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Hyundai Sonata is a reliable car to buy.

I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. The front leg room is 43. 7 inches. The maximum cargo capacity is 16. 3 cu. Ft. The car seats 5 passengers. The fuel tank capacity is 17. 7 gal. The base engine size is 3. 3 liters. The base engine type is a v-6. The horsepower is 235 hp and the horsepower rpm is 6, 000. The torque is 226 lb.-ft. And the torque rpm is 3, 500. The maximum towing capacity is 1, 000 lbs. The drive type is front-wheel and the turning radius is 17. 9". The safety features of the car is the airbags are frontal driver and front passenger. The traction control is abs and driveline. The headlight washer, illuminated entry, panic alarm, rear child safety door locks, occupancy sensor, delay off headlamps, content theft-deterrent alarm are all std. The airbags are side impact seat mounted, driver and passenger. The height adjustable safety belts is front. The headlights are halogen. There are 2 door curb lights. The remote keyless entry is key fob (all doors). The door locks power with 2 stage unlock. . The nhtsa rates crash-tested vehicles by assigning them one to five stars. Five stars mean the most injury protection and one star means the least protection. The overall rollover rating is 4 stars. The passenger's crash rating is 5 stars. The side barrier rating, the side barrier passenger driver rating and the rear seat rating are all 5 stars. The driver's crash rating has 5 stars also. This is a very reliable car. If you keep up to date with the maintenance this car is very reliable. The car drives well, spacious and is comfortable.

- Alicia Q


I looked into this car a lot before buying 06 v6 leather sunroof etc. I wanted heated seats and sunroof and the audi styling. Apparently this car was designed by the audi designer responsible for a4 but not sure might be a rumour. The 240 hp will smoke the tires no problem. Full size interior in midsize car. Very quiet inside. Holiday trips with 2 bikes tent sleeping bags and luggage all carried inside no bike rack required. Excellent stereo wish it was 6cd tho. Highway mileage varies from 8.2 to 10.5l/100km depending on headwinds. 100% reliable i replaced brakes and 2 rear wheel hubs and all shocks. Suspension rubber dried up and squeaks which is my biggest complaint. Otherwise german styling with japanese reliability this is an excellent car overlooked by a lot of people so prices are generally lower. I would not trade for a camry or accord as sonata has better options performance and same reliability for less cost.

- Phil

Sonata runs well even after years of use!

My car does a great job! It is been twelve years since I got the car brand new and it is been functioning mostly the same ever since. It has had a few issues with the brakes (I believe my family had to replace pieces of them twice) and only just now are my window switches beginning to give out. The standard battery Hyundai gave me lasted until the beginning of last summer! It is definitely an older model of the car but it runs better than most of the other cars my friends have. It still looks brand new on the outside and the only issue within the engine block is a small whine that happens when I accelerate. Otherwise, no problems with the vehicle which is great after 12 years.

- Grace D

My Hyundai sonata is very nice and reliable!

My vehicle is for the most part very good. I have very little problems with it, but about a year ago when I was pushing the button to open the gas tank the button broke and I had to pry open the door to get to the gas tank. Also the screen on the radio is broken and you cannot see anything on the screen, other than that the car has been very reliable and has always gotten me where I need to go, also it has very good gas mileage, and very comfortable seating but you do stick to the leather like most cars in the heat and in the cold the seats are chilly but it does have a wonderful heating and cooling system. It runs very smoothly, so for the most part the vehicle is very nice.

- Emily G

Hyundai Sonata is a great reliable car.

I love my Hyundai Sonata. It is very liable. I have not had any performance issues with is. I love the retractable sun roof. It has a spacious trunk, and the back seats also lay down if I need to haul something a little longer than my trunk (it can stretch from the trunk into the back seats). It also performs well in inclement weather. I drove on an interstate through a major snowstorm for several hours a couple years ago, and I was certainly driving much slower than normal, but I had not problems driving in snow. I also love having cruise control, which makes it more comfortable to drive long distances, if we're going on vacation or something.

- Nate W

Dependable. Very dependable car. No rust. Roomy and comfortable.

I love the dependability, the style and comfort. I get 25 mpg and the car has plenty of power. I have a current issue with the driver side window button not working sometimes. I have had issues with the gas door not opening with the release button. The car has been very dependable and runs fine but cold weather does make it run cold. Once it warms up after a short distance, it is fine. It is a 4 cylinder. I have no issues with rust even though it sits outside in Ohio weather. I would buy Hyundai again as I have been very satisfied with this car. It is roomy, the back seat can lay down for more trunk room.

- Teresa T

My Hyundai Sonata has given me the best for my buck!

My Hyundai Sonata is 12 years old. It still performs great! I have driven it for vacations and recently 300 mile round trip. I have kept up on maintenance changing oil, on my second set of tires, transmission fluid change, etc. I love my heated seats, spacious trunk and back seats fold down to allow for more room. I drive 30 miles one way to work 5 days a week. It handles well in the snow. Air & heat systems have not failed. Extra special is the sunroof which can vent or open all the way. People are amazed that my car still is reliable and I will not trade, unless to upgrade to a new Sonata.

- Susan B

everyone who has inspected it or worked on it has said what a good car it is.

The vehicle is comfortable. The cup holder came to me broken (I bought it used) so I can't speak on that. It's 13 years old and just had some brakes replaced for the first time. It runs smoothly. The trunk is surprisingly spacious. The sun visors DO NOT STAY up when the weather is hot and are constantly falling. There is an emergency latch in the trunk that opens the fuel door, which is incredibly helpful. It is difficult to clean and becomes a sled when there is a hint of snow or slush on the ground.

- Tracey B

This car was not bought for looks or performance. It was bought for reliability and it has served it purpose extremely well. These cars are well engineered and easy to maintain. I plan to drive this car until the wheels fall off. A great choice for modest daily driver that will still be comfortable and sporty enough to enjoy.

I drive an 06 Hyundai Sonata that I purchased used from a gentleman on craigslist. The car had decent mileage and a few cosmetic issues but it ran and drove well. The car has not caused me any mechanical issues in terms of engine or transmission.In my time owning the vehicle, the only issues I have experienced are with the suspension which has been prone to squeaks and rattles, and then a poor headlight upgrade performed by the previous owner. Both issues have been rectified and the car is doing well.

- Nathan F

2006 Hyundai sonata: spacious, comfortable, reliable.

It is very comfortable. 4 door. Spacious. Includes a sunroof and a lot of trunk space. I have had it for about 4 years and have taken it on road trips with very few problems other than repairing tires and I had to get the suspension looked at. It also has very good mileage. It does not have as many features as newer vehicles but includes a radio with aux and USB outlets. It also has an automatic light system, so when it is dark outside the headlights will automatically come on.

