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The safety figures in a Hyundai.

My Hyundai sonata is wonderful, it drives like a dream even now that it is old it still runs like a fine oiled machine. It is comfortable and dependable. The trunk has a lot of space to. All of the buttons for the lights, the gas door opener are all very well marked and in easy to get to places, I have dual airbags which I feel is a great feature and makes me feel safe. I feel the looks of the Hyundai is very pleasing to the eye. My overall impression and proud owner of a Hyundai is one of the best cars on the market.

- Maureen R

Gets me where I want to go.

Pretty reliable and economical. I have had an issue where the check engine light is on for an evap leak and my mechanic has changed every part in the evac system and the light still will not go off. This is an ongoing issue. The only other issue is that the car goes through light bulbs faster than gas (exaggeration, but not much). Other than that, I do regular maintenance and the car has always started when I want to go and has gotten me there and back safely.

- Cherie C

The AC does not last as long as one would hope, but the heat does.

I like that it runs, but I dislike the gas pedal sticking. I dislike that the axle is almost about to break and that the car burns oil. In addition, the AC doesn't work, but the heat does. It has served its purpose in providing transportation, but does have some issues. Ultimately, I'm glad we have it, but I would very much like for the issues it has to be fixed or to get a different car with no issues.

- Johnathan F

Hyundai Sonata; The perfect starter sedan

The Hyundai sonata that I own is fantastic. I bought one in 2002 and it's been loyal to me ever since. Only change the oil and timing belt and reloaded the freon in the AC. The car has a very quiet ride that has stayed quiet ever since I bought it. The ride feels smooth and cushy enough. The LX version comes equipped with a sunroof that keeps it relaxing and the stereo system has been perfect.

- Jack M

Hyundai has well built cars. They are heavy and when in well working order I feel safe in it.

It's a sturdy car. It's old and needs a lot of work done to it. I'm still surprised it's still working. It was given to me by my son and had been in Washington state before I got it. I was basically well maintained but I don't have the funds to get what needs to be done on it. I don't know all it's problems but there must be many. When I get in it I pray that I get to my final destination.

- Kathy S

Giving the need to know basics.

I have trouble pumping gas. It always shuts off unless you get it at the right angle. The steering wheel does not go up only down so if you have big or long legs you might have an issue driving and it hitting you legs all the time. The cruise control start button is in a very odd spot. It is odd the steering wheel though all the other functions are on the steering wheel.

- Rachael G

It's really reliable, having been driven for over 120,000 already.

We've had to replace the timing belt on the car and fix the oil gauge. The car is pretty reliable, and has over 120,000 miles on it. In its old age, the car shakes and rattles more than it used to, but still runs really well. The ceiling is starting to become unattached from the roof from old age and rubs against the heads of taller people.

- Katie J

I love my Hyundai Hyundai.

The Hyundai sayonara the I got is a pretty good car. It is been really dependable ,just got to keep checking the fluids in the oil. I haven't had many problems in the beginning but the car is older now. A/C always work great and now it needs struts and there's no electrical problem. The car is old it is been good to us.

- Amy B

My Hyundai Sonata, a great car.

This car was a gift from my mother-in-law. She drove it faithfully in all kinds of weather. We have done the same. It is a very reliable vehicle. We have had no major problems with it, just normal maintenance -tires, brakes, oil changes, etc. We have put lots of mileage on it in the last 4 years and we just love it!

- Kismet G

I love that it has a sunroof and it�s very spacious but not too big .

The tail light and headlights seem to go out very often but overall it's a great car. Pretty decent on gas especially if you don't travel that often or travel that far. If you keep up with the maintenance on the car you will have a great experience as I have had these past two years .

- Burton B

Midsize car good mileage and very reliable for the money.

I have owned the car a long time and it has been very reliable. The main problem is the sensors for the computer need replacing to often and are expensive, they cause the check engine light to come on I like the size of the care it is a midsize but can. Fit 5 people comfortably.

- Marie I

Stuttering and stalling out.

It is bouncy and sways a lot. It also has problems that makes it feel like it's going to die while driving. Kind of like a putter. Seems like it has a very hard time getting gas to the engine. And sounds and acts as if it's going to stall out while driving.

- Amanda S

Reliable vehicle and low cost.

It is an older vehicle that gets decent gas mileage for today's standards but was good for the time. Has been extremely reliable over the years until recently where only work done it had been standard wear and tear. Such as new tires, brakes, oil changes, etc.

- Douglas H

Nice midsize car at a good value.

I have had this car for a long time and it has been a very reliable car, it is a good size for me with 4 doors. I have two car seats in the back and can still have another child in the middle. Gas mileage is good and I would consider this car again.

- Marie I

People always underestimate the reliability and performance of Hyundai vehicles - they are great.

It's a reliable vehicle, I like the way it looks. I like that it still has a cassette player, so I can use it for an audio adapter. The only part I dislike is that the car is 16 years old, so random things now are starting to break.

