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The sport model drives in automatic or standard and eco are nice features.

Problems: we I bought the car it had several problems. I have my car for 3 weeks and something went wrong with the engine. It took a month and a half to fix. The part I needed was on back order so the had to take the part off another new part to fix it or it wouldn't be fixed for at least 3 months. The passenger window motor kept going out. It went out 3 times within one year. Performance: the car is a Sonata sport so that is a good performance feature the I use often. Reliability: other than the first problem I had, I rely on the newness of the car. The car also has a bumper to bumper warranty so I have confidence that the car will be fixed Accordingly when a problem arises. Comfort: when taking long trips the car is comfortable about 4 hours into the drive. Features: the car has several extra features but I do not use them all. When I bought the car the salesmen didn't show us all the features that the car had. I am still learning about the features from time to time or by word of mouth. The features are very hard to navigate. They should be easier to navigate by yourself without having to read the manual, looking on YouTube or asking someone how things work. I know there are more features on the car that I am not aware of.

- Michael O

Hyundai Sonata- comfort and function

Comfort wise I love my vehicle; it's spacious, easy to drive, and I'm able to easily load and unload my wheelchair. My car was wonderfully reliable for the first three years, but recently I've run into a few problems. My battery died, my power steering went out and my tire blew all in the same week. Most of this wasn't necessarily the performance of the car, but general upkeep, it was just frustrating it all happened at the same time. One issue that was the result of the car was that there was a recall on a part in the engine but there wasn't any notification. I happened to take in the car to get the tires changed and they mentioned it. I wish I would have known, I would have taken it in sooner. I got the base model so I don't have all the bells and whistles, but I do have Bluetooth and a backup camera. The center console has an easy to use screen and I have controls on the steering wheel. In my new car I'll look forward to having carplay. My car also has a large tank for gas, so it gets a little pricey to fill up, but then it lasts for awhile. All in all I like the Sonata and am looking to just get an upgraded version when I trade it in.

- Nicole L

2015 Hyundai Sonata SE- Simplicity is a feature...

It is a good vehicle overall. The cabin gets a bit loud when driving on the freeway, the A/C does something weird if it not on the max setting and the seats are not the most comfortable for long road trips. The car is very spacious however, and there is plenty of legroom in the front seat, back seat, and trunk. The back seat is much lower than the front seats, which is a bit odd and makes passengers feel like a kid again, sitting in the backseat, barely able to see out the window. Would make a fairly good family car however. It is a safe vehicle overall, and gets very good mileage, up to 35 mpg on the freeway, when on Eco mode and with cruise control on. I am definitely a fan of Hyundai and their vehicles, would consider buying a Hyundai again. My car is pretty basic in terms of special features and the screen is also not very fancy like newer cars. No back up camera and no touchscreen radio/navigation. Haven't really had any maintenance issues. Great value for the vehicle, however.

- Maria C

The perfect car for a traveling college kid.

My car is specifically the Sonata Sport and it has had no problems since I've had it! It's super comfortable and easy to drive, which I say as someone who has anxiety while driving. The car has alerts as to when something needs to be checked and when the car needs to be serviced as a whole. When I got this car, I was previously been in an older car with no touch-screen or fancy looking buttons, but everything in the Sonata was pretty easy to figure out and now I'm in love with the options available. It has a back-up camera that makes it super easy to backup straight into a parking space. Calling someone by voice command, changing the volume, changing a song/station, and of course cruise control are all right there at my fingertips on the steering wheel so it's nice to be able to use those buttons without being too distracted from driving environments. Overall, I want this car to last forever even though I know it won't.

- Jonah F

By far the most enjoyable car I've had

This car is extremely comfortable for driving. Driver's seat can be adjusted front to rear. Up and down, and has lumbar support that is adjustable as well. The blind spot detector is extremely helpful but doesn't always see motorcycles. The radio controls on steering wheel help keep your eyes on the road when you change station or volume. I've been driving for 2 years and have had no performance issues at all. Gas mileage is phenomenal. The settings are easy to get to and easy to control. If you like to floor it leaving red lights this car allows you to do so though I don't recommend just because it's bad for gas mileage and people run red lights. The manufacturer front glass is very durable seeing as I had multiple rocks hit my windshield with no chips. The back up camera is also great at warning when cross traffic is coming and is good for those who have trouble backing up

- Kelly M

Sonata has a wide tuning range easier to park and get out of tight spaces.

The Hyundai Sonata is roomy has a smooth ride is very easy to park because the wheels have a wide tuning range they turn more than some other cars making it easy to turn into small spaces & get out of tight spots when you parallel park and the cars in front & in back of you box you in. It is good with gas mileage and has quick pick up getting on to a highway. The doors open very wide so it easy 2 put things in back seat. The front end of car under the hood near dashboard has a strong steel piece across it, which prevents the car, in a front end crash, being pushed into the dash board and into the people in front seat. A excellent safety feature. I have not had any major problems except 1 time with not being able 2 use the voice activated cell phone answering. I was unable to answer my phone thru the Bluetooth feature. It did work again after a while with that problem.

- Sue S

Love My Fuel Efficient Hyundai Sonata

I love my 2015 Hyundai Sonata. I get great gas mileage and don't have to use premium priced gasoline in my car. My car is garaged when I am not using it and it looks like a brand new car. The seats are comfortable and the inside of the car is roomy and it has a large trunk and a nice sized console between the front seats. There are enough cup holders for everyone in the car and 2 or 3 electronic devices can be charged at the same time. I'm not quite sure how many because I have never rode in the back seat. The only issue I have is that I am short and the seat belts go around my neck instead of my shoulder and chest. Even with a cushion I am not tall enough for it to fall in the correct places. Also, if the brake is hit hard the seat belts lock and it's uncomfortable.

- Sheila W

Amazing ride at an affordable price!

I love my Sonata! It is beautifully designed at an affordable price. I also appreciate that the factory warranty offered is 10 years/100k miles, which is far more than most car companies. My Sonata has Bluetooth features, including hands free phone calls and music capabilities. The full ceiling moonroof is one of my favorite features; I almost feel like I am in a convertible when I open the moonroof. By far, my favorite features are the heated & cooled seats and the heated steering wheel. The steering wheel heats up in minutes, keeping you from having to wear gloves during the cold months. It is also bluelink capable, allowing you to use an app on your phone to start and stop your car as well as turn the lights on and off. Thus far, I have had no issues with my car.

- Jennifer J

Hyundai buyer for life - this one vehicle has changed the game for me.

Problems: About two years ago - the blind spot detector on the driver side broke but after a few times at the dealership they figured it out and fixed it. The dealership itself was a bit frustrating but Hyundai itself was extremely helpful and did everything they could to help me. I have tried other brands - Ford, Honda, Nissan, and this is the first time I am truly in love with a car. Performance/Reliability: I have never doubted that I was safe and my car would work. There are many functions that help keep everything in check. Comfort: I have driven more than 12 hours in one sitting and was more than comfortable. The automatic seats, the controls on the steering wheel helps with limiting distractions, and the radio/GPS feature makes everything easy.

- Carolyn S

For a 4 cylinder sedan, it is spacious like a 6 cylinder sedan.

The seats are very comfortable and it is super spacious. The back seat comfortably fits three people where you do not feel pressed up against one another. The trunk space is huge and there's a net that you can store smaller, loose items in. The rearview camera and the blind spot alerts are essential and keep me safe. The navigation is great except sometimes it tells you how bad the traffic is and other times it does not. I have called Sirius XM about this issue and they said it is because I cancelled my subscription with them so I do not get traffic updates in my navigation anymore, however, sometimes my navigation will tell me the traffic updates so that answer seems invalid.

- Katherine Y

2015 Hyundai Sonata, Favorite auto purchase so far

My husband and I bought this car used March 2018, it only being 3 years old with less than 50k miles on it. We love the color and the gray interior is modern. The only complaints we have is when you press the gas it has a delay which reminds me of an old school Mercedes Benz, I personally do not like that. Also this summer (2019) we had an issue with water leaking under the passenger dash every time we'd press the gas. When we finally had a chance to take it in, they couldn't find any issues & of course the problem stopped then. We haven't had any issues since! Also really like the eco-friendly mode since we like to travel when we get the chance.

- Breanna G

Awesome service and nice shape

The redesigned 2015 Hyundai Sonata gains a new Eco trim level, a new smart trunk feature, available LED daytime running lights, high beam assist, blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, a new navigation system with an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports new apps such as Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, and a new generation of Hyundai's Blue Link system. The new exterior and interior design is more restrained but remains elegant and upscale. Eco and SE grade Sonatas are distinguished by their single exhaust outlet while Limited and Sport models have dual or quad tailpipes depending on the engine it's equipped with.

- Khurram K

Sonata love is real! Feel it! 😁.

Sonata is a medium sized car that has a very accommodating interior. The front seat passenger in my Sonata is 6'4" with mobility issues. That passenger sits very comfortably with plenty of room to move around and finds it quite easy to enter and exit the vehicle. I, being the driver, am 5'2", and I find no difficulty in reaching the floor pedals or the controls on the dash. Nor do I find difficulty in entering or exiting the vehicle. It is very peppy, yet gets excellent gas mileage. We average 28-30 mpg in town and 35-40 mpg, highway. We have gotten over 40 mpg on multiple occasions, however. It is a pretty little car, too. 😁.

- Gale B

Great and roomy family car.

My husband and I bought this vehicle to use as a family car when our first baby was born. We love the roomy backseat where we can easily fit our infant's car seat and still have 2 people sit in the back as well. The trunk is also very roomy for a car of its kind. We were once able to fit a full-size stroller, 2 large luggage bags, 3 carry-ons, and 2 backpacks in the trunk, which was amazing to me! The only problem we have found is that the low pressure alarm for the tires go off even when the pressures are fine. We think it has to do with temperature changes affecting the air in the tires, but it is still pretty annoying.

- Abigail G

Comfort and great gas mileage!

I bought this car when I moved further away from my place of employment. My goal was to have a comfortable, more fuel efficient vehicle, and I found what I was looking for! My husband is quite tall and has problems being comfortable in cars, but this vehicle has been plenty comfortable for him. The seats adjust height wise so he never feels like he's too close to the roof of the car, and it leaves plenty of room in the back seat when the front seat is pushed all the way back. I have saved money on gas which is wonderful as well. The only thing I wish is it were an SUV, with the extra room that gets the great gas mileage.

- Tracy R

Safe, comfortable and reliable.

Safety is important to me. I have back up camera, rear sensors and blind spot detection. I have navigation and android auto so I am able to use both systems. Depends on what the need is. Comfortable to ride and drive. Heated seats for winter. I chose silver as it hides the dirt so easy to keep clean. The clearance of the front tires is great. Unlike other cars where you have a problem this rarely is an issue with high cement parking curb. Great on gas and has 10yr warranty from manufacturer for power train. Music is great in this car also. I do have Sirius XM and Pandora on my touch screen.

- Vila L

Hyundai Sonata - Best Affordable Sedan for Quality and Comfort

I have been very pleased with my Hyundai Sonata. It has approximately 75,000 miles to date, and I have had no major mechanical issues. It drives well, gets great gas mileage, and has been an extremely reliable vehicle. It's comfortable and comes with great features that I use frequently (panoramic sun/moonroof, heated steering wheel, heated/cooled front seats, lane detection, blind spot signaling, smart cruise control, etc.). I would definitely recommend this car to others. Hyundai is also a great company and keeps customers up to date on any potential recalls, service issues, etc.

- Mae D

A Good Starter Car: It's not a premium sedan and it lacks a lot of the newest features, but if you're getting your first car or you just need something to get you around this car is nothing to be ashamed of.

It's a nice car. The seats are moderately comfortable, however, I live in Florida so the leather gets hot in the sun and I haven't had much use for the heated seat function but it does work well. Mine didn't come with GPS or most of the additional feature though I did get the satellite radio, it's a bit pricey for me especially since I have Spotify but if you already have a subscription then it might be valuable. The speaker quality is nice if you are in the front but I've had some friends say that it's too quiet in the back seat. Overall the car is nice and it gets me from a-to-b.

