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Great car and is very reliable.

Owned this car a few months and had to replace one fan. Runs great, good on gas mileage for a v6 is very reliable and comfortable. It is top of the line for it is year. Has geared seats, a window shade, ac and heat. Also has memory seats that move when you get in and out of the car.

- Ashley H

2000 infiniti I30 performance.

Has only 85000 miles for a 2000 and has been good. . . Just regular maintenance and it will be ok. . . Except the coils and wipers needed to be replaced. . . The coils were very expensive but I got it done. . . Overall it's a great car. . Low miles and runs great.

- Elizabeth B

Beat up and bruised but she is still going.

It is a durable car and despite all the things that need repair and things the garage told me would kill it long ago, it keeps going. The boot was to be replaced long ago but still works, and the check engine light wont go off, but I still love that car of mine.

- Henry K

Great running car. 160,000+ miles

Well it's a good running car. Air and heat works , has 163,000+ miles on dash. Haven't done anything to car since I brought it. Will need cv joint soon. Leather interior passenger front seat has damage.

- Damon W

It has good gas mileage and is very reliable.

My vehicle is a 2000 Infiniti i30. It has a sunroof and automatic windows. It has leather seating. It is perfect for a low gas mileage. It is a smooth ride and very reliable.

- Kirsten K

It is dependable and drives will despite her age.

It's a very dependable car, it's taken a few hits and is still standing. However there are many things that need to be fixed. but overall she gets me everywhere.

- Murray A

It is not safe and does not hold up very well. I have had the AC fixed more than 7x in 3 years

it is a 18 year old vehicle that held up to 170,000 miles. It has had several issues being that it is so old. It doesn't cool down quick and tubes always leak

- madalyn d

It is very safe and has a built-in visor for blocking out sun in rear glass.

It is very comfortable while driving. It runs smooth and I like the fact that it has a sunroof. The only complaint would be that my fuses go out a lot.

- Misty L

Premium gasoline is a must and it is expensive.

I like the leather interior and it is definitely a luxury vehicle. I feel confident driving it. I do not like that it requires premium gasoline.

- Whitney H

It handles well and gets good gas mileage.

Its old and has major problems, it hold the road nicely. Do to the problems the gas is costly. The car is a great car to travel long distance.

- Brenda S

It is a good running car.

It was bought very used. It has a comfortable ride and nice ergonomics. It needs some repair work and a new windshield.

- Patrick B

The car runs rather smoothly.

It did not have regular tune ups or anything so now I am having to slowly tune it up and change all of the fluids.

- Amanda M

That it is an all around good car.

It is a good car and it runs well. I haven't had any problems other than normal maintenance. Built reliable.

- Sarah B

the performance and how long it had lasted

I love the style of the car. I like the performance of this vehicle. And the overall value is outstanding

- David F

It seems to use a lot of gas for a midsize family car.

Just that it is an older model. The air conditioner does not work.

- Robert C

It's great low miles and still running good

18 yrs old and still going strong with low miles and little issues

- elizabeth H

It is old but it has been a reliable car for the most part. The parts are expensive for repairs. It still runs so that's a bonus.

It is a luxury sedan with get up and go. It drives nice

- Tina P