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Purchased in April 2005, has over 100,000 miles and has been truly reliable. Maintenance and repairs costs have been typical and for things any car would require like new tires, battery, brakes, etc. Have been pleased with Hyundai and would recommend anytime.

Overall it's performed well and been comfortable to drive although I've been good about regular maintenance and I'm sure that helps. Am currently in the market for a new vehicle because I think it's time and not sure if I want another Hyundai. My decision has nothing to do with the car but because the closest dealer is now about 30 minutes from where I live. I've driven quite a bit on Los Angeles freeways (over 100,000 miles) and the car is still doing well and gets good mileage. Most maintenance has been typical - new tires - brakes - oil, filter and fluid changes so I've been pleased. The one complaint I have is a fair amount of paint chipping/peeling around the door handles and bumpers. I was told it was because of the hot temperatures but believe it was a defect in the painting process and finishing. If it was because of the heat, then why is the paint only problematic in those places rather that the hood and trunk?

- Chris M

The vehicle is blue and it can drive very fast.

The vehicle performs well and it is extremely comfortable to sit in the seats. It drives well, I have even been up to speeds of over one hundred and twenty miles per hour. That is pretty insane if you ask me. The car has five seats, two in the front, three in the back, a nice trunk that can be opened by pushing a button in by the driver's seat of the car. The vehicle drives well, however it is a bit lacking in space for everyone in the car. If there was any way I could improve the car, it would definitely be to make some more space for the passengers in the back. The car is blue and extremely nice. It has four nice tires that are pretty cheap. I'd highly recommend this car for anyone but especially for newer or more tame drivers.

- Mikhail G

Runs in spite of severe rust damage.

I think it was probably basically a good car. I bought it used and the person selling it said, "it has some rust. " I live in northern Ohio so it is pretty much a given that a used car will have some rust. Last year I was told the underside was completely rusted out. I recently had to replace the radiator. That said, she kept running a remarkably long time with a leaky radiator and has been reliable since. Because of the rust, I am always waiting for something to fall apart and am continually amazed at how she keeps running in spite of the damage.

- Suzanne E

Hyundai Sonata's are very practical, affordable, and reliable!

I purchased my car in 2012 at a previously owned car dealership. It had high mileage on it, when I purchased it, but it has been very reliable, and a great car, overall. I have encountered minimal problems, during my ownership. I have tuned it up, done minor brake work, and I did have to replace the timing belt, in April 2018. As for comfort, I find the Sonata to be very comfortable, and spacious. Performance is very nice, and has the potential to go very fast, if desired. I would definitely buy another one, and highly recommend Hyundai!

- Deborah W

James may was right about the Hyundai sonata.

My father bought the car new, and then I inherited the car seven years later. I know he had some problems with it before I started driving the car, but since I have owned it I have had to get the fuel injector coils replaced multiple times, I had a belt shatter and wreak havoc in my engine (which was mostly the dealership's fault), and I recently had to replace the entire onboard computer module. It does drive pretty smoothly and it is a very quiet car, but the gear shift sticks constantly.

- Katherine T

My car is great! It is super reliable and efficient.

I love my car because it is very reliable, smooth driving, and efficient. I put at least a few thousand miles on my car every year between driving to friends' houses, work, home, and college. I have never yet had a problem with my car and I have had it for over six years. I use my car for typical transportation, moving my personal effects to and from school, hauling my sister to practices, and carrying things such as my horse tack to go riding. My car is great!

- Nicole T

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it runs on four cylinders and thus has great gas mileage.

When I first got my car it looked really sleek and nice. It has a sunroof and black leather seating inside. Now, it's beginning to look worn--mostly on the outside. The weather has been rough on it. The paint is starting to fade and some of the silver trim has popped loose. I had to glue it back on. Otherwise, it's a great little car(the former owner took good care of it), fun to drive and great on gas mileage.

- Tami C

Its held up through a lot. But still, treat it well.

I bought it used with 100k miles on it. It has amazing longevity. I've had a huge accident with it (though it was repaired) and put 70k miles on it and it still runs amazingly well. It has 0 problems much to my surprise. Its well made and I cherish it for that reason alone. It's not the most sophisticated but its gotten me to a lot of places and has withheld through a lot and still gives me no grief even now.

- Anna T

Another satisfied customer.

Overall I have been happy with the performance of my vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage (18 city/33 hwy), drives smoothly, and handles well in the snow and rain. An added feature I really enjoy on a warm sunny day is the moonroof. I like knowing that if I forget to turn off the headlights they automatically turn off, sparing the battery from draining. I would definitely consider purchasing a Hyundai again.