- Rodney B

My used 2015 Hyundai Sonata.

I love the way my Hyundai Sonata looks. The color is beautiful and the size of it is perfect for me. The car drives great, I love the ecosport feature. As someone who likes things to be clean the seats in this car are pretty hard for me to keep clean. They stain very easily and are a lot harder to clean up than most cars. I have had my car for 1 year I bought it used and it is a 2015. After about a year of having it, the switch that moves the mirrors stopped working. I cannot move my left mirror so I need to get that fixed now. I have heard this is a common issue.

- Sean B

Pros of the Hyundai Sonata

So far I have had no problems at all with my vehicle. It is very reliable and it gets me where I need to go. To completely fill up my car is takes me about thirty five dollars but that can last me a couple weeks, I have about a 30 minute commute to work, so that is still longer than most vehicles would last me. It is very comfortable and I love the heated seats. It comes with a ton of built in features, such as back up camera, and the lights on my side mirrors to let me know if someone is in my blind spot. Over all I love this car and I would highly recommend it.

- Christina S

Smooth Ride, Tight Fit in Back Seat

Overall, I like the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. Mine has gray leather seats/interior, and the leather is easy to clean. The trunk has plenty of storage. However, in between the driver and passenger seat, the storage is very limited. My make, model, and year had a recall for the engine, but that has been fixed. The handle for the door broke off shortly after we bought it. Other than that, I have not experienced any problems. The Sonata is a smooth drive/ride and gets a decent amount of mpg/gas. Filling all 5 seats with people feels a little too tight, though.

- Morgan C

A spacious family car while still maintaining a sleek body style.

This car is very dependable and spacious inside. I have a son so he has plenty of space in the back and I definitely feel safe. It is a sport model so that appealed to me when I was looking around. It gets great gas mileage and so far has not given me any issues. The only thing I wish was a little different is the screen on the dash. I thought it would be a little bigger since they are stock on most cars. And also an air vent for the back row would help because summers here in Texas are pretty brutal. Overall a great, reliable, and sleek looking car!

- Cristy V

Great performance and look... Overall a great car!

My Sonata is great. It has good gas mileage averaging at 24 mgp. The ride is smooth and comfortable, and the outside is sharp looking. The only thing I wish it had was heated seats, but I think you can get that in an upgraded version. I also wish when you shut off the air/heat it actually shut off. If you put it at '0' there's still some air blowing through very lightly. It's not a huge deal, but if I'm giving an honest review that is something I would change. I'm overall very happy with my car, and would buy another Sonata again!

- Allie H

It has a lot of room for passengers and they really appreciate it, makes a great car for a small family or rideshare driver.

This is a very nice looking car with a great interior that is very spacious and many convenient features including two cigarette lighter ports up front as well as auxiliary port and usb for ipods and iphones. I also have bluetooth. The care is very good on gas especially if you go with the hybrid option. However there do seem to be a few common electrical issues in the hybrid model that are pretty bad and cause the car to shut down and not run while you're driving. It happened to me but they fixed it under warranty.

- Shawn M

Luxury, Comfort, and Easy on the Wallet

I absolutely love my Hyundai Sonata. It's comfortable - leather seats which can be heated or cooled and adjust based on your seating preference. There is also decent room in the backseat. It has several unique features, like alerting you when you're going out of your lane, warning you if there is about to be a collision, etc. It comes equipped with Sirius radio. There are three different "modes" you can put it in - eco friendly, sport, and regular. The gas mileage, particularly on the "eco" setting, is great.

- Lia D

It is very reliable, It's the kind of car that will save you a lot of money.

I really enjoy having a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, because It's really dependable, low mileage and Its saves me a lot of money because It's really affordable when it comes to putting gas. It also really helps when the car lets you how many miles you have left on gas, or in within how many miles you will need an oil change. Things like that really make me love my car. Because old car models don't have all that information for you to reliable on. I recommend the Hyundai Sonata to any car buyer, they will love it.

- Maria L

Nice, fuel efficient commuter vehicle.

It is a really nice commuter car. It is comfortable, reliable, and fuel efficient. It has a nice navigation system and has a nice touchscreen. A few things I would love to change with this vehicle would be the lack of climate control( no rear vents for the back passengers), and it does not have power seats. It is primarily my vehicle, so it is ok most of the time. My hubby sometimes drives my car, he's a lot taller and bigger than me, so he has to change my seat, steering wheel, and mirror positions.

- Michelle V

Excellent overall quality and features - good gas mileage, feels sporty but is also comfortable.

Love love love my Sonata! I keep it well maintained and never have problems with it. It's comfortable, has great features like heated seats, and gets decent gas mileage. The electronics are designed well so that I can start music from my phone by pushing just one button, a convenience I love. It's big enough for me to haul my art show set up but small enough that I don't feel like I'm driving a tank but a fun, zippy ride. It looks great, drives great, and I will be keeping it for a very long time.

- Mindy H

Great vehicle, 2 thumbs up!

I absolutely love my Hyundai Sonata, I have had it for 3 years. Never had any problems, runs great and very reliable. I have the limited edition, which includes lots of great features, love the navigation. Also has a lane assist and a blind spot detection which both are very helpful and helps prevent accidents. The seat warmers and coolers are the best! I leased this car and I will purchase it when the lease is over. I feel very confident that this car is the best for me and my family.

- Lilly R

Moderately priced and economical.

My Sonata provides comfort and simplicity all in one. Five people can fit, and it comes with 3 month trial with radio stations and Bluetooth for the phone. You can talk without hands when you set your phone to the car. Music from your phone can also be selected with Bluetooth. Though it is a new car, I find it very spacious and has a good sized trunk. The seats can also be dropped for more trunk space. Highly recommended if you are looking for a moderately price and economical vehicle.

- Ky W

Sporty comfortable car that I can count on.

The only and I mean only problem to have had is that the plastic on the side of the driver side seat that houses the electronic seat controls broke when a friend of mine who is a large woman sat in the seat. I am large myself and that never happened. This is the third sonata I have had. It is so extremely comfortable, great has value and looks very sharp and attractive. Everyone always wants me to drive places because it so comfy. I feel safe driving with my baby grandson in this car.

- Danielle B

Very good car until issue with engine.

The car is actually very well made and I have had no issues with it for a year. It drove fine, gas mileage was great for what I used it for. But as of a month ago, it threw a rod into the engine block so now I am having to wait to get it fixed due to buying it used and no one honoring the warranty on it because it was previously already purchased by another person. So now I am having to scrape together money to be able to fix this, as there is no recall for this issue with the car.

- Jessica T

My little silver bullet. The styling is something I am proud of and I love it.

Mt car is good on gas. It has the option of driving in sport or economy. The seats are not bucket seating which I do not like, but they're adjustable. That helps. I like the sound system because it is satellite radio equipped. The trunk is big. My rear seats do not fold down for more trunk space. The door cup holders are not practical for use because they're too small. If I forget to turn the headlights off its no problem because everything turns off. Overall the styling is cute.

- Michelle W

The Hyundai is a safe, roomy car a very affordable price!

Comfortable bucket seats that lay down if desired, easy adjustable forward and back. Easy to read dashboard, console shift, and ample storage compartment between seats. Lots of legroom in the back seats. 4-door ease entry and exit. Ample trunk space for all our needs, and luggage a vacation time. Great sounding radio, and comfort grip steering wheel. Really a joy to drive and be a passenger in the great car. We absolutely love our Hyundai, and would definitely buy one again!

- Suzanne B

My Sonata is my happy place!

This car drives well - it hugs the road and makes turns feel easy. The seat is very comfortable and easy to adjust for my comfort. The smart cruise is my favorite feature. It took a while to get used to "trusting it", but now I honestly trust it more than I trust myself! The blind spot indicator makes me feel safe when I drive my car. The climate and radio controls are easy to use and do not distract from my driving (on the steering wheel). The Bluetooth is exceptional.

- Lynda V

My review of our Hyundai Sonata experience.

I really love our 2015 Hyundai Sonata. We got an amazing deal on it and the dealer was extremely helpful in lining up financing. It has an extremely good warranty and we opted for an extended warranty as well so it is virtually worry-free. It is an easy-to-drive car and even though it is entry-level it has everything we need. The only con I can think of is that it is not as quiet as our previous car, but at was a luxury model Chrysler lhs so that is to be expected.

- Sue S

I love my reliable Hyundai sonata

My car is very reliable. My car has heated seats in the front and back seats the heat and AC are both great. My radio system sounds great I have a camera in my license plate that allows me to see things I may not have been able to see without one I have Bluetooth in my car satellite radio stations sensors in my mirrors that let me know if anything is in my blind spot before switching Lanes. My car is also very good on gas. I love my car it is very reliable.

- Sara J

Hyundai love the car thinking about getting another one.

I love my 2015 Hyundai Sonata but it has problems. To start with no one can figure out why it wobbles when pressing the gas between 35 and 50 mph. Then I cannot pass anyone or push the gas down to speed up quickly because it will stall out. It now uses slot more gas than what it's supposed to. I got a notice in the mail the other day for a recall I call the Hyundai place and come to find out my car has 4 recalls. Other than that I love my car. Thank you.

- Wendy S

Amazing car for a growing family and great on gas.

I absolutely look my vehicle. It is great on gas I have driven to far off places and I only put gas in twice. It is also so smooth to drive. The brakes are a little sensitive but I enjoy it because I know it will stop right away. I love how much space there is in the back seat, it would be a perfect car for someone with children because they will definitely not feel cramped back their. It also has a really big trunk, almost anything could fit in their.

- Cynthia R

My Hyundai Sonata sport car is the best car I have ever had.

My Hyundai Sonata sport is amazing! Beautiful vehicle that I have had for a year now. My vehicle has never given me any issues. The car is really good on gas using the optional gear mode “eco”. Mode. I also have an opinion to ride sport which give the car very powerful speed. I feel though I purchased a luxury sports car. The interior of the vehicle definitely makes me feel like I purchased a very nice reliable car for me and my family.

- Ray H

Sonata, it is an ok vehicle, nothing special.

It is pretty good on gas, the ride is comfortable. You can lay the back seats down for larger trunk space but, the width is not as wide as the rest of the trunk so it is hard to fit some larger items in. The net in the opening of the trunk could be improved some, it should be a little tighter so things do not tip over, after all, that is the purpose of the net. It did not come with a spare tire, which sucks. Over all, it is just an ok car.

- Cindy L

Love the phone feature where you do not have to talk with your cell phone.

I do not like the color. I do believe that it is very reliable. I feel that it is very comfortable. I love the features for talking on the phone without having to hold your cell phone. I like that you can charge your phone when you are not home. I do not have the kind that has heated seats. I do not like the noise it makes. I took it to the dealer and they say it is nothing wrong but I do not agree. I will never buy another Sonata.

- Kathleen S

Love my car but not the cheap accent pieces.

A/c vent clips are broken, passenger side trim on hood came off. Other minor cosmetic issues but not likely due to wear. Great performance. Easiest car I have had to clean (Inside). I love almost everything about it. The car is mostly well made but also replacing anything on it is a bit more expensive than any of the other cars I have had. Do wish some of the accent pieces such as trim and ac vent clips were better quality though.

- Destiny S

One of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

My Sonata is almost the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have only had it for 4 months and of course it is a used car but it runs like a dream. The only problem I have had was a blown fuse, so that really isn't a manufacturing problem. This car fits me well, it sits far enough off the ground that you can actually sit in it instead of falling into it like some other vehicles I have been in. All in all I think it's a great car.

- Carolyn E

Keep an eye on the recalls and get your oil changed and these cars will be great.

