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Reliable, comfortable and good- looking car.

Our 2009 Hyundai Sonata is a comfortable and reliable car. It is a good looking car for which we've received many compliments. It is roomy inside and passengers in the backseat have room for their legs. The trunk is large. We've had very little trouble with it. Problems (very few) are these: the paint. A little spot on each side in front of the rear wheel about an inch square appeared when it was still under warranty and I asked the Hyundai serviceman where we regularly had it serviced (we've moved since then) what to do about it. He suggested using fingernail polish on it. (which I never did). Some time later, after a fender bender, the car was at a body shop and I asked about it. The body shop person said it was a flaw in the paint job that is common on Sonatas. But by the time I heard that, the car was out of warranty, so I did nothing about it. Another problem that we found even as we were buying the car was a problem that all the sedans in our price range had at that time. That is that the headrest both in the front and back seats are very uncomfortable. The front seat headrest pushes the person's head forward, and is not adjustable in any way to compensate for that. This seems like a design that would cause serious injury to a person's neck in a head-on accident, especially for a tall person. The one thing we found that we did do for this horrible problem (that all the makes of cars had) is that we turned it around. However, the headrests in the back seat are also terribly uncomfortable (I am 5'8" tall) for my height. The back seat headrests also push the passenger's head forward uncomfortably and yet there is no way to change that in the rear seat. The rear seat headrest does move up and down but not enough to compensate for the way it pushes the top of the passenger's head forward. A few times, we have had an elderly friend with us in the car and would let her have the front passenger's seat. And if I had to sit in the back seat for a half hour drive, I would get a headache from the badly designed headrest.

- Julia M

Travelling or moving? This car can pack it all in!

The car has lots of great features such as cruise control, CD player, and plugins for auxiliary and usb. The cruise control worked perfectly, but recently after about 9 years the buttons have started to stick and it is difficult to turn on and set speed. The seats in the car are comfortable even for a larger person like myself. It gets great gas mileage in town and on the highway. It has been reliable for me and has made a number of cross-country trips. Since owning the vehicle, I have continually done maintenance and found that as long as I have work done regularly, then there are not any issues. The paint job on the car is also mesmerizing. That silver color that has faded over time leaves an impression of wealth but still allows me to exhibit some humility when among my less than elite peers. It truly is a chariot of the gods. When reclined, the front seats make for solid beds and I have spent nights sleeping in the car comfortably when going on impromptu travels. Also, the amount of space in the back seat and trunk is impressive. When moving to new apartments, I have always been amazed with how much I can fit once the back seats are folded down. I think one time I fit a bookshelf, my TV, my computer, gaming consoles, 2 bins of clothing, several pairs of shoes, medium sized kitchen appliances, bedding for my king-size mattress, and other odds and ends. What a great car!

- Adam D

Upkeep of my Hyundai Sonata.

The thing I love most about my car is that it is reliable. I have had to drive my car from Indiana to Iowa a lot during college, since I was going to school in Iowa but I am from Indiana. My car currently has a little over 100, 000 miles on it and I have had it since 2013. The only thing I have had to replace on it we're tires and a starter. It does not have many features compared to today's cars, and it still rides really good given the mileage. It makes a hissing sound every now and then again, but I think something could've been stuck on one of the belts. It does jerk at 20mph in the cold when braking, which I am trying to get fixed. But other than that, the car is very reliable, especially for long distances.

- Britt D

2009 charcoal gray Hyundai sonata.

Problems: something in the dashboard rattles sometimes. Aside from that I cannot think of any problems. Performance: great gas mileage. It is been a long lasting and durable car. Reliability: honestly it is a great car. It is a little out of date and does not have all the bells and whistles that newer cars have but it is not an issue at all. I listen to music with an aux cord. It is quite roomy for a 5 seater car. There are 2 cup holders up front and 2 in the back seat if you pull down the back of the middle seat. Lots of trunk space. All in all, this has been a good, reliable car and I do not see myself getting rid of it any time soon.

- Nicole T

I'm Coming In A Hyundai!!!

My aunt bought this car for me brand new. I've driven it all over the US. I drove from California to Mississippi and from Mississippi to Virginia. I have over 240,000 miles on this vehicle and I am so pleased with it. Not only does it get exceptional gas mileage, but it also has not given me any major problems. I've had to get some sensors replaced and a few more things taken care of, that comes with normal wear and tear. I am very pleased with my car. I would definitely buy another Hyundai and I would also recommend that my friends and family consider Hyundai for their next automobile purchase.

- Tiff P

Runs forever, interior not so great.

This car has over 270, 000 miles, free oil changes for life and we have taken full advantage. Every 3 months we had an oil change and made all the difference. We put 500 miles a week for work, so the engine is great and takes a tough commute (Nj to Staten island NY). The interior is a mess, my 2004 Dodge looks far better, everything inside is broke, drivers electric window, sun visor, seat belt. Seat are ripped and peeled, just a mess. All the little compartment doors are broke, even the armrest console for the driver will not close. But t still runs so.

- Barbara U

A good car a good car with good mileage.

It is a really good car I like to drive it .it is really fun and it does not break down that much it gets really good gas mileage I only have to fill it up about once or twice a week I have hardly put any maintenance into it and I have had it for about 4 years. One of the things that is also good is that it is good for long trips because it has good amount of storage space. We both had for about 4 years and we like it. Overall it is a good reliable car and I would definitely recommend it to people who are single.

- Melinda M

Nice ride but no as quiet as I prefer! It has been reliable!

The Sonata has been a reliable car. I change my oil every 5, 000 miles. I had some trouble with the brakes sticking but I think the car sat too long. The ride is nice, but I find it very noisy on the interior. I thought maybe it was the tires, but new tires didn't improve the wind noise. My car has a leather interior that is easy to clean and has worn nicely. The heated back and bottom seats are a must in cold New England temperatures. The car was a good value for all the features.

- Li O

My dream car all the thing I ever wanted in a car have not had to put any money.

I love my car, heated seats, sunroof, leather seats, anti-lock brakes, alarm, cruise control, self adj air & heat on both sides of the car. Tilt wheels, beautiful sound system,I love aux system for music listing one owner low miles, new battery, heated seats on both sides also heat on your back, console with cup holder in rear, no ashtray, double console in front, I can make it drive as a stick shift when needed, engine was on but went off three month later by itself.

- Bernie Holt Y

Good on gas. Flimsy material.

