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Hyundai is the best car on the road.

Maintenance free, reliable, serves my needs, handles well on the open road, nice looking, people always comment on its quality and think it is newer than it is. The inside leather and cloth seats have a good feel and high class look to them. My original tires lasted 57, 000 even the dealer was amazed. My body finish still looks good after 8 yrs. The dealership for this brand is terrific. I had my 60, 000 check up and was told I am good to go for another 60, 000. I have not had one issue with the car. Best car I have ever owned.

- Dorothy S

I love the sportiness look of my car. I have metal handles and a trim!

In the 9 years I've had my Tucson I have never experienced any performance issues. My car has driven through tons of snow and rain and still remains in excellent condition. The leather bucket seats are so comfortable and the back seat has tons of room to fit 3 people. I drive on major highways through Atlanta traffic and always feel safe in my crossover vehicle. Excellent brakes come with the car and I always feel completely in control when driving. The cruise control is an added bonus!

- Jessica R

The seats being heated is my favorite part along with the sun roof.

The vehicle is very stiff, top heavy, and jerks easily. Other than that, I love the cross-over myself. My husband drives it less often than me and he does not care to drive it due to the stiffness in the steering wheel. The reliability is good, it has never let me down. The sunroof is nice, double sunroof. I wish both would open but only the front sunroof opens. I like the touch screen radio as well. Overall a rating of a 4. Out of 5.

- Haley J

Car does the job but would not purchase another Hyundai.

The outside trim on the windows is cracking and falling off. The paint is also cracking in some areas. When I purchased the car new I was in the shop multiple times because warning lights kept coming on and they could not fix it. I purchased the additional exterior protection package and I believe that is why the exterior paint and trim are in such bad shape. I was told it wasn't their issue at the dealership.

- Tina Y

The car that's seen it all!

My vehicle is a 2007 Saturn vue. I have had it for 11 years. I have traveled to so many places with it! Its seen and gone through a lot! The sun roof no longer works nor does the trunk stay open. When it rains or goes through a car wash it leaks from the in and we have to hold up a rag. The air conditioner doesn't work unless the car has been driving a while. I think it's time for a new car!

- Daisy B

My 2010 Hyundai review its ok

I've had the car for over 5 years now. Not a lot of major problems with it. Just right now my ac does not work in it. Also the passenger window came off track and broke. The back windows control from drivers side is wonky. I can roll down the windows but to roll them up I have to open the door to the window and do it. Other than that the car is fine. Spacious. Runs well.

- Michelle W

Higher number or larger number of blinds spots than in other cars. Must be very careful when pulling out into traffic or backing up. Can't be lazy about that.

I like that as a crossover it sits higher on the road than a sedan or compact. I like the hatchback with the hidden compartment. It has been very reliable. My one major complaint is visibility. It is hard to see out the back window and sometimes the poles where the windshield meet the sides block a car. Just more blind spots than I would like.

- Kris K

Hyundai Tucson for the win!

I bought this car because it had more room for my growing kids than my prior sedan. I have nearly 200,000 miles on my car and I've only just started having issues with it. Prior to a few months ago, oil changes, brake pad changes, and a few sets of tires and I am good to go! I would totally buy this car again. I love this car!

- Gretchen Z

My riding machine Do Divas

It's a good study car, it gets me from a to b. Very good on gas and mileage. Love the color that I have and it's easy to clean. Love the truck cover and that the back seats come down. The rugs do move on the floor but that can be easily replaced with new ones. The air is dual and can be controlled by the individual, love that

- Jasmine M

My vehicle is a 2019 Hyundai Tucson SUV that was preowned and well maintained.

I have only had my vehicle a couple months. So far, so good. It's my first SUV. I love the roof rack and the space. It is also great on gas mileage. It does not have many updates, but I do not think it is needed for the purpose of this. I may upgrade eventually, but for now this is what I need.

- Megan W

Good "Bad Weather" Transportation

My car is reasonable transportation. it is mediocre on gas, getting about 18 mpg in town, 21 on highway. To do simple repair on this car is a pain in the &*%. The engine practically has to be removed to change spark plugs. It IS good in the snow, though. Tha is it's best feature, I think.

