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My love/hate for my 2012 Infiniti G37

I like the backup camera in my car and the screen for the radio. I also like the memory seat and that there is two options. I love that when you turn the car off and open the door the seat goes back so you can get out easier. I like my heated seats as well. I do not like that I feel like something is always wrong with the car. It is very low to the ground and has like a longer body kit. This makes it impossible to get a car jack under the car on a normal road to be able to jack the car up. You have to have ramps to get to it.

- Amanda T

Elegant, spacious, touch screen, navigation system, Bluetooth and USB ports.

I love my g37x. I have it since 2012, I financed it, certified pre-owner and has not given me any problems. It is comfortable, great performance, reliable, has boss speakers, runs smoothly and I have traveled up and down the east coast and south without any problems other than regular wear and tear and basic maintenance. And it is a nice looking car! I love it! And the best part, the parts are not expensive and it can be serviced by Nissan if the Infiniti dealer gets pricey.

- Ana M

G37 is comfortable and nice looking.

Nice looking on the exterior as well as the interior. It accelerates quickly. It has so much pep and has been relatively trouble free. I wish it had more safety features and got a little better gas mileage. It has a nice, clear backup camera. Comfy seats too! The only things are confusing navigation system, and I think the backseat could have more room. Very nice looking trim. Fuel efficiency is okay. Interior luxury is perfect. There is some engine and road noise.

- Sofie B

Love the Infiniti sports coupe look and feel

I love the quality of infinity and performance. Nissan motors has never failed me. It is a premium car and you feel like it once you are in one. Leather bucket seats, paddle shifters, GPS and of course the two door sports coupe give it the luxurious feel and look. Now I just need a bigger vehicle for my family and large dog! But definitely staying with this motor family because of quality, safety and of course the look.

- Alexis D

All items were listed previously.

The Infiniti g37 has excellent pickup and power. It handles with great ease. The body style is timeless and classy. Gas mileage is just average. I would consider this vehicle with my next purchase if the local dealership does not change ownership again and I feel good about their local reputation. . .

- Angela M

Love this car, so fun and easy to drive.

One of the things I like best about this car is the rear backup camera. I'd never buy another car without this feature again. This car is pretty good on gas mileage and it is a lot of fun to drive, has good pickup speed. You can also set your settings to keep your seats how you like them.

- Silvia O

The Infiniti g37x provides great performance and luxury at an affordable price.

In my opinion, Infiniti g37 offers the most sporty characteristics for an automobile for the best value. A lot more affordable than Audi, BMW and Mercedes while providing similar performance and luxury. The g37x model works amazing in snow if necessary while also providing a smooth ride.

- Martin H

Comfortable technology. My is a sporty and luxury vector.

I like the comfortable seats. The navigation technology. I like the stylish body and I like horse powered engine. I enjoy driving a luxury sporty car. I also enjoy the good customer service I received at the dealership. I do thank that parts and the labor is a little pricey.

- Donna K

The comfort and driving of it is so great. It drives perfect.

Comfort is great, it drives amazing. Performance is amazing too. The reliability is great, expense parts but hardly ever breaks down. The features are great and I love how I utilize like all the features Infiniti offers with this vehicle. I definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Isaiah G

Love my Infiniti convertible.

I love my 2012 Infiniti g37. It is great to have a convertible that does not look or sound like a convertible year round. There is no road noise or climate issues when the top is up, and with just a push of a button, I can enjoy all of our beautiful sunny days in the south.

- Tina F

My 2012 Infiniti g37: great car. It has a secret compartment in the back seat.

My 2012 Infiniti g37 has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The maintenance has been minimal and the performance has been second to none. The leather seats have provided comfort and luxury which has constantly kept me in a good mood when driving.

- Bryan M

The car stands the test of time and saves me twice from killing myself.

Honestly, I have had no problems since the day I bought my car. I have been in 2 head on collisions in an Infiniti and both times the doctor told me that the car is a primary reason why I'm still alive. I owe me life to Infiniti. Literally.

- Shawn E

Family friendly automobile with the look of a professional race car.

My car is great on gas. I can use the ac for long periods of time without it affecting my gas tank. The interior is comfortable cream leather with wood grain detail. I have enjoyed the all wheel drive feature, especially during the winter.

