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Santa Fe is a fun, comfortable SUV.

Although a baseline model, the basic features are more than enough to make driving my Santa Fe enjoyable. Visibility is excellent. It is not difficult to park. It is comfortable to ride or drive. The seats are long enough under the upper leg and the seat backs have lumbar support. The climate system has vents for the front and back seats. Storage is fine with the back seats in place and excellent when the seats are down. Do not attempt to tow even the smallest camper. This vehicle's does not have the power necessary to tow much more than a garden waste trailer. The paint on the roof is peeling off, but due to the car's age and mileage, Hyundai will do nothing to repair the poor paint job.

- Margaret B

The SUV that I drive is very economical and very affordable.

I very much enjoy owning this make and model of vehicle. I find these type of vehicles to be very affordable, very roomy, comfortable for any family and very dependable. Keeping up with the maintenance is not hard yet consistency is a must for any vehicle. Normal wear and tear can get expensive only if you do not take care of it as soon as possible. All my friends and family tell me that my SUV still looks very nice and very well taken care of. It runs wonderful as well. I would very highly recommend this type of vehicle to any individual looking for a great affordable comfortable dependable SUV.

- Guadalupe C

Beautiful silver/blue 4-door compact SUV.

The Hyundai Santa Fe runs quietly and smoothly and is moderately fuel efficient. As an everyday commuting car, it has been absolutely reliable in performance as I maintain it very regularly. The interior is a bright and spacious 5-seater with large trunk space in a hatch style. There is much space ideal for sports supplies, camping equipment, light supply hauls, etc. Although my favorite part of this car is the exterior blue/silver finish, the classic interior style comes second place as there are many different compartments for personal storage that make a clean and crisp appearance.

- Sara H

My favorite at this time of my life.

Have not had any major problems. Routine maintenance such as brakes, tires, oil changes. It has a very smooth, comfortable ride. It always starts and all systems work. We don't have a lot of extras which is our choice. It is all wheel drive and we have found that to be very useful in our climate. Carrying ability is adequate and it has been used to help family members move some relatively large items such as sofas, bedroom furniture, etc.. Gas mileage is 23-25 highway and 19-20 in town. This vehicle is the one I have liked the best since my 65 Mustang.

- Marcia J

It is a great family car and car for trips.

There are a few things I love about my car. First it is great on gas, it shows you how many miles you have until you are near empty. Also the eco gas is great for long trips. The truck has such great space and then the hidden department to hold your personal items without people seeing them is great. The dual heating and air in the front is wonderful. You can set your side to what you like and do not have to freeze the other person.

- Tara V

Comfy and sleek with full reliability.

My car is comfortable and sleek. I do have issues with my steering wheel cracking though. I love my shade of steel light blue grey though. The side to pump gas into is on the left side. The mirrors on the side are controllable from an inside mechanism that is very helpful. I love my car and would buy it again over and over. It is super reliable and seats five people comfortably with plenty of storage in the trunk.

- Caitlin M

Good to go. And love to take it on vacations.

I really like my SUV. Its roomy for passengers and going on trips it holds a lot. I feel safer in it. I have not had any problems. I have replaced the brakes a few times. Get oil changed every 4 months. Only thing is the gas mileage is not as good on it that I wish it was. But other then that I will keep it to it no longer runs and then will buy another one.

- Pat B

The car is roomy and looks amazing. Feel cool driving it.

I have really enjoyed the Santa Fe. It has been a life saver for my family. The package our vehicle has included the DVD player and my boys love it. The speakers and DVD and CD player changer is amazing quality. The SUV has power. Good control and besides basic maintenance never needs much done. The look of it is awesome. Heated seats do not hurt either.

- Ashley H

How reliable it is. I have only had three issues in nine years.

I love my SUV. It has been very reliable the last nine years. The seats have really held up. No tearing whatsoever. It is pretty good on gas. The only issues I have had with the car is that I had to replace a bulb, buy a new car battery (once), and the gas display has stopped working. All in all, that is pretty good for having the car over nine years.

