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This roomy sedan will smoothly and comfortably get you where you need to go.

Our Hyundai Sonata is absolutely great! It performs extremely well in all weather conditions and virtually always provides a smooth ride. Whether we're just driving it to the local grocery store or taking it on a three-hour trip down the highway, we have always been impressed with the functionality and quality experience our Sonata gives us. The interior is a very soft cloth material, and there is a lot of space, which is crucial for us since we have two large dogs that we like to bring on car rides. My favorite feature would have to be the Bluetooth, as it makes driving a hands-free affair and is thus significantly safer for driver and passenger alike. For us, the only real issue we had with our vehicle was the tires, which we wound up replacing. They were inconsistently losing air, and the tire pressure would dramatically change each time we went to start the car. Aside from that, we have been very fortunate with our car.

- Allie B

Great in all weather, minor interior design quirks

I only have minor complaints about the Sonata. The cup holders are sized impractically for only one beverage - all too often my morning coffee ends up spilling over either from acceleration or braking. Mechanically I haven't had any issues, but my reverse lights are not currently working despite new bulbs, and the tpms dash light has been lit since shortly after I bought it a year ago. The car is well powered, handles almost as well as my previous one, a 2013 Dodge Dart, and does far better in the snow. I've made it through icy roads that stranded larger and smaller vehicles alike. I work at a hospital on a large hill, and I've not had to call out once for fear of not making it to work.

- Ben W

I've had my car for 5 years and have only changed the battery once

Hyundai Sonata is a great car to have . It's excellent on gas mileage drives smooth and just an overall great car to have. Extremely spacious, rides great. Good car to have if you're traveling long distance. I got my particular model from a dealership in Chapel Hill. The gentleman and lady that helped me secure the car was extremely nice and helpful. They both made sure I got exactly what I wanted at the time and made sure I got a great deal on the price and mileage on the car. When I purchased it, it only had one owner before myself and only had 10,000 miles on it. Practically a brand new car. They only had it for a year .

- Ashley H

My car; likes and dislikes.

I love the way my car handles and drives. I feel safe in it in inclement weather. The acceleration is surprisingly impressive for a sedan. Four doors makes loading and unloading very easy, especially with children. The only issues I have had are some electrical problems and the visors will not stay up. My model is 10 years old and is in extreme heat during the summer months, which has probably caused the mechanism in the visors to fail. Ultimately, I like the car. Feeling safe is most important to me. I have owned three cars in my life and this one has been the one I have felt the most comfortable in.

- Jennifer L

Hyundai sonata wear and tear repairs.

This car has been very reliable over the years. I purchased it used and have experienced normal wear and tear like any other vehicle and I have maintained it well. I purchased it at CarMax with the CarMax extended warranty and am glad I did. I have used it many times for repairs which have saved me money. Repairs over the last 5 years include: new a/c, all 4 door handles fell off, 2 power windows broke and the 'sonata' emblem fell off. But with proper maintenance, this car has never left me stranded. It does drive rather slow though so if you are looking for a car with good pickup, this is not it.

- Danielle M

Great car, great value. Bang for your buck.

My 2008 Hyundai sonata is reliable and easy to use. It has not had many issues over the years. Had to get a new co2 sensor and a new transmission switch, but that is about it. I have 150,000 miles and she still runs amazingly. I go to school 1.5 hours away and it is reliable to travel back and forth. The sun visors do not stay up, neither the driver or passenger. I put a new radio in, but the speakers still work great. Cruise control works well. It is overall a great car that is reliable and great for a college student.

- Michaela A

Best 4-cylinder vehicle out there.

I have a 4-cylinder navy blue 2008 Hyundai sonata. It is really big on the inside and has a really big trunk although it doesn't look like it would. Since it is a 4-cylinder sometimes I have a hard time going uphill at above 30 mph. The door handles are pretty easy to rip off as well, I have replaced 2 of them now. I did try the 6-cylinder but I chose the 4 anyway. I love my car and it has great sound system and the seats are easily changeable/reclinable. I do wish it had an aux input but it is older so it's okay.

- Sydney T

. I cannot believe this car is still running after all I have done to it.

My Hyundai has been great. I have had it for over 10 years with very little problems and very little maintenance. They put a lot of money into their drivetrain and engine. But the small plastic details in the car break early. I mean things like the cup holder or the latch for the storage on the console. I change the oil every 5 to 10 thousand miles. At 10 years I finally had a transmission seal leak, an exhaust leak, and had my serpentine belt changed for the first time.

- Richard P

No Auxiliary But No Problem

I love most things about this vehicle, as it is very reliable, safe and comfortable. Acceleration can definitely be noticeably slower than in more recent cars, but overall this is a non-issue, even on highways. There is not a direct auxiliary cord input in this car, but there is a power outlet and a lighter, either of which may be used with an FM Radio transmitter to create a sort of 'aux' to connect to a cell phone. Overall, a dependable car.

- Kara K

This is a Great car and great company.