- Tina Q

if your a in car worker most of your days a definite must try

I am a hospice nurse and put a lot of mileage on my vehicles since I have had this car routine maintenance and of course tires is all the work I have had to get done nothing extra the mileage is really good too like 22mpg I love this car plus its spacious fits plus size passengers well

- Kathy G

Great little car with too many blind spots

I like the way the car handles. It is small and really easy to drive and get into tough spaces. For a small car, it has significant space. We can haul a lot of stuff! My challenge with the car is that it really has a lot of blind spots, both in the front and back end of the car.

- Renee Q

Nice car, runs well, and has had no issues.

It has been a good, reliable car with no issues so far. Its comfortable with plenty of room without being too large. Gets decent gas mileage. Runs well and drives well. The visibility is good. Haven't needed to do any repairs so far since I have had it. General maintenance only.

- Kelly B

The truth about 2010 Hyundai Tucson.

Needs more options. The Hyundai vehicles need more expanded package. No backseat air condition. Sliding doors could be taller. Stereo system could be upgraded. Programming of clock and a few other systems could be easier. On the whole decent transportation for the $.

- Barron P

Mid size SUV with lots of room.

It is a nice size SUV. It's not cramped and it's not so big it's hard to drive. It has the perfect size trunk if you have kids and have to lug around lots of stuff. It has an economy button for gas and gets good gas mileage. It does not cost too much to fill it.

- ClAudia A

Great overall family car!

I haven't had any problems with this car overall it is a great car. I have had it for over a year, a year and 5 months and I have only had to change the oil and get new tires. The tires are more expensive though because it is a hard tire to find (so I am told).

- Amanda W

It�s a mint green color. A decent 4 door SUV. Lots of space, all around.

Drives smooth, I love the size and space of the vehicle as well. Great family car. Only issue I have is the interior gets dusty fast. I�d say this is also a good first time driver car. It�s a newer style but still comfortable enough for a first time driver.

- Celeste S

There are three charging ports and a place to plug in your phone.

Very reliable and solid built automobiles. This is my first Hyundai, but my sister bought a Tucson last year and I really liked it. I like the way it handles, with the rack and pinion steering. Fuel economy is important and this little SUV does great on gas.

- Theresa L

Very mechanically sound and virtually maintenance free.

It is very comfortable. I have driven it all over the United States. I have over 120.000 miles on it. Mechanically it has been an awesome car. The only complaint I have it there are a lot of blind spots and the entire navigation system went out.

- Kathy l

Overall it has been a very dependable car, but it does have some minor issues.

I like how the car drives overall, but it is very jerky and there is a lot of road noise. The windshield wipers are slow, and sometimes I can barely see when driving. I like the extra features such as seat warmers and leather seats.

- Bronwyn T

It durable, and is a good basic car that hasn't had to many issues.

The steering is pretty smooth, but the actual drive is very jerky and bumpy. Some of the features do not always work, ie: USB and phone calling feature. I like the look and feel of the car. It gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Thomas A

My thoughts on the Hyundai Tucson

I have a limited edition for this vehicle. I am the second owner of ut and have had it almost 2 years with no major issues. It's not to big and not to small. It's perfect for a small family who wants a little extra room.

- Melanie B

Loud squealing noise is the only issue.

The only problem I have encountered is a fairly loud squealing sound that only exists when my car is idling. Otherwise, I have not had any other issues in the 6 years I have owned this vehicle.

- Kelly W

For some reason it is easy to hit your head on the door

I like the look and size of my vehicle. It's practical for my family. It could include more features that make it easier for different sized people to adjust the driving seat for comfort.

- Mer W

It is a great size— perfect for carrying stuff, but also not too big.

I have had this vehicle for almost 10 years and have had minimal problems with it. It is safe, comfortable, and easy to drive. It also comes with eco mode, too, which is important to me.

- Holly S

The sun roof is nice. It is a reliable 4 door SUV.

It is very comfortable 4 door SUV. I like the sun roof and my dog enjoys the sun roof as well. It is reliable and gets me from place to place. I like the automatic windows and locks.

- Emily R

Comfortable, reliable car.

