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Extremely spacious, reliable and comfortable features.

I personally love my car and have been very impressed with it overall. I have been driving it for about a year and a half. I have done the regular maintenance work. Most recently paid a lot of money to fix the gas pump which I think was the fault of the person who put gas in my car last not the car's fault. Other than that it has been good to me, no problems. It has the panoramic sunroof which I absolutely love. I love the feature of the GPS even though it has to be updated. It has leather seats which are not ideal during the hot summer months but that would be the case in any car with leather seats. It is very reliable, I have traveled far with it and it has more than 100,000 miles at this point. It has a very spacious trunk. I am amazed by the power it has in the highway, it is a smooth drive which makes it difficult for you to realize you are going 100 mph unless you look. At first sight I was concerned with the size of the car. I am a heavy woman (240 lbs) and thought I needed more space. Though the car looks small on the outside, it is very spacious on the inside. I have a toddler so there is ample space between his car seat and the passenger seat so he does not feel constrained. I can comfortably it my brother who is over 6 feet tall so that alone is an accomplishment.

- Pamela M

Great gas mileage with great pickup (2.0 turbo).

When gas prices were quite high I decided to find a more economical choice than my SUV to drive my 45 minute commute to work five days a week. I researched many vehicles prior to making a decision. I chose the Hyundai sonata 2.0 turbo because of its reliability, warranty, safety, gas mileage, performance and appearance. . Overall I have been satisfied with this vehicle but disappointed to say the least when my engine seized up in the middle of nowhere four hours from home with only 54,000 miles on the odometer. This is very rare for this engine, which had to be replaced. I have since traveled across the country and back without any problems. I quickly found out that the performance tires, which I love the looks of, do not fare well on wisconsin winter roads. By purchasing winter tires and alternating them with my performance tires I can safely enjoy driving my sonata all year round. I would not want to be without the turbo engine for this vehicle with all of the highway driving that I do. It is a great option versus buying a car with a v8.

- Tricia S

2013 Sonata Nice car but won't charge my iPhone.

The clear coat on my car is peeling, I cannot charge my iPhone in my car you need a special dual charger that cost $40.00, I bought a less expensive one from eBay and it did not work. It has a USB port and an Audio port. And a round port for a lighter. But these still will not charge my phone. The car runs great is good on gas and has a backup camera and navigation on board. Power windows and moonroof. Hands free phone and Bluetooth. The dealer said that quite a few 2013 Hyundais have the problem with the charger and it only affects the iPhone. So if you have an iPhone and would like to be able to charge it in your car, be sure you look and ask before you buy. It has black partial leather seats which get very warm in the summer, so if the windows are not tinted you will need blinds for the front windows so you can touch the steering wheel. It is a nice car and I really like the body style of it.

- Gina S

The title of my review should be a car that has something for everybody.

The reliability of the Sonata is great. We have at least 60, 000 miles are the car and so far we have no issues. Also, considering the size of the car it is comfortable to drive long distances. Instead, of having your feet hanging down in the driving position your feet are out. It is liking sitting in a lounge chair. Another thing I like the trunk is huge. There is plenty of room to store big bags for long trips. This does not take any room from the people sitting in the back. These person in the back seat have plenty of legroom. I have the interior of this car to have more room than cars that are much larger. Lastly, I like the ability to switch the ego button on thus saving on gas on the open highway. When you need more power you just switch the button off. When the road gets rough, the car is not to harsh having enough spring in the suspension for a comfortable ride. This car has it all.

- Nancy K

A 'Big' little car! Interior size of most smaller SUVs, with more features.

I love the Eco mileage feature. It averages in the 30's, but has gotten 50mpg both on highway and around town. With the 2.0T (turbo) it has plenty of pick-up. The seats are comfortable, but I wish the passenger seat was electric and could be raised - a bit low for old joints! Large easy access trunk. Unique wheel pattern helps identify it in a parking lot, but I put a small flower decal on the front and rear windshields to help also. Only holds one CD at a time, but it has quality sound. Good bass! It has easy to see instrument panel. The AC has variable settings for temp and either front passenger - but no rear air (a negative in FL) Plenty of storage - good size locking glove box, aling with two separate compartment console storage. The sunroof is easily accessed and of good size. Many features expected in a higher priced car - Good value.

- Nancy F

Very smooth and comfortable car.

The 2013 Hyundai sonata is very easy to handle and very easy to get used to. I found the interior made quite nicely it has tan seats with black trim on the inside of the car doors and dashboard. I love the heated seats option for winter and the light colored interior for summer. I find this vehicle to be very comfortable and also while driving it is quiet and drives very smoothly. I like the fact that it has the get up and go to it when I need to avoid a careless driver fast. The Bluetooth handsfree is a life saver as well as the rearview mirror options where I can use buttons to program it to open my garage. This is the newest car I have ever owned and I haven't had one problem with it at all. Getting the car seat in and secured was a breeze compared to my last vehicle. Trunk is spacious also it gets good highway gas mileage.

- Kay F

Average good car but needs improvements on interior.

My car is really a family sedan car used for normal home chores fit grocery and average size items on my trunk. Good gas average everything's just fine. What I don't like about it is the quality of its steering and dashboard panels button is made up of hard plastic which is sometimes very hard to press if not in use for couple of days. The color coat on steering wheel started peeling off as we used button on it daily, and due to hard plastic one of my button is broken. This makes a bad impact on my car as my friend or family sit in the car it's quiet visible and looks like it is an old vehicle however my car has 70000 miles on it so far. These buttons cannot be replaced solely and available on sites as a complete set which makes it expensive and requires tools or professional help to install.

- saeed S

Great style & dependable!

I bought my car brand new. I currently have about 75,000 miles on it. I haven't had any major problems I can remember with my car, or minor problems for that matter. I take very good care of it and get regular maintenance done in the suggested time frame. I used to drive for uber, and I would regularly get compliments on the car. The style is nice and it drives smoothly. I have the basic features (heated seat, power windows and seats) and it is enough for me. It also has this eco feature to help with gas. I am not too sure it does much. I drive with it on most of the time. Overall, a great car. I would consider buying another one, but I really want a crossover for my next car. I might stay in the Hyundai family if the pricing and deals are nice.

- Chloe N

Ups and downs of my hybrid experience.

For the most part I love my Sonata hybrid, however, my husband is not very happy with the 'hybrid' part of it. We went with the more expensive hybrid because of the good reviews and it being more gas efficient. During the summer. That rings true. On trips I have gotten up to 40 miles a gallon. However, during the winter, which we get really cold ones in MN. I am lucky if we get 23 mpg. This is very unfortunate since our winters are much longer than our warmer weather. I doubt we would never buy a hybrid again. And due to the fact that this one is a Hyundai I doubt my husband will want to by that brand again in the future. Although I love the ride of the car myself and it to me is a very fun car to drive and wonderful for road trips!!

- Nikki P

It has everything I need!

My vehicle is pretty reliable, and has not given me any trouble since I purchased it used 6 months ago. I was commuting about 40 minutes to and from work 5 days a week in Atlanta traffic and it held up great. Not to mention it did pretty well on gas. It is very comfortable. The seats are leather which I love because it is easy to clean and does not trap smells. My car also has heated seats in the front and the back. There’s a panoramic sunroof/moonroof that provides a really nice view. The car is equipped with Bluetooth so I can play my music from my phone as well as answer calls hands-free. There’s also a GPS in the car and the display is touch screen. I get lots of compliments on my car overall, and I'd highly recommend it.

- Mikayla B

A full month on one tank of gas!

I love the leather seats, they are very comfortable, and the seat warmer really comes in handy in the winter. I like how the car handles--it is very easy to maneuver when surprises come up in the roadway. It accelerates a little faster than expected, so watch out that you are not speeding. The gas mileage is great, I can usually go a month between fill ups. That is important when prices go up! I like the gray color, it has really stood up to the sunshine, retaining its color pretty well. The trim has not been so lucky, and has pretty much cracked and fallen off. Also, sometimes I feel very low to the ground in the driver's seat, which makes me nervous around semis.

- Tina H

First-time Hyundai Sonata owner.

I own a 2013 Hyundai Sonata and overall I am pretty happy with this car. I am the third owner of this car and bought it with eighty-nine thousand miles on it. I mainly use it for commuting to work, although one day it broke down on me. I am thinking this is due to not maintaining oil changes. Thank goodness for insurance because I ended up having to get a completely new engine. The air filter might need changing as well. Sometimes when driving, you hear a rapid patter noise coming through the air vents in the dashboard. Most important, keep up with car maintenance and everything should continue to run smoothly.

- Lauren M

Recommended vehicle for new moms

I think this car is the perfect family car for new mothers. It has all the safety features and really comfortable seats, so it's perfect for vacations too... only thing I am a little unhappy about is how the air is set up for the back seat, they should definitely try to put some vents in the back, it does have air that comes through the bottom of seat for the back and after you're in it a while it does cool very well. But also it has awesome sound quality speakers and I absolutely love the XM radio and the way it picks up speed when you're getting on a interstate. Overall I would highly recommend this vehicle!

- Anna A

Potentially great car just bad quality.

I love my Hyundai Sonata it has a lot of potential it is a nice looking car and it is limited edition which makes the appearance awesome but the problems are none stop they really did a shitty job putting together the car I have multiple problems back to back. My engine went out I constantly have problems with my rear brake lights my axles was bad when I bout the car and a lot of electrical problems but overall it rides nice when it is in good condition and looks really good I just wish they would of put more into building it and making it worth something to drive.

- Amy B

You have to experience it

Awesome quiet sleek There is a lot that we could say about the 2013 Hyundai Sonata, from it's gorgeous design to its luxurious interiors and feel. But, like any luxury experience, words often fail to truly describe what the experience is like. For the Sonata, this is no different. From the strong and lightweight frame, the suspension tested to perfection, even how the sound of the engine and the way the trunk closes is fine-tuned to bring you the most satisfaction and automotive pleasure possible, well... it's just something you'd have to experience for yourself.

- Ell C

It's a safe car and drives really well.

I really like how easy it is to drive; it's very quiet and smooth. However, sometimes the gas pedal isn't very sensitive, and even if you push all the way down on the gas pedal the car won't go. That's really annoying and dangerous when you're on the highway and trying to merge. Also, the call button for road side assistance is in a bad spot on the rear view mirror. If you want to adjust the mirror sometimes you accidentally will push the button. Other than those two things though I really like the car. I like the controls on the wheel and the stereo is good.

- Taryn F

2013 Hyundai Sonata Review

I love my Hyundai Sonata so much. It has never had any problems and only goes to the shop for oil changes and alignments. It performs great. It has amazing speed, control and drives very smooth. It is also very comfortable. All of the seats are leather and are the perfect amount of luxury and comfort. It also comes with a lot of features. I love the ability to have XM radio in the car most of all! Actually, my heated seats might be my favorite feature. They are great in the winter especially. Finally, the trunk is huge for a smaller car which is really nice.

- Bob A

Good reliable vehicle with great speed and comfort!

My Hyundai sonata was used but was really reliable and safe. When it comes to performance it drove really smooth and acceleration as it was supposed to. The seats were very comfy but what I didn't like about the seats were they were lightly colored and netted making it hard to clean whenever my kids spilled something or dropped something sticky. The features included a touchscreen radio as well as a digital speedometer. It is the standard version so there aren't any special features. All in all this vehicle is reliable and gets the job done.

- Diamond S

My experience as a Hyundai owner.

I think my car is perfect for a first-time car buyer. It is reliable and gets great gas mileage not to mention my a/c works really well. My dog has plenty of room in the backseat which is nice for long trips. I was fortunate to get mine at a reasonable price for the amount of miles already on it. So when I am ready to sell it and move onto a nicer car, it'll still have a lot of value in it. I highly recommend this car to anyone wanting something reasonably priced and reliable especially when it comes to maintenance upkeep.

- Debbie B

Sporty-spacious family car.