- Chastity M

It is really a 2006 Hyundai Sonata??

I love my car. When it was new I has a problem with the headlights blowing out a lot. I ended up replacing the bulb myself. As long as you faithfully do the maintenance requirements and keep the oil changed it will serve you well. I have some issues with the plastic knobs breaking off on the radio. The latch for the between seat storage has also broke. The lids flies up and down depending on the speed of the car. The split rear seat has come in handy for carrying long parcels.

- Kathy P

The armrest was a big deal for me.

There have not been any problems with my car. Honestly, the performance is great. It takes me wherever I need to go whenever I need to go. The sounds that comes from the car is very smooth almost velvety. I can always rely on my car if my friends decide to change plans at the last minute and I have to change my destination quickly. The inside is nice and the seats are very soft. On some days, I like to just take a drive just because I can and I know my car is very trustworthy.

- Trinity R

Space and comfortably of a 2006 Hyundai Sonata.

I love my car! We take 3 hour trips often, and nobody has ever complained about the seats. The back seat has THREE shoulder belts, which is what I was looking for. I have 3 kids aged 9, 5 and 3 and safety is number 1. The backseat has enough room for 2 car seats while keeping my older child comfortable in the middle. I've had to change the starter, but that was expected. I bought the car with over 200,000 miles on it and it is STILL going strong! Best car I've ever had.

- Mars K

You will not be wowed by this car, but if you're looking for a good bargain, and something consistent, this car should do the trick if well taken care of.

I like that for the most part, our Hyundai has been very reliable. The things I don't like about it are the fact that it seems very sensitive to the Texas sun even with a sun shield, so the wheel is starting to peel, and the dash is starting to crack. It also has a strange creak when driven like the struts might be going, and also the wheel seems heavy to turn but I don't think anything is actually wrong. In short, it is simply okay but does It's job.

- Traci m

A car well worth the money.

The 2006 Hyundai sonata is a very reliable vehicle. The only problem that we have encountered is a normal one especially for our state of Florida. Because of the year, our air conditioning went out since it is used for at least 8 months of the year. We will get it fixed though since the car is really reliable. It is definitely worth the money and if anything ever happens to this car, we will buy another sonata. Love the gas mileage and the sunroof.

- Deb S

The Hyundai Sonata is reliable and comfortable.

I have not had any mechanical problems with my car. The performance is wonderful. My brother drove it and got in a car accident, but the worst damage was that the headlight was smashed and there were a few scratches. The other car had worse damage even though they hit my brother. My vehicle is super comfortable and the driver's seat has back support for long drives. The feel of the drive is smooth with the exception of my worn out suspension.

- Julie W

A dependable car if you're ready to spend for upkeep

The door handles break off, I've replaced the fuel pump twice in the past 6 months, had to replace the oil pan, oil filter, oil dipstick and all the related gaskets six months ago. The front end suspension (ball joints, shocks, struts, etcetera, need replacing every couple of years. The hood latch cable broke and I have to use pliers to open the hood. The thing that holds the hood open is broken so I have to use a post to keep the hood open.

- Martha J

Reliable and good on gas.

Has over 100,000 miles on it. Never had a major issues with the vehicle. Just regular maintenance and parts replaced for wear and tear. Reliable car. Easy to clean and repair. Only downside is it does not have a aux cord or Bluetooth. Got the car in 2012 prior to me had one owner. If you take care of the car and do regular maintenance the car will last a long time. Has not let me down and I have traveled to several different states in it.

- Barbara D

Reliable, cheap to repair, and a nice drive.

It is a great car, gets me where I need to go reliably and parts are cheap. The paint is wearing a bit but it is a relatively older car so with that being said I am pretty impressed with how it has held up. It drives smooth, and only takes about $25. 00-$30. 00 to fill up the gas tank. For it being an older model the features are pretty nice, haven't had any bad luck with anything as of yet- cross your fingers!

- Katherine B

Hopping Hyundai. Very smooth ride and resilient motor.

The Hyundai Sonata Gls V6, 4 door sedan is not economical on gas in town but it has a very smooth ride and it's a very reliable car as well as having very good construction and car parts. I have not had to replace anything major other than oil changes, transition tu-ups, motor tune-ups and new tires. The only par I've had to replace is the windshield wiper fluid motor. I highly recommend this car.

- Evelyn C

just Hyundai sonata things

consistently issues with the sensor for the accelerator pedal, however very smooth ride with a decent amount of power. Car comes front wheel drive with a six cylinder motor, never gives me issues except for when minor maintenance needs to be done to it. After thirteen years, I've had to replace the power steering rack, control arms, rotors, and some minor engine components. Overall a great car

- Adam A

Comfortable but questionable performance.

My car tends to shake when I go over 75 mph, as well as at stop lights. I have to hold the ignition a long time before it starts, and for some reason the gas mileage is really awful, about 18 mpg for a newer sedan. It also has broken ac and an issue with the bushings that makes it clank really bad when I drive over bumps. I love the sunroof and it has a huge trunk. It is comfortable to be in.

- Cheryl S

Looks and acts like a sports car.

Bought it almost new. Have never had any major problems. Maintenance up to date. Easy to maneuver in all traffic. Comfortable interior. All instructions are simple and easy to accomplish. Exterior still looks new, no fading of the paint. Back seat has room for three passengers. Easy to get in and out of. Parts are easily accessible if needed. The only minor problem was the electric windows.

- Jay S

It's been a reliable ride through many years and multiple accidents

It's been reliable for a long time, and should still have a few years in it. Any maintenance work is work that would have to be done on most any car, and it's taken a few beatings. The bumper is insanely strong. The front wheels squeak and I don't know why - I replaced the struts but that didn't help. Doesn't seem to affect the performance though, it's just mildly irritating.

- Robert C

It�s been a good car, very good on gas not a gas hog at all

This car has been very reliable but it is not very comfortable. It has trouble with the airbag sensor which has caused it to not pass inspection unless I cover the airbag light up. Dealership will not fix this without charging $100 just to look at it however I already know what the problem is. Car does have almost 280,000 miles on it burns a lot of oil great on gas.

- Jessica T

The car miles around 94,000 I would buy this car and would recommend it.

My Sonata is a pretty good car, no major repairs which is always great. And because it is not an expensive/car repairs that were done where not terribly high. It is pretty comfortable and has features of a luxury car. It has leather seats, heated warming seats for those cold days, sunroof, navigation compass gage, 5 disk CD player, which can play in order or random.

