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My car is a superb blend of sportiness, comfort, and practicality.

My vehicle is still one of the most reliable cars on the luxury market today even though the vehicle came out 7 years ago. It has the best performance and the exterior styling is top notch. It has excellent comfort, and you get the best bang for your buck. The best feature on this vehicle is the G37 x (the "x" means All Wheel Drive). The All Wheel Drive gives you the option to drive in any terrain such as snow, gravel, and other types of rough roads. I would not recommend driving it in high waters due to it being a car and not an SUV.

- Steven M

Beautiful, affordable luxury car.

My Infiniti is extremely reliable. I have owned it for 4, bought it used, and have not had any issues. It is a heavy car, which I like. Gas mileage is pretty good. Low 20s. I have the g37x sport, and it handles well in the snow. The car has a lot of power, which I like. Heated seats are awesome, and very comfortable. Good seating space, trunk is very spacious.

- Tina L

All the benefits of luxury and speed in a low key package.

Repairs and maintenance costs can be pricey but not half as bad as other luxury brands. The sporty engine pairs well worth the chip system to make a very safe and enthralling ride. Slap shift and get even more of a rush. Great in extreme weather (ice, rain, snow). This care is nice because its low key but it's also sporty.

- Lucas S

Its reliable. I have had any issues with it, its fast and runs great.

So far no problems I love everything about it. Its beautiful runs great, has no issues, its fast and reliable. It's great on gas, affordable services as well. So far, nothing going wrong with it. A friend of mine had the same vehicle and he let me test drive it. I loved it so I went and purchased it few months after that.

- Melinda C

It is a beautiful luxury vehicle.

I absolutely love my car! I have had it now for about 9 months and it is like driving in a dream. I haven't any issues so far 🤞🤞 I feel amazing every single time I get in my car to drive. It is has all the bells and whistles and the best stereo system I have ever personally experienced in my life.

- Kimberly L

The ride may not be as smooth & soft for those who prefer a luxury type of ride.

Overall, the performance is top notch. Powerful engine matched with performance style braking makes driving fun. You also get the luxuries of nice leather, Bose sound system, climate control, and heated seats. My g37 is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and sporty performance.

- Simon K

Perfect car for me. I never have to worry about performance.

Always reliable, save, fast, comfortable, good-looking and fits my body perfect. I would never think of any other brand of car to buy. I like the colors, features technology and swiftness. The people who sale the product are always there even after you buy the car. Good service.

- Anita W

My car is a blue/grey Infiniti. It has a lot of “get up and go”.

I love my car, but I am not really a car person. I have had the same car for years, and I am very comfortable in it. I love the way the Infiniti droves. It is a combo of a sport and luxury vehicle. I have gotten in an accident before and felt very safe in my car.

- Samantha J

Its only take premium gas.

No problems. Really fast. Speed 160. Pretty red. Black leather seats heated seats. It has a sunroof. Runs smooth. It's a reliable car. Its performance is great. Its s V6 with a lot of horsepower. Navigation system with Bluetooth streaming audio.

- Nancy A

Reliable all wheel drive vehicle

No problems just routine maintenance. Adequate performance no problems accessing highways and overtaking vehicles when needed, very reliable vehicle all-wheel drive helps in the winter very comfortable well handling vehicle

- Carmine D

Keep up with maintenance and the car will run forever.

Runs great, but have experienced problems with the push start switch under the dashboard of the driver side above the brake. I got in my car 5 mins after getting out and when I returned I got stranded, car wouldn't start.

- Donna A

The seats are super comfortable he exterior is very stylish, love driving this car as it's very easy to handle.

This vehicle is very easy to handle. The navigation is a bit difficult to use, and it doesn't have regular updates you can do on your own, you have to take it to the dealership to update the navigation system.

- Brigitte H

It handles nicely and it drives very smoothly. Sporty without being over the top.

I wish it had remote start. Upgrading maps is to expensive, I could buy a whole new navigation gadget. Too expensive for the updated weather conditions/weather warnings. Otherwise I love it.

- Debi F

I don't think any other car in its price range can perform as good

Besides scheduled maintenance I've never had to pay for any repairs. The cars performance is amazing. The interior is comfortable and convenient. Also it's good on gas and has a sporty look.