I love that it's eco friendly and has seat warmers. My main concern is the backlights. They seem to burn out quickly. Other than that it's very spacious and a great family car. As much as I love the car, there are random and few times that the car buffers to start. I'm not quite sure if the remote start that I had installed had something to do with it but again it rarely happens. The Bluetooth is convenient and I always use it. I haven't had problem with having someone having trouble hear me or vise versa.

- Erika S

Hybrid love hate relationship.

I live my sonata for the most part. It is a hybrid which we thought would be great however we have had some major issues with that aspect. In the winter when it is cold our mileage really drops. In the summer I can get between 37 to 40 on a regular driving day. However in the winter I am lucky to even get close to 30. So that part is quite frustrating. Other than that the only issue we had was that the tires that it came with were horrible in the rain and snow. Since replacing them it does much better.

- Nicole P

Hyundai sonata engine recall issues.

The vehicle has had multiple safety recalls including the engine. I brought my car in for the recall and the Hyundai staff said it was fine. A few months later the engine completely ceased while I was driving it. I explained prior to this that the car would stall while driving and would chug. Hyundai did replace the engine with a refurbished one with a 10,000 mile guarantee. My local Hyundai dealer was great at facilitating the process but I have yet to hear back from customer service from Hyundai.

- amanda O

Comfy car, perfect for road-trips

My 2013 Sonata is by far my favorite car. I've had no severe problems with it and it has always been a reliable vehicle for me. As I travel often it is the perfect car for a long distance trip and despite its 90,000 miles it is still running smoothly. The sleek look of the car is attractive and has a clean and modern look. Overall the car is comfortable. Complete with a sunroof, backup camera, heated seats and a Bluetooth system it is the perfect car for a college kid who is constantly traveling.

- Morgan H

It is cheaply made and has tons of recalls sometimes on the same issues.

It has a few see sort issues and has a lot of recalls since owned. Dealership is biggest issue. They have very few appointments and never seem to have an available loaner car even though I have paid an extra warranty to have it included. The car itself had crappy tires which I had to replace the first year cheap wiper blades and a badly positioned car seat warmer knob which gets hit by accident all the time! Overall I would never buy another Hyundai even though we've owned them for 18 years now.

- Julie H

I am so happy with my Hyundai.

I've only had this car for two months. I love it. The acceleration is great. The room in the passengers' seats, even the back seats, makes it very comfortable for people. The trunk is big! I like the 'miles till empty' display. The sound system is very good. I enjoy connecting my iPhone via Bluetooth and listening to podcasts, my music, etc', as well as taking and making calls using the car's speakers. Phone calls are clear and volume can be adjusted in the steering wheel.

- Marie C

Well made. Attractive and comfortable

regarding my 2013 sonata,I have few complaints. I have noticed slight power loss when running my air conditioner but I'm aware that is common in most vehicles. I also like the fact my rear seat fold down but I would like them to fold flat .My car has ecoboost and cruise control, when combined I have found that I have excellent gas mileage.In it integrity my car is very comfortable to drive. I keep my car well maintained and I expect to considerate reliable well over 200.000 miles

- Donald F

Love driving my 2013 Hyundai Sonata for business and pleasure trips.

My Sonata has excellent gas mileage and has been very reliable with no major repairs required. I bought it used in 2015 and it has never failed me in my travels both nearby for work and long-distance (300 miles). It is automatic with ac, cassette player, and Bluetooth. The driver's seat is very comfortable but the passenger seat sits very low and shorter individuals complain about clear views over the dashboard. Overall, I am extremely pleased with purchasing this car.

- Christi H

I love my Hyundai Sonata.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle since I have purchased it. One complaint that I have is that when the passenger window is down the passenger seat belt creates a whistle. The performance has been spectacular. I love all modes of my car; sport and eco friendly. The reliability and comfort are great. I love my touch screen radio, heated seats, blind spot detection, Bluetooth speaker, and back-up camera. I wish I would have purchased all black interior.

- Lauren T

Good quality at low cost and style is nice.

I have had no problems. Replaced brakes at 42k miles and regular maintenance. Car rides well and good gas mileage. The car handles well on highways and suburban usage. It is comfortable and is stylish. I have had 2 Lexus vehicles and the difference is minimal for a lesser price. I like the style and the dashboard is easy to read. Minor maintenance can be done by owner in many cases. Plenty of space both front and back and plenty of trunk space. Ride is smooth.

- Steve W

2013 Hyundai Sonata: A sleek, sporty, and affordable car

I love my 2013 Hyundai Sonata! It is the perfect size for a sedan and gets pretty decent gas mileage. It is very reliable, I have never had a problem with it and is has a comfortable and pretty spacious interior as well. The exterior is very sleek which makes it look sporty and more expensive than it actually is. It drives very well in rainy and snowy conditions. The only thing I wish it had was a sunroof, but I know for a fact other sonatas have that option.

- Mia W

Very spacious and sleek design. Great gas mileage.

I absolutely love my Hyundai sonata. It gets great gas mileage which was a huge factor when selecting the car I wanted. I have had this car for 3 years now and still have no complaints. I bought it and see and haven't had to replace anything on it yet. It is got a five star safety rating which is great for me since I am expecting and only want the safest for my little one. I'll probably drive his car until I cannot drive it anymore. It is great!

- Brie G

It's a good value. It has the best standard features of any comparable car and they best warranty and roadside assistance.

I like the design of the hyundai, I think it looks nice. I also like that it hasn't had many maintenance problems and that the gas mileage is pretty good. I do NOT like that the battery and tires that came with the car were crap and needed to be replaced very soon after I bought the car. I also don't like that the company lied about how good the gas mileage was. I also don't like how slanted the windshields are, it makes them very hard to clean

- Nichole K

Great purchase made five years ago.

Very reliable car to date (5yrs). I get great gas mileage highway and around town. Surprise to find that for a “compact” car it does have good legroom and headroom. Also has roomy trunk and the both rear seats fold down allowing ample room for storage. Drove 60k before replacing front brakes. Have had no major repairs in five years. Regular maintenance and required recalls were extent of in shop service. Definitely recommend my Sonata.

- Elisabeth C

Noisy, rough ride but dependable.

The car has a very bumpy drive and it is tiring to drive. The gas mileage is about 25 miles per gallon. We have not had any major repairs as of yet. The back seat is not very comfortable as well. I like the heated seats. It is a noisy ride as well. I have a thump in my front right wheel area but I am the only one to hear it The Bluetooth does not work well if you are shorter Because the microphone is behind you so I do not use it.

- Kim R

Warranty and comfort are not as great as advertised.

It gets decent gas mileage, but is not very durable (internally). There are things inside the vehicle that have broken, like the center console storage, and are not covered under warranty. This broke less than 6 months after purchase. The car locks quickly when you get out, so if you have to come back to get stuff out of the vehicle, it locks. My seat is not really adjustable enough, and sitting on long trips is a bit uncomfortable.

- Jimi D

Hyundai Sonata - the luxury vehicle for the common man

It's a very roomy car on the inside, with plenty of space even in the backseat for passengers. The trunk is large and holds a lot, and the rear seats fold down for extra space if needed. The ride is pretty smooth for a non-luxury car, and the design, both inside and out, is on par with higher-end priced vehicles. My husband and I have barely had any problems with it mechanically, which has been wonderful. Overall, we love this car!

- Amanda S

I found my lifetime car: heated seats, “giddy-up, ” slick look and easy to handle.

I love my 2013 Hyundai Sonata. It handled great and drives smooth. At first I thought it had a kind of a grandmother look but once you sit inside, it is a different experience. I only bought the car so I could get a promotion, but now I have found a lifetime car. Heated seat, eco-friendly and nice “giddy-up. ”. Just one thing to warm about, the acceleration is so smooth you cannot always tell when you start speeding.

- Aaron S

It's reliable, and safe. It's also roomy enough to hold four people, plus my son's car seat in the back, but it's not a huge car or a gas guzzler.

The car looks and drives nice. When I bought it, I got one of the last remaining 2013 models, so it came with a bunch of extras (like an upgraded speaker system) for little-to-no extra cost, so that was cool. No major issues with it yet, so I can't complain. I don't drive it much, but it's paid off now, so I'll see how long it lasts. I drove my last Hyundai for 12-13 years with very few issues, so I'm hopeful.

- Justin B

2013 Hyundai Sonata gls silver.

So far I have not had any trouble out of my 2013 Hyundai Sonata. I get about 30 miles to the gallon on the highway. It is very comfortable for road trips and has plenty of trunk space. I get my oil changed every 5, 000 miles and the upkeep is minimal. I have received several notices about recalls which would be the only “negative” experience I would note. Overall I would purchase a Hyundai Sonata again.

- Mae B

A comfortable, dependable ride.

The driver's seat is really comfortable, it is nice having adjustable lumbar support. Having heated seats is a plus. There have been a number of recalls but my dealership is great about getting the work done quickly. The factory stereo is decent, and gas mileage is great. Aside from the recalls and regular maintenance the car has not had any major issues and I do a lot of driving so it is very reliable.

- Susan P

people's reviews are very important

It is a complete piece of garbage. Always having recalls and constantly having mechanical problems. Transmission went bad with 30,000 miles, but since I am the second owner it is not covered. Also traction control has gone bad and the list just goes on and on. Will never buy another Hyundai as long as I live and I tell everyone I know the problems I have had so they can avoid buying this brand as well

- ken V

I love the auto lights so I never forget to turn them off.

When I purchased this car, I was looking for an Elantra. When I went to the dealership, I found I could afford the Sonata. I was thrilled. This car performs very well. Even though I have a four cylinder; acceleration is no problem. Besides normal wear and tear, I have had no issues with my car and am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend this car. I intend to purchase the Genesis next.

- Michelle S

Great all around car for me.

I love my Hyundai. Purchased it after renting one for a week for a business trip. Reliable and fuel-efficient. Easy to maintain as well. Allows me to haul my family when needed, but also a great daily driver. I wish I had a newer model with some of the nicer accessories for my phone. Bluetooth does work in this model, but it is not very loud. Apparently that is common for this model year.

- Brandon H

Engine failure free replacement.

Right now the car is at the dealer getting a new engine that was part of a class action lawsuit. Hyundai is installing a new engine free of charge as determined by the court. Prior to the engine seizing I enjoyed the car and it is performance. It is comfortable and good on gas. There is another recall on the car for the front coils, it should be like a new car when it is returned to me.

- Barbara J

2013 Hyundai Sonata Pros/cons

Honestly, I don't have anything bad to say. I bought this car with 61,000 miles on it and have had no issues with it whatsoever. It's drives smooth. It has heated seat in the front and back. I use mine all the time and LOVE it. I also like the fact that everything on the odometer is digital, except for the speed. It lets you know when any fluid is low, etc. I would rate this car. 10/10

- Kayla R

The XM Radio is an awesome feature that makes my commutes more interesting

The seats in my vehicle are very comfortable for all passengers. The features such as XM Radio and Bluetooth make the vehicle interesting and easy to use. The car has 'eco' mode which I love to use to get better gas mileage. I typically get 32 miles per gallon. The only complaint I have is that the trip inside the doors chips easy, and the paint chips easier than in my other vehicles.

- samantha V

Sonata overview. Comfortable, roadworthy and dependable.

Excellent car, dependable, good gas mileage, comfortable, good road car, handles well. No problems, good performer. Dash is well laid out with all instrumentation easily read; nice features with economy readouts while driving; I like mileage displays and miles per gallon read outs as well. The only thing I wish it had was a GPS which later models of course have as standard equipment.

- Seth R

The Sonata is a great carpool car.

This care has great gas mileage, so I use it as a commuter car for work. The interior is very roomy and comfortable. The backseat is not cramped and I can also fit my two large dogs comfortably in the back seat. The trunk is large and can fit my small scooter. I haven't had any mechanical issues outside of the regular maintenance schedule, so this car has been very reliable and safe.

