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2007 Sonata: a big bang for your buck. It is a praise worthy car.

Hyundai 2007 Sonata is one of the most reliable vehicles on the roads today. The features of the car are impeccable, such as the heated and adjustable seats, ventilation and air conditioning. The gas mileage was really the selling point for me. Compared to a lot of cars, this Sonata gives consumers the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to saving on gas. Most importantly, it is a very dependable vehicle. I drive my siblings around very often to and from places and knowing that the car I am driving is reliable is an amazing feeling. Honestly, the only thing I would say could improve about this car is the amount of time it takes for it to get up to speed. For example, every morning on my way to school I have to pull out from a stop sign into highway traffic traveling at 55 miles per hour. Often times, when pulling out in traffic it takes a while for the car to get up to speed with the rest of the vehicles, sometimes causing a problem in traffic. On a more positive note, the design of the Sonata is very appealing to the eye and is still "with the times" even though it is 11 years old. I see myself, if not keeping this Sonata for a long time, investing in another Sonata in the future. Hyundai is a car brand that I love and trust with my safety. I highly recommend this car, and more importantly, this brand of cars to everyone. There are multiple features of this car that everyone can appreciate.

- Sydney M

11 years and still going!

After 11 years of owning a Hyundai Sonata I can honestly say that there’s no way I would ever own a car other than a Hyundai. It is super reliable, never have I ever had a problem that couldn’t be managed by the service team. It is super comfortable and I have been on plenty of road trips to attest to its comfort. I live in the north east I have had my share of snowstorms, summer heat, rain, and good weather, and my Sonata has done nothing but excel through all types of weather. I have only had standard problems that any car owner would have with my Hyundai, such as tire replacement or recalls on my car but Hyundai service is great and always provides me with a rental. I have features on my Sonata such as cruise control, CD player, XM radio, pretty much just a standard for vehicles. I would recommend Hyundai to anybody and everybody that I know you cannot get a more reliable vehicle then Hyundai, plus it has an amazing warranty. I do not know many vehicles that would last 11 years and still be going like I just bought it yesterday, soon I want to be looking for a new car but not because my Sonata is coming to its end, it is because I want a new vehicle and will be able to pass down my Sonata to my daughter who it is starting to drive and I know that Hyundai cars will keep her safe and sound while she’s on the road as a new driver.

- Christine H

A really reliable 10+ years car: Hyundai Sonata

My 2007 Hyundai Sonata is very reliable. I bought it used in 2012 from someone who had it after the transmission was rebuilt. In the seven years that I've driven this car, I have been able to commute to and from school, work, and drive up to a hour long each way traveling between cities with ease. If had to change any parts, the mechanic easily found, purchased, and installed the parts with no difficulty. Being that I'm 5' 4', the adjustable seat and rear view mirror allows me to sit and see comfortably while I'm driving. However, my radio screen has been affected by sun damage. I have to strain my eyes to make out the numbers as I channel search. Also, I remembered searching for an AUX outlet and it was nowhere to be found. I settled for using the CD player but now, I rarely play CDs. Plus, there's is not a Bluetooth feature. The worst experience that I've had with my car is that the keyless remote fell and broke apart. I hadn't replaced it and I have mistakenly locked my keys in the car a few times. But, in all those instances, I'm grateful that my keys weren't in the ignition because whenever I open my door, the sound alerts me to remove them. I really appreciate that.

- Emma M

Reliable and a Real Trooper

Some of the issues that I've encountered would be: the door handles are very flimsy, being I've had to replace them three times since buying the car. The starter acts up from time to time, especially in the rain where it would take a few tries to finally catch and start up. There are also small other problems, but they are easily fixable and nothing to worry about. But altogether, the car is wonderful and it's great on gas mileage. I've taken it on many road trips and I haven't had any major problems with the car, other than the usual maintenance work that needs to be done every couple of years. But I would definitely recommend this car to friends and family, along with other strangers who are looking for a reliable and accessible car.

- Colleen A

Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, or the paint will start to chip.

The paint on this model is known for chipping after being left in the sun. So while my paint color is very pretty, it is chipped in places. I have also had issues with the electrical system in my car, sometimes the lights will randomly go off, and the airbag light is faulty, so it stays on all the time. And the door handles in the back have both fallen apart, and I rarely have anyone sitting in the backseat so they didn't break from being used. Other than that, I really do love my car. It has never broken down on me, and I have never had any issues with maintenance, and it is very roomy. It is a first car for someone, because as long as it is maintained it will keep running.

- Haley R

Hyundai sonata- reliable and safe (for the most part).

This vehicle works pretty well. It gets decent gas mileage, and the acceleration and braking systems work well. One of the things that does not work as well is the front end. The suspension does not work too well (even when I replaced it), and at one point the ball joint came out, causing me to lose my front wheel. If you consider buying this car, I would strongly suggest having a mechanic check out the front end to make sure that it is in decent condition. The transmission, air condition, steering, and other features of the car work well, and I haven't needed to replace anything else besides parts of the front end.

- Audrey G

Great luxury sedan, but not a good purchase.

2 years after I purchased my Sonata, used by one couple for 7 years, the engine failed. A piston rod snapped and damaged the cylinder. The top of the engine was dry due to oil not reaching it and the repairs cost more than the car is worth. It is now undrivable and I still owe on the loan. Perhaps the newer models are much better, but I do not recommend the 2007 Sonata. Positive features I can recommend are great gas mileage for a large sedan, tons of space, latch clips for children, and it is very easy to maintain. I just wished the engine would've lasted longer, but I learned a great lesson.

- Samantha J

The worst purchase of my life.

I purchased my car from a third party vendor 6 years ago. Since then I have had endless repairs needed. I have paid to have the engine rebuilt, as well as many other very expensive repairs. I am now facing the need to purchase another new car because the current needed repairs outweigh the value of my car. The interior of my car is now also beginning to have problems. My cruise control buttons no longer work, as well as one of my window buttons not working well either. Lastly, the lock and unlock button is beginning to only work on occasion. I truly hate my car, and cannot wait for a new one.

- Connor R

This car is beautiful, classy and fast!

