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If you do not mind the low mpg the fx35 is really fun to drive.

I sometimes have issues with connecting cell phone. The leather has not worn as well as I had hoped nor do I think the paint is very high quality. Overall it is very fun to drive. Great handling. Did have an 'o ring' issue on something to do with the oil and why it leaked slightly. This issue seems to be common in this model and was cheap to repair. The car is a gas hog. It does have a lot of power but it definitely uses a lot of gas. Overall it feels luxurious and is amazing to drive.


2011 fx35 is a great and reliable vehicle.

My car is so wonderful. I love the seat heating and cooling features. The suspension on the car is quite tight and I love that. The turn radius is great. What I really like is the tank size. I can fill up a tank at the beginning of the week and drive around my town and still have enough gas by the end of the week. I also love the Bluetooth audio so I can connect my smartphone and listen to my own music. The handsfree Bluetooth is also great for answering calls on the road safely.

- Sarah B

Beautiful interior with high tech computer system .

I love my class. The inside details are amazing. The computer system keeps me up-to-date with weather warnings and traffic stops. However after 70,000 miles and the check engine light came on. The tires shake sometimes. Other than those problems the car is perfect and I would recommend the vehicle to other individuals.

- Lillian B

That I like it, and it has nice acceleration. I like it overall.

I love the style of my vehicle it is sporty but also luxurious on the inside with leather seats. It could be better on gas especially when it comes to city mileage it only gets about 16 miles to the gallon. I also love the bright white headlights which help me see far ahead when I drive home from work at night.

- Ethan C

Vehicle feels like it has claws keeping my car where it needs to be on the road.

Every once in a while my gas gauge sticks and says empty even though there is gas in the tank. It is a very nice vehicle though it is looks fierce. Very luxurious. I love that it is all wheel drive that is one thing we need I also have the snow package it feel like the car has claws sticking to the road.

- Amber H

Great car with great features but odd issues and horrible gas mileage.

Ecu systems go bad quickly. Horrible on gas mileage. Super cute and comfy, really do love this vehicle, just hate electrical issues that come with them. Sunroof- no leakage/ issues as of yet. Passenger front door has to be locked and unlocked manually and has to be unlocked for back hatch to open!

- Misty F

Beautifully designed fx35.

Very good vehicle, hugs the road, very fast and has a beautiful design. If it is maintained properly, it can last you a very long time. It is very good on gas and the temperature control is very good. The vehicle top speed is 180 miles per hour. It also has a fairly big display.

- Barry R

People should know that this car is fun to drive and very fun to look at; it turns heads even 7 years after it was made.

I bought this car because I loved the exterior style, and I still do. Ride quality is good: comfortable but with plenty of pep. The vehicle has also been reliable, another thing I appreciate. Perhaps my only dislike is that gas mileage isn't as good as it could be.

- Elizabeth G

Great Performance. It's reliable and looks great.

I like the body style and the performance. No major problems so far. I dislike the mileage.

- Pam K

My car is a good value. It is very luxurious and comfortable.

I like the look and function of my vehicle. My vehicle has good power.

- Byron K

Great service Great mileage without problems Drives great

Reliable and durable and friendly staff at dealership

- Melissa J