- Samantha W

This vehicle is standard but reliable

I can rely on my car to do everything I need it to do. The most important thing is that I can count on it to always get me from point A to point B without any issues. I bought the car new and it has about 65 thousand miles on it currently. There has been no major, out of the norm, issues with the car as of yet. It has all basic functions and is nothing fancy, but keeps me satisfied.

- Zoe K

Love my 2013 Hyundai sonata.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle with the exception of my tail lights, the bulb keeps burning out. The only option is to change the socket with wiring harness to prevent burnout. I love how smooth the ride is. The inside is very spacious, simple radio system with Bluetooth. A/c works great, insulation is pretty good compared to other vehicles. I would highly recommend.

- Maria D

Small, sits 5 people, it's a charcoal grey.

Great car. Seat warmers in front. Seats are very comfortable. Would recommend for anyone looking at their first car. Drives smooth. Lots of trunk space. Lots of legroom in the back seats. Not really any problems besides we did have to go and get the brakes fixed and everything so.. Anyone looking for a car.. This is honestly the one. Oh and you can adjust the seat to your liking

- Conner M

Just that it gets good gas mileage and overall is a great car.

I love the gas mileage, it really saves us money on long trips. I like the amount of storage in the trunk and it drives well. The only problem we've had is with the headlights keep going out and all the adjusters for the air vents have all broken off. We've kept having to replace the lights and different ones are always going out. We don't know how to fix the air vent things.

- Adam B

Hyundai good for the price.

I love everything about my 2013 Hyundai Sonata except I am at 80 000 miles and there is a clicking when I turn the steering wheel. Also the button popped off the lock on inside drivers side when I wasn't even in the car. Came out after work and it was in the driver's seat. don't have the money to get the problems fixed. Also looks like the clear coat is coming off of my hood.

- Laura P

Singing the Hyundai Sonata blues. Interior design flaws.

The gas mileage is good, 28 or 29 mpg. I had a few safety recalls, seatbelt, the dealership was great about it I do not like the cup holder in center console, too close to gear shift. Awkward. The passages seat is too low. And does not adjust. The space between the back windows and rear window is too thick, it makes seeing in the rear view window and/or backing up difficult.

- Jo D

Smooth ride/great mileage.

Hyundai is a great car, the warranty is one of the main things we liked before purchasing. Now that we've had it we love it. Very comfortable, great for around town as well as long trips. Smooth ride and quiet. Gets great gas mileage. Have had a couple of recalls, but Hyundai was quick to make the repairs. This is my second Hyundai and my next one will be too. Very happy.

- Pam B

Hyundai Sonata - a must get!

The Hyundai Sonata is a comfortable vehicle. The style is aesthetically pleasing and it is very reliable. It can hold a lot of gas before I have to fill it up and it looks very slick. The features have seat warmers, an active eco option, all star built into the mirrors, and it even includes a nice Audio unit that supply every demand. I would recommend this car to anyone!

- Jessica B

Nice car, but hate having to take it to only the dealer.

Love the feel of driving this car, it is very smooth. It is a little too low to the ground for me but it is a nice driving car. The one thing I hate about this car is that you have to take it to the dealer for most issues -like the transmission fluid. There is no dipstick for it, it has to be brought in to the dealer to be changed and that is where they make their money.

- Nicol V

Good gas mileage and good handling and space.

I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. This care has great gas per miles. It is comfortable for being a small four door vehicle. It has good handling and brakes fast. I with it had a back up camera but I can buy one. Also, I with it had a touch screen GPS system but again I can buy one and replace the old one. I with the vehicle had a better a/c like more vents throw out the car.

- Ruth R

Great family car! Worth every penny

The only problems have been recalls on the car. They are easy to fix taking to the dealer. Other than that this car is great! It gets amazing gas mileage. If I fill up my tank I believe I get around 600-something miles! Which is amazing. It's small enough for me to drive yet big enough inside to hold my 2 kids and husband. Great car for the price too!. Very affordable.

- Kimberly C

We are overall very satisfied with all 3 of our Hyundai's & would purchase again.

Reliability & mpg are good, interior is comfortable but bottom of seats are angled so that is uncomfortable on long trips. Visibility is okay but not as good as our SUV. We have 3 different models of Hyundai's & all 3 have issues were exterior light bulbs burn out frequently - much more than normal, which has resulted in being pulled over/ticketed more than once.

- Matt B

It has a good warranty and is a safe car to drive and operate.

I like the ease of starting it. The dashboard is really easy to read. I like the lack of problems it has while I am driving it. I do not like the way the headlights shine on the road. The lights do not shine out far enough to see good at night. Therefore, I do not like to drive at night. My friends who have the same car, have the same complaint about the headlights

- Irene M

Nice to drive but not so cheap to maintain.

Car's mileage is way less than advertised. Car's stereo stopped working 1 day. Car is comfortable but very low, it usually hits the parking spot boundaries and it has damages the bumper as well. But car is comfortable. Once thing that is missing is read camera. If I had that it would have been very nice. I know other brands have rear camera in basic models as well.

- Neha V

My vehicle is reliable, good on gas and smooth riding

I really love my Hyundai Sonata. It's reliable, easy to drive. No problems whatsoever. Comfortable and pretty good on gas.I have over 120,000 miles on the car and I haven't had one issue. It lets me know when my tire pressure is low. I've had the car for about 3 years and I can honestly say it's one of the best cars I've ever driven. Wouldn't trade it for anything

- Devin B

Its comfortable and affordable and of course pretty.

I love my car. It rides smooth, its roomy and the gas mileage is great. Its look is also sporty and trendy. I do not like the sound system. I feel that other 13 models had a more advanced sound system, backup camera and navigation system. my car does not have that. The mechanical complaint i have is that I have had trouble with my headlights going out frequently.

- jodie l

Overall reliable and cost effective car

Car is comfortable and spacious enough for a tall driver. Handling is smooth, though steering is not quite as tight as I would prefer. Tech package is nice, stable and reliable. User interface could use some tweaking; Android Auto and Apple CarPlay not available on this model year. A few recalls have occurred but Hyundai has been quick to notify and address them.

- James W

The highlights of it is the economy feature and the Bluetooth calling.

My car is truly lovely. It has been Reliable for 5 years and counting. It really rides smooth and handles very well. I honestly could not ask for a better car. It has a spacious and sleek interior. The Bluetooth headset also is a neat feature for me. It allows for me to answer calls while I'm driving. Little things like that is big for my car driving experience.

- Mark H

I enjoy the smooth quiet ride its awesome.

The car runs great! The only issue I have was the recalls but other than that it's fine. It has a huge gas tank so I gas up once a week. Its reliable the engine is a 4 cylinder so its does go as fast as a v6 but I like it. The controls on the wheel doesn't work most of the time so before you buy make sure all controls work and its covered under the warranty.

- Rick M

Bluetooth, Sunroof, heated seats

I like that I can hook my phone up to my car, and listen to music, and answer phone calls. I love how much gas I have until I'm out. I also love how easy it's to clean it, and how much tire pressure I have in each tire. It has a sunroof, when it's summer I love going down to the beach with the sunroof open with all the windows down and it feels amazing.

- Kristen E

Beautiful car limited Sonata pearl white with red interior.

I love the look and the way it drives. Never have any problems with my 2013 Sonata but my 2011 Sonata has too many recalls including the engine. Recall on the engine when the dealership checked they said it was fine and then a couple weeks later my engine shuts off on the highway and they had to replace it. I do not feel like they check recalls properly.

- Sadie P

Hyundai sonata car review - reliable.

My car is extremely reliable. I have had few problems which were probably because of not keeping up with the maintenance on my end. I used to do a lot of driving and I could always count on my car for the long daily treks. I have been encouraged by other people to get a luxury brand car, but I do not see the need when my car is all I could need and more!

- Ariel Y

Review of Hyundai sonata gls.

My vehicle performs very well. It drives smooth, it is relatively quiet, and I have had very few problems with it. Aside from routine maintenance I have only had one problem, which was with the starter. The vehicle is good on gas, and I love all of the additional features my car has to offer such as; Bluetooth, aux port, USB ports, eco features, etc.

- Brooke N

It is a basic 2013 Hyundai Sonata with Bluetooth siriusXM keyless entry.

There were a lot of recalls, but outside of those, I cannot complain. Extremely reliable and Hyundai has excellent customer service. They stick to fixing what needs fixed and nothing less. The gas mileage is great and all over parts last a long time except for the little gear in the steering column but that is an easy fix and covered under warranty.

- Whitney K

Hyundai Sonata hybrid. Attractive, responsive is fun to drive. Good mileage.

I like the fact that it is a hybrid. mileage is great and it's stylish. Often get compliments on appearance. It handles well and due to short turning radius it's easy to get in and out of tight spaces. The interior is comfortable and spacious which makes for a comfortable ride. Bluetooth feature gives access to my music and hands free communication.

- Don G

It's a great sports car with a lot of style.

I haven't had any problems at all with my Sonata, I have had it for 3 years, it has a 100, 000 mile warranty and performs wonderful, it is comfortable and has many features, I have heated seats, and it is a sport model and has hand shifts on the steering wheel, it is very comfortable and has a lot of power, it is good on gas and has a 20 gal tank.

- Kathy L

I drive a 2013 Hyundai sonata. It is brown and the interior is beige.

I have had my car for about 6 months now and I love it. I bought it used and have no issues with it. The radio system plays nice, it rides smooth, and the interior looks sharp. I have only ever driven Hyundai cars and I honestly think they are very underrated for the quality cars they sell. I would buy another Hyundai over a luxury car any day!

- Amy H

Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Turbo Sport

Car is great. It has most features as the high end car brands such as BMW. It has leather heated seats in both front and rear. It has a panoramic sunroof, bluelink capabilities, great in gas mileage and the performance is nice. What I don't like about the 2.0 Turbo Sport version is the multiple factory recalls on it since it came out in 2013

- Lana B

The Hyundai sonata limited is for those looking for a sports look.

The Hyundai sonata limited is a great vehicle to drive. It has 4 wheel drive with 6 cylinders. It comes with a sunroof, heated seats for both driver and passenger. Touchscreen with Bluetooth and XM radio as well. You get 32-38 mpg depending if you're on the highway or in town. It also has built in navigation. It has 4 doors and leather seats.

- Richard F

Hyundai Sonata. A great car!

No problems thus far. My car has exceeded my expectations. It is great on gas. Never uses any oil. I have had a couple of recalls on it, but nothing serious. The technicians at the Hyundai dealership have been very accommodating in rapidly fixing the recall. I absolutely love my car and would buy another one if or when I decide to replace it.

- Gayle W

Can't go wrong with a Hyundai

The Hyundai Sonata is a great car. Perfect for a little family. Very good on gas and you never have to worry about locking yourself out. I haven't had any problems with it and I bought it used. It has Sirius radio, Bluetooth, & a USB port. Back seats has cup holders that fold down in the middle that's perfect if you have 2 or less kids.

- Sabrina K

Lots of problems. Not worth the price in this car category.

I have had a lot of problems in the time I have owned this car: fuel pump, engine, etc. I have lost count of all the recalls. The maintenance with the dealer has also been very costly. It has had good gas mileage, but that is probably the only positive thing I could say. This was the first Hyundai I purchased and it will likely be my last.

- Melissa B

servicing my new/used vehicle

My car is little to no maintenance. There have been a few callbacks in the past two years of owning it. Luckily the dealership will completely fix callbacks for free.I've only had it serviced a few times. Unfortunately the tire pressure gauge is broken on my dashboard. So I have to fill them up every few months to make sure they're fine.

- Sarah R

There are a lot of different makes and models that look just like my car.

I do not want to jinx myself, but I haven't had any problems. I did however just did 2 recalls. One of them was nice because it came with a free oil change and I was just going to do it. The only thing I do not like is it is white and looks like all the other white cars. Sometimes I have push the button to open the trunk to find my car.

- Judith C

Good mileage and very comfortable to drive.

I had to get a software update on the car, which should prevent the engine from overheating. Very roomy inside and comfortable. AC works great. Gets very good gas mileage. I love when cars can tell you how many more miles you can drive on your tank of gas. Recently the key was stuck in the ignition but I was able to fix it myself.

