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The best feature on the vehicle is the rear camera.

My vehicle is a pearl white which I absolutely love! The vehicle has 4 wheel drive which is amazing. It also has 3 drive modes. It has regular mode for everyday driving, then it has eco mode for long trips then it has my personal favorite it has sports mode it is for the interstate driving. It also features modes that can help with resistance from the motor from going up and down hill, it also has provides some help to avoid to hydroplaning. It has a front and rear wiper blade with is very convenient. My vehicle also features a rear camera which has amazingly clear imaging. The vehicle also has Bluetooth where I can give my car a command and it responds. The makers of Hyundai also have a blue link app that allows you to crank your car wirelessly. You can tell the app how long you want your engine to run, what degrees to place the air on it is amazing. The last feature that I want to talk about is the seat warmer. I love the seat warmers so much, they are very helpful on those cold mornings between the wireless start and the seat warmers you cannot go wrong with this vehicle!

- Marie G

"Hyundai makes good cars!!".

This car is comfortable. That is the number one way to describe it. I am a plus sized woman, yet I fit it the seat, and there is lumbar support. It is a nice looking SUV, black with grey interior, but looks like all the other 2018 SUV models out there. Everyone seems to have the same basic design. It handles well on the road, has excellent safety features, gets an average of 20 mpg gas for in town driving. I rarely take it on highways because there is no need to do that for me. It has all the up to date digital functions, most of which I do not use. Stereo is excellent! I do not like that the seat's forward and back movement is manual, a lever in between my feet at the base of the seat. I did not get any extra features due to cost, and do think the price tag is steep, about $34k, but Hyundai's have a habit of living a long time with few problems. Our last one was 15 years old when traded in on this, engine in excellent condition, but little stuff going bad.

- Virginia W

Handling issues with the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The main problem I have with my Santa Fe is the way it handles in the rain. I had a Santa Fe before this one that got totaled because I hydroplaned on a bridge in the rain, spun around and hit a retaining wall. We could not find the replacement Santa Fe in AWD so we trusted the dealership when they said they had improved that feature. Unfortunately the handling feels the same; you have to accelerate very gradually from a stop or else you will hear the tires peel out. The airflow in the backseat is also a huge complain for my kids in the summertime. It is always hot and they cannot get enough air.

- Alison M

Convenient features and comfort.

This vehicle rides very smooth and has significantly more power than the 2016 Santa Fe sport. The seats are very comfortable, but the heated seats do not get as warm as they should. The gas mileage is not all that good. Once in awhile I will get 30 to 35 miles per gallon, but not often. Highway miles are better, of course. So far this vehicle is very reliable. I would suggest that the compass be standard in every model. I like how easy it is to fold down the back seats to make more room. All in all it is a nice SUV to have if you do not need a full size SUV.

- Linda N

Great comfort and features!

I wish it had a little more power uphill. They improved the radio and screen options. The button start is very convenient as is the in vicinity lock system so you do not need to have your keys out all of the time. I wish the trunk came standard with the remote open. The seats are very comfortable and I love the adjustable headrest. The a/c works great and the heated seats are good. It comes with 3 years of bluelink! It is very convenient to start your car remotely so the a/c can be on before you get to the car.

- Linda N

I guess you'd just have to drive one to see for yourself.

I love my Santa Fe. We've only had it since may, , but I love the way it drives. Gets good gas mileage. Haven't had any complaints so far, really hope I never have any. It also came with a 10 year warranty, , better than any other vehicle that I have heard about. We also got $3000. cash back. Many great benefits. Great service where we bought our new SUV. I have nothing negative to say, so I guess I am just really pleased with this new car.

- Carla S

A SUV that feels like a car.

I like a lot of the technical features and I like the height of the vehicle. I have the leather interior and the heated and cooling seats. The is plenty of leg room in the back seat. One problem is if you do not get the 19 inch wheels, you have a ride like a truck. I like the “around the car” camera view when you are backing up. I would like to be able to get it in a v6. Even with the turbo it lacks some power.

- Steve A

The body design is very nice and has a great eye appeal.

This is the second vehicle of this make and they get better by the year. The ride is great and very comfortable and the interior is very similar from year to year but they manage to change just enough to make it look like they have done a lot. The interior is very well designed and the ride is great. The ride on the open highway is very comfortable and with the new features it makes it very nice to travel with.

- Harold F

Love my Hyundai Santa Fe! Reliable, affordable and safe!

I live this vehicle. We bought it a few months ago and it has been amazing to have something I can rely on. It's an affordable, safe, and reliable car. Love my 3rd row seat and all the upgrades. I had a hyundai 2009 before, which bought my trust in the company. I also love the heated and cooling seats. One thing I dislike is that you have to connect with a cord. I'd prefer to just have it all bluetooth setup.

- Kate P

Excellent car for senior citizens!

