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My Tiburon. My Tiburon looks very sporty. It is a beautiful gray.

I have had my car for a few years now and I have not had any problems. I love the body of the car it looks like a race car. It can go around a curve fast, I have had no problems. The inside of my car is very comfortable too. The back seat is quite big for a sports car. I always take it for a check up(I guess that is what you call it ) every time I go somewhat people stare. I can go very fast and can handle a curb like it is nothing. My daughter just loves it, she cannot wait until she turns 16 so she can drive it. Lol I have not had to have the oil changed yet. It is fairly good on gas too! I feel it up every Monday and I work about 15 miles to work and a pretty good 50 miles taking my daughter here and there, but I do not have to feel it again until the next Monday.

- Sharon N

Its a v6, which is fun to play with if you know what your doing.

Simply put this car is a hidden gem. As long as you get a good mechanic to check it before you buy it, you can get really lucky and have a decent commuter car. Looks a bit stylish too, but as long as you give it decent maintenance and the previous owner did the same, it can last upwards of 200k miles. Comfortable seats and a decent stereo system that comes with it. One downside would be its lack of headroom in the back two seats, however its a coupe and that is kind of expected.

- James D

fun to drive but doesn't look amazing

my car has been very reliable over the past 3 years but I bought it with a bunch of issues. It had currently been in a head on collision so there were no air bags when I purchased it, the hood is also bolted down. It has a small oil leak and the entire frame is pretty twisted and damaged. it's only worth three hundred dollars with all the issues when I trade it in. but over the time I've had it I've only had to replace a few belts and the oil pan. it's only broken down once

- kendall J

This has been a great, reliable, friend.

I enjoy my car because of the color, styling, the gas mileage, and the room in the back. It is a smaller car and I have gotten so much enjoyment out of it. Everyone thinks it is a sports car, but it is not. The only thing I do not like is the blind spot AND it sits low and I have had it for 14 years and I am getting older, it is hard to get out of sometimes. I have gotten my money's worth and then some on this bad boy.

- LeeAnn B

Very few problems for a 14 year car. Still looks great and runs great!

I have had my car for 14 years and it has been a great car! I have not had many issues with it at all. Still runs great and really takes off. Ended up getting it repainted at about year 10 as it started fading. Biggest problems were the sunroof, door handles breaking, and motor in window. The style still makes it look like it keeps up with today's new car models.

- Tanya H

2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT - Tuscani Edition

2-door sports coupe with a 6-cylinder V6 engine mated to a 6-speed manual overdrive transmission. It is so much fun to drive. It has lots of get-up-and-go power and still gets decent gas mileage. It is red and has leather seats. It has an AM/FM stereo radio with a CD player and a cassette player. It also has a sunroof and a rear spoiler.

- Rolando C

Hyundai Tiburon: aka shark car.

Nice dependable car. No leaks. Base model does not include a traction control system in the auto manual. Good speakers from factory. Gets hot inside during summer because of larger back window. Does go through wiper fluid faster because there's one reservoir for the front and back windows.

- Lindsey J

Great car! Fun and dependable!

I bought this car new and have not had to do any major repairs. Just the basic suggested maintenance. The ride is getting a little rougher and I am planning to work on that next. All and all its been an amazing car. It is been 15 years I am told it has at least 5 more to go.

- Lisa N

The run It can get very fast and handles very well.

It is performance is well for an used vehicle. Some parts needed to be replaced, but runs well. Tires are in great shape. Lights are bright enough to shine on road. Air conditioner needed work, but was replaced without problem. Problems with the alternator due to used.

- Se M

Dependable, beautiful, and customizable.

I love this car. It has always been reliable, stylish, and needs little repairs. We have put lots of cosmetics into it. Such as new paint, custom lighting, and a new security system. We adore this car as it has been a reliable source of transportation for years.

- Andrea K

When I enter my vehicle to go anywhere I know for a fact it's going to run properly and last for years to come

I love the car's performance and the way it handles it runs properly even though it's old I just don't like the quality of the door handles I shut the door yesterday and the handle just fell apart the cable broke inside of the door there's no metal in them.

- Danny C

Lots of space, I am a mom and as a mom I need a lot of it.

I love my Hyundai Tiburon, even though I am a girl I have a blue car and I get a lot of compliments. It's perfect for work, especially when it comes to saving gas. The inside has a lot of space and the trunk It's really spacious to.

- Yeni M

It is very easy to use and very comfortable

Small in size but large in performance and fuel economy, small cars vary widely in reliability and price. View our ratings and reviews, and browse our buying guide to find the best small cars for your comfort and your wallet.

- Ronit R

It's a very reliable car. I have had it for over 14 years and I have had typical maintenance issues with it.

I like that the car has been very reliable. It had a great warranty when I bought it. It is a smaller car, so can be a challenge to transport things and more than 2 people.

- Dustin S

Weaker than it should be for a "sports" car.

The ride is pretty loud when on bumpy roads. Car is not that powerful as it should be since it is a sports car. Leather seats are really nice but the car is pretty low.

- Alex C

Reliable little blue shark!!

It is fun and fast!! For being 14 years old it still runs really good, durable and reliable! Small cosmetic issues that could be easily fixed.

- Alicia L

It is a sports car and it is fast for being a 2004.

Likes. It is a sports car. It is small. It has a sunroof. Dislikes. It is older. It is not great on gas. The ac does not work.

- Ally S

It handles well and has power when pulling into traffic.

Its stick and it has the airbag light on. I need to have an automatic car because it is easier to drive in.

- Jessica Y

It gets great gas mileage and is relatively low-maintenance.

It gets great gas mileage. It was fine when I bought it, but is a little small now.

- Will L

It still looks and runs like new after 14 years--very dependable!

My vehicle has been very dependable. It's sporty, fast, and fun.

- Diane S

It's good on gas and sporty! But I have children and the thought of getting in an accident with them in my car is scary, because it's small. I also have a hard time fitting groceries in the truck with my speakers!

It looks great and gets up and goes! It's great on gas!

- Kristy S