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2012 Hyundai Sonata. It is just an okay car, gets you from here to there.

It is an okay car, nothing special to me. It sits low to the ground and the rear window is smallish. I have a hard time adjusting the rear view mirror to see behind effectively. The driver's seat is adjustable, however the passenger seat does not adjust any more than forward or back and recline. This seat also sits low so when I am in the passenger seat, I feel like I have to roll out of the car. This Sonata has a 4 cylinder engine, enough power on acceleration. There have been a few minor recalls, however I do not recall anything serious. When we went to a Hyundai dealer to look at cars, I felt invisible, they salesman just dealt with my husband. On the test drive I was stuck in the back seat, while my husband drove and salesman was next to him. If I had a chance to drive the car, even around the parking lot, I would have seen that I cannot see the front end of the car, so it is hard to tell how close you are to an object.

- Kay H

A car for the common man with a luxury feel

This is a great vehicle. Rides is smooth. Lots of legroom in the front and back seats. Plenty of trunk space. This car has plenty of get up and go. It is easy to get into and out of.The exterior is very stylish.This brand has one of the longest warranties in the in industry. One problem we have had with the car was the brakes. Every couple of years we have had to have the brakes replaced. The technician told us it was due to the salt used on the roads in the winter.That may be the case but it's frustrating. We live on a hill so the brakes get used a lot. We should use the car wash more in the winter as this would prevent the brake damage. Overall we love this car and will certainly consider the Sonata as a strong contender when we are ready to purchase a new vehicle.

- Esther B

A wise decision results in a touch of luxury with my Hyundai sonata.

This is a solid vehicle with a lot of get up and go. It has a smooth ride like an expensive luxury car. This car will take a beating and still deliver performance. The infinity stereo is factory. It has pros and cons. If you listen to the stereo with the car turned off you will drain your battery. The sound coming from the stereo though, is high definition crisp and satisfying. The leather interior will hold up even through hauling some big items. The leg room in the front is sufficient but the back is not so comfortable. The lumbar support on the driver seat is a life saver. The panoramic sunroof is awesome day it is night! The trunk will hold to full size suitcases with room left. The car handles like a dream. The price is easy on the pocket book.

- Melanie B

Well built car for the price

My 2012 Hyundai Sonata is an excellent car. Been quite reliable. Bought used and had low miles on it; was a leased vehicle previously. There have been a lot of recalls, so that's the downfall. The engine did have to be replaced around 25,000 due to a recall, but so far at 95,000 miles, it's been running great. Very smooth ride, but I also put Michelin tires on it. Original tires were not good for the road. My car is quite a change in size from my Honda civic; was hard adjusting to the size, but I do like; roomy in back as well. The only downside is the passenger seat, as it sits really low, cannot pump it up with the lumbar support mechanism like the driver's side.

- Cathy C

2012 Hyundai sonata hybrid.

The sonata hybrid is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage in town (32) and on the highway (42). The car is comfortable. It does sit very low to the ground which can be difficult for an older person to get in and out of easily. The back seat is roomy, easily accommodate 3. Good stereo system. Heat and air conditioning work well. The car is very quiet especially when running on battery, you will sometimes think it has stalled until you get used to it. I love the look of the car, very sleek. There is a bit of delay when accelerating. When getting on the highway you need to be aware of this delay to compensate. The brake system is exceptional, best of any car I have owned.

- Sue K

Reliability is probably the most important. I haven't had any issues with the vehicle, has mileage is amazing, and its spacious.

I have drove my car all over the country, it's been driven to Florida, Las Vegas, Florida and many other trips. The reason I love my vehicle is because it rides smooth, its comfortable and gets amazing gas mileage. The best gas mileage I've ever gotten is 38 mpg. As fast as problems with the car, I haven't had any, besides general maintenance of course. It's been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Currently it is 6 years old with about 120K miles on it. I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off. The vehicle is spacious for the driver and passengers. Most importantly the trunk is huge! Anyone is a fool not to buy this vehicle.

- Alexia T

I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS 2.4. IT'S THE FIRST Hyundai I HAVE EVER OWNED

I love my sonata. It is very reliable on gas and a very nice ride. It looks sleek like a luxury vehicle. The interior is very nice and upgraded. I do have some air conditioner problems but very easy fix. Sometimes it doesn't blow very cold air. I went to the dealer and the just did a vacuum pull and refilled the refrigerant so now it blows ice cold, even when it is 97 degrees or hotter outside. If I ever get rid of my sonata I will definitely buy another one, maybe a little newer. I have the low profile rims and tires on my car and they looks awesome. Anyone looking to buy a sonata I would definitely recommend it.

- Guillermo R

Reliability and value, great look. Very nice interior instruments.

This car has been so reliable. Has very good acceleration, interior features are great very comfortable. I also love the look of it. I bought this car for my wife back in 2011 and we have had no engine problems at all. Hyundai dealership has been great, contacting us when there is a recall. Also you cannot beat the warranty. The car drives smooth and since we've owned it I have only had to have brakes done and new set of Tires, Plus routine maintenance. I would highly recommend this car to anyone. And when my wife is ready to let this one go will definitely purchase another one.

- John D

It�s black on outside and inside. Has killer sound system.

This car is great. It's been reliable and drives really smoothly. It even has a turbo, which helps speed the car up faster which is nice for passing those slow-pokes! The inside of the car is spacious and very nice. There are cup holders in all the doors, and in the middle consul in the front. There is a good amount of trunk space. It doesn't drive well in snow. It gets stuck very easily in very little amounts, so that has been annoying, but if you live in a place without a lot of snow you're golden. All in all, great car! Also has Bluetooth radio set up.

- Shay P

It is reliable and will last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

My car is very reliable. It is comfortable and spacious. It has Bluetooth which I really appreciate. The only problems we have experienced so far are: the “cancel” button for cruise control sometimes not working. Squeaky brakes. Air conditioning stopped working, but we found that a mechanic actually cut the wires so we would bring it back in. The Sonata runs very well and has an economic model for gas-saving. The gas pedal is a bit sensitive and takes some getting used to. I don't have any complaints. Even the gas mileage is not to bad.

- Lindsey B

Poor visibility, front and back.

When we shopped for a new car, I was not allowed to sit in the front seat, let alone drive the car. The salesman sat in front with my husband driving. After we bought the car, when I finally drove it, I found the visibility is poor for a shorter person, the seats feel like you are sitting on the floor and the rear view mirror is hard to set for my height. As a passenger in the front seat, I have a hard time getting out of the front passenger seat. Just not fond of this car, but we own it and cannot afford a car right now.

- Kay H

Great, relatable, luxury feeling vehicle

I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata limited. I really enjoy my vehicle. It has a backup camera, backseat air conditioning, double sunroof, heated seats throughout (back and front) and also has dual temperature controls. The seats are very comfortable and allow the driver to add height to the seat. For a 2012 it is a very advanced vehicle. I haven't had any problems with the car besides regular wear and tear. There is a seat belt recall for that drivers side that the Hyundai dealership will cover completely.

- Brittany G

Hyundai Sonata: the height of comfort.

The Hyundai Sonata is an attractive, sporty vehicle that rides smoothly. It has an eco feature that when activated saves gas mileage. It includes a stereo system with a CD player and Bluetooth. It has a spacious back seat and trunk. The headlights are the only problem that I have had with the car. The work, however it is hard to get the lights adjusted to beam in the correct direction. They are currently out of position in my car and I have had difficulty finding someone who is able to fix them.

- Diane F

90,000 Mile 2012 Hyundai Sonata

My Sonata has been a reliable vehicle. There is a recurring problem with the discs wearing quickly. I think this is something to do with the quality of the calipers. Also the hood release cord keeps coming unattached making the pull handle not work. Luckily my hands fit in the grill and I can pull the cord to pop the hood. I've had that replaced once by Hyundai and the issue happened again. Not sure if it is worth the time. Other than that she is a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

- Cassie W

Hyundai sonata, a fancy, family car.

My 2012 Hyundai sonata is a great car. Some features I really enjoy are the heated seats, defrost in the front and back windshields, electric seats, and a great sound system. The interior is very sleek with black and grey seats, with the seats being very comfortable, and lots of room in the car. This car has a very large trunk which comes in handy for moving or traveling somewhere. I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. My car has great performance, and has been very reliable!

- Katherine M

My vehicle is a dark blue, Hyundai Sonata.

A problem that I have with the car is that once the fuel gets below 35 miles left in the tank, the monitor no longer will tell me how much I have in the tank. This makes this a stressful guessing game when it comes to how much gas I have left in the tank. Also, I do not like that there is not a compass in the car which makes directions difficult at times. I am very tall and this car allows plenty of legroom for the passengers. This car is also very reliable and drives smoothly.

- Megan S

Comfortable and fuel efficient!

I love this vehicle! The hybrid version gets amazing gas mileage. The drive is smooth and the v6 makes it so easy to jump on the freeway. For being a 2012 it still feels so new and up to date on the technology. The trunk is spacious can fit plenty of groceries or luggage back there. The back seat is spacious enough to have back seat passengers comfortable during a road trip. I would 100% recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a fuel efficient, sporty and spacious vehicle!

- Moore K

The comfort and ride is great. Very little maintenance, great gas mileage.

My car had been great, only a few small issues. I have the turbo so there has been a few time that it want kick in. Which can be very frustrating trying to pass on the interstate. But other than that, very little issues. Great gas mileage, comfortable ride. Interior is very comfortable, with lots of legroom for those over 6 footers. Oh, one other thing, I have the low profile tires, which seem to wear out pretty fast. (I drive a gravel road everyday, so it may just be me!

- Sharon S

Nice car, just a minor issue.

The car runs very smoothly. It has a very quiet engine which is very nice. I have had my car for some months now and I really haven't had any problems with it. There was just a little minor issue that I had to fix myself when I first got the car and that was my a/c unit started blowing out hot air so it seemed like my air had gone out. Which thankfully for a close friend they were able to help by getting some freeze on for my car and that fixed that problem.

- Ray M

I love the comfort of my vehicles as well as the sunroof.