I love the way it drives. It has a v6 engine so it really gets up and goes when you need it to. It is pretty fuel efficient. The interior is nice and comfortable. The back is hard to see out of. I feel like there are too many blind spots. I am always worried that I am going to run over someone or hit a car. I do like the size of the interior. It is very roomy. The sunroof is a bonus but it tends to come open when I do not want it to. It is an older car though, so that may be the problem. All in all I am very satisfied with my Hyundai Sonata.

- Karen J

The Sonata hits a few wrong notes in a pretty musical piece.

In the five years that I have had this car, which I bought used, it has had a few problems. The compressor died, so the air conditioning does not work. Also, the brakes had to be completely replaced. The design of the car itself is nice, and I do appreciate the quality of the other components. The problem with the compressor was withheld by the used car dealership, not the manufacturer, so I do not find fault with them in that regard. But the brakes were an expensive fix. The general cost of upkeep and maintenance has been acceptable.

- Julie P

Sturdy car with good gas mileage.

Overall the 2007 Hyundai sonata is a good car. I do not have much to complain about regarding this car. It is relatively cheap to fix should anything break or wear down. The body is solid so it feel safe to drive. The automated windows and locks are a plus. Tons of trunk space and legroom for everyone in the car. Steering is easy and the blind spots are minimal. My only wish would be for some more advanced features but that comes with lack of technology when the car was manufactured. Would recommend at least trying this car out.

- Sarah S

Amazing car, very good family or travel car.

I absolutely love my car it has been a great reliable car for almost 8.5 years now. I have kept it up with minor maintenance and kept tires and oil changed regularly. It just did start falling apart with little things this year, starting with a couple of the window switches not working and a door handle fell off, nothing major. AC and heat still work great. It has been in one semi major accident on rear driver side but that was able to be repaired 3 years ago. It has been an all around amazing car I would highly recommend.

- Stacy H

Great car for petite ladies!

I am 5'0" and this car is the best I have ever found for comfort. She also handles very easy and I feel safe in her. I did exchange the radio for a better one as was not happy with sound quality of one that it comes with. I get her service when it says I should, use regular grade gas and knock on wood, have not had any problems with her. The key fob is acting up so I know soon I will need to see if it is the battery or if I need a new one. Hopefully it is battery as the whole outfit is really costly.

- Lyn M

That I can either drive it like a standard or shift over to a stick!

MY Hyundai is a very reliable car I have purchased it used by 2 yrs. of it's manufactured Year. It only hand one previous owner before me so that was a plus I have owned this vehicle since 2009 up to the present. I am still learning my vehicle I have not to long ago have started to drive it like a stick which I was unaware of that was available to my car. I am always having my car maintenance at it's original dealer from day one. Again I have no complaints about my car.

- Beverly C

Great, but has major issues.

This vehicle has issues getting oil from the bottom of the engine to the top, and even with proper maintenance, my piston snapped and began damaging the cylinder less than 2 years after purchasing it used. Although the previous owners did everything right to maintain it, the steering rod was also loose and had to be fixed before I took it off the lot. Other than that, the car was amazing for safety, comfort, and awesome drivability. Just wish I could've had her longer.

- Samantha J

Super Sonata, Super Car, Super investment

Overall the Hyundai sonata se is a good reliable vehicle. I bought mine used with about 16,000 miles on it and have exceeded 100,000 miles on it without any major problems. The one thing is the rear tail lights will burn up fairly quick. Brake system in it is good, never had a problem internally and overall for any repair jobs I have had done they're fairly quick. The car is a great I'd give it a 9/10 just simply based off the rear tail light issue

- Linda M

Struggle Bus is Trucking Along

Car is great for being nearly 13 years old! Normal wear and tear, but easily repairable. It is a great, spacious family vehicle and gets pretty decent mileage on the highway. The biggest problem with this car is that there is a fault belt that causes major oil leaks and it caused my alternator to go out twice, as well as create a domino effect of sensor issues. All are manageable and easy to fix, it's just time consuming and inconvenient.

- Taylor J

It's functional in that it serves its purpose getting me from A to B.

I like that it has manual option transmission as well as tinted windows and is pretty decent on gas. I do not like that I'm right at 90k miles and am now having issues with being able to turn my lights off, the passenger side seatbelt sign flashes randomly regardless of it being occupied or not, one of the lightbulbs in the radio display is out so now its fuzzy, and you cannot lower the height of the front passenger seat.

- Michelle R

Very spacious and comfortable to drive

It has been a very reliable vehicle. Now has 140000 miles on it and is having some normal wear and tear. I have the v6 engine and would never go back to a 4 cylinder. It is very comfortable to sit in and I feel very safe when driving it. There doesn't seem to be much of a blind spot as I've encountered in other vehicles. Suspension and steering is great. It is also very roomy inside and has an enormous trunk.

- Trish C

Safe and reliable family car.

I do not have many problems with it. I find it to be very comfortable as a driver. As a passenger my husband finds that seat seams to be unlevel and "pushing" him towards the center of the car. Not much for pickup even though it has a four cylinder engine. I love the Sirius XM radio and have been listening to it all the time. There is a wide variety of music and the comedians on laugh USA make me smile.

- Katherine G

My vehicle is silver it has a sunroof and it is very cozy.

It is very reliable, never had a problem with it. I love the sunroof and the interior. The space inside is roomy and it is comfortable to have multiple people at one time in it. I love the car colors and in interior colors as well. It feels comfortable and relaxing. I love the cup holders in the car and the rearview mirror has a reflective setting to make it so the lights from cars are not so bright.

- Katie Z

2007 Hyundai Sonata- gets the job done in good weather.

This vehicle is smooth when driving. It has comfortable cotton seats, and is spacious inside for a small vehicle. I only have problems with it when I drive in the snow or rain. This car is not very reliable when it comes to bad weather. It slides easily and the automatic steering is quick to shut off with a little bit of rain. The 2007 model has outdated interior colors (the fake wood).

- Valerie S

It kicks like a stallion the acceleration is excellent.

Well my vehicle is a 2007 Hyundai Sonata its in great condition, no problems runs great, kicks power like a stallion which means its good at acceleration, it brings me anywhere its very top of the line reliable, inside is like my home because of its unique comfort not to mention features which keep me pampered all round I would say it's a good vehicle once its maintained. .