No complaints on the vehicle. The performance is excellent. It is a great car for seniors! There are alarm sounds if your drifting into other lanes. Unless the changing signals are on than there is no alarm sounds. The interior blue lights are easy on the eyes at night. The only thing I found difficult getting use to is the accelerator pedal. My foot has to press down hard. To accelerate.

- Deborah T

Hyundai surpassed my expectations.

I enjoy my vehicle. This is the first Hyundai I have owned. Initially I was skeptical about the brand’s prior reputation, however, I was surprised by the convenience features (back up camera/satellite radio) as well as the performance and reliability, so far, of my vehicle. Based on my initial time period with Hyundai, I would consider purchasing from this brand in the future.

- Emily R

My Santa Fe - Why I like it!

It's very comfortable and gets great gas mileage. I love all the features such as 360 camera, backup assist, lane change assist, heated and air conditioned seats, and navigation/entertainment center. It integrates seamlessly with my phone and works very well for what I need it to do. Best of all it was much less expensive for equivalently equipped crossover vehicles.

- Karissa S

Love my Santa Fe! Perfect for my family of four.

I love my Santa Fe sport. It is the perfect size for our family of four. Backseat is spacious and fits two car seats easily. There is ample trunk space; I am able to keep a single-child, full size stroller in there all the time and can still fit all the groceries in there. I would like to get better gas mileage out of my car, but it is not horrible, just average.

- Ariel R

Reliable and affordable. Enjoy riding on the highway.

The vehicle handles real well. Comfortable ride. The mileage is good. Sit is high up. Reliable vehicle. Has good pick up. Very roomie. My girls have enough space to sit apart so they are not bothering each other. I prefer my car to my wife Jeep. Regretting choosing the lower model without the bells and whistles as I plan to have the car for a long time.

- Gene K

My favorite SUV - have owned 2 prior to this one.

Black exterior with comfortable leather heated and a/c seats front and back, memory seats, full sunroof, navigation, sirius radio, homelink, surround cameras. Handles nicely on the road. Over 30 mpg on highway. Very quiet. Sport drive mode improves transmission response when needed. # modes of steering response also nice. Overall a very comfortable SUV.

- Joseph B

Hyundai Santa Fe sport in silver.

Extremely reliable, no problems so far after 8 months. Spacious, fits all of our children's car seats. Does really well traveling and with gas mileage. We've owned quite a few vehicles, but this by far has been the best purchase we've made. The price is worth it. Buying new and having the piece of mind that the warranty holds is worth it.

- Julianna D

Why I own 2 Santa Fe's. Company gives a great value for the price.

2nd Santa Fe I have bought. The new 2018 is quite. New tow color interior is really nice. The seem to pay attention to detail and give your interior good value for you money. I looked at a bunch of other midsize SUVs and went back to the Santa fe. I also own a 2009 that still looks and drives like new. Have had no problems with either.

- Steve M

This vehicle is affordable but has high end qualities.

The car has great features and Hyundai keeps up with all the bells and whistles. Also you are getting the same bells and whistles for a better price than most makes. It has a nice ride. And one cool feature that my car has is that the truck opens when you are standing behind it. So if you have full hands it is easy to open the trunk.

- Ashley S

A lot of extras. Very comfortable.

My Hyundai Santa-fe is a 2018. I only purchased it at the beginning of july. For the short period of time that I have had it and driven it. I really have no complaints. I do use more gas then my Honda. Other then that I love this vehicle. . It has a lot more options then my last vehicle. Very up to date. Lots of bells and whistles.

- Nancy S

Problems with seat belt access and console storage is difficult to access.

Captains chairs don't have 2 armrests, seat belts are difficult to buckle, cubby hole in the console is difficult to access, holes on both sides of the area to access USB Chargers lets things slip through to the floor. Love the moonroof and Bluetooth for phones and the backup cameras plus the lane warning when changing lanes.

- Martha J

The perfect mid-size SUV mom car with all the bells and whistles but affordable.

It's a perfect mid size SUV that I feel extremely safe driving my kids in. It's not a huge gas hog either so great for all the sport s. The only thing I would change is a bigger third row seat area. The third row seating area needs a bit more leg room, but has spacious trunk area. Besides that I absolutely love my new car!!

- Jessica E

Hyundai Santa Fe is a reliable and roomy family vehicle

It is roomy enough to accommodate our whole family, but my wife would like a bigger one without being a van. I think that is impossible, so I love the space that we do have. There isn't much room for cargo, but the roof rack and trailer hitch allow for us to haul a little more. It performs well and has decent gas mileage.

- John M

The engine is very smooth. The car has 7 seats or enough storage space with 3rd level seats placed down.

It's spacious and has 7 seats, so if I need to have additional passengers besides my family, I have enough room. Plus there's a large storage place in the back with the back chairs down. It's 6 cylinders, so strong engine and smooth ride. The only thing I dislike is that it's a little hard to get to the 3rd seat levels.

- Christina T

I always carries a VIP, grin.

