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Love the color, which is a tangerine orange.

I loved my car when I bought it in 2016. Now, I have had so many electrical and suspension issues with it. I get one thing fixed, then another issue comes up. My family all own Infiniti cars and we have the same issues with the electrical units. I am ready to trade in as soon as I save for a down payment.

- April B

I love my 2004 infiniti fx35.

My first 10 months of owning my fx35, it requires nothing more than an oil change and brake replacement. That is excellent for a 13 yr. old vehicle at the time. My headlight went out on the left side and the cost of a replacement was very high. The parts are costly but this car will last a very long time.

- Erika J

As the lower end of the price curve for luxury vehicles, our Infiniti was well worth the money. Their cars are not perfect, but what you get for what you pay is top of the heap!

We bought our Infiniti used, and when we drive it, it hardly acts like a 14 year old car. Runs fantastic, comfortable interior, stylish car, gets decent gas mileage. It has been so enjoyable to own that we are seriously considering, when we get a new car in 2 to 3 years, of going with another Infiniti.

- Allan M

Reliable vehicle, have enough space to carry around my family and be in comfort.

I enjoy our vehicle. It drive's smoothly. I have never had any mechanical problems. I luv the back rear camera. The ac and heater work fine. Can never go wrong with leather seats. I like that it also has a touch screen for the radio. Very reliable vehicle has never left me stranded in the past.

- Mary M

It is the color of autumn.

It is an old car and therefore is not in perfect condition, but the model has served well for 15 years and is still working, with annual automobile checkups. The interior is slightly roughed up but still very comfortable, the air-conditioning runs well.

- Harmony P

The design/appearance has lasted a very long time. The car does not look old or dated.

The first thing is how reliable this car has been for 14 years and it still looks good. The engine accelerates fast. The car is the perfect size. Blind spots are the biggest negative.

- Douglas k

It is a good investment, that has stood the test of time.

The car is comfortable, with heated seats, great air conditioning, and good visibility. It has been very reliable for many years. Although it's a 2004, it still looks new.

- Linda O

It has a very good resale value and can last very long if you properly maintain it.

My vehicle has an adaptive cruise control which it very useful when driving long distances. It is not very fuel efficient though and the trunk room is somewhat small.

- Angus R

It is everything I wanted.

I love my truck. No issues so far. It is running fine and I always wanted one. Perfect vehicle to have in my possession.

- Dominique P

Vehicle runs great for being 14+years old. It's a V6 so it's not the best on gas (average 17 mpg) but it has plenty of power. Tech need some upgrade as it still has a CD player and tape deck. No major issues so far though.

The vehicle is reliable as it's an import which are more likely to last over 200k miles

- Paul K

They had a airbag recall that has already injured multiple people and it affects hundreds of thousands of cars.

I love the car just wish it had more trunk space. But otherwise ok.

- Renita T