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The wood grain interior spec

This car is a reliable car for the most part and slightly efficient however I am not very fond of the low gas miles I was thinking that along with the luxury aspect that my car would also receive better gas mileage in the city. Other than my gas mileage problem this car is very beautiful and sleek especially with the wood grain interior spec, this car's seats are very comfortable and the seat memorization is pretty nifty and kinda empowering almost like your loading into a cockpit. Overall I give this car a 4.2 out of 5

- Zachary U

Very comfortable family car

My car is very comfortable. The car seats are temperature controlled so those are constantly used. Also there is dual heat & air so driver & passenger can have different temperatures. Our kids stay comfortable in the back with spacious leg room. Also the car has get up & go to it. Very good riding feel to it & it smoothly goes over issues in road. I've loved owning this car. The only downfall is the pricey repairs. Even to replace a headlight was over $150 for each one.

- Jennifer M

2007 Infiniti m35x. Great overall car!

Large and comfortable interior. Leather, with wood grain. Bluetooth connection for calls but not music. Currently it has a loose heat shield that rattles and I need to replace the shocks. Very smooth to drive and is quick with good handling. Not the greatest gas mileage though. Bluetooth music didn't come added until 2011 I believe. Overall very happy with the used purchase.

- Travis B

This car is fast and beautiful

The Bose sound system in my Infiniti is amazing. Speakers are built into the test on the driver and passenger side. You can also channel Sirius XM radio to your car and browse through many music channels. You can adjust your seats very easily and there is also seat warmers on both sides. Review video shows up on the screen when you are backing up

- Katrina B

Tires won't stay inflated.

The tires won't stay inflated. It has costed me to have a blowout once. When I take it to the shop they can't figure out why. I have to inflate my tires at least once a week. Other than that it's been a very reliable vehicle. I have had a few expensive maintenance issues but it's an older car and that's to be expected.

- Paul R

Creature comforts are great.

No problems with the car. Just general maintenance on tires, shocks, oil changes and such. The car is very comfortable and has a lot of features such as seat warmers and coolers. Back seat control for air temperature and such. I would recommend the car to anyone looking. Just be sure it was well taken care of.

- Rachel C

I have the M35x model so it has a DVD player and a 6 CD changer such is awesome.

I've had this car for 8 years and I've never had any issues with it outside of normal maintenance. The car still drives very smooth and comfortably. The only thing I wish it had is an aux cord adapter and a little more space in the car. I will probably purchase another infinite car but probably a SUV

- Summer G

Sleek, high performing & comfortable full size sedan.

The vehicle is very aesthetically appealing, great factory sound system and overall a nice ride. The only downside is the cost of maintenance, due to the lack of easy access for mechanic to perform basic repairs. Along with the price of parts & labor, repairs can be pricey!

- Stephanie W

Safety and luxury combined.

Over the last 10 years my infinity has been as reliable as they come. The car handles well in rain, sleet, snow and ice. Safety is paramount when it comes to an automobile and infinity makes the mark. Infinity combines a luxury car with safety - a winning combination.

- Sue A

If it had been in any accidents or had any major damage

The vehicle itself it's good on the road and has good pickup. I've had problems in the past with breaks and wheels. The car is very reliable and I love the comfort. It has leather seats, air conditioned seat and heated seats, sunroof and wood grain finishes

- Melody B

Best car alive ever owned

Infinity is one of the most reliable cars out there. This is my second one. I've had it for 11 years and the only problem I ever had was the air conditioning but that was after driving in Florida for 9 years. I would buy this car again!

- Diane V

I love my vehicle. It's all wheel drive and is very reliable in the snow. I feel safe in it. The only complaint I have is the seatbelt. I have an issue with it. Everytime I go down hill and put the breaks it gets tight. I also feels like it lifts from the back when I hit a bump.

It's a reliable car with lots of room in it. I also has power for times you have to speed up to merge into lanes. One of the most important part it's all wheel drive and its good in the snow.

- tanya m

Its a solid reliable vehicle.

I like the body style and interior look. I wish it had more horsepower though. I am a fan of Infiniti, my next vehicle will most likely be an Infiniti.

- Brian S

A vehicle with high safety standards and offers a feeling of reliability.

The car handles well in inclement weather which adds to its safety factor. Interior has held up over the years.

- Suzanne A

It works for my little family.

Love how spacious it is. Love the back up camera and the navigation system. The sound system is clear.

- Chan G

it is a smooth ride, and glides along

none, i love my vehicle, the cars just guzzles GAS

- Rod B