- Mary B

2006 Hyundai Sonata: Reliable comfortable

My Hyundai Sonata is very reliable. I have not had any major engine issues so far. The car has over 175,000 miles on it and has only needed basic repairs and maintenance. The door handles did deteriorate and fall off, as well as a few other cosmetic details. The interior is quite nice and I have driven multiple long distance road trips and stayed quite comfortable.

- Joanne M

Hyundai Sonata runs good but accessories junk.

For it being a 2006 it runs really well but the door handles a fallen off all of them the sun visor broke the middle console broke it is a very nice car but I also hate the way the oil filters on the top of the engine. The factory rims are still on it but because of where we live at we get a lot of rain which caused me to have to change my brakes even more.

- Katie H

2008 Sonata. Reliable mid sized.

Bought the car new and am still happy with it. Regular maintenance keeps it in good shape. Very comfortable to drive even on long trips. No major problems have occurred. Still looks good inside and out. Used to travel to work and home and has always been reliable. If I bought a new car, it would be a Sonata. Large back seat for passengers comfort.

- Janet S

Costly repairs every year.

My car has been reliable but repairs have been very costly. I recently had to have some connectors replaced that was causing my car to overheat while idling and also a cooling fan. I paid over $600. 00 for that. Also had this issue with my car overheating the year before. I am not sure if it is having more problems because of the age of the car.

- Amy B

The Hyundai Sonata is a nice, roomy, comfortable car with good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. The trunk is very roomy and the back seats fold down adding extra space to the trunk when traveling. The seats are very comfy and the interior looks nice. Hard to see out of the back, while driving, for shorter people. Needs repairs once in awhile. Not the best comfort on bumpy roads, but overall is a very good car.

- Anonymous P

Hyundai Sonata: old cars don't let you down

Performance is great. Yearly maintenance can be expensive. It runs great and has not let me down yet! It is a silent drive for the most part. I rarely run into issues other than my flex pipe every year to year and a half. It is very reliable and comfortable it is a smaller vehicle so it is more comfortable for me since I am only 5 feet tall.

- Pearl L

It gets me where I need to go and that is all I ask.

My car is very reliable. It will get me where I need to go and that is all I really ask for in a vehicle. I do not really drive as much since I am in college, so I only really use the car in the summer. It has always worked well for me. It has some minor issues such as that it does not have air conditioning but those issues can be fixed.

- Sydney W

Perfect low to high set ratio for build/it was so smooth when it was younger.

My Hyundai car has been the most reliable vehicle that my partner or I have ever had. We use it for a daily commute of about 50 miles they really wracks up time in it, but through snowy environments and really humid ones in the south, it has stayed consistent. She has over 200k miles on her now and still remains patient with me. Love it!

- Amanda J

My vehicle is dependent good on gas and runs great.

I love my car it has never let me down and it takes me wherever I want to and everything works in it and also good on gas I get 23 miles to the gallon it has a 2.3 liter motor and a automatic transmission it also has 4 doors also has a sunroof windows are slightly tinted it is very roomy and has a jack and a spare tire in the trunk.

- Brandon L

The ins and outs of a college students car.

It's very old but it gets the job done. When I first got it, however, it was a charm. Sometimes the problems keep adding up and piling on top of each other but most of the time they are easy fixes. The interior of the car is comfortable and really spacious. The exterior is slick and simple. It just needs a few tweaks here and there.

- Alex M

Sonata is a relatively good car.

The car runs very smoothly. Aside of regular maintenance, I haven't had to do much work on the car. The electrical components to tend to have some issues, but nothing major. The window switch on the driver side front door goes in and out. I have also had issues with the driver seat adjustment. It tends to jam with a heavier driver.

- Charles B

Great car for a great price!

The Hyundai Sonata is nice car. The v6 engine really gives it great power, it handles well around curves and bends. I've had some minor issues with leaks and plugs but those are affordable and easy to fix. The alternator was really easy to change. The car has great features like auto lights, power windows and great radio functions.

- Stephanie D

Small monster machine with great engine

Very good car, only got an oil change and brake change in the last year. Very low maintenance and runs smooth. It drives very fast and when the car is running you can't even hear the engine. The gadgets inside are all classics and takes common sense to control and easy to use. It's not too big but is the perfect small size for me.

- Yolanda M

It has great gas mileage and is very fast.

It has great gas mileage and can go really fast. It gets you to places you need to be and rides very smoothly. It is not a loud car which is nice and is the perfect size for a 5 person family. It is very comfortable for a car its size. Sonata are very good cars for long distance travels or just to get you from point A to point B.

- Sarah P

Something interesting about my vehicle is that it doesn't use up too much fuel

I love my vehicle because it is reliable and affordable. The only issue I would have of it is that it really is not that great in the snow. Living in Chicago, it isn't too great to have this vehicle but it is very convenient because it is my first vehicle and it was very affordable for me. Overall I think it is a great vehicle.

- Karen C

Family and fun in one car you couldn't ask for more.

This a wonderful car I couldn't ask for more. It is perfect for my family of five, very roomy and comfortable. Great for long distance trips too. Fast, dependable, sleek, luxurious and classy and still a family car. Great control and safety all the way around. Hyundai has done it again with the make and model of this vehicle.

- Erin M

Drives as good as it looks!

My car drives really smoothly. It has a high mileage on it but I have not faced any major issues since it was purchased. The engine is still working good. It is comfortable and spacious inside and fits my sons big car seat comfortably. I have taken the car on long journeys and fuel consumption is really good and economical.

- Ana J

My Hyundai Sonata is from 2006 and is amazing on gas.

My car is great on gas and durability. My Hyundai Sonata is 16 years old and runs great it looks great too, I have had it for 4 years and I will buy another Hyundai Sonata just a bit newer. It has never had anything happened to it except the battery had to be change. Hyundais are reliable, look good and are very affordable.

- Alicia T

I love the heated seats in a 2006

I love this car the inside is beautiful and it comes with heated seats and a good stereo setup, it a perfect car for a first car because it's safe and has good ratings. it's an all black car with a tan leather interior and I just love it. Even though it's a 2006 it has updated technology and could practically be a 2019

- ella R

It is a comfortable ride and great gas mileage.

The interior is spacious and comfortable. It has both automatic and manual settings which are easy to use and they never fail. The trunk is huge and the seats fold down for more storage. The car hugs turns and you cannot feel all the bumps in the road. Has not needed any major work done, very great mechanically sound.

- Michelle Y

Comfortable reliable relaxing drive.

