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Overall pleased with my Hyundai tiburon.

The front two seats sit low to the floor, so your legs stretch out in front of you. I am short, so it is perfect for me, but it is a small car for someone over 5'5. My taller friends have trouble being comfortable in the front, but especially have a hard time fitting in the backseat. I love the hatchback, and the ability to switch from an automatic to a manual is fun. I do not use the manual very often though, since there's no clutch. I honestly haven't had any mechanical issues with the car since I got it over a year ago. It is got plenty of get-up-and-go, with the v6 engine, and has a beautiful deep purr. The clear coat is starting to peel off, so that may be an issue with this model, but I haven't researched to see if other people have reported that problem.

- Amy L

2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT: end of the line

My 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT has been a solid vehicle. With Black-pearl paint and 17' premium Hyundai wheels, this is only some of the fine perks. 4 spd: Automatic/manual transmission aka*slapshift! V6 provides the power to have fun on mountain roads, interstate travel and daring curvy roads. Overall it looks faster than what it can actually do, brakes are fantastic, automatic sunroof switch can be sticky. Door handles are poor and I have experienced problems from both inside and out. Horrible. Other than that, a fun and affordable sports car.

- Aaron J

Reliable vehicle with good gas mileage

My vehicle has been very reliable. It is smooth, fast, pretty efficient on gas, and comfortable. It is a small, two-door vehicle, but I like it. The seats in the back fold down, which provides extra room when traveling. I bought the car used and invested a fair amount of money into its repairs and maintenance, which seems to have paid off thus far. I have had a few minor issues here and there, but, overall, I would say that the vehicle is reliable.

- Tristan H

2008 Hyundai Tiburon, aka, the shark: it lives up to its name.

The Hyundai 2008 Tiburon is sleek, fast, and horsepower is fantastic. My vehicle was bought brand new in 2008, and I still get compliments on its beauty. The interior is not as great if you want a vehicle that can comfortably seat adults, especially the back seat. More room would be necessary. For a single person who has one adult for t seat passenger, this vehicle is fine. Also, the trunk is spacious for a coup.

- Beatrice B

2008 Hyundai tiburon, super roomy, fuel efficient, and very comfortable.

My 2008 Hyundai tiburon is the most amazing car I've owned. It gets great gas mileage so I never spend too much on gas. The sunroof is perfect for summer days and it surprisingly roomy inside, perfect for those long car rides. I've used it to move furniture before as well, you can fit an entire futon mattress in the back.

- Grace T

I love my Hyundai tiburon.

I love my tiburon! I have had it for 7 years, I have never had any mechanical issues aside from regular maintenance. It gets great gas mileage and it fits 4 people in a 2 door car. It rides pretty smooth for a small car, and it is really easy to park. It is a great first car or gas saver. I would recommend it to anyone!

- Elizabeth C

The Body Style, and inside

So far I have not had any problems out of my vehicle. My vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. It also has quite a bit of power considering the 3.0 engine. I did buy it pre owned. I would Definitely recommend this model to anyone looking for a reliable car. The style of this car I seem to think is really unique.

- Cody A

sounds amazing and feels fast!

A lot of electrical problems aside from traction in the tires I have changed them multiple timers and they still slip up. The car runs great but small problems aside on a daily basis. It's a great starter car nothing else. My brake lights works go out a lot, the battery would be dead or the plug would disconnect.

- Rick M

Be sure to get overdrive on your vehicle!

My specific car did not come with o/d or cruise control (I bought it used). The cruise control missing is not a problem but no o/d is kind of a headache. I have had no major problems with my car and it has around 156 000 miles. I honestly wish they produced this model, I would buy a new one in a heartbeat!!

- Catherine J

Fun car to drive -- fast pickup and looks good!

Great car, regular maintenance required. Did have an emission issue but otherwise no issues. It is a manual car and get good mileage. I especially enjoy the quick pick up. Not a large backseat so not ideal for families. It is low to the ground so some people might have trouble getting in and out.

