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Tucson is Pretty and Practical

The Tucson is a reliable vehicle. It rides smooth and gets decent gas mileage (about 28 MPG on the highway). The LTE is particularly nice with its heated leather seats, which are easy to clean, sunroof, and moonroof. The car is also the perfect size- small enough that it's incredibly easy to drive but still an SUV so there's plenty of space. The push-start and back-up camera are added bonuses. The back seat folds down, providing plenty of space if you need to haul large items. The anchor system for car seats is easy to utilize. Although my car is 6 years old, it's design isn't dated at all. It still looks new. I have nothing negative to say about my Tucson. It was a great purchase and I'd absolutely buy another Hyundai.

- Caroline M

Reliable, Comfortable, Low Maintenance and Affordable!

I have had this car for 3 years and I've only had to do routine maintenance, I.e battery, fluids, wipers, tires, brake pads. It rides good and gets good gas mileage. We travel a good bit around the state and the seats are comfortable for both front and rear seat riders (including the pups). It provides ample storage. My only complaint is that I wish the trunk was slightly larger, but I opted for the smaller SUV over the Santa Fe in the first place. This car doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles, no backup camera, customizable driver and passenger AC temps, or rear vents, but those weren't priorities for me. Overall I have loved this car. Extremely reliable.

- Lori E

Hyundai Tucson- the most comfortable, reliable car for any age to own.

My Hyundai is the best car I have ever owned. It is perfect for my everyday life as a young adult- it is definitely a car you can grow into. I was 21 when I bought my Hyundai and it drives real smooth. The seats are not leather which is a plus for me. I drive around a lot in all kinds of weather and it has never let me down in hot or cold weather! (it has heated seats!) It is very spacious and adjustable seats make it convenient for carpooling or traveling to other states (even moving). I personally have never had any bad experiences with my car- I definitely recommend this car to any young adult or family!

- Mariah M

I like how the vehicle maneuvers on city but not on freeways and highways.

I purchased this vehicle in 2017 and it had 45000 miles on it. I have not had any mechanical issues and really like how the vehicle maneuvers and runs on streets and neighborhoods. On the highways and freeways I do not like the maneuvering of the vehicle as it is not smooth but turning on the Eco option does help with power and maneuver. I like the size of the SUV as I am a woman and it feels good but will buy something bigger in the future now that I'm used to it whether it be a Hyundai for Honda. I would recommend this vehicle for women without children dogs are OK

- Kari S

Hyundai Tucson - watch your back!

The car runs well so far, it feels cramped because the seats are angled forward causing back pain. The seats are very uncomfortable. After approximately an hour of driving my neck and back tightens up and it is very uncomfortable. We have lessened our longer trips with this vehicle because of it. We went to the keys, 2, 5 hours drive and my husband had to climb in the back seat to lay down because he couldn't sit in the front. The seats hurt his back too much. Also, the leather on the steering wheel started to peel off, I had to put a steering wheel cover on it.

- Anne V

Trustworthy, long lasting car!

I really like the features within the car: buttons to move the seats, seat heaters, two sun roofs, plenty of space when you push down the back seats (could even sleep in it!). My biggest issues are with malfunctions, my sound system has gone out and I have to take it to the dealership rather than a car store to get it fixed which might be more expensive. However, I have driven this car from Florida to Utah at least twice and back and forth between Colorado, Utah, and Nevada a bunch! Very durable throughout all my drives overall, no major issues!

- Chris W

Brief Tucson review: opinions related to size and reliability.

The Hyundai Tucson has a sleek exterior, and the size is smaller than an SUV but still large enough to fit a lot of people or extraneous things into it is space. I have not required unnecessary repairs as it has been durable and reliable, including exceptional driving in Utah during the winter (lots of snow and ice!). It has enough tech features to be relatively up to date, but I would assume newer versions contain in car navigation and interactive screens (mine does not). The car has great sound quality as well.

- Amy B

I love my 2013 Hyundai Tucson and her is why.

I switched from a gm product to. 2013 Hyundai Tucson. I leased the vehicle. However I fell in love with it and decides to buy it when my lease was up. It has been a very dependable car for my family and I. We live in an area where snow is pretty common. I got the AWD version and it has never let me down in the snow. I have had the vehicle for 5 years and only had to change the tires, battery and wipers. No mechanical problems whatsoever. I would truly recommend Hyundai products.

