general. It is great in the snow season with its 4wd. You can put the back seats down to make lots of room for storage. With the seats up, can carry 5 passengers. It's got great safety ratings, so it's a fantastic family vehicle. Altogether, it is an all-round amazing car. It is built tough, can carry a lot, is very safe, and can endure most weather conditions. My rating: 5/5.

- Andrew M

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe se's rock.

My vehicle is and has always been extremely dependable. It is now 11 years old and I am the second owner, and I've only had to have the fuel level sensor replaced (caused my gas gauge to not work). This is a very common issue with this year and make, and the cost to repair was roughly $500 at the dealership. Other than that, I've kept regular oil changes and tire rotations and my car hasn't ever needed any other repairs. Hyundai makes a very dependable, comfortable vehicle for the price!

- Jamie M

For the size of the car it does not take as much as you would thing to fill it up.

I have a 2008 Santa Fe and It's one of the best cars I ever had. It's good on gas, I love the sunroof, Its has leather interior, which is nice. I also have the function for satellite radio but not only that, I have a six disc CD changer. It looks small from the outside but has more space than you think it would. The back seats actually recline back a little for a more comfortable road trip for your passengers. . . It's not bad on gas, especially on the highway.

- Crystal S

Good size medium SUV. The back seat gives passengers plenty of room and their own air vents.

My Santa Fe has been pretty reliable over the last 9 years of owning it. I've had minimal problems with it, and it's never died on me. I've done a lot of long distance driving in it and it's a very comfortable car if you have to spend a lot of time in it. The only problem I've had is the gas door release button on the drivers side has stopped working, and now I have to release the gas door via a pull cord in the back of the vehicle.

- Ashley J

Takes me where I want to go.

It wasn't my first choice of vehicle but I have been driving it for 5 years now. I have grown used to it and kind of like some of the features. It is pretty good on gas mileage, about 20 mpg. I like the temperature reading for outside the vehicle. It didn't come with a working cigarette lighter but I carry one. I like the color which is a gun metal gray. It is all wheel drive which comes in handy because I live in the north.

- Darlene L

Pretty good car with few issues.

This has been my favorite car that I've owned. It's for the most part been very reliable with few problems. It's very roomy and comfortable and has a lot of interior space. It handles very well. I have had some issues within the last couple years including the ignition switch going out and the gas level sensor, which is currently not working and is about an $800 fix.. But other than that I love my car.

- Jennifer S

Safe, reliable, and comfortable Hyundai Santa Fe.

My Hyundai Santa Fe has been a very reliable car for the last decade. It has traveled coast to coast and now has over 200, 000 miles. The heated seats are fantastic for those cold seasonal mornings and afternoons while the moon roof is great for the warmer drives. Hyundai has been reliable with recalls when necessary ensuring my sense of safety and comfort behind the wheel and in the passenger seat.

- Jessica B

It�s a light blue Santa Fe standard model and has Sirius XM and towing.

I've had this car since 2013. It was used and had 100,000 miles. Now, it's at almost 300,000 miles. No major (not driveable) issues. Only issues we've had was that the gas gauge constantly reads empty and when you put gas in the car, you have to rev it for a minute or so before you can actually go. Other than that, it's been a very reliable car that has never had A/C or transmission issues.

- Jennifer W

Santa Fe is a good buy for a used vehicle.

Great car for everyday driving; good cargo space for those days you need to haul a lot of stuff (or big items.). Engine knocks seem normal for this vehicle. Very reliable; I do not have many issues except for normal wear and tear. Also very comfortable for mid distance (1 to 5 hours at a shot) driving. For a used vehicle, this was a great buy.

- Judi D

That it is so easy to handle. Steering is great, acceleration is great, breaking is great. Feels like I am driving a toy I love it

I have a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. I absolutely love everything about it - the way it handles, the simplicity, the interior. I plan to keep it for as long as I can. Only thing I dislike is that it does not have a usb port because it is from 2008, but I got a FM transmitter to make up for that. Also I feel gas mileage could be a little better.

- Kate C

Hyundai Santa Fe bright gold.

I have had my car for years and she has gotten me to and from work, school, events and just in general commute. I get decent miles per gallon and love her. One time I had to drive all across town looking for a friend because they were new in town and didn't know where they were. All in all I love my car and wouldn't change my choice.