- Adrian S

Review of obsidian black tiburon

The tiburon is surprisingly reliable. I have had no problems with it other than cracked leather in the driver's seat but that is to be expected after all the years of use. Other than that all that has gone wrong is an alarm system that was installed via aftermarket that caused the door to jam

- Al H

Great sporty car with no performance issues.

Have not had any maintenance issues over the ten years I have had my Tiburon. Just standard oil changes, tire rotations, and new tires a couple years ago. My only complaint is the paint has faded / worn on the spoiler in the back and also around the gas cap. No performance issues though.

- Kristin L

It's absolutely Amazing on gas mileage

After 5 years I've noticed some minor electrical issues but other than that I haven't really had any problems with the vehicle. Besides the car alarm system seems to be very hard to work with without a key fob. Make sure you have a key fob to disarm the alarm

- James L

It's very reliable comfortable. Not many problems if you keep up on maintenance.

The performance is amazing an Its extremely reliable I haven't had really any issues with it a all but I also keep up in the maintenance of it as well and It's very comfortable I would buy another one if I had to get a new car.

- Rosalie M

It's sleek and has a great acceleration for a 4 cylinder.

I love the sleep look it has. For a sports car, there is plenty of room. The only complaint I have is that the seat is not comfortable for my commute (4+ hours a day).

- Richard n

It's a very reliable car. It has well over 150000 miles and still runs great.

Its very low to the ground so it's a little hard to get in and out. It's a little uncomfortable to sit in for a while but besides that it's a wonderful little car.

- Tara A

It is pretty old. I would probably just go for a newer model.

Very reliable. All of the problems that it has had are mostly my fault, such as tires and a wreck. My brakes are pretty bad as well as my struts.

- Emma D

I purchased this car used. When I bought it there was a very loud sound coming from the rear wheels. I thought it was due to being a small fast car, but later found out it was an issue the used car lot had never addressed. I have also had a defective headlight that Hyundai said is not their fault. The cost is too great for me to fix. Other than those 2 things, I like this car and have had fun driving it.

It's fun to drive a manual transmission. It looks sporty. It's low to the ground so sometimes it's challenging to get out of it.

- toni m

That you can not really fit more that two people in the car without feeling cramped

It is a very fun car to drive it handles well and had a decent amount of power. It's a little bit small but it is very reliable

- Justin K

It is a reliable car. We have had no trouble out of it at all.

I love the look of the vehicle and it has been a great reliable car. I do wish that it had another gear and cruise control.

- Megan M

It's been tough one accident and it was still drivable.

I love my car. It's a small hatchback sports car and fits my life. It is good in the snow. I wish i had cruise control.

- Heather C

It gets me where i need to go. It runs, it is fast

It's a nice car. Very fast can get up and go. But some things on car are cheaply made like handles, things on seat, levers

- Samantha W

Overall very dependable with almost no repairs or problems to this point after ten years of use.

Ride is a little bumpy. Back seat is useless even for small child to get in and out. Traction in snow is not the best.

- Phil Y

The most important thing is, that is has a manual transmission.

I absolutely love my vehicle. It is very reliable, and requires very little maintenance. I do not have any complaints.

- Clayton H

It gets good gas mileage. .

It looks great and it handles well. In 3 years has not had any mechanical problem even with over 100k miles.

- Michael Crawley C

Reliable and fun vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle, low maintenance costs. Limited back seat passenger room. Good control in bad weather.

- Denise C

The tires are horrible and have to constantly be replaced.

Dashboard lights always come on and off. Change tires way to often. Have had many electrical issues.

- Samantha S


The car is older and it breaks down. The bucket seats are uncomfortable for me.

- Dave M

This car is fast sporty and fun as well as very comfortable.

2 door sports car. They don't make it any more. Electrical problems

- Michele C

They don't make them anymore

Small sporty sexy and fun to drive and good gas mileage

- Lajs C

It's so easy to maintain, drive, and own while still looking sporty

Dependable, comfortable, sporty, and easy to handle.

- Robert A

design, the looks the drive

drive well, site 3 in the back good design

- david Y