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A safe and reliable vehicle.

The Hyundai Tucson is a great car for the whole family. It is a safe and reliable vehicle that I trust to get me to my destination. It is very comfortable and roomy both as driver and passenger. It has roomy back seats that give enough room, so that your not sitting on top of each other and also have enough leg rooms. The backseat is roomy and comfortable and would be good for passengers whether adults, children, or teens. It is good for long trip due to it being reliable and comfortable. This car can easily go the distance. Mine has traveled from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and back safely and comfortably. The cargo space is sufficient for both short grocery trips or longer road trips. The back seat folds down to allow for more cargo room if needed. This car handles well in all road conditions. It has gotten me safely through massive snow storms, torrential downpours, hailstorms, road construction, and everything in between. It has handle well on highways, dirt roads, backroads, and every other type of roadway. I have never gotten stuck no matter the road or weather condition. The car sits high enough it can travel safely through water, snow, or on less than ideal roads without damaging the underneath. The safety features available make this an ideal care for families or single ladies. I have automatic locks with a key fob. The key fob has a panic button and a feature which only opens the driver door so no one can jump in the passenger side unless you want them to. Overall the Hyundai Tucson is a safe and reliable vehicle that I would highly recommend.

- Shannon B

Big, roomy SUV, but has a few issues with age.

My Hyundai Tucson has been reliable over the years, yet has had a few problems. It is been a great family car for driving carpools to school and has lots of trunk space for everyone's gear. There's lots of legroom, both in the front seats and back row. The car had no problems at the beginning, but over the years has begun to wear down. It does not drive very smoothly'I'd describe it as a car that rumbles a lot, especially on bumpy roads with potholes. It has occurred a few times'though rarely' that the breaks have been problematic. When you try to press the breaks there's a bit of resistance on the brake pedal and it shakes and pushes your foot back up. It feels the way breaks do when sliding on ice or snow, even if there's no ice or snow around. My Tucson model has also had a few recalls over the years, so we've had to bring it into the shop a lot. Additionally, a few times the key has gotten stuck in the ignition and it does not turn off. Overall, I have had a lot of problems with the 2011 Tucson model, but have heard that the newer models have solved a lot of these issues.

- Emma G

The Hyundai Tucson is a fairly nice SUV

I bought my vehicle in February. The features I love the most are the panoramic moonroof and the dual zone a/c. For a 4 cylinder vehicle it sure picks up speed and that is helpful with Tucson drivers on a Sunday morning. There are features I wish it had that it doesn't. These being: rear air conditioning, more options for seat comfort, and more cargo space. Granted the lack cargo space is unavoidable with the type of vehicle it is. Compact SUV. The rear air conditioning is a really important feature to me. However this is the vehicle I could afford at the time and there is no option for the rear a/c. The seat comfort issues are merely just my comfort. I drive often and for long periods of time and the seat seems too stiff and not enough ergonomic feature as some newer vehicles have.

- Alyssa S

My favorite used car I've ever had!

I love my car! It was a hand-me down from my sister so the car already had a few thousand miles on it but it still works amazingly! The interior is super roomy and comfortable. The seats are hard to clean if they get stained and water does leave a stain. However, I still love the car. It rides so smoothly and I feel comfortable driving. The car is amazing on gas as well. It doesn't cost a lot to fill up the tank and it lasts a little over two full weeks with average driving. It is definitely my favorite car and I will be buying the newer models when the time comes.

- Jamie P

Smooth riding in the Tucson with smooth jams.

Vehicle is reliable and a smooth driving car. There is a ton of room inside to work with and to store stuff into it specially when traveling. Love the Bluetooth feature and I use that more than anything when it comes to listening to music and podcast on my phone. I do not use the XM feature and am annoyed that it is a feature that does not go away. The speakers are okay and for some reason the volume is lower when I am using music off my phone. The gas mileage is decent.

- Luke C

Hyundai Tucson highly recommended

This has been the most reliable car I've ever had. The alternator did just go out but that's with 155,000 miles on it. That's about the only thing I've had to do to it besides tires and oil changes. It rides smooth and pulls my jet ski. The only thing I don't like it that it is not 4 wheel or all wheel drive so it does not do well in the snow at all. But it does get good gas mileage so I guess that's the trade off. Overall I would highly recommend the Tucson.