- Donna V

Bluetooth and economical.

I really love the Bluetooth I really love the heated seats I do not like the blind spot I love the color my windows are tinted which makes it great and it has power which makes it have a great get up and go. I wish there was a few more places to hold drinks. That would help a lot. . You always need drink holders in the back seat more.

- Trisha F

Reliable Hyundai Sonata - includes all necessities.

I have had no problem with my Hyundai Sontag! I love driving it, as it is a smooth ride and is extremely reliable. There is more space than a typical sedan had which is nice, and can seat 5 comfortably. The car includes all features that you could need, including Bluetooth which makes the ride that much more comfortable for everyone.

- Josh V

Would recommend this car to anyone.

I love my Hyundai it runs great the only thing I recommend is reading the manual to work some of the buttons. Runs great haven't had any problems since I got her about a year ago. I would recommend this car to anyone who drives on the freeway a lot it is a smooth ride. Seats are height adjustable so if you are short that is a plus.

- Lorna M

Has great gas mileage, is a comfortable ride is roomy and large can fit quite a few people in it, but beware that the battery in the car only allows one kind, can not use any other brands

My car has excellent gas mileage, both in town and out on the road. It is a comfortable ride, I can drive for several hours and still be comfortable, it is large and roomy and the trunk has quite a bit of space as well. The only complaint that comes to mind is the battery, it only takes one kind and of course it is very expensive.

- Becky K

Gas Guzzler! Better cars out there

This car is very bad on gas and constantly has mechanical issues. The car is very large though and great to drive but overall not worth the money. Costs $50 to fill up the tank and the gas is used up very quickly. This car does not last very long so we are looking into getting a new one soon this one is not worth all the trouble.

- Kate B

Great 2013 Sonata with new engine.

Very good car. Great gas mileage. Hyundai had several recalls however they were very good with fixing the issues in a timely manner. Used roadside assistance a few times, great feature to have! Car has great trunk room and spacious cabin room as well. Wish passenger seat would be able to adjust height, it sits low to the floor.

- Colleen T

I love my Sonata, you will love it too!

This car rides very smooth. I personally love the heated seats in the cold winter months in Ohio. Great gas mileage, made a trip to New York and back on one tank of gas!! This car is very stylish in its looks. Sleek design. There is more than enough room for 5 people to be seated comfortably. More than enough cup holders too!

- Michele H

More quality for less price.

I love that the Hyundai has similar quality and features of a more expensive model. I get everything and more without sacrificing quality. Many of the features are very convenient and make it driving experience more enjoyable. Push button ignition, heated seats, moonroof/sunroof, and GPS all make for comfort and ease of use.

- Randy P

Riding with style and comfort.

This car is a great commuter! It has decent gas mileage and is very comfortable, especially with the seat warmers on a cold rainy morning. I have only had this car for a few months but so far there has been no problems whatsoever. The sonata body is long but has a wonderful turn radius considering. Definitely a smooth ride!

- Charlie B

Reliable, comfortable and convenient.

Rides nice, comfortable, heated seats, good options, reliable on long trips and long daily commute to work. Options are voice talk, emergency options, SiriusXM.. Car starter. The look of the car is nice and sometimes asked if it is a BMW. It has good speed, gas take lasts about a week with about 45 min drive a day for work.

- Kayla H

It is very fuel efficient.

I like that it is a hybrid and that I have to fill up less since the car operates from the battery part of the time. The car is very comfortable and has many extra features that make driving/riding more pleasurable. My only complaint is that the 'low tire pressure' sensor displays too often, even though the tires are fine.

- Denise V

It is a great family vehicle, that is easy to maintain.

I like that even with the base model sonata you get so many great features. It is very spacious with lots of leg room. I also like that the ac control is dual and also has heated seats. Only thing I would say I dislike is that my Turbo model does not have some of the standard features that come on some of the other models.

- Tracy W

Why I love my Hyundai sonata.

I love my Hyundai sonata. It is by far the most comfortable car I have ever driven. I love the simplicity of the car, yet I feel as if I am driving a sports car. It gets great mileage and it is so fun and comfortable to drive! I wouldn't trade it for any car in the world. So glad I found this car at such an amazing price.

- Katie R

Great reliable vehicle for the young and older adults

The vehicle is very reliable, great on gas and low maintenance. I love how much space it has, it has Bluetooth. Since the vehicle is an older model it doesn't have a rear camera but in my opinion it's makes a great first time vehicle for younger drivers. Has good features like radio, CD player very comfortable seating.

- Natally L

My Sonata works just right for me.

Great gas mileage, dependable, basic features, great for my work style stop and go. It has enough rooms for all.of.my work supplies in the trunk. The trunk is large and roomy. The seater heaters are wonderful in the winter. They are in the front and the back. That way my dog gets warm seats when we are out in the winter.

- Patti T

They just do not handle well in the rain or snow.

Well, I have problems with the lights headlights blowing out constantly, does not drive well in the snow. . . Its too light. I can never get comfortable in the seats. On the upside m they are spacious for a smaller car and is good on gas min which that is what I originally got it for because I travel a lot for my job.

- Jamie S

2013 Sonata - a reliable ride.

This vehicle has been virtually problem free. It is very reliable. We regret not getting the more expensive model because we like dual heating controls this model does not have it. Comfortable & fairly quiet ride. The only problem I have is that the front passenger seat is not vertically adjustable & it sits very low.

- Janet D

Great gas mileage and spacious car.

This car has really great gas mileage. It is very roomy in the backseat for a midsize car. It has heated seats and a lumbar support. I love how it has an option for remote startup. And it is equipped with Bluetooth . The seats are t cloth and not leather either, but a fabric that does not freeze you or burn you up.

- Kim H

2013 Hyundai Sonata likes and dislikes.

After about a month of buying my car, I had a problem with the heating and cooling system. I was disappointed in this process because although it was not brand new, there was a problem with it within a month of getting it that I had to get fixed and pay with my own money. Other than that, I love my car completely.

- Delaney L

Great car, reliable, comfy and it looks great also.

We've never had a problem with this car. It has been really dependable and it still looks great. We have never owned anything but a Ford or Chevy and we have been pleasantly surprised by how much we love our Hyundai. When it's time for an upgrade we will definitely be checking out the options Hyundai has to offer.

- Kim M

I love that this is an economy car but has a great sporty look.

I have really had no problems. Drives great, roomy for a small car and gets good gas mileage! I am rather short so I love the power seats, great air conditioning, and handles very well. Great pick up on the highway! Love my leather seats and the addition of heated seats makes it perfect on those cold rainy days.

- Faith A

Overall, I am very happy with my car, glad I bought it.

No problems, great gas mileage, a lot of room, big trunk, awesome sound system, not happy with tire wear in the front, motor is strong, headlights could be better, especially high beam, very easy to change headlight bulbs and tail light bulbs, very convenient with the gas and trunk buttons at the steering wheel.

- Shane L

Outstanding ride, plus the comfort that's fantastic

This happens to be one of the best cars I have owned. It has all the features and the ride comfort is outstanding. The trunk is very large and if needed you can move the back seats down to handle more of a load. The interior is great and the only problem I have was to replace the original battery, 6 years later!

- Bruce M

Good overall, not worth limited version

Overall great vehicle. However, gas mileage is not the best. Also, with limited version you get the sun roof but I don't ever use it. Seats are very comfortable but burning hot from leather during summer. Had it for 5 years and already need a clay detail done because regular car wash does not do 100% clean job.

- Linda H

Overall I like this car. I would purchase another one.

I have currently about 107, 000 miles on my car. Since I bought it 2 years ago I've had no trouble with it. I like how it handles. Its roomy. Its comfortable to drive. The trunk is a good size. I do not like the headlights. They are not very bright and I've had to change them often. But overall I like it a lot.

- Michelle H

Hyundai Sonata a car you can count on.

With regular standard oil changes and maintenance this car has given me absolutely no problems. It's A comfortable ride and reliable as I often take extended trips. I love the sunroof and Bluetooth capabilities. Auto mechanic says that I have a vehicle that will provide stability and comfort for years to come.

- Laurie C

Issues with my Hyundai Sonata.

I took the car to get service for transmission jerking issues, but during that process I found out the engine had a recall due to metal shavings getting inside the engine. I had to get the engine replaced under the recall. The transmission needed a temp sensor and I have a knocking sound in my steering wheel.

- Kelvin A

Be prepared for push start cars to incur problems. Other than that and the frequent maintenance, nice car.

Requires frequent maintenance. Also, in the past year, the car wouldn't start. It would get power but not start. This has happened twice this week, including today. I have to give it a few minutes for it to finally start. I need something more dependable than that. My car has the push start button, not a key.

- Dawn R

Why I love my Hyundai Sonata.

I love my Hyundai Sonata. It handles really well. I love the mileage that I get. I love it is sleek overall design. I love the fact that I can manually shift the car if I choose. I love the sunroof and the beautiful interior. I live the sunroof. I like that it also has an eco drive that saves even more gas.

- Cynthia W

Great car. Very reliable.

Very reliable, safe, performs well. Good trunk size. Easy to get in and out of. Easy to get car seat in and out of. Factory brakes lasted a long time. Good visibility. Good for narrow city streets. I will purchase this brand again but probably not from the actual dealership they are difficult to deal with.

- Megan J

Great gas mileage and reliable

My car had been very reliable so far. It has good gas mileage and is stylish. The trunk is very spacious which is good because we camp a lot and it fits all of our gear. I have an 11 year old that has long legs and she has plenty of legroom in the backseat. I would like if the cup holders were bigger.

- Chanel G

Well the interior is good quality and very chick

It's good on gas, very comfortable for a family and buying groceries, has Bluetooth, heat on seats, good music system. Is a four cylinder car, great on gas.electric drivers seat accommodations. Electric windows, the locks automatically lock when put on drive and when car is on parking locks open also.

- Stephanie S

Very reliable & steady transportation.

Over the 5 years I have had this car, I have had little problems with it. The biggest issue was a steering coupling that was bad. I have had to call roadside assistance twice. 1 For a tire and the other for the battery. It is free when you are in warranty. It has been by and large a reliable vehicle.

- Brian D

Excellent car for first-time buyer!

There have been a decent amount of recalls on my vehicle, but I cannot seem to part with it because I love how it drives. The seats are extremely comfortable and the driving itself is smooth. There is a ton of storage space which is important to me. I have the basic model and am really happy with it!

- Ali S

Great vehicle with great features.

I love the sleek look of the body of the car, love the interior leg room in both front and back seats. Like the extra features such as Bluetooth connectivity. Like the fold down back seats for extra cargo space when needed. Truly appreciate it more because this was the first car I purchase on my own.

- A C

May not be the dream car, but wouldn't trade her in for nothing!

My car has not given me many issues. Just keep up with the scheduled maintenance and everything has been normal wear and tear. The most I have had to do more consistently would be changing the headlight and rear bulbs. Having an active child and a dog, the interior has been able to withstand both.

- Stephanie R

A great car for the money and again the safety ratings t at a great price point.

So far no performance issues. The car has an amazing smooth ride and handles well in rain and wet roads. The safety ratings were a big plus for me from consumers guide. The seats are very comfortable and easy to adjust. Is a great value for the price and also gets great gas mileage in city and hwy.

- Debbie L

Great car with a great warranty

I love the reliability of my Hyundai. The fact that it's a hybrid saves on gas (has far surpassed the sticker mark-up). I like the styling of the body, and the comfort of the ride. I dislike the subpar AC/Heat units for back seats. The comfort of riding in the back is not as high as the front.

- Mark y

White Hyundai Sonata for your family.

I love my vehicle but I have had minor issues with it here and there. Recalls have been an issue. Overall drives well, seems to last long. Would like more room now for my growing family. Wear and tear doesn't seem to be an issue yet. My vehicle is white and the color has not faded or look old yet.

- Vanessa T

It gets overall good gas mileage.

