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Good, reliable vehicle that works for shorter individuals

First off, I purchased my car from another family about 5 years back when the car was already pretty aged. I think the car has held up pretty fantastically. Given that I purchased it as a used car, I expected to maybe get a few years out of it before it broke down but I am currently 5 years into driving it and it is still holding up. However, I have noticed that sometimes when I am stopped at a stop light for too long the engine simply shorts out. It always restarts for me though and I can keep driving to my destination but no mechanic I have taken the car to seems to be able to fix the problem. Overall my sonata has truly done a wonderful job at keeping me where I need to be and when I need to be there. It has never truly broken down on me. The only internal problem I've ever run into is when the vcr player ate a converter I inserted and I still cannot get it out. But that is a relatively minor thing and does not reflect car functionality at all. One thing I really appreciate about this car is that the seat is able to slide quite far forward as I am a rather small individual. I don't have any problems seeing over the steering wheel and being able to reach the pedals. I have had problems with many other car types centered around my height and size but this car has been great for me.

- Elizabeth M

The car ran great until it first broke down. It's broken down five times in three months, and over $1000 worth of problems at least and still not fixed.

I loved my car when I first got it from a family friend, it drove great. After a few months of having it though it broke down and bought a new battery, then broke down again a day after I got the battery. Then I got a new alternator and another battery, broke down. Then Rick Johnson put a new belt and harmonic sensor on, and broke down again. Then a new alternator again. It's something electrical supposedly, and am waiting for it to be fixed again.

- Jaclyn T

I have a Hyundai sonata a very nice choice for daily commute or even travel.

My Hyundai sonata is a very durable well built vehicle. I have had no mechanical problems for the two years I've had it. I've drove it camping multiple times on rough terrain and cross country with no problems. The interior is made with the customers comfort in mind and the seats are very comfortable and supportive.

- Tanner S

This car is very mechanically strong.

This car is very comfortable. This car is also very reliable. The car has 300, 000 miles and I still very reliable and strong in the mechanical department. The leather seats have really held up well. I have had no mechanical problems with this car at all. I bought it for$2000 and it was worth every dollar.

- Angela H

It is beautiful and golden.

I really like my car, it has good gas mileage, and acceleration. It was roughly twenty-five hundred dollars but it was well worth it. I get from point A to point B just like a that. It is nice and shiny and gold. The car has a high enough top speed to allow interstate travel and intercity travel.

- Christian B

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is my first car and I love it even if she gives me problems sometimes.

I like that my vehicle is completely paid for because I bought it used and it was paid off within a month. I also like that it is really good on gas. Lately I've had a few issues such as when filling it with fuel and the radio has never fully worked correctly since the antenna is broken.

- Melissa H

Basic car, but very reliable!

It has lasted a long time. It has 226,000 miles on it now. It just doesn't want to quit. Very reliable. Not very many features besides just basics. You won't really fit to well if you are tall. The seats don't go down far enough. It is pretty decent in the gas mileage for an older car.

- Taylor W

Sonata is reliable & comfortable.

Had this car forever. Ongoing engine issues, it revs quickly randomly, then back to the speed to which we were going. Several mechanics can seem to get it fixed. However never stopped working or starting. Comfortable reliable & not too worried if someone scratches it.

- Dee W

My Hyundai Sonata is old but still runs good.

Its a 2001 Hyundai Sonata. I just got it about 6 months ago it has 220000 miles. I like it because it still has good power when you step on haven't had any issues with it yet for as old as it is I am surprised had to do the brakes on it but that's all I have done.

- Randy L

Although its a 2001 , It runs great ~

The Sonata runs great. I have never had any serious problems with it. I keep up the typical maintenance schedule , , including changing the oil , rotating the tires , and changing out the air filter . The car runs great.

- Mike P

Hard on gas but otherwise a great choice in a care

It is very hard on gas, that is my biggest complaint really. Besides that it is a great car, it is spacious, drives well, no problems really especially considering it is a 17 year old car.

- Danielle S

Drives pretty good besides the exhaust leak.

Nothing major is wrong with my car. I have a small exhaust leak and I need a new solenoid for my gas tank.

- Britany S

The life of a Hyundai Sonata

This car is okay. It gets me to and from places. It has a crack in the windshield. The power windows work.

- Kalea T

That it came with a 10 year warranty and 2 free oil changes as long as I own the car

I love this car, gas mileage is good, since warranty ran out, I have not had any major problems

- Ann B

It feels safe and I love to drive.it. I also love the green color

I like the way it drives and it does well in the snow. It does have an electrical problem

- Justin D

reliable and safe.good gas mileage and comfortable

nothing I dislike.I love everything about it.good gas mileage.safety features

- Cynthia E

They are affordable and reliable. A solid vehicle.

It is very reliable, Does not use that much gas. No complaints!!

- Denise H

comfortable interior. good gas mileage. Good car.

Good car. Good gas mileage. comfortable interior.

- terri c