- Holly P

This is not a very good car for adults, it would be great for teenagers

the car feels very cheap right when you see it and get inside. The interior is all very cheap and plastic. The air vents and other plastic things broke from normal everyday use and leather on the steering wheel peels off constantly. The windshield collects a lot of dust on the inside. When driving, the cabin is so loud that you can barely hear anything. There are various mechanical tissues I've had to deal with. Exterior features are cheap and easy to break.

- Hunter S

Storage Success from an Unexpected Car

My car is wonderful, comfortable, very reliable, has lots of storage room and has never really has major problems. I love how the back seats fold down to almost completely flat resulting in a very large trunk storage space. And how there is ample room in the extra tire compartment in the trunk for emergency necessities (never needed them, but it's nice to have them just in case); and off season car equipment like scraper and shovel.

- Sierra S

Smooth riding with Hyundai Tucson.

I love my Hyundai Tucson. It has been a very reliable car for me. It has always drove smooth. It also gets very good gas mileage. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for a small SUV. That is exactly what I was looking for in a car when I bought it. I myself, read many good reviews on it before I made the purchase. I have almost had it for five years now. I do not plan to get rid of it anytime soon.

- Sara S

The most important thing is the gas mileage which can save lots of money.

Extremely reliable car that gets excellent gas mileage! Seats 5 people comfortably and it also has a very large trunk space to fit lots of things in. You can use Bluetooth and CarPlay which come in handy especially with Georgia's new hands free law. I have never had problems with it and it drives super smooth. Only thing I wish that it wasn't only a v-4, other than that it is a great vehicle.

- Anna C

My Tucson has had not major defects. My Tucson is very reliable SUV. Comfortable to drive in all types of weather. Has good traction in the snow & rain.

The Hyundai Tucson does not feel like you are driving a SUV. My Hyundai Tucson got 100,00) miles on the original set of brakes. I love the Panoramic roof window. Plus the sunroof. Feel like i am driving my Chrysler Sebring Convertible that I traded in to buy my 2011 Hyundai Tucson. My Tucson had a lot of room in the interior. Enough to fit two Adult bicycles.

- Nani M

Great on gas, great color and comfortable.

Very comfortable rides nice and smooth has great pick-up. Good sound system. Great on gasoline. Has a lot of room. It's a bronze color which look beautiful in the sun. I have power windows, and locks. Not much repairs for 77,000 miles. Keep up with oil changes regular wear and tear. New tires, and brakes. Fits 5 adults comfortably all able to wear seatbelts.

- Samara T

Going strong like the Energizer bunny! Hyundai lasts

It has ran great for the past almost 9 years. Only recently have I had to pay some minor repairs. The spark plug needed to be replaced. I think that is typical for an older vehicle with over 100,000 miles. My vehicle has ran consistently and better than family members more expensive vehicles. Plus Hyundai always takes care of its customers.

- Elle A

Decent, but not great SUV

The Tucson is a decent SUV for the price. The leather interior and heated seats are nice, the AC is ok (not ice cold but cold enough), and having the option to adjust the temperature for both driver and passenger is great. My biggest issue is that I've already had to replace the transmission which makes me trust the car less.

- Erin H

I love my car. It hasn't had any major issues and it's great on gas!

I really love my car. I have had very little issues. My AC went out and I had to get a condenser for it. I recently replaced my CV Axle and brakes. I just got new tires. The best thing about my car most mechanic can fix on it. My car is great on gas which I love because I drive an hour to and from work 5 days a week.

- April H

Reliable for Several Years Now

My car has been very reliable, especially in the winter. Even though it is not four-wheel drive, It is great in the snow and hardly ever slides. This is the 4th car I have owned in my driving time and has been the best so far. It's excellent on gas and as long as I maintain the vehicle, the vehicle is good to me in return.

- Gina P

A Hyundai that's in dire need of inward repairs.

My vehicle is very reliable. It starts right up when I am ready to go on with my day. The only problem that I am now experiencing is that it sounds like an old raggedy truck. With a few repairs, it will be like new. The body is in excellent condition, so just looking at it would have you thinking that I just bought it.

- Mary S

Trustworthy Family Vehicle!

After 5 years of owning my Tucson Limited, I've had no performance issues, enjoy the comforts of the heated leather seats and sunroof, and have plenty of room in the back for two car seats. I can even fit my double stroller plus luggage in the back, and the AWD has done great through all of Colorado's seasons!