Goes a long way on gas. Gives me time to refill gas even after the gas light turns on. The seat warmers for the two front seats are great. I wish there were some for the back seats also. The car's nowadays are so flimsy. I reversed and hit the mailbox with my side view mirror. The entire mirror and bumper were torn off and the small wooden mailbox was only left with a scratch and was still standing.

- Serene C

Hyundai Sonata 2009 rides smooth.

Hyundai Sonata ride super smooth. It has a large amount of space so you do not feel crowded. It also has a lot of trucks space. We've had the car for almost 6 years and it has been great. The only issue has been a glitchy cruise control. But it still works you just have to be patient with it. The driving is so smooth sometimes you cannot even tell if you are going over rough roads.

- Rebecca B

The car is reliable and wonderful on gas.

My vehicle has 150, 000 and still runs well. Body is beginning to rust however. I had two major issues but thankfully both covered by my warranty. First one was the weight sensor in the passenger side seat went and had to replace whole seat cushion. The second was the gas fill valve went and was causing gas to spill out while pumping. Other than that it has been very reliable.

- Beth D

Hyundai Sonata: a cruise with a budget.

It is a reliable car. It does not require a lot of maintenance work. The spare parts are easy and cheap to find. Its fuel efficient which is great for long Journeys. His is great because it has great fuel consumption per gallon, which is helpful if your on a budget. It is has great performance. Its comfortable to drive and its easy to make adjustments to the seats.

- Louisa O

Very reliable and great on gas. 31 mpg. Blows really cold a/c also pretty roomy

Overall the car is very reliable and i have no complaints. Normal wear and tear parts have gone out. I bought the car used with 47k and its at 144k with no major issues. The power steering pump is just starting to go out. I have put thousands of miles traveling out of state and the car is comfortable on long drives. I would buy another Hyundai no questions asked.

- Sean W

It's reliable and a comfortable ride. Maintenance is affordable and minimal.

The sonata is a very comfortable ride. My particular model has power window/locks, great stereo, bucket seats and is very roomy in the back. The trunk is a good size and can hold multiple pieces of luggage and groceries. I travel and it gets great gas mileage on the highway. The car was originally my daughter's when she went off to school and it worked well.

- Kim C

Great family car with decent gas mileage.

I have had to replace the transmission and had to rebuild the engine, almost 200, 000 miles. With the high miles it seems responsible. It is a standard transmission too. We have used this vehicle for many family and church trips to Boston almost three hours away. It is a comfort ride. The lights of low tire pressure and check engine have been helpful!

- Carol H

Great long term vehicle - Hyundai satisfaction!!

I purchased my car new and have never had a problem. I have kept up the regular maintenance and had it tuned up one time. My only complaint is that the steering is stiff when turning at lower speeds. My daughter drives a Hyundai Elantra that does not have this issue, so it is not a Hyundai trait. Mine is the third Hyundai in our family - great cars.

- Beth B

Lots of miles, runs perfectly.

The window buttons stopped working, except for the driver's window. The gas cap button does not work anymore either, but luckily there is an emergency pull for the gas cap in the trunk. The USB port and the charger port also stopped working. There seems to be a lot of issues electrically with this vehicle. Other than that she's still holding on!

- Jai S

A happy customer. I couldn't be any more satisfied with my 2009 Sonata.

This is the most inexpensive car to maintain I have ever owned. The only thing I do is regularly scheduled service. I fill up the gas tank and wash it. The car has never broken down on me and left me stranded on the road. This is now the second Hyundai I have owned and this one is better than the first. This company has made me a loyal customer.

- Cesar T

I cannot complain. Wonderful car.

This car is great. It has slap shift as one of the gear options. Even though it is a v6 it gets great mileage. I can fill up for 40 dollars, depending on gas prices, and it could last me about 2 weeks if I only go a couple extra places. Its great! Automatic locks, windows, and driver seat. Passenger seat is one you have to move manually.

- Dessa R

My Hyundai Sonata 2009 was overall a good car.

Its very reliable the only problem I had was with the timing tensioner going out which I found out there was a tsb out on that part and the labor to get it fixed was around $1000 and the part was only $38. The car was still running good but would make a tapping noise upon cold start up. Besides that I have not had any other issues.

- Alice D

This is a very dependable car that has a great warranty.

Our Hyundai has over 100000 miles. The only repairs that we have had to do were either regular maintenance or covered by warranty. It has survived 2 teenagers learning how to drive. It is comfortable enough to go for long road trips. I think that it gets fairly good gas mileage for a sedan. We will definitely buy another Hyundai

- Janice G

Looks like a cute bug. Love it!

The car has been driven through midtown Manhattan a lot, yet it does not have any problems. Very reliable car with decent mpg and a little bit quick;). Only problem I have had is with a busted ignition but that was fixed pretty quickie. I am one to drive a little over the speed limit too so it is been through some wear and tear.

- Isaiah M

Reliable vehicle as far as getting from point A to B. Great on gas also.

My vehicle has a lot of problems. 2 of the door handles are broke. 1 of my windows just went out and now I can't roll it up. I have to put a garbage bag over it when it rains so the car doesn't get soaked inside. It is pretty reliable on performance though. It gets me from point A to point B. It's also very good on gas as well.

- William G

The interior design is really unique.

My car is really good, it doesn't consume so much gas I fill it around 4 times a month but I don't ride it doe more than 4 miles a day.. It is hard to speed on hills you need to press in gas way before the hill.. My car color is dark blue which is perfect to hide dust and any scratches on it and it is definitely easy to clean.

- Sara S

Hyundai Sonata is an easy ride.

I have really enjoyed driving my car. It rides smooth with little to no issues. The only problem is the cruise control not always working when you press the button for it. I took it in to get worked on a few times and there wasn't much that fixed it. You have to press it a few times for the light to come on & for it to work.

- Danielle B

Not the best car, very stylish, but not good for road or extended trips.

Not really much wrong with the car, tire pressure issues most of the time and check engine light always on. Has transmission problems as well. Not great on gas mileage, take about $40 to fill up the tank and is not great by the gallon. Would not recommend this care to anyone, I would buy a Hyundai again, but a newer model.

- Michelle G

Reliable vehicle and company.

Hyundai stands behind their vehicles had sensor go out on passenger seat for air bag and they fixed it immediately at no charge. Have only put one set of brakes on car and I do drive like the Indy 500. Have had to replace valve seals because of leakage but other than that normal maintenance and would buy another Hyundai.