I have not experienced many issues with my car. I have had it since 2012. I received a ten year warranty on it so all of the issues that I experienced with it have been covered under the warranty. I have had a few recalls that the Hyundai dealership took care of. I have gotten tires replaced, brakes, etc. Pretty much the typical things that you would need to replace in your car. I feel very comfortable driving my car. It's not too big or too small for me.

- Sandra G

it�s very homely and I just love it

it's really a great car. It has Bluetooth and I love pairing my phone. It drives very well. it's a all around great buy. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new car. My favorite part about it is it's designed to fall apart when you get into an accident so that it will not injure the person driving as much. You would think it's negative because of the car being destroyed but you can always buy another car, you can't replace that person.

- Ashley T

Sleek 2012 Hyundai Sonata

I have had my 2012 Hyundai sonata for about five years. It has been very reliable and efficient. I have only had to change the starter and the coupler. My Hyundai Sonata is very good on gas and rides smoothly. The only thing I wish it had is back vents for the air conditioning for the people in the back. I love that it has cloth seats and the black and peanut butter interior. This car is perfect for traveling. Also the trunk is very spacious.

- Ash B

Great car for a compact lifestyle

Love this car. Reliable, great trunk space, compact but you still have lots of room. Great car if you're looking for something small. Great for small families. The trunk fits two strollers and still has room to add a few more things. The back seat can sit three people, but it can get a little tight if you're on the heavier side. The front seats have lots of room, but the back leg room can get a little cramped if the front seats are sat back.

- Hannah Y

All around awesome car and pretty spacious.

I love everything about my vehicle except for the steering wheel. Their is a pop in the steering wheel when turning a certain way. I took it to the mechanic not long ago. And when they took a look at it, they told me it was a manufacturer’s defect and that they could fix it, but they would pretty much have to replace the entire wheel brackets which involves taking out the engine, so it could take a few weeks to fix. Not the best of news.

- Danielle P

I do like that the car still looks much newer than 6 years old!

I love my car, it does have plenty of miles on it. Almost at the 200, 000 miles on it. Therefore, I have in fact have been changing some things which is almost expected. Other than running hot and having a few problems, its an exceptionally good car. Considering its 6 years old, the body style still looks very nice, and in style. You could not guess that my car is that old. It has not let me down yet so I give my car 10 stars!

- Lauren R

Great gas mileage. Drives and rides really nice.

It has great gas mileage. It gets 30+ mpg depending on highway driving or in town driving. It also rides really great and is quiet. It is really roomie. It comfortably fits 4. It is great if you have children. Easy to get in and out. The trunk has a lot of space also. It has a list of nice options available. It has Bluetooth. It has Bose speakers. It has the option to drive automatic or be switched to manual mode.

- Mk K

Passenger in a hole without being able to raise the seat

As the driver, I love this car. I love that you can adjust the seat in so many ways. I also like that there is an additional lever to make an adjustment in your lower back. It gets good gas mileage, so when given a choice, we drive my car.. The only ' downer' is that the passenger seat cannot be adjusted up and down. This, the people sitting there feel like they are in a home with just their head above the window

- Jean C

My car is spacious, reliable and great for long distance travel.

My cars engine went out on me, but Hyundai replaced it free of charge because it was recalled. Different fans have gone out on me which put a few dents in my wallet. My brake lights would stay on even when I wasn't in the car. It would get annoying that my battery would constantly die on me, the only reason I was okay in these situations was because of car insurance roadside assistance and extended warranties.

- Ray D

This is the kind of car you want and need in your life.

My car drives so smoothly and is not jerky when trying to accelerate. It is a great car that is durable and I have not had any huge issues. I have had gas leak from it a little bit, but I got that taken to the shop and the guys there were great! They got the gas leak to stop and was practically good as new. I have not had an issue since with my car. I highly recommend it if you are considering buying it!

- Lindy P

My vehicle has great gas mileage for my usual type of traveling.

The car has been taken to be looked at less than five times since I have had it, which would be for three years now. The problems that have occurred with the car have mostly, if not fully, been from my own mistakes while driving, not because of anything wrong with the car. It has been incredibly reliable to me. The seats also are designed so that they are not too overheated when it gets warmer outside.

- Madison B

The most reliable and sleek car

This was my first car and has been a consistent and dependable car. It is reliable and extremely comfortable. I have rarely had to have any work done on it since the purchase. Driving this car, I feel very safe and know that it's performance will continue to be excellent. The only problems I have had with it are small electrical issues with the steering wheel volume buttons that were easily fixed.

- Jenna T

It tends to ride the break but the braking system is amazing.

Vehicle is great on gas, it has comfortably spacious back seats and seat warmers. The car is extremely reliable and drives smoothly in any type of weather. The vehicle has an eco (economy mode) that helps preserve gas and generally is a sporty but luxurious vehicle. The trunk space is phenomenal and it has a fairly large turn radius. All in all this vehicle is fit for any type of occasion.

- Tristan M

My car has a 5 star crash rating!! This to me was huge because I have a 10 month old son with one more on the way.

I love almost everything about the vehicle. How it rides how it handles. I have never owned a car before so I don't like the fact that it doesn't have back windshield wipers. When I have to drive in the rain (which I get bad anxiety because of 2 wrecks) I can't see anything out of the back window. Other than that I saw the car wanted to test it and I knew immediately I wanted this car!!!!

- Kalista G

Hyundai hybrid is fast and furious!

Does have a lot of technical problems. Gas mileage is really good. Overall is a reliable car. Features blue drive. It has Bluetooth, push start, OnStar, and much more. It does have its problems. My driver side says the door is open when its very much closed. That makes the light on the door stay on when I am out of the car. My lock doesn't make a sound and my windows are sometime.

- Tay P

Sonata Hybrid is great for saving on gas but could be better in comfort.

The Hyundai Sonata hybrid is great on gas mileage and driving. The car is a little too long in the body compared to space inside. And it's a bit lower than I would like even with the adjustable seats. I do wish it had a back up camera and better air bag placement. Also the doors tend to have a heavy swing that if not opened up properly can come back and hit you before you get in.

- Megan S

Does what I need but not ideal comfort or performance

My car has always run fine but recently gave me a huge problem with the engine sensor recall that required it to be in the shop for 3 months. In addition, my axle is wearing thin so I hear a clicking noise every time I turn my wheel. It's not a very comfortable call for tall people - I am 5' 10' and even if I adjust the seat and wheel it's super uncomfortable for long drives.

- Samantha L

2012 Hyundai Sonata - great family car.

I researched my Hyundai Sonata before buying for safety and reliability features. I bought the vehicle used, but have been very pleased. I have just reached a little over 100, 000 miles. I took the vehicle for regular service last week and they told me it was in excellent condition. I have always kept up with maintenance, but never had any major repairs that had to be done.

- Emily F

Hyundai sonata is a very good choice while considering buying a vehicle

I haven't had any major problems with this vehicle so far. I bought it used and have had it for a year now. It has power seats and an amazing stereo with Bluetooth. The only problem I have had is a leak in the air conditioning system so I have to get it charged often when the weather is hot. It's very spacious and very reliable. I would definitely recommend buying this car.

- Amanda S

A winner for a first time buyer.

I have had very little issues with my vehicle. The only issues I have had are the multiple recall notices I had to take time to go to the dealer for. Luckily my car never had issues due to these recalls, but they were still annoying to deal with. My car is very comfortable to drive in, is reliable to make the Journeys I need and at the time had the best upgraded features.

- Rosie W

Fashionable ride for the whole family.

Have problems with the brakes, but really good with gas mileage and comfortable seats. Pretty reliable other than the brakes. This may be my specific cars and not all of sonatas in general, but that is my experience. It has a good steering wheel, and I have cushion fabric seats which I like but they get stains very easily and they show because the fabric is a cream color.

- Alex U

Only had one major problem with the battery

I hadn't had any problems with my car until recently. The battery stopped working and it was really expensive to fix it bit since the hybrid cars were kind of new the company paid for it even though I dont have insurance anymore. Now I'm scared it's going to happen again and I don't have the money to fix it. But besides that I haven't had any problems with anything else.

- Daniel V

It's a great design by Hyundai as a sedan in year 2012.

The car is a great vehicle. It runs fine on a 4 cylinder engine, smooth. . Problems I have with this vehicle is the slow initial speed it possesses. . It's obviously reliable, I have been using it for over 4 years and I have not had a sync issue with it except for mechanical wears or body wear of the vehicle. It has great leg room which gives it real comfortability.

- Tom S

This vehicle is a good car to have starting off when purchasing a vehicle.

Problems is gear shift, but other than that car is pretty good car. The performance of the vehicle is pretty good. I think that it should have more features in vehicle. However, the vehicle is old but I know it is a great running car. I really enjoy the car. It runs good and the future that are in the vehicle are pretty great. I would get another car like this again.

- Pamela C

Hyundai Sonata: affordable, reliable, stylish.

My experience driving the 2012 Hyundai Sonata has been wonderful. The car is very reliable and affordable. The gas mileage is very good compared to some of the other cars that I have owned. I would highly recommend the Sonata to anyone that is looking to get into a new vehicle. I know that the next new vehicle that I by for myself will be another Hyundai Sonata.

- Kyle M

Safe, spacious, and beautiful.

Gets great gas mileage and has a smooth ride. It has heated seats in the front and back seats. The back and trunk are both spacious. The car is safe and roomy but also looks chic on the outside. I have has the car for almost 6 years and it still runs as smoothly as it did when I bought it. Besides regular maintenance, I have never had to take it to the shop!

- Chelsea V

Hyundai Sonata 2012, recall of the year.

It was pretty good at first, but then some recalls started popping up. The engine was one of them and after they replaced it, now it smells like burnt plastic all the time. The electric has messed up twice and the gas meter once. It runs smoothly. Now there is a recall on the brake pedal, it has been making noises when I brake so I hope it is just that.

- Gisel F

I love the panoramic sunroof in my car!

I love the features of my car and it has a very smooth ride. However, it seems to have a disproportionate amount of electrical problems, such as cruise control not working, random dash lights coming on, auto headlights not working, sometimes does not turn on. But I think it is a great car for the value and I would definitely buy a Hyundai in the future!

