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My vehicle is a sports car mixed with a mountain Colorado car.

My vehicle has all the bells and whistles. It is absolutely amazing and I look forward to driving it every time I leave to go somewhere. It has heated seats, all wheel drive and a great digital screen for navigation, backing up & settings. I feel like with the g37 coupe I get a sports car that is also appropriate for Colorado weather considering the all wheel drive and snow button. This is almost unheard of. I searched and searched for a car like this and was starting to think it didn't exist. Couldn’t be happier with my beautiful Colorado car.

- Melissa M

Luxurious Infiniti g37 convertible handles like a dream!

The g37 convertible by Infiniti handles like a dream. My last three cars have been Mercedes Benz and BMWs. I feel like the Infiniti is leaps and bounds better than either of those vehicles I have had in the past. Plus, there is an extra amenity that I have never experienced but will never go without again in a car since I drive in Houston, Texas: air-conditioned seats! Wow. What a difference. That, coupled with Bose speakers in the headrest, and it makes driving with the convertible top down so much more pleasant and fun.

- Nicolas B

In 8 years there’s been no problems with the engine. The car feels & looks new.

All controls are easy for the driver to see and reach, the seat is extremely comfortable, there are no blind spots, it is powerful and speeds up rapidly, plenty of room for 5 people, engine is quiet, and the trunk is quite spacious. The ride is smooth no matter what the road conditions are. Gas mileage is at the average level, and we run mid grade to keep the engine running better.

- Mary S

Fast sleek updated smart beautiful.

Fast sporty ride well tuned love the heated seats during winter! Well made luxurious stylish beautiful rear circles camera is nice to have smart car! Updated mine with the OEM ipl body upgrades it is an amazing ride would recommend to anyone looking for a luxurious reliable quick Nissan interchangeable parts with the 370z OEM bison upgrades do fit the g37!

- Jon R

2010 Infiniti convertible is amazing!

I love my car. It is very dependable, and very stylish. Even though it is almost ten years old, it runs well. I have always kept up with regular maintenance and have had no problems with my vehicle. The only downside to my vehicle is the premium gas that it takes, but I knew that going in.

- Camry P

A sporty sedan that is perfect for crazy traffic. It is a really fun car to drive.

I love my car, it is a very powerful vehicle with great acceleration. I find that I tend to have issues with the battery when the temperature drops, but it is usually something that is fixed by recharging the battery. My only other complaint is that it feels small inside.

- Tiffany A

Reliable and smooth drive.

My g37 is extremely reliable! I was hesitant to buy it at first because it was pre owned vehicle, however, I have had it for two years now and I have never had any issues. It has a sleek design and very spacious interior. The smooth drive is very comfortable.

- Sorely S

Smooth ride easy on lower back pain.

Super reliable. Multiple safety features. Drives smooth. Easy to get in and out of. Easy push to start. Needs premium gas. Seat settings easy to control. Navigation system. Best car I have owned. Would fully recommend Infiniti to anyone looking for a new car.

- Megan B

Very responsive when it comes to acceleration and braking.

Drives well and does not look dated even though it is a 10 year old car. I do not like how worn the steering wheel, leather seats, and the gear shift look. The car does not seem to take heat well and sometimes rain gets in through the closed convertible top.

- Christina C

Handles very well in the snow! Love the all wheel drive!

The cup holders are way too small. Also the door has started leaking but other than that handles well in the snow. Great car to drive daily. No significant issues in the 6 years I have owned this vehicle. I would purchase this car again in the future.

- Michelle H

Definitely get the Infiniti.

Great build quality, amazing acceleration, comfortable seating, stylish design, fantastic sound system, compliments from friends and family. The only issue would be the gas mileage, which I would rate below average, but not quite to poor.

- Jonathan W

Love my 2010 Infiniti G37

I love this car! It has a sporty, attention - getting look.I get many compliments on this car. It is also a fast car with a smooth ride. My favorite features are the back up camera, adjustable seat, the navigation, and a roomy trunk.

- jill J

Performance wise I do not any car in it is price range can even come close.

I really like my g37 it gets good gas mileage, the interior is really nice as well as comfortable. I haven't had to get any major repairs done only scheduled maintenance. As far as performance it is really impressive.

- Christopher K

It is a high quality vehicle.

It has a very smooth ride. It is very comfortable to drive. The trunk is smaller than I thought but was. I wish it got a little better gas mileage but it was pretty good on a long trip..

- Stephen C

My car is fun to drive and gets decent miles per gallon. It has pick up power.

It is a convertible. It is fun to drive. There is a lot of room in the front seat. It is sporty and there is a lot of pick - up for passing. It has leather interior and beautiful.

- Val M

Its an Affordable luxury brand car. It will run well for years.

My vehicle is very spacious for a sedan. I love the leather seats and seat warmers are a must in the winter. I do not like how much of a gas guzzler it is.

- Cristina S

Body too low for over 70 preferences.

Body too low for my personal preference. I am over 65. Drives fine. But when parking, with car scrapes because of body build. Would not buy again.

- Delores B

2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan review

I really like my 2010 Infiniti G37 sedan. It has all leather seats. The engine is powerful, allowing me to accelerate very quickly when needed.

- Peter V

it has great features and power ...handles great but is low to the ground

It's a great car. Very comfortable and loaded with features. Has power...not the best for a family as it is 2 doors but great for me


It is comfortable and devices are useful.

There is no problem, my car is very comfortable in use. It has a lot of good and useful devices. Back view camera helps me a lot.

- L I

Drives well and handles wonderfully in snow.

No problems, minimal maintenance since I purchased. The thing I hate the most is the cup holders. No other issues to report??.

- Michelle H

Car is dependable, back seat is uncomfortable beautiful car with powerful engine.

Gas is expensive. Other than that I love my car. It has been reliable and it almost at 100, 000 miles without any issues.

- Serena G

If you are looking for a car that will last you awhile this is it

Great car, very reliable. It's been 8 years and still has not had a major problem with it. Has pretty good gas mileage

- Alicia W

It handles well for a sports car in the rain.

It is comfortable and sporty. Handles extremely well. Cost of tires are expensive. The battery is hard to change out.

- Tina F

It is a safe, reliable car with luxury features and a comfortable ride.

I have no complaints. It is a smooth ride. It has great features and rarely has any maintenance issues.

- Cristina R

The seats have heating and cooling options. Very comfortable in any weather

Love the hardtop convertible, great acceleration, excellent handling and cornering

- Maureen A

It runs much better on premium gasoline.

I like the engine. I like the sleek look. I don't like that it leaks water.

- Todd M

It is reliable. It is pretty fast. The interior is quality.

I like the body style, it runs smooth, and It's fairly fast.

- Julian S

Powerful engine that only takes premium gasoline

I like the speed and power of my engine.

- Jennifer B