- Amanda C

The most important thing people should know before buying a Hyundai Tucson is the vision out the back window is limited, especially when backing out, unless you have a backup camera. However, the gas mileage is great and it's a nice, sporty car for the price.

I love the look of my car and the space provided. I don't like the fact that I can barely see out the back window when backing up. The ride is also somewhat rough, depending on the roads. All in all, It's a great car that gets me where I need to be. I also love the miles per gallon I get when traveling.

- Baylee V

Cute, reliable Hyundai Tucson

My. Hyundai Tucson is very reliable. I love everything about my car. It has a lot of amazing features as well as a nice interior. It drives really smooth and I love it. I have no complaints. There's great trunk space for loading shopping bags. This is a great family car. The seats are very comfortable.

- Michelle B

It is a fantastic car to have.

I love the size of my vehicle; not too big, but not too small. It gets great gas mileage for an SUV, but unfortunately has a pretty small gas tank. I have never had any issues with my vehicle on top of routine maintenance, except I find the interior to be somewhat poor quality for a "limited" edition.

- Emily G

Very reliable, but basic features.

The car is reliable and has very few issues. It gets good gas mileage. The one issue is that it is a fairly basic car without a lot of extra features. I would like to upgrade to a newer car. It does do well in the snow, even though it is only front wheel drive. I also wish the back cargo was bigger.

- Jared M

Hyundai Tucson: great vehicle for students.

I haven't really had any major problems with this vehicle. I have had to replace the brake pads once since I have had it. I like the heated seats and the dual air-conditioner. I also recently discovered that the seats can fold down which makes it really convenient when I have to haul a lot of stuff.

- Cara H

Good 4 the money. Just be prepared for things 2 go bad when 100k miles is up.

The only major problems were crappy batteries and after 7 years the compressor for air conditioning went. Also after 7 years the sway bar had issues. As soon as the car hit 100,000 miles things started going of course when the warranty was done. Engine still looks great. I would buy this car again.

- Donna K

Great visibility while driving

I am on the short side and I find I have great visibility in the Tucson. It has plenty of cargo space and good gas mileage. It is not the most powerful engine, but it has decent pickup and plenty of features like cruise control, Bluetooth, and the ability to put the seats down to haul larger cargo.

- Eileen F

The look of it is very nice neat color.

Haven't had any problems, it has been a very reliable car, great gas mileage, tons of room, great stereo, heated seats, leather, 19 inch tires, great look, steering wheel has all the functions on it, Bluetooth, luggage rack on top, cover in back for items not to be seen, storage net for groceries.

- Melissa H

Fierce mid-size SUV with plenty of space for fluffy people

Love the space, the features such as Bluetooth connectivity,. Easily holds a various sized walkers. One drawback is the back seat does not fold down flat. Also love the ecoboost feature. It has all wheel drive which came in handy on a recent trip to the coast as we were able to drive on the beach.

- Andrea B

2011 Hyundai Tucson, excellent car, great on gas

My car is very comfortable and has a lot of room in the backseat. It also has a lot of room to carry luggage in the main back area. It is also very good on gas. My car has a lot of miles on it also and still runs great. Three people can sit in the back seat comfortably without feeling squished.

- Holly S

Love my Tucson! 2011 Hyundai Tucson

Early on my radio failed and I got it replaced under warranty. Much later a break sensor failed and was replaced under recall/warranty. Otherwise I've had zero problems and it's been the perfect car as a commuter and new parent. Very comfortable to travel in and plenty of room in the trunk.

- Amanda F

Comfortable family car with room for everyone and everything.

I love how comfortable and reliable my vehicle is. It's easy to maintain and rarely gives me any issues. The vehicle is so fun for travel. Everything you need for a long road trip fits with ease. The radio, map, Bluetooth system is easy to use as well! I will absolutely own another Tucson.

- Taylor M

Nothing fancy, but good working car.

It has a good ac, its a nice color. It is very reliable. Its nothing fancy, but its a nice working car. I have not experience a lot of problems but we just got the car in april which is less than a year ago. My mom always had crappy cars so this was the first nice car she had in awhile.

- Amanda L

No cargo space! I expected more space but am disappointed.

Tires don't hold air although it has been checked and they tell me nothing is wrong. There is not a lot of giddy up. Not powerful. Brakes stick at times. Truck space is very small and does not allow to transport anything big Gas mileage is fine although I feel the tank is small.

