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Loving My 2004 Hyundai Sonata

I absolutely love my 2004 Hyundai Sonata. I only have 73,000 miles on it, but I have had no problems with it whatsoever There have been no recalls of any kind. The car is as reliable as the day is long. It is a very comfortable riding car. I have only had to do normal maintenance. I get the oil changed when necessary. For the most part, the car takes care of itself. I didn't have any extra features put on the car, just what comes with it. I would buy another Hyundai Sonata in a heartbeat. I have had the car for over 15 years and I don't plan on replacing it unless some major repair needs to be made. The car has never been in an accident and the body is in great shape. There is no rust. I love my Hyundai Sonata.

- Janet J

Has been reliable. Changed my mind on disposing cars

I own it. However the miles are way too high, its running decent though. Get somewhere I need to go. It's been great although AC does not work. I purchased it over a year ago with high miles however I needed a vehicle and it was only $800 so I bought it. I have had no problems out of it other than the air conditioner. The work on it is easy for the most part. I normally only go for a Chevrolet, but the Hyundai has been a great car for me other than not being good on gas and being smaller than any vehicle I have had. Would consider buying another in the future

- Aspen R

Good Family Car, for moms and their babies. Good gas mileage.

My car is older so of course I'm having issues now with a/c, brakes, replacing tires, and all that but overall it's a great family car. Small, good on gas and mileage, it's lasted me 7 years so far with close to no issues as far as the car goes. The comfort is great if you are small, my husband is taller and has a bit of a hard time fitting in the car. It's great for me and the kids though to ride around. Heavier set people have a hard time fitting too. There aren't many features on my vehicle since it's old but I know the newer models have tons of feature.

- Morgan B

Gas sufficient, reliable 2004 car.

I currently have been driving a 2004 Hyundai sonata for the past five years now. I haven't had any trouble with it all, just a few common fixes here and there to maintain the car just like you would with any other. I took a 6 hour trip with it last year and I discovered it is very gas sufficient! And it also has great mileage on it as well. Of course it is not nearly as fancy as a Chrysler or tesla, but it will definitely take you where you need to go and will be very reliable for your everyday needs.

- Tiffany W

Nice serviceable car for its age.

I like the power seat function, liked the key fob until it broke and is too expensive to replace. Anti lock brakes tend to be an issue when driving through standing water after a rainstorm they whine, the steering wheel will not turn and the car pulls in the direction of the water. I realize it is an older model, but it still has less than 100k on it. The sunroof is a nice feature, large trunk, fairly good gas mileage considering 98% of my driving is an in town commute to and from work.

- Margaret S

Highly recommended Hyundai sonata.

My sonata Hyundai has been the best car I ever owned. Runs great. Super comfy great on gas and looks good. I only had one problem and it was a short in the headlight that caused lights to not work. Once I found bare wire touching metal it was an easy fix. Just needed to tape the exposed wire. And after few weeks the engine light went out. I love my car and highly recommend the sonata to everyone looking for class and comfort at an affordable price.

- Jan W

Problem with filling up the gas tank.

There was a problem with the gas tank where my gas would be on empty but when I would go to fill it up it would be as though it was full. For example when your gas tank is full you cannot pull the trigger on the gas dispenser at the gas station because it is already full. So when I would try to put gas in I could only do a little at a time so it would take me forever just to put $10 in, even though I was on empty. I finally got that fixed.

- Linda C

Dependable car, good on gas

The Hyundai Sonata is good on gas. I was used to driving an SUV so it was hard to get used to. The car seems to be reliable, but it does have a recall on it. They said the computer needs to be updated. I'm not sure what that means or if it will affect the way the car runs. I would prefer a newer model with the backup camera, the 2004 does not have this feature. The only thing I really don't like is that I overpaid for the car.

- Danielle E

Seems as if the car makes its own gas. Has great gas mileage.

The car is roomy but lacks power. But is 4 cylinder great on gas. Great air and heat easy up keep on oil changes. The car tracks well after being 14 yrs old. Paint still is sharp and stands out. Handling is great have had to change timing belt and balance shaft belt. That's not cheap but you can do it on your own if you know cars. Sunroof does not leak a drop of water. Has never overheated. Tire wear is great no problem.

