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Veracruz is very dependable.

My vehicle has been very reliable over the years. It is our primary family car which is used every day, and also on road trips and family vacations. . I have children and having a large vehicle makes it super easy to load equipment when taking my kids to activities. Being a 7 seater makes it perfect to carpool while also having enough room for my kids things. The back two seats fold down if not needed. This is a wonderful addition because we can adjust if we need more seats, or more room for gear. Having this option, has certainly been convenient! We have taken care of our vehicle over the years and it has stayed in great shape. We haven't had to put much money into it at all, which has been a blessing. The car has many wonderful features that have given great comfort too. The soft blue interior lights are great for long night trips. They provide light without hurting your eyes. The sound system has been great over the years. The heat and air conditioning systems have been flawless and have always keep me warm or cool. My vehicle also has a backup sensor which is wonderful when parking is tight. It is also very helpful in a crowded parking lot. Overall, I would rate my vehicle very high. There are not many vehicles today that you can totally depend on to give you great performance, dependability, comfort, and peace of mind. I can gladly say that mine has been truly wonderful throughout the years!

- Amy Y

Reliable and Safe- Best Mom SUV Ever

I got this car when I was pregnant with my first child because I was looking for something safer and more reliable than what I was driving. I love driving this car, even though it's a Mom SUV. I love that everything is automatic, it's comfortable to ride in, and I can fold the back seats down completely flat to transport bigger things. This feature was really helpful when we moved!

- Elena C

The veracruz also has a 'rumble seat' hidden under the rear storage area.

Our Hyundai veracruz has been an excellent vehicle in terms of performance, reliability and comfort. As with all Hyundais the buyer gets a lot for the money when it comes to extras that come standard such as trim and entertainment. There is also plenty of hauling capacity.

- Marcus A

I love that the vehicle is very low maintenance and very good on gas.

My vehicle has been running very well with little to no issues at all. The car is extremely reliable and is fully loaded with features. I have TV's, back up camera, sunroof, heated seats, heated mirrors, third row, and much more. I am very pleased with my purchase.

- Tiffany P

it does seat 7 , and my daughter is over 5 feet and can sit in the third row.

i like how it is on mileage, but sometimes for long rides, the seat isn't comfortable, i have issues with the seat hurting my back. it does have good storage space, when i have the third row folded down. if the third row is up,there isn't much space at all.

- melissa b

It comfortably seats 7 people.

I love that it's dependable, rides great, gets decent mileage, is in great condition, has a nice stereo, is fully loaded. The two things I don't like is that it does not have bluetooth and is only front wheel drive, not 4x4

- Cecil B

There's a third row seat that allows for extra passengers, but also folds down easily to create lots of cargo space.

I've only had the car for a few months, but I am very pleased with its performance, space, and driveability. It's a smooth ride and there is plenty of room for me and my husband, my 2 children, and my dogs!

- Allison K

It has plenty of room for the whole family!

It is a great every day vehicle for a mom. I love fitting my toddler into it and having room for the rest of the family too. It is a little slow to cool off in the hot summer though!

- Kellee j

Large SUV with plenty of space for seven people.

I purchased my car in 2010 and bought the extended warranty. The car has been very reliable for the most part with the exception of needing a battery on multiple occasions.

- Elliott B

It has a lot of features for a great price. It also has great safety features. It is a great family car.

I love that it is an all wheel drive vehicle. I like the fact that it has a third row of seats. I do not like that it does not get very good gas mileage.

- Patti B

Plenty. Of room for 7 adults.

My car seats 7 and that space has come in handy a number of times. Also has towing capacity to tow my bass boat and has been extremely reliable.

- Tom S

The interior offers lots of legroom and comfortably fits 8 people.

Like 3rd row seat, roomy interior, large cargo area, and fold-down seat. Like the quiet ride and reliability. Dislike the lack of backup camera.

- Amanda Z

For its size it sits 7 adults comfortably.

I feel like it could be better if it had more torque for the size it it. Would like it to be faster and the ride alot smoother.

- Jeremiah G

The one most important thing is I feel safe driving it.

My Veracruz is great. I have 3 grown kids and everyone fits well into it. The 3rd seat is spacious. Plenty of cargo room too.

- Katherine W

The Vera Cruz is an reliable, stylish vehicle that is worth every penny.

I love everything that comes in the standard package. It's been a great car so far. No major problems.

- Misty L

I LOVE this vehicle! I'm so sad that they stopped making it. It's not too big, great amount of legroom in the back, seats are comfortable.

It's comfortable in any seat. It's great to take out of town or for everyday use.

- Misti O