- Jc B

Black Hyundai Sonata limited 2009. Sunroof, AUX and USB inputs, air conditioning.

My Hyundai Sonata is very fun to drive as it does go quite fast. It gets fairly good gas mileage and a full tank last me a very long time even with driving very often. The sunroof and stereo system just add to the high quality of the car. I have had no problems with anything relating to the car since I have gotten it.

- Maddie G

Comfortable and good has not mileage.

I love how my car drives, very smooth and gas efficient. It is very comfortable not too big, not too small. I have never had any major issues with my car other than the normal wear and tear that happens with age and mileage. I am very happy with my car and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new car.

- Danielle M

A comfortable, reliable car that is a joy to drive!

It is a great, reliable car! I would say, I wish it had better gas mileage and also wish it had more amenities, but for the price - it is a great car! It has Sirius radio, comfortable seating, a nice ride and feels sturdy and safe. It is been a great car that I have enjoyed driving and having in my life!

- Edgar M

Great little family car! Great gas mileage handles very well all around good car.

Has electrical problems past owners did not take care of the vehicle that being said the engine sounds amazing!! I recommend to buy new or with a certified carfax gas mileage is a plus and handles very well in all conditions on the road haven't had any leaks or malfunctions other than past ownership.

- James T

Why I like my Hyundai even though I am from Detroit.

There’s 145000 miles on the car and has been relatively major maintenance free. The ride is smooth and the gas mileage economy is reasonable. My only problem with the car is its narrow turning radius. Driving this car gives me new respect for the south Korean automobile business. I am from Detroit.

- Elliot F

Bought as a first car, still own 4 years later!

An extremely reliable car. Got my car when it had 57k miles on it and have had it for almost 4 years. Gets good gas mileage, typically 27 in town and 30 on the interstate. Have replaced the battery and starter, both of which are fairly normal wear and tear. Also love that it is very roomy for a car.

- Morgan M

Reliable, low maintenance sedan.

This is a very reliable car. My only complaint is that it seems very light, it slides a lot in snow. But the car has a really great warranty. The Hyundai service department is really disorganized, but the car itself is fine. The size is right for the needs of my family and is very low maintenance.

- Bob C

Still runs like I just bought her, clean fresh and still has great gas mileage.

I purchased this car brand new, it has great gas mileage and has never given me a problem. I have taken her on long trips with no problems (knock on wood ) it has over 110000 miles and still rides like a brand new car. If and when I need to get a new car in the future it is going to be a Hyundai.

- Madeline G

2009 Sonata- where comfort is key.

The car is very comfortable, with plenty of space and soft seats! The trunk is also very large, so there is plenty of storage space when going on trips or grocery shopping. The car drives and handles well, the only issue is when replacing parts, the parts are often in difficult areas to reach.

- Alexis P

An amazing car for an amazing price!

Almost 10 years on the road and only minor problems so far! I love this car! So far, I have had to replace a few sensors and the brakes and that is it. I will definitely be thinking of buying another Hyundai for my next car. I would recommend Hyundai to anyone looking for a new car. 10/10.

- Ash A

Not flashy, but has plenty of power and comfort.

I love this car. It is comfortable, responds well, and has all the extras I need. The air conditioning works very well (important in my climate). There is plenty of legroom for all passengers, and the trunk is roomy. The car is not flashy, but definitely meets and exceeds all expectations.

- Tanya M

My car looks like a luxury car and has so many luxurious features yet has the room and comfort needed for a small family.

One of the things I like most about my car is how smoothly my car drives. Also the point that it has leather seats with heated seats for the driver and passenger, which is great during the winter. It's also very spacious and has plenty of room. The only dislike is the amount of gas spent.

- Katiria L

Creaky, slow to start, not attractive.

The 2009 Hyundai Sonata is a good used midsize car for many types of buyers, and auto critics agreed that families who are looking for space and practicality should add the Sonata to their list. Its bland styling may deter some shoppers though. It is a very safe and family friendly car.

- Jonathan S

The opinion of my 2009 Sonata.

It drives okay but you can tell it is getting older. I purchased the car about 4 years ago as a pre-owned vehicle. It ran very well at the beginning but it is starting to get a little sluggish lately. It may be time for a new car as I can not see putting a lot more money into this car.

- Mike T

Older but reliable 2009 sonata.

It has held up good for the most part. The only issue is the brakes pads/rogers go out more often in this car than I have had with other vehicles. Decent gas mileage. Generous trunk space and backseat space. It is not up to date on the lasted technology such as GPS and voice control.

- Trevor G

My vehicle is a 2009 Hyundai, it is used but I did buy it as a cash car.

My vehicle runs great, I have never had any problems with it. Aside from regular oil changes and keeping up with the maintenance. Its extremely reliable throughout the years for being a used car. I would say that my car is very comfortable and the features are up to date as well.

- Alyssa A

My favorite Hyundai review.

I have not experienced any problems since I got the car. It is very reliable and runs well. The car runs very smoothly. The cars seats are very comfortable and ergonomic. I like that my Sonata is customizable due to a large variety of parts. I always get compliments on my Sonata.

- Chris B

Hyundai’s have longevity and low average maintenance costs.

Our 2009 Hyundai has performed well for over ten years with few big maintenance issues. If there’s anything negative about the Sonata, it is the car’s turning radius. The Hyundai drives smooth on the freeway and general maintenance costs are low. I would buy a Hyundai again.

- Elliot F

It has a polished wooden dashboard which I have not seen in most cars. It looks absolutely stunning.

I love my car even though I am the secondary driver, i.e., my spouse drives it to work and I take it to do shopping in the evenings and weekends. I don't like the updated design Hyundai released for Sonata from 2010 onwards so I absolutely cherish that I have a design from 2009.

- Thillai M

This car is reliable and would function as a nice family car.

My car has all the amenities I need, but could use some extra bells and whistles. Two examples of extras I would use would be temperature control for driver and passenger sides, as well as seat heaters. The car has been reliable for me and has performed well in all weather.

- Jessica M

Love the easy listening to the radio and c d player

I have not owned this vehicle very long but I love the way it drives. The seats are comfortable and makes travelling smooth and easy..So far we had no problems with the vehicle. My favorite thing is the radio and cd player..It has 6 speakers which makes listening great.

- Judy A

A great car! I would definitely recommend as a daily driver!