- Toby N

Very good car for a first car.

It drive very smoothly. Good for a first car. Great to fix. Very easy to operate. A bit of a fixer upper but owned and doesn't need a car payment minus insurance. Has a bit of a bum wheel but I'm taking it to the shop so that should be sorted. Anyone driving this car is very lucky to experience the vast smoothness of it. A few dents but none that affect the car function. Very much recommend this car.

- Kerri M

Only 1 owner and 50,000 miles.

My car is all banged up but it only has 50,000 miles and new things have recently been put into car. Ir runs very well but it is ugly because of age and wear and tear. If someone is handy and has a machine that gets out bumps they could have a pretty good car with one owner and great mileage.It is white so it needs to be painted. Great leather seats with wood accents but again still wear and tear.

- Robin K

Stellar Sonata: Reliable and Simple

It works very well! It is incredibly reliable. The stereo system is broken so it is tricky to listen to music. It has had power steering problems and even once they were fixed it still makes a funny noise sometimes. I have never had the check engine light come on. It is mostly comfortable but it certainly isn't a luxury vehicle. It has gotten me around on road trips without any problems.

- Caroline P

Sonata - such a great car !

Hyundai Sonata is such a great car ! I've own 2 so far . They're very reliable, never had to have any special maintenance. And not to mention very comfy ! Great family car because it's so spacious, but also not too big if it's just you in it most of the time ! I would probably stick with Hyundai forever now ! Especially the sonatas. Every year they get better and better ! Love my car !

- Mariah D

My car is getting up there in age, but it is still a reliable car.

The car is getting quite old. I have trouble starting my car after I fill it with gas. My windshield wipers just broke, and the brakes definitely need a fix. Other than that, the car s quite reliable, considering it is age. The seats are fabric, so it is very comfortable. There is a cassette player which I enjoy, as well as a CD player. The car has surprisingly good radio connection.

- Mia D

Great road trip car! Comfy seats and is pretty roomy.

The car has run great. We bought it about a year ago and have had very few problems. I have noticed that the paint chips easy ( you can see if on other people's cars as well that have the same make and model). The seats are comfy so it makes a great road trip car. Decent gas mileage from what I can tell. The radio has some problems but other than that the dashboard works well.

- Bekah L

My vehicle is super cute!

My vehicle is a gold and sand mixture color. The handles are slightly discolored and chipped. The wheels are new. There is a slight tint film across all windows. Mechanically it is in decent shape, which a slight transmission issue. There were new oxygen sensors and a recent oil change installed. The lock system is slightly messed up and the radio does not work.

- Riley S

2004 white Hyundai Sonata.

The radio is broken, however, has four brand new tires so it drives very smoothly. It is a very comfortable car with grey, soft interior. However, it was my first car and I have had it since I was seventeen, therefore, I am ready for a new one sometime soon. I would rather put money into buying a new car than having to fix this one over and over again.

- Alexa E

It's been in a small accident at some time?

Well it's got a bad radiator. And no title, just bill of sell. The kid said it ran great. It needed spark plugs and wires, it was really sluggish, so on payday I bought plugs and coils for it and it runs really smooth, except for the tension belt is now. Slipping, on top of all this, dmv says its got a lien on it and the plates go to a 2010 Elantra.

- Cynthia C

It is very reliable and trustworthy.

I like the fact that my car is good on gas. I like that it feels very lightweight. It holds a lot of items in the trunk. The sporty look is nice as well as the performance. I do have a problem with a oil leak that has spread but it is under control. It being an older vehicle it runs good and gets me from point A to point B.

- Karen K

Runs like a champ especially for being a fourteen year old car.

I don't really have no complaints. It is almost 2019 and I am still driving it. And it still has ac. It gets me across town and back. Just continue to give it love and care and it will take u where u got to go and back. I highly recommend this car especially to first time buyers. And do not want to have any payments. Lol.