I like the fact that my car has a lot of trunk space. I like the fact that it looks nice very classy very roomy. It has great mileage. The interior of the car is nice and not cheap-looking. I have not had to make repairs to my car in the few years that I have had it. Other than maintenance issues.

- Sarah J

Love everything about it. Great mileage.

I actually love this car but there has been a lot of recalls on it. One of the recalls was the engine and when I went to the dealership they had said the car was fine. Then my car stalled out on the highway and it was the engine recall. Hyundai does not do their best to make sure the car was safe.

- Makayla P

Hyundai Sonatas: practical and reliable.

My car is comfortable, practical, and extremely reliable. I have never had major repairs after 100, 000 miles of driving it. It is also very comfortable to drive and people often mistake it for a Lexus. . . Which is considered a far more luxurious car. I hope it lasts for another 100, 000 miles.

- Shane S

Very powerful and fun to drive.

Very nice vehicle I have the limited model so it comes fully loaded with leather power windows and seats dual sunroof and is a turbo so it has lots of power I like the room in the back seat for my children's car seats and also a built in navigation system so far there is nothing that I dislike.

- Charles D

A great car. Keep up the good work.

The car is very dependable. Good ride, easy to use and is very comfortable for long trips. Very little maintenance. We had some minor problems and a few recalls. The one with the seatbelt was a little scary, but otherwise all in all a great car. Will probably buy a new one in a year or so.

- Mary B

It is fuel efficient and reliable in build and mechanics.

I love my car. God has blessed me with this vehicle and it is amazing. It is comfortable, smooth driving, gas efficient, and beautiful. Maintenance is pricey for me but I can work around it. My prayer is nothing major goes wrong as it is expensive to repair. I thank God everyday for this car.

- Angelia T

I do not love it or hate it.

My vehicle had been fine. The only thing that has went bad so far is the rubble coupler in the steering column. The only other thing I do not like is the amount of recalls my car has had. I have had to have recall work done for at least 5 different things. One of them resulted in a new motor.

- Leslie M

Car is great on gas and mileage. It can go far distances without you pushing

The brakes can act funny sometimes, kind of like a grinding noise. But another thing is the car can have some recalls on it. Other than that the car is pretty decent. The shape and model is nice. It's also very good on gas when you want to travel long distances. And the mileage is pretty good

- Sade B

Great car 4 travel on highways, interstates or backroads.

It gets great gas mileage up to 38 mpg. The heated seats are fantastic for the winter and the heater works great. The sun roof is fantastic, helps cool the car. The trunk had ample space. The car uses very little oil the ride is smooth, car is air tight with protection from the wind & rain.

- Phil S

I really enjoy going on Sunday drives in the car. It is comfortable.

The car runs very quiet and is very good on gas. I do not like that it has a major blind spot but I find it very comfortable. It has a big trunk for storage/shopping. I love the look of the car. It is not made to be a family vehicle. It is very reliable and I would purchase another one.

- Ashley P

Great value! Would purchase again!

Wonderful gas mileage; Great comfort and support; Great room for passengers; Huge trunk space; Easy to handle; Engineered properly (Routine maintenance only); drives like a luxury sedan; Very reliable in winter; great traction in bad weather; highly recommend as a family vacation automobile.

- Juan B

Would buy a sonata again.

Had it 6 years and no problems outside of the recalls. Very comfortable riding vehicle. Heated seats, power windows and power drivers seat. Would recommend buying Hyundai sonata. I have put 89000 miles on it and I feel I can get another 89000 miles that is how reliable I feel the vehicle is.

- Julie N

General review for Hyundai Sonata.

Performance is very good and reliable. The features on the car help with tire pressure, gas mileage, and other technical information. It is a reliable all around everyday car. Trunk is nice and big and has the option to lower back seat to extend. Has the eco features to save gas mileage.

- Kristina H

Charcoal blacked-out Hyundai.

My car is very comfortable to drive. It only has 56k miles on it and it has received scheduled maintenance. It has also gotten new tires, brakes, engine, sensor in transmission, and much more. It is as good as new. I have always been able to rely on my Hyundai to get me where I needed to go.

- Justin W

Hyundai Sonata heated seats.

I did have an engine recall a couple months ago, but since the engine was replaced there have been no problems. It had XM stereo and heated front seats. Which is absolutely wonderful. Had cruise control and child locks and latch system. Has push button ignition. It is a very comfortable car.

- Laura A

2013 Hyundai Sonata review.

Sonata is very resourceful and well out together. It is easy to maintain and gets good gas mileage. The Bluetooth and seat warmers are great bonuses. I have no complaints about this vehicle at all. If there was a vehicle I would recommend, it would be this especially I was a new home buyer.

- Billy L

Good and bad things have come with my 2013 Hyundai Sonata.

I love my car but I have had several problems with it including engine failure and a lot of trouble to get it replaced. Now the transmission is acting up and I have a speed wobble with a lot of tire wear. Other than that I love the look and comfort I just wish it didn't have major problems.

- Savannah W

Hyundai Sonata cars are awesome.

Great car, smooth handling, excellent acceleration and breaks. Couple of car problems (ex. Backlight problem) but that is due to the recall on the year of the car (2011-2014) but apart from the recall issues this car is well worth the money I spent on it. I will stick with Hyundai Sonatas.

- Kieran N

The Sonata is a very nice luxury vehicle.

Sonata is great. As long as you keep up with all the work that needs to be done you will have it for a long time. But the second you let something go, everything seems like it starts to fall apart at the same time. Has a very smooth ride and fits my three kids in the back seat comfortably.

- Kristen N

Great and reliable economical car!

For the most part my vehicle is pretty reliable. It is good on gas and also spacious on the inside. The design is unique and looks expensive. Overall it is an all-around good family car. The Hyundai Sonata is pretty popular. I left my car and have not had any mechanical issues whatsoever.

- Michelle A

My car is clean and sleek with wonderful gas mileage

The brake pads are starting to go out. Other than that I love my car! 37 miles to the gallon not on eco mode. On eco I get about 40-41 miles To the gallon. Spacious for a regular sized car. Very clean and sleek interior, and exterior. Definitely a vehicle I would buy again and recommend.

- Page B

Love my Sonata! The 10 year 100,000 miles was the selling point for me!

I love my Hyundai Sonata! It drives like a dream, and it handles the road very nicely. It is easy to clean and I have maintained it very well! It is six years old and still looks brand new :-) it has almost 75,000 miles on it and I am going to drive it probably for another five years!

- Karen S

Awesome and Dependable Car

I have not had any problems with this car. I just get the fluids changed and the regular maintenance when suggested. It drives good in the city and on the highway. There have been a few recalls, but they have notified me by mail. I just make an appointment and they take care of the rest.

- Helena H

Overall a great car to drive and has a sleek look

I love the great gas mileage that I get. Not only city driving, but hiway driving is even better. There have been some service bulletins, but as long as I stay on top of getting them taken care of for free, I cannot complain! She rides very smooth and also has some get up and go in her!

- Elizabeth R

2013 Hyundai Sonata SE trim

Affordable, reliable vehicle. Good on gas. Seating is comfortable for 4 passengers. 5th passenger would be uncomfortable in middle. Had recalls but were taken care of immediately. Design is sporty. Dash illumination is good. Sound is good on stereo. Bluetooth compatible. EcoBoost option.

- Mike D

The sporty look of the car and color!

I love how smooth my car drives! Gas could definitely be better. I've only been driving like 10 miles a week so gas hasn't been too bad at all! Hyundai i'd definitely recommend to another friend of mine. I like the speed of my vehicle also. The color is beautiful. It's like a dark blue.

- Stephanie B

Hyundai Sonata First Non American made car very pleased so far

Recently my vehicle stopped on the interstate while traveling out of town. My engine locked up for no reason. Hyundai dealership fixed it no problem but it took a month. The car rides well and gets decent gas mileage. Does have the eco feature which I haven't seen a difference as of yet

- La G

The sun roof/ moon roof... back up camera leather seats

The interior is great but the suspension is terrible I've spent countless dollars on suspension parts and they are hard to find especially for the sport model definitely going to get rid of it because it's not something to keep. But all the features that come with the car are excellent

- Lawrence R

My Dependable, Sweet, Sonata

I purchased my vehicle used in 2014. Since day one, I've never had an issue with my Sonata. It runs like I need it to. It's never broken down in me. I was in a wreck 3 years ago (someone side swiped me on the highway) and after the cosmetic work was completed, it still ran beautifully.

- Candace W

The Sonata powerhouse engine machine.

Super reliable, not very comfortable. I have had problems with the tires, but I think that it is due to poor service at big o. Good price. Good gas mileage. I like the sound system, Bluetooth connection is easy. I like the range of motion on the chairs. The trunk is not spacey enough.

- Max S

I always feel safe driving it.

Overall my car has been very good at getting me where I need to go safely. The only issues I have ever really hard is a random flat tire, dead battery, and having to replace both my starters. I wish the fabric on the seats was different but other than cosmetics I am happy with my car.

- Nicole F

Happy ride Hyundai. . . Summertime Sonata.

Dependable smooth ride. . . Good pick up and go. . . Eco friendly. . . Good gas mileage. . . Bluetooth. . . Nice rims. . . Nice radio and CD player. . . Comfortable seats in front and back. . . Heated seats, fog lamp headlights, cold a/c. . . My daughter loves to borrow all the time.

- Karen G

Great performance and mileage

My Hyundai handles like a sports car when going around curves. The low profile of the car and wide wheelbase allows it to hug the road. It also has plenty of our for acceleration without sacrificing mileage. The car typically gets about 35 mpg with a mix of city and highway driving.

- Jeremy D

2013 Sonata Limited user review

The 2013 Sonata has several manufacturing recalls. Seat Belt issues, engine issues etc. The reliability has been excellent. With the 2.0 turbo option it will pick up and go when needed. Comfortable for long trips, definitely an option when time to upgrade to the new model and year.

- Arthur M

It has an eco friendly option while driving.

It gives great gas mileage- 46 miles to the gallon. It is very roomy for a sedan. The back seat has plenty of legroom. Also it has a deep trunk. I wish it had a navigating system and heated steering wheel. It does have heated seats. As well as a lumbar support for your lower back.

- Kimberly H

Sporty and family vehicle.

I have owned this vehicle since 2013 I have had no issues with this vehicle. The performance has stayed consistent over time. The reliability is excellent. The comfort in the backseat is larger than what you feel plenty of legroom between front seat and back excellent trunk space.

- Christy P

My car is awesome and I love it so much I wouldn't pick any other car.

The only problem is the wiring and the car drives so good and I love the eco button on it the engine shut out on me so there's a lot of recalls on it but other than that I love it. Haven't had any problems. The only thing I would say is maybe making the engine bigger or something.

- Megan T

Price of ownership for my 2013 Hyundai Sonata.

I have owned two Hyundai Sonatas in the past. I like the features of the vehicle, the size and the comfort it affords me. There have been several recalls on my 2013 Sonata which I am not happy with but the dealership did the repairs. Overall I am very happy with my Hyundai Sonata.

- Carol C

Reliable and low cost to own.

Love the power of the engine. Body looks very sleek. Great gas mileage. Has been very reliable and no major mechanical issues or repairs needed. Like the bluetooth compatibility. I like the extra leg room in both front and back seats. Like the fold down seats for odd shaped items.

- Allie R

My 2013 Hyundai Sonata. . . That I love.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I feel that it is built very tight and built well. I have only had regular maintenance done. I have had no need to have my vehicle in the shop for anything other than regular maintenance. My vehicle is a smooth riding vehicle and I love it.

- Lisa E

My vehicle is an amazing red sonata that has heated seats which is my favorite

This vehicle is a fantastic vehicle to have as a first car. I haven't had many issues other than a few recalls that the company has fixed fast and I haven't had any issues since and the recall never affected me although I got it fixed. This car is great on gas and drives smoothly

- Grace C

Love the style and it has a lot of space, which is nice

I really only have one problem the wheel makes a weird clicking noise everytime I move it at all. Which makes it really hard to drive for long periods of time and not get mad at the car. I have taken it to a shop and it is almost 2 grand to fix. Which is a little out of my budget

- Jean M

Tons of leg room in both front and back.