- Jane L

Santa fe - greatest ride I have ever had.

I love my Santa Fe- the way it drives and feels; very stable and reliable; very comfortable. I have only had to change oil, get new tires and replace the battery. I love the performance of the car. Haven't had any manufacturer recalls and I look forward to purchasing my next vehicle as another Santa Fe or similar Hyundai brand.

- Cheryl F

It is big enough to either fit two dogs or even children!

There is never any performance issues with my car. I love that it has a nice size back seat and trunk. My car has never broke down before especially for someone who is always traveling and going on long drives. The seats are cloth which is great for having two dogs. I do wish I had the seat warmers but it is an older addition.

- Alexandra D

It has a ton of miles and still runs great but...

The front seat on the driver side is not that comfortable, and the back seat is not either. It feels like your being pushed forward. And the front alignment keeps going out, even after I have brought it in to be aligned. And its 4 wheel drive so it doesn't turn that good. You have to take turns slower than a normal car or SUV.

- Joshua R

Great car advances features

The car is advanced for a 2008. It has heated seats, GPS system, sunroof, and leather seats. Very comfortable and spacious. Does well on gas. Unfortunately my car needs oil added to it regularly and I need to pay extra for an oil change so they add a thickening oil. Rides nice and smooth. Overall would recommend this car

- Christine S

Comfortable and very reliable family car.

My Hyundai Santa Fe was the first car my wife and I bought when we got married. It was brand new, my first ever new car. It has been a wonderful investment for us. Ten years later and it is still going strong. When it is time to trade it in, I will probably look at getting another Hyundai. It is a very reliable car.

- Jeff G

Luxury for Non-luxury Price

I have been extremely pleased with my vehicle. I bought it used. It now has over 100,000 miles with no issues. Very reliable vehicle. Love the features, hidden compartment in trunk, sunroof, cruise control, and especially the heated seats. If I ever replace this vehicle, I plan to purchase another one.

- Patricia M

Love this car. Would recommend to a small family.

We bought this car for our family of 4. Fits a toddler car seat and older kid perfect. We have taken this car camping quite a lot and fits our tent and cooler ect perfect. The only thing we do not like is the towing capacity. We planned on pulling a pop up camper but our vehicle is not able to pull the weight.

- Natasha D

My Santa Fe is a great SUV that fits all needs and expectations.

Run perfect! Does what I need it to do. Has plenty of space for my 3 boys myself and my wife. Very easy to clean with the leather seats and vent placement is great for the back seats to be able to get heat or AC. The storage compartments in the truck also make it great to fit stuff for the beach or traveling.

- Corey M

Trusty, comfortable, small SUV.

The SUV is completely reliable. I haven't had many mechanical problems, the only major problem was a faulty purge valve, the float in the gas tank and the air compressor all this in 10 years. It is a comfortable ride, and it is regular when it comes to fuel efficiency. Also, there haven't been recalls.

- Virginia S

The key fob needs a new battery so most of time you have to manually unlock it.

I brought it used and dislike that the door handles on the interior were a little messed up. Other than that it gets great mileage and handles well. There's enough room to haul what I need to haul in it, last year I used it to move 36 loads of boxes and furniture, which surprised me for a compact SUV.

- Steve G

Cruising on cruise control.

I love my car because is it is rounded appearance. It is a very aerodynamic vehicle and smooth. It is a great car to just drive down the street and it is also great car to go on road trips with. I am in love with the cruise control feature it is located on the steering wheel making it easy to access.

- Campos C

Used 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe.

It's a very sturdy SUV. I purchased it used with high mileage and no major issues, so far. Gas mileage is no great, but average for an SUV at 20 mpg. No running boards. Basic radio... no Bluetooth or aux port, but has XM Sirius. I assume it was the factory installed radio. Cruise control.

- Karen F

I want a Dodge ram truck that is gray. As a safety warning.

Safety, 4 wheel drive and a backup camera. Pickup truck, color gray, GPS, and Wi-Fi. No problems, great performance, comfortable setting and features. Good tires, great gas mileage, running boards. And that is all that I can think of for any kind of truck that I would be interested in buying.

- Natalie N

A great mid-sized car that keeps you safe.

I have enjoyed my car for the past 6 years. It has had issues with an emissions code for some time. It is a non issue where I live to pass inspection. I also have had problems with fueling. It takes a while after putting gas for it to start. It has not caused any other problems besides this.

