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The vehicle is worth the cost compared to all the features and advantages.

The steering wheel feels very light and smooth so it's very comfortable to drive around and when making turns. The vehicle is up-to-date with modern technology having touchscreens and seat-heating. The brake is very efficient in the sense that if you step on it even in the slightest push at it, the car will slow down immediately. This is helpful when I make unexpected, quick stops whenever I see a car that is in my moving area. The car has a blue link feature in the system built in but you need to buy a subscription so it is not a part of the car as soon as you buy only the car's worth. In terms of fuel-efficiency, it is not that efficient cause I fill up gas frequently although I do travel large distances every day. A fully pumped car would last about few weeks. Compare to the price, it is worth the cost because the car is very spacious. The back seat sits 3 people but there would be comfortable spacing between the people and its wide front to back so there is space for legs to rest in comfort.

- Ba S

It is a great car with a frustrating feature.

For the most part the Hyundai Sonata is a great car. It is very spacious. It has a lot of legroom in the back, even when the seats in the front are pushed all the way back. The trunk is very spacious, and the seats fold down to give extra space if needed. The car runs smoothly, and offers three different riding preferences. It does great on conserving gas. I would have given the Sonata a five star rating except for the Android Auto feature that is included with the Sonata. Half the time the feature does not work, or it requires me to keep unplugging, and re-plugging my phone back in to get it to work. It is also extremely sensitive. If you barely bump the phone, or even the cord, it will lose the signal, and you have to unplug, and plug the phone back in. It is a great feature when it works, but can become extremely frustrating when it does not work. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. I would just suggest a different option than the Android Audio.

- Melissa S

Pros vs Cons: 2019 Hyundai Sonata

I love my car! The overall look is sporty and it drives amazing! When pushing on the gas pedal, it's such a smooth drive and the brakes aren't sensitive like most new cars. I have apple carplay and it is awesome. With one push of a button, Siri will send a text, call someone, or even play my favorite song! There's a decent size touch screen, that allows you to see a bigger range of area when you reverse. The only perks I wish it did have are heated seats, auto powered seats, and better sound system. I had that with my 2014 Hyundai Sonata. But overall I do love it!

- Arianne C

Amazing car purchase from Hyundai!

I love my Hyundai sonata! It has every modern conveniences to make my daily life great! The factory installed entertainment screen allows me to sync my phone with my car. My google assistant is my co passenger. The safety rating of this vehicle made me confident that my daily commute is a safe one. With the free 3 year subscription to blue link I am able to control my car from my cell phone. If there is any issues with my car it alerts me via email. I love this car!

- Andrew D

My experience with sonata's!

This is the 4th sonata that I have had. I lease so I have a new one every 3 years. I used to have a Cadillac eldorado and my sonata has pretty much all of the features my caddy had. I think in all the time I have had a sonata, there was once a software update and once my car didn't start and it was supposedly a known problem and they helped me get it started over the phone. I brought it in and they replaced a sensor. It is a good, reliable car.

- Larry S

2019 Hyundai sonata gray sel.

Absolutely love my sonata. It drives very smooth. It is very luxury and sleek looking. Great gas mileage too. The wonderful features include charging pad for your cell phone, heated seats and steering wheel, apple play, backup camera, blind spot alert, and huge trunk. It is a great car for a small family. The Hyundai dealership is awesome as well. Very friendly and truly care for their customers. They treat you like family.

- Ashley C

Lots of space will make this a great car for you and your family to drive

It is extremely spacious especially on the drivers side which is very important to me. I'm addition there is a large amount of head room which is important to me because I am over 6 ft tall. The trunk is also extremely spacious and the back seats can fold down for more room if needed. Bluetooth comes standard which is a nice feature. And the car has one of the best safety ratings in the mid size sedan category.

- Joe H

Absolutely reliable and full of great features for drivers.

What I love most about the vehicle is the gas mileage. One tank of gas is about 570 miles, which is fantastic. There are great features such as having Google maps featured on the screen with Apple Carplay. I would absolutely recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking for a reliable car. The only concern I've had is that there are times where the car seems to stall when starting up, but nothing too worrisome.

- Michael R

The Sport seats give the vehicle a nice look on the inside, and they're very comfortable.

