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Why I love my Infiniti m35.

My Infiniti does a great performance! It is very good on gas and drives smoothly. The seats are a tannish color and leather, the console has the faux wood trim with black. There is a older style clock under the radio/air control panel. The only thing I would probably change about it is the height of the car, it is too low to the ground so sometimes on the highway the bumps and holes are felt uncomfortable. I would most definitely recommend that this car be lifted a bit other than that it is a perfect car! I have had little to no problems and I am almost at 200,000 miles.

- Marisol R

Infiniti M35, a very reliable vehicle and also makes a perfect first car

I own a infiniti M35 a 2006 vehicle, i have no problems with this vehicle the parent company is Nissan and are known to be reliable and have few issues with motors when regular maintenance is applied, the gas mileage is average, i get a week out of a full tank but i only drive a 30 miles to work each day, the only complaint i have is the interior drivers seat wears out pretty easily and that may be an issue to some but other than that the car is excellent and i would recommend it to any one buying a vehicle

- Adrian H

Great performance, reliable. GPS, phone, leather

We love our car. It has heated/cooling seats, sunroof, GPS, leather interior. The seats will go all the way down so the passenger can sleep. Drivers seat goes up, down, has lumbar for your back. You can set it for 2. People so when person one gets in the car they only have to press one and the seat and mirrors are set. As far as reliability we have kept up with oil changes, brakes, fluid changes, ball joints. I would purchase one again in a minute.

- Lisa B

Heavy in weight gives a better piece of mind while driving.

AWD. It has been gone since I purchased the vehicle but something I did not now is the type of cars do not like aftermarket parts so to fix my AWD is going to cost me over 3000 to fix. The car is very reliable I have never been trained regardless is an issue. The car is very comfortable it is a sedan 4 door leather combo. With a rather new DVD player that my daughter loves. Does not feel flimsy.

- Christina S

Luxury, comfort in simplicity.

The exterior is very clean and simple; it has a plain but appealing design. The interior feels very spacious and open and it is very luxurious. Although the price is mid-range, the car feels worth much more than that and it has connectivity that is ahead of its time. The leather on the inside is a very nice touch and adds to the rich feel.

- Pedro J

Living with Infiniti: The Luxury Driver�s Car

I had to replace driveshaft and computer. Performance is great. I have 140k miles and still running strong. The Bose system is great. The radio reception needs improvement. There is too much static and satellite radio constantly loses signal. Overall, a good driving vehicles. Electronics and ease of use needs work

- Jamie B

Drive with soothing and comfort. Feels good when I am riding

I love my vehicle .maintenance is no different from most vehicles. Only problems brakes rotors and air conditioning. Has been an issue,but keep it services as required. Very reliable vehicle almost 213,456 miles and it still drives good.. the comforter is smooth the design is very luxury..

- Cynthia C

Very nice and comfortable car and very reliable.

No problems just got a recalled on drivers airbag. Came with nice tires and leather seats overall no problems some stations on radio can't get has great rims on wheel and the service on the car is usually quick also Infiniti is very nice cars and a lot of people like them as a car.

- Donna D

This Infiniti is great with gas

The performance of my m35 model Infiniti is unbelievable. Although it is an old car, it still run like a beauty. I rarely have had any problems with the car and I will be surprised if I do. The car is very roomy and convenient with gas. I just enjoy driving it around everywhere !

- Catherine P

Great ride and a quality vehicle.

M35 drives great. It has a smooth ride. Vehicle accelerates well. Car has only had a few mechanical issues for having 186000 miles on it. The tires are expensive to replace. The seats are comfortable for driving. It would be nice to have seat warmers. The road noise is minimal.

- Krystal J

2006 best car I love it it�s awesome

My car is awesome push start, nice interior, I installed bt radio to jam. Alarm system... I love how fast it goes. The car is very spacious. I love the touch screen in the car. The part are the same as Nissan . I like how it lets me know when something is wrong with my car.

- Keta Y

Pretty and reliable vehicle.

Vehicle has few issues and is very reliable. Has a smooth ride and is very comfortable. I have always loved the unique color of the car (titanium). I always get compliments about it. The only issue I have with the car is that since it is a 2006, it is not technology savvy!

- Stephanie C

Beautiful car, drives well.

My Infiniti is so nice. Leather interior, heated or Collingwood seat's, navigation, backup camera. Good on gas. DVD and 6 disc CD changer. Wood grain, front wheel drive. It had a indicator that lets you know if you are no in your lane. Back seat cup holders.

- Brandy B

Infiniti m35 is a classy sporty family sedan.

No problems, great ride, super fast and sleek, lots of automated controls. Has cruise control that has the close car option and automatic braking. Has lane control indicator and the tiptronic transmission. Bose surround around stereo as well as Sirius xm.

- Tammy M

Cruise control tracks the vehicles speed in front of me.

I love the cruise control on my car. It tracks the speed of the vehicle in front of me and matches their speed. It also lets me know if I am about to drive on the yellow lines. Bose speakers are nice too.

- Gene L

My car is comfortable reliable and the car is nice on the interior and exterior.

The color of my car is a very unique deep blue color which i love, i also enjoy the leather and faux wood interior but i don't like that the car lacks an aux outlet.

- shaneka j

All about my reliable car.

My car is durable with minimal issues. It recently had a recall for the airbags but the Infiniti dealership fixed it and gave me a rental to drive free of charge.

- Stevie J

The quality of the leather seats is awesome as well as the Bose stereo.

I love the luxury feel of the Infiniti M35 and how smooth it rides when traveling in the city and on the highway. I only wish it had an auxiliary port.

- Lakiesha H

Infiniti m35 2006 has been a good car.

The car has been great. Low maintenance cost and rides great for the year and age. I will buy again if I have the money to buy a luxury car.

- Elaine C

Should go for another 140, 000 miles or more.

It has a sport ride with tight turning. Have had issues with leather seat that are heated and cooled. Love the power out of the 6 cylinder.

- John D

It is so comfortable on the road and very reliable.

My Infiniti is older but it is still very stylish and looks great. It is so comfortable especially when travelling and still drives great.

- Kini O

Reliable automobile with look and feel of more expensive models

Extremely reliable with only normal wear and tear after 145000 miles. Comfortable and roomy with plenty of power and excellent pick up.

- Ken H

It is old, but is well made and would make a quality car for anyone who wants one.

Nice vehicle with lovely interior, but the car is old and has a plethora of engine problems. Overall, I like the car very much.

- Anaiis D

Reliable no rust and love the color and great on the road.

Runs great good on gas and is dependable do not break down on me while on the road gets me to where I need to go no problems.

- Donna D

Great luxury car that is fun to drive.

Never breaks down and none of my other Infinities have either. Tires brakes and oil is the only maintenance I worry about.

- Shane D

reliable vehicle great choice

reliable, reasonable cost for repairs. no surprises. ongoing cost to maintain are low. great looking vehicle.

- Ron w

Very fast smooth driving car

I love the color and the leather interior.

- Ron P