- Erica G

My 2008 makes me happy. It is a perfect size for me in.

The only thing that I do not care about my car is the fact that the tire pressure gauge comes on all the time despite the fact that I regularly check the tire pressure and it is usually fine. I like the room my car provides and I like the gas mileage I like the hidden storage and the color.

- Colleen B

Santa Fe -- awesome summer SUV.

Very reliable the one I own is front wheel drive and needs designated winter tread to go well in snow where I live. It has heated seats which work wonderfully. All options are well designed. Mine has a moon roof which I wish was a sunroof but it is still nice. I really like how it looks.

- Pam J

It is an amazing vehicle that makes you feel safe while being affordable enough to allow you to drive an SUV without spending an obscene amount of money.

I Love the overall size of both interior and exterior. It is a perfect fit for my needs, whether it is shopping or toting 2 cats and a dog to the vet. The only possible thing I could say needed improvement is the sound factor. Not exactly a quiet ride while traveling at highway speeds.


Great and spacious family vehicle

It is a very smooth ride and good miles per gallon. It is very spacious and it is a great family car. The back seats fold down for bigger storage space. It drives well in the snow and rocky climates. It has good Drivability and the interior lighting at night is very soothing and helpful

- Mackenzie O

Love the Hyundai not the dealership.

Loved it until dealership did some shoddy work and then it took 9 visits and assistance from Hyundai corporate to get them to find the problem. Boycotting dealership. Now off warranty and afraid of if or when the old problems recur. I would still buy another but a different dealership.

- Anne A

It has lots of space in between seats. Big trunk

it is very fast to speed up. It handles bumps with ease. It has very comfortable seats. It has a large trunk space. It fits a car seat nicely. It has lots of space in the back seat. It has enough space in the front seat also where two people can sit comfortably without touching arms.

- Jessica L

Overall satisfied customer.

Just got out of the shop for a fuel replacement. The check engine light came back on less than 48 hours afterwards. New code being generated so it'll be going back to the shop. I have been pleased with the vehicle up until recent minor mishaps. Would consider purchasing a new model.

- Jessica S

Its comfortable and easy to drive. Overall no complaints.

I love my vehicle because it's just the right size for my family. I wish the CD player worked in it but it does not due to it being a pre-owned vehicle so it has played itself out. Since it's an older model I wish it had an auxiliary port. But overall I love it and it drives great!

- Jashae J

Spacious and great gas mileage!

There has been 1 or 2 recalls and the shop has taken care of them with no problem. This is very reliable and I have had no serious issues with this vehicle. I bought it for space during long drives and moving large items. Drives pretty smooth and gets decent gas mileage, 28 city.

- Mary B

Old Trusty SUV is perfect for heavy usage

This is an extremely reliable car. I use it as the company car for my business and it has not disappointed. It has 232,000 miles and is still going strong. The only issue I have had with the car is the starter. Once the broken starter was replaced there were no more problems.

- Andrea J

SUV on the road. Smooth operator.

Comfortable, no problems, just wish I had more cargo space when traveling, would like better gas mileage also, purchased used, now has 200k no engine problems or leaks, maneuvers well in traffic and is very dependable, like the sensors on the dash for any potential problems.

- Randy O

Hyundai Santa Fe is slow at switching gears.

It takes too long to accelerate and get in the correct gear. The amount of space in the car is too big for me, but that is just because of preference because I am the only person ever in the car and never have a use for the backseat or the storage in the back of the car.

- Tye M

It is a large SUV that has all wheel drive. It is an older model.

Very reliable vehicle. I love the space in the car. It is safe for myself and my family. I have had problems in the roast with minor issues such as the sun guard falling off. The CD player does not work anymore. The seats do not fold down as easily as I would like it to.

- Margarita F

Loving my awesome hot Hyundai!

I love my vehicle! The only problem that I have is driving through puddles and the whole car tries to cut off and the battery locks up. It is reliable though and gets me wherever I need to go when I need to get there. It is a v6 so the engine has a lot of get up and go.

- Nic S

A dream car for a mom. The break is very smooth and driving is so light.

Nice burgundy color, very comfortable and smooth. Just love it .! Taking in consideration the year make, I had to change the breaks, the AC and some other stuff, but other than that I can't complain. I can easily install 2 car seats and 1 booster seat in the backseat.

