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I love my g37x, but I need space.

It rides very smoothly. To be a v6 engine, it is surprisingly fast. It feels more like a sports car to me than a family car. It is fairly comfortable for someone under 5'9. I am not impressed with the Bose speakers. My friend has a Durango and the sound from his speakers are clearer and crisper. I think this should be something for Infiniti to look into. I can never get the seats to a comfortable setting for me. I travel long distances by car, and it is just not as comfortable as the qx56 I previously owned. Perhaps because I am used to a much bigger vehicle, that may be why this downsize does not quite do it for me. Although I do like the car itself. I also realize trying to fit some luxuries in a smaller space can be difficult, but I think maybe they should have tried another interior design to make this possible.

- Jeanette R

IS the Infiniti g37; the worst car made by the best brand.

I've had three different infinity (qx4, j30, and g37) and this is by far is my least favorite of all. Everything about it just feels too cheap and low quality to be an infinity. I really regret buying this car. Even the navigation screen annoys me and looks cheap; it doesn't even have GPS. I am sorry to be so harsh, but I really enjoyed my last two infinity and this car has been a complete disappointment! It's even been a disappointment mechanically; i've had the 'check engine' light go on and off since about 70k miles. The acceleration is fine, but yet again, not real impressive. Infinity are my favorite car, but I strongly recommend you do not buy the g37!

- Erin I

The convertible top is definitely the highlight of my vehicle.

Absolutely love my INFINITI. It drives smoothly and I have not had any problems with it whatsoever. It is hands free which is helpful for my long commute everyday. The gas mileage is extremely affordable even when using supreme gasoline. My INFINITI is a convertible. It's very convenient to drop the top at the push of a button and only takes five second to clear the roof operation. I've had no issues out of this feature. Would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Alley S

Best bang for your buck, period.

I think it is one of the most reliable cars in its class. I also think its most likely the best "bang for your buck" luxury Japanese car. Also mine is the all wheel drive model so that means it is also great in the rain and snow. I think its interior is one of the nicest interiors in its class and if you like a nice sounding engine the vq comes with the nicest stock exhaust note of any car in its class.

- Ian B

Convertible overall review.

The car I own is reliable but can get expensive. I love the color and the features, including Bluetooth and Bose speakers. I also really enjoy the backup camera. I also enjoy the convertible feature. It is a very good car and I would buy it again. One of the only issues with it is that it is very small so people cannot comfortable fit in the backseat and it is not a vehicle for moving to college with.

- Carl H

Sporty, fast and reliable all in one package

This vehicle is a fun car to drive, I love the interior styling and am somewhat saddened that Infiniti has decided to change to an state of the art interior. The car has been extremely reliable and the dealer service for this vehicle has been impeccable. The all wheel drive handling in snow and ice is reliable and makes driving in various conditions easy. This car has been a high performer for me.

- Vicki R

I have security cameras and STAY CLEAR of this vehicle or you will be arrested!

I love my G3 Coupe but wish that I could update the technology! It has only 8,000 miles on it because I am retired, disabled line of duty and alone and am at home most of the time with my Service Husky medical K9. It is black in color and I live in an apt. complex and I cannot garage it so it is not as clean as I wish. but other than that I try to keep it as best as possible. I love it.

- Robin K

My reliable comfortable trustworthy car.

I love my infinity! It is very reliable and I love the comfort of it! It has seat warmers for the cold winter days. If I need maintenance it alerts me. The only issue I've run into is now that I have a child the back seats are not spacious enough to have a car seat. But it's a great car once children get older and don't need car seats.

- Maritza C

Infiniti g37 is white with black interior. Quality inside and out.

My vehicle is comfortable to drive and fast. It drives smoothly and gets up to speed pretty quickly. The quality of both the interior and exterior is top notch. I have had it for 2 years now and no major problems as of yet. I am quite fond of the Infiniti brand and plan on purchasing an Infiniti after this vehicle.

- Rachel H

The 2013 Infiniti G37 is very reliable and dependable.

I like that the fact that the car has required very little maintenance. Reliability has been awesome and has removed the burden of regularly bringing the car in for service. I also like the solid steering. It's my third G37. About the only complaint I have is I'm not that fond of the wood trim; it's too shiny.

- Von W

Review of 2013 Infiniti Coupe

Beautiful car, handles well, great gas mileage, lots of power, reliable. The only thing I have really needed to do to it is replace a battery which would be normal in the timeframe. You don't want to test drive this car on the same day as another because this one ruins it for the others. Very luxurious.

- Dana S

Fun, reliable and reasonably priced for a used vehicle.

Great vehicle so far. We were searching for a convertible that was reasonably priced for several months. Finally, we found this gem. We also wanted a hard top rather than a soft top. This vehicle has air conditioned seat which my husband loves. Love having a convertible that was a reasonable used price.

- Kimberly M

It offers great speed, a sleek design, a trustworthy engine, modern features.