- Liz H

Good quality Car with amazing features

It's a really nice car gets awesome gas mileage and has really good features. Like any car it gets lots of recalls luckily the dealership is nice about getting them all taken care of. The trunk space is nice for hauling big boxes or lots of groceries. The hands free call is a major bonus along with the Sirius XM feature.

- Angela P


This is a wonderful vehicle, a car dependable enough that I would in all honesty purchase a Sonata again in the future. While it is subject to the difficulties older cars experience, I can tell that it is very reliable, and it rides very smoothly. In all, I have very little to complain about regarding this car.

- Jacob H

My Hyundai Sonata '04 is a very nice car for high school and college students

My vehicle is very dependable and I have had very few problems with it in the past 5 years I have owned one. I bought my car pre owned and it was still AWESOME! It is great on gas only takes about $30 to fill up if gas is low. It has nice sunroof and sound system. Although all models may not have a sunroof.

- Rachel J

2004 Hyundai Sonata review

My 2004 Hyundai Sonata is a good and reliable vehicle. Although, it is quite old and needs maintenance every once in a while as expected. It runs well and hasn't given me any major problems so far. It handles decent in the snow and overall it's a practical car for new car buyers and college students.

- Jon C

The car that kept me going.

My car starts most of the time. I only paid 700 dollars for it, most sonatas are very dependable. I have a problem with burning oil in my Hyundai but I check the oil once a week it usually needs a court of oil a week if I had it to do over again I would still by the sonata and do the up keep on it.

- Jackie K

That it is dependable and more importantly affordable as well.

I absolutely love that it has been really dependable and most of all affordable. It also extremely comfortable. Being a tall man that is important. I guess my only complaint is I've had consistent issues with tires on it but a minor complaint considering I've avoided much more costly problems.

- Mathew W

Great gas mileage, smith ride.

Had this car since 2006. Taken on many trips. Drives very smoothly, trunk space is huge, gas mileage is still around 29 on the highway. No major problems, but will be trading it in soon. Probably get another sonata. Drives great in the city for stop & go driving. Really love this car.

- Sharon B

2004 Hyundai Sonata lx v6.

The trunk space is very nice for shopping and trips. The inside is not very spacious but it is very nicely laid out. I have the lx and you can tell what upgrades it has compared to the others. This car has also ran very well for me. Only wear and tear issues so far and it is 14 years old.

- Samantha M

Fantastic reliable vehicle

This vehicle is very reliable, the seats are very comfortable for long drives. The only problems I've experienced are with the electrical, the automatic locks have issues sometimes as well as the remote entry. Overall this is a great reliable vehicle considering it's high mileage and age.

- Callie H

Hyundai Sonata is the most reliable car you'll ever drive!

My Hyundai Sonata is a fantastic car. It runs smoothly - accelerates quickly, the a/c is very powerful, with preventative maintenance I have avoided major problems with my car. I have had to replace the brakes and the starter, but my car is 14 years old and parts do need to be replaced.

- Pam W

It is reliable and does not need any work so far for such an old car.

It is works very well I haven't had any significant problems with it. The only time I need to take it in is for a smog check and oil change like any other car. If you like you go fast I wouldn't recommend because the acceleration is not amazing but it is a great reliable car over all.

- Elizabeth R

Very reliable, outdated in technology

It is very reliable but I have an old year and outdated. Very comfortable but does not have Bluetooth or any updated systems in there. But it is 100% reliable and awesome on very long rides. Would highly recommend for someone who drives often. But not for this generation of technology

- Ashley M

Hyundai Sonata- affordable and reliable.

Vehicle is still running great after all these years. Some minor problems here and there but always an easy and cheap fix. Really comfortable car with good features, ac, heating, radio, cloth seats. Runs like a dream. Transmission still in great condition and ac works like a charm.

- Kristina R

Great ride for long commutes.

This is a great car for commuting and long drives. I live 3 hours away from my family and regularly make the trip over, about once a month. Easy, smooth ride and reliable. It sometimes feels like it gets tossed around by the wind, but overall can handle extreme weather conditions.

