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This car is very fast and very exciting to drive.

Car is a fun fast vehicle!! It is a sports car with luxury features. . . The vehicle is a eye catcher for sure. A little pricey when doing anything on the car. Oil changes, tires, etc. . If you take care of the vehicle it will last a long time. . . Only thing about the vehicle is that they are known to have some transmission issues, but I would consider that to be based on how the vehicle was handled over the years. It is a compact car, so space is limited but it is still a comfortable car with the necessary space you would need in a sports car. I like the automatic shifters that are on the steering wheel that allow for quick gear changes without having to remove hands from wheel.

- Josh L

A smooth ride with great acceleration!

I love my infinity! It is so fun to drive. I can get to 60 mph in the blink of an eye. I easily avoided a wreck because it maneuvers so well. I have a bad back. So getting in and out of a car, especially low to the ground can be difficult. But I do not have any trouble getting in and out of my g37. The ride is so comfortable. I have been in other sports cars, but they were never this smooth. The only complaint I might have is that I have to use the higher octane fuel. But I am not complaining. It is worth it. I bought this car used. But my next new car will be an infinity.

- Stephen L

Storage space and cargo pass-through trap door.

My vehicle does not have a smooth ride and it sounds like something is loose in the wheel well. However, it does have very good pick up and go. The back seat is roomy for passengers. The trunk is large and can hold many items, it also has a small hatch to open to allow you to put long items into the trunk and feed them through to the car body.

- Donna Y

I love my Infiniti g37 convertible hardtop.

I really like my car because it is a hard top convertible. Is extremely fast and safe. It is a four seater car so there’s plenty of room for a convertible. It is pretty gas efficient and I like the rumble in the car. however my car is not a new remodel so I cannot look up music to my car using Bluetooth it only allows for phone calls.

- Pebbles A

Strong performance and passenger comfort.

The performance of my g37x is exemplary, and the car is quite comfortable as well (including the back seat for passengers). The reliability has also been reasonably good. My one quibble with the car is that the gas mileage seems to be lower than expected (~20 mpg), even taking into account that the engine is a 6 cylinder.

- Melinda R

Performance - 2009 infiniti g37.

Slight delay in acceleration when starting from a complete position. The car has proven to be a bit of a mechanical letdown. Two costly repairs that seem unusual were a leak in the fuel system and breaking of a suspension feature. The controls to things like navigation lock up when you drive.

- Joseph P

Awesome vehicle, total neck breaker.

One of my favorite vehicles to drive, handles very well and the rear wheel drive makes it even more fun. Extremely fast response time. Comfortable car for a single person. Beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. There's not a thing I would change about this car except for the price!

- Aspen M

It goes 0-60 in 5 seconds!

I love the speed of this car and the sound of it. My only current problems with it are the brakes. Which I do need to get replaced. But it drives very smooth and the interior is great. It's a great first car for me. I am overall happy with this car and would recommend it to anybody.

- Alexander H

The infiniti g37x is a fast, solid car!

My infiniti is a great car! Great in the snow. . . Solid car! So fast and it does not struggle at all to keep it is speed up. The vdc and slip light recently started coming on but that is the only issue I have had with the vehicle. I will always drive an infiniti!

- Stefani F

An amazing care to drive and own. Lots of power.

This is a great vehicle to own. The only concern I have been having is the battery. If the car is not driven for some time (six days or more) the battery tends to weaken. The good thing is the concern was always resolved, hassle free. Thanks you Infiniti.

- Ken J

It leaks very easily however it is otherwise great car.

I like how it has lasted over the last 9 years. No major complaints. One thing that is an issue with mine and others who own it is it leaks very easily. I've had to get lots of repair done due to the amount of water that gets into the car.

- Mariam k

Outstanding performance and luxury.

This is an amazing vehicle and comes with many features that make it that much greater. I have yet to have any problems with my car and when I do the repairs are usually something quick and simple!

- Vinny B

It is a luxury car for a not luxury price.

I love my Infiniti g37. It is the perfect size. It rides so smooth. The Bluetooth is a plus, stereo is amazing. It is so good on gas. Maintenance is cheap. This is my third Infiniti. I love it.

- Lisa N

Reliable, comfortable, good gas mileage, lots of nice features.

I have never had any problems with this car. It is newly work years old and has 70, 000 mile. Mostly driven in town. Very comfortable, reliable gets good gas mileage, .

- Becky S

The handling is superb and repair cost minimum.

Great performance. Very reliable. Smooth comfortable ride with modern features. I have had no major problems with this vehicle. It had proven to be very reliable.

- Bridget S

It is expensive to service.

I love the looks, comfort and power. The gas mileage is not best but when you drive something with this much power the fun kinda makes up for it.

- Sunny K

Sleek, luxurious, ready to ride at any time with anyone or anything.

Reliable on gas, very comfortable with all the features it has. Looks good, drives good, and makes me moist just letting it rip on the highway

- david m

Comfortable ride. Leather has held up.

Just recently bought the car so I do not have much information. That being said, I bought as it is historically one of the most reliable cars.

- Carlos T

It is very powerful and get lots of compliments. The color is eye catching.

Having a convertible in California is fun and wonderful. The hubcaps are out too far - I keep scraping them while parallel parking

- Jo S

The engine and to see if my car is modified

My car is very sexy. It has a v6 engine with 330 horsepower. It goes quick but waist a lot of gas. But that doesn't matter to me

- Victor s

Very reliable and fast. The vehicle uses premium gas and runs terrific.

Like the car because it's sporty and fast. Dislike the vehicle because I have to change brake pads on a semi regular basis.

- Dwight R

Owned by an ex marine who is very protective of the car. I will not let any one.

Love my car. Have had it since 2009. Love it. Wouldn't change a thing about my car. It travels well and has held up good.

- Casey L

That it is very comfortable and a good gas saver.

What I like about my car is that it is a gas saver. The color is perfect. What I dislike is that the parts are to high.

- Andre W

Gets decent mileage, and handles fine.

I love the way it looks inside and out. I hate that it is not a all wheel drive because I cannot drive when it snows.

- Sarah K

it is more of a luxury vehicle than some bmws and mercedes I've owned

i love everything about my car, it feels large and luxurious. The reclining rear seats are so impressive and roomy

- aly b

My car fits all and rides smooth.

I like the fit of the vehicle. I dislike that it does not have a navigation system. I like the smooth ride.

- Susie J

My car is rear wheel drive.

I like the design. I like the driving experience. I like the sound system. I do not like the paint quality.

- Russ L

The car is amazing the way it is, amazing car and fast.

It runs really fast, has a nice big engine which is a 3.7. It surprisingly doesn't waste much on gas.

- Hugo M

The ride is quiet and comfortable. A truly luxury car

My car has great engine and suspension. It is a truly luxury ride. Very low maintenance.

- Holly M

horrible gas mileage. premium only. but had roomy interior, nice features

leather seats, sunroof, xm radio, seat warmer smooth ride

- j m

It's fast and I can accelerate past people pretty easily

I'm is fast. The accessories are good. Feels safe .

- Al F