I really. Enjoy and live my car. From the moment I first sat in my car I fell in love and safer.believe me this car is beyond reliable and durable. Knowing it's not a 4 wheel drive off roading car I drove it as it were and I never had any issues with it. Other than new tires due to my driving on dirt rocky roads.

- Amber G

Sonata are reliable Cars.

The Performance is great. My car is reliable..It has cold air. My car need shocks. My car also need a set of new tires. My car also need a new paint job. But overall it drives really well to be 13 yrs.old. I would definitely recommend this Car for anyone looking for a great economical Car. Also Very good on gas.

- Iris P

The Holy Hyundai Sonata (2006)

The 2006 Hyundai Sonata is probably one of the best purchases ever made. It rides so smoothly, easy to drive, great gas mileage, and has the perfect amount of space inside the vehicle and in the trunk. The only downside is that the interior is plush so it stains easily, but other than that, it's an amazing car.

- Courtney W

I love my car and would never trade it nor would I sell it very reliable vehicle.

My car is reliable, clean does not make any type of noise and I have had it for over 5 years only thing I have added to car is a starter oil change every 6 months this is my primary car and I love this car. I would never trade it nor would I think about selling it this car has been my dream car for many years.

- Rebecca R

It�s a good car with lil space for the first time drivers and its good on gas

Nothing wrong with the car it's just a small space car and it's good on gas and I never had a problem out of it and I done had the car for 2 years. Rides good on the highway and the car parts are not expensive like other cars so I like my car and the tires are easy to find cause they're not low profile

- Dante A

Affordable car that ages well

Reliable vehicle with decent gas mileage. Sturdy, but it can get pretty loud on speed bumps. I've has some issues with the electronic stability control light and the antilock brake light. I've put 70 thousand miles on it since I've had it and haven't had many issues besides the door handles sticking.

- Jessica B

Great Family Car with Good Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is good. Keep maintenance up to date and the car will run for a very long time. Not many features on my basic model car. V6 Engine. Spacious trunk (I can fit a folded massage table and luggage in the trunk). I have a sunroof. Not much interior space for people who need a lot of legroom

- Senise B

Good boring reliable car.

Bought the car used. Has a few problems with the front end. A few weeks after purchasing the front brakes locked up. Other than those minor issues it is a solid good running car. Nice leather seats. A speaker is blown out inside though. Does seem like an average, boring car but is very reliable.

- Jesse G

It is a 4 wheel drive v6 and it gets you where you have to go.

Problems with my car is the brakes went out easily, the a/c also has problems, and the wheel is aligned weird, when you pick up speed you feel like you are going dangerously fast, and it is just to light of a car, also the backseat seats are very uncomfortable and there is barely any trunk room.

- Destin M

Sonatas are a smooth vehicle.

This car is a nice first car. Drives smoothly, decent mileage. Kind of uses a lot of gas. Does not have an AUX cord. Has had to have a decent amount of work on it due to age. No air condition. Seats 5. Non leather seats, has great legroom and trunk space. Takes about $25 to fill up a full tank.

- Vienna C

Reliable and comfortable, would not trade it for the world

I really have no complaints. My car is sturdy and reliable. I would get another Sonata when it's time to retire my current one! I feel super safe in it, and handling is good. No real blind spots (for me anyway). The only thing is that my visors don't stay up, but I was able to fix that myself.

- Carol A

Old, but extremely reliable for my needs.

The car is well over 10 years old now and still running well with very little maintenance (knock on wood). It is roomy enough, comfortable on long drives and I really have no complaints other than it being so old that there are no USB ports to plug in phones, etc. I enjoy having the sunroof.

- Beth M

Hyundai Sonata: Reliable Car

Only ever had 'normal' problems throughout the life of this car. Nothing crazy ever. It is almost at 217,000 miles and still going strong!! Runs great, has lots of pick up. I highly recommend this vehicle. It has lasted me forever. Taken it on many road trips and it hasn't let me down.

- Cassandra L

incredible Hyundai runs amazing

My sonata has treated me very well. I haven't had any mechanical issues except for those that come with high mileage. Hyundai is a very reliable choice of car. They can run on very high miles and still act like they have low miles. I have had nothing but a good experience with my Hyundai.

- jennifer S

it has a sunroof to get the wind in your hair or a view of the night sky.

This is my first car so I think this car run pretty nicely. Since it is 2019 I think I gave it only a rating of 4 since it doesn't have an aux cord, so I have to listen to whatever is on the radio. Also this car runs really smooth. It also takes roughly 40 dollars to fill up the gas tank.

- Vaughn E

It is good on n mileage and has a lighter

It is a reliable CAR if you maintain it. The shocks and struts are broken so the drive is a bit bumpy and I need to get them fixed. It is comfortable I do have a lot of back pain and the seats aren't luxurious but it doesn't cause any further pain. It has very basic features, no aux cord

- Sierra V

My vehicle can go really fast surprisingly.

When I first got the car everything was good but now my brakes are starting to wear out. Other than that it's a really good car and is good on gas. If you take care of it everything will work out fine. I like how it has seat warmers and 4 wheel drive. Also a very spacious car as well.

- Sarah L

Very nice car for the price.

The car has very bag mpg, even for a v6. Dealer sucks for repairs. The car is slowly falling apart with age. All Hyundais have very low resale value. Even when new, the interior and exterior was dated looking. It has all pee yellow background interior lights and a bad audio system.

- Joseph E

Strong long lasting Hyundai Sonata as my first car.

Since buying this car at the age of 16 am still the proud owner. She is getting old as she is a 2006 and we are quickly approaching 2019. Due to this she has had to have some fix ups and could still use more. However, she surely gets the job done and is still holding up strong!

- Emily H

12 yr. old car runs like new!

Spacious and roomy 4 dr sedan. Front has lots of interior space. Great trunk space and back seat pulls down to expand length and add extra storage. Car runs well and has been extremely reliable. 10 yr. warranty is awesome. Seating is comfortable but a little on the hard side.

- Ester D

Great car to get you to and from places!

It is a great car. Has awesome pick up when driving. Great AC/Heat settings. There is also seat warmers in the front, which is the best. Have not had much problems with the engine. The tires need to be constantly replaced, but I think that is only from the roads I drive on.

- Chelsea D

This car is reliable and it will continue to provide excellent service for years.

I like my car. It gets me where I want to go. I have not had any troubles with my engine and still runs really good. The car is spacious and roomy in the back seat. The trunk is really big too. It has CD port, radio and clock. The ac really cools and the heater is good too.

- Maria P

I love my vehicle. It has everything I need in a vehicle.

Since I bought it I have had a problem after problem with it. I just had to put a sensor in it. Besides that it is good on gas. It is comfortable. It has everything I need but hands free calling. They have enough gadgets out to add this future. Overall I love this care.