I have problems getting into many of the new cars (6' tall) I could get into the Santa Fe which I recently bought. My favorite feature is the adaptive cruise control and the all around camera system. The hatch opens when you stand behind the car so ~15 sec. Kinda cool when you have groceries. Also 115vac available.

- Alex L

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Ultimate. This vehicle offers updated technology without the high cost.

I purchased the ultimate package for the Santa Fe Sport. The vehicle has performed well. I really enjoy using the breaking function of the cruise control. You have to deactivate the cruise control when exiting the highway, because the car will bring you back to the set speed and this could be to fast for exiting.

- Dianetha G

My new vehicle it is Marlon blue and beautiful.

It is beautifully designed and comfortable. My husband and I fight over who get to drive. I have a very long and stressful commute. So the comfort of my vehicle is important to me the radio is great seats are comfortable and I have excellent visibility cannot say enough about how much I love this vehicle.

- Deb C

Just the right vehicle when you require medical equipment to be able to travel.

This vehicle has a smooth, quiet ride. It is comfortable, safe and economical to operate. We are able to open the back without having to stretch. This is important due to our age, height and limited mobility. It is spacious enough to allow for easily putting my walker in and out of the vehicle as needed.

- Teresa L

The perfect family car- durable and rugged.

The only con so far is I feel like it drives very loud- the faster you go the louder the car is. I love the size and space inside the vehicle. It is very durable and easy to handle. I love the backseat it is perfect for our refacing car seat. Rearview camera and ability to connect iPhone was a plus-.

- Lauren R

Good for the price tag- overall value.

I've only had the vehicle for 4 months and had issues with the cooling seats within the first month. Once it was fixed, there have been no other problems. It's a good price tag for everything it's equipped with but driving it for long periods of time is uncomfortable. The seats are not comfortable.


Hyundai did it right! The best choice for today.

I just love this car. Hyundai really got it right. Reliable and many creature comforts for the price. Great cargo room and very comfortable for driver and passengers. Although I have not had a reason to have service done on my vehicle yet, Hyundai's warranty is a huge reason I bought this vehicle.

- Jill H

Super comfy Santa Fe sport.

My Santa Fe sport is so comfortable to drive. It has heated adjustable front seats, a 7" screen that hooks up to your phone for maps, music, phone contacts, etc. It is very roomy and has plenty of little nooks and crannies to hold stuff. The only thing I don't like is that it is a 4 cylinder.

- Karen G

Hyundai likes and disliked.

Kind of skips when I make a turn. Easy to scratch wheel makes a noise. Love the smooth ride heated seats. Air conditioner plenty of room. Can start the phone from my Iphone app. Love the rear view camera. Safety features are a plus. Plenty of room temp control from passenger and driver side.

- Carolyn W

Quality car with lots of great options!

The only things are ride could be smoother and there's a lot of outside noise. Inside decor is great. Love the captain chairs for 2nd and 3rd row seats and the 3rd row seats fold down giving a lot of room for storage. Heated and air conditioned seats. The full length sound roof is awesome.

- Sharon F

There is plenty of room for both people and groceries .

My santa fe gets really good gas mileage for a vehicle with as much room as it has. I enjoy being able to haul anything that i want in it. When we get ready to go places the whole family can comfortably ride in it. Even with tall family members they can ride with someone in the back seat.

- Celia W

I think the safety features ate the most prominent item I would tell them about.

I like my Santa Fe because it is able to seat seven people comfortably. It also has quite a bit of technological advances in safety. One of them is automatic braking should you get too close to something. It also has heated and air conditioned seats as well as a heated steering wheel.

- Shirley T

I love my car!! It's spacious and affordable! It handles really well and is not too big of an SUV.

I love that my vehicle is an SUV; it is very spacious! The back seats fold down and there is plenty of storage space. I love the backup camera and the Bluetooth connect. I also love the look of it. Also the price. I don't really dislike anything about it. I would love a sunroof though.

- Danielle S

This Hyundai Santa Fe is comfortable and reliable. . Love the GPS feature.

This is my second Hyundai Santa Fe, very good in the snow and ice, love this car and plan on buying another when it is time. My daughter has the same car and she loves her vehicle also. Neither of us have had any difficulty with the cars. It is comfortable, reliable, and good on gas. .

- Diane C

Very attractive design, great acceleration for a 4 cylinder.

Hyundai makes great crossovers. Mine is very comfortable. Plenty of room, great on long trips. One design flaw however is the area where the auxiliary plugs are. It is very inconveniently located. It is recessed too deeply, and very little room to reach, around the gear shift.

- Emerald M

Hyundai is my type of vehicle.

General maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle. No serious problems. Overall performance is excellent. I think Hyundai has done an excellent with the type of equipment and selection of this vehicle. I absolutely love my Hyundai and haven been a Hyundai fan for over 15 years.

- Dorothy S

Very good car in very way for me and my wife.