- Chris T

Hyundai Tucson: A model of reliability

I haven't had many problems with my vehicle over the years. It has been reliable and exactly what I expected when I bought it. I'm a big guy and there is plenty of headroom. I sometimes wish I had a newer vehicle with a few of the upgrades that now come standard on many autos.

- Kevin D

It's reliable, this is the second Hyundai I've owned and both of them have run great.

I like the size of it, it's big enough to fit my family comfortably but not overly big. It gets decent gas mileage. I really wish it had air vents in the back, the kids get really hot in their car seats during the summer and it's hard to get air flowing back there to them.

- Kari S

My car is 7 years old but was so well cared for everyone thinks it is brand new.

I have only owned my vehicle for a few months but I love it so far! It's the most beautiful light blue color, had panoramic sunroofs and lots of other features I love. My only complaint it the front window fogs very easily and the defroster doesn't work very fast.

- Colleen B

Great car, just maybe a few minor adjustments.

I really like my car but I wish there was built in navigation system, sunroof and it came with all wheel drive. That being said, the car has great gas mileage, good handling and if I could go back I would definitely buy it again. I call her my first 'adult' car.

- Kristina L

A great family vehicle for all.

Great drive. Very comfortable. Great gas mileage. Very safe. Speeds up quickly. Great features. Beautiful color. Very spacious. Comfortable back seating. Has seat warmers and dual control air. Handles well. Runs quietly. Trunk space is excellent. I love it.

- Renee O

Very nice and comfortable car.

Very reliable car! Haven't had any issues with it. The car is a good size and very good on gas! The seats are really comfortable but the headrests sit pretty far back. You can do hands-free calls over the speaker and you can connect your from to play music.

- Madeline S

Tuscan, roomy w/ great gas mileage

This car has great gas mileage and has plenty of room for cargo. Have not had any big mechanical issues with this vehicle at all. The air conditioner seems to make a squealing noise and seems to blow even when it's not turned on, but overall a good vehicle.

- Tiff J

Amazing SUV for travels..

It's really good on gas. It last me a long time. I love the backup camera. The radio is touch screen. You can control a lot through your steering wheel. Good for road trips. Nice decent size. It lets you know what's wrong with the car through the dash.

- Ashley B

Make sure your model has cruise control and ask about vents for the back seats

It is a very basic car, but it stays in good working condition. There are no vents in the back row of seats, so my kids don't get air. It also didn't come with cruise control, but I was able to add it. I like the small size and good amount of space.

- Mindy S

Hyundai equals Reliability

In my opinion Hyundai makes the most reliable vehicle out there. My Tucson has all the 2011 standard features. I especially like the bluetooth, hands-free feature for my phone. The only thing I wish it had is a backup camera.

- Tammy B

Comfortable for women to drive but not the best gas mileage vehicle on the market.

The car is comfortable for me to drive. It fits me well due to it fitting my short stature. It is big enough for my family of 3 and a dog with good storage. I would like there to be better gas mileage but it does ok.

- Genevieve S

We have had zero mechanical issues in the almost 8 years we have owned it.

My Hyundai Tucson is almost 8 years old and we have never had any mechanical issue with it at all. It runs great, excellent gas mileage. Only complaint is there isn't a ton of room in the back seat for car seats.

- William H

How few problems it has especially when you consider what it costs to buy.

It is very good on gas mileage. Car has no problems everything continues to function properly. It is very low maintenance. Rides and handles well. Could be a little better on slippery roads.

- dave W

After 220,000 miles it runs like it is brand new

It's been a great vehicle. There have been no issues other than doing routine maintenance. My Tucson currently has 220,000 miles on it and it still runs and drives like it was brand new.

- Regenia I

Very reliable car. I plan to stay in the Hyundai family for as long as i can.

My car has been great and reliable for me. I drive alot and only now, after over 100,000 miles, am i starting to see some issues. Nothing that some general maintenance can't handle.

- Dee O

Good styling and fun to drive and has been very reliable.

I like the styling and look of my vehicle. I like the reliability and Its ability to handle winter roads. I dislike the fact that is can be a bit loud while traveling on the freeway

- Angie H

It is very dependable. I keep up with oil changes. It is a very nice car to drive. I think Hyundai's are very nice cars to own. I hope to own a newer model Hyundai within the next year.

I really like my Hyundai Tucson, it is a nice looking, dependable car. I love how it handles and drives. There is nothing I dislike about this car and I have no complaints.

