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Wish they still made the veracruz. I wish that this lovely SUV!

I love my car. I love the cream white shine color with tan trim, love tan interior because it is easy to keep clean. Tan carpets are easy as well. Has sunroof, satellite radio, 6 disc changer, good sound system and a third row of seats. The automatic doors and auto back door hatch is ideal for my lifestyle. I love that I can take my whole family on road trips in a reliable and comfy car that looks brand new despite being 11 years old. It runs amazing and does not cost hardly anything in repairs. It is been an amazing purchase.

- Angie F

Smooth ride. The veracruz really gives you a beautiful ride.

I absolutely lovely Hyundai veracruz. It is very reliable and has not given us any problems at well over 150k miles. There is plenty of legroom for all. Heated seats really help keep you warm in those cold Ohio winters. It drives and rides smooth a d beautifully. The only thing that I would say is a downside in this particular year vehicle is that the technology really is not there. There's no Bluetooth or rear camera. No real bells or whistles. I believe I will get a newer veracruz when I trade this one in.

- Shawn S

It is a strong vehicle that seems to have a sturdy frame.

I like how strong it seems. It seems like it might be able to keep my family safe in a collision. I like the color. I like the CD player and radio. I like the seats being able to move two different ways by lever and pull bar. I don't like the blind spot. I don't like how there's not much leg room for the middle seat. I don't like how there's almost no trunk room when all the seats are being used.

- kaari g

Safe and functional older SUV

The safety rating is high and the features are nice such as heated seats, moonroof, keyless start. It would be nice if it was a push start but I know newer models have this. There are many outlets to charge multiple devices. However I know that newer models also have USB ports and wireless cell phone charging stations which I wish I had.

- Jennie S

It has been a dependable car for 9 years needing no major repairs!

I like that it has plenty of room in it, that it has air conditioning & heat for front & back seats. I like it has cruise control! I do not like that the dash has developed 3 cracks in it & that the button on driver's side door to open gas tank lid has quit working!

- Beverly A

Wonderful car to drive and own b.

No problems. It is a wonderful vehicle. I've never had any major problems with this car. The only thing about it is the cost of basic upkeep. Parts are extremely expensive. But it is a good car.

- Marie W

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets good mileage.

I like the size of my vehicle, and way it handles when I drive. I love the leather seats and the sunroof. I don't like how dirty the console gets and how difficult it is to clean.

- Misty S

It has a recurring alternator problem that can be dangerous.

I like all the amenities that my vehicle has. I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the amount of space inside the vehicle. I do not like the alternator issue that it has.

- Stephanie E

It is very reliable and runs very well. Only minor issues.

Very reliable vehicle. Conveniences (center console in front and back for example) tend to break often and windshield wiper screws come loose with frequent use.

- Natasha B

Veracruz spacious who knew.

The only issues I have been having is that the locks mess up at times you have to use the key at all times. This car isn't a smooth drive its a bit rough.

- Sara M

It has great mileage and lots of room.

I love how smooth it rides. I have never had any problems with it. The up care for it is very easy. I love the room it has and the 3rd row seating.

- Holly B

It is very comfortable and roomy for the price point.

I dislike the fact is not all wheel drive. I love that it has all the luxury options at a good price. I also feel that it is safe for my family.

- Lori R

It fits 7 people but doesn't have a lot of luggage room.

It has one of the best warranties ever. It has given us very little problems. Their service department has always been very helpful.

- Fee E

Has DVD player and heated seats

Good car recently had an oil gasket leak that was causing alternator issues, but manufacturers recall fixed the issue

- Natasha H

Great features for convenient travel

Electric problems windows stereo door handle back hatch hydraulic system wiper along with abs light and check engine

- Gina P

It is roomy and goes good in the snow.

I like the third row seating. The inside is very roomy. And I love the DVD player for long trips with my children.

- Kayla D

It is very dependable and reliable.

I like the smooth drive. The great gas mileage is a bonus. The seating room is great for my family.

- Tamara M

the veracruz is a dependable car and is a nice family car

it is old but it is very dependable. i would buy the same car again.

- shawna f