The car is very reliable. It handles well in all weather conditions. It was easy to adapt to and has great features. Gas mileage is awesome. Lots of legroom in both the front and back. Tons of trunk space makes it great for travel. Great quality and I would certainly buy another.

- Beckie H

2013 Hyundai Sonata, handles great on the roof.

Just this week had problems with the steering wheel parts for it was only. 98 other than that I love the Sonata best car I've ever had, love the heated seats only wish it had a back up camera nice stereo system and very roomy, I travel a lot cruise control is great to have also.

- RHonda L

I love the Sunroof on my Sonata.

there are a lot of recalls, but the car is nice and gets great gas mileage. I have leather seats and a sunroof. The seats are heated, even the back seats. My car also has Sirius radio already installed. It also has Bluetooth functionality. I wish the seats were also cooled.

- Barbara M

Great buy. Worth the purchase.

Love the heated seats. Very comfortable. Quiet and smooth ride. Very spacious interior. Plenty of legroom for second row passengers. Lots of space for storage and cupholders. Gas mileage is great. Fill up only every three weeks. Truck space is fantastic. Can fit many suitcases.

- Sandra N

My stylish Hyundai Sonata.

It has a great drive and features. The navigation system is extremely helpful. My favorite feature is the sunroof since it lets me enjoy the weather outside. The trunk is very roomy and so is the backseat. Smooth steering and awesome sound system. It is also very gad efficient.

- Maria F

Good gas mileage and stylish ride.

I love my car! I get great gas mileage and only need to fill up once every two weeks. The car is also stylish and comfortable. I like having the built-in GPS and screen. It is also very quiet. I like having the opportunity to play music through my phone and listen to podcasts.

- Virginie E

I love my vehicle and it is always reliable.

There are frequent recalls on my car, which is a hassle as there is not a Hyundai dealer close to where I live. The only other downside that I have found is that it has pretty bad blind spots in the front that make it hard to see sometimes. It is comfortable and performs well.

- Veronica W

A comfortable inexpensive family car that looks stylish.

No problems. Headlights need change often. But very comfortable and stylish. Runs great with regular routine maintenance. I wish the seats were easier to clean, but it comes with good features that are standard like Bluetooth and alloy wheels. It has good power and four doors.

- Michael J

Sunroof, heated electric seats, leather interior, great console, sound system.

I have a turbo engine which I love when I have to get on the freeway. It is got great get up and go. It turns on a dime and leaves change. Although it is 5 years old, I have never had to do anything but typical maintenance. It has been a fantastic vehicle for me and my family.

- Jane C

2013 Sonata okay, but would not buy again.

My model has a lot of recalls and is not comfortable to sit in most of the time. Overall, the car runs great, but I am waiting for it to just stop working one day. The plus sides are the sunroof, heated seats, but it does not have backup cameras so that is a downside as well.

- Jen F

Has good gas mileage and easy to drive.

Good gas mileage but I have a hard time seeing out since it is so low to the ground. Very reliable and has had little to no problems. Drives very well and has good pick-up. Nice color and easy to see. Could use some updates features technically. Have enjoyed driving this car.

- Susan P

I like the light up dashboard and the heated seats are great if a chilly day.

I love this car great on mileage. Comfortable and no problems with it so far, just regular maintenance. We bought this car new and would recommend to anyone. It is also very comfortable riding car plenty of leg space. The truck space is large and can hold two large suitcases.

- Cheryl S

A great Hyundai sonata limited.

My vehicle has been very reliable. I maintain quarterly updates. Unfortunately my vehicle has been in two accidents, but the vehicle has been fixed. There have not been problems with the fixes. I do wish my vehicle came with cooling seat options for both front and rear seats.

- Ann R

safety and economy! I am thinking to have a hybrid for my next car.

I do not have any complaints about my car. It is cheaper and also saves gas compared to the similar car. However, I still like SUV more because I like a bigger car especially I live in Texas. Many people here drive a pick- up, I feel it would be safer if I have a bigger car.

- Amanda H

Review of 2013 Hyundai Sonata.

My 2013 Sonata has been a reliable car with no problems and good gas mileage but if I could add any one thing it would be a more comfortable passengers seat, one that adjusts like the drivers side does. The trunk has plenty of storage room and the back seats are comfortable.

- Louise L

Beautiful, capable and reliable.

This very has a smooth ride, gets great gas mileage and has options on it that are not found on BMWs of the same year! I like the style of this year but I'll say that until the 2018 model came out, Hyundai list their style Edge. . This is a high quality car. . Check it out!

- Ed W

I love my Bluetooth feature for talk and music.

I love my car because it's good on gas. It has a Bluetooth feature where I can link my music. Overall I don't have anything bad to say about my car because it had been very reliable and I've only had to make minor repairs to it, but nothing too bad has happened with my car.

- Rae M

Ugly interior, smooth ride

The car drives smooth and is a comfortable ride but I hated the color of the interior. I would definitely upgrade to Black leather interior or something other than that horrid tan color. But it drives well fast and takes corners really well too, I would recommend this car.

- Courtney P

Very reliable and economically beneficial

I really like my car. No problems so far. Just the usual maintenance. I had my trunk latch locked and that is the major issue I have had so far. Drives smoothly. Economically good fuel consumption. It kind of light compared to other cars I have I used but runs really great

- Mandy O

Reliable vehicle that has never broken down.

The car is reliable. I haven't had any major issues with it in the past two and a half years. All the maintenance has been very simple. It is a large car though, so parallel parking in the city can be an issue. It is city gas mileage is low too, anywhere between 13-17 mpg.

- Nicholas M

Very roomy and comfortable.

My sonata is very reliable. It is very roomy and comfortable. I love how big the trunk is and I love the heated seats. My husband and I use this car for our road trips because it is big and comfortable. The only thing that I do not like is that it does not have a sunroof.

- Robyn S

I love the backup camera on the car

My car drives really smooth. I love all the features in it with the backup camera and the touch screen display. The car has all the features I wanted in the car with the sunroof and heated seats and the automatic seats. It is a great car and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Jackie C

Good pep but mpg could be better.

So far it doesn't get the mpg that it's rated for. I'm averaging 25-28 and my commute is mostly interstate driving. It has good power and feels nimble when needed. Not as much head room as I initially thought. Bluetooth works great and calls are clear for hands free usage.

- Frank E

Safety, comfort and reliability.

I love the heated seats in winter. I love being able to talk on my phone hands free. It has proven to be very reliable. I like knowing how many miles I have until empty or low tire pressure. Those features make me feel safe traveling alone. And it is an attractive car too.

- Beatrice H

It shows miles to empty and low tire pressure.

My vehicle is very reliable, I haven't had any problems with my car I have been luckily enough that I have only had to do routine maintenance. It's a very comfortable car and I would recommend this car to everybody. . It is also great on gas. Great car for a young person.

- there's a P

My sonata runs smooth interesting detail is that my car has tinted windows

The car doesn't have any problems for me. It runs smooth. The car Also has Bluetooth and AUX. my sonata has tinted windows. I would recommend this version to anyone looking for a car. I would also recommend this for a first car choice. This car is good for ages 17 and up

- Natalya G

Hyundai Sonatas are great cars.

I have no complaints with this car. I love everything about it. It is very good gas mileage in the city and for long road trips. For a car it has a decent amount of room, the heated seats make it even more awesome. Radio sounds great to be factory and that is a big plus.

- Haley R

Love the radio and the sound system!

The car handles very well on dry and wet roads. It's not too great in snow, but could be the tires. I love the back up camera and touchscreen radio. The driver's seat is very adjustable for comfort, the back seats even have butt warmers! I would buy another one for sure.

- Erin N

Great car especially for the money.

It is a great car! The car has a lot of room and comfortable. I have received a few recall notices but as long as I do not have pay for the repairs I am fine with it. When new people first ride in my car, they are often surprised about all the features and are impressed.

- Nancy Z

It is safe and reliable. I have never had a problem with it for the 3 years I have owned it. I feel comfortable taking it long distances.

I absolutely love my car. I feel safe and comfortable driving it. It gets great gas mileage, and a great sound system. Really the only thing I noticed about the car I would change is make the seats more stain resistant. They are not horrible but could be a little better.

- Jennifer T

Review of Hyundai Sonata. Great vehicle

No problems. Great gas mileage too. Receives regular maintenance as well. The design is great and vehicle has all bells and whistles. Very satisfied. Comfort level is good. Features are nag, camera, heated seats, Sirius radio and other. Including sunroof telescopic.

- Mary M

Hyundai Sonata 2013 used car.

I have not had many major problems with this vehicle. Very low maintenance besides oil changes and other necessary maintenance. I have had my car for 3 years and have not experienced any major issues. I bought my car as a certified used car with less than 50, 000 miles.

- Asia M

Spacious ! Great sound ! Smooth riding !

It has great features, only thing I would like that missing is a backup camera. Had it for 3 years with no problems. It has Bluetooth, great speakers and plenty of space & rides very smooth, I love it over all . I'd say it has to be one of the most reliable cars out

- Katie M

Blown engine but no headache

I love the performance and appearance of the car. The only issue I've had with it was a mechanical recall on the engine. It blew while I was driving. But the Hyundai dealership gave me a rental for 2 weeks while they got me a brand new engine installed at no cost to me.

- Jennica A

Traction control really helpful when it snows.

I really enjoy the heated seats, Bluetooth capabilities, and traction control. Which comes in handy in the snowy winter months. I have an issue with the center arm console not staying close if I hit a bump. The style is nice and sleek and the interior is very spacious.

- Sophia M

The vehicle is family friendly and great for road trips.

Very roomy and is good gas. Has heated seats and Bluetooth. Very kid friendly and inexpensive when it come to maintenance. Rides very smooth and has a good speaker system. Has very nice cloth material that is easy to clean. The seats have different adjustment features.

- Brittany B

It overall is a nice car if you live somewhere that has year round good weather.

The sunroof completed shattered while driving about a year ago. It also it is really hard to see out of and does not drive well in the winter, living in Minnesota this makes a fourth of the year difficult. Other months it is fine and otherwise has been a reliable car.

- Allison J

It is bigger than it looks, and very comfortable it can fit 5 people comfortably.

I like that my vehicle is very economical, my gas lasts me maybe over a week. It is also a very comfortable car, not too big not too small. What I dislike about my car is that it is not a Jeep, which is my dream car. Also this car is not too fast and I like fast cars.

- Jessica A

It Is Not Like Most Sedans!

The car rides really smooth. The paddle shifters make me feel cool. Gas mileage is a little above average. The legroom is amazing in front and back. Plenty of trunk space. The radio/satellite radio and sound system quality are better than what you find in most sedans.

- Brett A

Visual when backing in reverse of any close objects.

Great mileage. Love the looks. Love the ride. Love all the extras. Love how comfortable seats are to ride in. Great room for ant passengers. Love all the gages the backup picture that tell you how close you are to any object. We believe our next car will be the same.

- Ronald L

2013 Hyundai sonata full size sedan

My 2013 Hyundai sonata is a sporty art rooney sedan. Has plenty of power lots of comfort accessories. Great for a reliable vehicle. Definitely would recommend it to future car buyers. Holds value drives excellent. Would be better for more of scotch guard on seats

- Sarah C

Great value for the money.

It has responsive handling and pretty good gas mileage. I have only had to perform routine maintenance for the most part. Any issues that have come up are small (fuses, sensors, etc.). The interior is comfortable and attractive. The price for the features was great.

- Jennifer B

Hyundai sonata is a good choice, can be pricey.

It is a good car, just has very many recalls. Every couple of months there is a new letter in the mail telling me to bring the car in. Other than that it rides well and gas lasts, just systematic problems which can be bad. Recommended BC it is very spacious love it.