Overall a great car from a great company. The car sells for a fair cost. They come with 10 year warranty on powertrain. My car was 9 years and 11 months old and they paid for the head gasket to be replaced. I also had the rubber boot break on me I had a retail mechanic fix it then I found out it was covered on the 10 year warranty. I contacted the mfg I sent them the bill and with in about 6 weeks I had the $500 expense reimbursed to me

- Doug K

100% the best vehicle I've ever driven.

Perfect performance. I love that it's great on gas. I depend greatly on the type of car it is. Most likely to get a new car from Hyundai in the future. It's very comfortable to sit in. Features I love is that it has a sunroof so I can open it up in the summertime. Haven't had too much problems with it but just bringing it in for routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations, etc,,

- Samantha S

Just keep all your car parts up to date and it should run smoothly no problem.

Some problems I have learned about my vehicle personally would have to be on my car going up a hill or up on a freeway, so just picking up speed. Another issue for me would have to be my ability to see easily around due to my height and just blind spots in the car. And reliability on the vehicle would be great just need to keep everything up to date and you should be fine no problem.

- Stephanie M

My used 2008 limited sonata

I purchased a 2008 Sonata Limited from CarMax in 2010. For all of the comfort and luxury features, you would think it cost more. It has never once broke down on me and I drive it roughly. Plush leather seats with built in heaters. Plenty of legroom in the back. Awesome gas mileage! This is a really great car that has gone under the radar keeping the price low. I love it!

- Ian F

My car is a very comfortable ride and you will not be disappointed in the comfort and how smooth it drives.

I love how smooth my vehicle drives. I also really like how good the gas mileage is, it is decently fuel efficient. Something I dislike is that strangely I've had a couple of issues with the doors. The lock mechanism for my driver door would not unlock with the button on the key and the left side back door is the only door that will not stay open on my slanted driveway.

- Kristen G

Big power in a small package!

I enjoy having a compact car but one that still has decent horsepower for my drive. It also has the ability to tow since it has a powerful 6 cylinder engine. The trunk space is massive. I bought this car used with 100,000 miles already on it but even so, the car has remained very reliable and trustworthy. I love how it handles and I don't really have any complaints.

- Samantha E

Still a great running car.

Owned since zero miles, this vehicle after 177, 000 miles has had no mechanical failures and has been very dependable. It still gets greater than 30 mph and I can rely on it to get me there. Maintenance has been average and easy. Other than the average cosmetic dings for a high mileage car, this car still looks good and I expect to easily surpass 200, 000 miles.

- Walter T

The sonata is a comfortable car to drive and ride in. It's a great family car.

The sonata is a comfortable car. It rides very smooth. There is plenty of trunk space and the rear seats fold down for transporting large items. It handles well. It gets great gas mileage. There is a large glove compartment. Plenty of legroom in back seats for passengers. We like it very much. Not a fancy looking car but has clean lines. Great family car.

- Sue D

Great daily driver with spacious seating and trunk space.

The car handles well, not much pick up and go through. It's comfortable to drive and the interior is roomy and comfortable for long drives. Sun visors do not hold up so well. Both of mine have broken hinges. Minimal maintenance for me and I drive about 80 miles a day between work, school, and home. I've taken it on multiple road trips with minimal issues.

- Jordan S

The Hyundai sonata is comfortable, practical, and affordable.

My car performs great and runs smooth and quiet. It is not slow or sluggish. The seats are comfortable. It has great gas mileage. I like it so much that this is the second one I have owned. My first I got rear ended in and I was fine. I drove two hours to find this one, because I only will drive manual transmissions and they are hard to find these days.

- Holly B

Hyundai is an unreliable brand, don't waste your money like I have!

I like how it drives and handles. It is very comfortable on long rides. I have had lots of expensive mechanical issues despite having low mileage and taking good care of the vehicle. I have had to replace the fuel pump 3 times and the engine gasket had t be replaced at 40k miles. I am always scared that the car might not start in the morning.

- Ellen H

2008 Hyundai sonata: why do we even have manual transmissions anymore.

I have a 2008 Hyundai sonata that is a manual. I really like all of the standard features, especially the satellite radio. I just don't like driving a manual anymore. My mom owns the exact same vehicle but hers is an automatic and I really wish she would trade me. Other than that is has been very reliable and is a very sharp looking vehicle.

- Crystal L

Reliable with great features.

I have owned it for two years. During that time I have had no problems except for one light bulb needing to be replaced, so it is extremely reliable. It has a great deal of power. It is comfortable and has many luxury features. The only thing I do not care for is it is appearance which is rather dull. That may be because it is 10 years old.

- Rainy B

Good, comfortable ride with good gas mileage

We've had this car for 6 years and it has been very reliable. Gas mileage is fantastic as we commute 50 miles round trip each week day. Performance is good as we've kept up the maintenance. The maintenance costs are about average. We haven't had any trouble with anything, it rides comfortably, and gets good mileage. It is a very good car.

- Lois L

Reliability, comfort, and economical.