- Rebecca C

Was this a mistake switching from Chevy to Hyundai when purchasing this car.

I purchased this car about a year ago, it is reliable but the maintenance on it has been costly, I have had to put a new battery, brake pads, windshield wipers, new tires and now there's a burning smell, and this car factory warranty has expired it is leaving me unsure on what to do -trade it or just let the car back, because it is costing a lot money.

- Debra B

My cute little Sonata 2012

Car drives smoothly, has good horsepower, and is comfortable. There have been a handful of recalls since I purchased the vehicle and regular maintenance always costs more than I'd prefer but overall no big issues and I am happy with my car. It is a little low to the ground so when you have passengers in the car be extra careful over speed bumps, etc.

- Lina P

A full size, comfortable riding sedan with convenient compartments.

I purchased the car with one previous owner. No real complications. Just recently put new brakes and rotors on. It is a full size sedan. It switches between gears great! The ride is comfortable, as well as the seats. The gas tank is on the larger side. It is very reliable. There is an arm rest/compartment between the seats that I absolutely love.

- Katrina W

I love my Sonata and its features

It has been extremely reliable. I especially like the eco button as it gives me great gas mileage. And I average 442 miles per fill up. I also love how comfortable my driver seat is to the radio and temperature controls. It has that cockpit feel too it. SiriusXM came standard and I love being able to listen to music in all cities no matter what.

- Kimberly G

A few items to know about owning a Hyundai Sonata.

This has been the best car that I have ever owned. I have had absolutely no problems with it. The only thing that has been replaced are the tires. It gets excellent gas mileage. . I have gotten 39 miles to the gallon on trips. I will definitely purchase another Hyundai Sonata when it is time but currently have only a little over 60, 000 miles.

- Pat H

I am in love with my Hyundai Sonata.

I purchased this car from an auto leasing firm when it was a year old and had very few miles on it. I have had no problems with it at all. It rides well, has good gas mileage and handles well. It has had some recalls, but the dealership fixed each one in a timely and efficient manner. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another Hyundai Sonata.

- Carolyn S

The little car that could.

The Hyundai is great, gets great gas mileage, is very affordable, and is spacious for it being a car. Wish it had a few more safety features like auto stop and the backup camera but that is on us for not getting a better model. Overall it is a great car and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a dependable and affordable car!

- Gigi S

Why you should consider a Hyundai sonata.

This car is truly amazing. It has one of the smoothest rides ever and picks up speed very well while being able to brake nicely. Although it is a newer car so features like the touch screen may become distracting at time. The seats have a nice range of adjustability and the sunroof makes for perfect summer time good weather air flow.

- Danielle B

Seat warmers in front and back!

Performance is great, very reliable. Seats are comfortable and I feel safe in it. Seat warmers are very nice in it if you live in a cool place. Does not drive amazing in snowy weather but still works in it. I just drive slower if its icy. The gas/brake are pretty touchy so you don't need a lot of force. The steering is easy as well.

- Melissa G

Great car with minor issues.

For the first 5 years, my car was incredibly dependable. After that, some recalls and issues started to happen. However, nothing major that could not be fixed by keeping up with maintenance. It gets wonderful gas mileage and drives incredibly smooth. It is a bit low to the ground and has some major blind spots in the window shield.

- Jessica M

Good car the best thing about the car is it was made is Asia.

Runs good and has good car room, wish it had driver assisted technology. Like the color, easy to not show any spots. Gets cold and hot pretty quick, reliable security system the seats are big and adjustable. I would recommend this car for anyone, it does seem a little big at times and I have hit some objects because I cannot see.

- Keith P

I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata. The interior flaws make it undesirable.

The car itself runs fine. Never had any problems that were not due to an accident. The interior is another issue. The covering on the face of the steering wheel began to peel off not long after we bought it. My steering wheel controls such as the cruise control do not work. Also, the radio has given some issues. The buttons stick.

- Maggie M

Great vehicle when in working order

I've had brake light issues, bulb and harness problems, brake problems, interior electrical malfunctions and I am currently waiting for a recall to be initiated for air bags. The steering is too sensitive, but the gas mileage is good and the car drives nice when all is in working order. O also really like the look of my vehicle.

- Molly K

Hyundai Sonata perfect for a wide range of buyers

The Sonata is a perfect sized vehicle for young people or even young families. It is roomy in both height and width, and has very comfortable seating. It has decent speed and engine size, and looks really nice from the outside. The only thing I wish it has was a more updated stereo/control system, maybe something touch screen.

- molly p

Stylish and Reliable Hyundai Sonata

I really love my Sonata. It's all black with grey cloth interior. It has all the features that I wanted like: a USB port, an auxiliary port, Satellite, power windows, and more. I feel completely safe driving my vehicle and it has been the most reliable vehicle that I have owned. I would recommend a Hyundai Sonata to anyone!

- Erica P

easy to drive, reliable, great gas mileage

Love the car, it is fuel efficient, reliable, gets good gas mileage. Have had almost no maintenance other than oil changes. It is also fast to accelerate on highway. Good car to train our son to drive in. We trust Hyundai and feel good quality, especially for the price you pay definitely get money worth. Resale value great.

- Jennifer P

Great car but not perfect.

The car drives well. I really like that it has blue interior lights. I do not the Bluetooth feature in the car to be very helpful. It is roomy. I have had some electrical issues with the car. Sometimes the radio goes off by itself and it will not come back on. Now the interior lights will not go off unless I turn them off.

- Regina W

Reliable and trustworthy!

I absolutely love my car! I keep up with the basics (oil changes, tire rotations, etc) so my car stays in tip top shape. I have only had one issue on my car then it got recalled as I received my money back for originally paying out of pocket for the service. I get great gas mileage, and my car is very reliable and sturdy.

- Brittany R

best car for first time car owner

this is my first car and I've had it for about a year now. (bought used). no problems. Very affordable to keep up with the payments. Considering that I'm only 20. it's very comfortable the only thing I would say it a problem is that there aren't any vents in the back. Gas lasts long. the Bluetooth feature is my favorite.

- terra B

Things to love about a new vehicle.

My vehicle is great on gas and offers a smooth ride. It also has built in features such as navigation and Bluetooth capability. The seats adjust to the comfort of anyone and there is plenty of room for children's car seats even though it is a sedan. The color choices and sleek look of this vehicle offer a sporty package.

- Lynette S

Others should know that this is a great family car. They should know that the passenger space and the cargo space can handle the family easily.

I like the gas mileage, particularly on the highway. The keyless start and locks have proven to be a great asset to me. I'm not crazy about the suspension however, because i feel the bumps quite a bit. We also have had to have the engine replaced after it froze up on the highway. It was under warranty thank goodness.

- Sherie B

I definitely recommend driving a Hyundai Sonata.

There have been quite a number of safety recalls on the car but Hyundai is really good about notifications and fixing them at no cost. Also, my headlamps burn out a lot. But I love the car anyway. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. Other than the above, it is fairly low maintenance. It is also extremely reliable.

- Jessica J

Great Family Car for Tall Individuals

The Sonata gets amazing gas mileage while maintaining enough room inside for my husband who is six foot ten inches. The trunk is very spacious and fit our family of four's luggage for a week long trip without issue. The only problem we have had is that gas flap got frozen closed in the winter while we lived in Indiana.

- Erin P

Good sedan for the price.

The car is great for gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive and to ride in. There is enough room in the back for the kids. It has good acceleration and handling. The seats in the back sit a little too low for my kids to look out the window. I like that it has Bluetooth so I can talk on my phone without using my hands.

- Jodi D

The most important thing that other should know about my car is that it is very realizable and I have not had many problems with it.

It has not had much problems. I would say it is a pretty reliable cars. The car rides smoothly. I feel that there could be more comfortable seating to keep my back straight and the air conditioning does not really get cool quickly, while other cars are the opposite, but other than that gas mileage is pretty good.

- Jenifer P

Back windshield wipers review.

I would just say that I wish that there was back windshield wipers. It is hard to back out early in the morning unless I wipe the back window down, and sometimes I just do not have time to do that. Other than that, I feel as though the only things wrong with my car are due to age and not manufacturing reasons.

- Mary T

Good value for your money.

I like my Sonata. It's a great family car, with plenty of room for car seats and a huge trunk. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat. Speaking of seats, they are very comfortable. My Sonata gets really good mileage, 28 town and 34 highway. One thing I'd like to change is the amount of road noise I hear.

- CM S

Hyundai Sonata.. Best warranty in the business

My Sonata has always been a reliable vehicle. I've had a couple recalls but the dealership always fixed them free of charge. One being a whole new engine. It has a great sound system and navigation. Overall I am very satisfied with Hyundai and would consider purchasing another vehicle from them in the future

- Michael D

Over 100,000 miles and still going!

This car has been amazing, I have over 100k miles on it and bought it new and have had minimal repairs(starter 2017). Very impressed with performance and reliability. Gas mileage is great with around 30 miles per gallon even with high mileage. I recommend this car for anyone who needs affordable reliability.

- Leah A

Hyundai Sonata good sedan.

The car is comfortable to drive. Powerful enough to get up and go. I like the Bluetooth capabilities of being able to talk on the phone while keeping my hands on the steering wheel. I wish the back seats sat up just a little bit higher so my kids could see out of the windows when they are riding in the back.

- Dye J

Sonata hybrid-navigation!

I love my Hyundai! I have the Sonata hybrid. It has navigation which is very helpful, but the maps are out of date (2012) model. It may be possible to update this though I haven't checked since it has not been a big problem so far! The gas mileage is very good. I would by a newer model of this car for sure.

- Brittany P

Sonata is o es the best cars out there

I really have not had any issues with this car I love it, great on gas also very comfortable and affordable I couldn't have picked a better cari would recommend this vehicle to anyone to buy you'll love it specially the gas saving it's great The only thing I did have and issue with the light flickering

- Tania R

Great for longer commutes.

I have needed very few repairs these past 6 year compared to other cars I have owned. The mileage is great and I love that it has a big gas tank so I have to stop less frequently. Bluetooth is my new favorite thing. There's so many ways to adjust the driver seat to make your drive the most comfortable.

- Nicole G

Fun sporty sedan that lets me keep my family safe but look cool doing it!