- Carey S

I love the fact of the great gas mileage but what makes the car stand out more

To start off the Hyundai sonata is very roomy, comfortable,and sits great especially for long trips. The heat and the air conditioning both work excellent. The gas mileage is awesome asf .Spent $1500 and it's worth at least 10 times over if I was to tell someone to purchase a new one I would definitely recommend it for sure very reliable and dependable and trustworthy

- Christopher E

2007 Hyundai Sonata ok car.

The inside of the car is nice and it for the most part is a reliable car. I have a problem with how many car issues I have had all together. I've spent more on fixing my car than I paid for the car itself. My car started burning oil already and there isn't even that many miles on the car. It's also going through gas like crazy and I really don't drive that much.

- Marissa W

07 Hyundai Sonata with 180k miles.

When I started driving my Hyundai Sonata I didn't think I would enjoy it very much. However, the more I did, the more I found the advantages of driving one. The ride is smooth - almost feels like I'm hovering along the road. I have never had any mechanical problem, and have kept up routine maintenance. The gas mileage is also a huge plus.

- Mike W

My 07 Sonata se gals review.

It is a well built vehicle that runs strong and is durable. It is a comfortable ride and is great for long drives. Only thing I wish it had is a auxiliary input, but that technology is hard to come by in this model year. I really like having the volume and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel which makes long trips convenient.

- Loren D

Bad paint, to thin, spots of paint keep coming off.

I really like my car, it is comfortable to drive. There are some issues, think there is to much wind noise when on highway. The pain is to thin and spots of paint keep coming off, I can see no reason for this, they just appear. Hope Hyundai will correct these problems. Would also like an inside button that shows outside temperature.

- Gay S

For me the best part about my car was how good it was on gas.

I can honestly say that I really loved everything about my car. It bas a smooth drive. Easy fluent control. For a four door sedan you would be surprised how many people I can fit in my car. Not to mention all of their stuff. The gas mileage is wonderful! My one and only complaint is for some reason my car would not pass smog. a all.

- Angelica R

My family car reliable and dependable.

My car is dependable, a family car with cloth seats and plastic interior. The starter and muffler were the first to fix. My children fit comfortably in the seats. I love the way the engine is quiet and it has great stock speakers. When I drive it I only with the brakes were a bit quicker in reaction but all in all it's a good car.

- Angelica C

It is very dependable. I've had it over 11 years and I have never had a serious issue with it. I'd buy another Hyundai.

I love the way my car looks and the color (silver) of it. I love the sunroof and the leather interior. I really love the heated seats. This is the first car that I bought that I got everything I wanted and got exactly the car that I wanted. With kids now I doubt I will get that again but I love this car still, 11 years later.

- Heidi H

I appreciate the economy this vehicle provides as well as the way it looks.

I have owned this vehicle for about three years. It has cost very little in repairs (thermostat, oil changes, etc), and gets very good mileage. I find it to be easy to handle for both regular driving and in icy road conditions. It is a nice looking car and is comfortable to ride in. I truly have no complaints about it.

- Pat G

Comfortable, reliable and economical.

Very reliable, comfortable and easy to drive. Love the size and the look of it. I have had to change tires, brakes etc. but I maintain my cars and this one has responded well. I wish the body looked better but I have not been kind to the outside. I recommend this car to anyone looking for comfort, economy and reliability.

- Ida C

Henry isn't much to look at, but he gets me where I want to go and doesn't take a lot of gas use to do so.

Henry is a beast, good on gas, takes a beating and keeps on going. Only thing I don't like is that he's not very cool in the snow. He wants to be a warm weather car. I've replaced nearly every part of him in the last ten years, he's got high mileage, but I expect to have him around for at least another two or three years.

- Laina T

My vehicle is reliable, cute, and low maintenance.

My car was made in 2007 I have had it for two years and the only problems I have had from it was a sensor from my oil getting to think. One thing I do not like about it is it does not have an AUX port or Bluetooth. The seats are electric so they adjust all different ways which comes in handy when you are short like I am.

- Haleigh T

I love my 2007 Hyundai Sonata!

I bought my 2007 Hyundai Sonata second-hand. It is my first (and only) car, and it has proven to be very reliable over the 5+ years that I have owned it. I have had few problems with this car, and I am quite happy with it is performance, reliability, and comfort. I would highly recommend this car to an interested buyer.

- Molly S

The dependable Hyundai that know the road between Seattle and palm springs!

I purchased this new and have driven it from we. To ca. Several times. It is a comfortable, with good legroom, and handles well on the road. Regular maintenance is all that has ever been needed and it has not had any major problems. Trunk space is good, and has an opening to the back seat to carry long items I. E skis.

- Sandra S

I would highly recommend a Hyundai Sonata.

My Hyundai is very reliable and always starts. Is kept outside and I have had no problems at all. I have had this car over 10 years and I have never had to have a major repair. Just a new battery and new tires. It gets over 30 miles per gallon on long trips. It hugs the road on sharp turns and very comfortable ride.

- Jeanne L

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned!

This vehicle has close to 180k miles on it and is still reliable and going strong. I have never had any major issues with it. Just normal upkeep. My entire family has depended on this car. It is comfortable, drives smoothly and very roomy! The truck is a great size for luggage and storage. Ample leg room in seats.

- Alison N

10/10 would recommend a Hyundai Sonata as a first car.

My Hyundai Sonata is a great car. It is comfortable and affordable. I love the body of the car and the interior, it is very modern. It drives well and I have never had any problems with it. It is very reliable if you keep up to date on its maintenance. It is not a very high maintenance car, it is my first one!

- Gina G

I love that my Hyundai Sonata had a 10-year warranty. I have had no major problems since purchasing and would highly recommend to future car buyers.

I purchased my Hyundai Sonata in 2007 and it now has 125,000 miles accumulated. I have never driven a car this long before trading in for a new one. However, my Sonata has been taken good care of, still drives like a new car, and I intend to hang on to it for as long as I can before purchasing a new one.

- Gregory G

A breakdown of a Hyundai sonata.

