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Pros and cons of driving a 2005 Tucson.

This car is very nice and does get you from point A to point B, but do not expect anything more. This car cannot exceed over 65 mph, it will begin to shake very loudly. In general, the ride is very bumpy and not smooth at all. Acceleration is not well, so it makes it more dangerous to merge into lanes. The gas mileage is not well either, it will cost around $35-$40 to fully fill up, this will last me a week and a half at most. Positives would be that there is a lot of space in this car, you do not feel confined to a small area. The color is nice in my opinion, my car is a light blue color.

- Skyler H

Great little car! Just the right size!

So far this car has been very reliable. It is easy to drive, big enough to carry a Costco run but small enough to easily park. It struggles a bit on hills but drives easily on freeways. I am not a fan of the perforated leather seats as they are already ripping. The stereo CD player does not work and that is irritating. The mechanics have been strong, no major problems in the three years I have owned the car. We have had to replace the battery but no major repairs. My next car will be a Hyundai Tucson!

- Nicole B

The Tucson Hyundai: dependable, economical and fun to drive!

I bought my Tucson new in 2005 and have no problems with it at all. I have always done all the recommended maintenance and regular 3000 mi oil change. The 6 cyl. Engine has performed great. And the ride is comfortable for a small SUV. I do wish the towing capacity was higher, its rated at about 800 to 1000 lbs. The leather interior is still very nice and have never had any electrical problems. I rate this little SUV an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

- Judith P

Fun to drive, but watch that engine light.

My Tucson is great - reliable performance, comfortable and fun to drive. My only issue with it is the catalytic converter, which does not affect the overall performance of the car but which does mean the check engine light is constantly lit. We have a code reader and we know the catalytic converter is the issue, but given the age of the vehicle, there is no sense in repairing it. We clean it from time to time with products like seafoam.

- Regina B

Hyundai Tucson is top of the line.

My Tucson is over ten years old and has 137,000 miles. It has been, and continues to be, a quality vehicle in very good condition. Multiple mechanics have stated that my car is in great shape and will last for a long time. I use it for everything: weekly grocery shopping, quick errands, and for hauling to and from craft fairs. I can highly recommend the Hyundai brand to anyone who is shopping for a new vehicle.

- Edith W

Smooth ride for anyone that like you travel great on gas.

I have experienced some censor problems making the check engine light come on. I have had to replace carburetor it gives great performance I enjoy the comfort of my car. It is reliable great for travel. Good on gas. Except for usual wear and tear it is a great car. I like the space in the back it also have plug in for camping. Cruise features a back window wiper. Bluetooth hookup for your computer.

- Sharon Z

This is my favorite vehicle ever.

I love my Hyundai Tucson, it is very comfortable and easy to drive. It also gets good gas mileage. I am used to driving a car, and was concerned about the size of it, which is perfect for me. It gives lots of space, when I need to bring my dog to the vet, or grocery shopping. The only negative thing is changing the lights, it is difficult to get into those small areas.

- Tammy T

The most important thing other drivers should know about the Tucson is that it's a durable car, so long as you maintain it.

The thing's lasted 14 years and over 180,000 miles, with only preventive maintenance, so it's durable. The things I don't like about it are that it's old, so it requires a bit of TLC, and it tends to have a shimmy when going over 60 mph. Also, the gas mileage is a bit lower than similar SUVs produced today. But, overall, not bad for a $4,000 car.

- Alex W

Over a decade of reliability.

In over 11 years of use, only one breakdown occurred and that was over a decade in service. All other maintenance was for routine needs, like battery replacement and tire replacement. In short, my car is very reliable. It is old now, but I am willing to buy another Tucson due to the great performance and reliability this vehicle has given me.

- Robert D

Hyundai Tucson: I love it!

It has had a few problems with it is sensors, but other than that I love this vehicle. Very reliable and gets me where I need to go. It is very spacious on the inside, fits fit and helps me carry all of my stuff back and forth (I got to college two hours away from home, and this vehicle makes bringing all of my stuff back and forth easy).

- Abby G

Reliable, affordable crossover SUV.