- Alyssa B

Great car. Plenty of storage space back seats go down. Nice car ride.

Is a comfortable car. The only problem I had with it also my friend which owns a 2007 or 2008 had to replace fuel line gauge. Would not register fuel amount. Felt very uneasy relying on mileage to keep up with fuel. Also just had to replace motor in driver's door for window to go up and down. Starting to show some signs of rusting on outside of car.

- Carol V

Good brakes and general performance, not so good for the fuel-conscious.

The car drives really well and brakes good too, which is nice if you live in a residential area and have to break at stop signs a lot. It is not very fuel-efficient though. I spend 200 dollars a month on gas which I think is ridiculous. The car just does not get good fuel mileage and the gas tank drains so fast from barely driving the car anywhere.

- Monica C

Nice vehicle for a family of 5.

So far so good. No problems having it 1.5 months. Love having a remote start. I thought it wouldn't be so hard on gas. 20 gal tank. I drive about 40 miles a day & full tank lasts about 5 days. My 2 daughters love it especially the sun roof. This car was definitely a nice upgrade from the 2005 equinox that I had been driving for last 3 years.

- Rachel L

Hard working SUV that has earned an easier life.

My 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe, was purchase gently used with low miles. It has served it is purpose well, commuting on dirt roads, up mountains in all types of weather for years now. It is almost time for a new SUV. This one has endured enough torture. Besides, I will be moving to where I can have a vehicle that does not get abused by the roads.

- Barbara S

Enjoying the Hyundai Santa fee's.

Have had the car for 8 yrs now and I love it! Besides the normal wear and tear only thing I can complain about is some the paint is peeling on the roof and some issues with the interior of the car, the material on the drivers side door hasn't held up like I thought it would, I love my santé feet so much I went and bought a 2017 one.

- Greg K

Reliable with good longevity.

My car has lasted me nearly 10 years. I have replaced the battery twice. New tires after 4 years, new brakes at 6 years. Does not have the latest technology, but XM radio included which is great. Good gas mileage. Have had an issue with my tire pressure light. Very sensitive but my tires were always a bit low.

- Elizabeth M

It has been reliable and runs well.

I like the sunroof and miles per gallon the vehicle gets. This was my mother in laws that we received when she went to heaven. My only complaint is the check engine light is on due to an emissions issue. The vehicle is no longer under warranty but the is a manufacturer issue since there is only 67K miles.

- Greg b

Loving my 2009 SUV and would not go with none other.

I love my SUV. Has a lot of room and goo to travel with. Not too big. Easy to park. Love pulling my trailer for kayaks. It sits five people. Not as good on gas as some. But not too bad. Has luggage racks on top also to carry extras. Would buy another if I would need to. But it is in tip top shape for a 2009.

- Linda J

Good, reliable SUV. Works well in any weather condition.

My vehicle works super well in any weather! A lot of space on the inside. I love the radio and bluetooth and surround sound setup! And the trunk is spacious. Good engine too, switching gears is really simple. Breaks are slightly sensitive though. And the windshield wipers have to be changed every few months.

- Naomi L

Overall I have been satisfied with my vehicle.

Santa Fe has been reliable for the most part. The sun visors have both broken. The panel on the back of rear seat has fallen down. The paint is compromised on door handles and the rubber molding is also deteriorating. The headlight covers are completely frosted over even after buying a kit to clean them.

- Pam W

The driver's seat is very comfortable if you have a bad back.

I like my Santa Fe. It is very comfortable to drive. The only thing I really dislike is that the luggage rack on top of the roof makes a lot of noise when the windows are open. Also there is a rust spot on the front of the car that is getting bigger. I wouldn't think I would have a rust spot already.

- Joanne M

Comfortable family car that is reliable and spacious. Easy to drive and ride in.