- Lillian M

The MPG is off. I think the gas gauge may be a little off as well.

I love my Tuscon. The only problem I have is it was part of a class action suit many years ago for the mpg rating. I do know it is off when I drive. Mostly, I want my money.

- Wendy M

The care is safe and dependable.

I like that the car is dependable and gets me to where I need to go. I wish however, that the car had cruise control and more upgraded options. I bought the car used though.

- Erica G

It has a back up camera, and navigation system. It also has heated seats, and dual climate control.

I like the navigation system, it's easy to use. The back up camera is very handy, but sometimes hard to see. My daughter likes that there is a sun roof in the back for her.

- Paula W

The back seats lay flat to increase trunk storage space.

It is a good SUV on storage space and allows the back seats to lay flat to increase size. I wish it had a direction compass and temperature # on the front top or mirror.

- Elizabeth W

One of the most important things others should know about my car is that it is a good family vehicle.

I like that my vehicle has a sunroof with it as I have always wanted one. I love the space that it has. I dislike that the backup camera doesn't always work clearly.

- Natalie P

Unlike the Santa Fe, the Tucson does not have air vents in the back seats.

I enjoy the size of my vehicle. Not a giant SUV, but not cramped like a sedan. One thing I would change is some of the features on the inside, make it more updated.

- Julia J

Hyundai review from an irritated mother.

Great mileage, comfortable for a small family with 2 kids under 10. Struts didn't last long, nor did window power button. Great sound but bad wind from driving.

- Nope Y

The most important thing is the SUV drives well.

Great SUV everything I could have wanted. The SUV Drives well. The SUV Looks good. The SUV could have better tire gauge warning, it's almost alway on.

- thorne s

Good gas mileage and reliable.

Decent gas mileage. Nice car all in all. Very roomy in the back. Drives good but kind of touchy steering. Not a lot of get up and go but it's a 4 cyl.

- Kim A

The aC Doesn't reach the backseat.

I love the heated seats and extremely adjustable seats. I love the space and the trunk space. I hate that the aC Doesn't reach the back seat though.

- Lois K

People should know that my car is very good on gas. I only fill up every other week.

I like the size of my vehicle. I do not like that my back up camera only works sometimes. I also like that there is a NAV system built into the car.

- Jessica H

It is great on gas but is able to carry all the things that I need it to including people.

Everything is good except transmission went out but Hyundai replaced it for free. Other than that it is great. My last car was also a Hyundai.

- Duncan L

That I have had it for 7 years and it still looks and drives like it did when it was new.

My Tucson is the perfect size for me. It gets really good gas mileage. I have over 200,000 miles on it in 7 years with very little repairs. I


I think that it is one of the most reliable mid range SUVs on the road today.

It is very reliable, has never broke down. The gas mileage is outstanding, over 32 mpg on the highway. The carrying capacity is amazing.

- Michael W

My car is reliable and great on gas. Comfortable and great truck space

love that it is comfortable, great size, great gas mileage. Do not like that the windshield doesn't allow full view when looking left.

- Wendy Y

That it is a great car for a young family.

I love the fact that it gets great gas mileage. I love that my family is safe in it. It is a great vehicle for in town or traveling.

- Jonathan B

Driver side door too big to see to the left, if another auto is coming..

I wish had four wheel drive, not a smooth drive. Have a problem looking out my left side ,door too big where the side morrare is.

- della l

It is affordable for comparable vehicles on the market right now.

It's stylish, was affordable and the warranty is good. I don't like some of the paint has oxidized despite only being 7 yrs old.

- Lisa R

That if you drive it in snow that not 4 wheel drive.

I like back up camera, tinted windows, great on gas and the color. I dislike that is not 4 wheel drive, not that good in snow.

- Della R

watch the blind spots with the Tucson!

very reliable,great gas mileage, not so great in the snow! wish it was 4 wheel drive.only other issue is the blind spots.

- Annie S

good power and acceleration -- able to get up to highway speed very quickly. more powerful that newer vehicles

Good power and acceleration. Cabin in comfortable and cargo space is good. Large vehicle and sometimes hard to park

- Mary w

It is consistently reliable and has roadside assistance the 100,000 mile warranty is great.

It's very reliable, comfortable and fun to drive. It comes with roadside assistance so help is only a phone call away

- Candice S

Great on gas and very economical.