Reliable, easy to pinpoint issues as car is good at letting me know. I have only had suspension issues due to bad driving roads. Regular maintenance on this vehicle has ensured me that it is built to last. I prefer synthetic oil changes as the quality lasts and the vehicle is good for 5,000 miles in between changes.

- Valerie C

Overall reliable, easy to use and compact enough for parking and maneuvering.

Overall a very efficient and comfortable car although lacks any real ‘luxury features’. Very middle of the road but good for the price. Wheel wells are more troublesome than any other car I have had in the past when trying to load up the car but the car is good and reliable for a couple or three person family.

- Michael B

Hyundai Tucson is a good utility vehicle.

I love my Hyundai Tucson. It runs smoothly. I have never encountered any problem with it and it is 4WD. The interior is neat with a lot of space at the back. I can even fold the back seat for additional space. My last repair would just be on the brake pads reaching minimum thickness and it is all set again.

- Lara E

It is not too high or too low and makes it easy to get in and out of.

Very dependable, performance is excellent. It is very comfortable and easy to get into. Just the right size for me. The back seats and passenger seat all fold down flat making it easy to load and unload anything you need to carry with you and has a lot of space. It has a sunroof, and automatic transmission.

- Thelma S

Excellent car for travel.

The gas mileage is really good, but it does have a small gas tank in comparison to other cars. This car has been on many road trips and is extremely comfortable and enough room for a family to travel in. I have had issues with the transmission in my vehicle but other than that it is a smooth drive.

- Alicia F

Has a very large storage space.

I love my Tucson, it runs great. I have never had any major problems with it. I have it serviced regularly. I would recommend to everyone looking to buy a new vehicle. It is easy to handle and has a very large back storage area. Also very comfortable to drive or as a passenger.

- Barbara P

I would recommend this vehicle to you. It's a good SUV.

I love my Hyundai Tucson. Its a 4 wheel drive and works great. It has been a great vehicle since I have got it. I recently bought from 1st owner and had to change spark plugs and that's it. I have not had to put no other work into it. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Alicia C

Review about Hyundai Tucson.

My Hyundai Tucson is smooth running. I love that it has huge space at the back when we travel. The middle seats can also be folded allowing extra space. It is easy to use and the interior is spacious. It is old. But looks new. We can also go on long drives and it is perfect.

- Claire E

It is a 6 cylinder vehicle with 4 wheel drive. It is a blue color with gray.

My vehicle has been very reliable for it is age. There is no upgraded features, but it has great performance. First real maintenance was done this year, as the car is 13 years old. Had to change the battery and muffler. Overall, a reliable car to have with 4 wheel drive.

- Courtney C

This is the perfect starter car with all the stability and not so flashy.

I very much love my Hyundai Tucson, it is a bit slow to warm when picking up speed but everything is very steady and sturdy. The only downside I see is that it is an old model and so I do not have an AUX option or heated seats in the winter! But man are the parts cheap.

- Naomi P

Great car whether daily family use and/or daily commute.

I have loved this vehicle right from the start. Great in comfort and has lots of room for hauling various items for daily use, and for weekend getaways as well. We have now owned this car for over 13 years, have put well over 150,000 miles on it. I still love it!

- Nancy G

It's a Hyundai! They have been very reliable and economical through the years.

I just purchased this preowned vehicle today. I have driven Hyundai for over 15 years and believe in them. The reviews are great for it and I needed something just ro get me to work and back for a few months. I hope it is as reliable as my previous Hyundai's.

- Grace F

Okay but not the best. Good for small family of 3.

Has had lots of electronic issues and does not drive as smoothly as I'd like. Not enough space, small back seating, and uncomfortable driver's seat. Not great in gas. Not enough trunk space. Good for family of three but not two. Needs better trailer hitch.

- Rey G

Cloth seats so they won't be too hot in the summer! Handles well and overall a great vehicle!

I drive a silver 2005 Hyundai Tucson. It has 4WD and gets decent gas mileage. The vehicle is very roomie, however I don't feel like the seatbelts accommodate bigger people, but that is the only negative comment that I have about it.