- Stacey S

2013 Hyundai Tucson - comfort and convenient features, perfect transition vehicle if trading up to a bigger size from being used to a car

Hyundai Tucson with AWD, heated seats, remote start, and bluetooth capabilities. SUV is a 4 cylinder and gets great gas mileage for an SUV. Average 24 mpg city and 30 highway. This SUV is a perfect transition vehicle to go from a car to a bigger vehicle. I am very pleased with this vehicle and have had no major problems with performance or reliability. The vehicle is a roomy and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to others.

- Megan A

My Tucson has nice comfy seats that I can lift up.

My vehicle is a Hyundai Tucson and it drives really smoothly. It's really good in gas. I can travel for 8 hours and only fill up once. I have had issues with my engine, but it still drives pretty good. My Tucson is a 2013, so it doesn't have a lot of features. You can connect your phone to it and listen to music from your phone. It also has two charging ports, a USB port, and an auxiliary port. If you like music, the bass is pretty nice.

- Chelsea S

Amazing car for safety and all around fun.

This car has been a staple in safety for our family since we got it. A few months back two family members got into a rollover in this vehicle (we had two, now only one) and came out completely fine (no broken anything, just minor bruising) extremely safe car. it's quite comfortable and has lots of space in the back seat. The only downside is the speakers in the car are easy to blow. Otherwise a perfect car, comfortable, good gas mileage, etc

- Elise I

My favorite car. The lighted mirrors and heated seats.

My Hyundai Tucson is a limited SUV. It has a blue color that looks purple in certain light. It has a little row of blinking lights on each mirror that lights up. It is light brown in the interior and has a good heater and heated seats. Air Conditioner. Nice stereo system with Bluetooth and phone in steering wheel. It is nice and food and is very economical. Does not use any oil. I love it. It's very sporty and pretty.

- Linda K

Great car, good for long term

My vehicle is a very reliable SUV, it was the first car that I purchased for myself. During the test drive it drove great, it definitely has a few blind spots that you have to learn to maneuver around to fully see during turns but that was an easy obstacle to overcome. My Tucson has made several out of state trips and is on the interstate at least twice a week and has held up nicely and puts on miles like a champ.

- Elizabeth V

The comfort and reliability are outstanding. I love how my vehicle can fit my entire family and we never have any worries driving it.

My Hyundai Tucson is perfect for my family. Equipped with luggage racks makes it great for long vacations and comfortable seating is perfect for everyday driving. The performance and reliability aspects are exactly what i need for everyday driving and long distance. The front and back seats have plenty of room for passengers and drivers of all sizes. I would most certainly buy another Hyundai Tucson!

- Miranda H

Reliable, durable, perfect size.

Perfect size SUV, drives extremely smooth and very reliable. Has Bluetooth features, Sirius XM option, rear window wiper blade, and allows for complete adjustment of seats, wheel, and side view mirrors. This model does not show you the temperature outside but if oil needs to be changed or tires are low, the icons light up when needed to keep you on point for taking care of your car.

- Maria P

Reliable car you can take all over!

This vehicle has driven back and forth across states and the country multiple times and I have never had any major issues on long trips. Recently, my stereo stopped working but it may be because it is used and I listen to music fairly loud. The one consistent issue I have had is the tpms sensor light comes on and off a lot, sometimes it needs a fix and sometimes it does not.

- Christina W

Problems dealing with a new car purchase.

When new we had transmission problems it would slip when changing gears ( automatic ) which was corrected. By the dealer completely replacing it after 6 trips to the dealer. Another problem was being tall I found the seat would not recline enough for me to enter the drivers side along with the tilt steering wheel would not tilt high enough for a comfortable exit on enter.

- Bill N

Mostly safe, but beware of blind spots.

I like that it seems very safe: the metal part of the driver's door goes up to my shoulder (I am 5'6'). I like that I can crank the driver's seat up higher (didn't realize it at first, but now it is as high as it goes). I love the heated seats. The doors are very solid. I do not like that there are big blind spots. Bigger than in any other car I have ever driven.

- Karen Z

Mobile medical office that holds all my equipment for home care nursing.

I had no trouble purchasing my car. It is extremely comfortable. It has heated seats which are wonderful in the winter. It has enough room to carry three cats and a dog and a bird in a cage. Using my car for work as I am a visiting nurse I have plenty of room for all of my nursing equipment. I have had no trouble with my car. It still looks like new.