The Hyundai Sonata is a comfortable car not too large and not too small. It is design is pretty to the sight. One of the greatest advantages of this car is its reliability. The proof is in the factory warranty: 100, 000 miles/10 years. I have had no major car troubles. It runs great and is an affordable car. A lot of bang for your buck.

- Tom S

It's reliable and comfortable, enjoyable to drive.

It's comfortable, has a smooth ride and braking, plenty of room for the car seats in the back. The air conditioner runs well in the sweltering heat, making the commute a bit more comfortable. The only irritating issue is that the driver side visor won't stay in place - it can drop down at any time, which is distracting and frustrating.

- Jean M

Very reliable vehicle - no flash.

Gets good gas mileage and is a smooth ride. I have already had to replace the brakes, caliper, and o2 sensor, which was pricey. Has a really nice trunk for a sedan, I am able to fit quite a bit. Has some kind of clunky blind spots as well. Overall it is well built. Car is 11 years old and I imagine I can get at least 5 more out of it.

- Kate M

My experience with Hyundai.

I have had very few problems with my 2008 Hyundai Sonata. I would highly recommend Hyundai vehicles to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle. The warranty is great and the vehicle has required very little maintenance. The mileage for Hyundai's is in line with other vehicle manufacturers. My next Hyundai will probably be a hybrid.

- Dale G

Hyundai Sonata? More like Hyundai SONAta

I think my sonata drives very smoothly, which I love. My main problem is that the windows only want to work when they feel like it, the AC does not work, and my car breaks down if I'm not blasting the heater, which makes everything difficult in the summer especially since I can't roll my window down. It's basically a moving sauna.

- Leila G

It really shocks people because of how speedy my car is

My car is comfortable. Even though it is a 2008 car, the car is comfortable in good shape. Right now the car doesn't have any problems. The car is fast, the AC is amazing. The trunk is very spacious and it is very helpful when traveling with a lot of luggage. This car is very useful and it will take you wherever you want to go.

- Adrian P

If you do a lot of driving, check the mpg. Perhaps a hybrid would be best.

Have over 225000 miles and car still runs good. Get compliments on the style and comfort. Had issues with the side view mirrors not working correctly. sunroof does not work correctly, does not close easily. Dealer said it was an issue with the motor. I think mileage could be better. Only get 19 or 20 mpg for combined driving.

- Gloria N

Perfect car for commuting!

This vehicle is pretty great! Its spacious, handles well, offers a semi-quiet ride, and gets good gas mileage. Trunk size is on the large size which is nice for groceries or when going on trips. The only downside in my opinion are the leather seats. They're not very practical during the summertime in the hotter climates.

- Amanda R

It is light blue large size sedan.

The car has a horrible turning radius that takes some getting used too. Other than that it is very durable and easy to operate. The steering is not too sensitive, but the break and gas pedals are due to the engine. I like driving the car, it is a very large compact car in terms of comfort, seat space, and trunk space.

- Rebecca F

My car is grey and has rim caps. The interior is cloth.

The o my bad thing about my car is that everything is made of plastic. The car door handles have broken twice and the trunk hydro locks have broken too, which means the trunk slams shut. My car is at 111K and is still running perfectly. It has been through two car accidents ( since I've owned it) and is still amazing!

- Kelly T

The car is a nice color and does not give me any problems also has good miles.

My car runs good and is a good gas saver. It gets me were I need to go also if I want to travel out of town. Love the model and the way the car is set up. Ac always works fine which is really great for the summer. Would recommend people on getting this brand of car also I know that the newer versions are very good.

- Jessica S

It also has a turbo engine which you can feel if you put it to the test.

Very low car although very comfortable. Good engine, tires, interior. The car is safe. Although, whenever you fall in a pothole it feels and sounds terrible due to it being a very low car. Overall, it runs smoothly is user friendly. Not hard to manage and it's also very nice to look at on the inside and outside .

- Pam L

It is reliable. I feel safe in it.

My 2008 Hyundai Sonata is a very reliable car. I have had no problems for the past eight years. I use it daily for work. Performance is excellent as well. My 2008 Hyundai Sonata is a very reliable car. I have had no problems for the past eight years. I use it daily for work. Performance is excellent as well.

- Maria O

Features of Hyundai Sonata.

Great space, good on gas, no problems, fully loaded, heated seats, very reliable, nice trunk space, v6, leather seats, sunroof, Sirius radio, smooth ride, great space, good on gas, no problems, fully loaded, heated seats, very reliable, nice trunk space, v6, leather seats, sunroof, Sirius radio, smooth ride,

- Tayler J

6 cylinder car so you speed up very fast and you can hardly feel the car moving.

My vehicle is very comfortable and drives very smooth. You can hardly tell that you are moving when you are in the car. The only problem that I have had with my car is that there is no tire pressure light on the dashboard so you need to be checking the tire pressure regularly and there is also no aux plug.

- Megan S

Great and inexpensive family size sedan.