None--good gas mileage--rides very good--wife loves to drive as much as I do. It does not get as good mileage as I would like. It has very good performance from start--super good braking system. The handling on corners is outstanding. The inside is very easy to keep clean.

- Joe A

Great car for seniors citizens, easy.

Good mileage and no problems. I like it up a little higher for getting into. I have bad knees and it makes it easier to get in the car. Very comfortable ride and easy to handle. I do not worry about driving in the snow, the 4WD is great. I feel safe in this vehicle.

- Alice F

Great in all weather conditions, while still offering a sleek design and great features.

I like the roomy interior and sleek design. I do wish that it had more luxury features, such as a heated steering wheel. However, the automatic lift gate is great! Awesome car for someone with kids and living in new england where the weather is very unpredictable.

- Jill F

The Santa Fe gets extremely awesome gas mileage.

I have not had any issues with my. Car thus far. I really love that it shows on the dash when tire. Pressure or washer fluid needs to fixed. The sound system is great, . Does not cost more than $45. 00 to fill up with gas, and it. Gets really. Great gas mileage.

- Ashley F

Lots of space! Safe all wheel drive.

I love how comfortable and smooth my Hyundai drives. It is a safe all wheel drive vehicle. It has lots of trunk space and the shape of the back allows for a large load to carry. We are putting a trailer hitch on for easy to transport bikes and other large items.

- Kelsey S

Space and it has enough power to get you anywhere.

My last car wasn't reliable at all, this one has not given me any issues. I like that it is reliable and I like the low miles it has. I kind of wish it had more on the feature side, but I definitely got a good deal on it so I do not have too many complaints.

- Alexis P

Hyundai’s come with a great warranty.

Great vehicle so far, have only owned for 5 months. Very comfortable, great handling. Good gas mileage. No mechanical problems or problems of any sort yet. I put a lot of miles on a vehicle and picked this car because of the price and manufacturers warranty.

- Kim M

Perfect automobile to ride in and to drive. .

I love everything about it! I love the ride. I love the looks of the car. I love the way it handles on a drive. It is comfortable to ride in and to drive. I do not know what else to say about the car other than it is perfect and I think that says it all.

- Janet D

It won the #1 safety car of the year for 2017 I believe.

I love the safety features my car has such as: the lane changing beeping, the blind spot light in the mirror. I love how I sit up high. I like all the airbags. It was rated the number 1 safety SUV. I also like the captain's chair in the middle row.

- Linsey C

I just love the advanced speed control and the 360 views.

I really like it. Pick up is good, like all the bells and whistles. My only problem is getting in and out of the car. Granted this is one of the few cars I could enter without hitting my head but I still have to enter ass first, not leg first.

- alex l

Love the large SUV feel in a small SUV.

I really enjoy having this vehicle. I have the feel of a small SUV with the option of 3rd row seating for when we have all the kids. Especially with the bucket seats in the second row. The drive is smooth and I enjoy the hands free apple carplay.

- Melissa T

My Hyundai Santa Fe sport.

Roomy SUV, comfortable seating, could use a little more power, but I get about 23 miles to the gallon in city driving. Sit up higher than cars, I can see more of what's going on around me. Had it for 9 month now and not one single problem.

- Dan N

Great car! Definite consideration for next car.

It drives pretty well the only problem is the brakes are very sensitive. I take the car from my home to my college during the week and it works perfectly. It also is very fuel efficient I haven't had to personally fill it up yet.

- Christina S

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is a reliable and well-constructed vehicle.

Santa Fe is very comfortable and has been very reliable. Leg and shoulder room is very good, and the back cargo area is spacious. Performance is good for a 4-cylinder engine. Touch screen on dashboard has been very convenient.

- Fred M

Amazing car that is smarter than this old boy.

The car is amazing. It is so smart in that it warns you if somebody is in your blind spot when you go to turn. It turns down the ac or stereo if you take a Bluetooth call. It has enough speed so you will never get overrun

- Jason P

My second one. Very dependable. Previous one was over 10 years old.

I like the dependability of the vehicle. I like the extended warranty that was available to purchase. I like the interior design. I like the gas mileage. I do not like that it does not have a built in garage door opener.

- Deborah M

Worth what I paid for it.

Love the size, rides smooth and has a sport and eco drive option. Has a lot of personality and all the bells and whistles you can ask for.... There really is not anything that I do not like about it..

- Edith B

It is comfortable and stylish. It handles well and the speaker system is nice.

I love the color and sleek style. I also love the camera in the back for pulling out of parking spots. The only complaint I have is it revs kind of loud time to find which I'm not sure is normal ?

- Jessica C

The safety aspect of the car.

I like that it has third row seating but the trunk space is very small. They would need to make it bigger. The accessibility to get into the back third row seating needs to be a little bit easier.

- Debra M

It can detect if any cars are in the way when I am signaling to change lanes.

I like the roominess inside my Santa Fe Sport. The cab area is quiet. This model has all the bells and whistles. Comfy seats. Easy to use control panel. I have found no negatives about this car.