Runs good. Have some annoying issues and seems to have a lot of recalls but I love the size the looks. I like having the warranty it makes me feel secure. It is a great family car with fantastic gas mileage. I think it is a great value and will hopefully last me for a long time. I think when my daughter starts driving in a few years it will be in great condition for her. And safe and reliable I will always trust the brand.

- Ashley M

It is safe, attractive and comfortable at a reasonable price.

I absolutely love everything about my car. It has plenty of space, it is comfortable and a great shade of red. Also, I feel safe driving my daughter around in it. Personally, I like it better than the newer sonatas because I don't like the touch screen radios. My only complaint is the fact that I got it preowned and the previous owner got a hole in the seat that the Hyundai dealership did a terrible job of patching.

- Meghan H

Hyundai sonata eco. Almost at 100k and still doing great!

Doesn't have very good pick up (eco model), but we haven't had any major issues with it so it is reliable. It gets pretty good gas mileage on the highway for a mid size sedan. Sometimes, the transmission shakes when you first take off which can be a bit annoying. Hyundai also stopped supplying a spare tire and tire changing tools (jack) with their cars, so you have to buy those separate, which I don't like.

- Justin S

tire air pressure level and hands free calling device

My car is very reliable. It's gas mileage is pretty decent, but could be better! My car is very spacious. Lots of room on the front, leg room for the back and great drunk space. I do have some problems with turning it on sometimes. It glitches for a quick second and then comes on. I do love that when my tire needs air, it warns me and also tells me what tire and the pressure level it's at. It's a great car!

- Tally R

Proud owner of 2 Hyundai sonatas.

I have owned 2 Hyundai sonatas. My first was a 2012 2.0t and my current is a 2015 2.0t sport limited. I have loved both cars. Super comfortable and handle really well. Almost no road noise, lots of safety features. My only complaint is that they are hard on the front tires. Both cars have had to have the tires replaced 3 years into owning them. That being said, I would still buy another in a heartbeat.

- Brooke L

it has incredibly comfortable seats and good room.

very comfortable, great field of view, good Bluetooth and audio quality, good acceleration. The semi-manual mode is fun to try. The only problem I have ever had with the car is a flat tire and damaged wheel while driving over a pothole. The problem seems to have only been avoidable with a better suspension, aside from user error, although the suspension is as good as one should expect from its type.

- Rob L

A great car at a decent price!

I like the price. I think it is a good car for its price. I love all the electronic features of the car. I love the apple carplay feature and also the Bluetooth feature. I also like that it has a USB port so any phone can be plugged into it. I love the satellite radio. I love the back-up camera. I love how when the tire pressure light goes on it can tell me the exact tire pressure of each tire.

- Susan L

I enjoy my cars heated steering wheel & seats, plus the great gas mileage!

My Hyundai Sonata limited is a very reliable vehicle that is fun to drive and has amazing luxury features. My vehicle has heated/ cooled seats, heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, shade pull-ups for the back seat windows and even heated seats in the back. The trunk is very large and when I put the back seats down, I can easily fit anything that is 6 feet long. I absolutely love my car!

- Christine H

People always love the panoramic sunroof and the sporty interior

Awesome car. Beautiful interior. Panoramic sunroof. Fun car to drive and fits everyone very comfortably. It's a family car with a bit of an edge to it because of the 2.0 turbo. Very fast and smooth ride. Stereo system is awesome I always get complimented on that and the sunroof. Easy to clean with all the leather. My windows are tinted and definitely help prevent any damage from the sun.

- Dean P

My Hyundai Sonata is stylish and roomy

I have only had one recall on my car that the dealer fixed immediately. Otherwise I have not had any issued and love all the safety features in my car. I love my trim package, everything is automatic. I also love how sleek and stylish the body style is but yet inside the vehicle it is very comfortable. I can easily fit a car seat in the backseat or even a couple of adults with no issues.

- Courtney C

The car is very reliable and would recommend. Great features like seat warmers.

I really love this car. The seat warmers of my favorite feature. You get really good gas mileage and even better when you put it on eco mode. The back seat is comfortable. I've never had to bring it in the shop for problems. The stern system in the car is very good. Has really good bass. It's a really smooth ride and great in the winter time when traveling over the snowy passes.

- Morgan C

Good overall car, never had any problems besides with our lack of knowledge with the GPS

We haven't had any problems with this vehicle in the two years that we have had it. We love the seat and steering wheel warmers due to the fact that it is cold where we live. The GPS is a little hard to use, we usually resort back to google maps when we cant figure out how to use the GPS. I would recommend that the GPS be upgraded to something similar to the mobile google maps.

- Gabrielle F

Our 2nd Sonata purchased.

Runs great, good mileage 33 mpr in town on highway have gotten 37 - 40 mph. Very smooth and comfortable ride. We purchased brand new. Have had no problems at all. The down side vehicle comes with no spare tire. Only can fix a flat. This stinks. How cheap can a company get for what we paid for a brand new car. Should automatically come with at least a donut cheap as they are.

- Sandy H

I love my Hyundai Sonata. It is a good family sedan.

My Hyundai Sonata is a great car. It's comfortable, great on mileage, and a 4 door family sedan. I love that it has a backup camera so that I can see behind me. I love that it has different drive modes... eco and sport depending on if I need more power to get up a hill or pass another car. I love the LED headlights because it makes it look like a much more expensive car.

- Kris K

The Hyundai Sonata is a very reliable, family friendly vehicle.

My car is great. I have had no major mechanical issues. The one time I did (computer issues) I went to the dealership and they took care of it quickly. I do wish I had leather interior, having 2 young children has been hard on my tan cloth seats. Other than that I have no complaints, my car has taken me and my family all over the south east and the ride is very comfortable.

- Jessica R

Family- friendly sedan for an affordable price.

The Hyundai sonata is a very family friendly sedan. It is very spacious, rides very smoothly and is low on gas. The best part about the car is even though it is low in cost, it feels very luxurious. I also love how you can change the drive from sport to eco depending on how you like to drive your vehicle and you can also switch from manual to automatic drive which is nice.

- Leah J

It has Bluetooth and backup camera to enhance your driving

My car is very comfortable and smooth driving. It provides on a screen the number of speed you are going along with the speedometer. It has a backup camera that is very accurate to help when backing out. It has Bluetooth audio so I can play my music and make phone calls. It has a big trunk for storage. It is one of the best cars I have owned since I first started driving.

- Tiffany M

Spacious, affordable, and sporty!

I have had my car since 2015. I have kept up with all oil changes and a few other services that were suggested along the way. They were very routine services such as air filters and a 60,000 mile service. I wish that it had a GPS system that you did not have to pay each year for. That has been the biggest disappointment. Overall, I have been very satisfied with my vehicle.

- Courtney B

Great car, super reliable

Really reliable and safe. Roomy for a sedan - enough leg room for even my 6'5' brother. I bought it with under 30k miles on it about four years ago. I've put 75k miles on it since, and had no car problems. The only thing that's annoying is that the air and oil filters aren't ones that quick oil change places carry so I have to go to the dealership to get those replaced.

- Lizzie F

My 2015 sonata. Love the race car feel.

The performance is very good, love the ability to switch between 3 drive modes, eco,sport, and regular. The steering wheel is the best part, feels like you're in a race car. Really nice. On the other hand the ride is hard, like it needs shocks or maybe better wheels. I purchased this car used, still under mfr warranty, and getting maintenance is smooth to this point.

- Eugene B

Hyundai sonata is a great family car.

I bought my 2015 Hyundai Sonata because it was a great price. I really like the way the sonata drives. The ride is very smooth and comfortable. My car has an ego engine and is great on gas. The Sonata is a midsize car and perfect for me because I drive my grandchildren around and I feel very safe when the kids are in the car. I also really like the style of my car.

- Denise G

Hyundai Sonata Limited Best Value Sedan

Love the mpg performance, safety features, GPS and performance. It has a great warranty of 100k miles and 10 year. It's safety features include blind spot detection. Individual climate control and heating and cooling seating are a definite plus. Electronic driver side seat adjustments is also a great feature. There is a very roomy trunk with netting to secure items.

- Mary M

Turbo engine Sonata has great drivability

The Sonata has been a great and reliable vehicle. The comfort of the interior and the drivability make it the perfect car for me. The interior is very easy to care for and to keep clean. The exterior paint is a great color and has held up well. The turbo engine is the feature that really sold me on this car. I love how easy it is to drive and to accelerate.

- April H

Disappointment in my Hyundai Sonata.

I was used to a two door vehicle and this is a four door, does not drive smooth plus it is very loud hearing all the vehicles and other noises outside the vehicle, which now I have a hearing problem. My old car, old's , loved that car, smoothed and fast driving, very quiet hardly heard anything outside the vehicle. They do not make cars like they used to.

- Kathy W

100, 000 miles or 10 year warranty included.

The technology is phenomenal. . . Power seats (driver & passenger side), front seat warmers & coolers, rear seat heaters, panoramic roof, powered sunroof & moonroof, leather interior, steering wheel warmer, individual climate control, 8in display monitor, HDMI, Pandora/Bluetooth capabilities with built in navigation. . . Luxury car at an affordable price!

- Kristen I

It is a comfortable ride.

I have enjoyed my car. I bought it in February, 2018. I did have to replace two belts over the summer, but it was minor and not expensive. I get decent gas mileage, it has a nice interior, although it is nothing fancy. The color is a nice, gray color. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles I wanted, I am pleased with it and the performance.

- Beth Z

The melody of a 2015 Hyundai Sonata.

My vehicle is very spacious and gets excellent gas mileage. I have two annoyances with my car: 1) when I put the car in park, all the doors unlock. I do not think that is a safe feature, especially when children are in the car. 2) when I plug my phone in, music on my phone instantly begins to play. Music should not start just because I plug my phone in.

- Madison P

Red Sonata with heated and cooled seats, sunroof, and is heated steering wheel.

We have had excellent performance with this car. No serious problems. No serious issues. It gets excellent gas mileage and it has a very excellent warranty. My wife and I are very happy with the service we get from the local dealer. When we drive on long trip we are very happy with the comfortable ride. The GPS helps us get to where ever we are going.

- Sam M

Comfortable interior, great ride on main roads.

It has a rattle in the driver side dash that the dealership can't identify or fix. It only seems to happen in the warmer months, not in the colder months. Has a lot of vibration on the interstate, so much so that the cups rattle in the cup holder. But the features our great. The seats are comfortable and the car is very roomy in the front and back.

- Leslie O

Best car that I've ever owned

I love the features that my car has to offer. The leather seats are amazing, and with heating and cooling seats, I don't have to worry about my car being Black in the Texas heat. The screen with navigation is very helpful, and the car's trim is impeccable. I've owned the car only for a little bit now, but it's never given me any problems, its great.

- Jacob S

Sonata great car for the price.

Nice car great gas mileage lots of extras for the price. Lots of interior room spacious trunk. Very comfortable drives great very good during winter months. Nice sound system. Easy to operate on screen system. Nice looking car looks way more expensive than the price tag. In three years no mechanical issues. Dealership has a great service department.

- Scott W

Sonata Hybrid Review on luxury

The car is good on gas. It's not as luxurious as other limited cats. It has many upgrades, but I am used to more detailed upgrades. For example if the tire goes low it does not tell you which one or what the pressure is. I have already had problems with the hybrid battery. It was repaired for free because it is warranted for 10 years I believe

- Courtney C

2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

I haven't had any problems with my sonata in the almost 3 years I've had it. I've kept up on oil changes and company recalls etc. and have had no issues. It performs really well and is extremely comfortable and reliable. As far as features, a touch screen entertainment system or blind spot monitors would've been nicer but overall I'm very satisfied

- Eric G

As I have said great car it's our third and we expect to get another.

It's our third one, love it. Very reliable great on gas handles well. The service is great very professional and prompt. I intend to purchase a new one when the lease expires in February. As for the comfort and creature features, they can not be beat, the best is the backup camera which gives a great view of what is behind you when backing up.

- Richard G

Great car for the price point!

