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Great, Sturdy, Reliable Car

I have been very satisfied with my car. Some important things to me when buying cars are radio/phone adaptability, good storage, and being good in the snow. My Tucson hits all of those. After all the years my iPhone connect cable finally died, but before that there was never an issue with the radio. Without a good radio, I really can't drive long distances. I also commute approximately 35 minutes to work, and travel long distances frequently. Living in New England, it snows a lot. This car has safely gotten me through numerous snow storms and never quit on me on any long drive I've made. Owning this vehicle has absolutely led me to consider Hyundai for my next vehicle purchase.

- Katharine W

Hyundai vehicles have great safety features.

I love my Hyundai Tucson! I did a lot of research in order to choose the brand of car I wanted to buy. Through reading reviews and consumer reports I choose my Hyundai. This SUV is very roomy, the safety features are great: front and side airbags, the frame is built well for safety in an accident, gas mileage is good, I like sitting high up in my car (I can see everything!) and I believe Hyundai makes their vehicles to last and hold up well. I have had my car for 11 years and outside of regular maintenance, I have had next to no repairs!

- Cathy T

Great, smooth ride. Not good for big car seats

I love my car, it is my first SUV, and I'll never go back. It's a little harder to fit a larger car seat in the back. Hopefully my passenger isn't too tall. We've had it for about 2 months now. The only mechanical issue is that my ac flicks on and off. It started off doing it just once every so often but now it happens all the time, and it's summer in Florida. So hopefully that's an easy fix.

- Karen D

Perfect car for my small family!

I have had absolutely no problem with my 2008 Hyundai Tucson. I just hit 100, 000 miles last month, and it is still running fabulously. I am up to date with maintenance, so that helps. The seats stain easily, however I have not attempted to steam clean them. My toddler rides well in it, and has plenty of room. I am so happy with this car. It has been my favorite vehicle I have ever owned!

- Danielle C

Wonderful vehicle with great reliability!

I was fortunate enough to buy a low mileage used Limited Edition when I purchased my car. It has been extremely reliable, with no issues, and the features are wonderful! I do have one small issue with driving during the rain as water puddles seem to splash onto a circuit board causing warning lights and squealing, but I cannot be certain that wasn't just damage and not a defect.

- Anthony W

2008 Tucson used as an SUV.

Getting up there in miles. Runs well but will need brake and a tune up. Gas mileage has been steady at about 22. No major problems since buying new in 2009. Comfortable seating with plenty of head and leg room in both front and back. Regularly carry a kayak or canoe on the roof without issue. New tires a couple of months ago significantly upgraded ride and lowered noise level.

- Richard C

Dependable, economical adventure car.

The Hyundai Tucson is a reliable and useful car. I love the fact that it is 4-wheel drive and has a good amount of cargo space. It has a very good engine and never leaks oil. My biggest problem with the car is the mpg that it gets (only about 19-20). That is better than large SUVs, but definitely not as good as a sedan or some other high-end compact SUVs.

- Mckay J

My Awesome 2008 Hyundai Tucson SE Perks

It's spacious. I love the color. Instead of it being a 6 cylinder it's actually a 4 cylinder. Which is good for this size SUV. It has folding back seats which you can use for taking that awesome patio set home. Because it's an older model, it's doesn't have the Bluetooth feature. Just a CD player. But you can use an AM, FM transmitter which works great!

- Ashley B

Best daily driver vehicle.

Hyundai Tucson is a great vehicle. Reliability is very good. Very comfortable with plenty of room. Back seat folds down to increase cargo area. Great for shopping trips. This vehicle drives very smoothly. It has great turning radius. This vehicle is great for saving fuel. Great miles per gallon. Very comfortable for short or long trips.

- Cathy B

It is great on the road, it is affordable. Great storage space in a smooth ride.

I love my little SUV. It is very roomy and perfect for a family of 4 [would recommend for two children but not more. ] Drive smooth and does not feel bulky like other trucks or SUVs. I would compare it to a minivan almost. It has great trunk space. Keeps you higher on the road which really helps for someone show it like me.

- Courtney U

It's generally reliable and is a fairly good family car.

I like that it's generally reliable, and has enough room for my needs. It fits our family nicely. I'm not too much of a fan of the seats, as they are very uncomfortable for my back, but that I can handle a bit. Overall, it works well, although I am looking forward to having a more updated vehicle in the near future.