The performance of the engine and the chassis makes it a great value for your money. The interior is a car including the seats and carpet are not durable. The power of the engine is mediocre at best and lacks get up and go. For as much time as I spend in a car the actual seats are somewhat uncomfortable.

- Dennis S

2007 Hyundai Sonata Review

My Hyundai Sonata is reliable, also great on gas.. and very comfortable. I am having slight mechanical issues... and oil leak issues as it was not a brand new but used vehicle. However overall it is a great family car, with tons of space. Hyundai has come a long way and I am happy I purchased a Hyundai.

- Denise O

Great on gas usage. Has a sunroof and leather seating

My car drives amazing. It goes fast when you need it too, haven't had any problems yet since I've gotten it. Engine is great runs great and good on gas mileage. So far with this vehicle I've gotten better reliability out of it then my past vehicles. I would recommend this vehicle to first time buyers

- Michelle H

Good economy car with great safety features available and great gas mileage.

Love the car. It's been reliable from me. Errors with electronics. Frequently lights up with errors that aren't really issues and it costs too much to constantly fix the error readings. There was a recall with safety bags, but otherwise it's been great and I would buy again if didn't need larger car.

- Jessica S

My 2007 Hyundai Sonata is an awesome vehicle that, despite its age, has been super reliable. Along with the features it offers, having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I can still take longer trips in a car with 130,000+ miles on the odometer is awesome!

Since I purchased the highest trim level for this year of Sonata, I am able to enjoy some extra features that a lot of cars from 2007 didn't have. I like that it has heated seats, premium sound, and a relatively powerful V6. My car is also very roomy so fitting a car seat in the back is a breeze.

- Grady A

2007 Hyundai Sonata with a v6 engine.

I really love my Sonata with a v6 engine, economical, easy on gas, sunroof. It has cruise control, and a button to push in winter to help with the ice and snow. I have 120, 000 miles on my Sonata and it is still in good condition. It is a 2007 so it is 11 years old. I plan to keep it for awhile.

- Debbie Y

Really great for long trips because it is a gas saver. Made for the highway.

As the vehicle is older, it does have it is problems. It does run sluggish a times, even with regular maintenance. But it has be reliable to me and my family. Great highway driver and good on gas. Now that my kids are getting older, spacing is starting to be an issue. Truck space is satisfying.

- Linda N

Very comfortable car. Great mileage with gas.

Very easy on gas. Comfortable on trips have had it for 4 years and have only had one issue with it. . Very reliable car. Very quiet and interior is very easy to keep clean. . Runs forever. One issue is the windows or electrical I should say has issues. But all an all very happy with this car.

- Stacy M

I love the heated seats, sunroof and visibility.

My vehicle is a wonderful vehicle for many lifestyles. It is comfortable, plenty of room, and drives very well. The leather interior helps in maintaining it is cleanliness. The only complaint I would have, is it is clearance. For heavy snow areas it does not have the clearance I would prefer.

- Amanda N

The Hyundai Sonata is a V6 engine with great acceleration

The reliability of the Hyundai sonata is great I have 180,000 miles on the car and it's still going strong. I would recommend this car for someone looking to invest in a car that can last them for more than five years. The comforts is great with leather seats and power windows and seats.

- KB S

2007 Hyundai Sonata low mileage.

It a good vehicle but has pick up issues and does not take off well. It rides comfortably but sits low. You will not like it if you have back issues and are tall. It is difficult to keep the inside clean. The carpet holds stains easily. It is difficult to clean the windows with the angle.

- RHonda R

Great and affordable car!

I have got 150,000 miles on it and haven't had any major problems so far! Just little things to fix here and there. It is beginning to wear down now, but that is understandable considering how long I have been driving it. I recommend the car if you'd like something relatively inexpensive.

- Alec M

My car is very reliable and resistant.

I owned this car for 8 years now and purchased it as used. I never had any problems until last month the battery died which is normal and expected. I will be looking for the same kind of car next year but a more recent year. Very pleased with it and I have owned many cars in my lifetime.

- Carole R

We love all of the amenities and cup holders in the car!

My family and I really love our car. We had it for quite some time and it has lasted and we haven't had a lot of problems. We've had to replace the window wipers, windshield, and one the handles on the doors. Other than that we have loved it and we really hopped it will last along time.

- Lauren C

Best car ever. The older it gets the better it gets. It runs perfectly.

I only have 29000 miles on my car. I do not drive much. However I have not had any problems and my car is reliable and in great condition. I hope it lasts another 12 years. The body is in good shape. I haven't had any accidents and the paint has no chops or rust. It is garage kept.

- Nita B

Long lasting and reliable.

This car has been reliable and sturdy through the years has been driven long distances though it can no longer go because of its age. I will be planning on getting this same make and model just a more updated version. I did have some issues with the paint peeling which was unusual.

- Chelsea M

Even though it is only a six-cylinder, it has great acceleration.

No existing problems with my vehicle. It has excellent acceleration and can go from zero to sixty in just a couple seconds. It always starts, so it is extremely reliable. It is very comfortable to drive, and its features include airbags in both front seats, CD player, am/FM radio.

- Michael W

The best car I have ever had.

Out of all of the cars I have had I absolutely love this one. Its perfect and a lot more spacious than my last car. It also has a huge trunk which is very convenient. The sunroof also closes and seals great and I've never had any problems with water leaking through when it rains.

- Courtney M

Works well and keeps mine at ease.

My vehicle works very well its super reliable and is great and never breaks down a special vehicle--all the gears work correctly and when there is a problem we are always alerted to any forthcoming issues--love the manual and ease of how everything works with the Hyundai Sonata.

- Kenneth E

As a bigger female, five foot ten, I can see out of it and it is a great size.

I love my car. It is a good ride. Easy to handle. It gets good gas mileage and has been easy to fix. I have had to do some body work and it was easy to do and affordable. The maintenance on it had been easy and affordable. It is a nice looking car and is not killing me to own.

- Kelley A

Hyundai Sonata very reliable

My vehicle has never broken down and I have 170,000 miles on it. The inside gadget however are very cheap and many things are broken including my center console and even 2 of my door handles. However it is very reliable and a good car for comfort and also has very good mileage.