- Diana S

when the dealer call and say we finally found something for you!

I have a wonderful truck nicely detailed and manufactured. I feel as though it was made just for me! It has great capabilities and road power. Its roomy, very spacious and the mileage is very good as well. Keeping the maintenance up so far is also very good as well.

- Tiffany S


We do not like how low to the ground it is. Our gas gauge sensor went out. There are lots of storage areas. Has a separate storage area for tools from other things in trunk. Headlights are not very bright but the brights are. Fog lights should come on all models.

- Nita W

Ride good; pickup needs improvement.

Like the size and interior of the SUV; one of the biggest pitfalls is the pickup. It does take a little bit to get speed going in this car. Maintenance has been limited. Happy with the overall amount of money I have had to put into car. Would buy a newer version.

- Steph W

It is really the best car ever.

We really love our car, great size, the features are amazing. It drives so smoothly, the radio and speakers are great. So far the only thing we found that we do not care for is that the inside interior is all beige/tan it'd be nice if it was a different color.

- bee H

Great car for the money. I would recommend them to anyone.

This is my 4th Hyundai and let love it. It is very reliable. I have never had a serious problem with it.Good mileage. I had the same battery for 7 year.We've taken it on numerous road trip. I now have over a 120 thousand miles and it still in great condition.

- Wanda A

Hyundai Santa Fe primary features

I love my Hyundai Santa Fe. My favorite feature is that it tells me which tire has low pressure. It also tells me how many miles I have till I'm empty and averagely, I pay $33 in gas. The only thing I wish it had was an aux cord but I enjoy the sun roof more.

- Heather M

There are airbags all around the vehicle

My vehicle gas gauge goes up and down. That started around 80,000 miles other that I like my Hyundai Santa Fe. I have good performance and it is reliable the stereo system is nice. I would rate my Hyundai a 10 if Hyundai recalls it and fix the gauge problem

- shawnee S

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a great family vehicle!

I love my Hyundai Santa Fe because it is reliable, comfortable, fits my families needs well, and has good gas mileage! I know I can count on it to get me where I need to go safely and comfortably. It also has a very appealing exterior and drives smoothly.

- Cara B

All in all it's a very good car & I would get another one when this one goes.

It drives well, good gas mileage on trips, easy maintenance. Seats are very comfortable. Fold down seats make it easy to pack for vacation. The only problem I have is the headlights burn out at least once a month & are not very bright for low beams.

- Kim G

It is well constructed and engineered to have good power and respectable gas mileage for its type.

It is a well made, mechanically sound, SUV with enough room for 5 adults. It rides well, and is high enough to provide the driver with an enhanced view. It has ample cargo room with seats upright, and even more when rear seats are down. No complaints.

- Mike W

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. It is mine, and I love it.

I am 5ft 1inch and drivers seat is comfortable. It was only the second car I drove when we decided to trade in our other car. It handles well. Hope I do not jinx myself, but no problems. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a decent ride.

- Pat B

10 years and still going strong!

I inherited this vehicle from a family member who owned it for 10 years. No issues in all that time and it still runs like new. The only replacement has been the tires. It remains reliable and fuel efficient. I am very happy with its performance.

- April T

I thought the gas tank was almost 20 gallons but I never seem to get that much gas in it.

I bought my car used and I have had it for about a year and a half so far. I had one recall on it and the dealership fixed it right away. It drives very well in the snow since it has the AWD lock. The only confusing thing is the gas tank

- Emily B

That it runs wonderfully and is not going to be for sale anytime soon. (It's MINE! Lol)

I love how the vehicle feels to drive; smooth, right size, etc. It feels as if the Santa Fe was made specifically with me in mind. The only complaint I have about Hyundai vehicles is that they tend to rust more quickly than other makes.

- Dena D

It is very spacious. Nice SUV for the whole family.

I like all the features in it. Very spacious and nice design. The only issue which i also researched from other user of this model is the gas gage. It stop working so you will monitor your mileage to know if you need a gas refill.

- Myrrh V

Great car, lots of room, pretty reliable.

It's been a great car overall but the paint they used on it was defective and faded so now it's a mess. I've also had air-conditioning issues which took about 2 thousand dollars to fix but it was five years old by that point.