- Michelle M

It is very reliable and good on gas. Also nice and comfortable.

My vehicle is a nice car but I went from a Ford Escape to this car. I like to sit higher. My Sonata is very good on gas and very reliable. Drives good on the highway. It also is very roomy. We bought it from an original owner and it only had 31 thousand miles on it. Same tires. It has been good to us. My husband always changes the oil and filters in it. I also thing that keeps the engine working hood.

- Sharon G

Very comfortable for long trips.

I inherited this car from my dad and I love it. Very comfortable for long trips, and gets pretty good gas mileage for a cylinder. Has a large, roomy backseat, big enough for my 120 lb dog. Very pleased with the comfort of the vehicle. The only problem I have is the starter is mounted up against the motor, and the brushes in the starter burn out about once a year, to the tune of over $200 a pop.

- Lee O

Fantastic acceleration on highway on ramps.

It has been a very reliable car. Great gas mileage, no repairs needed in the 6 yrs owned except a new battery. Love heated seats, leather seats, when you hit the gas it's got an excellent get up & go. Access to trunk in back seat is a cool safety item. An ok stereo system, speakers could be a lot better & same with volume control. It does need better inside night driving lights in dash.

- Sherry F

Reliable and smooth riding.

I enjoy my vehicle, however, I love to listen to music while driving and the antenna has broke a couple of times since I have owned it. The engine is very reliable and there has never been a major issue. The seats are very comfortable, and the sunroof is most enjoyable. There is lots of storage in the front and in the trunk. We managed to fit six pieces of luggage in the trunk.

- Monica L

This car is very reliable!

The solenoid went out a while ago. This is apparently a common and fixable problem, as my father was able to do some research and replace the part himself when the mechanic was not able to. I have also had my brake lights go out due to an uncommon fix, and I have had some electrical problems, but the car is over 10 years old and beyond that still runs well.

- Sarah C

I like that the car has cloth interior and the seats are very comfortable.

It has four doors, its grey, does not have all wheel drive, it is a v6. Cloth interior. Comfortable seats heating and air conditioning. There is an antenna on the left back side of the car. The radio is a little outdated. Car is great for the summer and not bad in the winter driving wise. Windows only roll down halfway in the back.

- Shannon L

My Hyundai Sonata. It is fast.

Heating and air conditioning, heated seats, all very good. Comfortable seats. Good pickup. Goes uphill without slowing down. Nice body. Roomy. Good upholstery. Fast. Good braking system. No problems with it. Replaced the fan for air conditioning. It is 13 years old hope it lasts a while. Bumped into car from back so it has a ding.

- Virginia M

No problems very trustworthy safe car

I have not had many problems with my car I have only had to replace a few batteries and the air conditioner one time. I have over a hundred forty thousand miles on it and it's still going. I like it because it's got a hundred thousand mile guarantee which is now over and I did not have any major problems with it

- Gail F

Great performance, but fuses and ac are the main issues.

This has been a great car. Everything on this car when it comes to the car performance, wonderful. The issues I have are worth the ac and the fuses. I recommend toy living in a colder climate so you will not need an ac, but the heater works great, hence a colder climate. . . All and all a good car.

- Melissa D

Great car interior condition!

There is not too much room in my car for leg space, and I always feel cramped in. There is not a lot of storage space either. We never have enough room in the car to be comfortable it seems. It also does not have Bluetooth capabilities. Also it has been having a lot of mechanical problems lately.

- Alex A

Summary of Hyundai Sonata.

Nothing is wrong with performance or features, vehicle is 13 years old with 180k miles and is in need of replacement; I have had no issues with reliability, performance and no problems mechanically with the vehicle. Overall the vehicle is very well made and is comfortable to drive everyday.

- Ian K

The proper way to take care of your car.

My car is a 2007 Hyundai sonata and I bought it used a few years ago. I change my oil and I make sure the car is tuned up too. It is very important to make sure you change the oil in your car every few months in order to keep it going properly. Also make sure the tires have plenty of air.

- Ted B

I would highly recommend Hyundai Sonata's.

It has been quite reliable for multiple years. I would recommend anybody to buy this vehicle, however, I would recommend a newer model for the sake of fuel efficiency and a more modern look. Aside from the regular issues any 10+ year old vehicle would have, my vehicle is in great shape.

- Alexander W

Best car I have had and oldest car.

For a car that's over 10 yrs it's one of the best car I have ever had. Its reliable never needed too much maintenance love my car. So much do I I'll be able to hand down my car to my son when I buy another younger car. . New tires and change oil and it is ready to go another 10 years.

