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Driving and owning a Hyundai tiburon.

Car is sporty looking and has very decent pick-up (acceleration) for a 2.0l engine, or 4-cylinder. My personal issues with it are that it is low to the ground and a bit small on the inside. I have since 'outgrown' this vehicle but cannot afford another one probably for some time. Overall the car is reliable and runs well. Keep in mind strut replacement will be necessary at some point during long-term ownership, as cars low to the ground tend to feel every bump and crack in the road that much more.

- Marc D

Tiburon review: advantages and disadvantages of the Hyundai Tiburon.

I love my car itself. However, it is 13 years old and I have had to pay a lot of money in upkeep. For the most part, it has been reliable, but there have been times I have had to fork over large amounts of money to get it fixed. Because of how old the vehicle is and that there are not many of this kind made today, it can be difficult to find the parts I need to replace. Other than that, the car is comfortable and cute. I like the look of the vehicle and it has served me well overall.

- Alexa T

Making it, has really held it down for me.

Needs new brakes and spark plugs, body is a little tainted but it runs great and does not have a hard time starting or running. Just put new tires on the car still has good tread. Headlights are a little dull. Inside leather is still in great condition.

- Christian S

Looks like a Lincoln, decent car.

There's nothing really wrong with it except no ac. Interior is leather in great condition. It is s 4 door sedan. High mileage. Body paint is a little worn but no body damage. Brakes need to be changed. Oil was just changed. Has a new radio system in it.

- Christian S

That it takes me wherever I want.

It is a nice car. The sun roof is cool. And the color is pretty neat, it is a cool red color. But I do not like how it only has two doors.

- Kimberly J

It is fast and has great gas.

I love the smooth ride, I love the gas mileage. I love the speed, I dislike the airbag features. I also dislike the trunk flap.

- Gregory B

It does not burn much has.

Everything runs great. Cool a/c heat really gets hot. Saves a lot on gas. Seats have a few tears but everything else is good.

- Maria R

It's a beautifully made sports car

Absolutely love my car it's never let me down and beyond that I have spent a lot of money to fixing it under the hood.

- Samantha M

Great on gas and car last for many years. Would buy another car

It has lasted me over 10 years, great on gas. I have over 200,000 miles on it. No complains on my card

- Nidia V

My Tiburon is a nice car, and it's been very reliable. It gets decent gas mileage and rides pretty smooth. What I don't like is that it sits super low, and due to a neck and back injury a few years ago, it can be really difficult to get in and out of sometimes. I also dislike that the stereo has never worked well and the a/c seems to always break when it's the hottest outside.

The Tiburon is a low-maintenance, fun little sports car with a 5-speed transmission.

- Sue P

It's high maintenance. It requires a lot of regular care over the course of it's lifetime and has several instruments that will inevitably fail due to the quality of part from the factory.

It's okay. High maintenance. but gets me where i need to go.

- Devin K