- Deborah D

Push start feature is the best on my SUV.

Reliability, never had an issue. I am almost at 100, 000 miles and I honestly besides Chevy, this is a great SUV. It drives so smooth and the features inside are great, push start is a great addition. I was in a car accident with my other Tucson and it saved my life, the dependability of Hyundai and the safety features made me buy another one.

- Elizabeth J

Hyundai Tucson 2013 in a nutshell.

The 2013 Hyundai Tucson has heated seats, an auto-start feature, is AWD, and has Bluetooth connectivity. Only downside is that Bluetooth is not up-to-date with current technology, or so it seems. Drives and handles smoothly. Tires have long life. Is comfy and roomy for family of 3-4! Reasonably priced crossover and has solid safety reviews.

- Tara D

Reliable, affordable, great performance, great vehicle.

I love this Tucson. It is the second Tucson and 4th Hyundai I have own. They are comfortable, incredibly reliable, minimum service needs, and tremendous 10 year warranty. The only things I have had to pay for are basic oil changes, and after 6 years new tires. I cannot recommend the Hyundai Tucson highly enough. I will stay with Hyundai.

- Harriet L

Tucson-sporty look, nice features, but doesn't live to the power side the engine

It doesn't have the power you want in a 4 cylinder. It's better to have a V6 at least to create the smooth ride feeling on the road. I've driven bigger vehicles with more powerful engines, and it's not even close when it comes to power. It also isn't that big in the back seat if you have company that you're driving around the town.

- Hisham H

Phenomenal vehicle with great gas mileage!

My Tucson has been an incredible vehicle. Really good car that I have never have had an issue with. Gas mileage is also a huge plus. I use this vehicle everyday to travel back and forth to work and it has never let me down. I'll own it till the wheels fall off then hopefully I'll be able to purchase a new one when that time comes.

- Andy M

No cruise control on 2013 Hyundai!

The car runs great and has no problems. I did not realize that this Hyundai (2013) does not have cruise control - I thought all cars in the recent history have cruise control. It is a problem for me since I live to drive on long trips. I also have not had a car with cloth seats and would not buy another without leather seats.

- Mary Jane W

Very reliable! Little to no issues in over four years.

I have had my Hyundai Tucson for four years. Very reliable vehicle. With regular maintenance I have no had any issues. Parts are very affordable. I do wish that the 2013 Tucson had a camera and digital screen. It does have Bluetooth accessibility. I use the heated seats all winter long. Trunk space is adequate and large.

- Ashley H

Excellent First Car Purchase

I have had this cat since 2015 and haven't had any problems. I keep up with routine maintenance and that's really all I've done. It has a surprising amount of cargo room considering the size of the vehicle. The heated seats are amazing. The backseat is a good size for my kiddos. I would highly recommend this car.

- Kate D

2013 Hyundai Tucson great family car.

The only issue I have had is the air conditioner can take awhile to kick in if the car is not moving. No problem could be found for a few years, then a leak was found in a hose and supposedly fixed, however the problem is still there. Drives great, very comfortable. Perfect size for my toddler and family.

- Rachel B

Hyundai Tucson, not the best vehicle I have ever had!

Check engine light came on for a few months for no real reason. Took multiple trips to the garage to figure out the computer is just not working properly. It is comfortable and generous in size. It also has a terrible radio and mp3 player system, very few options to change songs and get proper readouts.

- Ellen K

I Can't really used the features with the screen if the sun is out.

Sometimes the Bluetooth doesn't want to connect I have to try to about 4 times. Also I wish the screen wasn't tilted upwards the screen blacks out when the sun hits it so during the day I can't really use my GPS or see anything And the reverse camera doesn't work half of the time it has all these lines

- Samantha A

A great car at a great price.

I love all the special features of my car. It is completely loaded but we didn't go broke getting a car with all the extra features. It has great gas mileage. I plan on getting all my other cars from Hyundai. They have great reliable vehicles at a great price along with excellent customer service.

- Amanda J

It�s a great, safe, family car!

I love it! Reliable get me where I need it to! Super roomy, but yet compact! Also stylish for every age! Plenty of storage room! Great on gas! Fantastic safety ratings. Great for children and families! I fit three car seats in the back perfectly! It's gotten us through plenty of family fun trips!

