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Infiniti g35 coupe is amazing!

I bought my car when it had 40000 miles on it. I am now at 108000 miles and I have never had a problem with it. I keep up with my maintenance such as oil changes, filter changes, and tire changes/rotation/alignments. The luxury inside is great to have. The seats are amazingly comfortable and everything is easy to use. Functionality is not a problem. I have never had an issue with the air conditioning and that is important to me since I live in Florida. If you are considering investing your money into this car, look no more. This is the reliable car everyone wants, go for it!

- Sadia A

2006 infiniti performance out of town.

It being an older model, everything is starting to wear out. Suspension, oil leaks, tires, paint. The electric seats on the passenger side do not work. It’s a very reliable surprisingly because it is very fuel efficient and it drives pretty fast if u need too. I often took it to Mexico city and only spent 240 round trip on fuel. The vehicle didn't give me any problems there and back. It drove up hill very strong and at about 80-90 miles an hour.

- Luis C

I like my car. I acquired it for a good price; it met my general performance criteria; and it has been reliable minus some understandable repairs being needed.

I like that it has a 6-speed manual transmission, rear wheel drive, and four doors. I like the stock, boxer body style, the interior color and material, and exterior color. I would like for it to have much more horsepower and torque. I have already upgraded some exhaust system components, and I am going to add a performance muffler to the system soon.

- Jadira C

The Infiniti g35x, a fun and reliable vehicle!

I love that this vehicle is sporty yet comfortable, and features 4-wheel drive- a perk for those nasty winters! It has been driven by several members of our family and held up very well, almost never requiring anything other than routine maintenance. A lot of people find this car fun to drive and are impressed by it is appearance.

- Carol S

Cute little car, big on ugly problems.

The steering wheel is stiff and hard to maneuver, the sunroof is jammed, and the passenger side window was stuck and had to be repaired. The leather panels in the interior peel off easily, the belts squeal in the cold, the trunk is small, the mirrors are hard to see out of with more than one person in the car.

- Ebony W

The review of my grey infiniti g35

My car is pretty reliable, has given me a few problems, but normal for my type of car. It does not have an aux plug. The gas pedal is pretty sensitive as well as the break so no need to push too hard. As with most cars it is pretty low to the ground. Gas mileage is pretty decent for the year it was made.

- Vanessa L

Car review in this 2006 infiniti.

Fuel gauge does not work but car drives well handle the snow well very comfortable no engine problem gas is expensive though only can use 93 octane in the car oil change every 3000 miles full synthetic oil only overall car is expensive to maintain parts are outrageously expensive but I do like the car.

- Kristina R

Ideal area to own an infiniti g35.

G35 is a perfect car for single adults live in an urban area. Small and compact, the car has a lot to offer. However, using the car in a rural area has its problems. The car is very low to the ground, making speed bumps and unpaved roads detrimental to the underside of the car.

- Matthew B

Most favorite reliable car to date.

My Infiniti g35 is very reliable. Very little problems with this car. No major issues. Heated seats and window tint makes this car a comfort to drive. The reliable engine is built to last just like most Japanese automakers. I am very pleased with this car all around.

- Mario C

Best car I have ever owned.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle. It is always been extremely dependable and has had great upkeep. It is very comfortable and has memory seats, which is a great feature. The car handles perfectly with sturdy steering and excellent acceleration and power.

- Cat K

Fun little run around car that is smooth and works well.

It is a super nice run around car, it runs well. The acceleration is fantastic and easy to control. It has heated seats, built in GPS, and the back seats recline. Because it runs and accelerates smoothly it is easy to speed and so you must watch out for theat.

- Breck S

This car will be a great car for anyone without small children.

This is not family car. There is not enough room for car seats or any extra bags. Most the time the car is really nice except for a family car. However the clutch loves to go out at least once a year which makes the car not as great.

- Christina m

it's faster than one might think it is, so it may not be recommended for a younger or inexperienced driver.

It has a bose stereo system, sunroof, all leather seating. its 4 wheel drive, its very fast. It doesn't have bluetooth and the seat controls are on top of the seat and to the right , next to the consol, the worst place they could be.

- Ronald H

Maintenance is expensive on older premium cars. Expect to double the price of having anything done.

It is a 2006 2 door coupe sports car. It's really fun to drive, looks good and is fast. Being an older car maintenance is expensive. Being a rear wheel drive sports car, can't drive in the winter, must use the SUV

- Paul B

Sleek, high performance, fun to drive.

Drives well, comfortable, fair gas mileage, the only problem has been with electric windows. The passenger side window will not stay up until you have rolled it up and held the button a few times.

- Dawn C

Satisfied driver who will buy again.

Very reliable and provides a comfortable ride. Low maintenance, would buy again. It was definitely worth the price. . This vehicle has been one of my most favorite cars. It is very stylish.

- Wendy H

Long lasting and dependability.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie so enjoy the power of the g35. I find it to be a comfortable and safe car to drive. Many people compliment me on the car because it looks pretty good too.

- Ben J

Infiniti at any age will last you...

Great gas mileage for this age of vehicle. Nissan/Infiniti produce a smooth ride. Keep up your preventive maintenance and you won't be hounded by high repair costs everyone worries about.

- Brian R

It is a stick shift and it is low mileage (under 70,000 miles)

It has been a reliable car with few problems. The gas mileage is OK. The driver's seat can be uncomfortable if driving a long time. I want to get a new car with the modern technology.

- Frank z

One great ride from Infiniti.

This car is a compact sedan and best for single and not a family vehicle. Excellent drive with good horsepower for its type. The ride is usually not smooth, but compensates with speed.