- Lauren M

The problems of the Sonata.

I live in Utah, and I live on a massive hill. The Sonata is horrible I am the snow and sometimes its so bad that it is impossible to make it up the hill. The brakes are also very touchy. The a/c is only half effective, and had to be on the highest setting most of the time.

- Cassie L

My car is fast and drives good the radio in my car is very loud.

My car drive very good it has no problems I had my car for 4 years this sept and I got my car in Long Island it WAS the best in investment I have had. My car drives fast on the highway and on the regular roads. The motor is great and my car turns on so fast and with ease.

- carmelo A

An interesting detail about my vehicle is the anti theft mechanism

I don't really have any problems except for the doors not locking at certain times but that's most likely due to how old it is. Due to the age of my car, it has had little issues with the ac unit and battery but nothing besides that. The car is very reliable and well kept

- Daisy S

Excellence in a Hyundai Sonata.

It is economical even with almost 200, 000 miles on it. Gets around good in the heaviest of snow here in Iowa. Have had no issues with it mechanically but we have done all recommended routine maintenance especially oil changes and now use synthetic oil with high miles.

- Tanya O

Sonata would recommend car

There have been problems with the battery. The ESC off light has come on numerous times. It has caused the engine to turn off and on while I was driving. I like the fact it drives easily, and it does speed up pretty easily. It's fairly easy to drive no complications.

- Heather H

Reliable, affordable, simple

Very reliable, internal works last long time. Exterior is harder, windows have been stuck down before. Excellent and simple, lasts me forever. I would recommend it because of the price. It has high mileage but has not needed a big replacement, so it's very well built.

- Audrey G

Car review on Hyundai sonata 2007.

There is really no features obviously it is a 2007. The one thing I really like about my car is the ac it gets really cold which would be great for where I live (Arizona). It does not do so great on gas (for me) I have to fill up on $40 every week just staying local.

- Ariana L

The best car money can buy.

This car is the first car I've ever bought, every Hyundai we have bought has lasted us multiple years, it has 112,000 miles and the puppy still runs great this is my favorite car, it takes me where I need to go and is all in all an amazing car. 10/10 would recommend.

- Nicole D

2007 Hyundai Sonata 4 door sedan

It has lasted me quite a while. I have had numerous issues with the car including battery and power steering. I currently have 91,000 miles on the car and it is in decent condition. It is in need of a couple repairs but is holding up while I save up for the repairs.

- Mary L

Good and bad, better as a first car

High maintenance, expensive fixes, great gas mileage and safety equipment. Sensors break easy, susceptible to rod knock, engine replacement at 160000 miles cost 4,000.00 just not worth it, get a newer car, Chevy is better by far! Good car for work or school though

- Jude C

Love my car it is the best.

I like my car for the age it is, has very high mileage but works great because I kept up with it. Interior is still great nothing falling apart. Gas mileage is okay but it is a older car so it is expected to not be the best but it still gets me around on a daily.

- Katherine J

We have had our car for 3 years and have had absolutely no problems with it.

I love all the creature comforts such as warming/cooling seats, warming steering wheels, comfortable seats and well designed interior. Safety features include all around air bags (front and back) turning signals that announce if there is a car in your blind spot.

- Patricia M

The trunk is huge and comes in handy often.

I do not have any complaints about this vehicle. It has an enormous amount of room inside and is comfy or everyone. The parts are easy to find and relatively inexpensive for my husband if something needs repaired. It now has 200,000 miles and is still trucking!!

- Tj P

It rides really good and gets great gas mileage. It is a hybrid.

There was an issue that Hyundai should have recalled, but will not. Because of this we had to pay for having the issue repaired. The issue had to do with the steering. It was making a clicking noise. Hyundai knows about the issue but refused to make the recall.

- Laurie G

It is very spacious and looks great and it has great blue sky color I love it.

I own a Hyundai sonata se and I am really happy till now it looks great and. I really have not had any big issue with this vehicle. It is the best one that I have ever had. I am so happy that I bought it three years ago and it is in perfect condition till now.

- Alex R

Reliable commuter for the budget conscious.

Gas mileage is respectable as a commuter car. Ride is comfortable. Trim is nice. Premium audio is comparable to aftermarket system. No aux cable so only options is XM, radio, or CD. Fits 2 car seats comfortably. Great for road trips. Maintenance is affordable.

- Angel S

Buy a Hyundai, you will not be sorry.

It is a v6 limited Sonata, so it has all the features. I was lucky to get this car from the proverbial little old lady. This car is in immaculate condition and rides like a dream. It has leather heated seats and an Infinity sound system. It has great pick up.

- Chris L

Great car! No issues at all. Just basic car needs

My vehicle has been really great. Gas lasts a really long time and has little to no issues. As long as everything is taken care of on the car the way it should be, you will not have any issues. Parts for the car are very cheap and is good for all pay grades.

- Dominique H

A pretty great car. Love it.

No problems, rubs great for a 2007, very reliable and absolutely nice. Features are to be expected for what comes in a 2007 vehicle. Good size for a family car, front and back seats have a lot of room. Good on gas. Big trunk, does not wear on tires. Love it.

- Katherine J

This is a very reliable car.

This car is very reliable. We have had it for almost 11 years and it has only just started having a few minor issues. One issue to be wary of is that we park the car in the sun and, as a result, it has become difficult to read the radio because it has faded.

- Brittany O

My car is my special friend

Well the car is good. The problem with my vehicle needs a flex pipe, that needs to be fix. The passenger door the window runner broke, needs a new door panel. The car runs good, needs ac gas. Order than that the car is fine. I think it needs a lot of work.

- Lourdes Mendez M

Great car; Terrible paint

I have enjoyed my vehicle however there have been many issues with the paint. It is chipping and peeling off. It is a comfortable ride and gives decent mileage considering it's age and having a V6. I have traveled to many places and have had no problems.

- Natalie J

Good gas mileage and smooth driving.

It has good gas mileage on both street and highways. It drives smoothly. It is comfortable and spacious. It has good pickup and a nice shape to it. I like the buttons to pop open the trunk and the gas tank. The visor does not stay up on the driver side.

- Amber H

Great car to get you around town and take road trips with. VERY RELIABLE!