- Angela M

Great SUV for a small family.

Has been a good running car. Been reliable, not a very smooth riding SUV. Wish the it was a little more roomy in back seat and cargo area. Has a good air and heating system. The paint on car scratches really easily. Would recommend it for a small family or someone who hauls small items, rear seats fold down.

- Victoria H

An SUV for a small family.

The Tucson is the perfect size for a small family. We are able to transport groceries and other shopping with not problem. The 4 cylinder engine is economical and keeps gas prices low. Traveling is not a problem. We also have the option of lowering the back seat for more room to transport things.

- Cheryl B

It is amazing in the snow.

The day I went to test drive it the battery was dead, found out the alternator was bad in it, so they replaced it, a week later the front axle popped out, had to pay for a tow & have that replaced, than had to have the starter replaced, just the other day had to have the radiator fixed!

- Billie C

Large back seat. Comfortable.

My car is very reliable. I have never had to take it to the shop for major issues since I have owned it. Only regular maintenance. It is comfortable has seating for 5. Easily fits 3 car seats in the back seat. 4-wheel drive is also included. Back hatch has window option.

- Laurie H

My best car in my lifetime.

I love my car, the space and it is very conservative with gas. I feel secure in case of a car accident because it is strong. I recommend it as a family car or for a single person. Work great for long trips and on raining days. At night I have a great vision of the road.

- Jacky L

The car is very affordable.

The car has lasted me a very long time. It has been very reliable and I have not had very many maintenance issues other than the normal ones. I do the minimal maintenance. If I were not tired of it. I would buy it again. It is a good family car. I would buy it again.

- Michael M

It's a great, reliable mini SUV, with just enough cargo and passenger space!

I like that my vehicle is capable of 4 wheel drive if necessary. I like that I can switch it to manual shifting. The size is great, I like sitting up higher and being able to see the whole road. I dislike the gas mileage, I wish it were better.

- Jaime M

It's a reliable car, but the mileage isn't great. The brakes and gas aren't that sensitive either.

It's durable. I like that it doesn't break down often. I dislike the low gas mileage, but there's a hybrid version of my car now so I might get that next time. One thing I have issues with often are the brakes and belts wear down really quickly.

- Julia G

Nothing important because it does not have upgraded parts or boost.

I like my vehicle only in the winter months because the 4wd is useful. Another good thing is the average horsepower rating.. I dislike it because it is a vehicle for older people who do not know how to drive.. I am a sports car fan.

- Matt R

I like that it's very roomy and I like the 4 wheel drive that I can turn on and off with a button. I dislike that the rear wiper motor broke not long after owning it (pre-owned). I dislike that the heater fan system doesn't work right-kicks on and off by itself. I owned a hyundai Santa fe before this vehicle and had those exact same problems.

You can tell what is going to go wrong with it based on other cars of the same model. The same problems seem to arise in nearly the same order and age in identical (and similar, in my experience) models.

- Kelly S

10 years of being a loyal customer.

I love my Tucson. I have been driving it for 10 years now and have never had a problem. It is a smooth ride. Large enough for my family and gear but small enough to for in the garage and not guzzle gas.

- Kelly D

My car has a warning for how easily it can tip over and roll if i turn too fast.

I love how my vehicle drives and runs. I do not like the vent placements on the driver side. I do not like how there are no vents in the back seats. I love the radio and speakers.

- Nicole N

This vehicle is very economical to drive.

This smaller SUV is a good size for a small family. I wish there were vents for the heat and air in the back seat area but other than that I am happy with the vehicle.

- Sara B

Take care of her and she'll be fine.

I like my car because it is an SUV but it is on the small side. I think it is cute and it gets decent gas. It is held up well with all the driving I do. No complaints.

- Tate P

Very reliable. Always use premium gas without any fuel additives.

Vehicle has been very reliable with only two repairs (not under warranty) since it was purchased new. Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. No complaints.

- David B

That it's great on gasolene.

The Hyundai tucson is good on gas. It is roomy and cute. It is good for people with kids as well. It is a smaller SUV like vehicle so it's easy to clean.

- Breanna B

Hyundai cars are the Best

I like the feel of the car in my hands. I like the look and design of the exterior . I don't like that I'm not getting good mileage per gallon of gas.

- Cindy S

Its front wheel drive, but must have good tires on the rear.