I am very pleased with the car and the manufacturer. They stand behind their product. The car has an excellent 100,000 mile guarantee. It gets excellent mileage, has excellent performance and so far has had no difficulties.. The options in this particular vehicle are great and regularly used. Lastly the price point for the car was very good.

- Greg S

Stylish and sleek smooth ride comfortable not for long car rides.

Performs great - smooth ride. Seats could be more comfortable. Not suitable for long drives. I get uncomfortable in it after about an hour. Trunk is decent size for a sedan. I did have a problem with a recall that I was not notified about until after I had the issue and the company did not pay for me to have a rental while they fixed their issue.

- Marie S

Beautiful car, with awesome abilities.

It is a nice car with great features. It has amazing radio and the space is really nice. The seats are also very durable and easy to move if needed. There is also plenty of places to charge your phone if needed with a cord. The paint also has a really nice glossy finish. If you are to get one I recommend getting a red one since they're so pretty.

- A B

Large interior, good quality.

The sonata is very roomy and comfortable. I enjoy this car very much. The maintenance on it is a little expensive, but not terrible. Despite being a 4 l engine, it is not very good on gas. I am guessing that is to do with how large it is. I average 25 mpg, mostly city driving. I usually hit around 30 mpg on the highway. Overall, it is a good car.

- Jake W

The best vehicle on the road.

I started driving this car in high school and it has been my best friend ever since. I have taken it on 10 hour + road trips with no problem. It is rather spacious considering how small it looks on the outside. My favorite feature would have to be the review camera. It is very clear and pretty accurate on the space you have between other cars.

- Ayana C

Dependable, sporty, do it all family sedan.

This Sonata 2.0t marries fuel efficiency with peppy performance in one car. It comes with many safety features standard. The sedan is a very comfortable family sedan built to last. Looks aggressive but not overly aggressive. The only dislike is the factory tires did not last very long and required a 2 tire replacement within the 1st 2 years.

- Patrick P

Sonata limited is an exceptional car at a great price point

I love the limited version of the Hyundai Sonata. It has cooled and heated seats, big touchscreen display, awesome sunroof, and rides super smooth. I do wish the navigation could be updated for a reasonable amount of money. It is way too high since it needs to be updated every couple of years. I also wish it had a cooling steering wheel.

- Mary W

Reliable, roomy, and perfect for my family of 4.

I drive a 2015 Hyundai Sonata. I have had no issues whatsoever with this car. Gas mileage is fantastic, I find myself filling up only twice a month. Cruise control figuration is easy to figure out. Roomy interior. Large trunk. The only thing I would change is the sound system/speakers. I feel like they get staticy above a certain volume.

- Kerry P

Great car, drives well, with no problems after a year of steady driving.

Our car drives very well and gets pretty great gas mileage. It's been pretty reliable so far with the only issue being that once or twice the steering wheel has locked up while parked, engine off with the fix being simply to turn the key and wheel together with a bit of jiggling until it releases. Otherwise it's not yet had any problems.

- Victoria S

It looks great, drives great, has lots of power and lots of room.

I love the look of the car. It's got great sporty design while also being big enough to transport enough people comfortably. I love the power that it has getting off the line. It accelerates smoothly and quickly. I don't like the light gray interior. It stains easily but on the other hand it keeps it from getting too warm in the summer.

- Rachel k

Do not buy Hyundai. Lease or you are stuck with it forever!

The throttle response when I accelerate is terrible. If I floor it to catch speed the car lags and it is put me in dangerous situations that require me to speed up or move. I constantly have to drive it in sport mode and do my own shifting. The resale value is terrible. I have owned it 4 years and I am still 5k upside down on my loan.

- Luis O

Beautiful blue Safe Sonata

This vehicle is very comfortable and very safe to drive. It saves on gas and is very reliable. I have never had any major issues with my vehicle. I would definitely recommend to everyone. The inside is very beautiful and clean looking. It is also a great first car for high school students it will definitely keep them safe on the road.

- Alicia V

Good value for the money.

Not much bad to say. The car is comfortable, opted for the leather and the heated seats for more comfort. It also has the 2. 0 turbo, so it has plenty of pick-up. I am at approximately 52, 000 miles and have not had one issue with the car thus far. The car gets about 26-30 mpg which is fantastic for the mainly city driving that I do.

- Matt L

Most reliable vehicle to date!!

My vehicle is extremely reliable and has had very little car issues. I am very happy with it and plan on purchasing another one in the next year. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I have a white car with gray interior which is easy to keep clean as well. I would highly recommend this Hyundai to anyone including my children!

- Laura G

2015 sonata: great upgrade from 2011 sonata.

I love my 2015 Hyundai sonata. The ride is quiet and it handles to road great. It is very comfortable and the options are good. I average 20 - 25 mpg driving the suburbs. The only issue is the collision sensor goes off at strange times. I like the touch screen for the radio/navigation system and occasionally use the back-up camera.

- Debbie B

My cat looks very sporty yet the interior is more sedan style which I love

They only problem that I have with this vehicle is within the audio components. When a call rings into my car through my Bluetooth it comes across extremely LOUD. You the volume and f the sailing in cannot be adjusted. However on the flip side of that the audio of the call is very low and people have complained they cannot hear me

- Susan H

I just love Stella, my sonata.

I love my car! It drives great, gets excellent gas mileage, is comfortable and roomy, and reliable. The only issues I have had with it are the dash and center console do not turn on sometimes. Everything works but there is nothing on the display and no lights. I have taken it in several times and they cannot figure out what it is.

- Megan O

Hyundai Sonata is a reliable car. Good value for your money.

I absolutely love my Hyundai Sonata!! I have put many miles on it and it performs very well. It is comfortable. It is sleek looking. But mostly I find this car very reliable. I put many highway miles on my car going back and forth to work and for soccer games/tournaments. As long as you maintain the car well it will run well.

- Christine P

All inclusive the car almost drives itself. Pure luxury, affordable price.

Love my car! Heated steering, leather seats, sun and moon roof, sound system is awesome. The only problem is trying to get connected to blue link. Gets excellent gas mileage, both highway and city. The cruise control is the best. It almost 'drives itself'. It will speed up and slow down depending on the traffic you are in.

- Michele R

Fantastic safety features: combines comfort and safety at reasonable price.

It is a limited with blind spot warning, auto dimmer lock guts, backup mirrors, GPS, lane departure warning, auto braking, heated seats front and back, cool seats front, heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof. It gets good mileage., very comfortable with seats adjusted automatically to driver. Cannot say enough about it!

- Iris M

Hyundai sonata sport edition.

I like the sport mode but I find it really kills the gas mileage. I will say the car handles beautifully on the road. Long road trips are a blast in it. The seats are super comfortable and the heated seats are a bonus. I would gladly purchase one again. The biggest drawback is the repair costs can be an arm and a leg.

- Jeffrey S

Love My Car. .Smooth ride, good safety features.

I like the keyless starter. I like the sound indicator that another vehicle is close by. My vehicle has a smooth ride on freeways and long road trips. The roomiest of the rear seats makes the driving experience for passengers(especially those with long legs) very comfortable. It has good gas mileage that saves money.

- Winnie T

Would highly recommend...

Well appointed vehicle for the price point. Nice ride, enough power, and roomy. Has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have owned. Like the available space in cabin and trunk areas. Also appreciate the three drive modes of economy, comfort,and sport. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a mid size sedan.

- John B

My car drives very smooth. I have very little road noise and I am very comfortable even on long car rides

I Love the color of my car, the look and the comfort it offers. The built in Navigation system is a big help for me and takes the stress out of getting anywhere. I also Love the monthly car health reports I get in my email. I do not like the remote stare feature that requires a phone app that does not always work.

- Connie G

It's better than Honda or Toyota! And it has good gas mileage and speedy pick-up

I love the color - red - and I love that's it's kind of sporty looking. I also really love the hands-free, phone-through-the-radio feature. The mileage is also really good and it has great pick-up. The only thing I wish I could change is that water drips directly into the trunk from the lid when the trunk is open.

- Sharon H

Great car for the money! Test drive one today!

No problems with the car at all. Fun to drive, has Bluetooth, and free navigation system. Also has blue link, for on the road assistance. I enjoy the heated seats, and Sirius radio. The performance is very good, and it is fun to drive. I would definitely consider purchasing this model of car again in the future.

- Debbie C

Details about 2015 Hyundai Sonata.

The dash is sometimes confusing. There is a lot going on so the amount of buttons can be a bit much. The car runs very smoothly, I have not had any performance issues except for the battery one time. It is able to be connected to Bluetooth which is great and makes it safe to talk on the phone while in the car.

- Kelsey P

The Hyundai Sonata is a great car for a great price

My car is very good on gas and low on maintenance. The Bluetooth feature comes in handy for syncing with my mobile devices. My only problem is that the car didn't come with a spare tire. It is a very reliable vehicle that is good on road trips and also for travel around the city. I would definitely recommend.

- Alex D

It is an outstanding value, and an excellent bang for the buck proposition.

I love my Sonata sport turbo! I really appreciate the higher than average ground clearance for a sedan. I love the long list of great features such as heated & ventilated seats and a great Infinity sound system. This car is very comfortable and fun to drive. The visibility and maneuverability is excellent.

- Jeff N

Braided electrical issues it is a great car. No motor issues

There are a lot recalls, and I have had electrical issues with my car since I bought it. My left blinker has never worked, and no matter how many times it gets fixed or replaced it doesn't work. Same with my radio. It shorts out all the time. Even after being looked at mechanics say it's an electrical issue.

- Nicole G

So much fun to drive with Bluetooth, 3 drive modes, and very detailed displays

Occasionally the blind spot indicator light won't go off and the controller to adjust the driver seat position doesn't always work. Everything else is great. Bluetooth connects to five phones, eco and sport mode make the drive really fun. The front seats are leather and cloth so not too bad in the summer.

- Kim P

Hybrids not well suited for short commutes.

Hybrid system is touchy and is apparently not well suited for short commutes. I wish would've known that before I purchased it. The hybrid system needs ample time to recharge the main battery otherwise the hybrid battery is not able to charge. Had I known this before, I would have purchased an all gas car.

- John D

Great car. Would definitely purchase another Sonata when ready.

I have about 46000 and have had no problems. It is the Sonata limited. Very comfortable and good handling car. Has okay acceleration. Air conditioning works great. GPS has a large screen and easy to understand. The cruise control is great. Senses the car in front of you and automatically adjusts the speed.

- Louis B

Great car all the way around.

The car has great performance, is reliable and has tremendous comfort with all the features and functions you could, very low maintenance cost. Has great gas mileage up to thirty miles per gallon on the interstate. Has built in wi-fi and handles great in the city. Great car for the price and good warranty.

- Paul B

The Ultimate Budget Friendly Vehicle!

I absolutely love my sonata. It has seats for all 5 members of my family, and a bluetooth system that connects to your phone. You can play music, call hands free etc. the exterior is a deep blue and interior is a warm. Mileage is amazing too. Would recommend for families looking for an economical vehicle.

- Kyleigh W

Good conditions but some problems in technical support and reliability.

My car has a reliable system of. Dependability and it can navigate well to the point where it stops quickly with reliable brake systems. The drive is smooth. Recently I had some damage to my vehicle. It currently has technical failure in the claxon and rear outer car on the wheel makes a screeching sound.

- Sarah M

The car that got me out of my SUV.

My Sonata is comfortable, reliable, and overall one of the best cars I have owned. Great warranty too. I have had it for three plus years and have not had any problems with the car. Hyundai cars have come a long way and have really become one of the most reasonably priced and reliable cars on the market.

- Renee R

High performing hybrid Sonata.

This car has a great look and gets amazing mileage as it is a hybrid. The car is a smooth and comfortable ride that is great for long commutes. In addition, this vehicle has been extremely reliable with only normal wear and tear. Highly recommend anyone to consider a Sonata hybrid for their next vehicle.