- Bran R

The ups and downs of my car.

The engine grinds a bit and it smells kind of dusty, however it drives beautifully. I have been driving it for a month or so and I enjoy it overall. I just do not think it was worth as much as I paid for it, which topped off at around 6,000 dollars. It wasn't worth it.

- Mariah G

It is a very good car. Reliable and comfortable.

Performance is great. No major problems. The headlights and brake lights have been the biggest issue but not a big problem to fix. Very reliable and comfortable. The features on the car are nice except it does not have an aux. Outlet. Overall I am happy with this car.

- Liv R

My vehicle is very beautiful and is an awesome ride with great gas mileage.

I have had my Sonata for 2 years I bought it used. There was only 1 owner and it is in wonderful condition. I have had absolutely no problems with it. I think it is a beautiful car. I love the way it looks and it is a great smooth ride. The gas mileage is awesome.

- Patricia A

It's an amazing car everyone should have it

O2 sensor going out but other than that it's amazing. Great gas mileage. Good sound system. The car has ample space for numerous passengers and things. Me and my wife love our car it is just simply a fantastic vehicle! I would recommend the Hyundai sonata to anybody

- Joel F

Great for family, spacious and powerful.

Great performance, low fuel Usage, great economy, spacious and family friendly, comfortable and convenient, looks good, nice body style, powerful v6 engine, quiet, great driving experience, for both men and women, great on the road, big trunk, back seat comfortable.

- Monica S

It gets good gas mileage. A tad longer than I wanted.

It is a little bigger than I wanted. It does run really well. The seats are comfortable. I do not care for the gas lid opener on the door. That is a pain. It gets good gas mileage. The trunk is huge. I bought it used. The passenger front window does not work right.

- Susan J

2006 Hyundai Sonata review.

This is good for people who like cars. . I like SUV. It has a transmission sensor issue and a window does not roll down anymore. . Other than that it's ok for a car. Gets pretty good gas mileage but the oil filter is ridiculously expensive for being a paper filter.

- Kathy R

Hyundai 2006 description.

My car drives real smooth, soft interior, built in radio. The engine light is on but still drives smooth. The key chain is broken. It has a sunroof. Loud base. Clean. Needs the breaks and tire rides and wheel alignment. Takes up a lot of gas if I do say so myself

- Destine M

Family car with great fuel economy.

Very reliable, great fuel economy, spacious, family friendly, powerful v6 engine, easy and cheap to maintain, great steering, easy to handle, big trunk, foldable back seats, comfortable interior, easy to navigate dashboard, nice body, good stereo, lasts forever.

- Monica M

2006 Hyundai Sonata Review

I bought my Hyundai Sonata new from a dealer in Independence, MO. I have approximately 130,000 miles on it and have not had any issues with it whatsoever. It has been a great, trouble free car and I would recommend the Hyundai brand of automobile very highly.

- Al H

A great car definitely recommend this car to anyone

The cart is great . I've never had major issues with my car. Only has 100K miles on it. I definitely recommend these cars or Hyundai's in general . I've owned nothing but these in the passed 6 years. Other than this car is a V6 & eats up in gas I love my car

- Rosa C

This car is for short people.

I have had only normal maintenance with this car. This has been a very reliable car. The back seat has little leg room. Although, the trunk is very large. This is not a car for tall people. I am 5’6” and I have to have the driver’s seat all the way back.

- Ellen P

Great car. Go buy you one.

I love my car. I have not had much trouble with it. I bought it new. The door would not lock in back. It was fixed under warranty. Rides good. The only issue I have with it now is it has a squeak on the passenger side front. Looking to get that fixed now.

- Nancy M

Rectangle cup holder is a bad design

The only negative thing I would say about this car is the cup holder is a very bad design. You have to have 2 cups in it or nothing at all. The rectangle design makes for a lot of spilled drinks. I love the way it drives and the gas mileage is decent for a V6.

- Savannah R

The vehicle is comfy and doesn�t make much noise

The vehicle is really great. The seats are comfy, however the back can get crowded. The trunk is very spacious. It gets good gas mileage. However, I've had problems with it over the years which include leaking oil, overheating and having to get a new engine.

- Madeline H

I love the ability to manual shift if needed.

My car has great features but I have found that it has some really bad blind spots. The stereo system also doesn't have all the features I'd like to have but as far as performance it has the power I like. It also has the option to manual shift which is nice.

- April J

I've had this car for two years and it�s a wonderful vehicle overall !

Very reliable car, has a few transmission problems but overall a great car. Good on gas, decent cabin space, sunroof is a plus. A lot of mechanical work has been done to this vehicle but I've never been stuck somewhere outside of a jump or a flat tire.

- Larry B

sleek looking mid size car with nice lines

car looks good, handles good on road, excellent gas mileage, roomy enough without being a huge car. Have had no problems except for the window electric motor had to be replaced, Has fold down back seats allowing extra hauling space with truck.

- Rose B

It has low mileage for a 2006.

It has the features of a luxury car. I have not done a lot of repairs. It is fairly okay on gas. I do not like how low it is to the ground. Wish it had larger cup holders. The arm suspension makes a noise with each bump I hit.

- Mary Lee F

My Hyundai Sonata set in some guys backyard and I bought it for $560.

The vehicle is very reliable almost to 300, 000 miles now, very good on gas. My issues are with the age of the car and obviously it has some years on it. The car was once t boned and got fixed so its been through a lot.

- Tiffany P

Very reliable. It is easy to get in and out. Being senior citizens that is important.

2006 Hyundai Sonata we have 170,000 miles on it at that and have only had two minor failures. It's very comfortable on long trips as good amenities and gets good gas mileage. We are still on the original engine.

- Terry F

It's a good brand and we would purchase another car like this

It's not really mine, it belongs to my son. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it rides well, but that could be better. I dislike that it has some things that are falling apart and i cannot fix.

- Deborah P

2006 Hyundai Sonata GLS review

My car is front wheel drive. It's silver with a black bumper (only downfall) needs a paint job but I can't afford one. It drives really nice and smooth, I like to say it's pretty fast compared to my neon.

- Amber C

that if can carry a lot of stuff and is very dependable with little maintenance

I have no complaints or dislikes about this car. In all the years I have been driving this is the most reliable car i have ever owned. It has a spacious trunk and interior of the car is also spacious

- debbie s

100,000 miles or ten years, is a good warranty.. I have used it and it has paid off. Why don't Toyota and Honda offer the same warranty??????

