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Great car all around, just less so for me!

It is a good car, really. I, personally, am just barely 5 ft tall, so the blind spots are really killer for me. The rear windows are smaller, about the size of a 2-door car, maybe smaller. I love the interior; the middle console is touch-screen and fun to play around with. There's a moon roof, and I like how far up the windshield comes. It is a Hyundai, and in my experience, they run for pretty much ever, even longer if well-maintenance. The material of the seats is part fabric and part (probably fake, I don't know) leather. The doors are long, so parking in close proximity to walls or other cars poses a challenge to get in or out easily. Overall, for someone average height, there's nothing bad about the car. It is great!

- Julia M

The truth about Hyundai Veloster.

The Hyundai Veloster is a very useful car for a single person. The model that I have has convenient push button start and wireless Bluetooth. This vehicle also has a backup camera and sonar to let me know when I am about to back into something. The Hyundai Veloster is perfect for a young couple or young adult as their second car. I purchased mine after driving a 2002 dodge neon for three years. My vehicle has 36 mpg on highway. However, this vehicle is inconvenient when accompanying young children as this car only has three doors. Even though this vehicle can fit four individuals, it is reportedly uncomfortable for the passenger side back seat individual. They often complain that it is cramped and close to zero leg room.

- Sydney R

3 door hatchback of adventure.

I have had my car for 6 years now and I have loved it the entire time. I never really use the sunroof, but everything else: from the power seats, a/c, radio, and navigation and Bluetooth is amazing. Sometimes the car will disconnect from my phone's Bluetooth, however I mostly want to blame the age of the car and not being able to afford the upgrade for the technology than anything really against the car itself.

- Kayla C

The panoramic sunroof with shade opens up or sideways.

I love this car, he even has a name. I bought it new and it is black with red interior. It has full feature package and a huge sunroof. That had a recall but it passed the test. This year 2012 was the first year it came out. It gets app. 36 miles per gallon and the style has maintained its looks into the current models of this year. It has euro wheels and special rims and I would buy another.

- Lori N

Don't expect city driving gas mileage to be as high as advertised.

I like that it's sporty looking, easy to park and that it gets pretty good gas mileage. However the gas mileage is not what was advertised when I decided to buy the car. I don't like that too feel every bump in the road. Bigger cars have smoother drives. Also the factory installed battery was very small and I had to jump it many times until I put a bigger battery in the car.

- June H

Fun little functional Ride

Fun sporty little car with great gas mileage! Hatchback with fold down seats for hauling large items. Third door on the passenger side is great for passengers in the back seat to get in and out as well as accommodating my Granddaughters car seat. Comes in regular and turbo versions. The tech is exceptional even for 2018! Insurance is pricier however.

- Linda S

Great average mpg and handling.

The average miles per gallon is great! It is about 30 in the city and around 40 highway. Handling on the car is amazing. It is right on point just like a BMW. Really the only thing is that I wish it had more room for things in the trunk. Also that the low profile tires do not work that well in the snow. however with nice winter tires, it handles great!

- Gavin G

Great first time car buy!

This is a very reliable car, it gets incredibly good gas mileage, it is verge sporty looking and attractive to the eye, and it was very affordable! It has 3 doors, the rear passenger door is very cool, and my kids love it! The back seat has a lot of room, and the stereo quality is fantastic! It also has Bluetooth capabilities and AUX port!

- Melinda C

Very sporty little car, but reliable.

Switch in the ac unit gave out and the back hatch does not work; you have to unlock it from the inside with a key. The front seats are very spacious with handsfree features, paddles, and the shifter can be switched to manual. The back seat is small, but seats comfortably. The sun roof/ moon roof is a nice add on.

- Bree D

Cramp headroom, but good drive.

The vehicle has had good performance, it has a decent warranty, but is severely cramped for head room in the back seat. After twelve years, only real issue is the alignment. It needs better tire options, as racing tires are not great for environments that get a lot of average rainfall.

- Erin O

Sporty, reliable and great on gas.

I get a lot of compliments on my car. Its sporty looking but has a lot of room. I took a cross country trip with a friend and had a ton of storage room for all our luggage. It get excellent gas mileage, 35 to 40 miles per gallon, and I am pleased with its performance.

- Judi F

Very nice looking car. It feels odd driving it sometimes.

I love the car. Sometimes it feels like the transmission is not switching gears properly. The ride is not very smooth. It is jerky and I feel like maybe something is wrong with the car. It is dual transmission which is nice. I do not use the manual transmission.

- Brittany G

Just a smaller vehicle for personal use.

No real problems. Just normal wear and tear. Inconvenient that there are only 3 doors. Car is smaller than most vehicles. Back seat is uncomfortable and hard to get into. My wife is five foot two and fits comfortably but at five foot six I find it uncomfortable.

- Michael Z

Sporty head turner with all the bells and whistles.

I have had my car for 2 years and love it. No issues. Very sporty and always get compliments on the style. Normal oil changes, no recalls. Well driven for long road trips. Very comfortable. Highly recommend this car and would buy a newer model in the future.

- Vil L

Stylish and sleek also great every day driver!

Luv this car!! Great on gas very dependable. It has easy access through the rear third door. The hatch back is also easy on accessing to carry groceries and etc.. . . It is stylish and sleek with all options every day driver would need.