I purchase this vehicle 2009 used. In the nine years that I have had this car, the only maintenance that I have had to do is brakes, and oil changes. In addition is really great on gas mileage. There's not much else I can say, but I am going to kept, as long as it keeps performing like it has in the past.

- Brenda D

The car that lasted with the kids.

My car had been very good to me. I even do not take the best car of it but it is still great. I have 4 kids. I drove almost a hour one way to work. My car is still doing great. I have done the normal preventive maintenance. The interior is not the greatest now but that is due to being through 4 children.

- Crystal R

Usb and wireless connect XM radio plenty leg room and storage and great on gas.

My vehicle is great on gas and also has a lot of legroom in both the front and back seats! My trunk has a decent amount of space to put large items! It has automatic locks and windows and a great body style that is a great shiny shade of blue! Also has seat warmers and USB as well as wireless connect.

- Alyssa A

Be really careful if you own a 2008. In carcomplaints.com the car is listed as a great buy. However if you have any of the same issues as mine. An independent mechanic will not touch the gas pedal. They want the dealership mechanics to fix. So you will be stuck. Dealership will keep car for 7 days do a diagnostic (the sensors don't give a diagnostic code) so if they drive it and it doesn't do anything they will give it back.

Tons of complaints. There is an electrical short that causes my doors to not lock. It also causes my radio to reset itself. The tpms light came on only a few months of owning. The airbag light had come on. Lastly the gas pedal sticks. Hyundai won't fix cause they can't replicate it. Unsafe car!

- Laysha J

2008 gray Hyundai Sonata- best investment ever!

Great gas mileage, roomy trunk, no mechanical issues. Simple maintenance. Oil changes every 3 months. Over 150k miles, bought used. Only complaint is that the radio is going out. Wire loose so it goes in and out. Interior on my vehicle is a light gray color so I have to be careful with spills.

- Briana W

I have never had a single problem and love how comfortable the car is to drive.

I haven't had a single problem and I love I the level of course level of comfort. It is spacious and seats are comfortable. It is reliable According to speed and mpg both city and highway. I like its performance because it has never failed or had any problems performance wise. I love this car.

- Maria P

Hyundai Sonata is a reliable car

My vehicle has been very reliable and generally been a pleasure to drive. I haven't had any maintenance issues beyond standard recommended maintenance. Gas mileage is not as great as I would like, but it is an older car, so can't expect it to be as good as the newer models on that front.

- David S

It has great gas mileage, I can really get a good bang for my buck.

My car is very comfortable on the inside, many options such as heated seats and black leather interior make it feel luxurious. The drive has always been great, smooth and nice acceleration. Sometimes when the car is on I don't even remember its turned on because the engine is so quiet.

- Alex T

Put 150000 miles on it and it still runs like new.

My sonata has been nothing but great for me. It gets insanely great gas mileage and works amazing as long as you take care of it. Regular maintenance has let me drive this car all the way across country with no problems. It handles great and is very spacious. Perfect little family rig.

- Shawn H

I love the reliability of this car.

I love the performance and reliability of the car. I have not had any problems with it at all and it is comfortable to drive, especially long distances. Mine does not have any special features. I love the comfort level of the seats because they are not stiff or leather like most cars.

- Maria P

Dependable family car with no issues.

Great gas saver. Fixed and replaced all parts and tires. drives really good and is very quiet. Good sound system. Need to replace driver door handle. Has a sunroof, tinted windows. Car has about 193, 999 mileage on car. Getting ready to do a brand new paint job also to a darker blue.

- Sonya J

Very nice, cool comfortable car I love to drive.

No major problems just general maintenance. Good reliable car good on gas. Very comfortable goes for miles. Good sleek looking fun car fast big back seats for kids and the trunk is large for groceries. Leather seats are a big plus and a banging radio system lots of safety features.

- Bobbie B

It is really good quality, especially for the price.

This has been a really reliable and easy to maintenance car. I don't drive a lot, so my mileage is really low for a 10 year old car, but I have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this vehicle. It's lasted me through 3 car seats and lots of road trips to visit family.

- wendy m

It drives like a luxury car. Great gas mileage. Very comfortable.

I've read around 125, 000 miles engines are seizing. My car seems to be having that issue because there is oil where there shouldn't be. Other than this its been great. I. Have the l8mit3d edition se. I have only had to do normal maintenance. One set of brakes and tires. Tune up.

- Laura R

Hyundai Sonata compact travel car

Had problems with wheels shaking while braking at high speed. Other than that car is nice for it to be an 08'. Seat warmers work well, comes with ashtray and cup holders in the back seat. Cup holders in the front of inefficient in holding drinks, when you break they fall forward.

- Amber T

Sonatas are truly the best car for family adventures.

Electronic and wiring issues occur after 8 years, but the car is wonderful. Great mileage, great everything. We have driven it every day for 10 years and has endured our child, the dogs, and long trips. We love our Sonata. I highly recommend buying one for family adventures.

- Kay C

The Hyundai sonata one reliable vehicle.

