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The Hyundai VeraCruz is an Excellent Crossover SUV.

I love the comfort of my vehicle. It is easy to drive and it has a lot of wonderful features. I love the heated seats on cold winter mornings in the mountains. I love my sunroof and there is plenty of space for the groceries and other items in the back. I also love the 3rd row seating option for traveling with other friends. This vehicle is one of my favorite vehicles I have ever owned. The only downside to the vehicle is the gas mileage but I expected that when I bought it because it is a 6 cylinder and I was upgrading from a 4 cylinder.

- Kimberly T

2011 Veracruz vehicle opinion.

The Veracruz is overall a nice vehicle. The seats are very comfortable with nice leather interior. It is very roomy, easily fitting 3 car seats across the back seat with plenty of room in the third row. My only complaints are the lack of trunk space when the third row is up and the key fabs often do not work this car has been very reliable and I have never had any major mechanical issues with it. I have been driving this for about a year and have been very happy with its performance.

- Chelsea C

Third row seating and the dual controls in the back of vehicle.

I love the third row seating, smooth highway driving and heating/cooling controls for the back of vehicle. I have grandchildren and they get to control if they are hot or cold. This is very convenient for the driver of this vehicle. I have not had any motor trouble or drivetrain issues since I have owned this vehicle. I bought the veracruz in 2011 and it has 120,000 miles and still runs fabulous. I will more than likely keep this vehicle for our oldest grandchild.

- Barbara J

I did summarize the very Cruz.

We love our very Cruze. It has a third row seat that folds down. This allows much room in the cargo area for many things. We like having separate temperature controls for the front and the back for the passengers. The car is comfortable we use this vehicle when we travel as a family of six adults. It has plenty of legroom.

- there's a B

I love the grab bar on the passenger side front as it helps me get into the car.

We love the room the Vera Cruz provides. It has a third row seat that folds down and can seat 8 people or 6 adults comfortably. It was equipped for satellite radio; however the radio went bad. We had to get it replaced. I like the ability to heat and cool the front and the back separately.

- Theresa B

The different compartments in the middle of the front row nice and sleek

Very reliable, leather seats, lasted a long time without any problems, even with a lot of mileage on it. Cools down whole car easily and efficiently, overall an investment worth your time. Very comfortable, spacious, I especially love the sunroof which is perfect during the summer

- Hannah D

Good on gas, quality car, nice for traveling.

Works very good, I like the smooth ride, good on gas. I do not have much problem with it. I don't put a lot of mileage on it. I like the quality of the vehicle and the way it has a fast start. I would recommend people to buy it, or test drive it to see what they think.

- Charlotte N

The vehicle feels like you are driving a car and not an SUV.

Vehicle has been very reliable. The only problem it ever had was the interior door handles have broken easily in the past. Besides that, the only thing that is ever been done was oil changes, head and tail light bulb replacements, new battery, tires, and brakes.

- Alyssa E

It's comfortable to ride in, and it gets great gas mileage.

I love that my vehicle gets decent gas mileage, and it's very comfortable to ride in. It has some very nice technical updates. The only downfall is that the 3rd row seating is definitely small and my car doesn't have an aux cord hookup or Bluetooth radio.

- Jessica W

Remember to make sure ALL of the the lights are off before you go in for the night!

I like how it handles in the winter. It is big enough for my whole family to ride comfortably. I hate how many bells and whistles it has. These are far too many lights to keep track of. The battery has died a few times because of the lights being left on.

- Becky A

Great for growing families

I love that it's an SUV but you don't feel like you drive a boat. The gas mileage is good for the size. The third row option is great for my growing family, but there is no trunk space when the third row is up. Comfortable ride.

- Rachael D

2011 Veracruz Nice and Reliable

It's an older car but has been very reliable so far. I have 78,000 miles on it and it is going strong. It has good gas mileage. Bad is that the fuses break quite often, it's an easy fix, but just a pain.

- Carla B

It's a reliable pain in the ass. It needs manual Windows.

My vehicle is good in the snow, but I hate that it has so many bells and whistles. There are too many lights to keep track of, and I hate electric Windows.

- Becky A

If you need a very spacious mid-size SUV this is the one for you!

No complaints. It is a very smooth drive, it accelerates very well, lots of great storage compartments and very spacious for my family of five.

- Robert H

Reliable safe and dependable.

I haven't come across any problems. I absolutely love my car. It is very reliable. Great safety ratings overall amazing car.

- Jo R

It is safe and I feel good taking my family in it.

My vehicle is silver it seat 7 people. It has 3 rows. It is sporty and gets good gas mileage. It is a good family vehicle.

- Mel B

If you keep up with the car maintenance it will ride the same as when you pulled off the lot. Very reliable

I have only had issues with my aux going in and out, I love phone playlist. No other issues I really love the Veracruz

- Reegis W

Don't be scared to buy it. It's a good car that deserves the hype.

My Hyundai Veracruz is a great car. It is comfortable, reliable, and performs extremely well in all conditions.

- Jack M

It has good fuel efficiency and can seat 7 people.

I think our vehicle totally fits our needs, and is one that has done well for us in the time we have owned it.

- Michael G

It's comfortable. It has 3 rows and 7 seats. Perfect for a family with kids

I love it. It has a lot of technology inside. And it's very spacious

- Laura N

It's a great car. I love that I can fit a total of 7 people and I wish it had a back up camera

It's comfortable to drive. and I love that the seats fold down.

- Sandy v

I love that it has room 7 people. It drives well, and it's easy to maintain. I don't like that it's cramped with 7 adults. Also, with 7 people in the car, there is very little cargo room.

It's got room for seven people and it's good on gas.

- Carlos C

Not made anymore. Very roomy

My first SUV. I love it. Uses too much gas though.

- CJ J