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Great, sleek, highly functional car.

This car features a sleek, modern look for today’s society even though it is a 2008. It is a great, reliable car, but does require a more expensive upkeep with premium gas, a more expensive oil change, more expensive parts when needed. The engine in this car is great and really has some get up and go. My least favorite part of the vehicle is the dashboard. It is somewhat difficult to navigate and not exactly intuitive where the buttons are located.

- Sab S

Sleeks and sporty sedan that rivals BMW

The 08 G35 Sedan is very sporty and sleek. It feels powerful and handles very well. The interior is leather and well designed and the sound system is very clear and sounds wonderful. The transmission can act up sometimes, at slower speeds, but it may vary from vehicle to vehicle. The engine is very reliable, mine is on 150k miles and has no problems other than a slight oil leak. There have been no other problems with the car.

- Ethan H

A new used car or how I got an expensive car for less than half the price.

I love the Infiniti. It is a luxury high performance car that makes me feel safe to drive. I love the leather seats and interior. It rarely if ever give me any problems with maintenance. It is a used car and was in an accident with the previous owner. For a very reasonable cost we bought it, had is restored with some body work. We never would have been able to afford this car otherwise.

- Kim C

The Infiniti g35 is a beautiful car that drives smooth and has an awesome pick up to it!

I love the Infiniti g35 model. The look is stylish and classy, it drives super smooth and it has convenient features. The one I have is at about 120,000 miles and I did have to replace the a/c and a part that connects the radiator because it was coming loose and starting to overheat. Besides those issues I love the car and would definitely recommend it to friends and family!

- Madeline E

Best car ever. I would but it again.

Nothing it is amazing drives amazing best car ever. The front tires are a different size then the backs so when you have to change a tire you have to make sure it is the right size. But other than that I mean I love it. I do not know what else you want me to say I would purchase it again I might even get the coupe because I have the sedan right now.

- Amber P

Look into the leakage problem. Ask if Infiniti has fixed it. First started leaking at about the 6th or 7th year.

Comfortable car with good pickup, which I love. Nice styling. Only issue we had with it, which was an issue, was leaking around the sunroof into the interior! Found a mechanic who knew how to blow out the drainage lines. This may be improved on newer models. Roomy enough trunk, heated seats, good adjustments capabilities on the ventilation system.

- Susan W

Could hold on to this car forever!

Overall, this vehicle is very low maintenance. I have only had to have my brakes replaced once in the 5 years that I have had the car. The interior still looks great. The sound system is phenomenal. The paint job could hold up a little bit better, but it still looks great for the most part, just a bit dull and some chipping. It is a great car.

- Britt W

Easy to handle and fun to drive!

I love the get up and go of my car. I feel safer because I feel that I can easily get out of the way of other drivers who are not paying attention. It is easy to handle, comfortable to ride in, and very pretty. However, I feel like the front bumper is too low; I scrape on parking dividers even though I am careful.

- Cassandra L

The gas is over way to priced.

I love my car it gets me from point A to Be with no problem, it's also a nice looking car and the inside has everything you would ever need my car has been reliable for a couple years and I have no complaints a big plus for me is that it has heated seats for the winter and the ac is amazing for the hot summers.

- Breanna M

Excellent, sporty look! Couldn't live without the back-up camera.

Absolutely no problems. Infinity is very comfortable for a petite person. It has a back-up camera (which I love) and Dolby sound. It sits lower on the road than a lot of other vehicles. Has a seat warmer that I use in winter plus front and rear defrosters. I have no intention of ever selling it.

- Jackie S

The vehicle's ability to handle terrain during the snow and blizzard.

Vehicle is high performance, reliable and the seats are comfortable and the features meet all of my expectations. I have had min. Problems since purchasing the vehicle in 2008. I would highly recommend this type vehicle. The vehicle is extremely well performance during winter snow storms.

- Sen A

The vehicle is very comfortable. The only downside it burns a lot of gas.

It is very comfortable and smooth. Basic features from a 2008 car that you would expect. Very reliable but the only complaint is the amount of gas it uses. The Infiniti g35 is cable to taking you wherever is needed on your daily bases. The interior of the vehicle is very spacious.

- Kevin P

Get up and go is amazing!

It is got a really good get up and go feature. It is spacious and comfortable in the interior. The paint color is sort of a light blue. I like it. The dashboard is functionally perfect in setup. The buttons on the steering wheel make using your phone or accessing music very easy.

- Monica I

Cars that run well for a long time with no problems.

I love my car! Overall I haven't had any major work done on my car besides the basic maintenance on the car like tire rotation, wheel alignment, and oil changes. It runs smooth, gets up with speed fast. The gas mileage is not the best but it is ok. Overall this is a great car.

- Blair O

Do not get if you have a part time job.

The only problem I have with my vehicle is the cold start in the winter but other then that it is very reliable and is a beautiful car for any high school student who is wanting this car be warned the maintenance is very pricy so do not buy if have a part time job.