- Jessica K

Great vehicle with great mileage!

The Tucson is a reliable and comfortable car. It corners and turns around very nicely. Plus with all wheel drive you can take it anywhere. It's great on gas and runs just as well at almost 100,000 miles as it did when I first bought it. It's surprisingly roomy for such a small little vehicle.


Hyundai Tucson, great product, great price!

Hyundai Tucson's are great crossover SUVs. Plenty of room without feeling like you are driving something too big. This is my second Hyundai SUV. I do not think I will ever buy anything but a Hyundai product. For the most both of Hyundai SUVs I owned required normal, expected maintenance.

- Suzanne S

A great feature is the assisted braking going down steep inclines which is very useful if taking off road in the mountains.

The Hyundai Tucson overall is a comfortable and reliable vehicle with no major problems. It handles very well is all weather and has a great turn radius. It is very comfortable and has heated front seats. I do wish it had a little more room in the back as the Santa Fe but is a good SUV.

- Steve D

It's cheap (relatively) to drive, maintenance and gas.

I love the way it handles, especially around curves. I really like the sound system, and the quietcomfort of the interior. I enjoy my ride in my vehicle, and the fact that it is relatively inexpensive when it comes to gas consumption is a really nice perk. I have zero complaints.

- Roberto R

My big purchase for a little person.

Love my car. It has AWD, two sunroofs, leather seats which can be heated, and a back up camera. The SUV has really good gas mileage and its rides smooth. It's a lot more space than what I expected. I am really happy that I made this purchase and its big enough for me and my son.

- jasmine L

The panoramic rooftop is huge! Plus 7 passengers to fit all my family.

Comfortable with good price it is cheap to get parts big enough for my family. Comes in a smart and fancy design it is a secure car that will protect my family against crashes.. And I would definitely buy my next car the same brand the new models have a great panoramic rooftop.

- MN N

A reliable vehicle that I would purchase again.

Overall I am very satisfied with my vehicle. The a/c went out a couple of months ago and we haven't had a chance to get it fixed, which does not make it me happy, but it just turned over 100, 00, and still purrs like a kitten. I love the heated seats and the Sirius radio.

- Jen V

It's a high quality vehicle with a nice warranty and it looks nice.

Hyundai vehicles are well made. The car is a little bit luxurious with heated leather seats. It runs well. Only thing I dislike is it is a little noisy while driving on the freeway and my audiobooks don't always play loud enough over the stereo for me to hear well enough.

- Jaimie E

Great vehicle economical and great warranty

Plain and simple. Good gas mileage and warranty. Upholstery tends to get spots on it easy even with water. Cleans up easy though. Great everyday car. Rides smooth and plenty of room for everyone and luggage. Still runs great after five years just do scheduled maintenance

- Brett W

I LOVE my Tuscon. It is a very dependable vehicle. I have never had any problems with it.

I have had six vehicles in my life. Three of the six were Hyundais. My first car was a Hyundai. The other two Hyundai's were SUVs. I LOVE my Tuscon. If I get another vehicle in the future I will get a Hyundai. I have never had any major problems with any of my Hyundais.

- Brandy S

Absolutely no service issues.

Comfortable. No service issues. Durable. Easily handles 4 people. Gets good gas mileage and great on long highway trips. I have had no problems and travel 25, 000 miles per year. Keep oil changed regularly and all filters changed. No brake issues or transmission issues.

- Jonathan B

Hyundai Tucson has been a wonderful vehicle

I like its look and it drives well. It's comfortable on long trips, has plenty of pickup and has been very dependable.I've been very satisfied with it and would buy same vehicle again. There is plenty of storage and is easy to access. Gas mileage has been very good too.

- Jud G

Great everyday commuter car.

This is my second Tucson. I think it is great value for the money and I have not had any problems with either one. It is reliable, roomy, low maintenance cost, easy to drive. The only thing I do not like is the navigation screen is hard to read on bright sunny days.

- Jenny K

It's a great car with multiple things.

It's a good car it has butt warmers for winter and drives good its safe and has many seats can hold up to 5 people and tires last a good while and it's like new and stays clean not hard to clean it drives a long way before having to stop for gas it's not a gas hog.