Comfortable ride. Reliable vehicle and safe for five people. Easy to drive and decent gas mileage. Owned for five years with no major issues. Plenty of space for a family and lots of cargo space. Traveled across the country with no problem multiple times. Easy to find parts for replacement if needed.

- Me H

Luxury feel with the ability to haul items.

I love having the option to put down one or both back seats to have a large open area to haul items. Yet the car has a luxury feel. It handles better than any other car I have owned in the snow due to the AWD. I like that I sit higher than a sedan, but not as high as some larger SUVs or trucks.

- Jessica S

A comfortable leather interior coupled with the sleek modern exterior.

Hyundai Santa Fe has been such great vehicle. It has the feel and space of an SUV, the comfort of a luxury sedan and the gas efficiency of a economy vehicle. The Santa Fe is the perfect combination of all the best features of every class of vehicle. I will always be a loyal customer to Hyundai.

- Joshua W

Simple and durable vehicle.

It is really comfortable and has been working for years. It is easy to drive, and has a sleek interior. The outside is not that outstanding, and is pretty plain for my taste. It is still a smooth ride and has not broken down yet. It requires very little maintenance, and is really easy to clean.

- Alex P

My Santa Fe is a very good vehicle.

My car is a really good vehicle I never really had any big issues with it except buying new tires & getting the oil changed my biggest issue was the paint I always kept it clean but the paint peeled all over & now its rusting there should be some type of recall but I do not see that happening.

- Jason H

My vehicle is efficient, sleek, spacious, and fun.

I love my Hyundai Santa Fe. It is the perfect size to fit a multitude of things, I moved into my college dorm with only my Hyundai because it is so spacious. It drives great, I have had it for 9 years and it has only been to the shop about 4 times. The radio and all amenities are wonderful.

- Lydia U

Overall the sante fe is a well made car.

It is comfortable inside with nice seats and room because I am tall. The overall car runs well, it does have some problem with the engine. Also it does not get the best gas mileage. It has a good sized truck and back seat, I just wish the seats could go all the way down and could be flat.

- Dylan S

Reliable and comfortable vehicle!

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a very reliable SUV. I have never had a problem with it. I turn the key, and it starts up no problem. The vehicle gets decent mileage on the highway. The Santa Fe has a 6-liter engine so it accelerates okay, but it is not super fast. It rides very smoothly, too.

- Joseph D

A new Hyundai-designed 8-speed automatic.

Wranglers and 4Runners have nothing to fear from Santa Fe, but Hyundai is becoming more serious about trucks. Whether this newfound seriousness ever reaches the point of true off-road capability remains to be seen; however, in the meantime, the 2019 Santa Fe certainly looks the part.

- Mark G

A great car for Colorado- santé fee.

The car is reliable and has a ton of space. It is large enough that I get respect on the road while driving and it is all wheel drive which is a must for Colorado in the winter. The Hyundai that I drive is the santé fee limited special edition, which has really sharp interior trim.

- Zak M

I think my car is great reliable transportation for 4-5 people even if the people are adults.

I like that my car is comfortable to drive and ride in. I like that it has auxiliary hook ups and the option for satellite radio. I like the large trunk with extra storage and ability to fold down seats for even more space. I dislike the paint job, but that could always be fixed.

- Ashlyn D

It's a dependable family car

I love my vehicle, its dependable, and small enough to drive, but big enough to carry a lot. My only complaint is that the car doesn't lock automatically when i put it in drive like other cars its age does. i have to manually lock the car and can be dangerous if i forget.

- Kimberly C

My Santa Fe is a perfect family car.

I love how safe I feel in my car. It is big enough for my family of three, and has enough trunk space to hold so much. I do wish it had a back up camera or at least a better stereo. Overall I love the air conditioning to the back seat, I also love how great it is on gas.

- Mary J

Good basic car, but not what I intended to buy.

Bad gas mileage, large for one person. Comfortable, like the fold down seats. So far reliable, not really any special features, just a basic model. Was not what I was looking for, but the price was too good to turn down. Soccer mom car. Good for families with kids.