This is my second Sonata. I loved my 2001 Sonata and I love my 2012 Sonata. I have a 2. 0 turbo. It handles great, gets good gas mileage and is very sporty. It has the best acceleration of any car I have ever had. I enjoy driving it immensely and likely will buy another when I am ready for a new car.

- Mary K

Very cheaply made car, do not buy

I've had problems with the air not blowing cold unless I rev the engine to insane amounts. The window tint on the windows are already peeling off. The paint has started peeling on the outside also! The plastic part on the dash has split open in multiple places. Overall it's a very poorly made car.

- Hayley S

Very good on gas. If taken care of properly, should last quite a while.

Very reliable vehicle, performs well with routine maintenance. Had to replace tires too soon considering I had only 30, 000 miles. Nothing major wrong with it either. Next vehicle might get SUV. Take car to dealer where I purchased the car for maintenance because I want it taken care of properly.

- Rita L

Just I think it is really good car.

Well it drives great good on gas and parts do not cost a lot it is big enough for me an kids it came with warranty the bad it is not as big as I would like it is had some small fixes but I haven't heard or had anything big yet I go to my shop real soon so I'll no soon do brakes wear out fast to.

- Travis R

Check for safety recalls before purchasing and get them handled.

Great driving car but has numerous safety recalls. Did not find out about the recalls before purchasing the car. Am working with the dealership to get them fixed. Still would not trade for another car. Recalls include possible engine fire, seat belts unsnapping from buckle and airbag deployment.

- Samantha B

It has a turbo 4 cylinder which gets great gas mileage with plenty of pep.

Love it, the ride is smooth and comfortable. Priced right, and looks good. This car is a daily driver and reliable. We have taken it on trips with no issues. It still look good after 6 years and does not appear to be outdated. All and all I would have to say that this car was a good choice.

- Mime D

Smooth riding experience.

My car is great, I have had normal problem, oil change, brakes wipers. My car is very comfortable ride is smooth, it has phone access. GPS, panoramic sunroof, keyless Charger inside the car. Auto seats, seat warmers, extended sun visors automatic seats inside trunk release, 6 cup holders.

- Debra B

The most interesting detail of the vehicle is the color and trim.

The vehicle required a coupling repair. The engine makes a rare noise. The tires wear fast. There have been more than a dozen recalls on the vehicle. The waste gate valve is broken. There is only one service shop in the immediate area. Its comfortable and sporty but I not worth the metal.

- Tiffany R

It has been reliable and worked well in the conditions and mileage we put on it.

Our vehicle has had multiple recalls and has even had to have the whole engine replaced due to a manufacturing error. Hyundai has played for all repairs needed from the manufacturer error and recalls. Other than that the vehicle has been very reliable and has never given us any problems.

- Kevin T

2012 Hyundai sonata review

I love the car but it has had many problems since I bought it. I needed a new engine and there was a recall on airbags and the brake stopper broke. But it gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable and great to drive. Besides the recall issues it has been very reliable and great to drive.

- Sarah E

How my Hyundai Sonata drives and sounds

Vehicle has good handles long as you keep the maintenance oil change tires rotated it runs perfectly fine I have a 2012 I only problem I had was the recall problems other than that no problems. It comes with a '8' woofer for great sounds. A really great stylish car for a man or a woman.

- Marlon B

Leather heated seats. Siri-like bluetooth pairing. Awesome sound system.

The car drives smooth and it is very reliable. However, it burns through gas quickly which can get pricey because it's around $40 to fill the tank. Also, it had 4 recalls I had to get fixed that included the steering wheel and airbags. Overall though, I feel very safe driving my sonata.

- Cassidy W

My car is very safe and reliable and if driving on the highway without traffic, the gas mileage is very good.

I like that my vehicle is very low maintenance and drives well. However, the mileage is about average within the city and the interior finishes are not holding up well with age. It is a very good car though and has been very reliable and has nice features for the price I bought it at.

- Cara Y

Perfect size, large back seat along with front.

I bought my Hyundai Sonata almost two years ago and love it! In the past two years the only problems we've had is basic maintenance problem which is expected with any car. The inside is so big and comfy and has beautiful seating. It drives so smooth. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Brittany H

Please have brakes fully checked if purchasing used.

Many issues with brake pads since it was purchased. I do believe this is specific to this particular vehicle and not the sonata as a whole. Overall smooth ride, comfortable seats that are easy to adjust. Extremely good gas mileage which is an excellent feature for a long work commute.

- Brittany F

Problem Free. 175K miles and counting

Great gas mileage. Pretty comfortable on long drives. I've had no problems with it. I drive 25,000 to 30,000 miles per year. The only complaint I have is I wish it was either all wheel drive or have 4 wheel drive capability and it was higher off the ground. I do drive in snowy areas.

- Ter V

Great fast performance vehicle.

Horrible aero dynamics, great features, great warranty, great customer service, easy for diy oil changes, brakes, etc. Very comfortable, holds a family of 4 easily, fast, quiet. Horrible electrical system, radio, air conditioning etc. Great family car, huge trunk, great sound system.

- Shane S

For a sedan it has a lot of room making it comfortable for everyone in it.

I absolutely love this car. It is great on gas as it gets around four hundred miles to the tank. It is a comfortable drive and ride. My phone automatically hooks to Bluetooth allowing me to listen to my own music as I travel. It is great for long distance trips and every day driving.

- Jasmine B

The Hyundai Sonata; good on gas.

My car has a few problems, but it is definitely reliable and it is very comfortable. The back is very big. The windshield wiper fluid does not work and the steering wheel shakes a lot, and makes a rattling noise. So. . . That is a bad thing. But it is okay, it gets good gas mileage.

- Mar S

Do not buy a Hyundai- save yourself the headache.

Electrical issues with tail lights and headlights. Plastic parts that tend to break and are placed I. Difficult to maneuver areas requiring professional and costly replacement. For example, a bunion in the steering column wore out. The part itself is 1. 98, labor 400. 00. Money pit.

- Joanna W

Nice car and very comfortable.

I like my car its my first car and never had problems with it, it's a nice Hyundai and gas saver back outside will be better if it has a screen on it but its not newer for that I have like 1 year and 3 months and I am happy with my car always traveling in it and feel so comfortable.

- Brenda V

Luxury feel for a reasonable price.

The Sonata is a great value. It has all the bells and whistles. It has be dependable. It has a smooth ride and low maintenance. I love the sound system. I feel like I am driving sports car. It is great on mileage. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a family sedan.

- Kimberly D

Fabulous drive in Hyundai’s Sonata.

I love my car. It drives really nice and gets great gas mileage. It has not really broken down at all. The ride is very smooth. The radio is great and has Bluetooth so you can connect your phone. It has a lot of legroom even in the back seat. The trunk is very large and spacious.

- Mary M

Hyundai Sonata. Good car with but beware of recalls.

Nice body shape. Its has several amenities (seat adjust to steering, aux for phone, several outlets to plug into to charge several devices or play other devices, etc)..my opinion not good gas mileage but has good pickup,..I have had several recalls on things, but overall good car

- Cynthia S

Good starter car for your first vehicle.

I love my car for the mileage and the price. However I do not like how quickly the paint peeled away from the sun and driving it. I also don't like the blind spots can be hard to merge into a different lane without double checking. But it is a great starter car for my first car.

- Amanda W

I like the reverse camera, very helpful

Compared to my other car it was not as easy to change out the light bulbs. It's not a great car for me because I prefer a more fuel efficient vehicle as I live in Los Angeles and has is highly priced. We got this vehicle out of necessity. Now we are looking to trade it in soon.

- Anais J

I love it is look! It has plenty of room inside, and an unbelievably large trunk.

I love my Sonata, and I would definitely buy another. It is very comfortable to sit in, and comfortable for passengers, front seat and the back. There’s also plenty of leg room. It has plenty of get up and go. I also love it is contemporary look. . . ?It's very sharp looking.

- Kim O

Hyundai Sonata limited. Nice car and has a lot of room. Leather seats with heat.

This year car has recalls. I have had the long block replaced. My fuel line was leaking fuel and the engine caught on fire. The turbo lines leak and sometimes my turbo does not engage. It rides smooth and easy very quiet. I bought it used. I like the GPS built in the car.

- Christy V

Good on gas reliable car that will last you if you keep up with the maintenance.

It is good on gas it is also easy to maintenance at a good price the only issues I have had with the car is the light bulbs kept going on every other day in the back but it is a fine car worth the money it will last if you keep up with the maintenance my 1st car and I love it.

- Ky Y

A great car for those with anxiety.

I have anxiety about driving and the smooth ride of this car has decreased it drastically. I actually like driving now, which is a huge thing for me with how bad my anxiety is. I would absolutely recommend this vehicle to anyone, especially someone with severe driving anxiety.

- Katheryn D

We love our handsome red car.

Our Hyundai sonata is one of our favorites of all the cars we have had through the years. Performance is excellent and we really like our local dealership. People who work there are always very pleasant and when service is required, we can depend on their quality workmanship.

- Lindy D

Feel Sinatra has been just ok.

A number of recalls. Have issues with audio controls on steering wheel that couldn't catch happening during warranty time. Things such as turning volume up and it goes down. Not changing stations. Also have something leaking now which I am not sure if oil. Otherwise, been ok.

- Nancy G

Spacious 4 door that is almost perfect.

The only big problem is it does not have four wheel drive and my family got stuck in the snow for about 30 minutes. Another small problem we've had is with our radio. It will randomly stop working for a couple of days and then out of nowhere it will just start working again.

- Ashley M

the fuel mileage is amazing!

my car has treated me well, the occasional break down but nothing major. The gas mileage is amazing! great family sedan. The XM built in is a great feature, as well as it being built for Bluetooth and iPod capabilities. The factory sound system as actually pretty impressive.

- dakota L

Sleek design and large space to keep comfortable but does not drive in snow.

Problems: not four wheel drive, does not drive well in snow or ice. Reliability- slippery, does not do well on snow or ice, slippery. Features: bluetooth to help keep off phone, aux cord inserts to help charge phone as well as other ports. Comfortability: open, big windows.