- Whitney T

it's easy to handle and is very protective in an accident

I have no complaints really about my vehicle other than its old and the air conditioner doesn't work. It drives very well and takes us on wonderful adventures especially in the winter time when driving is very snowy in our area.

- lisa w

It had very good safety reviews from other people that owned a Tucson.

I bought my car used about 3 years ago.My Tucson drives good and performs good.I have 178 thousand miles on it and only had to do minor repairs so far.I has very good safety reviews and that is one reason I bought it.

- Trish N

Good safety record. Hyundai is known for having cars that last a long time.

Comfortable and reliable. I wish it got better gas mileage. It can be a slow car to accelerate. It has a unpleasant fuel smell. It does have a good amount of room. It is good to drive during bad weather conditions.

- Karen S

It is a small SUV but has four wheel drive.

I do not like it has some rust. I love that it is leather interior with heated seats. I am not a fan of the stereo system (stock) or the lack of Bluetooth. It drives nicely though easy to get in and out of.

- Jennifer J

Family friendly for everyone.

My vehicle has been able to go anywhere I need to go! From Texas to California to Maryland. Great on gas as well! Comfort is always a plus. It has a smooth drive and is great fit for a car seat if needed.

- Andrea V

It is a nice looking car details. Like the rack on the roof and rear window wipers.

Great vehicle no problems very reliable it is not a gas eater very comfortable to drive or ride in has plenty of room to put all your shopping in the back all in all a very comfortable and reliable car.

- Lois M

It's been pretty reliable. I have not had many problems with it at all.

It's been a good car for me, and it's paid for. It gets decent gas mileage, and has good storage. I would like a little more front cab room, so when I update, that is something I will be looking for.

- Sandy C

Reliability is the prime point of our Tucson. It has been our primary distance vehicle.

It is a very reliable car for us. We've done many trips with us and provides good handling with good mileage for that old of car. Also, the 10-year powertrain warranty was important to us;

- Barry S

Tried and True Safe and Dependable Look no further Hyundai's for you

A Hyundai Tuscon is a wonderful choice for a family vehicle. The Tucson is reliable, comfortable, and easily maintained. Hyundai vehicles are top rated for safety and fuel efficiency,

- Janice R

Poor gas but a decent ride.

It's a moderately powerful SUV that gets me to where I go. I love that it has heated seats and powerful A/C. I don't like that it's very unstable. I think it also has poor shocks.

- Kyle C

It is been very dependable and only has 90k miles.

It is been a very well maintained car. Runs great only have had to replace tires and brakes. It has a sensor they put the check. Engine does come on but it would go off.

- Dawn B

Gets me where I need to go and is very reliable.

It drives smoothly, but the cosmetics have worn down over the years, given that it is over ten years old, that is probably a given. But, the care still runs very smooth.

- Ian S

It has plenty of extra space for groceries. The trunks of normal cars are too small.

It is a black SUV. I like the size of the interior. I like the gray color of the seats and the black color of the exterior. I don't have complaints about it.

- Antonio G

Its reliable , easy to use and control, got it for pretty cheap.

The interior is great, personally don't like leather seats. Has good ac, not that great on u-turns. I use it everyday, it's a good car just for cruising

- Ariana C

This car is very nice and one of the best i've owned

It's good on gas its very reliable. This is one of the best cars I've owned. The only problem i've had so far is it over heating when it got low on oil

- Destinee L

For a such an affordable car. The warranty is awesome.

Besides the style, it's been a loyal vehicle to me. It's good on gas and pretty decent in the snow. After all these years. My stereo still rocks.

- Lisa S

My vehicle hasn't given me any problems

My car is very good hasn't given me any problems and always gets me place I need to go it's very reliable and comfortable for me and my family

- Cynthia C

It is gets good gas mileage.

The paint is peeling and it looks ugly. The front headlights get cloudy. It does let you hook up your phone for music. Road noise is loud.

- Denise M

The ease and comfort of driving it.

It has had a long life to it. It drives very well and fits me comfortably. It is just getting older so It's breaking down more frequently.

- Cassandra B

This is my third Hyundai. They are very low maintenance vehicles with good gas mileage.