- Heidi K

Great SUV, perfect size for me.

This is my fourth Santa Fe. I love the size of this SUV, and the back end loading capacity. I can go to home depot during the day and to longhorn steakhouse at night and be just as comfortable to go either place. Love the car and will get another one, newer, very soon.

- Dee P

Hyundai Santa Fe-best SUV hands down.

Perfect size for a family and very comfortable for road trips. I love the features, very up to date. Gas is the best part, I only have to fill up once every 9 days and it costs no more that 40 dollars. This is just a perfect everyday vehicle. I would highly recommend.

- Angela H

Reliable, safe, comfort vehicle.

My Santa Fe is reliable and safe. It also gets good gas mileage. I am never worried about my commute because I have my Santa Fe. It is a comfortable drive and I love sitting higher up so I can see more on the road. It is hands down the best vehicle I have ever had.

- Kate O

A great car if you make a decent paycheck.

It could be termed as an alright car. It fits my current needs. I will need a bigger car in the future. Definitely one that is more fuel efficient. With more safety features. Hopefully one that has a cheaper payment. Maybe cheaper insurance. I am not really sure.

- Amanda K

Be prepared if buying a used vehicle purchase a warranty!

My car is a 2009 with 95k miles. I just bought it in 2017 and it is a great thing I purchased an extended warranty from my credit union as it had to have the transmission replaced. My cost $250. 00 for a $3k job. Following your cars maintenance schedule is key!!

- Lucinda T

Buy a warranty if possible.

This car was bought used and is dream. I am so glad, however, that I bought the extended warranty as I had to have the transmission replaced. It also had to have the alternator replaced a couple of months after I purchased it from a local dealer. Runs great now!

- Cindy T

000 miles with the prospect of many more.

It's a roomy vehicle. The seats go down in the back for hauling stuff. The middle console in the back holds lots of people and all their luggage. It gets good gas mileage. Maintenance has been just routine. We have had no major engine problems. We have over 110

- Marguerite B

Our Santa Fe has been a reliable SUV.

We have not had any major issues with our Santa Fe. It has been a reliable car and we are very happy with it. Our only issue is that the gas mileage has decreased significantly since it was new. We are now getting less than 20 miles per gallon on the highway.

- Bob B

My Hyundai Santa Fe is a good car and I like it a lot.

I really like my Hyundai Santa Fe SUV its reliable and I haven't had many problems with it and is a vehicle I would suggest others should buy I have a limited and has comfortable leather seats its big enough for a family of four gets decent gas mileage to.

- Jackie B

Great, durable car. 4 stars.

Big and spacious. Seats fold down to store things or move them. Sturdy and high off the ground. Lots of storage and space. Great for road trips. If you have a big family or animals this is a great car. Would recommend this car. So glad I bought this car.

- Taylor H

Great hauling space in the back.

I seem to just fit right in the seat, can see traffic better than a sedan and gets around in the snow beautifully. One thing i hate is that you cannot keep it running and lock it in south Dakota you need to start and would be nice to lock it for safety.

- Barb D

It is a great inexpensive SUV.

Reliable car. We have had some minor electrical issues, including the back window motors needing replacing. Overall, it is a great car for the price. This is the third Santa Fe my husband has bought the family. It is an affordable and reliable car.

- Yasmeen E

A comfortable fun to drive vehicle with room for the whole family.

The hyundai Santa Fe is fun to drive. It has a great range of visibility with very few blind spots. It's a great vehicle with all the bells and whistles of a nicer vehicle. It is extremely comfortable for long trips for the whole family.

- Nicole S

It gets great gas mileage in both City and highway driving.

I like my vehicle a lot. It has room for 5 passengers, gets great gas mileage, in both City and highway driving. I've had only minor repairs going to be almost 10 years that I own the vehicle. Here it is inexpensive to operate and own.

- Jacob W

It is a quality car that we purchased used at an affordable rate.