- Heather M

Even with its minor flaws it still a good car.

With scheduled maintenance the car is very dependable. I have over 145000 miles on it. Still gets great gas mileage. Handles great, very responsive, it takes off like a sports car and accelerates very fast. The only downfall is the interior is fading. But still looks good.

- Ray R

The best car I ever owned.

The one thing I love most about my car is that the driver seat you can inflate the back of the seat to have it more firm if needed. I also love the spacious design of the car, especially since sometimes hauling 2 kids around. The gas mileage is also a huge benefit factor.

- Chelsea E

My Hyundai sonata is so amazing.

My car is extremely reliable. It drives really smooth, not a lot of issues. I like the push to start. The radio is really good too. Speakers are great. The trunk is huge holds a lot of groceries. Overall it's a great vehicle. It is very spacious and tons of storage space.

- Andrew S

One important thing others should know is it's great on gas mileage.

I like the fact the windows are tinted. I love the color which is dark blue. I also love the fact it has Bluetooth. It has all the bells and whistles. I dislike the fact that it doesn't have the sunroof in it. But other than that I love my car. It's my dream car for sure.

- Annie F

Why I love my car. It is 4 door sedan gray.

I love my car, but I am having problems with the brake lights, the bulbs has melted the houses and I cant keep bulbs in it they blow all the time, I really think this should be a recall, but its not. I love not having a car payment that main part that I like about my car.

- Mary P

Hope in the ride and drive

I'm still getting use to this vehicle but so far it's been a good car. I've had it for a week now and the features are great especially the Bluetooth. The air condition is the bomb and it rises so smooth. I've been a dodge person for years but the sonata is growing on me

- Marita T

It has turbo engine. That is what sold me on the car.

I've put a lot of miles on it and it's still a great car. Love the way it handles and also how quick it is. Would highly suggest it to anyone. Safety features are very nice. Great gas mileage and drives great. Sport seats are easy to clean. Love the efficiency gas option

- Ginger G

Sonata review by a 19 yr. old.

Drives like a dream, handles very well, even on less than stellar roads. Performance wise it's a decent family car, good gas mileage, lots of legroom. Decent speakers. Cruise control, power everything, radio has a full lighted screen, multiple preset channel options.

- Jessica V

Good reliable car cheap maintenance good on gas.

My 2012 Hyundai Sonata is a good reliable car. The maintenance on the car is affordable. It is also really good on gas haven't had any major problem with it but the light bulbs in the back but other than that good car all around I recommended this car to anyone looking.

- Ky Y

Hyundai Sonata: a sporty car and yet a smooth ride!

I love my Sonata's reliability in a sporty car! It has been 6 years now and I still love to drive my car every day. There have only been a few recall issues, but they were minor repairs and the dealer handled it quickly. I would definitely buy a Hyundai again and again!

- Maureen P

The price was good but the lifetime is not

At first I loved it. Now it has a bunch of miles and is not running well. I have replaced the transmission and still it's running bad. Gas mileage is great. The ride however is a little rough to me. Now that it has over 175000 miles I feel like it just has ran horribly.

- Karly G

Why we love our family car.

I haven't had any problems with my car. It is performs well in all weather conditions. It is our main car so it is very reliable. The back seat is comfortable when sitting back with 2 people if there are 3 it is tight but doable. We love the Bluetooth and heated seats.

- Elizabeth C

Slick ride with great performance.

It's a great car, rides smooth, no issues with dependability. Very comfortable interior with plenty of legroom in the back seat. Very large trunk and the turbo on the 2.0 is great. No fear pulling on the interstate. Has a lot of storage in glove box and center console.

- Bonnie W

The biggest benefit for us is the great gas mileage. We save tons of money on gas!

This has been a very reliable car for my family of 4. It gets great gas mileage. We would like a bit more space for trips, but so far, it has worked well. The trunk has plenty of room for storage, as well. We haven't had any engine or mechanical issues so far, either.

- April L

It's a luxurious sports car and very smooth driving, great for long drives.

This car is my favorite, it's very quiet, when in idle, accelerating is smooth,, very good on gas, also very roomy and spacious, which is rear for a bigger guy, its luxurious and sporty, I would definitely recommend. Also I've had this car for 3 years with no issues.

- Donovan W

Great for a long work commute

I love my car! I have to travel over 125 miles a day for work and I've had no real problems except the cigarette plugs do not work and they don't know why, and other small things! Like motor recall but when my motor blew I didn't have to pay for it and I got a rental

- Dawna G

To highlight an interesting detail would be that it has two sunroofs

I have had this car since last July and I bought it used with 88,000 miles on it. I now have 100,000 miles and I have had no problems with it. I like the way it looks, it's good on gas, it has two sunroofs which is really nice. I would buy a brand new one if I could.

- Robin G

Hyundai hybrid hype: the adventures of an eco-friendly sedan.

I really enjoy having a Hyundai hybrid. It provides a great miles per gallon rating, both on highways and in city. It handles long trips well, and feels reliable. At high altitudes the check engine light almost always comes on though, and it struggles to accelerate.

- Meghan O

Great purchase for singles or family.

I absolutely love my Hyundai Sonata. Always a smooth ride and plenty of room. Great vehicle for singles or a family. This is my second one and I have experienced no problems with either one. Affordable vehicle that performs well. I would recommend Sonata to anyone.

- Angie Y

Sonata 2012. Smooth ride when driving on freeway.

My sonata is a very comfortable ride. Excellent gas mileage. We have driven a few times to Washington state. One reason I like this car is because it is real roomy inside. I have two sons that are 6'1 and 6'4. They fit in my car with no problem. Front or back seat.

- Vicki T

The info reader is really handy and easy to use. Keeps good track of mileage..

Very reliable, excellent on gas and great for families. No mechanical or electrical issues. The headlights are fantastic, the internal stereo sound is acceptable. The internal lighting is perfect and the all the accessories are extremely convenient and easy to use.

- Kimberly T

My vehicle is amazing and stands out from the rest.

I purchased my vehicle new. I have absolutely loved my car and the gas mileage is incredible. It's a 4 door sedan but very sporty. It came with blue link XM radio. All leather interior with heated seats in back and front. Having Bluetooth makes hands free a breeze.

- Stacy H

The Sonata is a great car for the price!

Overall, the Sonata is a fantastic car! The only thing I don't like about the Sonata is the blind spots are bad. It gets great gas mileage and has a smooth ride. The interior is very spacious and the trunk is nice and big. There are a lot of cup holders as well.

- Rebecca A

Comfortable on the road and all around.

There are a lot of recalls on the car. But other than that, it drives and handles nicely. The interior is very comfortable and fits many of my needs. It is very spacious and the Bluetooth capability is very useful. The gas mileage is also very good. I love the car.

- Chris S

It is a smooth ride and very dependable.

I like that it is one of the newer cars on the road. The car has both an eco and sports setting along with It's normal setting so that I can adjust it depending on the type of drive I go on. I also like that I have the option to drive it as manual or an automatic.

- Andrew N

Great practical hybrid... And you can make fit your own personality.

So far no real issues with 40,000 miles on it. It is great on gas, very comfortable. Love the rear camera and navigation. I also love the option of getting satellite radio, just wish that was free with the car. The car is very reliable. It is pretty easy to clean.

- Crystal J

Nothing is of my concern really.

The price who owned it if it has been wrecked how many miles the interest rate being low sometimes but here pay here helps the color is lower in insurance and 4 doors are to does it have good gas mileage air work new tires good battery big or small motor is good.

- Emily M

One great car with a great look.

Hyundai sonata is very economic. I have had this car for 7 years now and I still love it. It has gotten me through a lot of bad weather. Blizzards, downpours. Excellent on gas, very easy driving. Great look. The car has a great looking interior. Lots of legroom.

- Raymond R

2012 Hyundai Sonata: a lifetime car.

Extremely comfortable, has Bluetooth capability, large trunk space. It has cruise control which is nice. Since my car is high in mileage it runs a little worse than before but can still drive long distances well. The air filters need to be changed pretty often.

- Alicia C

Huge, spacious, modern, runs great

Car is wonderful. It is very spacious. The size is what is very valuable for me. It runs smooth and we have not had problems. We use this all the time for when we visit and the seats are spacious and the back seats are very comfortable. It is a very modern car

- Brenda T

Led lights: great feature on the vehicle.

The vehicle is overall a very reliable car. If oil is kept up and tires checked when suppose to, the car runs excellent. Very clean smooth ride, but warning tint is recommended. The car has no air vents in the back passenger seats. Can get very hot back there!

- Tia D

A really good car for good money.

A very adorable, comfortable, economic, good looking car, a wide, convenient salon, there is enough room for passengers and a driver, quiet in salon when driving. A trunk is big, there is a lot of space for any stuff. My car never was broken. I really like it.

- Ira D

Great engine with good mileage.

Great car. Good gas mileage. Large trunk. Roomy interior. Has a seemingly solid engine. Have only had minor repairs. Cost of car very reasonable. Color is silver and does not show dirt. Interior is gray on gray with cloth seats and seats have shown great wear.

- Kris C

Regarding my vehicle, Hyundai Sonata it's very powerful and I would buy the latest model.

Actually the Sonata is super reliable and great on gas. Great vehicle for the money. However We had a major recall in which were never informed I guess due to it being purchased used. Buy Hyundai very extremely helpful and handled the recall on their expense

- Claudette S

Comfortable, reliable safe and very gas efficient.

well it's used so I already had to do some maintenance on it. Get oil change the computer was already telling me it needed maintenance. The check engine light was turning on. The good thing is I save on gas. The car drives really well and feels extremely safe

- James R

The Sonata: Durable and Comfortable

Extremely reliable, only issue ever had was tire leaking. Driven across the country twice with no problems. The car is comfortable and drives smoothly, occasionally stalls a little when not enough pressure is placed on the accelerator. Otherwise great sedan.

- Kate O

Sonata review. Very nice vehicle with lots of bells and whistles.

The only problems have been the brake switch needing to be replaced and the turbo booster needed to be replaced and later taken back to be adjusted. I love the car but do not like the low profile tires. They don't give a smooth ride and expensive to replace.