- Elina T

My car drives very comfortable.

It is an old car so it requires a lot of work and maintenance. The leather seats get really hot during summer and it feels like you are burning. However, I love how long it lasts. It is definitely a ride-or-die car!.

- Jessica D

The sonata works & doesn't have too many problems

The Hyundai sonata is a great car! We've got over 200000 miles on it and it still runs great! We've driven it across the country & the worst problem is that the sun visor over the driver's seat keeps falling off!

- Melissa H

The Hyundai has a turbo engine, it is a V6 and runs great.

When I bought my Hyundai Sonata they gave me a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty whichever came first, that was the reason I bought my auto. It still runs great it is very comfortable to drive.

- Patricia B

It is a Hyundai with good mileage, and a real good car.

It is an upholding car in all aspects but I would like a later model. It is a very good car. I like Hyundai. It drives good, good on mileage, compact and just a good car.

- Linda G

It is a safe and reliable car. It will hold up well for a really long time

Cold air has stopped working and won't come out of the vents. It's just a regular car it doesn't have any special features just a radio and a light for the back seat

- Emma D

It is not very decent. Seems like it always needs some type of maintenance

It is old and the air conditioning is broken. I hate pumping gas cause the gas gauge is broken and it takes forever to pump it. It also takes forever to accelerate

- Abbie E

It is black with black interior.

I love the body style and sunroof, also the color. Gas mileage is great, and I have great speakers. Air conditioner still works. Parts are on the expensive side.

- Angeline R

Fully loaded V6 leather interior

The car runs pretty well. Does not get great gas mileage since it's a v6. Smooth drive. And has power locks and Windows. Has a sunroof and a spacious trunk.

- Elisha H

It is still running great at 200,000+ miles.

It is fairly reliable but does not have the amenities of my previous vehicle, an 02 grand prix. The gas mileage is good and handles well on the road.

- Kent M

My research says many safety features were built in.

I love driving it, the way it feels. It is getting older and some things that are showing wear are difficult to find replacements for.

- Helen H

I love my moon roof! I live in California where it never rains so having a moonroof is a great feature!

Reliable smooth ride lots of luxury dependable for the price. Great family car good on gas. Never any major problems. Love my Hyundai

- Christine C

Change the oil regularly! It is the best car ever.

Safe size, great gas mileage, very comfortable seats. Just keeps running! Only compliant is it has 219,000, it won't last forever!

- Denise M

Hyundai is a solid manufacturer.

It is old and falling apart and I do not have funds to fix it. I like it because I feel it is built well and a heavy duty car.

- Katherine S

Great with size and room in the trunk as well as design looks like a jaguar with its headlights

The sonata is easy to use, clean has lower gas mileage, feels safe and very strong, sometimes too large for parking spots

- Minimal G

It os very cheap to own and it is a very safe car.

It is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. It runs great. However the headlights are a pain to change.

- Jenny K

My vehicle is a 2002 Hyundai sonata with over 250,000 miles. I feel it has been a very reliable car. Has a few repairs such as the o2 sensor and an alternator as well as other regular maintenance. The performance is outstanding in my opinion to be such an old car.

The reliability and dependability no matter how old or how many miles as long as you take care of the car.

- Kristen F

Reliable. 150, 000 miles and still running.

Reliable. Has been a good car. Over 150, 000 miles. Very minimum repairs over the year. Good gas mileage.

- Beverley C

The temp on the a/c and heat is in Celsius

It will get to from point A to point B. The maintenance cost on it is low. It gets very good gas economy.

- Taylor L

It's a good car. Very good car.

Ignition switch and alternator. Rest of the car runs perfectly. Clean, new battery and alternator...

- Jason C

Years of neglect and brought back to life 100%

It's an extremely reliable car with no real issues even when rode hard and to its fullest potentials

- Kassandra G

It's old but runs really well.

I have no complaints. It is reliable. It runs well, has a solid engine. I like the style and look.

- Bruce N

I really like the gas mileage and versatility of the vehicle. I do not like some of the visual features of the cars body shape

It is a great buy! This is a good car for a first time driver as well as an experienced driver.

- phil h

It is very dependable and lasting if you take care of it.

I like the mileage. The good engine (188,000 mi). It sits too low to the ground.

- Gary P

Will get you where you need to go safely

No complaints. Very reliable, plenty of room, gives no mechanical issues

- justin R

Basic transportation, nothing fancy, but it's generally reliable

Semi-reliable but not as many bells & whistles as my 02 Grand Prix

- Kent M

It's very small and compact, but with the other coupes in its class it goes above and beyond with the finishing details.

Does great on gas and the travel is always comfortable! Great car

- Joshua W

being it's a korean car made in america,it's still a good car.

it`s fuel effect with it`s v-6.but its showing its age.

- viola c

Low maintenance Low fuel consumption no complaints

Low maintenance Low fuel consumption No complaints

- Jay S

The car has a Good warranty for peace of mind

I have had it for years and it still runs well.

- Karen K