- Ashley R

The interior lights (blue) are nice.

It's a nice car. Nice wheelBase, nice sz, rides smooth. The only issue has been that the fuel-sensors do not work properly. Everyone that owns this yr knows this from the forums I've read. But the mfg has not issued a recall.

- Ann o

Reliability is by far the most important asset of the car.

I like that I own it. I like it because it gets me to work. I like it because without it, life would be harder. I dislike the problems with it but I'll manage. No air conditioning, no power steering, no windshield fluid.

- Jonathan F

Santa Fe-Great SUV; best purchase I've ever made.

Great car. Safe, big enough but not too big for us, reliable, has over 120,000 Miles on it and I have yet to have a problem. It does have a blind spot that bothers my husband but I have never had a problem with it.

- Jenny O

It's incredibly safe and a similar model probably saved my life.

It's incredibly safe. My last Hyundai Santa Fe probably saved my life in a crash just before I bought this one. It's getting a bit old though and beginning to show some wear and tear. I may have to replace it soon.

- Holly M

Hyundai Santa Fe. Love that there is a place in the back to hide things.

Really haven't had any problems with this vehicle. Have the oil changed every 3000 miles and it runs well. Did have to have a new air compressor installed about a year ago. Wish it had a thermometer in the car.

- Lynn C

Hyundai Santa Fe - exceeding expectations

I have owned my Santa Fe for 8 years and am approaching 200,000 miles. I've had very few maintenance issues. As a single mother who travels a lot on business, I could not have chosen a more reliable vehicle.

- Laura R

It drives great and that the gas mileage is pretty good too.

I like that it is an SUV. It has lots of room and you sit up higher than a sedan. And it drives wonderful and has comfortable seats. I dislike that it is an older model and did not come with bluetooth.

- Judy O

It has many features that many might not be aware of like a dvd player, sunroof and power everything besides the leather seats and great engine.

It is comfortable. It has nice features. It has been reliable all these years. It has a great engine and plenty of power. It can seat up to seven people as well. It has been a very nice vehicle to drive.

- Greg G

Sporty but practical SUV great for long-distance travel, family-friendly

This is a great mid-size SUV for my family. I do a lot of travel for work and large shopping trips for my family, which works great. It has decent gas mileage for a car of its size and is really roomy.

- Marissa S

dependable and easy to drive in all weather very comfortable not expensive to maintain

I have been very satisfied with the Hyundai Santa Fe and will buy another one if needed. My daughter also owns her second Hyundai. We have had no problems and the dealer has always been here for us.

- Roberta G

There's a good amount of seating space since it is an SUV.

I like its dependability, color, and size. It is easy to drive and has decent gas mileage as well. I dislike the fact that there's no built-in alarm system and sometimes the tires lose air quickly.

- Michael C

2008 was a great year for the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Handles great when driving down the road. Has fast acceleration and can turn in sharp areas. Plenty of room for extra passengers and hauling stuff. Have not had any issues since bought new in 2008.

- Anita r

After 100,000 miles they are junk.

Lots of complaints. I have had it for a year and a half only 100,000 miles on it and i have had to put 3 times the amount of money in it than what i paid for it. It breaks down all the time.

- John H

The car does not accelerate well when the ac is running.

I like my car because it has a large storage area good for things like moving. I dislike my car because it does not have a lot of pickup. Other than that, I do not have any major complaints.

- Sarah K

My favorite vehicle my Hyundai Santa Fe.

I love my Hyundai Santa Fe. It rides good and it is really good on gas. I just cannot bring myself to buy another vehicle. It even has air conditioning vent in the rear so my pet stays cool.

- Judy M

Good basic car with plenty of power and good looks.

Too much torque on wet or snow covered roads. Not as good gas mileage as desired. Steering is "twitchy" and subject to cross winds. Good car. Pulls trailer easily. Dependable. Good looking.

- Dave B

It's got fantastic room in the back seat. There's space for two car seats!

It's really easy to drive, and there's great visibility, I also love how spacious the back seat is. It's easy to fit two car seats into the back seat, and still put someone in the middle.

- Laura M


In essence, a good ,strong, all around performer. It is comparable to other cars as far as maintenance and upkeep is concerned. This years size and appointments are still desirable. .

- Allen M

That my car is tiny and it takes a second or so to get it going for speed.