I like that it fits my family, there is plenty of trunk space, it is visually attractive, and handles well on the road. I wish it had more technologically advanced features such as Bluetooth. I also wish it had better gas mileage.

- Yasmeen N

You get more for your money with the versatility of this vehicle.

My vehicle is very versatile. I can use it to drive people to a fancy restaurant and then use it to haul garden dirt the next day. It has lots of cargo space and gets really good gas mileage. It is also comfortable to drive.

- karen u

It is a very comfortable car and has lots of space.

I like that it is all-wheel drive. It is off the ground which is perfect for driving in snow. It has separate temperature controls for driver, passenger and back seat. As of right now, I do not have any dislikes or complaints.

- Olivia B

It feels comfortable, I drive it with ease.

I like my vehicle because it fits me just right. The seat is right for me because I am a short person. The only thing I do not like about it is the color. It's black and it makes the car really hot in the summertime.

- Brigitte J

I find the shape of the car to be very unique

I've had very little problems with it. Sometimes the check engine light will go on if it need gas but other than that I love it. It's been very reliable when going on trips and just with driving to school and work

- Katerina M

Has great interior space and comfort

Very comfortable seating. Has great interior room able to store and carry a lot of things and equipment. I work for AAA roadside service and I am able to carry all my tools and then some other equipment

- Christopher G

Very reliable vehicle. I would recommend purchasing a Hyundai

Love my Santa Fe it is reliable and has had no major problems since I have owned it. One thing I don't like is that if you have the back windows opened and the front ones closed it gets really loud.

- Lynn J

If I had to do it all over again, I would still buy the Santa Fe.

There have been minimal problems with the Santa Fe in the 9 years we have owned it. It is just the right size for our family as it has grown and is still comfortable with the kids out of the house.

- Rob D

It has a high safety rating.

I like it that it sits high off the road, has a very high safety rating, has heated seats and has idiot lights for everything including tire pressure. I do not like that the moonroof does not open.

- Pam J

My Hyundai Santa Fe is awd and very reliable. It's been a great vehicle.

My Hyundai Santa Fe has been a very reliable vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage and runs pretty smoothly. The cruise control on my car will fluctuate 5 mph which can be annoying sometimes.

- Rachel B

That thing is a drives very smoothly, but not so smooth that I stop paying attention.

To be honest, I love that thing. It gets me from point A to B, and it belonged to my grandfather, so call it sentimental value. The gas mileage is a little iffy, but I can work around it.

- Justin h

Hyundai Santa Fe driver review

Vehicle is compact so it's easy to drive and park. Leather seats are comfortable and heated. Drives like a sedan but the size of an SUV. Has great XM radio feature. Gas mileage is decent.

- Ashley K

It's comfortable and very reliable.

I have been very happy with my Santa Fe. It has an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride. I wish it was a different color and that it got better gas mileage, but otherwise I love it!

- Nancy N

Best car I have ever purchased!

Best i have ever owned. Never had an issues. This was the first new car purchased and it has been with me through two kids and 2 dogs. It is a well built vehicle with a great warranty.

- Lola B

The only real maintenance I have had to get done on it is the routine sort.

My only real complaint is that it does not have a trailer hitch. That would be useful for an entry level worker who will not be settling anywhere for more than 2 years for a while.

- Chris G

It's a very good car for the price. You should get new tires right away if buying new since the stock tires are not great.

Gear box was broken 4 months in. Left axle went bad 2 years in. The car is somewhat noisy and does not take bumps very well. Despite these problems it is still a great car overall

- Vinh V

Its awesome. It is a safe car that fits everything I will ever need to haul & it is fun to drive.

I love the size, and the quality of my Santa Fe. I wish it had a back up camera and bluetooth, but other than that I love it. It has been reliable and safe. I would buy it again.

- Tess F

This car has been very dependable. Now is beginning to have some issues but it already 9 years old. Wish we could afford a new one but we can't.