This car is great on gas! Perfect size. I never had a sedan before this, and I absolutely love having four doors. Never had any major mechanical issues with it. Comfortable little car. I love the color of my car. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone I know!

- Kristen L

A great car for older people or younger ones with no children.

Great gas mileage, comfortable, handles great, roomy, keyless trunk, gas cap protection, nice stereo features, a car I would recommend to anyone does not have backup alarm or camera. Does have rear defrost. Will freeze you out with ac on and heat you out with heat on.

- Diane S

You will end up trading this car in if you have kids.

I love this car but a lot of things always needs to be replaced the fuses are always needing to be replaced its not a car for people with kids because it's easy to stain the seats. The sunroof is pretty cool. But now my kids are getting older and I need a bigger car.

- Lisa L

The car is great the dealerships SCREW you! They say they fix things they do NOT>!!

I love the car, love the speed capability, the color. Love the size. I HATE the dealerships & the way the cover their warranty. I had 2 things fixed/replaced (so the claim) at least 3 times & BOTH STILL do NOT work!! & it is OUT of warranty!! I am DONE with Hyundai!

- Starla E

Sonata is a dependable car!

Lots of legroom in the front, we've had to replace brakes, trunk space is great, and it is a reliable car. We drove it from Virginia to Oregon and back and it did really well. It has great gas mileage and does okay through mountainous driving. Very dependable car.

- Hannah W

This car should be everyone first car.

It drives great. The maintenance on the car is easy to repair car parts are not expensive at all. Really good on gas. Safety concerns meet my criteria and has not failed at all. This car is a must buy. The features on the car that I love is the satellite radio.

- Jasmine A

The used car problems in a new world of backup camera.

I bought a used Sonata 2009 limited couple of months ago. As per as performance of this vehicle goes, it is till now performing well. It has some cosmetic damages. I needed to change the tires and it had no back up camera either so I needed to install that too.

- Abdul A

Economical and reliable vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle. Very little mechanical issues. Comfortable ride. Also, the vehicle keeps its value and very dependable. The appearance inside and out is attractive. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. You will not be disappointed in this vehicle.

- April H

It has a wooden finish dashboard

I love my car. I have owned for the last 5 years and it has not let me down. Even before I bought this car, I had fixed in my mind that I wanted to buy Hyundai Sonata, model between 2006 and 2009. Boy, I am so happy my decision turned out to be a great one.

- Mano A

Sonata gets good gas mileage and a good sized trunk.

My sonata gets very good gas mileage, is comfortable, there is plenty of room, especially in the trunk! It has a nice and roomy interior as well. This is a very reliable car, I have never had any issues, except my automatic window motor had to be replaced.

- Anna L

Pluses and minuses, but Hyundai generally solid car.

Continual caliper and brake problems. Otherwise a solid car with good gas mileage. Very roomy. Quiet interior and reasonable insurance rate coverage. I prefer the smaller model Hyundai Elantra as a more economical and reliable model with great gas mileage.

- Denise K

The reason why I love my car.

This is a very reliable car. Perfect for a small family! The gas mileage is amazing, I get about 25 mpg! It has a CD player, Bluetooth to connect your phone, sunroof, ability for auxiliary. Everything is electronic..Nothing manual. Also, the trunk is huge!

- Tara G

My car is a great business, family or cruise around car.

I love that it shows how many miles per gallon i get. I enjoy how quiet it drives. I love that it has a large trunk making large shopping trips easier. I love that their are larger windows then the newer models, making it so their are smaller blind spots.

- Cari M

The safety features. Like the doors lock themselves when the car is in use, The back windows wont go down all the way,

I like that the doors lock when the car is in use, The seats are nice to sit on, Your butt won't get tired from sitting too long. I love the color of our car, It's good on gas. It rides really well, You don't feel the bumps from the roads like other cars,


2009 Hyundai runs well, ice cold air.

I purchased this car 6 months ago with cash. For being 9 years old it's still in pretty good shape. 82k miles, minor cosmetic issues; cracks on the dash and the plastic pieces show discoloration. Performance is great and as expected for a car of this age.

- karen l

I absolutely love my car!

My car is extremely comfortable to drive. It does very good throughout all four season and it is reliable in the snow. My favorite part about my car is the sunroof. I have had a problem with the starter in the past and I also recently bought new tires.

- Samantha M

It had been a great car for me.

I have been very fortunate with this vehicle. I have had no trouble with this car since I bought it in 2009. This car has traveled many miles and continues to travel many without any issues. I don't think twice about taking a road trip in this car.

- Donna B

Great car, Hyundai Sonata. Don't want to miss

It's been an ok car. We got it used. But right off the bat the car began jerking when you slowed down and ended up going 20 mph, the car shakes a little now when you hit the brakes. The interior is nice though and cloth. It gets great gas mileage.

- Angela H

Good gas mileage Has a sunroof Fast

No problems at all. It is a very dependable car and fast too. I love that my car comes with a sunroof. I also love xm radio feature and aux feature. It is good on gas mileage and on long trips it can get up to almost 40 miles to the gallon

- Delaney S

The car costs very little to maintain and provides many, many long years of reliable driving.

love the look and feel of my car. The car provides a great comfortable ride. The car is also excellent on gas mileage. Most importantly i feel very safe driving in the car. The car is also very low to maintain from a cost basis.

- brenda s

The Hyundai Sonata is a comfortable, functional and yet sleek car.

I love how functional it is. It's not a huge car but it has a lot of room. I like that even though it's almost 10 years old, it still drives really nicely. I don't really dislike much except that I know it's getting up in miles.

- Kristy H

It is reliable but as it gets older parts are starting to break.

Well we make payments so it is used and ended up have rust on frame, the flex pipe went out, window controls broke, back window wont roll down, climate control unit broke, was getting good gas mileage but that has declined.

- Jennifer O

It gets good gas mileage.

It is a comfortable car. Easy to drive, fits our family. Have had a few problems with the windows (auto roll not working correctly, back window off Its track). Also, the tire light is stuck on. Overall, I love this car.

- Beth K

Sonata is a very reliable and dependable car. Over 94,000 miles and no problems with it.

Sonata is a great car. Very reliable. Has a lot of power, easy to get ahead of all other cars after light changes. Has a great sound system and works great with my mp3 player. Can't think of anything negative about it.

- Tammy D

The front is being held on by a bungee cord.