- Natalie P

Dependable but with its quirks Overall well built car.

I like that driving wise nothing on it has gone wrong or broken down, it gets me from point a to b. I dislike that the car has had other issues the air conditioner has gone out the locks are going most the time they work sometimes they don't. the brake light sticks sometimes.

- joe z

Fast, old cheap car that is reliable.

Since it is an older vehicle, it is starting to have problems. It has a hard time switching gears, but is very good with gas, the steering wheel shakes on the highway. It is not very good in the snow. It slides a lot because of it is light weight. It is decently fast though.

- Lucas B

Is the middle of the front seats it has a cool place to set your drinks

I like my car because it is reliable. It also a easy fix whenever it breaks down. What I enjoy about it as well is the space and how comfortable it is to drive. It is easy to turn and I feel like I'm in control. It also has is good on gas I can almost fill with 35 dollars

- Elizabeth S

Things I dislike about my old Hyundai Sonata.

Reliable daily driver the majority of the time. If not driven for extended periods of time, it idles rough, and I even had a tire lock up. Ac went out shortly after purchasing. Chose not to repair due to expenses. Heat is amazing. Traction in winter weather is terrible.

- Katie F

It has some minor body damage but still shined nicely. Interior is like new.

None but I'm the second owner. Regular maintenance is all I've done. Previous owner may have had more done but I think just fuel pump replacement and hoses and tune up items. I have replaced the wiper blades and the tires. I love this car it only has 167000 miles

- ellen B

It has more than 180,000 miles on it and still runs great.

I like that it is easy to drive (manual 5-speed), it is comfortable to drive, I have had only the typical maintenance -- oil change, clutch replacement (at 160,000 miles), and whatever else is recommended in the handbook. I do not like the fact the paint is peeling.

- Carol M

The 2004 Sonata is too old to drive today.

The power steering is very difficult to drive without in this car, making parking a nightmare. The ac does not work on one side despite being fixed multiple times and the breaks can be really stiff or too loose too. The muffler also tends to break easily, crack etc.

- Anna M

I love my car, Old reliable

I've had this model of the 2004 Hyundai Sonata for about 13 years, I've put about 200,000 miles on it. The body holds up strong, I've notice on my car and others like it rust by the fuel tank, but I get work on it here and there and I find it to be very reliable!

- Mila B

Quality of detail and assembly.

Bought used. Replaced timing belt to be safe. Car has 155, 000 miles. A/c does not work but can live with that. Seems well built compared to many u. S. Vehicles. Medium size but actually has real legroom. Base model but includes items u. S cars have as options.

- Mark K

Qualities of my 2004 Hyundai xg350. This vehicle is not only attractive.

Very comfortable, good sound system. Leather seats, four door sedan. Moon roof and air deflector. Easy to drive, good fuel mileage, comfortable for passengers with two cup holders. Security locks and automatic windows. Lever open ability for gas tank and trunk.

- Diane J

2004 Hyundai Sonata reliability.

This has been a very reliable car. It is taken me wherever I needed to go safely and comfortably but need to get a newer model as mine is wearing out at 14 years old. It does not have the newest safety equipment nor the best radio or driver comfort equipment.

- Andrea S

Style, economic, comfortable and looks.

Is very comfortable. I like how is running. The color and the style for me is unique. Is the car have a problem is easy to fix. You can find parts for the car. When is raining or snowing I don't have problem. The style looks like sport car. Is very economic.

- Olga S

A car that performs well, even after being on the road for 15 years.

It is a very reliable car. I have not had much problems with it, but maybe that's because I take good care of it. The transmission still works well, the engine still works well. Considering it is already 15 years, I can say that this car is a good car.

- Maurice N

I would drive it at any distance. Great on gas.

It a Dallas cowboys blue color. With sunroof. Nice stereo system. Original. Leather seats. A. C. Works great. So does heater. Tinted windows. It has over 226000 miles. But holds up like a champ traveling at a distance. Just not big enough for me.

- Tina G

That it is a very dependable make.