I got 85,000 miles on my car before I have to do a brake job. I have never driven that far on the original brakes, for any car. Usually you get 15,000 miles, on these SUV, and you need a brake job..

- Jon B

Overall the outside of the car is in good condition.

Right now the ac does not work on this car. However it rides nice, get good mileage and I have a lot of miles on this car. Overall haven't had to many problems other than the usual maintenance work.

- Linda M

I would recommend it for anyone that wants a good long lasting car.

It does good on gas and long trips and easy maintenance and has a lot of mileage on it drives good and everything works on it. The back passenger window fell down and I have not gotten it fixed yet.

- Lavonne S

It is very reliable and gets very good gas mileage.

So far I've had no major problem with my car over the past 5 years I have owned it. It is very comfortable with heated seats and light leather seats so it doesn't get terribly hot in the summer.

- Nick S

The Sonata is Very Reliable! It is simple but has been working fine all these years.

I like my Sonata with a V6 because it can accelerate quickly for freeway entrance. It has been very reliable being 12 years old. I wish it had newer extras like Bluetooth for my phone, etc...

- Julie K

Definitely a great family car

I love my Sonata because it's great on gas. It has lots of space in the back seat and the trunk. I haven't had any issues in the 4 years I've owned it besides changing battery and alternator.

- Seth M

It is well made and it's very easy to take care of. it has a comfortable ride too.

I love my car. It has been very good to me and I like that it has a 10 year warranty on the car. I have had a few issues with it over the years but it has never been too expensive to fix it.

- lydia m

Latches/locks can be an issue.

It's a nice car, but as I bought it used I see the issues. The locks/latches have issues and don't always work the way they should. The wipers and tires both feel thinner than they should. .

- Jo P

It is reliable and very sturdy.

This car was bought brand new in 2006 by my mom. It was then passed onto my eldest brother, who then gave it to me. This car has never had any problems on the road, and is my first vehicle.

- Mark C

Great family car/ reliable awesome car

I love my car it has been the most reliable vehicle I ever owned. I love the leather seats great for long drives and the body of the car does not look outdated still looks recent/ modern.

- Mauricio H

My vehicle is a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, and I do not recommend that make, model, and year to anyone.

The car seems to need a new alternator every six months, and there is a bad fuse that keeps the parking lights from turning off, so I have to disconnect the battery to avoid draining it.

- Sean D

That it is a reliable running car.

I have no complaints except that is getting a little old. It is a smooth riding car. I love the body style of this car it is still a great looking car. Plenty of room in the backseat.

- Cathy T

It is a very reliable car. It won't break down often, and will always get you to where you need to be.

My Hyundai sonata runs very well with over 150,00 miles. I haven't had any major issues in the six years that I have had it. My mechanic says it should last close to 300,000 miles!

- Allan G

It is reliable, has 100, 000 mile coverage and only minor repairs.

It has a good smooth ride and large trunk area. Quite engine and a lot of pickup speed. It has the 3. 2 liter engine and is a v6. Will only buy a new if it has the same features.

- Deb L

Hyundais are built a lot better than they used to be and are worth every penny!

It's roomy, comfortable everywhere, the base model has electric windows and door locks plus air conditioning and I have almost 146,000 miles and have had zero problems with it

- Sheri H

always dependable. cold weather start, great. since my car is not garaged, good to know i can be on my way after warm up.

great vehicle, dependable, and comfortable. this is 6 cyl and good mileage. lots of pickup.. good traction in dry or wet, snowy conditions. would highly recommend purchase.

- carol m

It accelerates very quickly.

I like It's quick acceleration and easy handling. The only issues I have with it are ones that can be fixed such as the a/c does not work. Overall it is an awesome vehicle.

- Jeremy C

My car is very good on gas because it only takes about $30 to fill the tank up.

My vehicle is a mixture of grey, green, and blue. I dislike the fact that there's no place to plug in an AUX cord. My car's AC is broken, so it gets so hot in the summer.

- Justina D

Love my very reliable and cheap to maintain Hyundai sonata

My Hyundai Sonata is very reliable and durable. It has lasted for years and cheap to maintain even with high mileage on it. It currently has 202,000 miles and runs great.

- Marlicia L

It can make it for a while as long as you continue to give it the proper maintenance.

It requires quite a bit of maintenance, in comparison to some of the other brands. I love the car, it has gotten me where I need to be for many years- even cross country.

- Kels H

It is good for a small, efficient car.

It is a bit old but it is steady. I have had a few maintenance issues but it still drives pretty well. I like how comfortable it is and how good it is with gas mileage.

- Laura B

It gets me to places I need to go but isn't a reliable car

I feel like the vehicle should last longer it is breaking apart the door knobs are all falling off and I have had to put new ones on it. I like that it gets me places

- Katie E

2006 Hyundai Sonata with cold ac and great performance.

Everything works great. I am having issues with a bad battery but that is because it is just getting old. I love my car and it is a great upgrade from my 98 Chevy.

- Alexis C

2006 Hyundai Sonata great running car

The Hyundai Sonata is a very nice car. We have had it since 2011 and it is 2018 now. it still runs great even though it has some mile on it and it is very roomy.

- PaTesha J

I feel safe while driving it.

I like the large trunk which is very useful. It drives smoothly. It tells me how many miles of gas I have left. I do not like that the visor's do not stay up.

- Rachel S

It is a very dependable and reliable vehicle. It may not be the prettiest, but it will not suck money from your pocket for maintenance or repairs.

It drives smoothly, is pretty quiet, and has been very dependable. I don't like the interior layout of the dashboard/radio, but overall it is a good vehicle.

- Justin F

It's a small car but it can go. The gas is very touchy.

I love my car. It gets me to work and home and anywhere else in between safely and efficiently. I don't have to put a ton of gas in it so I can't complain.

- Haley M

It runs well even though it has 240,000 miles on it!.

I love the roominess and comfort of my car. I love that it has a lumbar seat in the driver's seat. I love the color. I love the get up and go that it has.

- Debbie O

It is dependable and serves my needs

My vehicle is black 4 door it gets me where I need to go. It's a little big for me but i'm ok with it it has cloth seats air conditioning and a sunroof.

- Josephine P

It is a good car, that lasts really long.

I have really liked my sonata. I haven't had any major mechanical issue. It has been a safe care for my family, and I feel like it is still a good car.

- Jordan T

It is a very well-made care.

Best car I have ever owned. I have had it for 12 years and it has been reliable and comfortable and needs little repair. I highly recommend the Sonata.

- Jan B

Very comfortable and great on gas

It is really good on gas and mileage. Only complaint is that I wish it had a little more room. Other than that my son and I have a blast in our car.