Almost paid off. Is good on gas. I can put things in the back. Has a lot of room. Dislike because I would like something newer. Seats scratch easily. Needs a better stereo system.

- Melissa M

My family of four feels safe and comfortable in our vehicle.

I like the sunroof because it has an automatic switch. The trunk or hatch area is spacious and has hooks for my groceries. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted easily.

- Rosa V

There is an excellent warranty.

This is a reliable, cost effective vehicle that has a nice feel to it. I love to drive it. There have been some paint problems with the car, but other than that, it is very good.

- Ryan E

It's safe and good for driving long distances. And it's my car.

It's safe and sturdy but gets me where I need to go. I like the style, color, and size. It is able to fit everything I need. However a newer model would likely take less upkeep.

- Natalie K

It is a good small family car.

I like the size of this SUV for my family of 4. It is big enough for us to pack the truck for a weekend of camping. I do not like that the SUV will not tow our pop up camper.

- Natasha D

Reliable long lasting easy going vehicle through the years

I love my santa fe. This car has had very few problems for me. I have had a few minor recalls but all were dealt with at no charge. All my maintenance has been easy and minor

- Meghann H

It's an incredibly safe car

I enjoy driving my vehicle. It's been very reliable and very safe. The seats fold down and there's room in the back for hauling stuff. It's 10 years old with no major issues.

- Brian J

A good basic workhorse vehicle.

The seat belts often do not retract properly. There is a blind spot that can cause problems passing motorists. The spare tire is difficult to get at if you have a flat tire.

- Ray F

It is reliable for everyday use. I have owned it for almost 10 years, and I have had very few problems with it.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the smooth ride that it provides. I like that it is fairly reliable. I would prefer for there to be more legroom for the driver.

- Kyle G

I love the color and seat heaters.

I am used to driving my car and I do like it. However it is getting old. It doesn't have a lot of modern features that new cars now have. I do like the interior seats.

- Kathy G

It is a no-texting-while-driving vehicle.

I like that it is roomy. I love that it has a sunroof. It has very good visibility. It has a windshield wiper for the back window. I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Felicia W

they are nice reliable vehicles i haven't had any issues other than standard maintenance

I have had almost no issues with my Hyundai that i have had for over three years, i have no complaints other then i would like my future vehicle to have 3rd row seating

- Rachel R

Great warranty covered all but routine work.

I had a problem with the engine revving at a very high rate then dropping to a lower rate and then up again. This took the dealership shop. More than 7 visits to fix.

- Anne A

the gas gauge issue i have is a common problem with this model

fuel gauge sensor has gone out twice on my vehicle but other than that no issues. wish it had more cargo room and legroom in the back seats. love my 3rd row option

- Theresa S

Spacious, quiet, perfect for family with small kids

I like how the seats fold all the way down. I don't like the lack of Bluetooth capability and aux. I do like the space despite the small size of the suv.

- Alicia E

There is no AUX cord input in the vehicle. There is also no cassette player so if you're a music lover you better like the radio or have CD's.

I don't like how it handles. The steering wheel is touchy and I have to take turns very slowly. I am also short and have difficulty seeing out the back.

- Madison F

Great reliable family sized car.

Perfect sized vehicle. Mechanically sound, never had any issues. Features are basic as it is the basic model but reliability fulfills any missing link.

- Sil D

You can only fit 2 car seats, note 3. The belt paths cross & don't allow a third safely.

I love that I can fit both of my children, plus my groceries. I do wish it had a third row. I also love how it handles more like a car than an SUV

- Sharon D

Car is built sturdy and is good on gas mileage.

I love the power of the motor. Car is roomy. Cup holders. Nice sound system. No complaints car does what is expected and is very pleasing to drive.

- Ray L

Love this vehicle; no trouble at all for me.

Haven't had any really serious issues. I try to stay on top of maintenance for my vehicle. So I avoid things like engine problems and brake issues.

- Melissa S

It drives smooth and it is fun to drive.

Love the interior. It is nice and roomy. It has heated seats, that are great. I love the shape of the exterior. Feels like I am in a luxury car. .

- Pam P

10 year warranty is wonderful.

4 wheel drive is great in the snow. Lots of room inside. Wide hatch area. I do not like the blind spot when you back up. Very reliable vehicle.

- Christopher S

It is reliable, safe and comfortable.

