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Let's do this.. Let's go.. Only you and I.. Will ever know.

The hyundai is a small compact car that hugs the road at any speed like a long lost friend. Without telling any tales of past adventures the tiburon stylish look gives it away. It's smooth run seems to whisper, . 'Let's do this, lets go. I will not tell, no one . Will know'. . The '03 tribaron was brought to light in a dark midnight blue color. With that first test drive one knew it was going to own that title of 'let's do this, lets go'. Live life stopping only briefly to reflect, do not give in to temptation. Only to the tribaron.

- Monica S

This car is great! Even more so because it's a manual transmission and nobody can drive it but me

I absolutely love that I found one with a manual transmission. It's fast it's comfortable at handles well. The tinted sunroof is awesome. In fact the only thing I don't like about it is that the wiring in it is messed up so the air conditioner doesn't work properly, but I bought it used and it came that way, so I knew what I was getting into

- Jason b

The 03 Hyundai Tiburon gt is a great and reliable car.

Great vehicle however has some electrical problems that seem to be not just mine and the sunroof apparently seems to get off track and is not able to close causing it to jam up and have to be replaced. The vehicle is a good strong powerful vehicle and a smooth ride also hold great to the curves the slap shift feature is great.

- Lisa G

Sharp looking, fast and very reliable

No problems, altho space is semi limited for a single person its ideal. Def not ideal for family. Great performance and good gas mileage great design. Still looks sharp. Winter time it ran great throw snow and ice. Yeah it did get stuck one time of two but with heavy snow. Trucks get stuck too. Great car. Might upgrade

- Ahmed M

Could be better, could be worse.

It is been mostly reliable, and I am only recently having problems, but they're significant problems, so I cannot give it a higher score than somewhere in the middle. Problems include: electrical (passenger side door and window do not work) and overheating. There's also a lot of road noise (not a quiet drive at all).

- Angela A

Sporty car, great gas mileage in both highway and city.

Comfortable sporty little car. Gets excellent gas mileage and extremely comfortable seats for those long trips. Many upgrades can be done to the car. The only downfall I would say is the lack of space in the back seat. Other than that, I absolutely love the car and they can be found for cheap.

- Sierra C

It is a great reliable car for any season.

I do not have any complaints about this vehicle that i can think of to be honest. I love that the car is a sporty and compact and that makes it perfect for me. The car comes equipped with a great sound system. I also love the handling, sunroof and fact that it is a hatchback.

- Kevin S

Great car, great price and very reliable, my Hyundai Tiburon

Been driving this car for 16 years and still love it. It looks great and people still ask if it's a new car ! Very reliable, have had no major failures and replaced light bulbs and brakes etc due to wear and tear. Next new car will definitely be a Hyundai.

- Sue B

It's a great, sporty car with good styling and low maintenance.

The engine has lots of speed, there is a lot of style to the exterior, there are significant blind spots to the side rear of the vehicle, the gas mileage is pretty good for a sporty car, and the hatchback and folding seats allow it to carry a large load.

- Scott M

This Hyundai Tiburon is reliable, fast, saves gas, and I highly recommend it.

Saves gas and is very reliable. Never had any problems. The style is sporty like and fun to drive. It is comfortable and the speakers are loud. Runs and drives smooth with no problems. Performance is excellent never had any problems highly recommend it.

- Maria L

2003 Hyundai tiburon gt v6.

It is been a great vehicle. Minor issues... Just maintenance really. Gets good gas mileage. Some of the interior trim needs replacing. The paint has oxidized on the roof, hood, and hatchback. Otherwise, I would recommend it as a fun, reliable vehicle.

- Michael H

that it is actually a tuscani model and i have music system with a 15' speaker

my Vehicle is very fast . It is a Standard not an automatic. it has a rebuilt engine . the only thing i dislike about the car are my fuel problems. i don't have any complaints .. because i paid 800 and It's has been working for over year.

- Toni s

2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT Coupe

I own a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT, it has a 2.7 Liter engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. I have had some issues with the clutch, and it isn't the fastest or most practical vehicle, but overall it's reliable and fun to drive.

- Austin H

Sporty looking Hyundai Tiburon.

If you like sports cars you would love the Tiburon. Only thing I do not like about it is its low to the ground so driving it in the winter is a bad idea. Leather seats are really comfortable.

- Jen R

Very great brand never had any problems.

Hyundai is very reliable and economic in gas. Since it is a 4 cylinder car I do not spend much on gas which is great. It is fast and comfortable.

- Maria M

That its a mid size car, not so big or small.

I like that it's not too big or small. Sporty looking. I dislike that its low to the ground so I do not like driving it in the winter.

- Jen R

Watch out for the gas and the brakes.

It handles well has good gas mileage and has great get up and go! The steering is tight! Only complaint it I getting old.

- Jaime J

I think it is a good value and very long lasting. I think it is a good quality as well.

It is 15 yrs old and I have not had any major problems. I feel safe and that I can trust my car.

- Crystal D