- Alex T

My vehicle has multi a/c and vents in the back doors for the passengers behind me. It also has a nav. system that only works while in park so that I do not get distracted while driving. The radio shows the songs being played so I am always up to date. There is Bluetooth that auto connects when I get in the car. The moonroof is the entire roof area. I feel like I am in a glass car sometimes when I open the cover and reveal the window.

I ordered the turbo since I wanted something with a lot of power. I really like the seats and the price of the car was comparable to others. I do wish it had all wheel drive like my Subaru does.

- vicki b

It is a great value. If you want a lot of features for little money, it is great.

It's just not as fun as the BMW it replaced. It is a great value for the money, including all sorts of cool technology features, it's just not as fun to drive as the Ultimate Driving Machine.

- Matt B

That it is a safe, smooth running car, but also looks nice and sporty.

I like that it is a safe, smooth running vehicle. It has many safety options I like, and has satellite radio and Bluetooth so I can be hands free. I also love that it looks nice and sporty.

- Beth L

It's reliable...never a problem, at least so far. I feel safe and comfortable driving it.

I've just had my Sante Fe Sport for less than 8 months. I love everything about it. Good mileage, good performance. The interior is plush and comfortable. Love the easy push button start

- George W

Santa fe made for comfort

It is roomy with comfortable seats, seat belts that fit full figure women. It rides smoothly and holds well on curvy back country roofs. The only drawback is blind spot where roof attaches.

- Peggy Y

It is very comfortable and affordable.

I like the interior comfort. I enjoy the added features such as climate control and heated seats. The back cargo space is roomie and holds a lot. I like the ability to change driving modes.

- John K

The car is equipped with Blue Link which allows you to start it remotely using your phone, and monitors the maintenance advising you when something is due.

I like the added features of heated seat, blue link remote start and monitoring. I like the fact it sits a bit higher up than a standard sedan making it easier to get in and out of.

- Johnny K

It is totally safe and rides smoothly.

Has all wheel traction control witch is great in snow good gas mileage. Fun car to drive has everything you could want. This is my 2nd Hyundai santa fe won't drive anything else.

- Denise D

I look for the blind spots. A driver needs to know there are a few in every car.

I like sitting higher than in a sedan, as I can see surrounding traffic a bit better. I like the way the seats feel and I like the fact there is room in the back for adults.

- Denise H

How great it drives and handles. Such a comfortable and smooth ride.

I love the Android Auto connectivity, how roomy it is and how it handles and drives. My only dislike is that it doesn't get as good of gas mileage as I thought it would.

- Jeff J

That is rated high in all categories, only two areas are 4 stars.

It has a nice style, looks good! It has lots of safety features - side, front, knee airbags, back up camera. I like it all, I haven't found anything yet that I dislike

- Marsha K

Luxury Car for a non luxury price with the best safety features

i love the features. It's got a nice body style it looks luxury but was under 35K. it has cameras all the way around for parking. Navi, nice sound and auto open trunk

- matthew G

Great overall SUV with awesome tech package

Very spacious, a lot of technology and features that comes included with the base price. Very smooth ride great for road trips. Only downside so far is gas mileage.

- Jennifer B


I purchased my 2018 Hyundai Santa-fe two months ago and currently have driven it approximately 2800 miles. This vehicle has exceeded my expectations for its comfort

- Laura P

That it is mine and I drive it.

I have no complaints. It's smooth when it drives. I feel safe with my babies in the car. Great gas mileage. Drove 17 hours straight to Florida and was comfortable.

- Nicole R

Great ride for business or fun.

It drives very nice and has several nice and helpful features, I really like having the third row seat option but its pretty challenging to get people back there.

- Danny M

Hyundai Santa Fe warranty

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a great car. You get a lot of options for a lot less price wise than other males. You can not beat the 10 year 100,000 miles warranty!

- Don W

This car has great gas mileage and very comfortable for long road trips.

I love everything about this car. This is my second Hyundai and would keep buying them. They are built great and very comfortable on road trips No complaints.

- Lesley B

The warranty is wonderful: 10/100,000 miles and my sales guy was great!

It's a good size, comfy and manageable. I wish the trunk wasn't so heavy. It always sounds rough when I first start it, though I've been told that is normal.

- Suzanne L

It's fully connected, with my smartphone and blue link

I like the look, feel and smell of my new suv. I also like the warranty, it's 10 years or 100k miles. I also like the cost of the suv vs other similar suvs.

- Justin S

It is a nice SUV with good gas mileage.

I like my the sportiness of my car. I like that it is all wheel drive and it gets good gas mileage, There isn't anything that I don't dislike about my car.

- Barbara F

Others should know about the vehicle is the price and its affordable.

I love the color the way it drives and gas mileage. The size fits my family perfectly. The price of the car was awesome and it was quite affordable for me.