The car over all is great. i haven't really had any problems. the only complaints i have are that the suspension could be better. i feel every bump i hit. and i wish it had a AUX port but that's not a huge deal. besides that it's a great reliable car.

- Bevan C

Well it is a really good car, the gas mileage is not so.

Well it is good car, I have not many problems with it, the only drawback is it takes high performance tires and they do not last long and they are expensive, but it has held up fairly well over the past 11 years I would purchase a new one if I could.

- Kim J

Checks all the boxes, 2 checks on comfort!

Nothing but perfect reliability found in my Sonata, I've only experienced 1 random issue in the 5 years I've owned. Other than issues, rides like a dream, super comfortable, and amazing room - camping, moving, transporting goods, friends, and family!

- Mary N

The interior is very sleek and comfortable.

I honestly haven't had too many problems with this car! The only problems I have had with it are blown tires and headlights burning out. This car has been very reliable and very good for me, since I am a student that lives three hours away from home.

- Haley L

The Hyundai brand has come a long way, and I would consider buying a new one.

I purchased this vehicle used, but it was in like new condition. The interior was in excellent condition, as was the exterior. It performs well and gets decent gas mileage. It has many great features like heated seats, sunroof, and a V6 engine.

- Chris S

I love the fact that this car ranks very high on safety!

I like the fact that it has a high safety rating- that's important to me. I am short, but I am able to see out of it easily. My only minor complaint is that the seatbelt is at my throat, even though I have the seat adjusted as high as I can.

- Bonnie A

It is very comfortable on long drives, seats recline far back.

I like a 4 door vehicle, I like the compactness but with plenty of room. I do not like the seat adjustments. This is a used car and someone had to put coin slugs in to set the driver's seat from rocking. I would have liked electric seats.

- Lisa D

It is wonderful and works really well.

Its an older car so I am always worried it is going to stop working. But the mechanics say that it is in good condition for its age. And it is mileage for road trips is awesome. I can go for 300+ miles before I hit the quarter tank.

- Phoebe K

The Hyundai Sonata is a decent enough economy car.

I got a great deal on my car, and that I loved. But it is just not exactly what I'd like to have--feels a little too big for me. It is a solid car that has been reliable, but is just missing something when it comes to comfort.

- Gail H

The car has great gas mileage if you take care of it properly.

Very good vehicle. Rides and drives very well. Extremely comfortable and doesn't have very many problems. The only problem is that you have to constantly check to see if your lights are off because they are not automatic

- Jason N

Most reliable car I've had. Starts up every time every year.

You can feel the car shaking and hear the car making noise while it is driving sometimes. It can also be tough to accelerate quickly on the interstate. You have to jam your foot down. But it gets good gas mileage.

- Autumn L

It gets good gas mileage and is still going at over 200,000 miles.

I love that it's good on gas. I also like that it has enough power to drive uphill at a good speed. I wish it had 4-wheel drive in case it went off the road. It's not fancy or really hi-tech but it suits me well.

- Lauren J

Very reliable , just normal maintenance

Very comfortable, lots of room inside Dislikes, Headlight bulbs have to be replaced about every 18 months and 3rd ( back deck above seat ) you have to take side panels and deck off to change the bulb, bad design

- Matt P

2007 Hyundai Sonata has the power to get up and go when you need it.

I love my 2007 Hyundai Sonata because it has a v6 motor that makes it powerful and reliable. I have owned it 11 years now, about 80, 000 miles, and have only had to have it serviced twice for minor repairs.

- Dolores S

2007 Hyundai Sonata, great car.

The car has been reliable throughout the years. Had issues with suspension but I think that may have been due to the effects of salt over several years. The alternator has had to be replaced several times.

- Kenneth V

The engine is great in sound. The speakers are very loud and gives a great beat.

I love my car it used to belong to my dad but he passed away in 2016 and left it to me. The one thing I do not like is I cannot get it fixed it needs an emergency brake job. Other than that I rate it a 5.

- Sharon L

It is got good gas mileage.

It is worked well for the past three years, but it is an older car and has its issues. I like that it is still running and that it gets me from place to place. I dislike that it is older and makes noises.

- Nora H

It is well made and it has been on strict maintenance to continue running.

This auto has carried my family through high school, and all sports events.This auto also made it through 6 years of family college. Now we are getting ready for the grandkids. How's that for longevity!

- sam d

speedometer will go bad and it's not covered under recall

I like that it's good on gas. I do not like that the speedometer doesn't work and from researching it happens in a lot of Sonatas. They won't fix it unless you pay over $100 just for a test.

- Melanie O

it's in perfect condition, low mileage

well my vehicle is in good condition I recently purchased it from the dealer, it has hosted a little problem with the door but otherwise everything is ok with it,it also performs very well

- carey s

If you are looking for reliability. . .

This car has not given me any serious issues. It is been reliable, just took a trip to Portland from slc and it ran great. Definitely a keeper. Do not love sedans. Just a personal opinion.

- Tyler D

Cheaply made. WOn't get another one.

The electronics on this car have sucked since day one. Constantly changing lights in it, and some options don't even work. It's gotten me from point a to point b for over 10 years.

- David C

One of the important things to know about my car is that it's great on gas!

My sonata is a very reliable car with not a lot of problems! the only thing I really have to worry about is getting an oil change every couple of months. It's great for a first car!

- taylor t

The car is great on gas, that is the most important.

At the moment, I dislike that my windows will not roll down and that there is a leak of in my a/c fluids. But I love the way my car drives. It is comfortable and good on gas.

- Justin M

Even though cheap very reliable

I paid 120 for the best Sheet investment very reliable and excellent on gas you treat her right n she never breaks down parts can be kinda expense but worth a reliable beauty

- Shetia T

Take care of your car and you can count on it to take care of you

It doesn't accelerate smoothly, but it's reliable transportation. I like the height of the seats, some cars are too low. I've found that regular maintenance is all it needs.

- Priscilla F

That it's reliable and has held up very well for a vehicle that is 10 years old.

For a vehicle that is over 10 years old it still runs very good and I feel like it's reliable. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the windshield wipers arms are rusty.