- Faye H

I enjoy that my vehicle is push start and also has a hundred mile warranty.

I really enjoy my car but I feel as if the price does not match the quality. For example the Elantra model has seat warmers and a backup camera but is cheaper then a Sonata. I am not sure what makes a Sonata more expensive than a Elantra but I do not see it.

- Kayla A

A honest Hyundai Sonata review.

It operates smoothly, looks great and gets good gas mileage. The car is low on maintenance and when needed the cost for maintenance is low. It is comfortable and stylist in appearance even given the model year is 2012. The used purchase price was affordable.

- Martin F

My Sonata has everything I could need or want in a car.

I have never had a problem with my Hyundai Sonata. I like the back-up camera and the fact that it has Sirius built in. I also like the fact that I can push a button on my rear view mirror for service or in an emergency. My Sonata is very enjoyable to drive.

- Tracy W

Straightforward and reliable so far. I have only owned it for 8 months, but I have driven Hyundais in the past. Overall It's well built for my needs.

I like the smooth drive and that it handles like cars i have driven in the past. It gets better gas mileage than I was before and is larger allowing for easier shopping trips. It does not have the same pick up that i typically like and I prefer manual cars.

- David L

The good and bad of my Sonata

Good purchased amount for the car. Rings really well. The steering wheel (from what I've researched) is a common problem. There's no recall but the sound it makes is extremely annoying. Easy to maintain and I've had the car for over 2 years. Hope this helps

- Kayla W

Dependable-reliable vehicle.

Well, you cannot see on the left hand to clearly. The frame is in your vision's way. It is okay car, nothing stands out as wrong. Just not my style. I like to sit higher, like a SUV or small truck. That is what I will choose next time I purchase a vehicle.

- Cathy M

Car is reliable and safe, and mileage excellent.

The mileage is great, plus ride is smooth. Inside is very comfortable and passengers in back do not complain. Only problem so far is with right passenger door lock and under 48. Thousand miles. Had to pay out of pocket for door lock to get repaired. Love.

- Johanna P

The Sonata is a great car with loads of features for the price.

I love the comfortable ride of my vehicle, the gas mileage, and the I use the navigation system a lot it really is a lifesaver for me. I also enjoy the seat warmers and the overall sleek look of my car. It is also very roomy and I like the 360 sunroof too.

- Amanda D

Nice car but similar issue 2012-2013 model rear light issue.

The problem I always have is the rear lights not working not only is it my vehicle as told by Hyundai dealership but I have seen several sonatas with the same issue. Also rusted really quick. Other than that pretty nice car, it's nice inside pretty roomy.

- Elizabeth B

Engine will blow if you do not adhere to the recall.

Most major issue that I have had with my car was a manufacturing defect in which the engine was recalled and had to be replaced. Other than that I love the car. It gets great gas mileage on the interstate and in the city limits. It handles smooth as well.

- Shawn H

Great gas mileage for a family on a budget.

Affordable dependable and great design. The gas mileage is great. We get at least 400 miles before every fill up. Very comfortable seats. Lots of room for passengers in the back seat. Nice spacious trunk. Overall it's a very nice car for me and my family.

- Samantha L

My Hyundai Sonata Experience Summary

I love my Hyundai. It's spacious but it is also fast and drives great. I've put many miles on it since I bought it. I did have a recall on it due to possibly having metal shavings in the engine but they fixed it for me and paid part of my rental car fee.

- Lindsey K

2012 Hyundai review with detail.

Always reliable. Have not had any mechanical issues since purchasing vehicle. Very comfortable especially on long trips. Limited edition had all the features a person would want and need, from gps to heated front and back seats. . Excellent gas Mileage.

- Joe M

It gets me there, and was low-priced enough to have paid off quickly.

Overall, it is a very comfortable car. It runs well. Some of the electrical components are failing, such as, if it's hot, the horn won't beep when locking the doors. Also, the driver side window buttons are poorly made and the spring is broken in it.

- Kim C

Smooth car great ride. Great sound system. Low-maintenance. Bluetooth access.

Do not have any difficulties with my car. It has Bluetooth access a great sound system and SiriusXM availability. It has a very nice body and is very good for a female driver. Maintenance is cost efficient on Hyundai's. Great car for a college student.

- Susie B

Sonatas give you the most for less money.

Great car, very sporty looking and a good price. You get lots of features for less money with Hyundai. Bought it used, runs extremely well. Comes with a double sunroof, leather seats, GPS system, and electric seats/windows. Very practical and reliable.

- Emily A

Nice, runs good, like the looks inside and out.

I really enjoy my vehicle. I haven't had any major problems with it and I have had it for over 5 years. It drives well. The only downside is that it does have road noise. Sometimes going down the road it's hard to hear. I do live near rough type roads.

- Amber W

Great price, good mileage.

Reasonably priced, good on gas. Living in Florida good strong ac is a great thing and it cools off quickly. Interior is roomy and the trunk is very large. I like the trunk opening feature on the alarm fob. With packages in hand it makes loading easier.

- Liz H

Decent car but not reliable for winter driving

It looks really sport and is trendy. It gets decent miles per gallon and I don't need to fill up the gas tank often. It's relatively comfortable and it fits 2 car seats as well. It is not very reliable in the winter when driving on icy or snowy roads.

- Gail P

A great well rounded car all around.

The Hyundai Sonata drives smooth with little to no resistance. The battery life is outstanding. The warning systems alert the driver right away to any issues. Great quality car; safe, reliable. Trunk space is vast as is seating in the back and front.

- Brittany S

The Hybrid allows for More Miles for Less!

My 2012 Hyundai Sonata is a very reliable vehicle. It happens to be a hybrid and allows for a much lighter gas fill up. I travel about 60 miles round trip a day and having a hybrid is a big help. The sonata is very roomy and also very good looking.

- Karen B

Turning radius is large, but it runs well, and gets from point a to b safely.

This car has all the features I wanted (navigation system, sunroof, color) while having great gas mileage. It is reasonably sized and has plenty of room in the back seat. I wish it had rear air controls and vents. The backseat can get quite hot.

- Kelly C

There is a very large blindspot when trying to backup the car.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like that the vehicle has a very large blind spot, and it is extremely difficult to see out the back window. I also like that the car has a large backseat and a roomy trunk that can hold multiple sizes of items.

- victoria m

Hyundai Sonatas are really pretty nice for the price

I have enjoyed driving it for the last 6 years and have no major issues. Only minor maintenance and it still runs great. Wish it was a little more responsive on the steering and suspension but since it's mostly a grocery getter it's pretty good

- Stephanie R

Decent Middle-of-The-Road Commuter Car.

Nice styling. Had engine problem that required a new block and it took 6 months for that to be done. Decent performance as it is a turbo model. Passenger seat could provide more lumbar support. Decent car for commuter start-and-stop driving.

- Dirik L

That for the money the car is completely worth it, it's a bit more in gas than my previous vehicle but it's reliable in any weather

Love the design of the vehicle, it's a very smooth ride and the stereo options are easy and efficient. Dislike the slapstick can be activated at anytime, not a very nice safety feature and also got a letter about recalling airbags/seatbelts

- Jennifer L

Comfortable and easy to drive!

There are no problems. It is very easy to drive. The gas mileage is pretty good. About 35 miles per gallon. It is very comfortable with leather seats, seat warmers on all seats, as well as a sun and moon roof. It also has a backup camera.

- Tess M

This car is cute-looking, silent, and reliable. I have used it often without any complaints.

I like the look of it. The color of the paint is appealing. The MPG is good for me as well. It is my first car so I have attached sentimental value to it. I like how silent it is while driving. I don't have any dislikes about the car.

- Aaron L

Hyundai Sonatas are reliable vehicles that get the job done.

My vehicle is really good at getting from point A to point B. It is comfortable and reliable. It has a nice moonroof and leather seats as well which is great during the summer. Hyundai produces reliable cars for good prices.

- Andrew F

Good car with some aging problems

overall I have been happy with my car, but as it is aging more problems are occurring and more repairs and replacement items are needed. Also for some reason there is some rusting on the top off the car near the windshield

- John A

Great value for this car, reliable, efficient, and stylish.

I love the look of the car. Gas mileage is decent, much better on the highway, but the active eco mode helps. The bluetooth and dash display are nice, but i wish it had a touch screen. premium cloth seating is comfortable.

- Alex T

The storage is good because the trunk is big and the gas mileage is good.

I love the leather seats, the gas mileage I get, the moon roof, and the push to start. I also like the keyless entry. There are not many things I dislike about the car. I do wish there were air/heat vents in the backseat.

- Breanna L

It is good for driving around with friends and comfortable for long trips.

My car has been very reliable with few issues. When I did have an issue it was the engine so it was a major problem but was a recall that was then fixed for free. Has all features you can ask for and runs very smoothly.

- Chris H

Reliable and comfortable.

My car is comfortable, reliable, easy to drive and has hands free Bluetooth calling. It is definitely the best vehicle for the price that I have ever purchased. It currently has over 65, 000 miles and still runs great.

- Deborah H

Good Car for the Money Purchased this vehicle as a leftover and it has been overall very good.

The vehicle runs well. I have had only one major problems with it - the steering coupler needed to be replaced and I had to find someone that could do that. Hyundai did not cover the repair which I thought was wrong.

- Camille S

I think the most important thing is that others should know it that the gas mileage is fantastic. It gets approximately 320 miles per full tank.

I adore my Hyundai Sonata because of the smooth drive, fantastic gas mileage, high performance with low maintenance. I also enjoy the spacious interior and other options such as bluetooth capability and onstar service.

- Monica M

Basic essentials: 2012 Hyundai.

I love my 2012 Hyundai. It is very spacious, large trunk, Bluetooth/AUX compatible. Lots of small compartments and comes with anti-theft device. Downsides are expensive gas to fill the tank but holds up to 420 miles.

- Thomas B

Hyundai Sonata- a mom's best friend.

My car has leather interior with seat warmers which are great for the winter time when leather seats are cold. It is also helpful since I have a son and I can easily wipe up messes he makes off the leather seats.

- Molly D

Holds up great over the years.

The inside of the car is very attractive and holds up great over time. Have had the car for years and it runs just as good as the day it was bought brand new. Have not had to have any major work done on it.

