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Reliable car with safety in mind.

I currently have not experienced major problems with my tucson. The paint is fading on the handles of the car and the back hatch, which bother me. . It runs smoothly and is a reliable car. I travel daily to and from work with my 5 years old. Monthly we make 7 hour trips to visit family using this vehicle. It is not always the most comfortable car to sit in for long drives, but it is not too bad. I wish there was a little more space in the backseat between rows. It can feel cramped at times.

- Jessica D

Two boxes can be raised or lowered so he can rest his arm on the top box.

My daughter gave me the cat last week. I had been driving minivans for the last 30 years and this car is a SUV. The ride is very different. To me it feels like riding in a pick up truck--bouncy and rough. One good thing are the mirrors; they are large and make traffic clearly visible. I am very tall; however there is plenty of room for my legs under the steering wheel. The best part is that it cost me $1. 00!

- Nan M

2009 Tucson by Hyundai. Nice interior and build.

I personally love my car. It rides very smooth and I feel very safe. It is up higher off the ground than a car which is a must for me because I like being up higher when I drive. It tells you how much miles till empty and has great miles per gallon. I truly love my car because I haven't had one problem with it from the start. Even with it being a 2009 there have been no issues from the start.

- Alexis B

It is excellent on gas mileage.

I like that I do not have a payment. I like that my vehicle has leather interior and that it is good on gas mileage. I like that it is a smaller SUV vehicle and not big and bulky. I dislike that it is an older vehicle with higher mileage. I dislike that I do not have a navigation system.

- Ashley H

It was built to last u can for business or just out on the town.

I like that it has enough space though it's not very big. I like that it does what I need and has the features I like. I dislike a small malfunction where the check engine light comes on if the vehicle has trouble shifting gears at high speed and high rpm.

- Alexis C

Super reliable. Bought it on a whim. It did not dis-. Appoint.

Very reliable vehicle. It has been a very stable ride. Highly recommended vehicle. I have owned many. Vehicles and this car has far outpaced anything I have driven before. Can I recommended it to others.

- Robert L

It is an extremely reliable vehicle with great mileage.

I like the fact not only is my vehicle highly rated for safety, it is a vehicle with a lot of bang for the buck. It gets great gas mileage, is stylish, comfortable, and was low in cost.

- Bonnie D

It is fun to drive and comfortable on long trips. Excellent gas mileage.

This is a new car for me. I purchased it used 1 month ago. I like the size of the car and the gas mileage. So far, the car has proven to be a good decision. I have no complaints to date.

- Johnnie W

I live in the mountains & this vehicle is good in the snow.

I like that in the push of a button I can engage four wheel drive. It is not too big or too small. The seats are not the most comfortable & there is not whole lot of cargo room.

- Jessica S

My car is not an AWD car and that is an important thing to know about my car.

I like the size of my vehicle and the fact it is not low to the ground. I wish I could have afforded AWD but it does alright in most bad weather.

- Barb E

It drives smooth and has lots of cargo space.It also comes with 4 wheel drive.

My vehicle runs great, i love it. The only problem i have is the AC works when it wants to, not always when i want it too. That totally sucks.

- Andrea M

Do the required maintenance and your car will love you back.

Has been very reliable. Upgraded cloth seats are comfortable and makes the driving more enjoyable. Like the XM radio and subscribe monthly.

- Mary A

My car has decent amount of space. The seats fold down, which gives extra trunk room.

It sometimes has issues starting. It has had that issue since I bought it, but they didn't believe me. I do love the size though.

- Rebekah Z

It is reliable but not comfortable in the front.

I'm used to it. I like driving an SUV. I like that i can see well. I do not like the storage and the seats are not comfortable.

- Joan M

Salvage Title due to the unfortunate accidents that it has been in.

I like the safety features that it has but wish the leather seats were all leather instead of perforated leather.

- Tara G

dependable, safe, gets you around

comfortable car but not powerful engine, great interior and exterior design.

- Tim B

It's a white Tucson that gets pretty good mileage and has required minimal maintenance to stay running without a breakdown for 10 years. We got the model with a 4-cylinder engine, so it is a little lacking in power, and I sometimes wish that we had gone for the 6-cylinder model. It's easy to get replacement parts--bulbs, wipers, etc.--but they can be a little tricky to install, as the lights and such are in hard-to-reach places. I would definitely consider buying a Tucson again.

A dependable, low-maintenance car that's good for traveling or commuting

- Bill T

I love the size of my car. I love the color. I wish is had cooled seat as well as heated seats

Has 10 year 100,000 miles warranty best part ever!

- Caryne S