This car is good for getting around but very ugly. I did however wreck it and it is still running good despite the messed up front. Mine is gold and it had tinted windows which is cool but cops are always stopping me.

- Morgan M

That it is a reliable car with good performance.

I like the low maintenance on the vehicle and the 100,000 or 10 year warranty. I like the performance and gas mileage too. My dislikes is it needs frequent alignment of the wheels. Seems to get off alignment often.

- Gerald R

Very good vehicle for the money.

Generally great experience with only one significant problem having to do with a factory change to the head gasket material that created a need to remove the head and replace the gasket. No significant other problem.

- Tim F

The handles break off pretty easy

Over all I think the make and model and is a great car. They run for a long time if maintained properly, I unfortunately bought my car as a lemon from someone who said they had fixed it properly after being wrecked.

- Brianne E

It's so spacious! It has tons of legroom for passengers and a huge trunk.

Our car has been very reliable since we got it. We did purchase it used, so it seems to have a few electrical problems, but overall it's been great! I love the amount of legroom in the back seat and the trunk space.

- Ashley U

It's a great car. You really are getting your money's worth with the sonata.

It is incredibly reliable. The problems I have had with it have been minor and repaired for less than 100 dollars. It has mostly been sensors dying. I plan to purchase a car of the same variety for my next vehicle.

- Ashley A

The car is cheaper compared to other vehicles in Its class. Very safe, reliable.

This car is pretty good on gas. Reliable for a full time student. Repairs tend to be cheaper because of it being an older car and parts are everywhere. Very spacious car inside. A comfortable car for longer rides.

- Brandon E

It is still okay a decade later.

My car it is fine, it drives. I�d prefer a little better mileage but other than that it is doing well for being almost 10 years old. My window is not going up and I have had to put some money into it recently.

- Grace C

My car is very reliable, has a powerful engine and is very comfortable to drive.

It is a V6 so it has spunk and takes off quickly when I need it to. It has a sunroof, which I absolutely love. The mileage is very good, over 30 on the highway, so this car really adds up to a good choice for me.

- Dot V

So far reliable. And great on gas.

I love the comfortable seat. Nice leather. Roomy. Great trunk space. Good stereo system speakers sound good. Love all my compartments to put thinks. Can have xm radio. Just wish it had an auxiliary for radio.

- Nc C

Good quality car for a reasonable price. I would definitely buy another one.

The Sonata is very nice ride. Good gas mileage, comfortable to drive, reliable. Only complaint is that small things seem to break easily such as the middle compartment hatch and the window up/down switches.

- Matt R

It's been incredibly reliable and has 140,000 miles

It is the second best car I've ever had, the first being my Geo Prizm (which I got 220,000 miles out of). I currently have 140,000 miles on the Sonata, and other than needed new brakes it's been rock solid.

- Kenneth T

It has been a very reliable car for me.

I love the features - moonroof, heated seats, cruise control, and good sound system. The only thing I really dislike is the black color and exterior . It makes it very hot and uncomfortable in the summer.

- Cheryl Y

Highly recommend a Hyundai Sonata for any age group.

I have had minimal problems with my Sonata. It has been a great and reliable car for the past 9 years. It is a little difficult to drive in the snow and rain, but other than that it drives very smooth.

- Allyssa B

It is safe and easy to drive. I like the flexibility of the steering wheel. This flexibility helps to turn the steering wheel easily. I like when I push the gas pedal it goes faster very well.

I love my car. It's old but I believe it's better than a lot of new models. It doesn't have features but it had 4 tires and takes me everywhere. So far, I can say it's very pleasant to drive this car.

- Sara e

A great reliable car that just runs and runs.

I had one minor problem with the air conditioning system. It was repaired under warranty and has been working fine ever since. The car now has 140,000 miles and passed state inspection last week.

- Bill h

Very comfortable on the road but not that much comfortable like Volkswagen.

When I bought my car it was great but sadly after one year it started to have problems with most of its parts like tyres and electricity, so I had to do routine surface to avoid those problems.

- Emh J

It is seriously a great car all around.

I love the look of my car. It has been reliable the entire time I have owned it. Really, the only thing I dislike is the fact that it is getting old, but I really love everything about my car.

- Gabby K

It is has an amazing radio and is very comfortable and great on gas.

I love my car it is drives great and is so comfortable. It has a nice stock radio. It is a four door car. It drives so smooth. It has cloth seats and it has leather and wood interior also.

- Amber U

The 2009 Hyundai Sonata: a pretty decent car for the price.

My Hyundai Sonata has been a very reliable car for the last 9 years. It gets good gas mileage and has lots of little extras, such as woodgrain finish, usb port, cd player and xm radio.

- Robert A

It is reliable if it is taken care of.

I love the size of the car. The sound system is great. And it's great on gas. It does make a weird noise when you open the back door on the passenger but other than that I love my car.

- Kyle P

Very great car overall. Would definite recommend.

I love how reliable this vehicle is. It has good mileage, big trunk very spacious. Only complaint is it scrapes the bottom on any speed bump or any road or driveway that is not flat.

- Saris T

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It has been a reliable vehicle because it has high miles but very low maintenance needed. It is a good size to drive with plenty of window space to see out of and little blind spots.

- Sara M

It is reliable but not showy.

I have never really had any problems with it other than normal wear and tear. It will be 10 years old next year. It is comfortable and roomy and not at all showy which I what I like.

- Allison B

Hyundai Sonata: good car, great workhorse.

An absolute workhorse. I used it for uber and the engine kept jugging on with no issues. The interior was nice with leather seats and power windows. You want a good car, this is it.

- Thomas W

It has a large back trunk to store things in, whatever those may be.

I love that the gas mileage in this vehicle is so great on just one tank of gas. Also the heated seats are a plus in the winter time. Also the price i paid used was a steal.

- bubba s

This is one of the best running cars that I have ever owned. I have never had any issues with this car.

My Sonata is the perfect size for me. The trunk is large and roomy and the backseat has a lot of legroom. My favorite thing about this car is that it gets good gas mileage!

- JoAnn E

Cannot think of anything, that stands out. Do regular checks, change oil etc.

No problems, love the Lincoln, not real happy with some of the placement of the gauges really happy with the performance, and reliability. I think you get what you pay for.

- Frank M

Hyundai Sonata: The Perfect Car for Every Trip

The Hyundai Sonata is spacious and comfortable. With excellent highway and city mileage, it is perfect for traveling long distances and for making short trips within town.