- Joseph M

The car has a 6 cylinder engine and drives very smoothly.

The car is nice inside but needs better from because it peels on the trim near the driver and passenger side. The bumper in the front needs to be higher away from the ground. The trim around the air bag also has peeling paint.

- Linna C

Beware of the gas mileage, it's not that great. It was equivalent to my jeep.

The Infiniti is a very smooth drive, gets up and goes and is quiet. The back seat and trunk are big. I don't enjoy the gas mileage, I wish it were more efficient and the seats aren't that comfortable when taking a long trip.

- Megan M

It is very luxurious and comfortable to drive. It is roomy inside for a sedan and sneakily fast.

Very nice interior and high performance engine. The car is very fast and performs at a high level. Having to use premium gasoline is a downfall but is necessary to maintain the high performance. Overall I love the car.

- Jess O

It Takes a lot of money to keep it up. And although it looks nice, this car is for people who don't mind throwing away money on expensive maintenance. This car has the potential to be a good car if it wasn't so expensive.

I like the luxury car feel and how smooth my car rides. I really dislike how expensive the required maintenance is on it. I also dislike the fact that it will only take premium gas.

- Tasheena F

Everyone should know how well this vehicle handles curvy roads.

My G35 has been a dependable vehicle. I live in the Smoky Mountains and my vehicle handles the curvy roads very well. It is good on gas and can pick up speed in a quick manner.

- Leah E

It only takes premium gas.

It is blue, 4 doors, v6 and luxurious. I like the leather seats, sunroof, and spaciousness. I also enjoy the color of it and reliability. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Lindsey C

It's very reliable and good on gas mileage. It doesn't have as much problems as other cars

I like how reliable it's been and it's a beautiful car. Sometimes it does get a little compact riding with all of my family and I wish it had a little more space in it.

- Vanessa L

The car is a good value for the money.

I like the size. I get good mileage and service from the vehicle. The features of the vehicle are very accommodating and user friendly. The vehicle is fun to drive.

- Terri S

Blue Infiniti sunroof just nice.

I love my car it is fast reliable update it is just my dream car my kids love it my family & my friends. . This my second vehicle like this and I enjoy my car.

- Christina A

It is a fast car and the handling is pretty good.

Love the handling & speed. I do not like the color. It is an old car. I do not like the headlights. It does not have Bluetooth! It is very light to drive.

- Liz L

The 2008 Infiniti G35 looks and drives great at a premium.

My car is quiet, smooth, powerful and stylish. The problem is that it's a money pit. It takes premium gas, service is expensive and parts are too.

- David H

It drives really smoothly.

I like that my vehicle drives really smooth and fast on the road. I do not like that it is small though and it makes me a little claustrophobic.

- Mika G

It's really comfortable and nice to ride in.

Its my first vehicle so I love everything about it. I do think it's time that I get a new vehicle which I plan on getting in the next two years.

- Elysee P

Great performance, poor gas mileage.

Infiniti is a great car with really good power but poor gas mileage. It's a fun car to drive and I've had no issues beyond routine maintenance.

- Allen J

It drives nice and is comfortable.

I like how it gets up to speed very quickly. I like how it looks and drives. I do think that it doesn't get that great of gas mileage.

- Kim J

It has a great engine and the interior is nice.

I love the interior, body, style and performance of my car. My car is very spacious. I love the fact that is a high performance car.

- Dorothy F

I like to keep it clean and don't like cars to park too close to it

It is a black 4 door sedan. I like that is is a luxury car that is fully loaded. I don't like how expensive it is to fix it.

- ashley m

It's one of the sweetest rides in town. Luxury meets new age.

It drives like floating on air with the air suspension and the package it's got inside offers the best sound system

- Nate S

They can be a bit expensive with the market booming right now

Great car, runs and drives great. Recommend buying one, v6 luxury vehicle Smooth driving car takes turns great.

- Daeton P

I feel safe driving it and issues seems to be kept to a minimum.

I like how it handles the road. It also comes with great technology features and safety features.

- Matt H

Strong and fast on the road. It is also spacious for the whole family

Love the speed and smoothness. But it's missing a few feature that other cars from 08 had

- Sahil M

My car is definitely sturdy.

My Vehicle makes me feel carefree. I can go on a long road trip and not worry about it.

- Ana P

Very expensive maintenance after the warranty expires. Not all service dealers are qualified.

Easy drive. Comfortable seats. Quite sound. Smooth ride. Great radio sound.

- Geneva v

I like the way the car drives. I also like that it has a luxurious feel but it's not crazy expensive.

It feels luxurious while driving it but it is not that expensive.

- Taylor B

Well made reliable vehicle that has required only routine maintenance.

Comfortable seats, small turning radius, reliable vehicle.

- Sandy H

good appearance and safety

it is okay. I bought from my son. it is good.

- s s