- Linda D

Car review. Less than 59, 000 miles.

My car has electrical issues with the inside light, clock, & horn. The metal on the outside of car is peeling or falling off. The door handle is loose. Otherwise the car runs well & is comfortable & considering that it is 13 years old is doing pretty well in getting me around.

- Faith B

Big boat! Goes fast! Wobbly!

The radio does not work anymore, the struts are bad so it bounces all over the place, the windows are not tinted which makes it really hot during the day, love that its a v6 but eats gas like crazy! Also wish the seats weren't pleather. For Florida this car is not ideal.

- Kala Z

2005 Hyundai Sonata still runs and drives great.

I haven't had any issues with my Hyundai Sonata. It was bought brand new by my in-laws, it is now my work vehicle. It is very comfortable plus it gets good gas mileage. It has 150, 000 miles and still runs great! I am going to drive this care as long as I can for sure!!

- Jennifer H

Love it. Gives me great pleasure.

I love my Sonata. Absolutely the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is both reliable and comfortable and looks very much like a jaguar from the rear which delights me no end. I hope to drive this for many years ahead assuming there are no major problems. Time will tell.

- Barbara S

2005 Hyundai sonata is a very reliable car.

My Hyundai sonata has had no problems at all. It performs like a brand new car and is very reliable. The seats are very plush and comfortable and I have all the features I need. I love having the seat warmers in this car and of course air conditioning is a must too.

- Carol L

Comfortable to drive. Like the design.

Check engine light constantly on, has trouble shifting or getting up to proper speed. Comfortable to drive. Nice visibility through the windshield. Was a prior salvage title so don't know much about the safety, airbags were already deployed at the time of purchase.

- Gwen P

Blue Hyundai is a really good first car!

For the most part, it is a good car. I have had some trouble with shocks and some internally steering issues but I believe that has to do with the previous owners and not the car. For it being a foreign car, I never have any trouble finding people to work on it.

- Julia T

It was well made and has outlasted any other vehicle I've owned.

I like that it is very reliable. In the time I've had the vehicle I've had to replace the battery and tires. I dislike that one day it will start to cost more for upkeep but, it's been a good 12 year run and I'm hoping to squeeze out a couple more.

- Edgar W

That the color is very special and not like others.

I like that my car is small and I know the size of it so I can squeeze into parking spots. I like that it has heated seats and a sunroof. I do not like that it tends to breakdown in the winter and that there is no auxiliary cord.

- Skye C

It is a very reliable. It looks nice and is comfortable for long periods of time.

I love my car, I have hardly had any issues with it. I like how it looks and it runs well. The only thing I dislike about it is the safety feature where I have to unlock it with the clicker for it to start. Seems impractical.

- Holly C

It is dependable, drives well and love It's style...

My "Queen" is serving me well. Queen is dependable, great gas mileage, great on the road for long distance driving; overall she is Serving me well. No complaints, I pray she will continue on her great road of serving me!!!

- Carolyn D

I would recommend the Sonata as a reliable vehicle.

It has been a very reliable car. It is comfortable to drive. It handles well and has �get up and go�. It is pretty old so there are some minor problems like one of the back doors sometimes will not lock automatically.

- Jane E

How smoothly it drives/runs.

I've had it for 11 years and rarely had a major problem with it. It runs really smooth. I like how it drives. It has a sunroof. It's older so it has hail damage and a couple rust spots and some paint chipping in places.

- Shelby R

It is small, but it is very reliable as I have had to make only minor repairs and routine maintenance on the vehicle.

I like my vehicle because it has a good safety rating. It is somewhat economical on gas. I could use a little more room in the cabin as the car is somewhat small. Overall, I believe it is a good family car.

- Miguel C

Reliable, even when neglected

Very resilient, even when treated extremely poorly, such as leaving it to sit in a driveway without starting over winter, and never washing it for 5 years. It will continue to run, albeit with some maintenance

- Garrick D

The reliable vehicle that took me far

Very reliable vehicle. My family and I were able to use this vehicle for over a decade. We traveled across the country with it, had to only do minor maintenance and expected management. Overall it was great.

- Jesse F

Great car for college student

The car is old, but reliable. No fancy features, but it's the greatest car for me as a college student. As it got older, more problems appeared like the starter not working. Other than that...a great car

- Brittany T

It has provided good, long lasting, dependable service

It has held up remarkably well. It still gives dependable service, has a comfortable ride, and looks good. The only problem is that the air conditioner will not work, even after attempts to repair it

- Saundra G

Beater with a heater. Broken but still good.