- Christopher K

It is fun to drive, has great handling and looks

It's a G37 cpe great styling, well made, Just like all Infiniti cars and suv it runs well and will last a long time, Great dealer network and treats the owners well before and after the sale

- paul b

Performance in a practical package. Has lots of power but room to carry the Family around.

I love how it feels like a sports car but has the function of a family car. My biggest complaint is the fact that it takes premium gas. Other than that I am very satisfied with it.

- Karl W

My car is in very good condition, with a low milage for the age.

My car is a nice luxury vehicle. I like that it has a screen navigation system. I also like that it has a decent trunk. I do wish it was a little more spacious.

- Dashia W

It's just a good quality car. Very dependable and runs great.

I love the overall look of my car. It's very sporty and eye catching. The only dislike is because it is a sport there is not a lot of compartment space.

- Kim G

The warranty is the best.

The performance and handling. Been a sedan and a manual transmission at the same time. It hard to find a performance sedan with manual transmission.

- Benedict O

It is a good SUV for a rugged lifestyle.

Best car I ever drove. It is a true sports car. It has so much power it scares me. It drives and handles better than any other car I have driven.

- Kent W

My car is all-wheel drive. I feel safe driving it whether I am driving in a blizzard, and rainstorm or on the interstate.

Fast, safe, reliable, stylish. I like the way it looks and the way it drives. It is my favorite car of all the cars I have owned. No complaints.

- katie c

It has been extremely reliable, never stranding me except when the battery unavoidably wore out.

I love the way it drives and makes me feel. It's sleek, sexy, and responsive. My dislike involves Its size--there is so little room inside it.

- karla n

It's very cool and stylish.

I like the styling, handling and gas mileage. I find the ride comfortable, and easy access to all the controls. It has a great sound system.

- Joel M

it's a very well built car. if mountains are kept up it will treat you right. the part are a bit on the expensive side though. but a good extended warranty will help with that.

i love the performance of it. i love the styling shape comfortability of it. i don't like the fact it doesn't have bluetooth capabilities.

- joe j

Value luxury. You get a lot for the money.

Like the look, engine and cost of the car. It's a great value for the money. Isn't really anything i don't like about it. Good car.

- Ron W

My G Car. 0 to 80 in four seconds.

First foreign car that I purchased. Super fast for a 6 cylinder and the handling is phenomenal. It is truly a fun car to drive

- Jay A

It's a great car that can go fast. It's really great.

Great car. Have had for a few years with no problems. Very reliable. Comfortable but a little hard to get out of.

- Annie H

It's reliable. above any other car i've had this ones the best

It's a reliable vehicle. It runs smoothly. It has little to no problems. I love the look and the interior design.

- melinda S

Navigation system. Leather interior.

Great driving experience. Luxury interior. Leather seats. Great horsepower. Black in color. Navigation system.

- Bianca B

Unfortunately they don't make this car anymore.

Had some problems with the radio it was replaced under warranty. Other than that, a great weekend fun car.

- Kelley F

Black on black leather with black rims.

It is amazing, over 300 horsepower and can fly. The Bose sound system makes the sound crystal clear.

- Michael Z

The customer service of Infiniti is exceptional. They always are very friendly and helpful when I bring my vehicle in for servicing.

I love the features of my vehicle. However I hate the size. I would much rather prefer an SUV.

- Alicia W

It has all wheel drive capabilities. So even though it is a sports car, it can be driven in the snow.

I love the speed. I also really like the handling of it. I don't like the leather interior.

- Amir F

Extremely smooth ride, spacious back for longer trips.

Runs very smooth and has held up well over the years. Gets decent gas mileage.

- Richard G

Get pick up speed. Rides smoothly. It has pretty good gas mileage.

I like the acceleration. Rides low to the found. Like the convertible.

- Steven S

has moonroof, navigation, awd, snow mode, bluetooth, leather and wood trip. Its high performance and reliable

it has a long life expectancy so you can keep it 250,000 miles

- Diana C

Handles nicely. Nice extras.

I like the features, I wish it had remote start

- Deborah N