My Hyundai sonata has been dependable & extremely reliable requiring only the usual maintenance. This vehicle has not shown any engine trouble any transmission issues and the tires have proven to we're normally. Over overall very pleased and satisfied with this vehicle.

- Michelle R

A reasonable car for anyone.

I love my car. It is not flashy, but it has lasted ten years with only a few reasonable repairs along the way. It gets me where I need to go. It has always been comfortable and I have taken it on several road trips. I will most likely buy from the same manufacturer again.

- Rachel L

It's a good vehicle. Gets us where we are going

Our vehicle has been very dependable for our family with the exception of having to replace the motor. We live it otherwise and it always gets us where we are going. It's provided us with a very dependable family car since 2008. We would consider buying another Hyundai.

- Melissa W

No problems after 11 years!

I haven't had any major issues with my car. It is 11 years old and the only things, other than normal maintenance, that I have needed to take it in for are minor issues like replacing the visors! I change cabin air filter on my own, but everything has held up so nicely.

- Erin M

I bought my car used cash deal. Very nice car.

Nice reliable car. Sun roof, four doors black with black Leather interior. Heated seats. Remote control doors. AM/FM radio with CD player. Automatic four-wheel-drive. Lock gas tank. Remote windows. Tinted windows. Large trunk. Front wheel drive, anti-brake locks .

- Yvonne M

Very dependable 2008 Hyundai Sonata.

Love my car. It drives smooth and never fails me. Starts up each time. Have had it 3 years and only problem with it is the front end. We are replacing tires left and right. The alignment won't hold. Other than that its very dependable. I feel I could drive it anywhere.

- Anna M

Bad paint job. Bad customer relations. Will never buy another one.

It is the worst vehicle I have owned. It has a very bad factory paint job and the manufacturer refuses to do anything about it. Three window motors have died. Any time I read of a recall, "my vehicle type is not included." The airbag board is messed up, but no recall.

- larry g

sonata gls it comes with intuitive tech features

rides great, runs great, looks good, great gas mileage, comfortable drive, power seats, power windows, power trunk, power fuel cap, power seats, power mirrors, anti lock braking system, automatic transmission, air bags, defogger, traction control, adjustable comforts


209,000 miles and still running strong.

I have had to replace the blower motor for the a/c unit 3 times. The rest of the car has no issues. It drives great. It currently has 209,000 miles on it. It is very reliable. It is great on gas. It is comfortable to drive. I will definitely buy another Hyundai.

- Stephanie R

Great, reliable vehicle with few problems.

I love my Hyundai Sonata. We have had almost no problems with it even after 100, 000 miles. It still gets great gas mileage and still has original breaks. The only issue we've had has been the passenger airbag turning off when someone light is in the seat.

- Emily C

With preventative maintenance and upkeep, this vehicle will last and be reliable for years. This is one of the best "used cars" you could drive.

This vehicle has had very few problems in the 11 years I've had it. Visibility is a little limited because it is low. There is some problem changing the oil and filter because of the placement of the filter. It has handled well in the snow because of ESC.

- Jeanmarie C

2008 Hyundai sonata: the review.

My vehicle is a 2008, over 10 years old so the technology in my car is outdated. My car is pretty decent on gas so I do not complain about that. The body of my car could use some work but I cannot afford it. The car does not require a lot of maintenance.

- Brittany B

Why I like my Hyundai Sonata so much.

Very reliable and trouble free vehicle. It gets very good gas mileage. I leased it new and when the lease ran out I decided to buy it because I liked it so much. It is a four door sedan. It is beige and has just a few door dings on it, but nothing bad.

- Ken P

Great space, and pickup fantastic speed merging into highway traffic.

I have had he car for nine years and have had no major problems with it rides great smooth ride large trunk back seats fold down to carry large items has great pickup merging onto highway good highway gas mileage only replaced brakes, tires, battery.

- Jane C

It's very comfortable and gets good gas mileage. Hyundai's warranty program works and they did fix the problems I had, but it took quite a while.

My Hyundai Sonata is a very nice car, gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable. I bought it primarily because of Hyundai's 10 year/100,000 mile warranty and I was able to benefit from that warranty twice in the early years of owning it.

- Debbie H

Need brake pads and oil change a this time.

It is a really a neat vehicle. It has been wrecked 3 times and repaired. . I basically has a new car. Each time it was something different, ad, front and than stolen and wrecked and got a whole new car from the work that was done.

- Sue S

A great car that will be reliable and safe for many years

This car is a wonderful, safe, sturdy and reliable purchase. I've had minimal issues with it in the decade I've used it- I've had to replace the battery once, and the brakes/rotors a few times. A wonderfully practical purchase.

- Viraj P

Its very reasonably priced while looking like a luxury car.

The car is very stylish looking and the price was very affordable. It looks like a jaguar but not the price of one. It has get up and go for when acceleration is needed. The seats are very comfortable and roomy. No complaints.

- Scott P

Older Hyundai Sonata has issues with sun visors.