Love it from day one. Dependable. Only complaint is any repairs are very expensive and seem to be higher than most. But, with the dependability, it's a lesser cost per year.

- alan r

Tall people, this is the SUV for you!

It's very comfortable to drive, has a large cargo area, even has lots of legroom in the back for tall people! It's super reliable, fun to drive and has lots of amenities.

- Nicole H

Perfect size for my family for everyday use & travel

It has been a great vehicle. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. I have had some warranty work done it but it was taken care of by Hyundai. They gave great service.

- Michelle L

The gas mileage and affordability of the car.

I like the SUV feel and I dislike the gas tank, it takes a lot to fill up. I also like the sunroof and the color. I dislike the back trunk it could be a little bigger.

- Sara T

all the extras you can get in the Hyundai

i love the warranty on the vehicle. I like all the extras. But Mine is already nine years old, and they have more updates that I would love to have in my vehicle.

- jamie s

Very reliable. Have almost 150,000 miles and have had no issues with vehicle.

Has been a really reliable vehicle. I commute to work, maybe 45 miles and other than brakes, I have not had any maintenance issues except up keep. Knock on wood!

- Debbie P

Won't buy another hyundai like this

Nonstop problems. Replaced front control arms multiple times, starter, all bearing 4 times, shocks, transmission is making bad noises. Only had vehicle 3 years

- Clee P

Easy to drive on road trips.

My Santa Fe is comfortable, easy to drive, and has modern features. I am not interested in SUV's but I prefer the Santa Fe over other models I have experienced.

- Jennifer B

Hyundai will always be my go to vehicle

I have had my santa fe for 9 years and has 120,000 miles on it. I have never had any major issues with it. I wish there was more passenger leg room though.

- Paige S

My SUV is not only safe, but also comfortable.

I love the way it handles on the road. Love the heated leather seats. Love the stereo system. I have lumbar spine issues and its very comfortable to drive.

- Kathy J

It gets easily out of alignment.

I dislike there is no aux cord, it drives badly, and doesn't get great gas mileage. I like that it is a car and will get me places and that its an SUV.

- McKinsay K

It is very reliable and safe.

I love my car. It has lots of space gets good gas mileage. It is also very good in bad weather. And best of all I have lots of room for my (2) dogs.

- Kathy Y

Acura's have a reputation for building quality vehicles.

It's cute, great for my job as a Lyft Driver and it's fun to drive. I also like the amount of room inside and the fact it is still quite stylish.

- Cindy T

The Ford ranger is a reliable truck that overall runs really well.

Like that the seats are comfortable and there's good storage. Visibility is good. V6 engine has lots of pep but pay for it in lower gas mileage.

- Phyllis D

It does great with the All Wheel drive in the snowy weather.

I like the size - but wish it would get better gas mileage. Also, riding in the driver's seat for an extended period - my back starts to hurt.

- Molly J

It is safe and very reliable.

Excellent gas mileage and the body seems to be pretty tough because I have hit a couple of things with my door and I have never had any dents.

- Rachel P

Easy to see your surroundings.

I like the fact that it is easy to enter and exit, heated seats and sound system. I feel safer in it, since it sits higher than my last car.

- Mel E

It is a car that runs very well

I like the space this it has in it. I like that it has an overhead bluetooth and I love that it has been a great car over all these years.

- Melissa T

The vehicle has very low maintenance.

The build of car is big. I have a lot of cargo room. Vehicle has great gas mileage. Very low maintenance. Suits a family of one and a dog.

- Elizabeth S

It is very dependable. It also has such a smooth ride.

This vehicle has such a smooth ride. I love all of the safety features and it has been very dependable over the 6 years that I've had it.

- Elaine L

Very light weight and only 4 seats.

Love it. It's roomy and comfortable to ride in. It's great for hauling things to. I have no dislikes but wish it got better gas mileage.

- Kat B

It is very reliable and has had very little maintenance.