I like the Hyundai Sonata. It is very roomy and runs smooth. I have not had any problems with it other than the alternator but it is an 2004. It is not very expensive to have repaired because the parts generally cost minimal.

- Beth T

It is pretty old but is still running great. No complaints.

Has no air conditioning, its black with leather seats. Runs okay, have not had any problems since I first got it. Fuel pressure regulator hose broke one time and I once had an issue with power steering fluid.

- Rachael W

It is a V6 has a nice take off

For this to be a used vehicle and have had it for two years I haven't had many problems, I like the size of the sedan especially for space since I do not have kids or anything like that, and it rides smooth

- Alize J

That it is large enough to comfortably fit a family of five.

My vehicle is in good condition. It has a few scratch and dents. I also don't have A/C at the moment but I'm working on getting it fixed. It is a very reliable car that gets me from place to place.

- Brandy M

Has cup holders and an old school cigarette lighter. Multiple lights.

It rides smoothly. It's comfortable and reliable. Does like to lock itself when it chooses to so make sure not to leave the keys in the car. Still getting use to it but all in all I'm satisfied

- Amber R

Great drive ability. Good for an individual or family. Called a Base model but has many features stock that many U.S. manufacturers consider extras.

Bought it used or I'd give it a 5 star. Needs A/C and had the timing belt replaced. It has 155,000 miles. body is great. Seats 4 well. Mileage 35 per gallon plus highway. Would buy again.

- Mark K

That it is in good shape.

For the car to be 14 years old it runs pretty good. It is great on gas. It has problems that older cars usually have. We plan to upgrade to a newer model within the next year.

- Tierra H

Having 300,000 miles, it has been a great truck. The transmission is going soon.

Getting old. Needs work I cannot afFord. Until recently it was very dependable. It does not have the modern conveniences and is beginning to look rough and dilapidated.

- Andrea S

Pull the key each time or it will cause the battery to go dead.

I have an older car that is great on gas and parts are cheap. I wish I had something a little new though. I am starting to see the wear and tear but it has low miles.

- Taylor W

Very comfort, classy looking vehicle with no major problems for 13 years.

No problems with vehicle other than the radio went out after only 2 years. They did not seem concerned about replacing it. I am assuming it was a common problem.

- Candace W

Lots of miles to these cars!!

This is the 2nd Sonata that I have owned with over 120000 miles on it. . My first had 230000 miles before I retired it. Excellent cars with very low repairs.

- Renee M

It is easy to drive and does not swallow up gas.

It has good gas mileage. The only problem is it is overheats driving short distances. Overall it drives week and is easy to control for a new driver like me.

- Rachel D

Hyundai sonata after 14 years

Really good car. Only a couple minor cosmetic issues after 14 years and 190k miles. Runs well after all these years. Normal maintenance keeps it going well.

- Lee L

It is a very solid four door car that doesn't break the bank.

I like that it is a four door car but isn't too big either. The feel of the car when you drive it is nice and easy. It also gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Jeremy s

Reliably yours..... Hyundai....

Normal condition. Few small rust spots, seem on front driver seat and rear seat coming apart. Have to replace starter but other than that pretty reliable.

- Fredrick J

It's never been in an accident, and was we maintained by it's previous owner.

I like that it has been a reliable vehicle and haven't had to much too much money into it...I don't like that it's getting old and has many miles on it.

- Cathy O

Sleek and surprisingly powerful -- she's a tigress :)

I love the body styling and having a V6 engine instead of a V-4, but, living in NE PA, I could wish it had all-wheel drive instead of front-wheel drive

- Elizabeth K

hyundai sonata is safety and reliable car you can buy

I like my care cauze it ia a good brand with strong motor and good value. this brand is for me the number one and i like the design

- ili E

It is a very comfortable car.

My Sonata is wonderful. It has given me very little trouble, it handles beautifully, good gas mileage and a very comfortable ride.

- Faith W

It is cheap. It does ride well. Good gas mileage.

It is nice just issues with ac. It rides smooth. I would not take it on a long trip. I think it sits too low to the ground for me.

- Tina B

It is smooth to drive in and has no problems.