- Dale E

rides well haven't had any problems other than the back lights.

I think it's a pretty good car the most problems I have had is the back lights I have had to change the plugs twice in 4 years. The locks on the drivers side and the back seat passenger doesn't lock with the keys anymore it has been happening now for about 1.5 year.

- Kevin B

Hyundai sonata is the best car.

Haven't had any major problems just regular maintenance. Runs really well on the highway. It gets really good gas mileage. Good car if you are single and have no kids. Very comfortable steering wheel for driving and very comfortable seats. Also has a very big trunk.

- Wesson V

The Sonata Hybrid is great on gas. The ride is very smooth and quiet.

It is a Hybrid vehicle and gets great gas mileage!! I bought it used and I still haven't had any issues that require major repairs. It is roomy, both that front AND back seats have enough leg room for everyone. I have not run into anything to complain about yet.

- Tia J

My 2013 Hyundai sonata car opinion.

I haven't had major problems, although I have had a lot of recalls. I do not like how my steering wheel peels. Other than that it drives really well and it is not a gas guzzler. I really love how it rides on the open road like interstate driving. Overall I love it.

- Victoria S

Good vehicle for it is price.

It runs pretty good. I like my car a lot. It is spacious. Small issue with my car - I have to change headlights every 2-3 months because it stop working. I also wish it was more gas-efficient. Overall I am happy. It is reliable and it is cheaper than other brands.

- Tati S

2013 Hyundai Sonata 2. 0t se sedan.

My car has a 2. 0 turbo engine and I love how fast it goes. I wish I would have known how often they need to be kept up with in terms of maintenance. It drives incredibly, but it has its occasional problems and needs fixed at least twice a year. Great car overall.

- Abby N

My Hyundai and why I like it.

I love my car, I have had no problems except I had to replace the tires at around 35, 000. It is not the most comfortable car for a long car ride. Other than that it is a very good car. It is a very nice looking car. The next car I buy will very likely be a Honda.

- Dona R

Great, reliable car for driving around town.

I love our car because it is comfortable, works well, has a smooth ride, gets good gas mileage, has great seat warmers, and Bluetooth. We have had it for about 4 months and haven't had any problems. It is a great car for commuting to work and driving around town.

- Ann B

My Hyundai Sonata is a very good family car again it is very good on gas very comfortable for long rides I would prefer a 6 cylinder for more get up and go

I enjoy my car immensely the performance is okay it's only a 4 cylinder so I would prefer a little bit more speed it's extremely reliable very comfortable I would recommend a Hyundai Sonata to anyone looking for a four-door comfortable car it is very good on gas.

- Jody S

It is a limited model with a two-liter turbo.

It has great "pick up and go, " along with being stylish despite its age. It has run smoothly with minimal maintenance for over eighty-thousand miles. The only problem is that the steering column rattles, but it can be fixed under extended manufacturer warranty.

- Maxwell C

Parts and tires are expensive for the type of car.

Well sorts off we ended up paying too much for the car at the dealership. Since we got the car the has been so many recalls for that type of car from airbags. Seat Belts even a recall for possible metal fillings in the engine do not think I will get another one.

- Mark H

Love My Hyundai Sonata Limited

Very reliable. Good mileage. Easy to drive..Have had zero issues with the vehicle..A/C blows good and cold. Lots of legroom and headroom. Very comfortable cabin and trunk space is adequate..Noise free ride. Back seats also roomy and comfortable. GPS built in ..

- John C

Excellent car for personal and family use.

My car is 4 cyl, but it has pick up and go to pass another car, merge into traffic, and going up a hill. It is comfortable, modern, big enough for cargo and passengers. It has great instrument panel with information and controls for radio and Bluetooth ability.

- Patricia D

Lots of legroom and satellite radio.

The car is looks very nice and has plenty of room. It had plenty of legroom in both the front and the back, great gas mileage, comfortable seating, satellite radio, CD player, USB port, two car adapters. The pickup (when you press on the accelerator) is great.

- Leah C

My thoughts on my Hyundai Sonata.

Expensive to insure due to the cost of replacement parts. A lot of recalls. Overall happy with the vehicle. This is the second Hyundai Sonata that I have owned and would purchase another one. I feel safe in the vehicle and it is very roomy. Decent gas mileage.

- Carol C

Sonata fun to drive and looks good

Nice good looking car. Silver paint really stands out. Good performance and style. Would by another one. Cabin can be a bit noisy in highway conditions. Recalls are always handled right away. Car runs smooth. Very happy. Would by another next time. Satisfied.

- Jerry W

My car is a great buy, it's also you to drive comfortably

My vehicle is a gas saver and very comfortable to drive long distance. The inside includes seat warmers so when it's cold out it's a great deal. It's also very spacious and it's a pretty fast car.I've had it for 3 years and haven't had anything wrong with it

- Ashley J

I am a very happy Sonata owner!

The Hyundai Sonata drives really well. I haven't had many issues with the car, just the normal wear and tear as the car ages. My car is a really pretty blue, which I love. The trunk space is amazing for a sedan. Overall, I have been very happy with my Sonata!

- Courtney K

The big light of the sonata

Love the leather seats and the room but a lot of electrical problem like tail lights fog lights and interior lights other than that great car for the road I love all the gadgets inside like the Bluetooth or the heated seats sunroof. the access to XM radio the

- Khris T

Love my car wouldn't trade it

My car is a great size I have 2 small kids with 2 car seats in the back and it's comfortable. The car did have recalls but we got them taken care of and the car runs and drives great. It does great on gas and we haven't really had any problems with it at all

- Elizabeth S

Great reliable car and great on gas.

Great on gas. Reliable. Cheap to fix it . Warranty is very extensive and service department is reliable and parts are not expensive.Wish there was a vent for air conditioning in the back of car it gets very hot back there while front passengers are freezing.

- Lisa Y

Most reliable car ever owned.

This is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. Absolutely no problems. I have only had to replace normal fair, wear and tear items. No major repairs. A few factory recalls but nothing major that affected prime components. Would recommend to anyone.

- Diane P

Dependable car for families.

This car is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage. Maintenance is affordable. I have owned this car for almost 2 years and have had zero problems. There is plenty of space, lots of storage compartments and lots of trunk space. Great for people with kids.

- Lindsey S

My great and fun Hyundai Sonata.

The car could have a little more power. The car is comfortable however. It also drives very smoothly. It handles around curves very tightly. It is also very good on gas. I have to refuel very infrequently. The trunk has a lot of space for all of your cargo.

- Kevin S

I love this vehicle best choice I ever made.

It's a get and going car. Saves on gas and has enough room for a small family. Oil change is cheap as well. If you get this vehicle your making a great choice it will save you tons of money. I bought this vehicle as a 2013 with miles as 36, 000 for 12, 900.

- Jasmin G

Hyundai Sonata 2013 very good car

My car is a good car. I enjoy the way it rides and handles. it's a 2013 Hyundai Sonata have not had any issues thus far. Roomy spacious and very comfortable. Very reliable. The features are clear bright from the internal lights and easy to read and handle.

- Steve T

Large moon roof. Excellent radio.

I would say the biggest issue I have with my car would be when the key fob runs low on battery power, the car doors will not open or car will not start. Other than that I love my car. No other complaints. Runs smooth. Perfect car to travel with. Cheap gas.

- Brittany M

The most important thing about my car is it's dependability.

No complaints, the car is nice looking and reliable. It's getting a little old but still meets our needs. We purchased the car based on looks, warranty and dealer commitment to service. I have been diligent in the car's upkeep and it performs very well.

- Jim W

Great smooth drive and reliable. Great on gas.

I had issues w the remote starter going off when unlocking the door. Good on gas, easy drive, reliable, lasts long, not much maintaining. Love it love it. Mine is white and beige interior, no sunroof. Big trunk and large back seats. Good radio and sound.

- Dana M

Great dependable car for families or older couples.

The 2013 Hyundai Sonata is a rough ride. I have taken it to the dealer and of course they do not see anything wrong with it. Other than that it is a great car. This is my 2nd Sonata. I drove the first one to 160, 000 miles. It has a roomy cabin and trunk.

- Vicki H

I love my car other than the work it needed done.

The problems I have had is the brakes needed to be done 6 months after I leased and not one but both they completely gave out. They were so bad the pad came off. Then the starter gave out and the battery. No other issues. Other than those. I love my car.

- Josie V

Almost 40 miles per gallon with just under 200 horsepower hooked to a six-speed automatic transmission.

I like the styling, the power, and the fuel efficiency. The seats are comfortable for long trips, and the handling is tight and responsive. Great brakes too. I do wish it had larger (18" instead of 16") rims and tires for more cushion on crappy roads.

- Andrew D

The backup camera, the lines tell how much room you actually have.

It is a very comfortable car. Its small enough for a good single car but also still big enough for a couple of kids as well. Has a big trunk which is nice. Also a roomy backseat. Back up camera is really helpful when trying to get into a very tight spot.

- Caitlin H

It is red and looks classy.

It has plenty of room. Good on gas! I have had brake issues but the dealership was quick to fix such. In all it is a great car! It would be good for a small family or I would say someone my age in their 20's. It is a wonderful car and has not failed me.

- Molly M

Great first car for a teenage girl.

Has good pick up speed, breaks are very good. Sound system is good. Very spacious in the front and back seats. Seat warmers work quick but the seats are a little hard to clean because of the cloth but I'd rather cloth then the leather when it gets hot.

- Kelly D

Probably will not buy another one

Engine blew up so dealer put in a new engine for free. The car was under warranty and there was no hassle involved. They also extended my warranty to 120000 miles. Just took a 1600 mile trip and only got 32 mpg which is not as good as I was getting.

- Richard R

It goes but do not expect anything fancy.

My car is reliable. I feel like I am sitting low in the vehicle. It does not have any cameras for reverse or turning. It seems outdated. The seats are nice though. It drives smooth. I have about 25k miles and have already had to replace all the tires.

- Adam B

Sleek smooth hybrid. Roomy interior.

I love my hybrid. Excellent gas mileage. Comfortable interior. Roomy. Sleek looking. Runs smooth. Shifts from gas to electric smoothly. Clean ride. Dash is nice. Easily access stereo, CD player. Has XM radio. Can use radio for calls. Large trunk area.

- Emily H

It's a well made vehicle & good investment.

I like my car because it gets good mileage, is powerful & has very few problems over the 5 years I've had it. I dislike it because there is an issue with light bulbs blowing frequently & the windows fog up on the outside, which is difficult to clear.

- Lori K

What it feels to drive my car.

My vehicle has low mileage and it is great to take on a trip. It has airbags, security system. It has a three cylinder. It drives smoothly and it easy to park into tight spaces. It has easy back seats that turn over, so it is easy to get to the trunk.

- Carol L

Good on gas and easy to drive!

This car is amazing. Super dependable and maintenance is a snap. The car has the ability to let me know when things are wrong. Electronic tire pressure was a life saver this winter. Gets to driving speed quickly and smoothly. Pretty good on gas.

- Lisa H

That it is an affordable and dependable car. Nothing has broken down in the five years that I've owned it.

What I like: it gets good gas mileage, it has comfortable seats, the styling, and the warranty. What I dislike: the headrest on the driver's seat is too high, so I can't see completely behind me, and the acceleration is a little slower than I'd like.

- Maggie M

New complications in every turn.

Air pressure in tires always goes down every week even with new tires. Breaks wore very quickly. Comfortable seats and space within the cabin area, but seems like it always has something new wrong with it after I just paid to fix something different.

- Lamp J

Perfect car for a mix of affordable luxury and quality.

There are no problems with this vehicle. All recall issues that have risen have been taken care of quickly. Great gas mileage and tight steering. Very smooth ride. Bluetooth sound system with premium speakers, which sound great for a factory default.

- Craig F

Great economical car with awesome features!!

Great performance and gas mileage, I love the blue TV tooth feature (able to make calls, listen to music downloads from my phone, also Sirius radio). It's roomy, seats 5 comfortably. I love the gas feature tells me how much gas is left (by the mile).