- Kelsey K

Its affordable and reliable and very good on gas not fancy just right f o r the person look f o r a good car

I like my car it's really good on gas it's kind of comfortable I say that im big guy I never had any problems with it just regular wear and tear I think the Hyundai is really nice car not fancy just. Right

- Dean T

Quality control meets cheaply manufactured.

I used to own the v-6 version of the Hyundai Sonata; they discontinued this and made the same vehicle a 4-cylinder. It is a poorly designed car whose quality has suffered; I will not buy another one.

- Renee T

Recalled at least twice and starter out at 60,000 miles

It could use a little more get up and go from a stop, or off the line. It's been recalled and fixed so that's ok. And at 65,000 miles I had to replace starter. But it's nice comfortable and roomy

- Deanna N

Very comfortable and pretty good gas mileage.

Problems with door locks, had to replace them after 3 years. Had to replace the steering wheel coupler after 6 years because always made noise when going over bumps, etc. 3 recalls on airbags.

- Carol M

Blue Hyundai sedan, 2. 4 liter engine.

I am used to a v8 engine, and he 2. 4 i4 is so small. Just not enough power. The space in this vehicle is amazing! After a few aftermarket part like a radio I cannot get enough of driving it.

- Ethan T

90,000 miles so far and minimal maintenance.

I have found my car to be reliable so far. Up until now it has requires little maintenance. The only issue I have had was a result of the dealership servicing a recall and creating a problem.

- Rick O

Getting the hybrid model is not worth the extra cost.

Has a hard time kicking into hybrid mode sometimes. Doesn't get as much MPG as I was hoping for. Trunk space is too small. silver sticker is peeling off the front. Other then that I love it.

- Chelsey M

It is a very gas efficient car and you will enjoy driving it .

I like that this vehicle is gas efficient. I like that this vehicle has some get up and go. I like the moon sunroof. I like the satellite radio feature. I wish it had a six cylinder engine.

- Talia R

The windshield blades make a scratching sound.

Its small and easy to drive. Very comfortable to drive. Easy on gas. It does have 2 dead spots. So sometimes you don't see the other car. I wish it had better control with the seat levers.

- Marilyn Z

No interesting detail that I can share.

No problems at all. The performance is really great, and I enjoy driving my car. The features are pretty standard, but that's ok with me. I like pretty standard things. My car is perfect.

- Matthew R

Reliable vehicle for everyday driving.

It is a reliable vehicle with no major issues. The interior room of the vehicle is good. It came standard with 270 hp, I modified it to have over 300hp for I wanted faster acceleration.

- Arnold G

A good dependable conservative car.

The sonata is a nice comfortable car. I like the sleek design. 4 larger adults can fit comfortably. The dash is easy to navigate and having the Bluetooth is fabulous for using the GPS.

- Tammy L

I love my Hyundai Sonata!

I have the limited, so the additional features that I love are the leather seats and sun/moonroof. This model however doesn't have the screen for GPS and other in vehicle options.

- Lynne M

This is an amazing car!!!

It really gets up and goes. Aside from the normal wear and tear things and almost everything being controlled electronically I don't have anything bad to say. It's an amazing car

- Russell L

Hyundai Sonata is a great value vehicle

Love the reliability of the car. It's gets great gas mileage and have never had any mechanical issues with it. The one negative is that it could be more comfortable to ride in.

- Mike H

It fits my personality perfectly. The color, style, interior, and exterior screams me.

I Like the exterior and the interior style of my vehicle. The silver color of my vehicle matches perfectly with the style. I dislike that the new cars have a different design.

- Keisha G

Parts for my car are easy to order. The internal parts (transmission, radiator, etc.) and external parts (bumper, grill, etc.) are also inexpensive compared to U.S. model cars.

I drive a black 2012 Hyundai Sonata. It's a medium-sized sedan and is really good on gas. I wish the trunk space were a little larger, but other than that I have no complaints.

- Deborah B

D gas mileage very sensitive sensors for tires dealerships are very different.

Would like air/heat vent in back. Got the extended warranty which helps. Had an accident with my previous sonata same year and we didn't get hurt just the car it was totaled.

- Lisa E

It doesn't look that nice but it has been a good family car thus far.

I like that it is a nice size family car that we can all fit into. It has had a couple recalls though and is currently having an electrical issue that they can't figure out.

- Anna M

Turbo engine therefore has speed up to 100 plus without realizing.

No leg room in back seat. Seats to low and hard to get in and out of backseat, I like that has eco button and excellent on gas mileage. Has great pickup and comfortable ride.

- Beverly B


Hybrid Sonata is amazing. We travel a lot to visit far-flung family and the 30 + MPG is so helpful with that. The car is in great shape, low mileage, and runs like a dream.

- Ben T

Best value for the price. Great warranty, gas mileage and car for the price

Fantastic vehicle with great gas mileage. Have had few issues over 8 years. Minor issues I had were covered under warranty. The only issue is dealing with the dealership..

- Steve J

The luxurious look makes the car seem more expensive than it really is

It drives really well but this model seems like it always has some type of electrical issue. Besides that the car has a nice luxurious look to it with comfortable seats.

- Domonique W

So much car, it is like 2 cars in one.

It is really good in the snow and it is able to get me from point A to point B in no time. It has great mileage and I love the color and the space inside of the vehicle.

- Matt G

It's reliable, i have not put much money back into it and it gets good gas mileage.

My car has Sirius capabilities as well as bluetooth connection, which is enough bells and whistles for me. It is very reliable and i have put very little money into it.

- Winston B

It is a great family car and it last. Hyundai is a good manufacture and makes car that last

My car is a nice family car and has suited me well since I bought it. My car does not have a backup camera, key fob or heated seats which I would like in my next car

- Emy H

Anyone can connect to the bluetooth audio. Also, the back windows don't go all the way down.

I love that it's a hybrid and fuel efficient. Ironically I wish it had more pick up when pushing down on the gas. Bluetooth audio is amazing. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Chris P

Great car for your money, great warranty.

I have had no problems other than normal wear and tear, oil changes. Love my. Car started with an accent than an Elantra now a sonata it is comfortable smooth ride, .

- Debbie B

I have had very few problems with regard to the maintenance.

It is a black, four door sedan. It has black leather seats with seat warmers and a sirius radio. It is easy to get in and out of. It also has two moon roof qi dows.

- Adrienne J

it doesn't have any issues and it works perfectly on my commute to work

it's in perfect condition does not have any issues i clean it multiple time a month and if there were anything wrong i would take it to the dealership to get fixed

- joshua S

My car is very durable and dependable. It rides great.

Only thing for a tall person it will cramp you on a long trip. No problems with this car a all. I keep up with my maintenance. The rubber on the windows comes off.

- Theresa F

Hyundai Sonata: a good car.

My car has a lot of problems. The steering wheel shakes when going over 75 mph. The windshield wiper fluid does not work. But it gets amazing mileage, like 40 mpg.

- Mar P

It is a very reliable car that has never given me issues.

I love how it drives, the look of it, and how big it is for a sedan. I also like that it is reliable and the interior of it. I dislike that it is two wheel drive.

- Allison J

Good value for the money, safe.

Great gas mileage for the size and comfort. Very little maintenance, 168000 miles and only one thing beyond routine, the fuel pump. Road nose is more than I like.

- Margaret W

This vehicle feels luxury and turns heads without the big price tag.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle and it has always performed well. The car is comfortable and has nice features which are reasonable for the price.

- Kelly D

It is very hard to see out of. Over the hood especially.

I love the features like the Bluetooth and electric everything. Love the way it looks and color. I do not like how hard it is to park it and see over the hood.

- Brandy T

How economical it is and the great warranty that it carries

It's very economical and easy to drive. I don't have to drive much do a tank of gas lasts close to a month. It's easy to drive and I don't owe anything on it .

- Jessica B

It has very good safety ratings.

I love the way my sonata handles and love the body style. It is also very good on gas. I do not like the blind spots or the location of speaker for Bluetooth.

- Rae W

Reliable great car for the money.

Only have had a couple minor problems with the car which dealership corrected and paid in full for great handling great pick up great gas mileage sleek look.

- Mindy V

Backup camera makes it possible to back into garage close to stored items.

Large trunk!.. Love the backup camera!.. Great, smooth ride!.. Mileage is beginning to be lower as it ages... Insects show on the white finish on the front.

- Vicki K

Great gas mileage-car really goes.

The car is okay, not really my style. Great gas mileage on the car. No problems at all. Great service coverage package the car. Reliable car for the money.

- Cathy M

Sonata hybrid is a great vehicle and dealer warranties are excellent.

The Sonata hybrid is good on gas and quiet due to the battery power. It is very comfortable and electronic user friendly. It rides good and handles good.

- Eric M

It's reliable and dependable.

I really like my vehicle. It's reliable and dependable and hasn't had any major repairs. The thing I dislike about it is that there are some blind spots.

- Shelley H

The vehicle is comfortable without sacrificing its sporty handling.

Excellent horsepower with good mileage (2L Turbo). Unfortunately has frequent recalls and electronic small issues occurred just as the warranty expired.

- Jordan F

It is good on gas and looks very sleek.

I like the sunroof, the look, and the gas mileage. I do not like the lack of oil indicators when it is low and the fact that it will not start sometimes.

- Michelle M

Good value and stylish appearance.

Not stylish enough for my taste.. And now after 30 thousand miles the car is starting to have issues which now brings unneeded expense to my household.

- Celeste G

5 could ride comfortably, easy to handle and drive. Great for long distance driving.

It is very comfortable to ride in. Very easy to drive and has not given us any problems since we have owned it for the past 3 years. Good on gas too.

- danita g

Some problems like any other car but overall good.

Recently needed work on AC, seems to have a lot of recalls. Overall my car has been good to me despite the fact that I haven't been that great to it.

- Rachel H

It is economical, uses less gas, and saves more money.

I absolutely like that it is a economic friendly vehicle. The interior and exterior are a beautiful color. I also like that it is a compact vehicle.

