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I love my Infiniti g37 sport coupe 6-speed manual transmission!!

I love my Infiniti g37 sport coupe, 6 speed manual transmission! This car is sports car meets luxury vehicle. Excellent performance and handing like a sports car, with heated leather seats, satellite radio, navigation system, etc., like a luxury vehicle. I will always own an Infiniti brand vehicle, for my car is utmost reliable.

- Mary S

Over all an okay vehicle, dependable.

Too low to the ground for the area I live in. I have had to buy lots of new tires due to this. Also with heavy rains I have to move my car a lot so it does not flood. The car does have great horsepower and a great sound system. Overall the car is okay, gets me from point A to point B.

- Casey W

2008 Infiniti coupe with sunroof.

Infiniti is not an all weather vehicle. You cannot drive it in the snow. Drives great seats are comfortable but low. I have an older model therefore there are things that I wanted. Need heated seats, windshield leaks after so many years. Small not enough space to ride passengers.

- Wanda A

Fun driving stick shift car

I have a manual transmission g37 which is primarily why I decided to buy it. It's fun to drive with a nice exhaust sound. It is reliable hasn't really broken down on me. It's fairly comfortable with a good sound system. Only down side would be the out of date touch screen panel.

- Henry R

A luxury car for everyone.

The Infiniti g37x is a reasonable yet luxury car. The g37x handles well is all types of weather and road conditions. The ride is comfortable and the vehicle allows room in this sedan. The only problem is the technical console does need maintenance; very temperamental.

- Alison W

The Infiniti g37x can be summarized as affordable luxury!

The Infiniti g37x is a well priced luxury vehicle. The car handles well, even in rough weather. Gas mileage is comparable to others in the same class. My only complaint is the electrical system within the dashboard. Constant maintenance needs to be performed. .

- Ali W

The most important thing to know about this car is how solid and reliable it is. If you take care of it, the car will last you for as long as you want to keep it.

Extremely reliable vehicle overall. I've had it for 6 years and have never taken it to the shop (all maintenance done at home, easily). In terms of power and driving, it's extremely responsive and a fun drive overall. I can't recommend this car enough.

- Maninder M

It's a luxury sport car with nice horsepower for a very good price.

For a small car it has a lot of room for a 6'2 driver like myself and very comfortable , the Bose sound system is perfect for a car that size, what I don't like is that when it rains it leaks inside the trunk over the passenger side rear tire.

- Derrick K

My car has excellent acceleration and reliability.

I bought my 2008 Infiniti G37 coupe brand new from the dealer. The car has excellent acceleration and has been very reliable with no problems in the 10+ years that I have driven it hard and fast.

- Mike C

It's a comfortable car and pretty good on gas and haven't had many mechanical problems with it.

It is comfortable, a smooth ride, has fully loaded features and XM radio capability. It does require premium but gets okay gas mileage.

- Savannah M

It is a luxury car so it is very fast but hard on gas.

I love my car, it is fast and very smooth. The heated seats and sunroof are a plus. Only downfall is the price on parts.

- Roxy L

it has 360 horsepower and drives very well.........

i love the color scheme of my car (white with black interior). i love the handle and the sharp u turns it can make.

- jasmine v

That it consumes a lot of gas and will empty out your wallet fast

I love that it is reliable transportation to get me from point a to point b I dislike the gas mileage it offers

- Chris T

it drives GREAT and handles well

i love the power and the sportiness of the car. i love the white with black interior. no complaints right now.

- tran M

Fun to drive. Fast. Looks good.

This car is very reliable. It has dashboard issues. The dashboards melt and get sticky and can reflect sun.

- Ryan D

It is my dream car!! It feels, looks and drives luxuriously.

I love the car!!! No complaints whatsoever!!! Handles like a dream! Responds to my ever move.

- Cheryl D