- Julia V

It will be the best car purchase you have ever made

Infiniti G37 is a dependable and comfortable vehicle that is powerful and looks great. It has been virtually maintenance-free since I purchased it. I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a car.

- Heath M

That it is a great reliable car with great power when you need it.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. I had it for 5 years and never had any problems. The styling of the car is still attractive after 5 years. Also, it is a fun car to drive.

- Janet L

I was driving on the highway 52 miles per hour when the tire blew and I almost crashed.

I love my Infinity. I've made some changes to upgrade it. I have never had a breakdown on me. The only thing that I can complain about is that my back tire blew without warning

- Vanessa C

Responsive and dependable are the main attributes of my car.

My car is very dependable. I enjoy driving it because it is so responsive. Even trips to the grocery store make me happy because I get to drive my car!

- Ang B

Research your dealership’s reputation.

This is my second infiniti, I like the size and weight of how this drives for a reasonable price. It is reliable and given me only slight problems.

- Angel M

The handling in snow is very good. That is the main reason I love these cars.

I think that infinities are great in snow and all round good car. I like that I can switch a button and feel safer driving in snow just like that.

- Liz G

It is fun to drive and not too expensive but has bad gas mileage.

I like how the maintenance is not too expensive. The car is sporty but luxurious. I love the black color but wish it was more fuel efficient.

- Khang C

My Infiniti G37 is stylish while not being too flashy.

It is very dependable. It fits my style because it is stylish but not flashy. It is comfortable to ride in and has plenty of sporty features.

- Gregg O

It's a sporty car that handles well and looks good. I like it.

I drive an Infiniti. This is my second Infiniti. I like Infiniti. I like the way it looks and handles. I have no complaints with my car.

- Tish C

It is a great car for speed.

I like the color of my vehicle. I like the speed of my vehicle. I like the look of my vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage on my vehicle.

- Judy K

It is very sharp looking and stands out from the average cars on the road.

I like the style and how it drives. I also feel sophisticated when I drive the car. It just costs a lot for gas because I use premium gas.

- robert n

Good value purchase for the money.

I dislike the gas mileage. I love the way the car handles and the sound of the engine. I also like the seats and sound system.

- Justin M

Infiniti won my heart 3 vehicles ago. I cannot imagine anything else.

The g has always been a comfortable, exciting car to drive. I continue to appreciate the quality and reliability of Infiniti.

- Sandy C

Luxurious with leather interior and lots of extras including sunroof.

I just recently bought this vehicle. The ride is smooth. It handles the road very well and is luxurious and comfortable.

- Lori K

The car handles excellently in all types of driving terrain and conditions.

It drives very smooth. The car handles the road great. I like the sport design of my car. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Vic R

All wheel drive. Great handling in the winter without having to buy an SUV.

I love the all wheel drive functionality. I don't really love having to put premium gas in there. Nice, smooth ride.

- Matt K

low maintenance and little to no car issues over the years

my infiniti is very reliable and has low maintenance. it has decent mileage. the interior has held up very well

- maria n

Infiniti 2012 g37 love it!

Love it! Runs great! It's luxurious and I feel safe! It's a sexy car and beautiful! Great on gas!!!!

- Annette G

2012 GS37 Convertible review

Mine is a convertible and the top leaks a little in really heavy rain but it's a great car otherwise

- Doris L

It is very reliable and a trustworthy brand.

Its reliable, fast, and fairly good on gas. Expensive to fix parts and doesn't have very much room.

- Brooke K

It is safe and easy to drive

I love the look of my car and the way it drives. It was affordable but has lots of extras

- Sierra M

very satisfied with my choice. This is my second infiniti.

Very stylish. Extremely fast. Fuel efficient. Good reputation

- Peter M

It was a great value compared to other cars at the time.

I like the comfort. I like the design. I like the handling.

- Guy c

is very fast. the engine is very powerful.

the engine is very powerful. the interior is really nice.

- javier J

Very smooth ride! The G37 is fast and comfortable. It takes premium fuel which can be costly.

It is an automatic and manual, the driver chooses.

- robert m