- Megan H

My new little car is hip and cool

It's a very cute little car. I love the amount of space it has. It has a lot of bells and whistles for the year. I love the leather chairs. The radio and other features are really nice. I just love everything about this car, I really can't say enough about it.

- Victoria S

2013 Hyundai Tucson a sporty and classy SUV. Good value!

The vehicle has a sporty look and is quick to accelerate with its 4 cylinder engine. The heated front seats and modern display on the dash make for an attractive car. My only issue at the moment is the paint is peeling on the rear spoiler above the license plate.

- Janet T

My vehicle is trustworthy and a good drive.

Has a little of a bumpy ride otherwise I like it and how it handles. I would like to be able to upgrade the software for the radio and other media but that does not seem possible. The front seats are comfortable and there is ample space in the rear seats too.

- Dennis G

It is very safe and good on gas

I love my car. It is really great on gas and is very reliable. My car has never needed any bug fixes and has never broken down. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is great for the whole family and drives really well. It's trunk is very spacious as well.

- Elizabeth J

Needed to relive my breaks rather frequently.

I dislike heating/ ac. Poor temperature regulation. It gets too hot and too cold. And when you turn it off it continues to produce muggy stagnant air. There is no happy medium. Four wheel drive feature is not the best. , because car comes with crappy tires.

- Kara O

Hyundai has a great warranty on their vehicles. 10 year bumper to bumper unlimited mileage & 10 year or 100,000 mile powertrain.

I like that it has great safety ratings, it fits my family of 3 well & I have room for other things such as strollers, groceries and more as needed. I feel safe in it on the road with my children & the Hyundai warranty was a big selling point as well.

- shelby n

I can use Bluetooth to connect to my phone music, which is super fun.

It's really comfortable and nice to drive, sometimes the acceleration can be a bit slow when I press on the pedal. I've taken this car across the country and it's never broken down on me. Very reliable for a girl who doesn't know how to change a tire!

- Barbara W

Great little basic car with good gas mileage.

Great little car - only dislike because it has no cruise control, no luggage bars on top, and has terrible cloth seats - otherwise good car which performs well, has good gas mileage - very basic with no bells or whistles, which I would not buy again.

- Mary Jane W

The most important thing is that the Tucson was reasonably priced and has a 10 year - 10,000 mile warranty.

I like the size of the Tucson and roomy interior with soft front seats. I like the audio system and seat warmers and dual-zone climate control. I dislike the uncomfortable ride, the blind spots, and the lack of a factory navigation package.

- Beth F

It gets excellent gas mileage for a crossover vehicle.

The size is perfect for me. I like being higher up than a standard sedan. It has a tiny little back up camera in the rear view mirror, which is the perfect size as well. I dislike it being a crossover without all wheel or four wheel drive.

- Dixie S

Safety hazard, limited vision when turning.

The side mirrors are very large and obscure vision when turning. The placement of air bags around the windshield also obscures vision. The seats are comfortable. I have no problem with the interior design. The exterior look is pleasing.

- Margaret C

The Tucson has a great look. It is sleek and stylish.

My Tucson is just about the right size for me. It is comfortable to sit in. It has heated seats that I love having as I live in the Pacific Northwest. The rear side windows are hard to see out of when backing out of parking spaces.

- Patricia B

Does not get good gas mileage and costs a lot to fill up the tank with gas.

I like that it drives well in the snow and winter weather. I do not like that it does not have a lot of pep to it, it is like I hit the gas. Peddle to pull out into the road and it does not have a lot of quick response.

- Sarah P

It's safe and reliable and Hyundai really knows what to include on their vehicles to make them more premium without having absurd pieces

I like my car because it is reliable and safe. It was reasonably priced when I leased it and then bought it after my lease was up. There's enough room for myself, my husband and two children in car seats/booster seats.

- Lisa B

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is safe and dependable. We have had no issues.

I love my vehicle because it is big enough for my family. It has a great trunk that can hold a lot, and I love the technological features. There is a built in backup cam, XM radio, and more. It drives very well.

- Katherine W

The most important thing about my Tucson is that it is reliable.

What I like most on my Tucson is the it is always reliable. I like that the warranty is 100,000. I would say one thing that I like the least about my Tucson is that it has no towing capabilities.

- Kimberly N

Plenty of room for my whole family, even though it's a small SUV

I like that it's the smallest SUV crossover model that I could find. Looks sleek, has plenty of space; wish that it got better gas mileage. Have had no major repair issues through 40k miles.