- Catalina G

The Hyundai Sonata is a great car. Make sure you keep up with all maintenance and when you have issues with it don't be talked down to by the Hyundai people

I always loved my car until the engine recall. I got a new engine and now one thing after another is wrong with it and I have zero confidence in it

- Tracy H

The car have been a daily driver and has been reliable.

This car has been great! We have owned it for 6 years now with minimal issues. We would definitely look into to buying another when he time comes.

- Michael S

The car is reliable and has a smooth and even ride.

I love our Sonata! It has a great style. The back seat has lots of legroom. The car gets good gas mileage! I do not dislike anything about my car.

- Esther B

I love my car! It has just over 100k miles on it but drives like it's brand new. The interior has worn well too, no one believes that it's 6 years old! My only dislike is that the A pillar is a little wide and hard to see around occasionally.

Very dependable and great gas mileage. Over 100k miles and still drives like it did off the lot 6 years ago with nothing but regular oil changes.

- Rachel B

It rides like a dream and it is very easy to park and get around in traffic.

Good mileage and very dependable with plenty of passenger and trunk space and room. The car has a nice body style and a really good paint job.

- Stephan C

I love all of the information I can get about gas mileage and fuel efficiency

Other than typical problems, my car is great! A few minor problems with the electrical on the steering wheel for the radio but nothing too bad

- Kylie K

Is the most cheapest car in the market. Great on gas and drives smoothly.

Drives smoothly and it is great on gas. Everyone fits comfortably in the back seat. Truck is big enough to fit my sons stroller and car seat.

- Melissa I

This car is reliable and a smart buy.

This car is very reliable. I haven't had any major problems with it so far. Its comfortable, it performs well and it features are convenient.

- Suzanne C

The car has great gas mileage and very good horsepower

My vehicle has great take off but my model had engine issues and a new engine had to be installed. Otherwise it's a great vehicle, no issues.

- Andre J

It is a safe and reliable vehicle that I depend on to get me where I need to go.

I like it because it runs well. It has cold air-conditioning and a nice stereo. It gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints about my car.

- Andrew S

Awesome, reliable, luxurious, smooth

Love it. Warranty is great. Reasonable. Hyundai and Kia have come a long way. Major con, don't buy one new. These cars really depreciate

- Mark R

I think how great the gas mileage and big the tank is for this car.

I like the looks and how it drives. I get great gas mileage. I have only had it a short span of 2 years, but I have no complaints as of yet.

- Christina C

Gas mileage is really good.

It is a car, it drives. But there are a lot of problems with it. I like the gas mileage, though. That is probably the best part of the car.

- Margaret P

Safety features and easy to drive.

No complaints. Handles well, great gas mileage, decent room, big trunk space, no issues thus far. Tires wore well and lasted more than 50k.

- Kathryn F

The gas mileage is undeniably magnificent. A very low maintenance vehicle

Really love my Hyundai. Just paid it off. Had to replace driver side rotor and just recently the starter. Other than that very dependable

- Rossiano F

It's very reliable and gets decent gas mileage. It's fun to drive.

The car is very reliable. I've never had a problem with it. It's the perfect size for my family. There's nothing that I dislike about it.

- Paul E

Hyundai Sonata 2012. Great car really nice.

Love the car I have no issues with it only thing was it has 18 in rims. Tire size are to big. But I love my car it so clean runs smooth.

- Cynthia S

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the great gas mileage. I also like the Bluetooth feature. I dislike that there is not better air conditioning for the rear seats.

- Erin M

Its perfect, I love the color too.

I like how smooth it is and it's not too big and not too small, just right. My only issue is lack of space I need a little more space.

- Mary J

Have a mechanic go over every detail paying close attention to the tires.

I dislike the car because it has a lot of factory defaults. I like the that the car is stylish comfortable and that it has four doors.

- Rachel R

The gas mileage is good in it.

The dashboard is big and long but the car drives really good. Gas mileage is not bad in it either. Pretty roomy sedan and looks slick.

- Crystal P

Its dependable and smooth driving car. Very little maintenance required.

I love the body style of my car. It fits me perfectly, because i am short. I like the mileage that it gets and that it is dependable.

- Jan M

It has been well maintained and I Have been the only owner

It was affordable and Like the look of it. There have been a number of recalls and it also doesn't have the latest safety features.

- Candace W

Great vehicle for work and pleasure.

I love the take off from a complete stop. Smooth drive and gas mileage. Nice leather seats and just enough space for my passengers.

- sylvester f

I love the way it looks at night.

I love the horsepower and the way the car starts quickly and I love the interior of the car. However, I don't like the gas mileage.

- Mike J

It is definitely worth the money and will last. Great buy!

I like the car and its' size and do not really have any complaints. I also like the way it looks and how convenient it is with gas.

- Millie M

Great warranty and customer service.

Economical, warranty, customer service, trunk space. Too much road noise, certain areas seem cheap, paint peeled, breaks are loud.

- Carlton A

That it is very good on gas. The vehicle is priced reasonably.

I like the fact that my vehicle has heated seats. It is very good on gas. I do not like how the vehicle handles in the snow.

- Susan R

Great gas mileage and roomy. Easily fit 5 adults in the car.

There has been some recalls that have been a pain. I like the gas mileage it gets and how it runs. The trunk space is amazing.

- Christina N

It's very dependable and Hyundai takes their warranties seriously.

It's the best car that I have ever owned. Very good gas mileage and very comfortable to drive. Not too big and not too small.

- Sandy G

Great value for the money and wonderful inside.

I feel great about my very vehicle it is comfortable lots of space air conditioning is wonderful great to travel on the road.

- Barbara S

Reliable vehicle excellent gas mileage. no major recalls.

Great car. I've had to replace several tires and the air conditioning compressor. other than that great car. No major issues

- Areyon H

It is a limited edition, so might not be available again.

Drives very smooth, color of interior and exterior was perfect, though it was a used car it was in almost perfect condition.

- Isabel G

The warranty is the best in class.

I love the warranty I do not like the Bluetooth system. The cabin has a lot of space and is roomy for passengers and myself.

- Christopher W

That it has been a reliable vehicle

I like that it has ample room on the inside. I also like the performance of the vehicle. No dislikes or complaints about it.

- Arnold B

Truly an amazing family sedan.

Since I got my car I have replaced the 1 part, I still have to take my car to the dealer to have the air recall checked out.

- Jasmine G

It always get me from point a to point b and it is easy to do service on the car

The car always works good for me it also gets great gas mileage and also has a great warranty on the sontha model of the car

- Michael M

hyundai is the best of class

very safe and secure with many airbags and fuel efficient with a long mileage warranty for the car with good modern styling

- bill b

My car has good gas mileage and it rides really nice.

I like the gas mileage and how it rides. I do not like the size of the car and the fact that the passengers seat is so low.

- Joni I

It gets me where I need to go. Haven't had any major problems. Gets good gas mileage. Would like to have something bigger.

It has a quite a bit of room for a car. The trunk is huge and holds a lot of luggage. Hyundai has a good warranty as well.

- Katie B

Very reliable and great on gas.

Love how smooth the drive is. The interior of the car is immaculate and feels brand new for a 6 year old car. Gas mileage.

- Nick M

It's have everything and full automatic and everything work in the electric

It's very good vehicle I don't have any problem since I haven't so any one need car he should think of this kind and model

- Salam S

In love with my Hyundai .

Rides smooth and very reliable. Had for 4 years and no major problem. Would definitely recommend if looking for a new car.

- Brittany D

The AC doesn't work well when on eco mode but car gets good gas mileage

AC sucks. Comfortable and reliable. The steering wheel is peeling. Radio works. Tires are good. No big problems. Safe car

- Hanah M

The car gets good gas mileage.

I like it because it is got good gas mileage. I like the color. What I dislike is you cannot fit big things in the back.

- Sharon B

My Sonata is safe, comfortable, and reliable, especially in the snowy PA winters!

It's a small but powerful car. I feel comfortable in it, as I am very tall. It is very reliable in all types of weather.

- Nicole S

Reliable and comfortable family car

Very reliable car. A good deal for your buck. This is my second Hyundai and I will buy for sure another of in the future

- Armando D

It looks good and is reliable.

I like the appearance and features. I haven't had any service problems, which I like. I only dislike that it cannot tow.

- Lynne W

Wonderful car, safe and reliable

Very reliable, sturdy car. If you take care of it, it will run forever. Nice size, roomy interior. Feels solid to drive.

- Jennifer T

My car is not that old. It is very spacious and saves gas

The car is in good condition no problems. Just a few scratches on the chassis. No engine problems. Less than 100k miles

- Marc D

Reliable, spacious and good gas mileage! Stylish too!

It is stylish and reliable. It gets good gas mileage. There is plenty of space inside. I don't have any issues with it.

- Ashton C

Gets you from point a to point b.

It is okay. It is not very fun to drive. The car is to low to the ground. Not very sporty or fast. I like SUVs better.

- Catherine M

It's easy on gas and drives so smooth

I love how smooth it drives. I love how easy it is on gas. I haven't found much of anything that i didn't like so far

- scottie P

good car for the price. it was a rental

i enjoy it very much . it is good on gas mileage. I trust Hyundai. I would buy another car. it has bluetooth. too

- Robert c

There really isn't a highlight

It's red in color and is a v6. It drives pretty smooth. It gets pretty good gas mileage in town and on the highway

- Han W

It has a pretty decent amount of space for a car.

Smooth drive.. Quiet.. Nice car stereo and speaker system.... Nothing to dislike now that I have gotten use to it.

- Ricky E

My almost/close to perfect car.

Back tail light goes out due to a short, subwoofer blows easily and turbo gets stuck. Besides that I love the car.

- Richard M

It gets good gas mileage, both in city and highway.

My car is very roomy and lots of room for both me and family. It gets good gas mileage. It is also fun to drive.

- Darrin P

Truck space is small, gas mileage isn't that great in slow, but moving traffic

I love the look of the car, inside and out. I do wish the trunk was bigger because of the battery for the hybrid

- Alexis P

For the size of the car, the Hyundai should not have been made a 4 cylinder. It should at least been made with an optional 6 cylinder.

I like that it conserves gas. I also like the design of the car. I do not like the lack of power when I need it.

- Jeff T