- Laura S

It's ability to run great. It has a good gas mileage, and it just perfect for traveling

Overall I'm very satisfied with my vehicle. It runs great, and even though it's not the newest model it still looks nice. I definitely plan to buy a newer Hyundai soon.

- Rebekah M

Very Comfortable, affordable vehicle

Vehicle is very reliable and dependable. I have had this car for a number of years with very little maintenance being done to it. It is very comfortable to travel in.

- Tina s

It is reliable and gets decent gas mileage.

My car gets me around, but I refer to it as the grandma-mobile. I'll be happy to get a new vehicle after college--just too big and clunky for my taste. But it runs!

- Quinn A

It has had very little issues breaking down. It has traveled multiple states with no issues.

It gets me where I need to go. The issue is it does not compare to cars of today with all of the perks like bluetooth and heated seats. It is good for its time.

- Mario D

White, 4 door, tinted windows and light up radio face plate

I am a short female, 5 feet tall, so I'm used to always feeling like I'm driving a tank around. But the Hyundai Sonata is the perfect size for me. I love it.

- Kelsey W

Dynamite in a small package! I would take this vehicle over most of the so-called monster SUVs and trucks out there.

My car is tan in color, a midsize compact sedan. Four door. Great sound system. Six cylinders, but has great acceleration for a six cylinder. Handles great.

- Mike G

It is safe and very reliable. I trust my car, and would definitely go Hyundai again.

I love its design and that it gets pretty good gas mileage. I also have never had any trouble with my car. The only dislike is that there is no USB hook-up.

- ashley w

This car is reliable and affordable. It can be used for long distance traveling with low costs.

Great mileage and dependability. Low maintenance, large trunk, and spacious interior. It could look more sporty, but for the price it is worth every penny.

- Justin E

My old Hyundai Sonata. Is the best car

I love my Hyundai I have over 100,000 miles but it still runs just as new. It is comfortable, and great on gas. I think my next car will also be a hyundai

- Christina G

How great the gas mileage is! It handles the road very well.

I like the gas mileage. I also like that it is compact and can connect to satellite radio. I do not like that does not always start like it's supposed to.

- Kristen A

Gas mileage isn't as high as advertised. I wish it was higher.

It looks like an old person's car and doesn't look very sporty. The acceleration is not what I'd like it to be, but it is a very reliable car overall.


It does not look fast but it can get moving.

It is getting old, but it is fast and reliable. It has good gas mileage and it looks good. It is a limited edition so it has all the nice specs too.

- Gordon A

Engine runs strong for a long time

It is really roomy with a comfortable interior. The engine runs like a champ even with it having 241,000 miles. The trunk is also really spacious

- Loren B

The trunk space is great!

I like that the vehicle is able to accommodate my family. The size of the trunk is great. I don't like that our door handle has fallen off twice.

- Jessica C

Excellently Mechanical performance

Vehicle is very good and reliable. No major issues. Minor cosmetic issues like mirrors or door handles breaking due age and need to be replaced.

- Juan H

Reliable Safe Hyundai Sonata

I really love my car because it's super reliable. I've never had any troubles with it. It has comfortable seats and a fairly good sound system.

- Michelle S

It is a great choice for a family.

My Hyundai runs like a dream. I have had very little complications from it since I have owned. Drives very smoothly almost like driving itself.

- Tina S

It is really dependable, not had any major problems since we got it.

It really suits our family, just big enough and has room. It is a very dependable car. I love the way it drives and easy to get out of spaces.

- Lisa C

It is a reliable car and is big enough to make me feel safe.

It's been dependable. I haven't had any great expense. I have an oil change regularly, tires rotated, wipers replaced. Maintenance work done.

- Sherry P

I have had this car over 10 years with very few repair issues.

It has a strong reliable engine, v6. It is very comfortable with seat warmers. I can tilt or raise my seat up as needed. Great body style.

- Dolores L

It is paid for. It is an older car, but still a very good and serviceable car.

I love the compact features of this vehicle. It is pleasant to the eye and very practical. Great sound system! No complaints whatsoever.

- Michael G

If you are going to look at buying one, get something newer.

My car is just OK. It gets decent gas mileage for a sedan and is comfortable enough to drive, but it requires a lot of maintenance now.

- Kathryn A

My Hyundai Sonata is very reliable and very good on gas

i have 2007 Hyundai Sonata never had any major problems yet only battery oil and tire replacement normal wear and tear love my Hyundai

- Sheila G

great sedan car, comfortable and easy to drive, fair cost, trouble free, with good maintenance, nice family car,plenty of room.

very good car, 1st time owning a Hyundai, full size car, nice handling, good milage, comfortable, smooth ride, great on long trips.

- debbie c

Good car for families. Very roomy.

It's a relatively good car but small things go bad quickly. But for its price that's to be expected. All in all it's a decent car.

- Angelica C

car is in great condition and gets good mileage per gallon

Car is easy to maintain; has good mileage and is comfortable to ride in. So not saying any more as there is nothing more to say.

- patti o

11-year old good as new Hyundai.

My car, although 11 years old with 126, 000 miles, still performs like new and I intend to hold onto to it for as long as I can.

- Greg H

Highly spacious and very comfortable, you won't regret it!

I like the size of my car. I also like how it has a big trunk for travel purposes. I don't like how it doesn't have an aux cord.

- Melanie F

It has been reliable yet not expensive.It is roomy and the back seats fold down to make more room.

It was inexpensive yet has been very reliable. It is a smooth ride. I dislike that it does not have a temperature gauge inside.

- Donna H

It is very comfortable and long rides are fine. I would rate the comfort level high.

I have had very few issues with this vehicle.. It has performed quite well and needs normal maintenance I would buy it again

- Laraine M

It's roomy, but not huge and hard to drive.

It looks good, runs good. Easy to drive and efficient. Pretty good on gas and not too much maintenance has to be done on it.

- Marlene S

it gets terrible gas mileage because of v6 engine but it rides very nicely

It is black with a sunroof it has fog lamps real comfortable seats and drives very nice it also has a v6 engine and mag wheels

- Sean S

2007 Sonata- smooth ride.

Just received the car about 2 months ago. So far it's wonderful! The mileage is great, it runs smooth. I have zero complaints.