- Jeff H

Extremely comfortable and the perfect size.

It is an amazing car, rides great, very comfortable, has 100, 000 miles and is a 2013 and still running perfect. It is a great car in all types of weather. Rain or snow. Hot or extremely cold.

- Mackenzie M

Reliable and nice looking.

The car is comfortable, has easy to use features, is reliable and the dealer is great, fair and easy to work with. It is hard to see the center display for map and other things during the day.

- Jenny K

It's very room and comfortable

It's a good size for our family of 4 and has a large rear trunk space. We've had it for six years and haven't had any problems with it. It cools and heats quickly and gets good gas mileage.

- Chris R

Sporty small SUV with Great Safety Features

My vehicle is an all wheel drive SUV with leather/cloth interior. It does not pick up to speed as quick as I would like, but the safety features have proven themselves over and over again.

- Rachel W

I would consider finding a Hyundai Tucson with low miles and get your money's worth

I like that there are no longer issues with the transmissions from Hyundai's relationship with Mitsubishi. I also like that XM is integrated into it as well as hands free phone calls.

- Robert P

The 2013 Hyundai Tucson is a dependable car that is economical to drive.

This car has been very reliable for us. The gas mileage is pretty good and the size is right. Two things are not the best - location of air vents for driver and a major blind spot.

- Diane B

Don't expect a smooth, quiet ride. But do know that the bones of the car are good.

It's a pretty reliable vehicle. Not a super comfy ride, not too many extra luxury points, loud road noise. But it's hardly had any mechanical problems for as long as we've had it.

- Courtney S

Easy to handle. Fun to drive. Plenty of space. I like the vehicle but not the dealership where I purchased it

I love the ease of driving this vehicle. I feel danger with my son in it because of Its weight. I also like the gas mileage for a small SUV. I just wish it had a back up camera

- Cassie P

Reliable vehicle that is pretty stylish.

It's the second time i have driven a hyundai tucson. FIrst one lasted 250k miles, this one is at 150k, minimal issues (knock on wood). ONly issue that it isn't great in snow.

- Tim P

It rides very rough and the suspension needs improvement.

I like all the features like bluetooth and sunroof, moonroof, power everything. I dislike the way it rides. It is very rough, like a jeep or truck. Not at all comfortable.

- Karen L

I like my car it is cute and I love the way it drives.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I get my vehicle service when I am suppose to and it uh s very liable in getting me to work and other places that I have to go.

- Angela G

It was well worth the money.

Love the way it drives. The size is perfect. I have had no issues with it in 5 years. Love the color of it and love the heated seats and the Bluetooth for my phone.

- Janet G

$5,000. + to replace engine. Same engine on recall in Santa fe.

Like the style, price, comfort. Gas economy. Hate that engine blew up at 126. 000+ miles and was not covered on recall. Hate the interior plastics. Scratched up.

- June S

The gas mileage is very good. Feels like I am sacrificing power for the good mileage. I would recommend the vehicle though for the price.

It doesn't have a lot of power but for the price, it's worth it. The gas mileage is great. It has a decent amount of room but I might need something bigger soon.

- Ric L

My Hyundai Tucson is very comfortable

I love my car. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I have not had any major problems with it yet and the minor problems were fixed rapidly with no problem.

- Mary K

Much better than its reputation.

It handles well and feels like a full size SUV when it is only mid-size. It is good on gas and has had minimal problems. I do not like how much it sways in wind.

- Jennifer N

The most important thing others should know is it has a great safety rating.

I love the fact that I can transport everything that i need in my SUV. Ever since I bought my Hyundai I have been very happy. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- jennifer s

I would definitely buy another one. Well worth the investment.

I love how it fits my children comfortably. I love how well it drives and I feel it is very safe for my family. It is a great car and is very easy to drive.

- Sharon C

It is reliable and has a really comfortable feel on short or long rides. As well as good gas mileage.

I love my vehicle, it is really reliable and have had minimal issues with it. It rides really well and we were able to get it fully loaded for a good price.

- Emilie K

It has hail damage on the hood but works just fine.

I like that I do not have to bend down to get my child into her car seat. I like that it is an SUV but it is compact. I also like that it has seat warmers.

- Lauren S

Great buy for the product.