- Joyce J

Spacious, comfortable, reliable

Is a family vehicle, with a lot of space, runs very smooth and is very reliable, for a family is a comfortable vehicle and within a reasonable price range

- Ramy B

It's loaded with many features that promote safe driving while on the road.

The car is equipped with many valuable accessory features. These include a backup camera,lights that turn with you, lane alerts, and automatic high beams

- Tom M

I like sitting higher in this vehicle

it replaced a much older model so I like the backup screen. I am still learning functions. I like where the gas cap open latch is. No complaints yet.

- c K

Safety features rear camera heated seats I can start from my phone.

I have no complaints at all about my car I love it. No complaints. No complaints. No complaints no complaints no complaints no complaint no complaints.

- Carolyn W

Great car, needs better gas mileage.

I find that the gas mileage is awful with this car. Each time I put gas in the car, it feels like it burns quickly, and I do not even drive that much.

- Patrick B

It was purchased for very practical purposes with economical reasoning. Looks, stylishness and the ability to add running boards for my Wife's benefit added to the choice. The roominess available for the use of my four Great-Grandchildren was also taken into consideration.

I currently have no complaints. I like the 10 year warranty, the auto lift & close rear door. I also like the fuel economy and the seamless shifting.

- Donn A

That the interior is very roomy. And that it is a safe vehicle to drive.

I love the room in the interior for cargo or people. I enjoy that it is an AWD vehicle. I wish that it had the keyless entry and push button start.

- Jennifer K

It is very safe. I was in an accident was not concerned for myself

I like the way it drives, seating, space in the backseat and trunk. I wish the back up camera covered more ground and I lose cars in the back window

- Nicole M

Some buttons could be placed in better locations.

Great value for the product. Highly reliable, never had to have a repair made. Very comfortable to drive, plenty of space. Highly rated for safety.

- neil R

It has every option available, except it is not a turbo model.

I like the lines of the vehicle. It has many useful bells and whistles. I wished it got a little better gas mileage since it is a four cylinder.

- Ted J

Love my Hyundai Santa Fe 2018

Very reliable, love the third row for guests or family visiting. Or family continuously buys with hyundai because of the great customer service

- Amber M

We had one that lasted with no repair issues.

Smooth ride, interior, and color. No complaints so far. I like the fact of the 5 year warranty, so will not have to be concerned about repairs.

- Maureen G

It has a roomy, lots of carrying capacity with the seats down.

Great ride. Gets good fuel mileage. Has a great warranty. The seat trim is not put together well. Had a 2014 that we had to replace it 6 times.

- Ronald L

good safety rating, sit up higher so you can see more of what's going on around you.

like the room, can carry lots of stuff, plenty of legroom, comfortable seats. wish i would have got a bigger motor, just not enough power.

- dan n

It is great to drive and easy for a family. The warranty made it hard to pass up.

I like the size. I like the 2nd row captains chairs. I love the easy opening back hatch. Love the storage capacity. No complaints yet.

- Amanda S

Has lots of room in the trunk, you can pack a lot back there for road trips.

I like the comfort of my vehicle. I like the miles per gallon of gas. I like the way it drives. I like the looks of the Santa Fe sport.

- Janet M

Hyundai Santa Fe 7 passenger.

I am supposed to have blue link, but Hyundai cannot figure out how to work it. Other than that down fall it drives great. Trunk small.

- Angela M

It is a great family car. It is very roomy on the inside with the optional 3rd row seating.

I love how roomy it is. I do not like the trunk space. It is either too limited or too much space and all the stuff bounces around.

- Mildred V

Best buy for your buck with performance guaranteed.

The car is a performer. . . I was amazed having own a 2017 model. After switching to the updated model I was completely blown away.

- Java S

It has an alarm and a backup camera.

I love that there is Bluetooth. I love that there is a backup camera. And I love that there’s extra space in my car to fit stuff.

- Evelyn R

It is loaded with safety features.

It is a great car. The car is loaded with amenities. There are many safety features that have been added to the car that I like.

- Thomas M

The old model lasted 11 years with no issues.

This car is very reliable including a blind side mirror had one that lasted 11 years without any issues. This has many features.

- Maureen G

All you need if you want a nice care.

It looks good and is reliable. You do not have to pay for a luxury brand name, and it is not filled with superfluous amenities.

- Blake K

hyundai santa fe: it is one of the best suvs on the market because of its electronics and its easy of handling and driving.

it is one of the most reliable cars on the market; it was totally redesigned with new electronics and other upper-end features.

- Bruce K

2018 Santa Fe awesome gas mileage

I have no complaints about my 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe sport. It is everything I wanted in a car. Gets excellent gas mileage too

- Kim L

Hyundai review and road worthiness.

Has all the latest safety equipment and all the convenient services in the car. Ride is exceptionally smooth and responsive.

- John C

It has a roomy interior, but still gets good gas mileage.

The Santa Fe Sport is a great little SUV. I prefer the Turbo 2.0 T model, it has more pep, but still gets good gas mileage.