I bought this car new & 10 years and 106 thousand miles later I am still driving it. Its my 2nd Santa Fe and I look forward to my next one. 1.

- Lisa B

Reliable after high miles. Drives comfortably. Reasonably good gas mileage for an suv

I love the room of the suv. The height makes it easy to get in and out of. Very little mechanical problems for over 100,000 miles. Reliable

- Debbie G

There is a lot of trunk space and is perfect for small families.

I have a Hyundai Santa Fe. It is very roomy and perfect for our family of 3. We have not had any problems and it drives very smoothly.

- Keona C

You will never be cold in the winter. Outstandi heat system Throws off so much heat.

I am very happy with everything about this vehicle. So far I have not had any problems it has a wonderful pickup. Drive is smooth.

- Pam B

The most important thing people should know is that it is powerful.

I like that my car is reliable and durable, it is also very quiet. What I don't like is that sometimes it is shaky on the highway.

- Savannah B

It is perfect for small family very reliable has plenty of storage room in back.

I like its midsize, the gas mileage is over 20 miles per gallon and the look fits me. I dislike the need to change lights often.

- Stephanie V

it is the first SUV I have had and I love it. I also tend grandchildren. It is perfect for running them around to their different events.

I have had my hyundai Santa-fe for over 9 years. It has served me well. I am a widow and have not had any major problems with it

- Sally T

Hyundai Santa Fe, not too bad.

Car is very reliable, performance is okay but not great, it is not very good-looking, but it is very spacious and comfortable.

- Julian K

Hyundai Santa Fe is roomy and dependable

All in all is a very good car. Bought used with low miles. Only problem I have is gas cap strips out and causes an cpu error.

- Barry B

It has very good gas mileage. Does not use oil and is A very comfortable drive

The gas tank has issues when filling it will only allow a few dollars at a time to be pumped without shutting the pump off

- Kelly H

The Santa Fe is a terrible engine design for easy repair and maintenance.

Any work done involving the spark plugs and coil packs involves too much work for people wanting to work on it themselves.

- Eric P

It's definitely good for kids.

I love the space my vehicle has in the trunk. I love that it fits 3 car seats. I wish it was a little smoother of a ride.

- Samantha S

Falling apart everyday is an understatement!

Seats inside torn, & splitting. Ac not blowing cold & neither fans are blowing. Window button broken to passenger window.

- Angela H

amazing and detail is very smooth

really clean smooth and the engine is completely brand new. the car is so quiet and I can barely hear the engine running

- Aaron G

It feels safe to drive and has good visibility.

Very reliable, has heated seats. Power seats, moonroof. It had lots of room for people and luggage, or a big Costco run.

- Mark S

It is reliable, comfortable, easy to handle, and safe

It is ten years old and has been very reliable. The seats are comfortable and roomy, and the car has plenty of storage.

- colleen c

Nice ride. It is fun to drive.

This car gets decent gas mileage but once you hit 100,000 miles it requires quite a bit of maintenance. It rides nice.

- Abby T

It drives well in my opinion. I have not had much trouble and when I got rear-ended it protected me. The back window/bumper had to be replaced though.

It is pre-owned. I have over 100,000 miles. It had 30,000 when I got it. I like that it has not given me much trouble.

- Anna M

Good value for price. Will buy again.

Reliable, but not completely. Sometimes I feel I can not rely on it and have to have it serviced. This is expensive.

- John S

Nice size for families and it has great technology.

It is a nice car. Gives my tall kids leg room and nice for road trips. It gets great gas mileage. I love my new car!!

- Lilly H

My car came off the assembly line with issues. I found out two years in something with the frame was off center. It worked great in spite of this for more than 6 years. Overall this seems a tough vehicle if it is made correctly.

I like the design. I do not like how the vehicle has had issue after issue that were more than regular wear and tear.

- Tysonia F

Warranty and maintenance costs.

Reliable for first 80000 miles but then problems started to begin and the warranty had many limitations on coverage.

- Tom K

Good gas mileage and very reliable

It is a smooth ride. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have an Aux cable or sunroof. But the space is wonderful.

- Jordan K

The thing that most people are interested in when it comes to SUV's is the gas mileage which is very good on my vehicle.

I have no complaints at all about my vehicle. It has a lot of space, drives smoothly, and gas great gas mileage.