Very nice car for a single person. Low maintained issues and very nice to drive. Like the Bluetooth option. Heated seats are nice for my bad and legs.

- Toni B

It is an all whole drive so its good in the snow.

I do not drive this often since it is my parents car but it feel slow. There is not much horsepower. It is a comfortable vehicle for my small family.

- Bianca M

It is the thing thing that gives me freedom to go and do what I want

I like the great mileage I get also it is a comfortable ride. It has a good size interior and also looks good. and I love my gps and serioux radio

- Barbara G

It is very reliable and comfortable. It has never let me stranded

I like the good gas mileage for a small SUV. I enjoy the comfortable and quiet ride. It stands up well to the use of my small children and dogs

- Kiley W

Great on gas. Nice riding car.

Great driving car. Great on any roads and weather. Easy to drive. Haven't had any issues with it. Took on trip and is a comfortable ride.

- Mary Payne P

Perfect small suv for city living

Don't like the retractable seat belt it doesn't work properly and my car has no temperature reading i love the size and safety of vehicle

- Laura H

Love the color and comfort

There are no problems with the vehicle. Very comfortable and always reliable. Love all the features and would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Dawn H

2013 Hyundai Tucson Good safe family vehicle

Plenty of leg space, good on gas. Safe and reliable. Storage space is also pretty decent and allows us to travel well over the summer.

- Catherine F

Weigh all options before making any purchase.

Good vehicle. Nice features on dashboard. Onboard GPS a must in my vehicles. Backup camera nice feature no major issues with vehicle.

- Craig S

It's a lot more spacious than you would think, lots of room in the front as well as the back seats and even the trunk is spacious for lots of carrying room.

It has a lot of room for my family. It has amazing gas mileage for my commute to work. It has great feature for my listening devices.

- Alexandra A

You get a lot for what you pay. Lots of fun extras on the car.

I like that it is higher off the ground. I like that it gets decent gas mileage. And I like that it is comfortable and fun to drive!

- Angela D

Good gas mileage on the highway.

I wish the car had a sunroof to have more light in the car. I wish it had a navigation system as well and that the color was black.

- Patricia A

The seats are very comfortable in the front and back.

I like the looks, comfort and the quiet ride. The warranty was the most important item when I bought it. Dislikes are blind spots.

- Connie W

It has some good features.

Drives rough. No backseat air vents. Tires constantly lose pressure. It is a Hyundai. Bad gas mileage for city and highway miles.

- Eunice W

its reliable & fuel efficient

I Love my little buggy it's a cool red 4 door is loaded heated seats the works runs great good gas mileage its perfect for me

- sharon t

Very dependable and comfortable riding.

This is the first Hyundai I have owned. Love everything about it. Great gas mileage, comfortable, heated seats are amazing!

- Karen D

Dependable car that I feel safe driving.

Has good safety record. Feels solid so you feel secure behind the wheel. No major service on vehicle. I have no complaints.

- Char M

Excellent Sporty Family Vehicle

This SUV is the perfect size for a small family. Drives smooth, seats are very comfortable, and extremely reliable vehicle.

- Melissa E

It get outstanding gas mileage.

Large enough for the family. Gets great gas mileage. Have not had any problems since I bought it. It is very comfortable.

- Terry S

Comfortable and Reliable starter family car

It's comfortable and reliable. Gets decent gas mileage for a small SUV with using Eco Mode. Love my heated leather seats!

- Katie H

It may be a Hyundai but it looks classier than that.

Comfortable, has a back up camera, drives nicely, 100, 000 mile warranty, seat warmers. SUV so I can see above cars.

- Tiffany W

Have not had any major mechanical problems.

I like the size and ease of getting in and out. I would like it to be quieter inside and a higher quality interior.

- Mary B

Dependable great on gas buy one.

Great car very dependable. Good on gas lov3 the Sirius radio. And Bluetooth would recommend this make to anyone.

- Thomas A

It wears tires funny so continue to check the tires more often.

I like how it drives. There is a lot of space which makes traveling easier. . I do not like how it wears tires.

- Erica B

I feel extremely safe every time I drive.

It is a great vehicle that gets me where I need to. No issues, though would prefer a newer year with more tech.

- Nicole P

This was the crossover featured in the early seasons of the walking dead.

I absolutely love this crossover. This is small, easy to find a parking space, but I can put so much in there.