- Heather L

It has lots of get up and go, particularly in merging situations

I like the v6 engine and its power to accelerate. It doesn't maneuver well. It loves to go fast and gets much better highway than City mileage.

- Amy T

Good small car for the road and great on gas.

We, have had this car for over 10yrs and it wasn't until the beginning of last year that it really has had any problems. overall excellent car.

- Sandy F

It's very comfortable and has a lot of room for the passengers.

Due to being a foreign car, maintenance costs are more. It is difficult to find an oil change service place that keeps the oil filter instock.

- Jennifer M

Very good on gas. Easy to get fixed.

Well the Hyundai side not have a lot of power and it has to many plastic parts. I do not like plastic parts, make you have to buy more parts.

- Paul H

That is a good running car.

My car runs very good and easy to drive.. It is a dependable to have and makes me feel safe when driving. I feel safe when taking long trips.

- La Donna D

My car has been there for me through so much in my life, he works hard to keep driving!

I love my car. I love the size, color, comfort, safety, mileage. It is old and I know I will need a new one soon but it's perfect for now.

- Hannah O

Pretty sweet car for being 12 years old

I love my cars exhaust purrs. She's pretty and I feel comfortable driving her. I don't like that I can't hook my phone up to the radio.

- Meagan Grabowski S

It has never broken down.

The car is older, has a lot of maintenance issues. Body style is really basic.. Good gas mileage though. Gets me from place to place..

- Emily S

Good on gas , runs great easy to maintain

For my car has been so great it haven't given me any problems I've had it for 4 years runs great easy and economically to get fixed .

- Karen P

Great little car! Great gas mileage and interior!

It's a great little car and has excellent gas mileage! I don't know what I would do without my car! Thank you for making a good car!

- Polly M

It gets me and my family where we need to go.

I like my car size. Its suitable for my family. I dislike how old it is. I also dislike the look, from wear and tear over the years.

- Jasmine A

Very good on gas mileage. Runs great.

Only issue is car wouldn't drive. It was running but wouldn't go. After it sat for a while it finally would run. No problems since.

- Gary K

Hyundai Sonata exteriors--worth the money, decade long investment

The exterior of the vehicle is easy to clean, gives off a great shine, and garners a lot of compliments. It does, however, rust.

- Julie R

It is bigger than you think it is.

Best car I have had, minimal repairs ever needed, mostly just preventative maintenance, great gas mileage and range. Comfortable.

- Peter E

The way it hugs the ground when you have good tires on it.

I like the feel of the drive. I like the size. I like the comfort. I do not care for the exterior since it is not a high end car.

- Donna E

Roomy comfortable reliable awesome car.

Smooth driving. Has over 200, 000 miles still drives good. First car I have ever owned myself. It is very comfortable and roomy.

- Cassandra C

It is very dependable and reliable. Can also count on it.

Door handles, handlebars, plastic pieces are all falling off. The thing is not tremendously well-fabricated. Nice engine power.

- Christy C

Extremely comfortable cloth interior

The interior is extremely comfortable and it rides very nice. Could possibly use a rear window wiper. Otherwise I like my car.

- Sandra G

Trustworthy because of safety features and design.

It is safe, has lots of safety features. I like how roomy it is and all the trunk space. Complaints, it had several recalls.

- Alexis D

Good car for a starter car

It's a good car but after a few years like any car it needs it's normal work done to it and it needed a power steering pump

- Sarah R

It's reliable. It works well, and it keeps working well.

I really like that it is reliable. I also got a great deal, and it works well. I haven't had many problems with it at all.

- No N

Its reliable and runs great.

It is a reliable car. I like the leather seats. It also has a lot of little things like heated seats and a ceiling window.

- Matthew B

It is reliable, as well as tough.

No complaints about my sonata. It is reliable and a great car. I have never had an issue with it, and it is fairly cheap.

- Makayla M

Best bang for the buck. Looks and rides like a much more expensive car.

Comfortable as the day we got it. Great visibility. Very smooth ride at any speed. Trunk holds tons more than expected.

- Jill C

The brakes are very touchy on the car.

Everything works great on it. Gets me from here to there. From work and back home. From the grocery store and back home.

- Matthew L

I hate the blind spots this car has, but has great pick up to get on freeways.

A lot of blind spots. Things inside the car broke ie; cup holder, sun visors. Has good pick up and has been reliable.

- Shawn S

It is very easy to drive if you are just learning how to drive.

I very much enjoy the drive of the car. It is smooth and easy to drive as a starter car. I also enjoy the aux feature.

- Karen G

It's comfortable and rides well. The leather seats look nice and I love the seat warmer in the winter.

I have had this car for 10 years and it has served me well. No fancy bells and whistles. Gets me where I want to go.

- Regina G

It is older so it is a little run down.

It drives okay. Has a high number of miles on it, since it is from 2006. Only slight mechanic issues here and there.

- Star L

Fast and comfortable drive.

Oil leak and ignition switch. It has to be serviced. It has over 200 thousand miles on it. New tires and brake pads.

- Kevin C

it is very reliable transportation. I would purchase another Hyundai.

This vehicle is very reliable. It always passes inspection and parts easy to find. There have been several recalls.

- gary s

most reliable car I have ever owned

over 150000 with no major repairs is great This car is quiet and smooth riding and very reliable I will buy another

- Gor D

That it might be older, but it is still nice.

My car needs a tune up and the air conditioner does not work, other than that it works great. I like my car a lot.

- Jill S

It has a very smooth ride.

The only complain that I have is the gas mileage. Not as good as I thought it would be. Very reliable car though.

- Nicole D

Its runs great very dependable.

No complaints. I love this car it has always worked. Runs great I've been driving it since 2006 with no problems.

- Billy D

It is a very good car for the money.

Poor gas mileage, kind of cheap interior. Has been a very reliable car for me though. Good value for the money.

- Joseph N

Very good mileage for medium size car.

It has a timing chain and not a belt. Very good mileage for 5 passenger vehicle. Very low upkeep - no dislikes.

- Tom C

It is very reliable and a good family car it will be kept in the family to the wheels fall off

It's very dependable no major repairs done on it I've had it for over 10 years and really is only highway miles

- Kelly L


There are no problems with my car. I've owned it for the longest time and I've hardly had any problems with it.

- Kyle A

My car is soft comfortable interior. The vehicle is reliable and safe.

The car is reliable and comfortable. The only issues I have had is with the gas gauge. It has stopped working.

- Chelsea M

I like how roomy it is. It drives smoothly. I don't like that certain things go out and the factory can't fix the problem.