It is amazing and works better than you would ever think. It has the best brakes and air conditioning ever. It does not eat gas.

- Jordan I


I think Hyundai's are very good cars but they do have some issues that make me want a better vehicle something a little bigger

- Sam D

Has height adjustment for seat, for short people like me. Do not need pillows!

Love the bright blue color. I love the height adjustability. The car handles smoothly and well. I like the lumbar adjustment!

- Bonnie I

That it is very comfortable to drive in.

It is just the right size for me. I have had no maintenance problems with it. There is really nothing I dislike about my car.

- Sandie P

It has great power and good looks.

I have never had a major issue in 15 years. The car has a good handling and response capability. It has awesome trunk space.

- Bob O

Happy with a Hyundai that is just a little bigger than I prefer.

My vehicle provides a comfortable ride and a roomy interior. The trunk is roomy as well. The gas mileage is roughly 20 mpg.

- Kelly S

The most important is that it runs. It's not a bad car and needs a few repairs. Good gas mileage.

Got the car used. Needed a car quickly. My old car was a Chevy and it was unrepairable. This car is just a quick fix.

- Donna R

The breaks go pretty fast.

I am a fan of American made vehicles. The parts break easier than most and you can only get parts from that dealership.

- Jamie S

It is very good on gas considering how many miles it has on it.

I love my vehicle.It has over 200,000 miles on it and I have only replaced the starter.I do not have any dislikes.

- laura a

Great car good gas mileage

It's a great running car good on gas haven't had many issues its rusted a little bit but I'm ok with it good car

- Dustin U

Price is good for what you get. Good warranty. Overall would buy again

Drivers seating isn't the most comfortable. Cup holders are a little squashed. Air conditioning could be better.

- Jennifer A

2004 Hyundai sonata sedan pros

Strong car. Very dependable. Good on gas on the highway. Good crash rating. Comfortable seating. Smooth ride.

- Jean B

Smooth ride. Dependable car. Catches the eye. Great mileage.

I love the climate control. I love the leather seats. I like the looks of the interior. I liked the price.

- Tera H

Although it is an older car I can not imagine any better car

Very dependable and still good looking car good on gas mileage and maintenance and extremely comfortable .

- Gwendolyn B

Warranty on Hyundai's are terrific. No major repair issues.

Roomy, rides good. Keeping it going with repairs. Love how it handles on the road. Had great warranty.

- Judy B

It is not a great running car so the ride may be uncomfortable

I have a burgundy Hyundai Sonata. It's not in the best condition but it gets me from point A to point B

- Ahmom S

that it is good on gas and gets good mileage and is very smooth driving

i like my car because it is good on gas. it has room but not to big. insurance is not real expensive

- pat n

It's reliable, no matter what the weather is, it always starts and runs

It's comfortable, reliable, good on gas. It hasn't needed any major repairs in the time I have had it

- Carolyn L

It is very reliable. It works well in all kinds of weather.

It runs well. It is a simple vehicle that gets me from point A to point B. It is very comfortable.

- Noah D

I think the gas mileage and the durability. It already has almost 100000 miles and is still running great

It gets good gas mileage. It's comfortable and quick. It is clean and easy to maintain.

- Sarah G

My car has been a really good reliable high mileage vehicle. I bought it with 90,000 miles on it and it now has 160,000. It starts everyday & I've only had minor problems with it.

The one most important thing people need to know about my car is that it's reliable.

- Erich B

easy to drive and park. low cost repair. inside is very roomy.

beautiful car that runs great. love the color black. its automatic easy to drive.

- Ivy R

It's old that's all I can think of

to small, to old, runs good no real complaints with the car itself

- charles H

The speakers are really good! We enjoy listening to music in the car, very clear sounds!

I have no complaints about my car, it's old but still runs great!

- April O

My car has low miles for It's age. It is not big, but it is 6 cylinder and everything in it works well.

Very avg gas mileage, car is aging, afraid of big repairs coming

- Craig M

It is very reliable. It's never failed. It is stylish.

It is practical. It has had no failures. It is stylish.

- Robert P