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Infinity really pay close attention to small settings of the vehicle.

I love my infinity. It always such a smooth drive when I am driving it. However pay attention to what kind of gas you have to put in your car. One thing that make me drive less often is because my car only take premium gas and as we all know, the gas price today is not cheap. Another thing I love is the car is leathered. I have a German shepherd and cleaning the car is made so much easier when you can easily clean the dog hair out. The infinity is overall a very luxurious brand and it is nice sometime to just take a drive. One more thing I love my car is the speakers are awesome! Even though is second handed. But on the bad side, the parts of the car is really costly. My car tells me when my tire pressure is low and help me keep an eye on maintenance of the car. It is very reliable brand to drive with a variety of features to make things easier and fancier.

- Jenny G

Pretty car parts a little high.

I got my car used and I've had some problems but it had been in a accident so I do think the problems are due to the accident other than that I love my car the problems have been in the front hub and keeping it in line so my tires last I put a brand new set on when I first got it and didn't no there was a problem and it wore them out in 6 months and also the dipstick is almost impossible to get back in after checking oil.

- Angela R

Great performance engine, clean inside and out, everything works.

My car is a 2007 and it's 2019 and its runs just as good as the day I bought it. Its reliable, does not take a lot of maintenance as long as I keep a tune up. The inside is very comfortable, still look brand new with the leather seats. The air and heating unit is amazing, nothing short of perfect. I would drive it to any state because it's ready for the road.

- Cl E

It fast great performance gas mileage is ok you have to always use premium gas.

My Infiniti is a good car to drive I love my car. When I saw it on the lot I knew I had to have that car nice shiny red car. I told my husband and the dealer I had to have that car. I have haven't had any problems with it I will recommend it to anyone that looking for an nice car their performance is good no major repairs.

- Helen D

It's not for comfort, you should lease it for a few years (which I did) but don't buy it. It's not practical and drains your money.

I love the body, the engine, my Bose sound system and how the car maneuvers. I hate that I can feel every pebble on the road, have to change my tires too frequently, and have had a lot of issues with both my windows not working anymore. It's also expensive to repair. Steering wheel is extremely tight as well

- mira a

Infinity intro- Smooth ride, beautiful sleek design and few if any problems.

It's a beautiful car with really cool headlights. Drives smooth and pretty good on gas. I've had some problems with the exhaust but other than that I have not had any problems other than regular maintenance that all cars require. I enjoy my Infinity very much and would recommend it to family and friends.

- Kristen D

The infinity that I own is a great car for families.

My Infiniti is very reliable. I used it on long car trips without a problem. I keep it maintain well with oil changes. There are the normal problems that have occurred over the years, something with the coolant. It is very comfortable. It fits our family of four great. Nice large trunk for shopping.

- Liz H

My car infiniti g35 I love it.

The only thing I hate about it is I got it used and there seems to be a lot of problems wrong with that year and model. The air conditioner does not work and it wants to run hot for no reason plus I just found out that it has been wrecked. With all the problems going on with it I still love my car.

- Beverly H

Even though it has a lot of power/a big engine, it has a very smooth ride that makes it a very comfortable car.

My Infiniti has really been a great car, with the main issues I've had so far being related to the battery or coolant system. It is a very comfortable car with a lot of power that makes it a good option for longer commutes, especially on the highway. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

- Daniel C

Gas 35, with 19 inch wheels and 4 door sedan.

The vehicle is well built, headlight problems, water pump overheats, leak in roof. Car is a good ride, tire problems. Water seal has leak. Battery. Tires are 19 inch. Seats are a little worn but in good shape. Need a good waxing and new rear tires. Need right lights polished.

- Keith K

Black luxury Infiniti sedan.

My vehicle is actually very reliable and very luxurious. It includes a sunroof, aux, phone charging outlets, seat heating, back up cameras,etc. These things are all very amazing all though I can say it is very bad on gas. And requires lots of maintenance and attention.

- Maria M

Although the car is a coupe and sounds loud and is fast, it's meant to be a luxury vehicle, I'm having the most fun when I have the sunroof open and I'm driving along the beach

I love the style and look of the car, the main thing I don't like is that it is pretty small in the rear seats but then again it is a coupe, this is a car for young people or a personal car, it is a great sporty race car and it drives and handles amazing

- Javier M

The parts are for the vehicle are expensive.