My Sonata does not drive well in the snow. Besides that it has always been reliable. It I comfortable and functional. The only issue has been that the springs holding up the rear view mirrors have completely worn out.

- Eliza L

It's very important to get regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance.

I have been very happy overall with my Hyundai Sonata. I purchased a 2008 Sonata in 2012 with only 68 k miles on it. My teen boys got some body damage while they were learning to drive but other than that it's great!

- Rachael B

My car has the best engine and a great radio and great ac.

I love my 2008 Hyundai Sonata I have had excellent service from the dealership for regular maintenance and I have almost 300, 000 miles on my car and it still drives like a dream. My next car will be a Hyundai.

- Penny D

231,000 miles and still going strong!

I've had this car since 2009. It has 231,000 miles on it. It has had some maintenance outside of normal oil change, etc, but not much. It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable for 4 or 5 people.

- anne S

That it's easy to maintain and buy stuff for.

I love that my vehicle is very easy to keep up with. I also love that it doesn't take a lot of money to fill up. The only thing I don't like about it is as my family grows I need more space for them.

- Sierra G

It requires little to no maintain and never has any major problems.

I like the comfort of the seats and the interior. I dislike that it leaks from the bottom floor of the rear right passenger side and the front passenger side. Sometimes iit leaks from the roof.

- donna g

It has a lot of room for the family to go on vacation .

It is big enough and a strong automobile Recommend for long trips. Not to good on gas though. The seats are comfortable and love the back window opens without the door. Great for a family car.

- Brenda S

Great car! Why I love my Sonata.

It's a really smooth ride, very reliable. Blind spots aren't bad, the only real complaint that I have is with the alarm system. Its touchy and goes off whenever it wants. Super aggravating.

- Kelly B

Warranty is the best reason to buy Hyundai's. Turning radius is outstanding

Sonata is a perfect size for my needs. I love the beige color. The warranty for Hyundai vehicles is the best selling reason to always buy hyundai's. I have never regretted buying hyundais.

- diane b

It has great gas mileage and a wonderful commuter car.

I love how well it drives and how I haven't really needed to put any work in it. I wish it didn't sit so low to the ground but overall it is a great car to go back and forth to work in.

- Josh D

It is a very dependable car.

Hyundais' offer a lot of bang for the bug. We have had very few issues with the car and the few we had were easy fixes. It compares well to more expensive makes but for a lot less money.

- Sam L

It's in great condition and gets me from point A to B.

It is a high mileage car but is in great condition. The driver handle is someone broken along with the window but it is very rare that it give an issue. Other than the the car is great.

- Brittany S

One of the few limited edition vehicles made that year

Over all it has been a reliable and wonderful vehicle. There is a persistent oil leak due to what can only be called a design flaw in the engine. But other than that it is a great car

- Robert L

My Hyundai Sonata is a very nice ride

My car is 11 years old still ride well but I need get struts and shocks. It has Cruise control Which is very nice in winter car gets warm very quickly and summer AC works very well

- Judy H

Very reliable transportation.

Very reliable transportation. Less than 35000 miles and gets great gas mileage. Originally leased it new and when the lease was up, I decided to buy it because I liked it so much.

- Ken P

It's an all round great car.. reliable, comfortable, built well,

It gets good gas mileage for a midsize car. It's comfortable. It has plenty of legroom. It has a smooth ride. The driver's seat is fully adjustable. There is nothing I don't like.

- Stephanie Q

Overall it is a nice and sleek vehicle.

The struts are bad on my suv. Also the fact there is not a usb plug in the car is terrible. Just because you have nothing but cds or the radio because satellite radio is a waste.

- Ariel C

It is worth the money and lasts a long time. It is also a very safe vehicle.

I've had the car for 8 years and it's been very reliable and safe. It still drives very well and has not had any mechanical issues. I love the size of the trunk for traveling.

- Traci L

That it is dependable transportation.

My Sonata has been very dependable. I am very happy with it and would highly recommend the Hyundai brand to anyone looking to buy a new car. The warranty is also great.

- Dale G

Buyer beware! This car looks good at first but is not.

The paint is peeling and it looks very bad. It has had to be repaired far more than would be expected, The ride is not comfortable. I would never buy this car again.

- Diana G

That the electric windows/door locks will fail in less than 10 years.

I love the make and the size. It is perfect for me and where I need to go. I do like that it is getting a little old and some of the electronics are starting to fail.

- Michelle M

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I bought my car in new in 2008. I have never had a problem other than normal wear and tear. The next purchase of a vehicle that I do will be another Hyundai Sonata.

- Dawn T

Ten years old. Originally from Arizona. Lots of miles, although there is a new engine.

My personal car has a lot of miles. New engine with 80,000 miles on it, although odometer says 180,000. New sway bars and control arm. Newish tires, with warranty.

- Nicole M

Treat it well. Keep up maintenance.

Very reliable. No problems. Drives and shifts smoothly. I keep regular maintenance on vehicle. . Its my everyday drive currently. Haven't had any problems with it.

- Jay J

I like the air conditioning, radio and clock being separate. Hate the computers.