- Edward L

It is comfortable and good gas mileage.

I like it, reliable and AWD do great in snow, and seats 5 along with lots of space. It is also kinda sporty.

- Heather L

Great warranty. Great customer service at the dealership

Good quality for money Warranty very good Price good Third Hyundai we have bought and never had any problems

- Joyce K

It's feels safe and reliable.

I love how it drives. and the way it feels when driving. also the size of the car as well. its really cool.

- Maria D




The Hyundai Tucson is very reliable and has had great gas mileage compared to others in its class.

I have owned my Hyundai Tucson for 5 and a half years now and have had very little problems out of it.

- Hillary S

It gets horrible gas mileage! I have to fill it twice a week.

I had a honda crv before this car. I feel honda makes a much better car. This car does not run as well

- ann b

Gets good gas mileage (about 25 mpg).

Gets good gas mileage. Never had any problems with it. GPS is a little out of date after 5 years.

- Randy G

Good brackets and good miles for gas and very safe.

It is very good on gas and has good speed and the color is good and it is fun to drive good brakes.

- Faith S

Great car with pretty good gas mileage

I love the size of the car. A little bigger trunk space would be nice. I wish it had a sunroof

- Hannah M

It has been a very good car. I like the style, color, warranty, and customer service that I have received.

It is small enough yet has plenty of room. It is economical and I like the style. No complaints.

- Sheila O

This is an amazing SUV - just the right size, just the right gas mileage. Hyundai is a great company as they back up what they say with everything!

I love my Hyundai. It is the right size for my needs. It is good on gas and a stellar warranty.

- Sandra S

I love the warranty it comes with. 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes 1st.

I have no complaints about it. Never had any maintenance issues. I love how sporty it looks.

- amber s

It's dependable and we haven't spent too much on repairs.

I hate the radio, the half leather seats, and no trunk space. It gets horrible gas mileage.

- Misty R

That the size it is fits me really well as I am a small person

I have a crv. It's a pretty metallic blue. It's comfortable to ride in and easy to drive.

- Bev S

It rides well and handles well but the tire light is really sensitive

I really like the size, style, and the way it drives. I just wish it wasn't so expensive

- Jennifer R

It's reliable but not very powerful

It's loud and lacks a bit of power. overall very reliable. haven't had any major issues

- mark W

This car is the perfect size for commuting and utility.

It's the right size. Big enough to haul stuff but not too big to manage in traffic.

- Alex S

It's the model featured in seasons 2 and 3 of the walking dead.

It's not a bad vehicle. It has great mileage and I can put a lot of stuff in ti.

- Edward G

Auto is dependable and good on gas especially when traveling

Handles well driving Comfortable when long distance traveling Good gas mileage

- Robert B

That it's mine, do not care what people think of my car

Great warranty, reliable. Has higher seat which helps as I have arthritis

- Jamie B

The gas is great. It has a smooth ride. It can fit 2 carseats in the back.

I like the way it drives. Could use a little more room. Great gas mileage.

- Kate H

Hyundai has a great warranty that every company should have for their cars.

Cheap to fill up. Great on gas. And has great space for the whole family.

- Crystal C

Nothing but it does hold a lot for Its size and uses little gas.

It drives well and saves a lot on gas. It holds a lot of stuff as well.

- Edward L

It fits in "compact" parking spaces. It is very spacious and comfortable.It is economical on gas. I have never had a single problem with it.

It has never had any problems of any kind. It is very dependable.

- Jane B

It always work so It's justa. Good car

It's a great vehicle, havent really had any problems with it

- Melissa M

High safety rating. Reliable. Smooth driving. Some electrical problems. Great family car. Lots of back seat leg room.

This car had one of the highest safety rating in its year.

- Kellee H

it good on gas and I haven't had any problem after fives years

I like it and I have no complaints it a very nice suv

- dorothy a

durability and carrying space would buy again and again

I like the size. I like mileage. wonderful driving.

- douglas l

It has great gas mileage with a eco button to help save gas

Good on gas. Minimal maintenance. Drives smoothly.

- Jennifer M

I have been in a few accidents and I have never been hurt

It's a suv. It drives great. It has plenty of room.

- Amy F

It's very compact, but holds a lot of stuff.

It's a really good vehicle. I love how it drives.

- Edward D