- Misty O

It gets great gas mileage

My vehicle is fully loaded so I like that. the back up camera, the stereo, etc. THe panoramic sunroof was a bit of a disappointment and I wish the door in the back was on the other side

- Dava b

It's unique! There are two doors on the passenger side and only one on the drivers side!

I love that it's a manual transmission. Really love the sunroof and the color. Only complaint is that I didn't get the Turbo. Sometimes it's not as quick and responsive as I'd like

- Liz R

Sporty and cool looking. It has colored rims which I love!

It has great gas mileage. Very reliable not the most comfortable car. The wheels are extremely low which make them. Lose pressure often. Has Bluetooth and GPS which are easy to use.

- Susan G

Very reliable and feature packed

The car is very reliable and any repairs that are necessary are very cost effective. The car has a lot of premium features that you won't get in many vehicles for the same price

- Adam H

The car drives great! The ride is smooth and fun

I love how small and compact the car is. It's easy to park. Drives smooth. The seats are comfortable. I don't like the three doors and the back seat only sits two.

- Rayana S

The safety rating is lower. I do not recommend this if you have a family.

Power transmission went out right after the 100, 000 mile warranty but the dealership helped me out reached out to the manufacturer. I didn't have to pay for it.

- Gabby V

I drive a manual shift. don't know how that affects mileage.

Great mileage in city and highway. The only issues have been the temperature control knob does not work on certain settings and it does not have a spare tire.

- Donna B

A Great Buy, Especially At This Price!

The Hyundai Veloster is fun to drive, has great fuel economy, and has been an incredibly reliable vehicle with very little in the way of unexpected upkeep.

- Sam F

The gas mileage is amazing.

I really like the way it looks. The interior is dark and sleek. It's great on gas. The only thing that I don't like is how it jerks when it switches gears.

- Sydney F

The tires are not the best but it is great on gas which is important nowadays.

I like the hatchback trunk, interesting 3 doors and overall nice. I dislike that it is not suitable for New England winters the tires pop easily.

- Marisa A

The new back to the future!

The Veloster is the newest most modern creation and is worth every penny. There's no other car on the market like this one. You will stand out!

- Jenny P

Red leather sporty car! Great car to travel

Love my car! Just want a bigger vehicle because I have a family of 5! So I suggest buying this car if you only have 1 child or single no kids!

- Catlin D

Fun, sporty little car, great on gas

Great car. Easy to fix. Great on gas. Sharp design. Three doors is pretty odd and not very convenient if you need to use back seat.

- Pat R

Excellent performance, and gas mileage and a great. Ride for a smaller car.

One of the greatest cars that I have ever owned. Good looking, comfortable, good gas mileage and never had any mechanical problems.

- Charles M

That it is small, compact, good on gas.

I absolutely love my veloster. Very sporty vehicle. Great driving performance, stereo. Surround air bags. Lots of space. Love it.

- Anna P

It's reliable -- in the time that I've owned it, I've dealt with very few issues.

I love the styling, and the options available. Even though it's over 6 years old, it still feels very up to date. No complaints.

- Samuel G

The vehicle has three doors.

I like the size. I also like the speed. The handling is good. The door hinges are not strong enough, it closes on your legs.

- John C

My Car is a Great Car, the Hyundai

I really love this car as much as I love myself. It gets great gas mileage and filling its tank costs under thirty dollars.

- jimmy n

If you keep up the necessary maintenance the car will run forever

Car is very good on gas. The coolness factor is important to my husband. I do not like the seats as i have back problems

- adrienne a

My car is very easy to drive it handles with ease.

I love my car. It is easy to drive and fun.The color is different you don't see it very often. My car is a lime green.

- nancy k

Handles good. Great gas mileage.

Fun to drive. Great gas mileage. Plenty of room. Love the color. Hard to get in and out of. Too low to the ground.

- Judi F

it is a good car, economical and stylish. It gets a lot of complements and has a reliable engine

It has very low clearance so does not drive over bumps well, otherwise it is a good car. Tires are also expensive.

- Adam J

Sporty Gas Saver with Family Size Storage

This car has had no problems and has excellent gas mileage! Has plenty of storage space despite its small size.

- Carrie R

The horsepower is low so you may want to consider the standard transmission.

I love the fuel efficiency and reliability. It is very easy to drive and comfortable. I also like the styling.

- Teresa E

It handles well on the road in all weather conditions and comfortable to drive.

The size is great. Mph is not as good as they claim. The car drives well but has a lot of blind spots.

- Carole L

Hyundai does not hold the value well, as someone who does loans this is very disappointing.

The paint didn't hold up well and has faded and peeled. Otherwise I love the car.

- Sheena G

How economical it is and how low maintenance. No mechanical issues and it has over 140k miles on it.

It's cute and comfortable and gets great gas mileage. I wish it had a sunroof

- Sandi P

I love the gas mileage. I enjoy that it's reliable. I hate that the gas light comes on when I have not tighten the gas cap

That it's reliable. They need to know that it's a great quality car.

- Deidre A

The car is great on miles per gallon at average 38 on the highway and around 30 around town. Also handles like a BMW

One of the most important things I think is the miles per gallon.

- Gavin G