Its getting old and it hasn't been taken well care of. But it still starts, runs, and has heat/ac. It has an exhaust leak. Needs new tires, has body rust. Still runs ok but really needs some loving.

- Kimberly S

Quite reliable for the price of the car.

I like that this car has lasted so long and had not had any major mechanical issues at 230k miles. I do not like that after 13 years most of the chrome stripping around the windows/doors are gone.

- Victoria S

It has good response, pickup and handles well in all conditions.

I like the way it handles on the road. It is good on gas. Has comfortable seats. What i don't like is that the power antenna broke and costs hundreds of dollars to get fixed.

- Carole R

A reliable vehicle, great gas mileage with regular maintenance

It's been very reliable with great gas mileage. The interior has held up well with some fading of the leather seats. Regular service on this car helps with the reliability.

- Robin G

Good on gas and a compact yet reliable method of transportation that will last you a long time

problems include squeaky belts that always make noises, especially when wet or when it is raining. otherwise, great on gas and just the right size for a college student

- Katelyn G

Very comfortable and enjoyable drive

I love Hyundai's. They're really built to last. The only thing that's bad is that earlier models have electrical issues. Other than that, they're great vehicles.

- cristy S

Great fuel mileage and low maintenance.

This vehicle has great fuel mileage. It also doesn't have a lot of problems that you need to fix. It also runs great even after having over 100,000 miles on it.

- Chandra F

Nice design for a 2005 car.

I really like my car. Is comfortable, it has good gas mileage, the only reason I do not give it a 5 is because it has some body rust, but that is from the years.

- Michael H

Handles well on any road conditions.

It had good handling and pick up on any road condition. It is good on gas. I do not like how the power antennas break on these cars and are very costly to fix.

- Carole R

That Hyundai is a auto company who produces dependable and reliable cars and has the longest warranty that I am aware of compared to other domestic and foreign automakers.

I like that it has a unique exterior design that does not look like or similar to most other cars on the road. I like it dependability and reliability too.

- Gregory S

Great get up and go with powerful V6 engine, manual shift controls avail in the automatic

Small Vehicle, great power with V6 engine, Labor intensive work for maintenance or other repairs, on a different maintenance schedule than other vehicles

- Maureen M

The passenger door automatic lock is broken.

I like that it is a 6 cylinder vehicle. It is a very nice and reliable car, but I do not like how old it is and how many miles there are on it currently.

- Autumn E

It's very comfortable and easy to drive. It's pretty easy to go too fast because its so smooth.

This is my 3rd Hyundai. I really like the brand. I have a problem with this period of vehicle though, the electrical inside systems seem to be screwy.

- Matthew D

Until it gets fixed the shocks in the rear makes it move like a boat in the back.

My 05 sonata is a great car it just has two major problems. The shocks need to be fixed and I need four new tires. Its clean and not beat up at all

- Brenae W

The Hyundai Sonata is a reliable car and it will last a lifetime. But it needs more power

The Hyundai Sonata is a reliable car that accentuates the comfortability, the luxury, and the reliability of the car. It lacks performance however.

- Justin A

That it is unique in style.

I love that it has a unique exterior style unlike any other car make or model. I love It's dependability and how it just doesn't let me down.

- Gregory B

Safety and power on the highways.

I like that it is paid off, the AC gets very cold, and it is black. I do not like that it is old, not fuel efficient, and uses a lot of gas.

- Melissa D

It has excellent gas mileage within city limits.

I like the trunk space of my vehicle. I like that it is reliable. I like the gas mileage. I dislike the lack of power when driving up hills.

- Joseph P

It is a great vehicle and an awesome gas saver.

I like how it saves us gas. I like how comfortable is the drive. I like that we were able to pay it off and it's been working fine with us.

- lis w

It is a great Hyundai car.

I like that it is blue. I like that it has lasted 13 years and is still going strong. I like that is has been a good value for the money.

- Paul R

How roomy it is and how smooth the ride is.

Good gas mileage.. Nothing I do not like.. Been good for all the years it is been in this household.. Have no complaints about this car.

- Kathy B

It is safe and reliable and rides smooth.

I love that my car runs very quiet. It also gets great gas mileage. It rides smoothly. I am just sad that the body is getting rusty.

- cary E

I love my car, good looking, good mileage and good on gas. .

This is my 3rd Hyundai vehicle. I love the mileage, the smooth ride and the speed. If I have to buy another car, it will be a Hyundai.

- Macy J

Not an all terrain vehicle.

I like the roominess. It is comfortable and has lots of legroom and a large trunk. Do not like the antenna as it must go up and down.