- Jessica K

Comfortable and very reliable.

Very roomy, great leg room, lots of storage and cup holder space. Backseat flip down cup holder console. Huge trunk. Excellent in the snow. This is my third Hyundai and will always be my car of choice. Very reliable and low maintenance. The customer service is excellent. Very quiet and comfortable ride.

- Pamela W

Very reliable car, lots of highway driving. Never had any trouble from the car.

Reliable for lots of highway driving. I drive 40 miles one way daily for work and my car has over 100k miles and hasn't had any major issues. I bought the car in 2016 and have only had to have routine maintenance on my vehicle. My car has been reliable considering the amount of travel I require for work

- Rae R

It is a very stylish and comfortable vehicle to drive in.

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata is a fantastic car. Its design is very efficient and stylish. It comes with cool LED daytime running lamps, a sports drive mode that feels great and amazing fuel economy. This car also feels great to drive it's very comfortable. A Lot of space in the trunk and passenger seats.

- Jabari F

2015 Hyundai Sonata. I love it!

I love all the room. There is plenty of legroom and plenty of trunk space. The bad thing is that it is really low and you have to be careful not to pull up and over a cement parking slab. I like the location of the vents. They give off a good Breeze. There's plenty of legroom in the back seat also.

- Debbie S

2015 Hyundai Sonata, clean and quick

It's great and drives smooth. I love the car and I haven't had any issues. It has a lot of space inside and gives enough room in the back seat. It is a perfect balance between luxury and economy. The radio set up is also very nice. The seats are comfortable and offer a wide range of customizations.

- Erica G

The highlights of a vehicle I was unsure of and turns out to be a great purchase

Really don't have any problems with this car. Just doing the oil change maintenance is all that I needed. The ride is smooth, I love the all the amenities that come with the car and the price. Overall I'm happy with this car. I don't see any if my molding coming off or the seats falling apart.

- Gracie J

average sonata 2015 s.e going from basic to above average

decent vehicle, performance is decent. the features aren't all that great. comfort level is average. it is reliable, things I hate the brake system. decent vehicle, performance is decent. the features aren't all that great. comfort level is average. it is reliable, things I hate the brake system.

- walter T

Spacious, affordable, and reliable vehicle.

My Hyundai Sonata was an affordable vehicle that provided me a few extra upgrades at a good price. The vehicle provides room for three car seats in the back seat. This is my second Hyundai I have purchased and both have been reliable vehicles. The vehicle also had a 10 year 100, 000 mile warranty.

- Jo N

My Car is a Smooth, Sleek Runner, and it is My Favorite

My vehicle performs very well. It runs smooth, is easy to control, and has a lot of space for its size. Currently, the air in the car is going in and out, but that's my fault. I'm a bit behind in getting it checked out. When I do, I'm sure it will be running as great as it did when I first got it.

- Annie G

All, around Great reliable Car

Reliable car, all the bells and whistles, even 2 exhaust pipes. Great looking car, good quality interior. Just got it so no problems just yet. Quite impressed with sound system and customizable features. Very comfortable seats including seat heating and passenger customizable temperature,control.

- Alicia K

Smooth sailing with my sonata.

I haven't experienced any specific problems with my vehicle outside of typical maintenance upkeep. It rides beautifully since the first day I got it. There's more than enough leg room. It is a comfy ride for both me and any passengers I have had. I personally think my car does very well on gas.

- Ariel T

Talking mirrors, hitting sits, calling from a car, hands free

Never had any problems with it. I like warming up sites, talking mirrors, comfortable sitting. Not too crazy expensive to change tiers, if you change oil on Hyundai it will be expensive but you can ask for coupons, pain on car started a little come out after 4 years, just a little in one place.

- Linda G

It is a very safe car. It has sensors on the mirrors to let you know of upcoming cars behind you for when you go to switch lanes. The backup camera lets you know if anything is in your line of view when backing up and this is especially safe when it comes to children running around in a parking lot that might not be seen without the back up camera.

I love how technologically advanced my car is. The color of it is beautiful, pearl white. I feel very safe because of all the driving assist items it contains. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't have a sunroof and it doesn't have memory seats. I wish it had a bigger screen for the radio.

- Kate J

Comfortable, Bluetooth, and just and overall good made car.

I love my car, we take it to get regular maintenance, and oil changes. We have driven it every time when go away. Have not had any problems, my car is comfortable, heated seats, my car also drives well. Tinted windows, and many things are now come standard is Hyundai's. I do recommend Hyundai.

- Michele J

Hyundai Sonata - great vehicle.

The interior of the car is very roomy and spacious. Has all the amenities anyone would need. Love the fact that there is Bluetooth built in, the speaker works very well and have never had issues. The car drives very smoothly and is quiet. Do wish the car had a bit more power when accelerating.

- Savannah D

Spacious and Safe 2015 Sonata

I am a huge fan of my car. I appreciate the safety features of the car such as a Smart Cruise Control and the Blind Spot Mirror. I also like the spaciousness of the car as I am a college student who attends school 9 hours away. So, the extra room is extremely necessary when moving in and out.

- Marie S

Overall best driving experience!!

The sonata has performed better than any car I have driven in the past. One of the features I love the most if the ability to switch from eco driving to sport driving. The car provides reliability, comfort, features that are up to date with technology, and best of all, it is very affordable!

- Sara R

Hyundai had the best price with all the extra features.

I purchased my car in 2015 and aside from normal maintenance, I have not had to make any repairs on my vehicle. It is very spacious, rides and drives smooth and comfortable to drive. For the budget I had to spend, the Hyundai Sonata had all the features I was looking for and could afford.

- Tracy B

The PERFECT commuter car. Roomy, trunk has as much space as an SUV!

Turbo really gets up and goes. Absolutely love the options, full moonroof, a/c seats helps in Phoenix summers. I have a 2 year old son so the built in sun shades for the back windows are god sends. Absolutely no problems so far and gets GREAT gas mileage. I'm keeping this car until it dies!

- Noelle F

The Hyundai Sonata 2.0T limited is a great everyday car.

The Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Limited is the best. There is 3 drive options regular, sport, eco. You get great mpg. The car comes with shades on the back passenger windows. There are seat warmers for every seat. Multiple charging stations. Good family car with lots of space in the car and trunk.

- Monica W

Comfortable vehicle that is great for family.

Have. Not had any serious problems. It is too big as I do not drive any real distance. The gas mileage is not bad for the size of the car. It is very comfortable and the trunk space is great. Comfortably sits five people. Back seat does fold down to make room in trunk for longer objects.

- Robin C

I love my sonata and this is my reason why.

I have never had a problem with my Hyundai sonata. It is very reliable, comfortable to drive and I feel very safe in it. The features are relatively simple for your modern day car with Bluetooth, front radio screen and eco or sport driving modes. The inside is sleek and stylish for anyone.

- Allison T

It has a great amount of room.

The Hyundai Sonata is efficient it gets the job done. If you are looking for a sporty-ish car this wouldn't be for you. But it does have good speed and it has eco and sport settings to help control your gas. Which can also help you customize your car. It is very sleek and elegant looking.

- Michelle B

The car is reliable, comfortable and easy to maintain

WE love this car. It is a beautiful shade of blue, the service package we bought with the car has been helpful. We can get in and get everything fixed, like oil changes and new tires with no cost to us. it was simple to purchase and below the amount we were figuring to purchase a vehicle.

- Wendy C

Hyundai Sonata: not as great as we thought it would be!

I love the look of my car and when we first bought it the whole family loved it. But now we are having a lot of issues with it and we've only had it for about 3 years. We've had to take the car in several times for various issues. There have also been a lot of recalls on parts on our car.

- Brooke L

A Fantastic Beginner-Friendly Vehicle

The performance of my vehicle is excellent. I bought my vehicle used but it runs like a charm. The steering is great. Only a subtle turning of the wheel is necessary to turn your car. For the brakes, the amount of pressure needed is very minuscule. The seats are very comfortable as well.

- May L

Great car for the price. Good reliability and low maintenance costs.

The car is large and comfortable. I really enjoy the heated leather seats in the car, they are so comfortable and necessary on a chilly day. As far as performance goes, I have to 2.0T model and that has more than enough power as well as giving great fuel economy in the 28-30 mpg average.

- Matthew L

Full size Sonata with good gas mileage.

Our car has been very reliable. No issues so far. It is comfortable and has the room we needed for our family. It is a full size vehicle but has kind of a sporty look. Back and rear windows are tinted to keep the heat down. We have replaced the cabin filter, which is very easy to get to.

- Laurie H

This car is a good car well priced and helpful with letting you know any issues

I love my car!! I have great gas mileage! My car never runs into issues! If anything is wrong with the car the screen will let you know! It is a good price car but looks very good and very nice! It is very lightweight and easy to drive! The brakes are good! And the car speeds very well!

- Ashley L

The back seat is very roomy and would be a good choice for a family.

First, I like the color, red. It's very stylish on the outside and very roomy and comfortable on the inside. I like the backup camera and the bluetooth capability. The driver's seat is very comfortable with lumbar support. The trunk is very large. The A/C takes a little long to kick in.

- Carole W

It gets really good gas mileage.

I really like my car. It is been very reliable. It gets really good gas mileage. The only problem that I have with it is that it is not the most comfortable car. It is better than others that we test drove though. Also, I wish it had air vents in the back. It gets a bit warm back there.

- Christi L

Bought it used, but better than my old one

The left passenger shade is broken, the Bluetooth/radio is very finicky. I like the way it drives! It starts which is amazing and a 100 percent improvement from my last car! I feel like it sounds like a helicopter sometimes though. I did buy my car used too but it starts and has Windows

- Rosa S

I like the rear seat lays down and gives more storage space for larger items.

This is my second Sonata. I will probably buy another one after this one gets too many miles and years on it. I think it is a dependable and good looking automobile. I like the items on the car and what it looks like and it is very comfortable. It is very easy and comfortable to drive.

- Carol C

My vehicle is a great car.

I do not have any problems with my car. My car is good on gas it is drives great. It is very comfortable it is clean it runs good. The car is nice.It's reliable the engine is great the air in the cat is very cold. I love color of the car inside and out. I just like everything about it.

- Tina B

Hyundai fun to drive and comfortable.

Fun to drive and handles well. Seats are pretty comfortable. It is sporty looking but roomy. There is plenty of room in the back seat. Gets very good gas mileage. Mine has the added benefit of heated seats. We haven't had any problems with it in the three months that we have owned it.

- Janet A

The reliable 2015 Hyundai sonata.

I love my car, it is the right size it drives good, it's good on gas. It lets me know when I need fluids, it tells me when vehicles are close to me when I am driving. I can sync my phone so I do not have to hold it while I drive. I can get driving directions in my car, and save them.

- Mia A

I drive. a 2015 Hyundai Sonata

The car is great. Very roomy, reliable, easy to keep up maintenance, and very affordable. I get amazing gas mileage on this vehicle. The maintenance warnings are always on time.. Hyundai has done an amazing job with the features. Looks like a high end car for a more affordable price.

- Tara B

Nice sporty car love my ride.

No major problems so far comfortable ride lots of gadgets inside car heated seats, back up screen great sound system car side mirror with signal feature nice screen on dashboard great performance 6 cylinder engine great color on the car air conditioning my car is the sporty version.

- Robert W

The interior is one of a kind

The vehicle really drives smoothly, me and my girlfriend love how great the interior is and how the key is also the device to unlock and lock the doors also pop the trunk. The radio is amazing we both can Bluetooth our music in the car if we wanted to and the speakers are immaculate

- Terrence C

We have the two liter turbo and it is so quick.

I love the features, comfort, speed, and quality of my Hyundai. I will always buy Hyundai’s after owning this one. Hyundai has an amazing warranty and I have never been to an unprofessional location run by them. The car runs so well and is the most reliable car I have ever driven.

- Savannah B

Love the different drive modes on this car.