I love the interior space. I love the simplicity of the small SUV. I do not like that the cd player broke so early in me having the car.

- Rebecca S

My Santa fe experience in a pinch.

Usually runs really good. Good size for my family. Ok on gas and good in the winter time. Like that I can play CD, radio or sirius xm.

- Amanda P

It has a high safety rating.

I love the inside space and features such as heated seats and passenger temperature control. I like that it has a high safety rating.

- Tamara M

It is awesome all the way around!.

It's the newest vehicle I have had smooth. I dislike it's more of a compact SUV. I like 3 rows of seats. The trunk is little as well.

- Linda W

That it's a great little car.

Like that it is dependable and safe. Do not like that the brakes wear out often and squeal. Do not like the blind spots the car has.

- Deborah P

It is ok mostly reliable drives well and is cost effective.

Like the size and style but it is falling apart inside and major repair is needed for many different things, struts, brakes, shocks.

- Pamela U

When looking for a comfortable travel vehicle, this is not one I would choose.

I like the reliability of my vehicle. I would like it better if the seats were more comfortable. It's not a great traveling vehicle.

- Kimberly S

Vehicle is easy to maneuver and gives great driving experience.

No dislikes. Love everything about vehicle. Easy to drive, dual transmission, great stereo, great gas mileage, comfortable seats.

- Becky P

There are two trays for cup holders in the back.

This car is very reliable. It has 5 seats with a sunroof. The trunk is very spacious and has another compartment for more storage.

- Deena T

It is affordable cheap on gas and I have never had a problem with it.

I love the way it drives. It is cheap on gas and I have a sunroof. I can fit 5 people in it and I have plenty of room in the back.

- Dina L

Great SUV for the value compared to other SUVs on the market.

I like the way the vehicle handles, especially the turning ratio. Great gas mileage for an SUV. Really no dislikes or complaints.

- Ann Y

Has lots of minor issues that need to be dealt with on a regular basis

Was a great buy as a used car with very few miles. Commuting on a horrible dirt road has shaken it up, but it has done the job.

- Barbara S

the price is right, it has all the gadgets of the high end vehicles without the high end prices

I have no dislikes, the vehicle handles quite nicely, quite comfortable for a moderately priced vehicle, no problems for 9 years

- richard h

It runs reliably without too many repairs.

It runs reliably. It lacks Bluetooth connection and sometimes feels too big. By too big I mean it is too long and bulky and big.

- Danny A

This vehicle is very durable and dependable.

I like that my vehicle is an SUV. I like how it handles in winter weather conditions. I like how by vehicle is in gas mileage.

- Amber D

Great pick up and plenty of room for the family.

Very reliable. I have never had an issues regarding the car itself. Although there are cosmetic issues like the paint rusting.

- Kathleen K

They should know it's more than just a car. Hyundai is a very good choice.

The all wheel drive Hyundai Santa fe is a good all around vehicle from city to the mountains. It is also very good in the mud.

- Jake L

For the make and model of the car it is affordable.

The price was right. Has been very dependable. Has plenty of room inside for storage. Like the color both outside and inside.

- John W

It can go very fast for an SUV.

I like that it is roomy and spacious and can travel for miles. I do not like that it eats up gas and cost so much for tires.

- Ashley N

Very reliable and a good car. Very comfortable.

No issues to date. Very reliable. Good performance. Very comfortable. It is good in the snow. Great radio and sound.

- Lisa N

It has enough room for me and my family to sit comfortably.

Just the right size. Good mileage, no problems, has a better price tag than American made. A good trade in value.

- Brad A

Good on Gas and Rides nice. Great in The winter months and comfy inside with lots of space.

Reliable and Nice Ride. Very Spacious. Lots of great features. Comfy and Roomy. Great Gas Mileage and runs nice.

- Diane R

Great in winter. Nice price for 4WD.

This car is a tank in the snow. Live in Minneapolis and have never had an issue with heavy snowstorms. Love it.