Love the 100,000 mile warranty. Big trunk, can get wheelchair in and out. Love the car's looks, interior and dependability, I do not have any complaints about it.

- Mary R

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it lasts a long time with little problems. I'm kind of rough on the car but it's still holding up well 10 years later

I like the size of the car specifically. It's not too large but big enough for me to do what I need to do and get everything in it. I don't have any complaints.

- Rachel D

Hyundai ranks highest in reliability and performance!

My 2008 Hyundai Sonata has been the best car that I have even owned. It is been extremely reliable and maintenance free the entire time that I have owned it.

- Corinne B

It's a nice car, but because it's a Hyundai, stupid crap starts to fall apart. I'm missing a visor.

It's a really ugly color, but it's a nice car that has been holding up well over the years. It doesn't need a lot of repairs and maintenance is affordable.

- Sarah S

One important thing others should know about my vehicle is a reliable vehicle.

I like that it has been reliable. I dislike all of the recent costly repairs & car note. That is all about the car. It is been a pretty decent vehicle.

- Nikki S

Hyundai Sonata is reliable

The Hyundai Sonata has been a very reliable car. It drives well and has everything I need for features. I have not had any problems with this car.

- Brad B

Hyundai Sonata 2008 review

No real problems at all. Very reliable. No major mechanical fixes needed. I like the power and ability to accelerate quickly. Climbs hills easily.

- Debby M

The car is very reliable.

Difficult to change headlights. Like the design and comfort. Nearly 200, 000 miles and runs well. Like the pull out drink holders in the back seat.

- Edward L

Long lasting quality, great design.

I am really impressed with how well this car has held up. Over 200,000 miles and still going strong. It is been a great ride and I have no regrets.

- Julianna H

Lots of airbags. Nice air conditioning.

Like the reliability. Like the gas mileage. Like the smooth driving. I like the sound system and the comfortable seats. Heated seats are nice too.

- Josh K

For me it is the perfect car.

It is a really great car. Some minor issues in the past but nothing that couldn't be fixed or an issue that does not happen with all other cars.

- Zachary T

This vehicle is a gas saver that has tremendous miles per gallon.

It's white in color. It is a 6 cylinder vehicle in which it helps me save gas. I like the Sirius FM radio that's standard in it. No complaints.

- Donald S

It is great on the gas mileage and it is a very comfortable riding vehicle.

Not many problems at all until it was wrecked, then it was everything from the lights to the transmission. However, it is really good on gas.

- Priscilla M

Satisfactory Vehicle to Own

No longer offer free car wash when car is serviced. No detailing coupons offered. Ride and performance is okay. Gas mileage is okay, too.

- Janice K

It's a car. It's a Hyundai, so it doesn't always stay together the way that it should.

It's an older car that doesn't always work the way that I want it to right now. But, in the 8 years I've had it, it's been quite reliable.

- Marti W

Taking good care of the car should take good care of you.

Awesome ride nice radio smooth on road although the it really quick needs to be balanced for some reasons it gets unbalanced very quick.

- Cristina A

It is reliable and has lasted well over the last 9 years.

My vehicle has been great! it has lasted really well, and require little maintenance. It is reliable. However I wish it had Aux input.

- Sarah B

It's an awesome car all around. Normal wear and tear.

Battery has exploded once and caught it right before the second one was fixing to explode. Other than that it has been a wonderful car!

- Retta J

It is quick and fun so be careful if you are not used to driving sports cars.

It is a nice enough vehicle but it keeps breaking down. It is not a very sturdy vehicle and is very quick to get cosmetic damage.

- Tiara W

Korean cars are not worth buying.

Gas mileage is not good. It's leaking oil, so I always check the oil before I turn the engine on. This needs to be replaced soon.

- Maria K

My 2008 Sonata is still a good ride

It is reliable though aged..the AC for the feet has a very weak fan. The ride is smooth so I favor it over my daughter's Audi!

- Susa G

low maintenance for low price

Car has been low maintenance, has lots of features that other manufacturers seem to not have. No dislikes that I can think of.

- Paul G

It is really reliable. The car has 175,000 miles on it, is 10 years old and is still running great.

It is really reliable. The car is 10 years old and I have not had any real problems with it. I am impressed with the car.

- brittany E

Quick to start up and heated seats

The car is pretty speedy. Comfortable. So far I've no problems with it. Nice AC and heating system. Even has heated seats.

- Hannah H

It is a fairly dependable car.

Has a nice ride. The car is roomy enough for me. The gas mileage is decent although it could be better. Uses some oil. .

- Mark M

There is nothing in particular that anyone needs to know.

I have no complaints. Gets good gas mileage. Handles well and has a very smooth ride. Comfortable driving on long trips.

- Wayne A

Very reliable and good on gas. Spacious sedan.

It is a very reliable car and good on gas. Only thing that I do not like is the radio. I cannot connect via Bluetooth.

- Sheen G

Old car, but drives like it is new. Great car mileage. Looks like it is new.