- Morgan L

Hyundai sonata: A reliable town car

My sonata has been a very reliable car, I bought it with 100k miles on it and have not had to replace any power train parts on it.

- Chris C

Great drive, great delivery

It gets pretty decent gas mileage, but it's got emissions problems. It's very reliable never had a breakdown. Great for delivering

- Angel W

It has been reliable. There have been only minor problems in the ten year that we've owned it.

The car has had only minor problems in the ten years that we've owned it. We bought it used. It has been a solid, reliable car.

- Elizabeth B

Nice looking car, need to buy right model though.

It is lasted a long time with very few problems. It is older and has too many miles. I will not take it on out of town trips.

- Alison M

it looks great for it's age

very reliable and low maintenance; dependable; easy to drive with good pep; enough room for our needs; both can drive easily.

- tom p

The most important thing is how easy the car is to drive l.

I wish I had a newer model and different brand. I enjoy the interior design. My least favorite thing is how it handles gas.

- Jessica M

Great performance with classic styling results a modern car that satisfies my needs

Very reliable vehicle that offers a nice mixture of performance and comfort that is rarely seen in a mid-size 4 door sedan.

- Eric G

It has been very reliable and has low mileage for its age.

This vehicle has been very reliable. Low maintenance. I have low mileage. I have been very good about maintenance.

- Barbara B

The car keeps going and going. No major mechanical issues.

It's a wonderful car. Love the sunroof. The car has over 250,000 miles on it. Very comfortable to drive or ride in.

- Mark A

Reliable large trunk; great car.

Reliable, pretty gas efficient. Large trunk. Sunroof. Has been on many road trips and made it through just fine.

- Melissa B

Hyundai Sonata 2005 by alex

It's easy to fix and is great on gas it is very reliable and I would recommend it to anyone. It's worth a look

- Alex A

It runs strong it hasn't left me stranded and gets decent gas mileage

It is a good running car the only problem is the location of the air conditioning pump other than that it good

- Richard F

I is a great car. I love it. Best car I have ever had.

Needs brakes or wheel bearing in the front passenger side. The struts go out a lot in rear driver seat belt.

- Angela M

It's very reliable and easy to maneuver, easy on gas great for driving around town

I like that the vehicle is very reliable. It's a smaller call but not too small where you don't feel safe

- Donna R

Love my vehicle. It has over 200,000 miles on it, so it has a few electrical problems, etc.

Hyundai is an up and coming car. It has all the great looks and style of many chars that cost a lot more.

- Sue P

Its has side airbags and front airbags, so It's a safe car.

I like the safety of the Sonata. But I rather be higher up in the seat for a better view of traffic.

- Dee F

roomy for a family of 4 and car seats go in easy in the back

this car is great to drive room for a family of four has had no major mechanical failures feels room

- gina t

It sits super low to the ground. I have a hard time driving it.

I do not like how low it sits on the round. I like that it gets good mileage. I wish it was newer.

- Jada C

It's lasted a long time and keeps running which is great.

I like that it keeps running despite being 13 years old. I don't like that it's been hit twice.

- Diane L

unsure, as there are no major issues, aside from original struts, and frame rust.

I like that it has good power, however, due to its age, several issues need to be addressed.

- Paul M

The lights are not automatic, you have to press a button to open the gas tank.

It gets me where I need to go. It's older, but runs fine. No complaints so far.

- Nope D

My car still runs great despite being rusted and not having working airbags

Love that it has lasted 13 years. Hate that it rusted in several places.

- Kerstin B

It's very dependable and practical.

It's very reliable. However with two growing kids, I wish it was bigger.

- Sarah P

It is reliable and easy to maintain and good on gas

I like my care because it is reliable. I haven't had too many problems.

- Caitlyn C

May not be pretty but it's reliable it gets me where I need to be

I love the size. I love the gas mileage I get. I love the features

- Kristina V

The engine light has been on since bought it is my only complaint otherwise I love it

Can drive it standard or automatic which is nice in the winter

- Vicki B

It's just like me. Comfortable, reliable, soft to the touch, gets the job done.

Great feel. Great handling. Fits my personality. It's "me"

- Bill B

I handles very well and has heated seats which are great in New England weather

I love the power that my car has and I love the look.

- Christine P

I used to love it, but it's old and it has hail damage & rust spots. I have to recharge the a/c every year now, but it still runs pretty great & I've been lucky to not have really any super significant issues with it.

Even though it is 13 years old it still runs good.

- Shelby H

It is a vehicle that runs and the gas mileage again is great.

- Julia V

Silver Hyundai sonata with a v6.

- Miles D