My g37x is amazing. I have not had any performance/reliability issues since owning it. I have had general maintenance done since owning it such as oil changes, tire rotations, etc. This car offers a perfect option for speed, luxury, and reliability. It is the best car we've ever owned.

- Brittany G

My review of my 2013 Infiniti car.

I have a problem with the steering wheel. It shakes when I brake at high speeds. I also needed power steering pump replaced this week. Other than these recent problems, the car has been great and treated me well! I have 85,000 miles on it and plan to keep it for at least another year.

- Jamie C

Relatively economic with a lot of performance.

An extremely well made, reliable and comfortable car. The only issue so far is the sunroof drains, which are poorly made and cause the floor boards to get wet if they are not replaced or serviced by the manufacturer. Other than that the car is perfect and I am glad I purchased it.

- Michael A

Performance, style, bells and whistles.

Great performance, average fuel economy, lots of bells of whistles, most of which work as expected. It is relatively maintenance free other than having to replace brakes and engine firewall (leak). I really enjoy driving it. It is fast, handles well and looks and sounds sporty.

- Michael R

My favorite work day vehicle.

My car is a good and reliable vehicle. There is not much else to say. I am one hundred percent pleased with its performance. The color is splendid, interior remains a good choice. However, gas mileage could be improved, especially since the vehicle only uses premium gasoline.

- Brenda C

Excellent car for price, sport,middle class and reliability.

Completely reliable and low maintenance and dependable. After having 3 BMWs this a great replacement and now our go to car!The car can be easily modified or souped up and the ride is always enjoyable!It has a great 3.7 vq na motor. Great pick up and go and a sporty look.

- Brittany V

The amazing Infiniti car!

Comfort is absolutely amazing and the performance works wonders. I haven't had any problems with the vehicle, except for my children's melted crayons in the cup holders. I love this car and will no doubt, choose an Infiniti car once this one eventually gives out.

- Glen P

With both luxury and performance, the Infiniti is a great car for professionals.

Very comfortable interior appointments. I am tall (6'2) but there is plenty of headroom for me. Very fast for a car that is not a sport edition. Infiniti service is fantastic too. Easy, quick, and they give you a free loaner. Very nice and helpful service.

- Travis W

Infiniti forever and always for me.

This cars performance is awesome, it picks up speed quickly, it's a smooth and comfortable ride, the ac works great, the sound system is awesome, and the detail and body is very stylish. I love that this 2013 is rated up the scale with the BMW series.

- Lucy M

Great car for a younger professional

I like the speed and agility of the car. It stops quickly and accelerates quickly. It has most of the features that I would want like a backup camera, leather seats, a moonroof and great sound system. It's also not required a lot of maintenance

- David C

That it is safe and can withstand a high impact hit with little harm to passengers.

I like that it is an infinity. I like the model but it was not my first pick. I had to buy it used and I did not like the color. It was a very good deal and have learned to live with the color otherwise the car is great.

- Debbie K

It gets great gas mileage.

I like how smooth the it drives along with the steering. Also, I like the power in the vehicle. What I dislike about it is the premium gas I have to put in, and oil that typically cost more for the type of vehicle.

- Justin B

That it is very well built

I like how well it drives and the pickup it is safe and a sedan so people can easily get in and out It was a pre owned vehicle that I needed right away so I am not crazy about the color

- Debbie b

Luxury vehicle with a sporty feel; lots of trunk space.

The windshield is a little too close, and I wish there was a digital clock. Other than that, I love the car. It handles great. I love the seat warmers. I also love the trunk space.

- Sara B

It is grey it moves fast it has tinted windows.

Love the way the car drives it handles well. The engine horsepower is perfect combination maximum performance. Dislike the position of cup holder, can be better placed on console.

- Cynthia F

Great car overall, fun to drive. Low maintenance, very reliable.

Drives and rides extremely well. Uses premium fuel. This one does not have the onboard navigation system. Also does not play apps like iHeart radio or podcasts through bluetooth.

- Lesley R

Extremely powerful and fast

The vehicle has amazing power and acceleration, however it uses up a lot of gas quickly. It is fully loaded with a navigation system and back up camera which is so convenient.

- Zoha S

Everything interior and exterior leather seats and high performance.

Infiniti is great. My next car will be infinity again. I don't have any problem at all and this is my second infinity. Nissan makes infinity and they are very good company.

- Yoko C

G37 is a winner in my book

I love this car, the only problems i've had are the fuse going out so the charger doesn't work. Its super reliable, has never not started up. Very comfy and sleek looking.

- Hunter R

The coupe has a six cylinder motor and a 6 speed manual transmission.

The car is great! The 2013 coupe 6 speed manual transmission special edition is very fast. My only complaint is that is does not have android auto or car play.

- Chris M

It is the best in Its class.

Performance is outstanding. Maintenance is easy and not to expensive. Comfort is perfect. Driver her all the way around the country and had the best time.

- Kelly W

It seats 7 comfortably and still has room to store stuff behind the back seat.

I like my vehicle for being fast. It makes me go where I want to go everyday. But sometimes I have a problem with it when it will lock me out.