- Alex V

It's a comfortable ride and has been dependable, with acceptable gas mileage.

Comfortable ride and reasonably good gas mileage. However, it is getting older and high mileage, so a few things are wearing out and the road noise is higher than desired.

- David K

Great drive, good gas mileage.

Good on gas. Drives very nice. Never had any problems. Bought car in 2010. Loved it as soon as I sat in it. Very comfortable. Love the color blue. I will buy another one.

- Lisa C

It's extremely reliable and overall just a great car to have

I've had my Sonata for over 6 years and I absolutely love it. I've never had any trouble with it, and it's an extremely reliable car. It drives smoothly and looks great!

- Gabby K

It's incredibly reliable and it'll run for a long time.

I love my car. It runs great has awesome gas mileage, and its really reliable and comfortable. Now a problem is that it goes through head and tail lights like water .

- Elizabeth H

The price is good for what you get.

I love how smooth this vehicle rides. I also like how it is a gas saver. It's not a big bulky vehicle, and that's what I like the most. I do not have any complaints!.

- Alison D

They need to check for blind spots.

I like because it is dependable. In the nine years that I have had the car, I have one had to replace the brakes, and buy tires. And of course the usual oil changes.

- Brenda D

It's simple to drive. There's good visibility. It's easy to park.

It runs like a rabbit. The heat comes on quickly in the cool weather, and the A/C works quickly in the warm weather. It's easy to park. I don't have any dislikes.

- John e

Compact reliable fast dependable safe family car low mpg.

Love the color and body style and the way it handles, trunk size is wonderful, good on gas mileage; do not like that the dash has cracked and we have to replace it.

- Pat M

Compact, but roomy 4 door sedan that has great fuel efficiency.

I really like my 2009 Hyundai Sonata. It drives well, gets excellent gas mileage, and is quiet when driving. I have not had any significant issues with performance.

- Matt G

There's not much to say other than the brakes are pretty good when brand new.

The brakes weren't so good. The acceleration was ok but didn't pick up like some cars. Comfortability was a 6/10. Its ability to save on gas was pretty good though.

- Rodolfo A

The car I am primarily in is extremely comfortable and reliable.

It has a wonderful sound system. It has a modern stereo which I really like. You can connect your phone via six cord found in the glove box. It's very comfortable.

- Abbey S

The car is enjoyable to drive, especially on long trips.

The car drives and handles well. The car has good pickup. The car gets good gas mileage on the highway. No problems with the car since I purchased it in 2014.

- David k



- coby J

I can achieve 42 MPG, and it is NOT a hybrid! Further: it has a head-controlled USB-based MP3 sound system that was fairly advanced in 2008.

The sonata delivers impressive fuel economy while remaining stylish. It's a reliable vehicle that has given me virtually no problems in 10 years and 108K miles.

- Allan A

That it does everything it needs to. And rides great.

I like that it rides smooth and has a lot of space. I do not like that it is having minor issues. The window has stopped working in the handle is disconnected.

- Evelyn B

Its reliable and a very safe car. Its safety rating is great. Also it is good on gas.

The car is affordable for its class. It is spacious inside. The trunk is large for baggage space for long trips. Car is cheap when it comes to maintenance.

- Brandon E

2009 Hyundai Sonata Review

Older car but very dependable, have not had any problems other than air in tires and have had for almost a year (got it used, had about 70,000 miles on it)

- Rebecca V

It is got enough features on it to ensure a safe drive, every time.

I love the smooth drive. There are warning lights that are perfect for telling me what's going on with my car. The overall sleekness of it is beautiful.

- Kristina F

Very reliable car and excellent gas mileage

I have had my Hyundai Sonata for almost 10 years and it has been the most reliable car I have ever had. Very good gas mileage as well, averaging 30 mpg.

- Tiara K

Hyundai Sonata - practical but still with a touch of luxury. A Korean wonder.

Excellent value. Reliable. Still comfortable and performs well after nearly 10 years of ownership. Nicely outfitted and doesn't look 10 years old.

- Brandr B

The air conditioner is very cold instantly & heater is excellent.

My car is the best car I have ever owned. It is now 10 years old or soon to be, I purchased it new. It gets great gas mileage has had a lot of power.

- Kathy F

Sunroof , heated seat option , cold ac ! Fits family of 4

I love the car honestly , it comes with a sunroof and heated seats and awesome ac and heater ! Easy to keep clean . fits both my kids comfortable!!

- Gracie V

It's a really smooth ride.

The car is a very comfortable ride, has amazing mpg. The car has a very easy to understand dashboard, minimal engine problems. It is very durable.

- Joseph T

It is an extremely reliable vehicle.

I like the performance of this vehicle. It has been a very reliable vehicle. It has not needed a lot of maintenance. I do not have any complaints.

- Sara V

It has great gas mileage and great safety features!

I love that it has a large trunk and spacious back seats. Visibility is great for blind spots. I dislike how hard the interior fabric is to clean.

- Megan C

It gets great gas mileage on the highway, especially when on long distance trips.

This car has lasted me 8 years. It gets great fuel mileage. It's safe on the road and doesn't get noisy. Only issue is space when you have 3 kids.

- Anastasia A

It will definitely outlive the payments.

I get great gas mileage. My car runs so smoothly - cannot even tell if I am speeding. Rarely have any problems. It is brown. I do not like brown.

- Renee Y

Five seat sedan. Decent gas mileage.

Comfortable. Very reliable. Gas mileage ok. Some interior plastic parts broken before purchase. Was purchased used. Large trunk. Seats 5 easily.

- Dave J

It drives well but it's not the most comfortable ride all the time.

I like that even the older model has a touch screen stereo. I it's nice and roomy but it's very big. The quality of the interior isn't great.

- Jessi D

Basic. Needed a lot of repairs. Not good in the snow.

It's a basic vehicle. Not great in the snow. Have had quite a few problems with braking system and oil leaks that needed expensive repairs.

- Natalie C

It has leather seats, sunroof, and is a better version of the sonata

The car has a great interior, and extra features. It gets good mileage and drives well, however I've had a lot of problems with my vehicle

- Ben h

It has good fuel economy.

It's very reliable. It's a good size and is fuel efficient. I do find some of the knobs and latches in the interior to break too easily.