The car has a lot more room than what it 1st seems especially in the back seat. I love the fact that there are 3 different drive modes eco, sport, and normal. The eco is great when u need to save gas driving around town and the sport is nice when your in a hurry and on the freeway.

- Shelly L

Car details for Hyundai Sonata.

Great comfortable seating with a large trunk area. Totally automatic with on steering wheel Bluetooth phone answering and calling. Has on steering wheel cruise control and radio controls. Has six radio setting with six stations on each setting and has area for 5 Bluetooth pairings.

- Angela B

It's a turbo and the mileage it gets is very good, especially being a turbo

I love the car, it's a very reliable vehicle and overall very comfortable. I funny like that the passenger see seat cannot be raised, it feels like you're sitting on the floor. The side view mirrors are also a hindrance at times when driving, not giving me a clear view in turning.

- Rebecca B

Transmission problems with this car.

I have been having problems with my transmission and they cannot figure out why. There have been numerous recalls on my car. I like my car it just feels like there is always something going wrong with it. I want to trade mine in as soon as possible. Be careful if you buy this car.

- Amber J

My Sonata gets very good gas mileage for traveling.

Some maintenance items such as air filter must be done by the dealership. The car is easy to drive and park. So far, the car has been reliable and gets very good gas mileage for traveling. I personally like a car that is a little bit bigger and the ride could be a little smoother.

- Susan D

Verykool for younger people like myself and it had 2. 0 turbo.

It is turbo 2. 0. It's very fast and gets about 30 mpg. It did have a few recalls but I got it fix. It does ride very good and sometimes I seem a bit low to the ground. I did have a few problems with the wires inside you car. The lights would go off and on at night the headlights.

- Eric H

Great gas mileage and ample space.

I love this car. The gas mileage is the best feature. I average about 40 miles to the gallon. Additionally it camp comfortable hold 3 car seats in the back and the trunk space is great. It is slow when it takes off and the brakes are very touchy. Otherwise it is a great vehicles.

- Aspen G

It is very dependable and reliable.

I love the excellent gas mileage my car gets. I used to drive a minivan so I enjoy the agility of a smaller sized car. It is comfortable and user-friendly. My only complaint would be that the backseat seat belts lock up regularly on my kids and don't fit larger people very well.

- Jennifer W

Superior value for the money

I love all the standard luxury features on this particular model. It also gets great mileage. The ride is particularly smooth because of the 17 inch tires. It also has a very sporty but luxurious body type. The leather interior is designed with comfort and functionality in mind.

- Debra S

About my Hyundai Sonata and how I love my car

I love this car, good on gas, having no problems out of the car. I keep the car maintenance with oil changes as needed and any other minor things like, brakes, windshield wipers, cleaning the car out: vacuuming, wiping down to keep the interior shiny and looking new. Smell goods

- Tiffany W

4 years,33000 miles, no problems

I haven't had any issues with my car. I've had the car brand new and it is now 4 years old with 33000 miles on it now. I get it serviced regularly. I get around 25 miles a gallon. Full tank is 500 miles. I've had it in snow and now issues with traction. It's the base version.

- Geno J

It is very roomy and reliable. Very good in the inclement weather.

Love the body style. The trunk is nice and roomy. The gas mileage is not as good as I would like it to be. It is very good on brakes and tires. It goes good in the snow and rain. Always starts, never had an issue. The car is very reliable and I would definitely buy another one.

- Richard W

Great car, very reliable. I love my car & think everyone would too!

I had leased this car and when the time was up, I decided to purchase it from the dealership. I have had zero problems with my car. I just wish I had bought it first and not leased it in the beginning. At this point in time my next car will be the same. It's been a great car!

- Maureen M

Hyundai Sonata is a great car to have if you like to have space.

The car is very spacious. Very good on gas. It has three different driving speeds. Runs really well. Gets you from point A to B. Before getting the car it had good reviews on it. I give the car five stars. What more else can I say about the car. It is an excellent car to have.

- Natasha W

Hyundai Sonata review 2015 of overall car.

The car has no issues as of right now and have about 40k miles on it. Does well in highway gas mileage but not as well in city for gas mileage. I like the roominess of the car and the backseat is not cramped. The heated seats are not too powerful compared to the Elantra model.

- Alyssa B

My Sonata gets great gas mileage.

I have only had one major problem with the hybrid battery. It took a long time to diagnose and 5 weeks to repair. Luckily the hybrid battery has a lifetime warranty and the cost was nothing. I get great mileage 37 to 39 mpg. I have had no other major issues with this vehicle.

- Monica D

My Hyundai Sonata. I like my car, the doors are just so heavy.

The doors are very heavy, if you are parked on a incline the door starts to close on you. With windows closed its a quiet ride. Also the ride is smooth. Very roomy, great for adult passengers. Solar glass is wonderful as it filters the sun, one drawback solar glass scratches.

- Josephine C

The 2015 Sonata Hyundai white looking German shepherd.

The vehicle that I personally own right now is 2015 Hyundai Sonata type. It is limited sport edition. It has wooden grain on driver and passenger side. The exhaust shield on the passenger side is dented. The paint at the rear is also chipped. It runs smooth, no squeaky noise.

- Kwame D

It is a pretty great little car.

Some of my favorite features include: the backup camera; different drive modes (sport or eco); Bluetooth for phone and audio; and my XM radio. I love that the system does a check every time the car is turned on to make sure all fluid levels are good, tire pressure, temps etc.

- Christina B

Sonata is favorable, comfortable and efficient.

I have loved my Sonata from the minute I sat behind the wheel. It drives smoothly, gets great gas mileage. The safety features are wonderful! The rear camera is clear. The sound system sounds good even when using the phone. The lumbar support help when driving long distances.

- Regina J

Great family care with plenty of power & room!

Great handling, very comfortable ride while driving or as passenger in the front or back. Has power when you need it & gets decent gas mileage. Has options for driving such as eco mode to save on gas even more or if towing or in mountainous area, you can go to sport mode.

- Carla J

It�s family oriented and luxurious all in one

It's comfortable and spacious it gives you the luxury to drive in normal economy or sport if you're feeling a bit Adventurous. It is fully loaded so it has all the cool features you need such as lane departure warning, collision warning, and even the cooling and heated seats

- Sonia A

Problems with oils consumption, other than that it is an amazing vehicle.

Problems with the oil consumption, really comfortable and a smooth driver, I love the keyless start and the heated and cooled seats, amazing daily driver, highly recommend to anyone considering buying this vehicle, the only problem I have come across was the oil consumption.

- Travis G

Very reliable and nice family car

It has been really reliable to get to and from work. I have not had any issues with it at all. It has a roomy back seat for my daughter and dog if needed. The trunk is huge and can fit a ton of things of needed. I love the back up camera and being able to call from my phone.

- Katie V

White Hyundai Sonata. Funky horn.

I enjoy this car. The gas mileage is great and the ride is smooth. It is easy to handle and maintenance is not costly. The only complaint I have is that it does not have air vents on the center console for the backseat passengers. Lots of trunk space and several cup holders.

- Jessica S

Economic, comfortable, strong, and surrender

So far is so good, the car is very comfortable, economic on gas, strong, and has a very modern line, Despite being from 2015, it can be well compared to any of 2019. Its strength in the engine and its capacity for long trips make it a very competitive car. Very recommended.

- Gary G

My car is amazing and has a lot of features!

It drives really smooth. The seats are very comfortable and the back is very spacious. It has a touchscreen radio, apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and seat warmers! It also is push to start, and if you activate the blue link you will be able to start, lock, beep from your phone.

- karen A

Why I love my Hyundai Sonata.

I really love my 2015 Hyundai Sonata. I have owned it for 9 months and haven't had a single problem. It runs incredibly smooth. It has three driving options - normal, eco, and sport. It comes with awesome features such as Bluetooth, USB, and aux. It gets great gas mileage.

- Ni S

Hyundai Sonata best car ever

I love this car. It's nice a roomie, has Bluetooth and you can get Sirius Radio. Drives really smooth on the freeway and it has also has a button to change to ECO friendly. Great gas mileage on the freeway! Has a system to tell you when you need to have your car serviced.

- Shay J

Comfort and convenience with special features to satisfy any passenger.

My car is very reliable and safe. I especially enjoy the camera view while in reverse. A good feature included is sun blockers built in the back windows. The heat seater provide comfort as well and the ability to control the temperatures between the driver and passenger.

- Jos A

Great gas mileage and you cannot lock your doors if the keys are in it.

I love that it is a hybrid and it has great gas mileage. It is a very comfortable car. The trunk is too small because of the battery. If I paid over 300 dollars a year I could start my car from my phone. I love the fact that it does not let you lock your keys in the car.

- Rebecca H

The sonata looks pretty nice and decent and somewhat futuristic from the outside

Haven't had any issues with it yet, It's pretty reliable, has lots of space compared to my old vehicle the Nissan Sentra. The only little problem I've had so far are the brakes, they keep making this high pitched noise when I brake. The tires are still in great condition

- Flores N

2015 Hyundai sonata midsize affordable.

I have not encountered any problems with my car whatsoever. Easy to drive, enough space front and back seats space. Big trunk. Very reliable, sat nav included. Would definitely recommend purchasing. Quiet materials with beautiful finishing. Muscular turbocharged engine.

- Alexandra S

Great car! Highly recommend!

My car has been very reliable so far. I love the seat warmers, sound system and spacious front seat. Heat and AC both work well and fast, especially in the extreme weather of Minnesota. Gas mileage is respectable and I haven't had any issues yet! Trunk is also spacious!

- Jessica W

Comfortable roomy vehicle.

My vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. The only problem with it is the seats stains easily. It also fits 2 car seats comfortably. It is great on gas & if you put the right oil in you only need an oil change every 7000-8000 miles. I love the Hyundai brand of cars.

- Tayler G

Very Pleased with my Hyundai Sonata!

This car is a great running, good looking vehicle that gets acceptable gas mileage. I do not have any issues with the car and Hyundai is great to deal with. I plan on keeping the car for a very long time. I have known people who have had 200,000 + miles on the car.

- Diane S

no get up and go, but gets great gas mileage

my 2015 great gas mileage, I can go 500 miles on one tank of gas. It lots of legroom, huge trunk that I can fit my kids bike and scooter in, great ac, I wish it had a driver's side armrest, and more get up and go, but for the gas mileage it gets its worth every penny.

- Virginia N

My 2015 Hyundai limited - black leather interior.

Leather seating quality is very thin. Wrinkles and rips extremely easily. The vehicle is very sporty for a 4-cylinder. I do not have the sport package, however the car does come with a "sport" mode that does boost the rpm's giving it a sportier feel while driving.

- Megan R

2015 gas-saving Sonata car.

The car is reliable, very spacious, large trunk. The car gets great gas mileage on the highway traveling long distances. Maintenance is minimal. Features are standard, no automatic seat features. Automatic everything else. No sunroof. Pricing for car very reasonable.

- Mel O

It is an affordable, sleek modern vehicle that is perfect for city driving

The car handles well and gets good gas mileage. It rides smooth and the hands free and voice capabilities are very beneficial. One is I've had is the 12v chargers no longer work so I can only use the USB port to charge an item which charges much slower than the 12v.

- Curtis C

Gas mileage and reliability

Great car drives well and has great control. The interior is very comfortable and the seats are still in great shape. It is very easy to clean and still has a ton of cargo space. It also gets very good gas mileage which is very important for me cause I drive a lot.

- Andrew D

Sonata delivers what it promises.

The car does everything it should. Even with all of the stop-and-go driving I do, it still averages close to 30 mpg. The trunk is cavernous! People are always amazed at how much it holds. Seats are comfortable and the driver's seat has some very useful adjustments.

- Barbara G

Hyundai sonata is a great car!

I love my Hyundai sonata because it's a very reliable car. It has no issues even though it's been used to compute day to day an hour away from my home. It has never broken down or had any major issues. Very dependable and I expect to get many more years out of it.