My Sonata is a great vehicle. It travels quickly, and I can get to the areas that I need to quickly. I have the Sport model, which includes: starting MSRP* 25/33/28 MPG City/Hwy/Combined* 185-hp 2.4L 4-cylinder engine Power tilt-and-slide sunroof Sport grille, front fascia and rear diffuser Sport seats, leather D-cut steering wheel and sport shift knob It's a very comfortable and lovely car, and I love it.

- Izabelle R

I love the charging pad and I don't have to worry about cords or adapters.

I shopped several makes before purchasing this car. This is the most car for the money. I love all the safety features and interior is beautiful. I got the best deal and was extremely happy with the deal. Love this car. Two tone leather seats. Trunk opens automatically. I love the phone charging pad. It drives wonderful and looks sporty. Large trunk space not to mention lots of back seat room.

- Lora C

The overall performance of this vehicle is very good.

It is overall a really great car. Performs great, drives smoothly, it's reliable, easy to use, and is pretty good on gas. Seats are comfortable. Despite looking like a small car, the inside it very large and not crammed. It can connect to your phone, which is really nice; I feel this helps the problem of people texting/calling while driving, making calls and texting by just speaking.

- Courtney S

Everything you need in a small package

Smooth comfortable ride with easy features for music and other controls. The Apple play is awesome. Great mileage too and great legroom for passengers. Trunk space is great for a small sedan with more than enough room for everything. Like the tech savvy features with GPS and Siri. Like the information features and well designed safety features.

- Sunny D

My Sonata Sport is packed with tech, looks great and was cheaper than expected.

My 2019 Hyundai Sonata has everything I need. It's great on gas, has all the bells and whistles and is cheaper than the competition. And with the best warranty in the industry I found it hard to say no and have no regrets! My only frustration is that the daytime running lights are white LED and the high beams and regular running lights are yellow.

- Daniel R

an amazing car with sensors that let you know when a car is nearby.

I haven't had any problems with this car. it's a very comfortable car with cruise control and has CarPlay so I get to connect my phone to use the GPS without being on my phone. It saves a lot of gas and is very spacious. I like that it has sensors and lets you know when there is a car nearby. it's a perfect first car.

- Blanca G

Fantastic car with great gas mileage.

I love my new Sonata. I did notice a problem while stopped at red lights. The car has a slight shake to it. I'm not sure if it's going to lead to bigger problems in the future. My Sonata has great gas mileage. That is the part I love the most. I would recommend this car for someone who has a far commute to work.

- karen A

The vehicle comes with Bluetooth features Wi-Fi and Sirius radio

The car that I currently drive is a Hyundai Sonata 2019. It is good car if you are worried about gas prices. I use Sirius to listen to and radio station I want. It has the feature where you can see what you are reversing into. Driving this car is so smooth I would recommend other to test or purchase this car

- Jordan Q

The lane keep assist keeps you in the lane no matter what and it's VERY accurate

Gas mileage is wonderful in this extremely reliable vehicle that is comfortable to be in both as a driver and as a passenger. Safety features surpass the industry standard and perform phenomenally. There have not been any problems I have encountered, everything has been running smoothly and swiftly.

- Zachary B

The Hyundai sonata limited provides comfort at a good value.

The limited edition offers both heated and cooled seats as well as a heated steering wheel making comfort a top priority for this vehicle. The ride is very smooth for a sedan in this price range, and gas mileage is average. I am quite satisfied with my Hyundai sonata.

- Jason C

Blind spot sensors. Great backup camera.

My car is comfortable and drives smooth! The trunk is huge so is the back seat. I love the back up camera and the sensors that tells me about my blind spots. It will light up and beep when there is a car in my blind spot. The Sonata is also very good gas mileage.

- Sherry W

Reliable and functional with great looks

Super smooth drive - love the car. It is very easy to run and figure out how it works. It looks nice and is easy to maintain. The gas mileage is great. There is a lot of room in the car and in the trunk space. I love driving the car and knowing it is realizable.

- KT N

The Hyundai sonata is a good car overall and very worth it's value

the audio system could be better but good car overall, and space could be bigger. Engine is okay but not the most powerful car. AC is very nice and cools quickly. Has a very spacious trunk. Also the car Sensors seem to be over eager and are triggered very easily

- Sole B

Safe and reliable car. Comfortable especially for long distance driving. Good mileage

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Plenty of room for storage and passengers. Miss having built in CD player.

- Suzanne D

Safety features good gas mileage. It is comfortable but kind of low to the ground and air vents in the back would be nice

I liked the standard features and color selections for 2018 model

- Erin C