This vehicle is very dependable. It has the luxury features and feel to it at a decent price. This vehicle gets good gas mileage. It has many technology features such as GPS, Bluetooth, and a backup camera as well.

- Sheryl P

It is reliable and well made.

Love that it has enough horsepower so that i can accelerate quickly to get in and out of traffic. Wish it had more room inside to purchase and bring home big items. It is been an awesome hassle free car.

- Roxanne R

It's a sport car with sunroof and 300 bourse powers

Well infinity is a great car for speed and comfort it is very reliable it runs on premium oil and premium gas. Other than that she will run forever if you keep up with your oil changes and service

- Helen B

It drives so well and it looks so good. I love my car.

I love my car even though it is 11 years old. I will be buying a SUV Infiniti in a few months because I have 2 children. I love Infinity because it is a great car company. I am proud to drive it.

- Amanda P

It is an affordable luxury vehicle.

The Infiniti g35x is a very stylish vehicle that gets everyone's attention the speed and stylish interior is a plus. The moving steer wheel and seat is high tech and the leather seats and comfy.

- Shannon L

The car has a powerful engine and shouldn't be take in lightly.

Gas mileage, the mileage on the car could be better. Sometimes I have to put gas twice a week. Other than that I love the car. I have been driving it for some time and it hasn't let me down.

- Gabriel M

Sporty and very reliable!

I love the performance and it handles well in any type of weather. It is sporty and fast! Very reliable so far only needed routine maintenance! And it is very good on gas!

- Jacqueline B

The comfort and ease of driving the car.

What I like about my vehicle is the speed and ease of driving the car. The quality of the car, despite being over 10 yrs. old, is great. I love Infiniti's.

- Aja W

Don't pull up to close behind me! I'll roll into ya! Also slower than it looks

It is the coupe model, the Manual transmission is very fun and is driver engaging. The car is quick and agile with the modifications I have done to it.

- Brandon L

Low maintenance vehicle for not a lot of money. It just keeps going.

I like it because it's fast and has not had any problems in the 11 years I've owned it. I bought it new and only done normal maintenance.

- Tracy E

It does not get very good gas mileage since it has a big V6.

I dislike the gas mileage, but I like the performance of the car. The audio and interior are great. The car has had decent reliability.

- Jasdeep G

Very low mileage zero to 60 in 4 seconds.

Love 0 to 60 very fast beautiful looking great stereo system the leather interior the fact is as straight 6 takes only high grade gas.

- Adam G

It is has a high gas mileage.

One thing I like about my car has a smooth engine. I do not like the gas mileage. I also do not like that I do not have an AUX cord.

- Gregory J

Know that repairs are going to be on the higher end of costt.

Car has been very reliable but whenever a repair is necessary it can be costly. Additionally, the tires are expensive to replace.

- Cartter C

Old but with proper caring everything will fine.

Needs repairs, AC does not work, fast car. Love the sun roof and stereo. Want to restore it to its original condition.

- Maurice S

Reliable sexy fast Luxury car

Absolutely love this car, runs great, second owner and never had any problems,comfortable and has lots of power

- Glorivee P

Infiniti G35S manual transmission

Great vehicle. Love the looks and the acceleration is terrific. Gas mileage isn't the greatest though.

- Rob M

The car is high quality and keeps its looks and class.

I love it. It is 11 years old but still looks brand new. I have not had any problems out of it.

- Ashleigh P

It's touchy when you first drive it but you get used to it.

I love the dirtiness and look of interior the sound. There's nothing I don't like

- Theron Harris B

It has rear wheel drive and does poorly in rain and snow

It is a great car, but has rear wheel drive and is horrible in rain and snow.

- Lynn K

Its has a lot of space. It is comfortable. Small and saves me a lot of gas.

How to lock the back doors with child lock and also locking the windows.

- Denise L

It is dependable, sporty and fun to drive. Have had it for eleven years

I like the sporty look of my car. It is compact and handles well

- Yvonne N

Great handling. 4 wheel drive. Pretty luxurious for the year it came out. I do really like it. Problems are poor gas mileage, it has bluetooth phone, but not music.

I still get a lot of compliments on it, even though it's a 2007

- David C