I enjoy driving this car. It is a reliable, smooth ride and has a comfortable interior. The only drawback is that it has poor visibility out of the back windows (for backing up).

- Jessica B

Its dependable! I haven't had any mechanical issues with it.

I like its size, color, its dependable. I don't like how noisy it can be on the inside when driving and there aren't air conditioning vents in the back. It gets good gas mileage.

- Rachel G

SUV is valuable and good mileage- reliable family car

The car gets good mileage and is sporty. For an older vehicle, it looks newer. It is very reliable and performs well. I haven't had any major issues except replacing tires.

- Caitlin C

My Hyundai Tucson is a very smooth ride.

My Tucson is a very smooth ride. Making turns is seamless, breaks stop the vehicle quickly. Not a lot of space in the Tucson, and the trunk could be a little bigger.

- Matt B

It is reliable but has very few bells and whistles.

It has had very minor issues such as heating and cooling issues. Some materials used are very cheap. But overall it has been a very good and reliable vehicle for me.

- Lyn P

So far it is been affordable and reliable.

My car does not have cruise control which my husband hates. I wish it was a tad bigger in storage and back seats. I love the body style. Cheaper than a Lexus!

- Stephanie G

Handles well in all types of weather.

I love the way it handles. The seating is comfortable. Good visibility. Just wish the back end would hold more cargo and that it had cruise control.

- MaryAnn S

It is one of the best in its class. Very comfortable and reliable.

Likes - Stylish, economic and dependable. There is not much not to like about this vehicle. I bought it based on the fact it has all I needed.

- Damaine G

Low maintenance. No issues with brakes or engine.

Virtually no maintenance. Fits everything including my paddleboard. Easy to see around other vehicles because I sit up high. Roomy back seat.

- Laurel D

That it is bad in the snow.

It is very bad in the snow, even just a tiny amount. It does not matter what tires either. Would not recommend if in an area that gets snow.

- Christina D

First car I picked out myself.

I love my car it fits two car seats in that was very important to me since I am a proud grandma. Little disappointed in the back up camera.

- Nancy R

It's useful and cheap to have, its on good conditions and I own it.

Good riding, economical, looks good. Easy to navigate and holds 5 people comfortably. Has plenty of cargo room for trips and for shopping.

- Pat M

It is dependable and good on gas.

It is dependable and good on gas. It is just the right size for my needs. It is comfortable. It keeps losing air in the tires.

- Sheila B

Hyundai Tucson - Black - 2010

I love my hyundai tucson because of the style, I love the black color and how it is not a HUGE car but has lots of room.

- Hailey S

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

My vehicle is a Hyundai, model Tucson from year 2010. It is a very reliable vehicle that suits my needs well.

- Jen G

Dependable and good transportation.

Economical and dependable, good deal for price. Good on gas mileage. Good on repairs. Efficient. Nice color.

- Toni W

It is very reliable and I have had no issues with the car.

I like that the size of the car and it is reliability. I wish it had more features and was not so basic.

- Jared M

How bad it is in the snow.

The vehicle is not very good in the snow. Regardless of tires, it gets stuck in a small amount of snow.

- Christina D

It is remarkably comfortable

We like the comfort and the gas mileage for a small SUV. We aren't a big fan of the lack of technology

- Chris R

Comfortable interior with great ride and very reliable.

Rides well. No problems only normal wear and tear. Comfortable interior large trunk space

- Elizabeth C

it lasts a long time, very reliable car for the money.

it has lasted for 8 years with no problems. just oil changes and a battery. great car

- doreen r

i like the size, I am able to pack a lot of things but it is not oversized. There are some blind spots in the back that I do not like but overall I very much enjoy the car.

It is a great size. It is not too big and not too small. It has great trunk space.

- Kathleen C

The 4 wheel drive is great, not a sturdy car though.

Not made very well, not sturdy enough. I have problems with the eco system on it.

- jennifer p

Dependable brand, well made. Economical both in price and fuel.

Size is perfect for my needs. Fuel economy is decent. Love the brand.

- Deb P

It has good gas mileage and performs well.

I like it because of Its size, colour and It's performance.

- Daniel P