I bought my vehicle brand new - it has been very good to me! Gas mileage is great. Ride is smooth. It requires very little maintenance.

- Narda n

It is very dependable with great gas mileage. would buy again

It has been an incredibly dependable vehicle with very few problems. It has great gas mileage. I intend to keep it for a second car

- Shari d

Have it serviced regularly and you will not have any problems.

Dependable older 2005 Hyundai Tucson, I keep it serviced and have had no problems. Haven't drove anything else since I bought it.

- Vic G

No mechanical problems in past 13 years!

Big enough for small items, groceries, luggage etc. but small enough for compact spaces. All buttons easy to access by driver.

- Debra S

dislikes: doesn't have a ton of pick up. Could use a little more room for hauling stuff. I do like the color & that it sits up higher than any of my other vehicles.

it's a great car for the money. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to have a great car w/really good gas mileage.

- Buffy B

For a bigger sized car she is the one to get.

It has almost 150,000 miles on it and still drives like the day I bought it. I have only done general maintenance on it.

- Karen G

It does not have very many extra features.

I like the gas mileage. Not too fond of the color. The brakes are a bit shotty. I really like the car in general though.

- Nicholas P

My car gets good mileage my car rides smoothly and seats are comfortable

The only thing Wrong with my car is the a/c keeps,cutting out and the coolant tube thing broke so I can't fill it up

- Carmen P

I love the comfortable ride. It handles bumps great.

I like the ride and the gas mileage. It has comfortable seats and the radio is really good. I also like the sunroof.

- Kerri B

It's black and 3 rows In the back

I love to drive my car daily. It's great on gas and gets me where I need to be. It's fast and reliable and pretty!

- Brittany S

An overall great car for family life.

It's a real reliable car. It handles well off road. It gets really good gas mileage. It's a great family car.

- Kyle D

It's roomy and reliable. It's been a dependable car.

Since it's the first model year it's had bugs that needed to be worked out. Otherwise it's been a good car.

- Amy E

It is very reliable. Low maintenance.

Very easy to drive and very few mechanical problems. I have had little problems with it in over 10 years.

- Judith T

You may need to invest more money in upkeep than with other brands

I like that it has a sunroof. I like that it has decent gas mileage. I wish it was a little more reliable

- Skyler N

Just checking oil and general maintenance.

Like everything but mileage easy to drive and lots of room get out and into storage space no complaints.

- Rose Marie F

It has been very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. It has decent mpg

- Thelma Z

It still looks great for being a 2005 and has been very dependable..

SUV, Great for hauling things. Able to put 5 people in. Gas mileage is not great, but dependable.

- Bill G

it is very well made and it is very reliable. It has more airbags than the standard car also so you feel safer and also you never find these cars on a used car lot

It still has all its original factory parts and is running as good now as the day we bought it

- Deb M

It has a good turning radius and rides well on the road.

I like the turning radius. I don't like that the turning signal doesn't always turn off.

- Holly b

need to turn of the switch so the battery will not run down

had a lot of trouble with now starting but I think we have good it fixed now

- Glenis V

Good on gas. And So far I have not had any problems with it.

I Love My vehicle its roomy. It's good on has. I Love the color and style.

- Debra T

Again, the trunk space is nice. It would be nice if it got better gas mileage.

It's an ok car. The gas mileage sucks, but it's got nice trunk space.

- Heath N

no complaints, i wish it get better gas mileage. however it gets through the snow very well. The radio is good as well

Good 4wd car and fun to drive and it has a sunroof and its sporty

- Frank E

that it runs good. gets me where i need to go. good gas mileage.

it runs good. gets me where i need to be. color is good.

- rene w

So far it is a pretty reliable car. It also has nice trunk space.

I dislike when it breaks down. The gas mileage sucks too

- Heath N

My vehicle is great for my kids and I. The cabin space is spacious enough for us 3. I dislike that I feel I do not have enough trunk space. And there is not a suitable arm rest. Other than that I am pretty happy with it.

It's a great family car and it does great in the snow.

- Stefanie M

That It's cozy and pleasant to drive

It's drives smooth and It's highly maneuverable

- Megan T