No problem, very reliable, great comfort. Would go and buy another one just like it. Great on gas and very economic.

- Maria M

The engine, no problems yet. There's plenty room. Has a place to charge your phone

It is comfortable. Runs great! Lots of room. Love the color, Kiwi. I get lots of compliments on the color. Love it!

- Lou Ann A

I have zero idea how to answer this question.

I dislike that the car does not have a sunroof. The car rides very well. I dislike there is no compass in the car.

- Rae S

I Would highly Recommend!

Haven't had any problems with my Tuscan! I actually really like it and it has been great for winter time driving!

- Katrina M

That it's a safe vehicle for my family. It looks cute too. But it's not so great on gas.

I love my vehicle. I like that it has leather seats and built in GPS. It's comfortable to drive. It's very safe.

- Nicole D

the most popular tagline it's bumper to bumper warranty that there offer. I bought my suv without it and as is.

it a good vehicle but I need to replace it soon , the up keep is expensis. I would like to get a newer one soon.

- juan G

Good average car, good on gas, not the greatest pick up

It is getting old. Does not pick up speed the way I would like. Gas mileage is good. Not the best in the snow

- Deanna H

Must put snow tires on in winter as it slides a lot with all season tires.

Not really any complaints. Would love if it were 4x4. Car rides smooth & pretty dependable vehicle. Love it.

- Patrick Y

it is rated a very safe from different rating companies .

I like how solidly it is built. I like the good gas mileage and the features my particular model comes with.

- Gary t

Worth the extra money a very dependable car drives comfortably.

Love the look and interior it handles very well great on gas dislike the radio has some electrical issue.

- Therese G

It is a really good car. I have taken long trips back and forth. .

The car is pretty good but over time the amount of gas you are able to put in it gets lower and lower.

- Serenity C

Good on the freeway but not as good on gas as manufacturer suggest

Transmission failed after only 3 years but had a good experience with getting it fixed under warranty

- Julie M

Its paid for. I do not owe anything on it.

I like the mileage and the extra features like Bluetooth and steering wheel controls. No complaints.

- Elena M

The hyundai Tucson has been a very dependable car to drive

Love it's dependability. It's very fuel efficient. It has had very few issues throughout the years.

- J G

It's nice and affordable! It looks like an expensive car but it's not.

Rides smooth. It's quiet and safe. It's not fast enough. I wish I could make my music louder.

- Carmella K

The great mileage the car has for long distance driving.

I like the smooth driving. The multiple cigarette lighters and the Bluetooth capability.

- Kelli B

It's roomier inside than it first appears. It has a great deal of leg and head room.

It's a small Suv. It has decent gas mileage. Acceleration isn't the best.

- Joe B

Good on gas. Comfortable for 4 passengers. Good cargo space.

It's Dependable. It's Economical. It's Comfortable. No complaints.

- Arthur M

It has a bumpy ride and is not as economical as some other cars.

It is good to run around town, but does not gain speed immediately.

- Emma P

I like the Good gas mileage. The Gas tank too small.

I put a lot of miles on my car in a month so it must be comfortable

- Carla J

I like the electronic features. I wish the backseat had a little more room though because it is tough having a rear-facing car seat. There are also some blind spots when looking back right and left.

It has great crash test safety ratings. The seats are comfortable.

- Arwen K

It is the best car I have owned and I owned over 18 cars

looks great rides well has a roomy back seat and low cost of use

- lee m

It was bought brand new. It has never had a problem. All that's been done is routine maintenance. It currently has 236,875 miles on the odometer.

It is extremely reliable and requires only routine maintenance.

- Regenia L

very quiet and very fast for a 4 door car/wagon i love it

no issues that i can think of at this time it's a very good car

- samantha m

I love my Tucson, it is very comfortable when riding around town and on cross country driving. Has a slight vision obstruction on driver side when looking back to check for other cars. Plenty of room for passengers and luggage so makes traveling easier.

Excellent vehicle for Smaller Crossover SUV - tons of room

- Colleen S

handles well minimal issues great car for traveling low gas mileage

i like the car. nice style and gas mileage. looks great

- Amy S

It runs very good and knowi problems with it it is very fast stable and enjoyable it is fun to drive and is safe

It is very safe and fun to ride in it it's very fast

- Faith S

It's fairly small - easy to park. It was inexpensive. No complaints.

No frills, not expensive but it gets the job done.

- Lori M