- Jonathan J

Great value for the price

Very reliable, over one hundred and sixty thousand miles on it and no major problems. Only had to ever fix common things like brakes, etc

- Jessica J

Great gas mileage. It lets you know an estimate on how far you can go. Also has a great warranty

I love the gas mileage. I love the fact i have a tiptronic shifter. What i don't like is my airbag sensor. I think it should be a recall

- Jeffrey F

The car I have gets good gas mileage.but has issues

I have an issue where the car hesitates. To me it feels that the brakes are testing itself. No car shop can figure out what is going on

- Michelle C

It's awesome and it's also mine. I would suggest anyone get this car.

I love the get up and go with this car. It's small but packs a punch. What I don't like is how the door handles break pretty easily.

- Chaley H

Value and comfort! Great gas mileage, comfort and good value for car.

Runs well-never had major problems however parts break easily (I. E. Dash panel, door panel, up/down window, av control unit, etc.).

- Dawn O

It doesn't get good gas mileage. I expected better of it.

It is not comfortable to sit in. Seats give me a backache and headrests are to high up. I am 5'6", and I don't reach the headrest???

- Margaret P

It has a smooth drive and does not make much noise.

I like having satellite radio. I like how it drives. I do not like the seat material since it is hard to clean and the mats as well.

- Jennifer S

It is dependable and never had any major issues with it

Issue with driver sun visor - loose and just hangs - center console also no longer locks. Car gets good mileage and is otherwise OK

- Jim C

Hyundai sonata 09, the perfect car

It drivers beautifully. The interior is still firm and comfortable. Stereo is stock and sound great. Handles amazing in the snow.

- Rebecca T

Reliable, basic transportation and requires few repairs.

Reliable with few repairs but not very stylish. It is basic transportation. Trunk is roomy and fits three adults in the back seat.

- Colleen V

The Hyundai Sonata is a very reliable car.

The only problem I have been having is that my screen where it shows the radio station and my GPS is stuck on the Hyundai screen.

- Megan M

It's good car and just fit in my family

It's good a little problem we buy it 2nd hand car but only the problem is the wheels that we need old to change but it's good car

- Joanna R

Heated seats and XM radio are included. Newer tires.

It drives well and has required little maintenance despite high mileage. Comfortable for long drives. Heated seats and XM radio.

- Sarah W

The most important thing is fuel efficiency. it has great gas mileage

I love my 2009 Hyundai Sonata. very good gas mileage, very dependable. I've had very few problems since i have purchased the car

- Allison E

That the vehicle is super comfortable.

The transmission is faulty. The ac Doesn't work. The tires are old. It is held together with duct tape. They sold me a lemon.

- Megan S

it was a very dependable car. It got very good gas mileage

I got it brand new at a good price it now has over 120000 miles on it and has been very low maintenance over the last 10 years


Safest car for young drivers

I like the fact that the car is reliable. It was voted the safest car for young drivers. The gas mileage is also really good.

- Alycia B

It handles smoothly and gets excellent gas mileage.

I like the ride. I also like the amenities like the in-dash navigation. It handles smoothly, and gets excellent gas mileage.

- First L

The most important thing about my car is that it is a safe vehicle.

The Hyundai Sonata is a very good, no-frills car that is very safe and comfortable. I have not had any major issues with it.

- David G

Hyundai is better than any American car.

I've had it for ten years and had no repairs. Only maintenance. I highly recommend Hyundai and that's what I'll buy forever.

- Bill J

The driver's seat can be adjusted electricity since my husband is taller than me.

I do not have any complaints, it is just that the car is getting old and it lacks the features that new cars come with now.

- David G

The car handles well and is great on gas. .

The car seat (driver) is too low, it should be more adjustable. The interior is too light ( color), shows dirt too easily.

- Pamela R

Mitsubishi cars have issues with electric after approximately 100k miles.

It has some brake issues and it has not been real economical on fuel. Needs ball joints and has issues shaking violently.

- Norm F

It is great in gas and it is a solid everyday car.

I love the mileage that it gets per gallon... And I hate how low it sits on the ground and I hate that it is not bigger.

- RHonda B

Car gets great gas mileage.

I like the response from the engine, gas mileage, power doors/seats, and interior details. There is nothing I dislike.

- Carol P

Good for the money and on gas.

Not enough space. Drives amazing. And a gas guzzler. It also has a port for my aux cable. And that it's easy to shift.

- Nicole Lyons L

It has been very reliable as a daily driver and vacation vehicle.

My car is very reliable. It has very good gas mileage. It is very dependable. It has been a good traveling vehicle.

- Tara L

Dependable, comfortable, nice to drive, good trunk space.

Comfortable, good trunk space, attractive. Wish it had a few more bells & whistles (heated seats & rear view mirrors)

- Jamie D

The car has good mileage and the warranty coverage is satisfactory.

I like the body style of my car. The car is just the right size. The car has just the basics which suffice my need.

- Mimi Y

Very reliable car. Good low maintenance and good gas mileage.

No complaints. Love everything about my car. Been very reliable. Low maintenance good gas mileage. Very roomy inside.

- Theresa P

It has good gas mileage and a good engine.

I like the good gas mileage. I like the size. I dislike the AC system. I like that it runs well/doesn't break down.

- Rachel D

The car is good on gas and miles.

I love my car because its good on gas. It also has great traction driving. The speakers system is great i love it.

- Victoria P

Even though it is not American made it is a very dependable car.

I love that it feels racy when you drive it. It gets great gas mileage. It's low maintenance and very dependable.

- Tracey B

Hyundai Sonata is a great car.

My car is a great car. We have had minimum issues with it, it drives well, and it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Kathleen H

Space, gas mileage and the cheap repair costs.

It's a good car, but its extremely basic. Gets very good gas mileage and is very spacious, all around great car.

- Andrew L

It has a CD player and aux plug in

I love the power windows and locks. It is great on gas. Very easy to maintain. It is very reliable. I love it!

- Melissa S

How great it drives, and how important oil changes are.

I love my vehicle. It's the first I've had that I don't constantly have to put work into. I have no complaints.

- Taylor R

Dependable. . . Good warranty.

My Sonata has been dependable. I have over 175, 000 miles on it and hope to trade after the first of the year.

- Deborah R

Exceptional quality and craftsmanship from a company my family trusts.

Extremely reliable and a company I trust. Excellent quality for the price. Recommend to me by a family member.

- Nicole R

It's is silver in color and is very clean on the inside and out

It is holding up very well. It has had a few battery and door problems but there is nothing to complain about.

- Zack G

Even with high mileage, it still runs well and is dependable.