- Lillien B

10 years old and still runs well. Has not had any major repairs

Runs well overall. Air conditioner will turn off by itself sometimes.Has a rattle that no one can seem to find.

- Freda D

The overall dependability of the vehicle.

I like how much room it has when all 5 members of the family are it. Has a smooth ride and great gas mileage.

- megan s

I like how spacious it is, great for someone with 5 or less kids.

I love the space, it has 3 rows and enough space for my family of 5. I like the touch screen display as well.

- Rochana G

My car gets great gas mileage for a SUV and was made in the USA despite it being a foreign car maker.

My car has been very reliable. My car gets good gas mileage for its size. The cargo hold is a little small.

- David I

wears well with usage, drives well, easy on gas and upkeep

There is nothing I do not like about this vehicle. Great Mileage, Minimal repairs, also a fantastic warranty

- Anthony C

They last years and I've never had any major issues.

I have had my car for 10 years and I have never had any problems with it. Just your normal wear on a vehicle

- ashley O

It's a safe and comfortable drive

I like the way the car handles. It's deceptively roomy on the inside. It has a good amount of trunk space.

- james v

Gas mileage isn't too bad. Nice Family SUV for vacation or long trips.

Sears scratch easily. Has plenty of room in back for groceries and or traveling. Is reliable and dependable.

- Melissa F

Reliable car that is easy to work on for repairs.

Reliable vehicle, plenty of space for luggage. Wish the driver's seat would go back farther for legroom.

- Jeff M

Ford has a car they care about and service is always easy.

It has enough room for everyone to fit comfortably. The drive is smooth. I do not have any complaints.

- Matthew S

Great value for the price paid

Very happy with vehicle but seems like the gas needle not working is a common complaint among owners.

- Josie B

I would never buy one again! I don't ever want to live through this frustration.

Lots of frustration. Gas gauge stopped working. Electrical system seems to be possessed at times.

- Elaine T

It has under 100,000 miles on the odometer and the heated seats are great in the winter months.

I like the all wheel drive system. I dislike the gas mileage. I like the low maintenance fees.

- Derek N

My santa fe has been a reliable car with little troubles for the past 10 years.

I really like the santa fe but i do wish that it had a little more room or third row seating.

- Amanda J

It drives very well and I've never had a major issue with it.

I like the style. It is good on gas. It has an excellent warranty. It's very reliable.

- Jean B

It gets very good gas mileage it performs well, and it's very comfortable to ride in.

There is a lot of cargo room. Its comfortable to drive. I get very good gas mileage

- Sandy h

Easy to use and drives well. It can fit a lot in it.

I like the size and ease of driving, but wish it was more efficient with gas

- Kristen A

My car may be old but it is dependable.

I like that my vehicle has lasted for ten years without any major problems.

- Steve f

It mood it does not like some weather and it will stop for no reasons

It does not like to start, and stop driving in middle of the drive

- Cheyenne B

Almost service free in 10 years!

I love this car. It has been very dependable. It is easy to drive.

- Barbara C

at least with our particular year

It is extremely reliable and has good gas mileage. The only issue

- Cody B

that it is a manual transmission and kids can not steal it

it gets me where i need to be it's a stick reliable seriously

- deb s

Bit of a blind spot when backing up

Lots of trunk room. Wish there was more back seat leg space

- Angela M

Drives great in any weather for me You would really like to drive this suv

Love the size Drives great Experience Affordable to me

- Nancy S

Third row seating. Towing package

Rides high and nice. Little outdated. Safe vehicle.

- Lauren S

because it is higher off the ground I feel very secure. . This is the third Santa-fe I have owned and am very satisfied with the all over performance of the car. . I have no major problem with this vehicle other than the security that put on the car was not legal and we did have problems with it.

I feel comfortable driving my car is all weather

- Patti S



- AL M

Hyundai is a good company

My Green Santa Fe is a great and reliable car.

- ly w

and I do keep the service up. Actually this is my second Santa-fe because when we decided to trade our 2004

I love my Santa-fe! It is so easy on gas

- Pat T

very reliable vehicle

Performs great

- Paul C

the first thing I love about my car is that it has a third row. It drives very smooth and it has a touch screen display. The ac and heat works great better than any car I ever had before. . . It has a sunroof which is awesome when it is a beautiful day outside.

I love my car

- Ro G