- Ron P

My vehicle has a wonderful design, Beautifully made and just wonderful!

I just love my vehicle. I wouldn't get another type of car. Everything is great, from the engine, to style and performance.

- charley m

Reliable,comfortable,good gas mileage,takes where I need to go

I'm happy with my Santa Fe Sport,I miss having more room (previously had Santa Fe) but this is a awe and good gas mileage

- Mark T

Great technology and ease of driving.

Love everything about it except the climate control. I don't like how you cant turn it hot or cold only to a temperature.

- Nicole W

Great value for the price.

Roomy, great tech for low price. Easy ride. Great features. AWD. Could have better gas mileage. Wish it had lane assist.

- Robert M

It has good gas mileage but enough power.

It is roomy and great on gas. It fits all of my family. It also looks good and is very stylish. It is a good family SUV.

- Raul G

It is luxurious and was bought with the money of a hard working man.

Love how it drives... Very roomy.. Like the body style.. Great sound system.. Love the heated seats.. Love the dual air.

- Kathleen W

how reliable this vehicle is and the panoramic moon roof and all the technology in the car

This vehicle is roomy, fast, cool, impressive and perfect. I like all the added features it offers. no complaints at all

- Lisa A

Love my 2018 Santa Fe sport!

No problems love it all the bells and whistles you can want. The back up cameras are very helpful. Seats heat and cool.

- Mary H

everything about the car is great. i would recommend

fully loaded speed demon machine. best care that i have ever own. able to meet the towing capability and storage needs

- will o

2018 Silver Hyundai Santa Fe

My vehicle is roomy and comfortable. The only issue I find the Bluetooth link. Gas mileage could be be better as well.

- Sonia J

It gets great gas mileage and rides very smoothly at high and low speeds.

Roomy, easy to drive, visibility sits up high ride is smooth color is attractive good gas mileage fantastic warranty.

- Loren S

It rides great and has a comfy interior.

Love the cell phone link up; love the keyless back hatch; won't really like the blind spots; love the new car smell.

- Denise T

Nice sunroof that makes a sorting or fall night drive wonderful.

We love our vehicle. The look, feel, and space. Good gas mileage and preference. Spacious back seat and comfortable.

- Brooke B

It is attractive. It has a reliable record. It has a good resale value.

Practical SUV. Nice features. Comfortable ride. Very good value in a nice looking SUV in comparison to other brands.

- Barbara W

is very reliable, and good for the price..... is perfect for families since have plenty of space

this vehicle is very comfortable, spacious, very good in the snow, I will love it if it will be available in Turbo.


It has automatic headlights and a Bluetooth system built in.

It is a very reliable car but it could be more fuel efficient. It also has just enough space for our large family.

- Christina S

The amount of space and gas it saves you would think that it required more gas

No complaints. My vehicle drives great and is reliable. It is very comfortable and is the best choice I have made.

- Chris S

It is a very safe vehicle and is very comfortable to drive.

I love the silver color. It is very comfortable to drive. It gets good gas mileage but I wish it had more power.

- Nicole E

The screen for radio. Love all the safety features like the blind spot detection.

So far no issues great car but feels too light and cheap. Does not feel as sturdy as other cars do but works fine.

- Sue A

it's reliable and suits me just fine.

great pickup. the side mirrors create a blind spot. the door is too high and it's hard to get money from the atm.

- carol Y

My car is safe and reliable.

My car is very safe and reliable. It has a lot of safety features such as camera all around and while backing up.

- Josey E

It has remote starting big

I have a Santa fe sport that is great for my family. There's plenty of room for groceries and the grandchildren.

- Joan M

It's comfortable and feels luxurious. It has an amazing warranty.

I like the heated and cooled seats. I like the climate control. I don't like the front sensor/object detection.

- Amber C

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a very reliable vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone.

My Hyundai Santa Fe is very reliable. It is very comfortable to ride in. I drive it to work and on long trips.

- Jan M

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport awesome car

I love my SUV it's a wonderful car. We drive it to Connecticut and New York it really did a awesome job on gas

- Lynn H

A great and economical ride

Great ride, outstanding performance, no problems with it, has all of the bells and whistles that anyone needs.

- Rodric H

The trunk space is too small.

I like the way the interior looks. I do not like how small the trunk space is. I like the way that it drives.

- Molly A

I like how it drives. It handles well and it has a lot of room.

I like the roominess. It does really well in the snow. The only thing I don't like is it has blind spots.

- D O

The brand is very reliable and drives amazingly smooth.

Rides smooth and looks amazing, not many miles on it and I love my new car smell. No loud noises or problems.

- Theresa C

It handles really well but it doesn't do so great on gas

I love the style and drive of this vehicle. It is so sleek and modern. It drives really well and it is roomy.

- Taylor C

Santa Fe Sport Stylish but Classy

Pros: stylish comfortable handles well on snow quiet roomy save on gas sporty cons: Blind spot in rear window

- Veronica M

It is a perfect car for my family!