My car though ten years old, still drives as it was new. It drives smooth, and no one has ever sat in the back seat.

- Joni K

Big truck plenty of space as well as head and leg room

Was my dad's car, it's a great car, not too many repairs either. Plenty of legroom in the back seat, good on gas

- patti k

The braking system is ridiculous, cast me about 600.00 + every 2 years to fix.

It does run good, brakes are awful, basically if it wasn't for problem with brakes it would be a excellent car.

- Karen V

Great car. It has held up and handles well. Low maintenance

Battery has exploded once and almost a second time. Other than that just regular wear and tear. Great vehicle.

- Arietta J

It rides good and is alway a smooth. Had for about 8 years and has not let me down

Rides smooth, the size of the car is perfect the internet has a lot of space. That I didn't get leather seats

- Charlene R

It's a great car. Wouldn't give it up unless I absolutely needed to.

It's a really great car. Minor problems in the past but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Wouldn't trade it.

- Zachary T

I've owned Hyundais for 30 years and have never had a major problem

Very reliable. No significant problems during the entire time I've owned it. Rides well, handles well.

- Steve R

it's dependable, and rides smooth even on very long road trips.

It has been very reliable, gets decent gas mileage, and is a comfortable ride. It has been dependable.

- kim S

The car denote have an AUX cord to play music. And it holds gas very well.

I do not have any complaints at the moment. The car is running fine for now. I just started driving it.

- Cherish R

It' has a lot of room and easy on gas and has low maintenance.

I love that it is roomy. I also like it's easy on gas. The only complaint it doesn't have a big trunk.

- Angela C

the safety fixtures of the car and the way it handles

Like the ride of the car. Like the price I paid for the car. Like the style and fixtures of the car.

- Jerry H

Great mileage. Great comfort. Just headlights needed every year or so

Have had no problems other than headlights go out a little more than usual. Drives great. Nice room

- Maureen W

I like how it drives and handles don't like that it has tire pressure monitoring sensor

It can stop on a dime and just small enough for a family of 5 very durable great engine

- Sarah B

It handles very well even with a lot of miles on it

I dislike the fact that the interior is stained and the center console no longer locks

- Noel O

Nothing at all it just a piece of junk and breaks to easily

It has to many miles mostly e everything breaks we have to replace tires like 4 times

- Michele W

I mean it's *my* car, there's nothing actually important anyone needs to know, because it doesn't concern them. They're not the ones driving it.

It's a good car, works well, good gas mileage, I can't think of anything against it.

- Hallie R

It's a Hyundai, so it doesn't stay together super well, but that's okay.

It's gold, so it looks funny. It falls apart a bit, but it's lasted me a long time.

- Marti M

Shocks and struts go out easily. Don't buy them unless they are new.

Doesn't go fast enough. Good gas mileage though. The suspension sucks dog dick....

- Alvin M

Great small family car that gets great gas mileage

Love the car! Has a sunroof, great stereo, good gas mileage cold ac. No complaints

- Julie C

It runs well and it's very quiet. It is easy to maintain.

I get good mileage and the car runs well. I don't have any problems with the car.

- Rosemarie S

They should know that it is a comfortable car, easy to drive and will last a long time.

I love my Hyundai. It's pretty and runs great. It has been a great car.

- Debra F

The car has high miles and I am tired of making repairs on it. I do like the vehicle because it is good on gas and has been pretty reliable.

I have traveled a lot in this vehicle. The vehicle has been well used.

- Brenton M

It is old and used to get around. I don't need style for that.

It gets good mileage. Feels easy to drive. Air conditioner works well

- Colin D

That Sonata's are the best cars.

I love my car. It has been very dependable with very few problems.

- Joe A

there is a plastic piece that opens the vent for the heater open and closes, the piece broke. but even replacing it didn't work you have to tear into the entire dashboard to figure out why it broke to begin with

I am always having to replace the headlights about 3 times a year.

- Danetta S

How to put gas in it and to keep it well maintained

I have not had y problems with my car.I'll definitely buy another

- Louise S

It's a great value for your money. We purchased ours used several years ago and haven't had any issues.

Runs very quietly. Has the capability of many miles. Runs great

- Karen M

the quality and reliability of the vehicle itself

the look and quality of the car itself as well as gas mileage

- john D

Runs well and is reliable. Nice styling, looks good.

Nice ride. good gas mileage. My car has been very reliable

- Lori B

It's a very reliable vehicle and I enjoy driving it.

It's dependable. It's safe. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Josh K




It slides easy when turning corner or when coming to quick stop

I love how it is easy on gas. Hate that it is so little

- Misty C



- linda h

Comfortable, easy on gas, rides very nice, roomy. This is a really great car. I love it.

All the airbags that are in it . It's a midsize car.

- Susan S

No problems in 11 years and very comfortable.

Only thing I don't like is the "one" coat of paint.

- John l

She flies like an eagle and is smooth like a babies behind!!!

She is very dependable..good gas mileage.

- Rebecca T