- Ryan R

I love how quiet my car is. The interior is great and it holds up very well over time. The only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't have Bluetooth.

That it gets really good gas mileage for a midsize SUV. I only put $40 a week in gas in my car. That's amazing.

- Alysha B

Great color. Good seating.

Very good car had for 3 years no problems. Great on gas. Great for traveling. Just great overall. Great color.

- Angela U

My vehicle has good gas mileage.

Pros: reliable.. Cons: body damage, cannot see well because of my height, only has one lock outside of car.

- Madison B

The Santa Fe is very reliable and has good safety features.

My vehicle is the perfect size. It is comfortable and easy to drive. It is also very reliable. No dislikes.

- Kelly R

It is great for families. Can hold a lot of everything.

I have no problems with this car. I love it. It is roomy and I can use it to travel. It fits all my needs.

- Kate C

It is a drivable car and I love it.

It is durable. It has great gas mileage. It has plenty of cargo space and seating. No complaints at all.

- Cody B

Quality throughout. Comfortable ride.

Quality of construction. Reliability. Need for few repairs over ten years. Riding comfort and mileage.

- Richard B

It is black and looks real nice.

Just had lots of problems with it . it is black and runs well but from 2009 so have had some issues.

- Zac U

It is dependable and handles. Well.

No complaints. Drives great and handles well. Good on gas. Repairs have been few and nominal cost.

- Mary Anne S

it's durable and if you maintain the car with regular oil changes and trips to the repair place it will last forever!

i love the gas mileage my car gets for an suv. i also love the space for work events and travel.

- monica d

Gets good gas mileage, even as old as it is. Dependable also.

Very dependable. Still gets good gas mileage. Like the back seats fold down so lots of room.

- Susan L

Good room and great fold down seat. Also love the sunroof

Like the sunroof and the heated seats. Doesn' like the height because it is too hard to get in

- Susan M

It works and It's paid for!

it is a very reliable car. Comfortable to drive and ride in. Is good on gas mileage as well.

- mary U

The most important thing is that it's has been very reliable

It's is the perfect size for my needs. Has been very reliable. Good gas mileage for its type

- Penny H

Purchase a car that will last a long time; there is no need to keep repurchasing a vehicle.

I like the durability. I have had my car for almost 9 years and have had no major issues.

- Mary W

It stills runs well after nine years

It has been a reliable vehicle for the nine years I've owned with minimal repair costs.

- Tony J

Used car with a good price and low mileage

Very comfortable seats with heat, could get better gas mileage, like sunroof

- Greg c

Gas use of and comfortable it was by husband choice Bluetooth

It's a good car gets me where I want to go I like to travel no complaints

- Mac C

Third row seating if needed. Great overall vehicle.

Great vehicle. Good fuel economy, good power. Only down side no hitch.

- R Y

It is very good on gas and has lots of room for travel.

it has lots of room. very durable. good on gas. Great on the road.

- jason d

It has an excellent safety rating with top of the line safety features.

It is fuel-efficient and very an extremely comfortable ride.

- Michelle F

feel safe & am very relaxed. It feels very durable & reliable. Very sturdy & easy to operate. This was a used vehicle when I bought it & other than oil changes & tires I have not had to get maintenance done. I love this vehicle!

I love my Santa-fe - when I drive in it I am comfortable

- Cheryl F

Good warranty but I would not purchase again

Like that it's spacious but it breaks down quite a bit.

- Tami A

I like the size and how it handles. I do wish it had some more features like navigation. I love that it is all wheel drive.

It handles amazing in snow and other inclimate weather.

- Tom S

It comes with a 10 year warranty. That is one of the best warranties in the industry.

Good warranty. No major issues. Back is very roomy.

- Ann M

The Santa fe has been very reliable. There is lots of legroom in the back. I have had no major problems.

Very reliable very comfortable and reasonably priced

- Shell S


My Santa-fe is comfortable

- Julie F

Easy maintenance and mobility.

- Katy S