My 2008 Hyundai Tucson runs excellent, Its a 5 speed. I have had it about 8 months. The only issue so far needs to have the exhaust pipe welded twice.

- Mark F

I have had no major repairs.

The car is dependable. I love the ride and the gas mileage. It is spacious. I have performed regular maintenance. There has been no major repairs.

- Kim S

The most important thing others should know about my car is it is good on gas for traveling long distances.

My vehicle is roomy enough for 5 or more people. It is good with gas for traveling. My vehicle seems to be durable in different types of weather.

- Lynette W

Its a awesome SUV. I love it.

Very great and very dependable SUV drives good and rain. Great on gas highway and in town. . There a lot of room. So you not cramped up.

- Amanda K

The size is perfect for our needs

It's old and has had recalls on it. While this is the type of vehicle that fits my families needs, I wish that it got better gas mileage

- Catherine P

Family car that is great for singles or couples.

Great car for the price I paid for it. My Dad loved the ease of getting in and out of it. It runs great and is good on gas mileage.

- Beth H

Very happy I purchased this vehicle.

No problems at all. Have only had to do routine maintenance on it. It has a large capacity 'trunk" for the size of this vehicle.

- Stella S

That my car is dependable.

I love the gas mileage and the dependability. What I dislike is that I am just tired of the 5 speed and having to change gears.

- Jasmine M

Very reliable and good in snow as long as the tires are very good!

Runs great, front wheel drive, AC, radio/cd 4 cylinder manual transmission. Very reliable, I've owned it for about 8 months.

- Mark F

It was low cost and low maintenance a good family car. I would buy one again.

This car has served me well. I have done normal maintenance and the car is running with one hundred thousand miles on it.

- Michael B

Great vehicle! Good family car!

SUV has over 166, 000 miles on it. Very little maintenance. Good car! Great mileage. Comfortable to drive long distances.

- Linda F

All the parts inside have been 85% the same since I have bought it.

It hasn't failed on me ONCE! And many companies try buying my car, can't help but think its because its an amazing one!

- Ryan F

Great gas mileage. On the highway the gas mileage is great. Around town the gas mileage is great and the ride is always smooth.

I love my vehicle. I bought it in 2009 I have had no major repairs just standard maintenance. It is a very smooth ride.

- Kym S

Gets me from Point a to point b without having any. Concerns or problems.

Very reliable and comfortable to drive. There have been no problems or breakdowns . I would probably buy another one.

- Fontaine F

It doesn't have all the new computer stuff to distract you from driving, the main purpose of a car

No complaints. This has been a good vehicle and met my needs. It's small enough yet large enough for what I need

- Sandie E

Great mileage, little maintenance.

The Tucson has easy maintenance, no major problems. I have no complaints. It gets great mileage. Love the vehicle.

- Linda P

This has been a great suv for me and my family. It has been the second Hyundai that I have bought and I would buy another on.

It is a small suv but it really can hold a lot. I am able to load furniture in this and lots of boxes when needed

- Jennine G

It is a good family size affordable car for economy

The car is good mechanically and I have not had to spend a lot of money on upkeep. I would recommend it.

- Mike B

This is my second corolla, and I hope to have it as long as I had my other one!.

Very reliable and inexpensive. No mechanical issues. It has plenty of room. I can seat 7 people. Blue.

- Mike B

It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

Like the size and interior. Do not like the way it rides (rough) and the gas pedal is very sensitive.

- Nancy C

Stylish and reliable! All the time I have owned it I have had no issues with it at all!

I love the size. It is perfect for my family. The gas mileage isn't too bad and its fits my style.

- Nicole T

A old car isn't also a bad choice.

The things I like about my car are the sunroof, the heat warms and the big trunk space.

- Abbie W

It gets 20-21 mph in the city and 27-28 on the highway so it does use a lot of gas

It sits up higher than a regular car. It doesn't get as good a gas mileage

- juliet D

it is reliable and gets you where you need to go. good on gas

Its reliable and runs well. It just needs some minor work right

- Sarah l

It gets great gas mileage and has a good resale value.

love the size and the gas mileage but it rides rough.

- nancie c

It's a nice car and nice to be able to drive also. That's something about my car

There's nothing that I don't like about the velchile

- Amy H

It is is a very Reliable car

Runs well. Pretty good on gas. Very reliable.

- Sarah A