- Joanne K

Love it! It is my second one, same color. My first one saved my life in an accident. It is also fun to drive.

It is a sedan but feels like a race car. I think it is a beautiful work of art, really. Beautiful shape, smooth to drive. I enjoy driving it.

- Diana T

It is really great in the snow and heats up very quickly in the winter

Is very fuel efficient and easy to drive. Love that it is good in the snow. Also has features that I love like back up cam and heated seats

- Lis N

It was considered one of Edmunds best vehicles in 2013.

It is very stylish and has good performance. It handles well and is considered somewhat upper end. I get a lot of compliments on it.

- Ray A

Great Car! One of the best cars that I've driven on the road.

Car is the best has a sedan vehicle. No problems with performance and reliability and comfort. All higher standard for a sedan.

- Bill J

It is an amazing vehicle, couldn't have asked for anything better

I love everything about my car. There isn't anything that i dislike. It's got power, it handles well and It's been reliable.

- Wilder L

Its has great style and class, gives good. Mileage. Get a lot of compliments.

It run well, like the style, it has given me good. Mileage. Like the color and its pretty fast when driven up the freeway, .

- Regina A

Beautifully made car of that year.

Drives great, seat are comfy. Great performing car. Could use more storage space but overall I would again in a heartbeat.

- Kim M

It's a pretty ok vehicle, pretty dependable. My major issue with my car is the gas tank meter is broken so I don't know when I'm low on fuel. It's pretty pricey to fix so I always have to top off my car to make sure it doesn't run out. I do instead to fix in the future.

You do have to use super or the highest grade gas for the car, it's definitely not an economy car but it's a nice vehicle.

- Ann G

It is basically a very nice ride.

I wish the car was a little larger. I need a little more leg room for backseat passengers. It is a bit loud sometimes.

- Betty S

G37XS all wheel drive sport

Lots of comfort features including Bluetooth, heated seats, built in navigation, keyless entry, push button start.

- Kelly A

It's fast, it's handles great

I like the speed, the horsepower. I like how sleek my car looks. I like the way the car handles on the road.

- Donna A

This is my second car of this make and model. Will probably be my next car as well.

Feels very large for a small car. Plenty of trunk space and leg room. Can't think of anything I don't like!

- Laurie H

Infiniti g37 is a great buy.

Turns easily. Leg space back & front. Good pick-up. Easy to maneuver. Comfortable ride. Great car console.

- Debra P

It is a stylish, comfortable car that performs very well

I like the appearance. I also like that it is a performance vehicle. It is very comfortable to ride in.

- Jennifer s

My experience with a pre-owned Infiniti

Has a lot of mpg. Is very reliable even if used. Comfortable seats. Kinda reminds me of a sports car.

- Asaru B

The car is fast and fun to drive. The horsepower is awesome.

My car is the G37S and love the speed and pickup. I do not like the customer service with Infiniti.

- Joshua O

The car is very fast and responsive. Being fast, it isn't so great on gas.

the car is quick and luxurious. It's also very reliable. I could handle a little sportier though.

- brian d

It's fast and comfortable

It drives so smooth, it feels luxurious even though it is reasonably priced. It's fast too!

- Krystal M

Great value-for-money taking everything into consideration.

The handling is great, maintenance costs are low (thus far) and it is very comfortable.

- James D

Low maintenance high-quality car that gets great gas mileage has wonderful Bose speakers and a great back up camera !

Love Style performance gas mileage Cup holders need to be bigger More leg room in car

- Rachelle S

The convertible top takes up the entire trunk when down. Great handling and fast.

It is my second G37S. This one a convertible. It handles great and is fun to drive.

- David H

Excellent winter driving, plush interior,sturdy, dependable.

Solid, no issues, beautiful interior and exterior.Drives well in snow. Comfortable.

- lis c

The car looks classy and sporty. I love the way it drives and how it looks. It's very roomy.

The car is the perfect mix of sporty and classic. I can drive fast but look good

- Elizabeth G

that it is a very powerful, sporty car. Would recommend to everyone

i love it. nice, powerful car. sleek, classy style. Good performance vehicle.

- ni G

It is dependable and will last you for years to come.

I like the comfort and style. It is luxurious without breaking the bank.

- Ashton M

Luxury car at affordable price. Rides very smooth.

It has a Luxury feel at an affordable price. It has a roomy truck.

- Tina J

A sporty car that is fun and safe to drive. A used one still has appeal.

It has a smooth ride. Very sleek style. Solid, safe construction.

- Mark M

It has been lowered and has spacers which makes it nicer

Great looking car. It's reliable. It's a sporty and fast car

- Zenas S

Luxury car that with good amount of horsepower and speed

Good car. Works well, dislike nothing. No complaints

- John D

I love the looks of the vehicle and it drives really well. I hate the cup holders!

I take good care of it. It has served me very well.

- kevin l

Powerful and sporty styling.

Style and power. Could have better gas mileage.

- Irvin e

You will love the Infiniti g37.

- Rachel J