It has been a dependable car, with fairly good gas mileage. It is easy to drive. It is comfortable to ride in.

- Verlene g

It is easy to drive no matter the road condition.

I like the size of my car. I like the feel of driving it. I do not like the troubles with the cruise control.

- Sam B

It's easy and fun to drive.

I like that it has a lot of room. I like that it has good gas mileage. It does have some mechanical issues.

- Ben S

Great warranty. Hyundai offers one of the best ones out there.

I love the comfort of it. It is a reliable car with great warranty. I wish there was more back seat space.

- c s

Defective paint for that model.

It is very easy to drive and reliable. Paint defective bad a manufacturer defect. It gets great gas mileage.

- Lisa T

Great mileage. Great satellite radio. Smooth driving.

I love that it has satellite radio. The car drives smoothly. I don't like the mats. They are hard to clean.

- Jennifer S

My car has good MPG and is very reliable.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I like the style of my vehicle. I like how my vehicle has a good MPG.

- Jake H

It is reliable and I feel safe driving it.

I love that it is small but has lots of space. I hate how much the air conditioner eats gas. Good mileage.

- Jamie H

The trunk is very large and has room for more items than you can imagine!

My car gets great gas mileage. I love that I have a large trunk and interior. My car has nice pick up!

- Shelly E

It runs like a dream cloud.

Its missing a door handle, but it is very comfortable. The door can still open but only from the inside.

- Linda R

It has a odd noise which emerges from the air conditioner.

I like everything about my car. The heat and air conditioning kick in quick. It gets good gas mileage.

- Robert B

it is a very good value for the price

Very good value, features, functionality for the money. Good gas mileage, comfortable and reliable.

- Jon G

Air conditioning and good gas mileage and a quiet ride.

I get good gas mileage, and a comfortable ride. No complaints. The maintenance cost are reasonable.

- Rick L

It runs,and is a smooth ride. Tires are good and the miles are low.

It rides very smooth, its a very nice car. Runs very well. Its comfortable and I like it very much.

- satech s

Hyundai makes very good cars, they are very safe, and fun to drive.

I love the warrantee. The car is very peppy for a 4 cylinder car. The car gets great gas mileage.

- Florence P

It is very reliable! For an older car very few issues have come up. Everything works great.

It has been very reliable. We have had very few problems. The ride is smooth and it's very quiet.

- Alyssa K

Very dependable car for both city and interstate driving

I like the size and style. Gets good gas mileage. Older so missing some of the modern technology.

- Brandon M

The safety rating of the car is in the top 5 automobiles

A great riding car, nice interior size which I love for comfort and good gas and safety rating

- Lou L

It is very roomy and has good gas mileage love to drive it a good vehicle

I love my car it is good on gas.I like that it has a large trunk. Love the comfortable seats

- Anita Q

Once you purchase your car you're not done putting money into it!

It's gas efficient and looks really good! Other than some old tech inside it's quite great!

- Devon M

Get the car checked regularly by a mechanic you trust.

There are no bells and whistles. Easy to drive. Computer had an expensive issue and fix.

- Rachel Clinkman C

It's a nice car to own. Good value for what got pay for.

Good power. Has a good stereo. It has a comfy ride. Gets good mpg for size and power.

- Brandon A

My car has been very reliable. It still looks nice. I'm disappointed that I can't upgrade my navigation program due to its age. I enjoy the power that the V-6 engine gives me.

This car is extremely reliable. It has required a minimum of repairs/replacements.

- Deiann E

the car is reliable the car is good on gas

The car is good gas mileage. The car is nice to look at The car has a good ride

- Russel H

good ride and good fuel mileage

good fuel mileage. nice exterior and interior. wish there was more power.

- John d

Good on gas & great sound system. Handles good as well

It was handed down by my dad. The car itself is good but I'd like a coupe

- James R

Good gas mileage. takes regular gas and has sufficient pep.

good gas mileage. Has good power. Dependable. roomy. no major complaints

- art s

great pick up and smooth riding. literally maintenance free.

almost maint. free. dislike nothing..rides like I first bought it

- barbara r

It is a good working and nice car for the price I paid for it and has not had any serious mechanical problems since I bought it.

works without any problems fuel efficient comfortable to travel in

- pat f

provides me with transportation, but not my style, would like something sportier

good mileage, but short on style, I would have preferred a wagon

- tim b

It's pretty reliable. Other than the oil leak, I really have no complaints

It gets me there. It does have an oil leak. It drives ok though

- Dwayne S

It stands out from other vehicles it has a turbo engine

I love the way my car drives it gets up and go with no problem

- Darius W

Great with gas mileage, dependable and very rarely needs work. Cheap to fix

It's outdated, doesn't have a backup camera or new technology.

- Katie b

Good retrade value have a nice day

No complaints nice car would be good if it gave better mileage

- Mike K

Car last a long time with less problems then I have ever had with other brands.

My car drives as well today as it did the day I picked it up.

- Melvin H

It is very reliable and is structurally sound and it will last a long time.

Love my car. It's a little old but runs fine. Great brand.

- Hannah B

The sonata is very reliable, no problems. A very dependable car.

I like the sonata because it's reliable and has great sound.

- Tammy D

it's very dependable and gets good mileage. Plus It's comfortable

I wish it had more power. Passing is always a little dicey

- John L

It gets me from point A to point B. I also like that it is good on gas.

I don't like the material it is made of. It's not durable.

- Trish W

Hyundai's are more reliable than I thought. I've had no major issues whatsoever.

It's reliable. It's too small for me. I need a bigger car.

- Nicole a

it runs very smoothly day in and day out

runs smooth very easy ride and seating that is comfortable

- joe n

It has a great sound system and it came with it. Also it's comfortable to drive.

It's getting up there in mileage but still going strong.

- Yukiko D

gas mileage is not as good as advertised. Very disappointing

Plain Vanilla car. Mostly running okay without problem.

- Yuejen H

It runs just fine, but it does have some minor body damage. Also it has a loose motor mount, which makes the car shake some when idling.

It has a loose motor mount and will shake when idling.

- Kristopher H

Very zippy good gas mileage and the radio is fantastic. It's stylish

I love it. Very good car has all the features I need

- Terry W

i love how good it is on gas. i also love the features . i hate the interior

how quiet it is and how it a nice size for my family

- Myriah R

good service @ dealership

Interior space, design of vehicle, fuel consumption

- T M