I can say it is an amazing car, it is very comfortable and doesn't spend much gas, it attend my family needs


It has been a reliable vehicle.

I like the SUV and that it is higher than a car. It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable and rides well.

- Caroline P

safety and fuel economy. Also fun to drive and ease of getting around

I like the fuel mileage, its small enough to get in and out of traffic quickly, but big enough for my needs

- LaDonn S

You can mute the radio which is awesome with kids

It runs smoothly and quietly. Not cheaply made feeling and is very safe feeling. It has great gas mileage.

- Jackie B

Great mid-size SUV for the money. Hyundai has a great product for the price.

Love the design and color. Handles well and has a smooth ride. Roomy cargo space for transporting things.

- Sue H

but the sport edition is just the right size for me. It drives very smooth

My car really has all the features I could ask for. I went back and forth on getting full size Santa-fe

- Alyssa K

Great value for all the options offered.

Ride is very smooth. Love the height adjustment on drivers seat. Just wish I had gotten heated seats.

- Deborah C

Standard vehicle has backup camera and Bluetooth capability.

I love everything about my vehicle. I have nothing I dislike about my vehicle. No complaint thus far.

- Janet A

it is a great suv and it has great gas mileage

I like it because it has great gas mileage and it handles very well. It also holds a lot in the back

- michelle s

Wonderful small sized SUV

Great car, good on gas, base model for this year has great features, like the 7 seas in the XL model

- Jamila M

It is safe and very manageable.

This car is very comfortable, save, a lot of features, big. I don't know if I want to add anything.

- Elena C

Reliable and fun automobile to own and drive - Get one now!

My first SUV and I love it! My second Hyundai ... it's a Very reliable vehicle .. and cost-saving!

- Margo R

Great warranty that covers the vehicle for ten years

Great looking comfortable car. Love the glass roof. The heated & air conditioned seats are great.

- Edward C

given the size. It feels much larger than it really is. The issue I have with the car is the gas mileage. For a little four cylinder

The car overall is great. The features and design are compelling and it's a very comfortable car

- Pat N

It is reliable and handles well. The mileage on the highway is fantastic

The car is very roomie and fits my family well. The mileage is great and the ride is smooth

- Gennady K

I like how convenient the price and quality are. I also like the electronic capabilities.

I like the space. I like the price. I like the way it drives. I like the safety of it.

- Jacob H

My car won't s reliable, easy to maintain and it is dependable.

I like my car because it is reliable. I can also use it to transport large objects.

- Sharon T

hands free talking on my phone through the bluetooth.

I like the color. I like the way it drives and steers. I like the bluetooth it has.

- ed p




but trim on bottom keeps coming loose. Easy to drive. Nice looking vehicle. The 2. 0t has a lot of pep with the turbo

Great vehicle. Has a lot of room and gets good fuel mileage. Seats are comfortable

- Ronald P

Safety features of the car are standard and come with all trim levels.

Looks and how it drives. Has the options I requested but was reasonable in price.

- Lee H

poor acceleration in eco mode

Like the turbo and all the features. Dislike that on eco mode It's very sluggish

- jev v

It should be noted that the warranty is great, I love it..

I love the size of the storage area, how smooth it drives, and the gas mileage.

- Peggy H

It's very Reliable and safe. It gets me where I need to go

This is my 2nd Hyundai. I never had any problems with the first. Very reliable.

- Sharon S

Has a great warranty and is easy to drive. Very comfortable and great seats

Has all the bells and whistles. Love to Drive, very comfortable and stable

- Leslie B

Great Ridge, Good Features, one of the best warranties around

smooth drive, good handling, lots of features, 2 position driver seating

- Thersesa d

I like that it Rides nice, very roomy, and has lots of conveniences

You should know that it is Sporty Family Car and can tackle any task.

- Patti H

that I can drive with a lot of confidence, make me and my family safe

I would like a little more space, the cushions a little more comfort

- james b

This vehicle is very safe. Had another that was totaled with no injuries to driver

Like 3 row seating Very comfortable Has all the options available

- Deborah J

The car is roomy. We always take it to the beach as it holds all of the coolers, chairs and pop up along with the people.

Love the room and the look. I wish it had a little more pick up.

- Ginny P

has good gas mileage and a lot of room inside to carry whatever you need

i like it very much its looks good a lot of legroom and space

- dave c

rides good and is easy to handle also good on gas--very comfortable seating

it sets high off the ground--easy to get 9 in & out

- joe m

Safe. Dependable. Rides well.

Smooth ride. Nice features. Decent gas for an SUV

- Jeff C

it is a good quality car and it has good features.

like how it drives and it has good features.

- herbert y

has lots of storage area

This car is roomy

- Donna O

I do however wish it had better gas mileage for long trips. It is very cozy and roomy. I can put seats down in the back and am able to carry coolers

Very reliable

- A B