- Samantha F

The best car I ever owned.

It has been very reliable to me only having to replace battery the 7 years I had it. Most reliable vehicle, ls I ever owned

- Brian G

Stay on top of maintenance.

I haven't had any problems with the vehicle, as long as it has regular oil changes and inspections it stays in great shape.

- Natalie L

It drives good and good gas mileage.

It has been a good dependable and reliable car for my family. I would buy another Sonora one day. They are very good cars.

- Allison R

They v6 motor makes it worth the buy and it's the perfect size.

V6 motor which makes the smooth. Leather seats grey in color. A.c. compressor had to be replaced but it works perfect now.

- Nicole V

The car is very reliable.

It is a very reliable vehicle. I have had very few issues for 12 year old auto. The gas mileage could be better (6 cyl).

- Harriet H

To many little items seem to need constant repair.

I like the power of the vehicle. To many little things have gone bad on it. Power windows and headlights have problems.

- Tom R

100, 000 mile warranty and a four door.

Has been a great vehicle. The 100, 000 mile warranty was truly worth having. Have always enjoyed a four door vehicle.

- Frank T

Currently owned 2007 Hyundai Sonata

My car did not have air bags when I first got it. Sometimes the lights would come on (EBC?). My car used to overheat.

- Jennifer A

It's been a reliable vehicle.

Difficulty with windows and door handles breaking. Runs well but uses a lot of gas. I am been satisfied with the car.

- Donna B

It is very spacious. This includes the trunk space.

I like that my vehicle is a 4 cylinder and is good on gas. I don't like that it doesn't have a fast pickup of speed.

- Nylina R

It is adequate but would like something newer.

Getting old but still runs well no real issue but just need regular maintenance. Would like to have a backup camera.

- Ruth M

The driver side window motor will soon have to be replaced.

I haven't had any problems with the car. I am getting 27 to 28 miles per gallon. The car is still in good condition.

- Roy M

It is very dependable, I have had to put minimal repairs in the car

I bought the var new and I am the only driver. the car is now 11 years old and it is the best car I have ever owned

- Pauline A

Great warranty, great performance

It has a great warranty. This is my second Sonata, it's a repeat purchase because of how much I enjoy owning one.

- Theresa F

The car is economical to drive because it gets great miles to the gallon

The car gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive. Is well made and will last for many more years.

- Faith K

It is comfortable and a smooth ride.

I like that it's a v6 and it drives smooth. It is getting a little older now and out of date with technology.

- Maggie l

It feels very safe to drive.

The car is fuel-efficient and feels very safe to drive. There is a fair amount of cargo space in the trunk.

- Anna R

GREAT car with plenty of room for the whole family.

I love this car. Gets great gas mileage. Plenty of interior room. Handles well in town and on the highway.

- Tricia P

Good size car with reasonable gas mileage.

Sturdy reliable car that does not need a huge amount of maintenance. Has low mileage given how old it is.

- Anna H

The back up camera enables me to parallel park.

I enjoy driving my car. It is so reliable, and a gas saver.. It gives good mileage and smooth driving..

- Diana K

Good price equals good value

lovely ride, no maintenance problems except the old CD player died in first 2 years. a joy to ride in.

- pat t

It is a good reliable car

I really like my car. It drives really good and is a very reliable car for everyday. It is a safe car.

- Jacquelyne L

Sucks gas and looks like every other car in the parking lot. It has started locking me out of the car if I leave my keys inside and shut the door.

Too big. Uses too much gas. Things keep going wrong. Very comfortable. Love the el. seat adjustments.

- Heath C

It is stylish and easy to care for. Even though it is an older car, it still looks presentable.

I like the style of Hyundai. It is a smooth driving car. It has required very little maintenance.

- Priscilla J

Reliable Cost effective Good

It is very reliable. It is also cost effective. I have been driven it for over 10 years. I like it.

- Jie E

Very reliable. Can easily go 150,000 miles and beyond.

Basic vehicle. Quite old now. Have to keep repairing to keep it running. Runs well, very reliable.

- mithun s

It drives safe. Good family car.

My car drives smooth. Love the cruise control. The air is cold and it's a comfortable family car.

- Julie M

drives good and is comfortable. good gas mileage on highway

nice car and comfortable. i don't like i got ripped off at the dealership when i bought it.

- mandy p

It's very reliable and great on gas

I bought it used so I had some minor issues. This car is reliable. The car is great on gas.

- Nicole S

Seat heaters are the best addition for the winter and this car knows it

It is spacious and has a plush interior. However the vehicle takes a lot of gas for a car.

- Jen D

that for the most part it is cheaper than most that it runs well and that you can go far on 1 tank of gas

i like that the car runs well has all the things i need and gives me excellent gas mileage

- Alan D

I love my little car and the day that I have to retire it will be devastating.

It's cute but it's not big enough to fit a mini fridge in which is a little sad.

- Sylvia r



- doug d

The room inside and the trunk.

I like the room in the car and trunk. It drives easy. It's easy on gas.

- Gail P

It's reliable and gets me to school. I don't have worry.

My car is reliable. It helps me get to school. It has great gas mileage

- Heather S

Mid-sized with a huge back seat and sunroof. I love my car

I'm at almost 300 miles on my car and never have I had any major issues

- Tabitha K

I love my car. I had a Hyundai before this one, an accent, I love the make.

It's gold. The make, Hyundai, is one of the best ones there is!

- Faith S

no everything is good . i would tell everyone to buy this car

i have no complaints? why? should i have to write 4 sentences?

- La C

Its cozy for two people. It has a big trunk that later versions don't have anymore.

No complaints about my car. I love it! Very convenient.

- Shirin P

My car is really Good on gas and mileage, approximately 400 miles per fill up.

Great on gas/mileage, it's spacious, drives smoothly.

- Regina L

Low gas mileage. I like that it is very comfortable and handles easily.

I like that it is comfortable and has low gas mileage

- Bonnie J

It's good on gas, and also has built in xm radio.

It's alright but a lot of brake issues from factory.

- Sean E

It is roomy and has a huge trunk.

Reliable and very few problems over the years.

- Mary P