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All the perks of a luxury sedan with the performance of a sports car.

The first thing I noticed was how much power this car had. Being that it's a luxury sedan it really had some get up and go! That being said, with the high performance come paying at the pump. Gas mileage is not great, and it only takes premium gas so it hits hard in the wallet. The car is spacious with ample interior room as well as trunk space. We are a family of four, and my wife is 6' tall with me at 6'3 so legroom is important. We can load up on groceries in the trunk and only use a small fraction of the space. The car overheats because it needs a new water reservoir, and maybe a radiator. There is a knock from the wheel wells when turning. I believe it's the cv joint or ball joint. The interior is holding up well for an older car. The driver seat is split in one seam and there are some small cracks elsewhere. The ac runs great! Florida gets hot! The stereo is standard but is impressive. All in all for the age of the car I'm very impressed. It needs minor repairs, and has proven to be very reliable. Just wish it had better fuel economy, and didn't require premium gas.

- Jason M

As with all cars, be sure and keep well maintained and regular tune ups etc. . .

I currently own my 2nd vehicle of this exact same year, make and model. Back in 2007-2008 I owned the 2001 infiniti i30 it was gray in color and my car I currently own is all identical to that one, yet is white in exterior color. I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all these two lovely vehicles have to offer and the only real reason I chose 4-stars is I did purchase both already used so therefore I really did not get the true luxury feel I know they offer when brand new.

- Amber B

2001 infiniti i30 great Bose sound system.

The shocks will wear out everything very fast. It is also very loud. It is shakes on the expressway. Gets from point A to point B. Sound system is good. It is has a cassette player which I use to connect my phone. Heated seats and a rear sun visor comes in handy. It is a good car just an old car that needs work from the basic wear and tear of everyday use.

- Destiny D

Nice little car for a small family.

Overall a pretty good car. The exhaust came disconnected before I reached 200,000 miles. I kind of wish it was all wheel drive. I really enjoy the sunroof. Reliability issues haven't been much of a problem. I had to replace the starter last year and do the brakes. But when I bought the car I was told they had to redo the entire heating unit.

- David B

That great car I recommended it

I have owned my 2001 i30 for 2 years I bought it used with over 170.000 miles it has 220.000 miles now! I did to spend money for maintenance and repair, but that would expected for a high mileage car. However not many cars last long enough to give u over 250.000 miles. I would like to buy another Infiniti

- Francisco C

My thoughts and experiences with my green I30

I haven't had much issues with my vehicle besides new brakes. That's because of it being a used car when I first bought it. Other than that it's great on gas and runs really nice. Its a plus that the car is fashionable too. I would recommend to anyone looking for a car.

- Elise M

The ease of owning an Infiniti i30.

I love the details on the dashboard and the controls are easy to see. The interior seats are comfortable and stylish. The size of the car is compact enough to park easily but it rides very comfortably. The trunk has plenty of storage. I have had minimum repair problems.

- Paula A

My car is an old piece of garbage.

It's really hard to turn the car. I always have to reverse and put it back into drive when I need to U-turn. Almost got into a few accidents. Also, interior kind of sucks. The leather is very old and outdated. My car always messes up and getting it fixed takes forever.

- Sarah A

It's reliable. It's low maintenance. It's good looking.

When new, was inexpensive luxury car that was a little different, It's held up fabulously. If I were to buy a new car (at 73 not likely) it would be a new Infinity.

- Ken J

Well maintained, looks great.

Still looks like a luxury car. Gas mileage isn't very good, so driving getting expensive with oil high now. It's old but many engine parts have been replaced.

- Bruce V

Great car for work or traveling with the family.

Comfortable car. Leather seats. Drives great. Like most luxury cars it takes premium gas but it's a great commute car or traveling car.

- Sara D

Everything is powered on the car.

I like the size. I like the heated seats. I like the sun visor in the back. I dislike that there not enough leg room in the back.

- Nicole G

I wouldn't buy another infiniti.

Early on probably a couple years after having bought the car, I smelled what I thought was electrical wire burning

- Hope k

It's a luxury car so it looks better than some cars from the same year

Great looking car that has lasted a long time. Now it's starting to have trouble so might time to get a new one

- Javier A