- Sandra M

It barely has problems and runs very smoothly

My vehicle is very good including its year which is 2015. It barely ever has problems and I keep all its parts changed and new. It runs very well and smooth. Seats are super comfortable and it's also very spacious in the back seat. The back seats are not cramped.

- Hector S

Comfortable Sonata for a family.

My car is comfortable, especially on long trips. This car is great for a family of two to four people. This car is easy to take care of so far. We all know that as they age cars begin to show problems. I haven't had any issues as of yet and I am at 78, 000 miles.

- Candace A

Love my Hyundai! Would not buy anything else

I love Hyundai cars! This is my third new Hyundai. Hyundai has always been reliable and never had a problem with performance and service. Keep you informed of recalls, maintenance services. My Sonata's have great leg room for clients or guest for long trips.

- Pam S

It's like a more expensive Honda or Nissan but so much less expensive and equally reliable.

I love the color - red, the sleek design, the gas mileage, legroom and trunk space. I don't like how the design of the trunk lid allows for water to drip directly into the trunk after a rain, and I don't like that I can't lower the back seat from inside the car.

- Sharon B

My vehicle is one of the best choices I have ever made.

I really haven't had any problems with the cat since I've had it. The performance is great. I drive it every day and it's a very reliable car. The gas mileage is awesome for all the traveling that I have to do for my family. It has enough room for my family size.

- Harrison H

Buy one they are a pretty good car for handling the road.

I like how it handles and very good gas mileage. I don't care to much for a four door car. I also like that it runs so smooth on the freeway and the headlight how they shine on the road it has kind of like a half of a moon on the top and straight on the bottom.

- Christopher W

By getting great mileage, it will take less fuel to operate, leaving a smaller footprint on the earth.

My husband insisted for me to be behind the wheel of a Hyundai after hearing about the safety features and rated very high in US and the way the company supports non-profits and gives back to the community. To me, the car is sexy, roomy and gets great mileage!


Reliable Sonata for family and fun

I have had no issues with my vehicle. It fits my family perfectly and has been very reliable. We have taken about four drives to California in this vehicle and have never worried about making it there or back. It looks very nice and allows me to use Bluetooth.

- Justin B

Stylish, compact Hyundai sonata.

This vehicle has good performance, is very reliable, but too small for my liking. I personally think it has a very appealing style for a small car and is one of the best options for a 4 door starter car. Decent if you have no kids or you have a small family.

- Lillian S

2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.0t sport

I haven't really had any issues. I am the second owner of the vehicle. Right after I bought it I had to replace the brake calipers but I think that issue came from the previous owner. Other than that, I haven't had issues other than just regular maintenance.

- Kim S

What I found after buying my first Hyundai vehicle.

This is my first time buying a Hyundai. I have found my Sonata to be very reliable. There have been no negative issues at all. The car rides very smoothly and is comfortable. There is plenty of room for passengers and belongings. I get very good gas mileage.

- Kathy S

Reliable, family car that is amazing on gas.

I have had my Hyundai for 3 years. It is been very reliable. It drives very smooth and is amazing on gas. It is the perfect size for a family of 3 or 4. I have only had to do your basic maintenance on it so far. No other issues. This is our primary vehicle.

- Gail W

Gas mileage on my car. How do I get better gas mileage.

Just the vehicle miles I feel like I should get more gas miles. I drive long distances to work and I feel like I should get better gas mileage. Maybe I can get better gas mileage by doing different things do not really know. If it is the car or if it is me.

- Brian F

Why a Hyundai sonata is the car for you.

It has a comfortable and smooth ride the heated seats are a definite plus in the winter. I love the look of the car and the fact that it has Bluetooth capability. Of course the length of the warranty is a definite plus. The back seat has nice leg room too.

- Karen E

Not as good of gas mileage as I had expected.

It is pretty decent on gas mileage but really not as good as I thought it would be. It is a little laggy. It is a roomy car but there is a lot to be desired in the fun department. The displays are blue which are really nice to look at and not harsh at all.

- Emily L

Cheap but effective sedan.

Overall really great. Drive it all the time, great gas mileage. Had some issues with check engine light, but was apple to repair for minor cost. It is not a very fast or luxurious car, but it is easy to drive, safe, reliable. Fits four people comfortably.

- Jenna C

Love my car and how it rides and drives.

It is very comfortable, reliable. It has been very dependable. When I drive I do not have to worry about it. It is also a very nice looking car. It like the features it has, hand features on the steering wheel, dual climates, Bluetooth, bush bottom start.

- Katrina L

The Hyundai Sonata looks sleek and drives nice.

I love the look of my car and how it drives. The backseat is very spacious and adds luxury items such as heated seats, window shades, and ac vents for passengers that sit in the backseat. The car has great mileage both on the highway and around the city.

- Stephanie B

Sleek velvety red sedan, very comfy cloth seat

I really like how low maintenance it is. It has very great gas mileage. The replacement of parts and repairs are very simple. It's very roomy even for 5 adults. I have the options of standard or Manual shifting. It is just the right size for what I need.

- Elizabeth H

Love it, the car is great.

Good and love it. A great vehicle and would like another one. Also great price and love it, would recommend to anyone looking for a car to buy. I know that I will stick with the brand and will most likely get another one when I decide to buy another car.

- Jill H

Hyundai Sonata for that sporty someone.

So far no issues with mechanics or reliability. The Sonata is very comfortable and spacious. The back seat has much more legroom than the average sedan as well. It does well in the snow and rain - normal drive performance for a sedan with severe weather.

- Natalie W

The sonata is a great family car, great for people that love to travel.

I really love the sonata. It drives very smooth. It has tons of rooms, which makes for comfortable trips. The trunk also has a lot of space, which is also nice for travel. I have had no problems at all from my sonata, and I have had it going on 5 years.

- Kaitlyn D

Great car! Motion sensors, heated seats, Bluetooth, backup view screen

This car has Bluetooth, seat warmers, backup viewfinder and blind spot motion sensors on the mirrors. When you are in reverse it always lets you know when traffic or a person is behind you. Great on gas. The driving is smooth. All around amazing car.

- Nicole G

Comfortable and roomy for tall people, both driver and passengers.

It is roomy and comfortable to drive plus has auto start from my phone or computer. It has lots of get-up-and-go when needed. It has good gas mileage. It has all the bells and whistles for it's time - back-up camera, heat/cool seats, moon roof etc.


Good mileage car and smooth ride.

Good mileage but has had several issues mainly recall items that went bad prior to the recall being issued but were covered for the expense. Looks good and ride is very good with little upkeep item required. Tires have lasted well now over 4500 miles.

- William E

Comfortable car and affordable with the feel of luxury.

It is very comfortable. Seats fits well and eyesight is great. The headlights are excellent with a panoramic display. Acceleration is more than adequate. Only routine maintenance, so far. I love the display for gps, etc. It is bright even in daylight.

- George J

My car feels safe when you're in it. It's spacious, tough, and has many features for safer driving, such as a rearview camera.

My car was bought second hand, in mint condition, barely ever driven, with less than 13K miles on it after 3 years. I love how smooth my car runs on the roads, and how spacious it is. Hyundai is becoming a brand that is starting to rival sports cars.

- Aubrey D

I love the fact that it has Pandora.

I have always had Nissan so when I went to look at car I was going to look at a maximum but saw the Sonata like the look. Love the inside and all the technology inside. I like the ride smooth. I was very surprised and the insurance was cheaper also.

- Kimberly S

Gets good gas mileage, looks good, and its great on the highway.

I keep my vehicle serviced, so the only problems is regular one like replacing brakes and so on. The car that I drive is good on mileage and it has good gas mileage. This car people will love to drive and it look good. The Sonata has great driving.

- Angela T

It is economically sufficient especially when you consider the parts. They are cheap so it's not a problem to replace if need be.

Economically it suits the purpose for what it's intended for, but I wish it had more features. And I chose the color red because that's what was available at the time. But this is not my favorite color. I like the compactness of it though.

- Monique L

The motor is good. The cover is great.

I hate cars because they are to low. It is black so I don't like it. The seats are not leather. Black gets dirtier faster. I like bigger cars with leather seats. This car is just not for me. I find it very expensive and very uncomfortable.

- Rosa M

It's a great car and one you don't have to worry about ever.

I love that it is a hybrid vehicle because it's great on gas mileage. I have a love hate relationship with the keyless ignition but I love keyless entry. I love the vehicle otherwise and have had no issues with it over 3 years of ownership

- Stacy H

The car is a reliable, dependable, and easy to drive car.

I like the car's dependability and reliability, how efficient the gas is, and size. I dislike how slow it is going uphill and how low from the ground it is. It's only a V4 but I've driven other V4 cars that do a lot better going uphill.

- Alex R




100K mile warranty. I've had to take my car in several times for minor issues and it's been covered by the warranty.

I've had the car for over 3 years and haven't had to change the battery, which, in AZ, is amazing. The car is comfortable and I haven't had any problems. My biggest complaint is sometimes the angle of the window/dash creates a glare.

- Glen G

Hyundai Sonata 2015 very good on gas.

It's not for a family of five. Not much room in the back seat. It is really good on gas though. It is really comfortable and lots of legroom in the front. Have not had any major problems but had to replace brakes after two years.

- Lindsay A

Service - these cars almost never break and when they do, the company handles it in a totally smooth and painless way

I love my Sonata, this is the 3rd one I have owned. Never had any major issues and the company has been great about providing maintenance, roadside assistance and warranty. Comfortable car, great performance and lots of features!

- Brian T

It is very safe. Reliable and efficient in gasoline consumption; quiet ride.

Second Hyundai! The first one saved two people from dying in a triple car accident. Nothing to dislike yet, except that all new car owners may want that "class" on how to work the electronic components that are now computerized.

- Dina A

The gas mileage is phenomenal and it's a really safe vehicle

I love the interior room as well as the trunk space. I get great gas mileage and it's a great looking car and I've had very few mechanical issues. I think my only real complaint is that there's a lot of road noise on the highway

- Angel W

It is a very comfortable and reliable car. In the past three years I've had no issues.

My Sonata is a very attractive car with great reviews and a killer warranty. I have had zero issues with it in the past 3 years. It is very comfortable and has all of the amenities I need. I would highly recommend it to friends.

- Jennifer M

I feel very safe and comfortable in my car.

I find the seating very comfortable. I like the feature that it can set two drivers' preference for seat height, distance from steering wheel. The setting for directions is a little confusing at first until you get used to it.

- Mira C

2015 Hyundai Sonata ECO. A very reliable and roomy sedan.

We LOVE our Hyundai it is a very reliable and comfortable car. Gets great gas mileage. I run it on the eco setting and it runs great. It us a roomy car for 5. The trunk is also roomy. I can't say enough good things about it.

- Paula M

Overall, it is a great car. The inside is huge which if you have kids but still want a sedan, this is a great car.

Overall, the car has been great, don't like the color which is a personal choice, but when you buy used, you get what you can. Have a 4 cylinder engine, but wish the mileage per gallon was closer to 40 mpg instead of 30 mpg

- Josh W

It is a very reliably vehicle. The features can help to find many things with a built in gps, backup camera.

My vehicle is a sport edition with the limited package. I have a backup camera, leather interior with many features. One thing I wish I had was accused to the truck without have to have the seats down for when I go fishing

- Alexis B

2015 black Hyundai Sonata sport

My family and I absolutely love our Hyundai. It's incredibly comfy and drives amazing. Our model came with heated seats and a back up camera which is awesome having small children. We would recommend anyone to Hyundai.

- April J

Hyundai can be very nice cars, especially when they are fully loaded.

Rather luxurious for a Hyundai: fully loaded. Love the moon roof, very comfortable heated seats. Custom seating adjustments for 2 different drivers. Ride is a little bumpy. Power is not as responsive as it could be.

- Ed D

The gas is really great. Personally, I only have to fill the tank every other week.