- Davina T

Wonderful vehicle to drive.

It is an awesome vehicle and gets excellent gas mileage. Roomy car for a family to grow in. Comfortable on long trips. Great sound system. Spacious back seat for children. Large trunk. Good air conditioning and heating system. Great car to purchase.

- Cassie P

I love my 2013 Hyundai Sonata. It's my first car and has treated me so well. Nothing wrong happened to it so far and is a great car to drive.

I love my car. I like how it's smooth but still able to tell when the acceleration is happening so speeding is harder to accidentally do. The shape of the car and the brightness of the headlights are very nice and I enjoy how well my car performs.

- Juliette M

Just be aware of recalls and be sure to get them fixed. Great small family car.

I like the sleek design of my Hyundai sonata. I also love that there is enough room for a car seat and two other passengers in the back seat. It also has great gas mileage. It did however have several recalls on it that i had fixed free of charge.

- Page G

It looks good, is dependable, and is comfortable to drive.

I like the comfort and the look of the vehicle. I like the navigation and telephone functions in the vehicle. I like that it is economical and the sunroof. It has been dependable with no major problems with repairs. No complaints with this car.

- Kathleen A

There was a recall and if buying used make sure the engine has either been replaced or doesn't have any issues

Very little maintenance required, I have given it synthetic oil changes, and bought the car with 28k and now have 178k. There was a recall on the engine and Hyundai installed a new one at 168k. I plan on getting another 100-150k out of this car.

- Nick M

the back seat drops down and from the trunk there is an opening to put things that are longer through to trunk into the back seat

It gets great mileage. It ride is fairly comfortable but a bit too much road noise. It seems roomier than other cars of comparable prices. It has some advantage with putting the seat down to haul some longer items through the trunk to backseat.

- Cleona G

Seats are heated and extremely comfortable and ac always works.

Limited edition. Very reliable, performs well, extreme comfort and all bells and whistles. Has a panoramic sunroof and heated leather seats in front and back and Bluetooth capabilities. Media screen with GPS built in and Sirius XM capabilities.

- Val F

It's a great comfortable ride with plenty of storage and trunk space. You have to be careful though because it's easy to speed in the vehicle, since it's such a smooth ride. It also handles better in snow and rain than one might think.

I love the comfort of the ride in my vehicle. It's quiet and smooth with a lot of built in comforts such as heated seats and automatic windows and seats. I don't like the style of the speedometer or the fact that tire pressures don't display.

- Michele B

How amazing it drives and handles, mixed with the incredible fuel economy.

I love the fuel economy. I drive a lot, and gas gets too expensive if my cars gets less mpg. I love the look of the car. The dashboard and center console felt like I was sitting in a spaceship. I think it was the way the interior is curved.

- Jonathan R

2013 Hyundai Sonata ltd: an absolutely luxurious car at an affordable price.

No issues, whatsoever, besides the fuel pump going out at 30, 000 miles. It was still under warranty, so the dealership replaced it for free. Limited series, navigation, leather, dual sunroof. Smooth ride, great on gas and for road trips.

- Adam H

It is a basic sedan, comfortable, attractive, with good gas mileage.

I've had no major problems at all with the car since I got it. I've only done regular maintenance on it. There have been several recalls and they've all been fixed quickly. I'm happy with the gas mileage, comfort, and the way it drives.

- Melissa R

Reliability is the most important thing about my car and how the company backs It's products up with warranties.

The Sonata gets decent gas mileage, fits our family size and rides comfortably. I love the seat heaters, and lumbar adjustment controls. We would like it if it did not sit so low to the ground but that is the only complaint we have.

- Michael P

The gas mileage is amazing. And the gas storage is impressive as well.

I like the reliability of my car. It always starts and I love that it will tell me if something is wrong, like the tire pressure or airbags. The mileage on it is great as well. I don't like that there's no seat warmers or navigation.

- Alexys S

It's reliable, but the gas mileage that is advertised is NOT what I have experienced.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and a good size for what our family needs. I dislike that the gas mileage that was promised is NOT what I have experienced. The actual gas mileage is MUCH lower than was advertised and promised.

- Chris H

I love my 2013 Hyundai Sonata!

I love my car. I purchased it used and it was in great condition. I believe that I take pretty good care of it. I love it is features such as Bluetooth and SiriusXM. This is by far my most favorite vehicle that I have ever owned.

- Lindsay J

The 100, 000 mile warranty.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is a good reliable car, comfortable, but my only complaint is the seats are to slow. I as the driver raise my seat, but my passengers tell me that feel like they are sitting on the floor.

- Ann Marie A

My 2013 Hyundai Sonata is AMAZING

I love my Sonata! From the large touch screen nav system to the panoramic sunroof, heated leather seats front and back. Lots of legroom and trunk space! If I get rid of this car it will only be to get a newer version of it!

- Kayla A

It's the best combination of affordable, reliable, and stylish

Very reliable, turbo is ESSENTIAL for merging on the freeway. Comfortable to drive, decent legroom in back seat, trunk space is also pretty good, even better if you fold the back seats down. Love the heated seats in winter!

- Sandy L

Hyundai brand has been the best vehicle we have owned the past 40 years.

Very Reliable. Runs and drives great. Traction Control and Stability Control are a must for 2wd vehicle. Hyundai quality and warranty are among best in industry. Any recall notices were handled immediately by dealership.

- Dan W

I have only had 1 minor issue with this vehicle in the past 2 years.

Love this vehicle! It is great on gas mileage and very reliable. I have only had 1 minor problem in the 2 years I have owned this car and it was an easy fix. This car is very comfortable and can hold up on long drives.

- Rebecca E

If you have an iPhone 6 or later, you can only use Bluetooth for music.

I love the spaciousness of the cabin and the comfort of the seats. The only thing I dislike about it is the gas mileage it gets in hotter climates (20 mpg in the desert compared to 30 mpg in a more temperate climate).

- Jake S

It has been rated one of the safest cars.

I love that my car is dependable! However, absolutely terrible in the rain and snow, which sucks. I am from Ohio and those two things are a must when it comes to a reliable car. Everything else is pretty much perfect!

- Raquel W

You have to pay extra in order to use any of your bluetooth functionality.

The mileage; the performance; the way it handles; the style/look of it. I don't like the fact that you have to "pay" in order to use any bluetooth devices in the car. I don't like that it sits so low to the ground.

- Jim s

It is a very spacious car for taking long trips with a car full of people.

My car has very good gas mileage. I also enjoy the navigation system - although I feel it could be updated with newer roads/routes. I do wish I had a 4-wheel drive car, as I like to travel to the mountains to ski.

- Melanie T

It is an excellent value for the money

It is a relatively comfortable car with well laid out controls. It has good fuel economy and decent acceleration. The car also has a lot of nice features for the money. It could be quieter, especially the engine.

- Greg W

The Hyundai Sonata is a safe car that will require minimum maintenance and will be a very good and reliable car for you.

I love how comfortable my Hyundai is to ride in. It is reliable and has never given us any problems. The car was inexpensive in comparison to other cars that size. I also love the amount of space that is inside.

- Ayla S

Comfortable cabin area front and back.

Like- fuel efficiency, the way it handles, its sleek design, the options available, it is power, seating room are ample, large trunk area, low maintenance, excellent climate control. Dislike needs remote start.

- Enrique R

It is a very good value for the features and the overall cost.You get a lot for your money

I like the styling and the color scheme of the exterior and interior. The controls are well laid out and easy to read. Seats are comfortable and it has a smooth ride. The road and engine noise could be better

- Greg G

There are two blind spots that are kind of scary.

I love the appearance of my vehicle, as well as how it drives. I do however have issues with the Bluetooth connection sometimes. I also have other technical issues with the gauges and lock which is a sensor.

- Taylor S

Great sound system and has a heated driver seat

The car drives great. I haven't had any problems. Love the leg room. It's a great car for taller people. Plenty of room for passengers. It makes me feel like I have a luxury car without the high price tag.

- Paula H

That it is 100, 000 bumper to bumper warranty.

My vehicle runs fine. I bought it while it was brand new and so I make sure I get oil changes regularly. It is comfortable and love the GPS /navigation system. It is very reliable and very good with gas.

- Kay Z

Practical vehicle for the person that hates car shopping. Just pick out a color and sign

Lacks horsepower and handling, some parts inside look cheap. This is not a car I would buy for myself, it was a handy me down when my other car died. Pros, it's affordable and will probably last forever

- Joshua S

Hyundai provides an awesome warranty and they back it.

I really like my car and it has performed well over the years. Really haven't had to spend too much until now other than regular maintenance and it is working great. Also like the warranty from Hyundai.

- viv k

Reliable Hyundai Sonata Review

I've been really happy with my Sonata. I haven't had any problems with it. The only major thing that I've needed to do is replace my tires which is standard upkeep. This car has been extremely reliable.

- Nicole B

My car belongs to me and people should respect my property.

My car is navy blue. I love my car because although it's a sedan it's very spacious. I also like that is it so good on gas. One thing I don't like about my car is that it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Miranda R

Very well rounded dependable vehicle.

First time ever having a Hyundai. The car drives very smoothly. I love how the seats are heated and cuffs my back. I am not sure if I am overlooking the cruise control but that's what I miss the most.

- Bryant H

It has tons of awesome features just like a luxury car without the price.

I love the interior and the panoramic sunroof. I love the color and all the features. I wish it wasn't a 4 cylinder so I could go faster! It is very roomy but would love more space in the back seat.

- Mary A

It's not good for a family of more than 3. It's not very spacious for traveling or even sports gear as the trunk is small and the interior space doesn't provide much room either.

I don't like how small it feels when you have more than 3 people. I also don't like how many problems I've had to fix. I do like that it has decent gas mileage and it drives well for the most part.

- Megan L

The car is pretty loud when in idle. Make some ticking sounds.

I dislike the fact that my tire light seems to always be on. I also dislike the fact that when in idle it seems to be a bit loud. I like everything else about it. Seems to be a reliable car so far.

- Jamie S

It is very economical to drive and pleasing design.

This vehicle is very nice. It is not as quiet as my previous car, but it is very economical to drive. The only real problem I have is I dislike the color, it did not come in any color that I liked.

- Pat P

The inside of the vehicle is like a 2016-2018.

This vehicle is a very reliable car. Not only is it great on gas the car itself drives incredibly smooth and fast. The body of the car is so futuristic I love my car and I will never ever sell it.

- Hayley O

Hyundai makes driving a pleasure and the warranties are terrific!

My car handles well, cools quickly in summer, heats quickly in winter. It is a pleasure to drive and is not a gas guzzler. The dealer has handled all maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.

- Katie H

The Hyundai Sonata is a great car large enough for a family.

I love my car. I downsized from an suv but I definitely didn't downsize on the space. I'm still able to transport my 2 kids and all the stuff that comes along with them! It's a great family car.

- Kira C

My car gets really great gas mileage when traveling especially with the Hybrid engine

I like my car because it stays on gas and it's really competition when you have to travel long distances also like to style the car my car is white and really pretty when she's clean super shiny

- Aprol J

it looks as good as it drives. it handles the road beautifully

i love the smooth way my sonata drives. it's a very roomy car enough to carry my grandchildren comfortably around town or wherever. the trunk size is huge. the seat warmers are an added bonus.

- karen v

Nice looking car. But, it is riddled with recalls.

Although I like the look of my car and gas mileage is ok, it has several problems. The car has several recall already. I have to constantly bring it to the dealer to get the recalls repaired.

- Karie H

It's a great value for a comfortable, reliable stylish car.

I love the look of it. It rides well, has a lot of storage, and the controls are easy to use. The only weird thing is that the USB ports don't work with iPhones. But it does have Bluetooth.

- Danielle R

This car gets the best fuel mileage.

This car gets great fuel mileage! I love the style of the car. It performs great in the mountains. The car is comfortable to drive. It's not as quiet as your more luxury cars but not bad.

- Bonnie B