Its very spacious. I have a lot of room to put things in there. And it's very comfortable for 4 people to sit.

- Sam D

A Great reliable dependable car

Great reliable car. Never had any major problems with the Hyundai Sonata. Would highly recommend Hyundai cars.

- Peggy M

Good value of how much it cost versus how long I have had it.

Little maintenance. Decent gas mileage. Roomy. Frame wore easily. Noisy. Belts and visors broke down quickly.

- Chris C

It has a lot less miles than one would suspect for a 12-yr. Old car.

I like the way it handles (smooth ride). It is not too big or small for me. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Deb R

The Hyundai Sonata is a decent car for the price, but next time I will purchase a Toyota or Honda.

The vehicle was reasonably priced. However, I do not believe it is as solidly built as a Honda or Toyota.

- Lavonne M

That the car is good on gas, it is cheap to maintain.

Nothing a lot of squeaks. But it is old. Good gas mileage. No rust and roomy. Love the color and sunroof.

- Kris M

Very reliable but you will miss out on certain luxuries from most foreign cars.

Some gas mileage issues and CD player is faulty. Also there is no AUX slot to play from a mobile device.

- Louis W

It would be the brake system it terrifies me.

The brakes feel and sound bad. The handling is awful. The car only lasted me a year before I had issues.

- Sara R

The car is really dependable, has a lot of room, and is good on gas.

I haven't had any issues with the car since getting it. It's been really reliable and is good on gas.

- Jorge U

It is a very reliable car. I have had no problems with this car.

I like the size. I like the color. I like how comfortable it is. I like how trouble-free it has been.

- Kris S

Reliability and comfortability

Like: styling, performance, reliability Dislike: sun visors, driver door lock control, minor things

- Larry D



- James s

The features of the car make the vehicle very safe for new drivers

The vehicle is very nice to drive. The gas mileage is really good it could just have more space

- Jamisa W

It has been a great car no major repairs. Drives well and is easy to see out of the back window

It has served us well. No major repairs and no recalls. I wished I had pick a different color.

- Elizabeth W

safety and it rides very well and handles good

I like everything about my car there is really nothing that I can say negative about this car

- larry H

Hyundais seem to be good cars, they have good gas mileage, and look nice, but seem to have some electrical issues including the alternator.

Good gas mileage. Accelerates quickly. Nice looking. Some issues with the electrical system.

- David W

It is good on gas and easy to steer; it is a small sedan.

I like my car , it is good on gas. There is nothing to dislike. There are no complaints.

- Nora Y

It is a safe and reliable vehicle that gets me around just fine.

I dislike how everything has broken at least once. The car doesn't have automatic lights.

- Sarah W

My car gets great gas mileage. Smooth * relaxing ride

I love the way the car rides. It is easy to get in tight parking places. Great on gas.

- Deb T

The car is built strong, thus would be safer to drive than other similar class cars.

My sonata is reliable, steady, and safe to drive. But It's gas mileage could be better.

- chuck d

It is reliable and good on the highway and good on gas

It is white. It runs well but has had a few problems. Had to change alternator twice.

- Malik W

Great driving vehicle!!! They take care of issues when needed.

I have had no problems with it. There were some recalls but they took care of them.

- Jason S

that it is easy to take of it last a lot of years before you have to buy a new one

I like it run good and give know problem. easy to take care off. it is fun to drive

- Eileen C

High quality car for a low amount of money! Wonderful value.

Handles well. Nice features (sunroof). Good trunk capacity. Too low to the ground.

- Liz C

We both wear leg braces and it is so much easier than other cars to get in and out of. We went on a 8,000 mi road trip last year and had no problems

We have great gas mileage. You can take it on long road trips and it is dependable

- Judy F

Easy to Drive and work on and very comfortable to drive

I love Santana's they last a long time. I'm comfortable in them. Easy to work on.

- Wendy S

Quality of performance is very good.

It is very well built. Still running well at 135K miles. Needs some body work now

- Charles H

It's very reliable but kind of boring.

I have had the car for 10 years and it has been great. I just need a new car now.

- Jo W

It is a pre-owned car. Hasn't needed serious repairs as of yet.

It is a nice car but it could use repairs. Doesn't run as smoothly as it use to.

- Jesenia H

nothing, it is mine and no one else needs to know anything about it

it is very nice. it is older. I still like it. I will keep it as long as I can.

- allen c

It keeps having problems.

Too old, Need better model. Don't like power windows. Keeps having problems

- Kathy G

warranty and the very good mileage and the handling of driving the car

handles very well very good mileage got a really good deal when we bought it

- Dee B

It gets good gas mileage, and it's smooth to drive.

Very reliable. It has lasted for many years with very few repairs needed

- Meg S

My Sonata is 12 years old, and has needed only basic maintenance. The battery is still the original battery. It's comfortable. It gets decent mileage. I would consider buying one again.

It's reliable. I have only needed basic maintenance, like brakes.

- Jessica B

Great car for the price and more reliable than most cars I have owned.

I like the power and comfortable interior. I dislike the mileage.

- David L

The Hyundai Sonata is a vehicle that for the money is hard to beat. The car operates very efficiently including gas mileage and a smooth ride. The interior is roomy and comfortable while the exterior is not flashy but attractive to look at.

Reliable and comfortable automobile at a very affordable price

- Jack W

It handles well on the road. It does ok in the snow it has an alarm system

No Complaints. It rides good. Easy to handle on the road.

- Karen H

Good power from engine. V6 power gives good pick up.

Needs engine work. Like power. Dislike small rust areas.

- Harold p

That is made to last. Also comfortable and reliable.

Is is reliable and comfortable. Do not dislike anything.

- Heidi S

I like that it fits me well. It is a small yet decent size for my height. It does not waste gas at all. It is very reliable and takes me everywhere I need to go.

It is very reliable and saves a lot on gasoline as well.

- crystal Z

Smooth ride, goes zero to sixty pretty well, easy to drive

Age related deterioration, strange smells, rusty spots

- Marley M

One important thing other should know about my car is, it is fast, reliable, and Safe

Smooth, fuel efficient, safe, and picks up very fast.

- Romas H

Don't underestimate a Hyundai, in my experience, she is a very good car, with a very good motor.

It's a tough and reliable vehicle. Her name is Ella.

- starshine b

It is a reliable car. It never breaks down. It is easy to maintain.

No Bluetooth. Kind of boxy looking. Old fashioned.

- Jeff L

The vehicle itself is very comfortable. It also has a V6 engine which makes it have more balls when i drive it,but is still good on gas. I don't like the fact it looks like a grandmother's car.

The car,if well taken care of, will last forever.

- Alysha N