I love the look of it. I also love the inside style of it and it is very spacious in the back. I hate that the parts are hard to come by (had a minor accident with a deer and some of the pieces had to be shipped).

- Shontay L

It is the 2.0T turbo limited model with great performance yet still has good fuel economy.

My vehicle is a HYundai Sonata 2.0T Limited. I like the luxury of the limited package s well as the technology. The performance of the turbo charged engine is impressive yet it still get good fuel economy.

- Dave J

A good investment for the everyday commuter with a moderate budget

Reasonable gas mileage both city and highway, comfortable seats, good trunk space, nice size for passengers and parking. Sometimes engine doesn't turn over so need to restart. All around a good everyday car

- Kanaleia V

It is big, very room and great for vacations. We get all of our luggage in there.

I love the size and I love how fast it goes. It gets good gas mileage. The tires are great as well, stops quickly. I wish it would tell me better what maintenance it needs, though. Like through an app.

- Eva K

Safe & comfortable for sure. If you are tall, or have a tall spouse, this is the vehicle for you. My 6 ft. husband comfortably drives!

I have only broke down one time and that was because a winter freeze got into the battery. The safety features are amazing. It is roomy so our car seats fit comfortably. There is NO better vehicle for me.

- kaitlyn e

Not bad but needs some engine improvements

I love my car it has a ton of features and such. I have the upgraded engine with the 2.0T my only complaint would be that it does not have enough power and it doesn't get that great of gas mileage either.

- Bryan G

It is an award winning sedan with a competitive price tag.

The 2. 0 turbo engine make it fun to drive. The limited edition includes all the luxury features. It gets great gas mileage with eco and sport driving options. I have never had any problems with the car.

- Shelly M

It's 10 year 100,000 mile warranty. The dealer honors it without question and it gives a great deal of peace of mind.

The car has been fun to drive and handles well. It seems to be safe and has a number of great options like built-in NAV and heated seats. We have not really found anything to dislike about it so far.

- Jon V

It gets good gas mileage, is affordable, has loud road noise and is not comfortable long distance.

Dislike the loud road noise. I like the affordable cost to buy & affordable payment. I like the good gas mileage and room in the trunk. I don't like that it is not comfortable for long distance drives.

- rebecca h

It is backed by a 10 year Hyundai warranty so I feel very confident driving it.

Our Sonata is very comfortable and very quiet. It is extremely easy to drive especially long distances. We get fairly good gas mileage. The back seat is super roomy even for gentlemen with long legs!

- Cindy M

It's a good car. Car handles like a dream.

I like that it is paid off. I like that after so many miles, it still drives really well. We have driven the car from the midwest to the atlantic coast, and back. I wish it had a gps system attached.

- Phyllis C

We have the sport model and it looks so sporty and stylish.

Great gas mileage. Very roomy. Very comfortable to take a trip in. Stylish. Looks very expensive. Front driver seat no so comfortable. A lot of room in the trunk for 3 large luggage and 2 small ones.

- Andrew V

It's bigger than it looks on the inside. There is plenty of room for average/tall men to ride in any seat.

After driving a minivan for a couple of years, I am so in love with the small size of my car. It handles like a dream and has tremendous power. I feel safe and comfortable and fierce in my new car!

- Heather J

Quality workmanship and reliability in performance.

I like the backup camera. I like the overall style and looks of the car. My only complaint is that the noise while driving and over the years continues to get louder, not as quiet as when new.


The Ecco & sport modes are very helpful. Especially when diving on various terrains.

I love the style, the sound & ease of driving. Just the right size for me. I wish I had automatic seat movement. Does not get as great mileage as I had thought. I highly recommend this car.

- Jane R

It's an overall great car, very comfortable and a great value for the money.

I think that it drives great and handles really well. It has all of the features that I care about and it feels like a very sturdy and safe car. My only gripe is that I wish it was faster.

- Sydney G

Great car not a smooth ride

The vehicle is good on gas and handles very well. I get compliments on the way it looks. I love the leg room for the driver and passenger. The shocks are cheap you don't get a smooth ride.

- Jake S

it's a good little car if you don't intend to do your own oil changes and other maintenance

It is very zippy, it speeds up quite fast and has good responsive braking, what I don't like is how there aren't any spots under the car where I can jack it up safely to do an oil change.

- jodi B

Turbo drive, great acceleration & passing ability

I've had the vehicle for almost 3 years. There have been no problems with the car at all. The vehicle has a lot of features for the money spent. This is my 3rd Hyundai & won't be my last.

- Frank C

Hyundai makes a great car!

This is a great car! Great gas mileage! Love all of the extras I got such as heated seats and connect for my mobile phone-love the fact that I can use my phone with hands free driving!

- Mary Jo V

It has lots of extras and the dealership support makes a huge difference. It's the service after the sale!

So far, I have no complain about my car. It is a pleasure to drive, almost or better car than that I have ever had. My dealership is very supportive with maintenance and any questions.

- David C

It's been very reliable and easy to service...we plan on purchasing another when this one needs replacing...

I like all of the modern conveniences- like blind spot detection and SiriusXM...it is a very comfortable and roomy vehicle...I'm not sure it gets the gas mileage that was advertised...

- David G

It is hybrid and can run on electric. Plug it up to charge.

I love the way my car drives. I feel comfortable in it and driving it. I have all power features that are great. With heated seats when it gets cold. Has tinted windows another plus.

- Crystal D

Much better style than previous models

no problems so far, good gas mileage, enough leg room on the front, but would like a bit more for back seats, decent size trunk, comes with rear view camera-at least my car has it...

- Dragisa M

They lie about warranties and there have been too many recalls.

I like the hands free phone. It is very comfortable. I hate that I have had to replace tires way to often. I do not like the maintenance plan and warranties because they lied to me.

- Amber J

Great sedan with a comfortable ride.

I like that my Sonata is reliable. It gets decent gas mileage and has a very smooth ride. This is my second Hyundai Sonata, because the first one was such a good vehicle for me.

- Karen d

Gas saver great for road trips and fun fast car and great smooth ride.

I love it easy to drive smooth ride good balance 4 doors reliable transportation gas saver all white great tires safe ride homie ride great space good engine great for long trips.

- Nicholas Carey N

looks really nice for an affordable price with lots of bells and whistles. .

the fuel economy could be a lot better. the air vents are not in the best place, the hit the steering wheel first. the overall look is good. really like the power of the turbo.

- michelle c

Our Sonata is my favorite vehicle we've owned.

I love our sonata. It's a smooth ride and gets excellent gas mileage. It's very comfortable and surprisingly roomy for a family of 5. It's comfortable and has plenty of leg room.

- Christy P

It is a reliable vehicle. It is not super expensive to fix when it breaks down.

I like my car overall. I did not get all the bells and whistles, which I wish I would have. Otherwise it is a great car and I will most likely get another one in a year or two.

- Ann A

It has versatile functions.

The car is really a gem to have. I love the interior and exterior, and the passenger and cargo space. The connectivity options for my smartphone has also been incredibly useful.

- Max E

Most reliable vehicle!!!!

Two things I don't like about this car is the windshield always fogs over and there's no rain protection in the front windows if you roll the window down. Otherwise it's great!

- Nikki C

Sonata Bluetooth features.

No problems currently. It drives smooth. I like that can tell that another vehicle is in my blind spot. I like the Bluetooth feature that connects to my cell phone right away.

- Ebony R

Improvement is safety features is one of reasons chose this car.

This is 2nd Sonata I've had. Loved 1st one. This one doesn't get quite as good mileage as my 2011, but has more safety features. I do like it and am comfortable driving in it.

- Linda W

That it has great gas mileage and pickup. Also has a good size trunk.

Good on gas and good mileage. Like the pickup that it has and the color. The only dislike I have is it is a little uncomfortable on long trips and hard to get in and out of.

- Vickie W

Quality car at a great price.

The car is very spacious and comfortable. Quality at a good price. The seats are little uncomfortable. Could use a few more features like heated mirrors and backup camera.

- Phillip N

It is extremely safe in bad weather and difficult road conditions.

It has great gas mileage, few problems, very reliable, and very affordable. I like the additional features that it has and my dealership provides free oil changes for life.

- Ursula B

Good gas mileage. Can go long distance before filling up gas tank

Car is very reliable. Love all the included features such as leather seats, navigation system, sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel. Very comfortable and lots of room.

- Laura C

Luxurious performance is high

My car is very comfortable driving long distance very powerful reliable has a lot of room trunk is very big all of the entities stereo air conditioning Bluetooth well made


It's a safe, affordable car I can trust that also is comfortable and looks good.

It's a comfortable, safe, fuel-efficient and good-looking car. Purchase price was affordable. While it would be nice to have some extras, I wasn't willing to pay for them.

- Janice K

It's been a good vehicle so far, no major issues that I have seen.

Redundancies - it has a clock display in two spots. The car starter feature allows for the air to be on windshield but not for defrost of back windshield to be turned on.

- Patricia W

That it can give you everything that a Mercedes or BMW can for half of the price.

I love how much room there is in the car. It is amazing on gas, especially on the highway. It has every feature one could ask for, for much less than other car companies.

- Sue N

My Hyundai Sonata is My Dream Car!

I love my Hyundai Sonata! It drives very smooth, and I have never had a problem with it. I have owned it for about 9 months now. I have never had a service light come on.

- Nia S

The Blue capability the Sonata has. It can switch from electric to gas, which saves a ton on gas money.

I love the gas mileage my Sonata gets. I love the stereo system, the usb hookups, the XM radio, & the seat warmers (great for keeping food warm & you warm in the winter).

- Hanna R

It runs well and looks nice. I've never had any problems out of it.

I like that it is a good car and never gives me any mechanical problems. It looks nice and runs good. I like the space inside. I'm just not attached to the car though.

- Sara N

It's economical. Gets good gas mileage and price of car is reasonable.

There has been a recall on parts. In general though, it drives well. It's economical, gets good gas mileage. Decent amount of space inside for me and two small children.

- Danielle B

The standard warranty is 5 years 60, 000 miles bumper to bumper.

My car has most conveniences top scale cars have. From navigation to accident avoidance systems. I do wish the vehicle offered air cooled seats. The 2018 model now does.

- Kenneth S

It has been very dependable since I very not had any breakdowns during the 3 years I have owned it.

I like the ride, comfort, and look of my car. There have been very few issues in the 3 years since I bought it. My only dislike is that I expected better gas economy.

- Lenny G

It gets great gas mileage, and is a sharp car. It is decently priced, and Hyundai as a great warranty.

I like the look of the vehicle and how it drives. It could be a little better in inclement winter weather. The seats in my car are cloth, and I wish they were leather.

- Lauren G

That it has a back up camera and it very good on gas

My car is very good on gas we get 25 miles to a gallon it also has a back up camera and side camera and it is very comfort and I would buy another one when I need one

- Christine D

My Sonata: a vehicle I can depend upon.

Great gas mileage. Dependable. Comfortable. Family sized. Great for vacations. Large trunk size. Low maintenance. Easy to navigate. Beautiful color and body style

- Gwendolyn B

Nice body and paint. Very gas efficient

Very Spacey, great on gas better than my Ford focus hybrid on mpg. No major problems. Very sleek, not the most affordable car but good price overall for the quality.

- Irm M

It is very reliable, and has lots of space. I love the heated seats and back-up mirror.

I like that it is reliable and fuel efficient and that the doors open wide. Only complaint is that I wish there was no center console, but that is on ALL vehicles.

- linda h

It is a great choice for a mid-sized sedan and is equal to the offerings from Honda and Toyota.

The car is roomy, has been very reliable, and has great technology in the cabin. It gets average gas mileage. There have been a few issues that could not get fixed.

- Nick M

The color is very interesting. It is a blue silver with a pearl finish.

I do not have any vehicle problems on my car. I love the performance as it gets me where I need to go safely. It has heated seats and Bluetooth audio which I love.

- Jordan S