- Andy I

4 wheel drive Drives fast Good in the mountains

I love my infinity, it is a perfect car for me. Drives fast, it is a 4 wheel drive so it is good in the snow. I don't like the color of it, but that is just me. I Got it used for free.

- Hannah I

It runs well. And it has no major problems.

Runs great, I always make sure to check on everything and make sure it has oil and coolant as well. I drive it everywhere, so I make sure that the tires are looking good as well.

- Monica S

The stereo includes no way to play own music besides cds.

The car has decent gas mileage, consistently has a leak in the front right tire according to the sensor, doesn't have an aux port or Bluetooth music which sucks. Looks nice.

- Andrew P

Cost effective on maintenance.

I love the Infiniti g35 coupe because of the ascetics of the body. Also I like the handling on curves. The sound of the exhaust is sporty. The sunroof give it a free feel.

- Humberto A

That it has a decent amount of miles on it already and it is older.

I like the way the car drives and the trunk size despite the car being on the smaller sporty side. I do not like the small size of the side view mirrors and it doesn't bw.

- Magda E

Its sporty and it is manual. It still have to fill in the minimum amount of words here.

It's older and I could use a new one. Some of the electrical parts are starting to fail but the overall car has been reliable and I haven't had to do major work on it.

- Mary E

Great ride with high miles

My car has a lot of power, but is not great on gas. Smooth ride, dependable, with low maintenance so far. I have now reached 236,000 miles and it's still running

- Stacey G

The Infiniti uses a lot of gas.

The Infiniti g35 drives great. It is a really fast car and drives smoothly with no problems. I had to replace transmission due to transmission problems prior.

- Andres J

It was ahead of its time and it is an excellent car.

I like the exterior styling. I like the history of the car. I like the motor and the overall platform's build-ability. It offers plenty of room for upgrades.

- Christopher D

It's so smooth and I get compliments daily

It tends to overheat sometimes, we've had to change the timing chain recently and the gas take ball reader floats and doesn't not read gas levels properly

- Hannah A

It's always been very dependable.

I love the body style, it is get up & go when needed, gas mileage & low maintenance (never had a serious problem with it & it is close to 170 k. Miles).

- Mavis W

Its a foreign car, hard to find parts for it. Most local shops do not carry them.

I like that it's fast. An eye catcher. It is white, it has a sunroof. I do not like that it is not good on gas and requires quite a bit of upkeep.

- Carla C

It is very fast and expensive.

I like that is a luxury car. A very great car to drive around in. I dislike how much gas it consumes. I also dislike the expensive maintenance.

- Tray S

Fast Performance Sedan luxury and Reliable Gas saver

the car is comfortable, fast, fun, has a great radio, reliable, last a long time, no major problems. I also have memory seats and 6 cd changer

- Jeremy S

I like my car. I paid a reasonable purchase price. It was in good condition overall when I bought it.

It's has a 6-speed manual transmission. It is a sedan. I like the stock style and performance. I want it to have more horsepower and torque.

- Jadira C

It is a sports coupe. It is a lot faster than I thought it would be.

My car is really fast. I have touch screen media player with built in DVD player. It's very easy to work on and I do the maintenance myself.

- Justin H

It's has a powerful engine.

I like it because it stylish, fast and has a great sound system. I don't like the fuel efficiency and higher cost of maintenance.

- Gene H

It is sporty, but very economical. It has the original paint job, and no major repairs or accidents.

Just the right size vehicle. It has great performance. It gets good mileage. It still looks sharp, and gets noticed/complimented.

- Hursel H

It is a reliable car when you take care of it.

I like the sound of my car and speed but not the premium gas the car requires and also the fact that is a 2 door coupe.

- Jennifer C

It is stylish and comfortable to drive. Love the feel and sound

The only issue I have had is the alarms system and doors not unlocking, but this is recent so could just be age of car.

- Debbie C

It drives extremely well.

I love the color of my vehicle. I think it drives well. I can maintain it fairly easily. I do not have any complaints.

- Kaitlyn L

Great working vehicle for fair price

It's runs perfectly fine I dislike the inside leather starting to wear and tear away, but it never broken down on me

- Dale G

It is a Japanese car but it requires premium. Gas.

Not the most gas efficient, constantly have to go through maintenance, it is a reliable car if you take care of it.

- Jennifer C

A 2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan.

The car is twelve years old and has not needed any major service. It still runs great and still has decent power.

- Tony N

Very fast car an reliable.

Pre-own car I purchased from a friend. Something to get me from point a to point b. No complaints just thankful.

- Lakisha W

It has a lot of power so you have to be easy on take off.

It rides very smoothly and is a very quiet ride. It has a very spacious trunk. I only disliked the gas mileage.

- Jessica R

Steering wheel is super smooth to use.

The steering wheel is really smooth and as a small car, it is easier to get in and out of tight parking spaces.

- Juliet A

It is fuel efficient, 35 mpg city.

Love the Infiniti 3.2 ltr motor. Love the sound of the exhaust. That year I couldn't get gps or aux ports.

- Elizabeth V

It has a great motor runs good

I had it for 3 years and it paid for and It's all black with black rims

- Latasha A

It's a awesome car when it comes to driving it, it feels like a sporty car. It has had problems but overall it's nice.

It's cheap and reliable. It feels like sport car when you drive it,

- Nestor D

Although its sensitive, the drive is extremely smooth .

Sometimes it makes noises and it is a very sensitive car

- Tracey B

My car is fun to drive. Because of the all wheel drive is corners great

Hard to repair. Fun to drive. Decent fuel mileage

- Clint R

no port to hook up phone or ipod

Drives great for being 12 years old. Love it

- Brendan R