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It is a fun to drive but it is Nissan's luxury brand the parts are expensive.

Some of the problems I have had are the drive belts I replaced them about 5000 miles ago and one is squealing again and also the brakes go out faster then most vehicles which is not very cost efficient and now it seems my cars a/c motor is not kicking in all of the time but the car is fun to drive and it is a 6 speed manual so it just makes it that much better also though the inner tires in the front wear fast even after an alignment but all around a good vehicle unless you drive in the winter like me and due to the fact that my car is rear wheel drive I seldomly drive it in the winter.

- Cody B

Cute and Sleek Infiniti G35

I love my car. It's fast and sleek. It accelerates quickly. It's a 4-door but it's a small 4-door. It has leather seats and a nice sized trunk. The only issue I have had is the alarm would randomly go off several times a day. When I took it to get looked at they couldn't figure out why it was doing it so I had to start locking my doors from the button inside the car instead of my keypad.

- Sade F

2003 Infiniti g35 - a good buy for the price.

One problem is the door can lock with the key in the ignition with the car running! City gas mileage is not great. Ride is comfortable. Stupidly they put a regular clock in the car, unable to see at night! Also there is no lock on the truck! If your key fob does not work, you cannot get in the trunk. Really bad design! There is no button in the car for opening the trunk.

- Jennifer Y

The g35 looks sleek but feels sporty.

Overall, I have no complaints about my g35. I do find, that for me, the driver's seat is slightly uncomfortable to my back due to the angle of the seat. I love the pick up that the car has. It is really quick "out of the gate. I also find I get pretty good gas mileage. I love the heated seats. A first for me with this car.

- Stephanie M

Infiniti g35. Best car ever!

I love my car, it is very reliable. I haven't ever had any major issues. We purchased three 2003 in 2013 and it only had 40000 miles on it so it is running great. The leather seats are very nice, and make it just feel so much more classy. There is a hidden first aid kit in the back seat middle console which I love.

- Katy M

It is a smooth ride with great comfort and safety.

I love the heated seats, they keep me warm while my ac system is heating up. I dislike the recessed lug nuts on the wheels as it means i have to use smaller sockets if I need to remove the wheels. I like how comfortable it is to drive it long distances. Updating the built-in navigation system could be cheaper.

- chris g

Owning an infiniti g35 since new, for 15 years.

My infiniti has never had a problem during the 15 years I have owned it. It has a lot of power, good handing, and it looks good. The only complaint I have is with the seat belt holders located on the top of the seats. They squeak and rub on the seat, making noises and leaving marks on the seat.

- Bill C

It is a luxury brand car and it had lasted way longer than I expected.

It is a good car. It is a luxury car and it still running. It had two previous owners and 160,000 miles on it. However due to this I had the fixed it to have it last longer. I don't like small car, but I like this one. However, next car will get will be bigger. I'm happy with this for now.

- Tylor B

Love of my life or just another vehicle?

My car had 1 previous owner before me. Previous owner did not take car of car ( general oil changes. Etc. ), despite this, the car runs awesomely. I personally recommend infiniti to all of my friends and family because of the low amount of maintenance it has required.

- L Z

It has specific quirks that only I know how to deal with.

I like that it looks like a sports car, while still fitting my children. It does not look like a mom car at all. I dislike how uncomfortable the seats can be sometimes and the fact that repairs are pretty expensive.

- christina m

It does burn through oil more so than other cars check the oil regularly.

I love my Infiniti. It gets wonderful gas mileage in town and on the highway. It has a very comfortable interior and makes me feel comfortable while driving no matter the distance.

- Meghan A

It's an amazing brand of car.

I love the power of the motor. I also like the body style of my car. It is about 15 yrs old and it runs great with all the up keep. I would buy another one just a newer model.

- Angela M

How comfortable it is, easy to maintain and I enjoy driving it.

I like how comfortable it is and is very reliable. I have not had an mechanical issues with it. I do not like how the paint is starting to bubble and peel away.

- Sierel A

Great for driving, some interior electronics aren't the best.

Older car, but still drives great. Powerful engine and sensitive brakes/gas and steering makes you feel very in control of the vehicle with minimum effort.

- Claire B

Top rated infiniti of all time

The infiniti is the best car. It is part of the Nissan family. It is reliable and last forever. Quality is top notch and runs like your on the race track.

- Kim W

It is a quality built car and good on gas.

The car is good on gas mileage.I don't really like the headlights on the car. The cover of the headlights become so dull that using them is hard to see.

- Mary k

It's considered a race car, and really bad on gas.

Its a manual vehicle, so it makes hard to drive at times. It's expensive to have maintained. Its 2 door so its difficult to get in and out sometimes.

- Diana D

It black with a sunroof and I love it.

I have on problems with my car at this time thank for asking I wood like a new one but I would like it to be the same as the one I have.

- Bobby J

The handling feels really good but I have had others tell me the steering wheel is too stiff feeling.

It drives smoothly. It accelerates quickly. It is comfortable. It is a bit old so I have a few issues with it every now and again.

- John C

It is custom built and is my favorite car to drive.

Great build quality, handling, power. Interior is roomy and made well. Engine gets decent gas mileage but is so fun to drive.

- Scott D

Worked well for a while but a few minor issues.

It has worked well, but the middle console heat, air and cd player all stopped working and have to be replaced altogether.

- Tamika M

It is a nice car and gets good gas mileage.

Everything is ok but it has its fixer uppers fix oil leaks and broken parts fix and clean the inside and outside.

- Cynthia F

It has a medium to high engine noise.

White. It has power windows. It has lights inside, in front and back. It has medium to loud engine noise.

- Minwoo K

It's amazing reliable and older models are beyond affordable.

It's a tank in that it never has issues. The only thing I dislike it that it's not worth anything.

- Russell P

Dependable. Ride is excellent. It has all the bells and whistles that you need in a car

Like everything about it. Runs perfect. Haven't had any problems with it. No complaints

- John T

It has power when you need it the most

I like the power it has. It's nice looking and I get people to want to buy it from me

- Anne M

It runs good and gets you from point A to point B without raising any concerns for safety

Just needs to be updated overall. Doesn't have many features I like.

- Marie L

My car should have broken down and stopped running many times based on how I treat it, but it hasn't. It is very reliable.

I like that it is a very forgiving car and very reliable.

- Patty C

It runs like new despite having over 100000 miles on it.

Great quality. Very reliable. I dislike the Gas economy.

- Michael D